Making bedroom into closet

Turn a Spare Room Into a Closet: 9 Golden Nuggets

You can’t seem to find anything in your closet and you’re constantly tripping over clothes on the floor. 

It’s not fun living in a cluttered space, is it? Not only does it make it hard to relax, but it makes your life at home more hectic than it needs to be. 

Here’s a solution: If you have extra bedrooms, turn a spare room into a closet!

With a few simple changes, you can turn your spare room into an organized and stylish closet that will make getting dressed each day a breeze.

Here are a few closet conversion tips to get you started:

Invest in lighting and blinds for your windowPhoto courtesy of Upbeat Soles

Any fashionista will tell you that there is nothing worse than a faded wardrobe. The colors become dull, and the fabric can start to look old and worn.

Unfortunately, sunlight is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to fading clothes. So what’s the main culprit? Bedroom windows! That’s right, if you’re converting your bedroom into a closet be wary of too much natural light provided. You can solve this problem by placing blinds over windows.

In addition to blinds, you will need good lighting for your walk in closet design. Artificial light doesn’t have the same ultraviolet rays that cause fading, so your wardrobe will stay looking fresh and new for longer. Simply head to the home improvement store and pick up some blinds and lighting.

Double-check your look with a mirror

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful MessPhoto courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

One of the key elements to creating a functional and stylish space is a full-length mirror. Not only does a vanity mirror help you see your outfit (and dress your best) from head to toe, but it also reflects light and makes the space feel larger.

Plus, it’s a great way to check your hair and makeup before heading out the door.

Your Sitting AreaPhoto by Amazing Interior Design

If you’re going to turn a bedroom into a dream closet, you will need a place to sit! Whether your dream closet is a spare bedroom that you’ve converted or a true walk-in, a sitting area allows you to have a private getaway within your own home.

A chaise lounge, a bench seat, or a closet desk is an excellent piece to complete the look of your new closet. Not only does it add a touch of luxury, but it also provides the perfect spot to sit after trying on clothes or shoes.

When you’re ready to take a break from shopping, you or the occasional guest can spend time in your own private retreat.

Extra Hanging and Storage SpacesPhoto from House Beautiful

Any fashion lover knows that extra storage space is crucial for turning spare bedrooms into walk in closets.

With room to hang dresses, shirts, and other clothing items, as well as space to store shoes, handbags, and other fashion accessories, a walk-in closet can be a haven for anyone who loves clothes.

Cabinet doors are a great way to create more storage space in closets. Specifically, I mean the doors that go on cabinets. Cabinet doors can be used to create more storage space in your closet by adding shelving to the inside of the doors.

Telescopic Valet RodsPhoto from Organized Interiors

A telescopic valet rod is a perfect addition to any walk-in closet. By simply attaching the rod to the doorframe, you can turn spare rooms into dressing rooms.

The rod is adjustable, so you can customize the height to suit your needs. Additionally, the rod is easy to install and can be used with all types of doors.

With a telescopic valet rod, you can potentially transform any bedroom into a walk in closet.

Double Hangers

One of the best ways to transform your spare room into a walk-in closet is to invest in some double hangers. Double hangers are twin sets of hangers that are joined together at the top.

This design allows you to hang two items of clothing from one hanger, allowing you to maximize storage potential in your closet.

Double hangers are also great for organizing your clothes by season or type. For example, you could hang all your summer dresses on one hanger, and all your winter sweaters on another.

By using double hangers, you can make the most of your spare room and turn it into an efficient walk-in closet or dressing room.

Shoe Storage

Are you looking to maximize space as you turn your bedroom into a closet? One of the best ways to maximize space in a small extra bedroom or walk-in closet is to go vertical with your shoe storage. By storing shoes on shelves or vertical shoe racks, you can keep them organized and out of the way. Additionally, you can free up floor space for other items such as clothing or luggage.

Open Garment RacksPhoto by Jess Ann Kirby

Adding an open garment rack to a walk-in closet is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to boost its storage capacity and organization. By installing an open garment rack, you can easily add an extra layer of wardrobe storage.

Introduce Colors: Add Rugs, a Closet Island, and Wall AccentsPhoto by Diane Elizabeth Blog

There are many ways to add color to a bedroom closet. One way is to add a brightly colored rug. Rugs not only add visual interest but also help the room feel cozy.

Another way to add color is to fill up wall space with new wallpaper, wall-mounted paintings, or photographs. This adds personality to your space and also helps to visually expand the room.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns on the wall. A little bit of color can go a long way in making a bedroom closet feel like truly personal space.

Frequently Asked Questions About TurnING A Spare Room Into A Closet

Here are the FAQ’s to help turn spare room into closet:

How do I turn my spare bedroom into a functional walk in closet or dressing room?

Turning a spare bedroom into a closet is a great way to make the most of a small space. Here’s how to construct the perfect dressing room:

  1. Clear out any furniture from the spare room
  2. Add shelving or storage racks along the walls
  3. Add a mirror to help make the space feel larger and more open
  4. Keep the area well-lit (artificial light is better than natural light)
  5. Make sure to have blinds for the window so your wardrobe doesn’t fade
  6. Add decor or an additional shelf for the walls or doors

How much does it cost to turn a spare room into a closet?

Turning a small spare room into a closet is a great way to maximize space in your house. Depending on the size of the room and the closet design you desire, you can expect the cost to range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

How do you build a closet in a room that doesn’t have one?

If you don’t have a closet in your room, don’t fret! There are plenty of other storage solutions that can help you keep your space organized and tidy. One option is to install shelves along one wall. You can use these shelves to store clothes, shoes, books, and other items.

Another option is to invest in a dresser or chest of drawers. This furniture can provide ample storage for your belongings while also adding a touch of style to your room. Whatever storage solution you choose, make sure to measure the space carefully before making any purchases.

How do you build a closet in a small bedroom?

The key to building a closet in a small bedroom is to maximize space. Look for ways to use every inch of the closet, from the floor to the ceiling. Hang your wardrobe on double rods, and use drawers and baskets to store other items.

If possible, assemble a hidden storage area behind the closet door. By making the most of the space available, you can have a functional and stylish closet that will help to keep your new dressing room organized.

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How to Turn a Bedroom Into Your Dream Closet

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Are you tired of searching endlessly for clothes in your too-small closet? Do you find yourself coveting the boutique-style closets seen on your favorite real estate and reality TV shows? If your spare bedroom lacks purpose or your home gym only collects dust, consider converting the space into the custom walk-in closet of your dreams. Read on to learn how to create a prime closet space that makes putting away laundry your favorite household chore.

How to Turn a Bedroom Into Your Dream Closet

You can convert virtually any room into a custom closet, especially if it’s a standard rectangle or square. The process is simple and leaves plenty of space for DIY customizations. Read on for a breakdown of the process.

Affordable closet DIYs are possible. Your final design and building process will depend on how much customization you need. If you’ve got more shoes than shirts, or you want to spotlight your watch and jewelry collection with accent lighting, consider consulting an interior designer with a love for closets to make your dream space a reality. 

If you’re simply bargaining for more breathing room, you can DIY shelving and other cabinet storage using a basic closet system that works in your existing space (more on this later). 

Or consider a combination approach where you hire a design professional to create CAD drawings and then build out the design yourself.

2. Work With Your Windows Rather Than Remove Them

An existing bedroom will likely include windows, which can add ventilation and natural light in a typically dark and drab space. However, sunlight can fade clothing, and windows take away wall space for storage.

3. Play With Shelving, Cabinets, and Drawers

A basic walk-in closet includes rods for hanging items, open storage for shoes, and drawers for T-shirts, sweaters, underwear, and socks. 

Higher-end closets typically include tie racks, built-in mirrors, hanging wire baskets, and storage bins. For a more custom look, consider adding:

You can also integrate an existing closet or nook into your closet design. An enclosed closet is a great way to keep utilitarian items like hangers and storage bins from ruining your new lavish space.

4. Consider a Closet System for a Quicker Remodel


Purchasing a closet system will eliminate much of the decision-making, which can become overwhelming during an extensive reno. The only choice you’ll need to factor in here is whether you want a floor-mounted or wall-mounted option.

Wall-Mounted Systems

These systems are affixed to the wall or hung from a rail mounted on the wall. They tend to include coated wire baskets and racks and hanging particleboard or wood shelves. Less pricey, they are easy to assemble and install—usually in one weekend.

Floor-Mounted Systems

These systems are attached to the wall but also include floor supports. Made of wood or particleboard panels covered with melamine, they provide a high-end and custom feel to your room. For that, floor-mounted systems usually cost more. A professional can install these systems in about four to six weeks, although custom jobs can take longer.

5. Enhance Your Closet with Lighting

When you're getting ready, lighting is everything. Under-cabinet lights make it easier to see while you pick out an outfit. They also add a moody, romantic feel. If you want to get really fancy, a glam chandelier can polish off a room better than any paint color or corner shelf could.

Consider LED strip lighting instead of recessed cans or track lighting. They use less electricity and can be surface mounted and plugged in without accessing the ceiling. If you plan to significantly alter the room’s wiring to add lighting or outlets, you might need to purchase a building permit. Check your local building codes to find out.

6. Add Finishing Touches

Once you drill the last nail into the final cabinet door, it’s time to decorate. Add a large mirror and a long narrow rug to warm up your space. Then, make a mini gallery wall full of art and framed portraits to bring it all together.

Go a step further and give the room a retreat-like feel by including a comfortable chair or leather ottoman to resemble a dressing room. Add a plush sofa or a television, and you’ll find yourself hiding out in your new closet more often than not.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Walk-in Closet?

The typical cost of converting a bedroom to a closet will vary depending on the project size, quality, and complexity. A DIY closet can cost as little as $200 to $5,000 for materials alone, while a high-end custom closet installed by a pro can run to $5,000 or more. Don’t forget to budget for your finishes as well. 

Hiring a closet decorator or professional organizer to help with the design typically costs around $55 to $100 per hour. However, some professional closet design companies charge by the project. 

Design of a bedroom with a dressing room (16 photos), the interior of a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

Insulated or walk-through, behind glass or textiles, corner or in a niche - a dressing room in the bedroom can be arranged with any number of square meters. We show on the example of Russian projects and apartments of the usual footage.

Editor's note: under the dressing room - as opposed to the built-in wardrobe - we understand the space where you can enter and change. Wardrobe ideas that you can borrow when designing a bedroom wardrobe are also included (you will find them at the very end of the collection). nine0003


1. Sliding doors in the color of the walls
In the project of designer Olesya Fedorenko, the dressing room occupies a solid area: it stretches across the entire width of the bedroom. In order not to visually split the room, the sliding doors of the dressing room were painted in a rich pink shade - the color of the walls. This technique helped to adjust the proportions of the bedroom, to make the interior visually solid.

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Inna Velichko

. Pay attention to the photo of the bedroom: transom windows are provided under the ceiling, through which natural light enters the dressing room.

Pavel Noritsyn

3. Bedroom interior with dressing room and office
Townhouse owners calculated the desired dimensions of the dressing room and built additional partitions. And the wall between the dressing room and the window was used to organize a small corner for sewing. nine0003

Anastasia Viventsova

4. Glossy texture
The design of a dressing room at the bedroom can be a way to set accents. In this project, designer Anastasia Viventsova provided a sliding door of increased height in the dressing room: the canvas visually raises the level of the ceiling, and due to the glossy finish it breaks the monotony of the beige wall.

Maria Vasilenko

5. Bedroom with a rounded wardrobe
Designer Maria Vasilenko enclosed the dressing room with a rounded wall: this technique softens the geometry of the bedroom. In addition, on such an angle, unlike a straight one, it is impossible to catch or hit. Vertical linear lighting visually raises the ceiling and is used as a night light. nine0003

Flats Design / Evgenia Matveenko

6. A bedroom with a dressing room in a contrasting cube
Designer Evgenia Matveenko suggested that the customers turn the bed headboard towards the dressing room. This arrangement is explained by the elongated shape of the room. The dressing room in the bedroom was not only not hidden, but, on the contrary, it was accentuated with bright blue decorative plaster and backlighting.

Sadkova Xenia

7. Design bedroom, combined with a large dressing room
Designer Ksenia Sadkova placed the dressing room opposite the window: now you can get dressed in the morning in natural light. Please note: the dressing room is zoned by sliding doors, but attention was also paid to the design of the wide portal - its lining duplicates the shade of the headboard and flooring.


8. Bedroom with dressing room lined with mirror and parquet
Alexandra Kazakovtseva and Maria Makhonina, MK-Interio, used parquet made of exotic sucupira wood to decorate the dressing room. The covering runs from the bedroom floor to the outer walls of the dressing room and frames a large mirror - it was provided to make it easier for the owners to choose outfits. nine0013


9. A narrow bedroom with a dressing room
The authors of the project Ekaterina Svanidze and Ekaterina Lyubarskaya divided the narrow elongated room in a two-room Khrushchev into a bedroom and a dressing room. The opening was closed with a textile partition, and the bed was placed along the dressing room wall - this made it possible to allocate space for a home office.

Architectural workshop of Elena Timchenko

10. Textiles and lighting
The author of the project Elena Timchenko singled out a small dressing room at the bedroom with the help of textiles - an original and very budgetary way. The cornice is complemented by soft evening lighting, so that in the evenings the dressing room turns into a night light. nine0003

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iPozdnyakov Studio

11. Bedroom and dressing room in one room (plus a sports corner)
Designer Ivan Pozdnyakov placed a dressing room and a sports corner in the student's bedroom. They are located in one zone and, if necessary, these utilitarian zones can be easily fenced off with a textile partition.

Oksana Yakunina

12. Dressing room in bedroom behind a textile partition
Designed by Oksana Yakunina, the dressing room is hidden behind the headboard. You can get into it by rounding the drapery from two sides.

Loginova Natalia / designer, decorator.

13. Bedroom design with dressing room room in a glass cube
Designer Natalya Loginova designed the dressing room with tinted glass to add glossy textures to a calm and soft interior. The contrast is created by light lace and decorative textiles, so the interior does not look too gloomy. nine0013

Ze|Workroom Studio

14. Glass dressing room in the attic bedroom
A transparent partition is a bold decision, because things are always in sight. Designers Aleksey Shibaev and Alexandra Averkina suggested this technique to the customers in order to preserve maximum natural light. And the owners agreed to maintain perfect order in the dressing room.

Arina Volkova

15. Dressing room in the bedroom in glass
Designer Arina Volkova offered her customers to fully glaze the dressing room next to the bedroom. According to the designer, various options were discussed: covering the glass with a reflective film, adding blinds and even curtains inside the dressing room. As a result, the owners decided to go against the pattern: the dressing room for them is one of the most important functional rooms in the apartment.


16. Two wardrobes in the bedroom
Frosted doors to the left and right of the bed lead to two wardrobes - for the owner and the hostess. Aleksandra Kazakovtseva and Maria Makhonina from MK-Interio deliberately did not raise the partition at the head to the ceiling: there is no window in one of the dressing rooms, and natural light gets there from the bedroom. nine0003

Yulia Khokhlova

17. Invisible dressing room in the room
In Yulia Khokhlova's project, the entrance to the dressing room is hidden behind partitions imitating wall panels. The central part of the wall is decorated in the same way: if you don’t know about the existence of a dressing room, you might not even guess.

Elena Babushkina

18. Interior of a bedroom with a dressing room, which only the owners will find
In this bedroom, the TV is located not on the wall, but on the sliding door to the dressing room. Thus, designer Elena Babushkina organized a secret room in the apartment. nine0003

Oleg Dedkov

19. Dressing room with a mirror corridor
The dressing room in Alisa Pasternak's project is hidden behind a wall decorated with wooden panels. You can get into it along the mirror corridor (in the photo - to the left of the bed).

Le Atelier

20. Bedroom combined with bathroom and dressing room
The dressing room in the design of the architectural bureau Le Atelier is a walk-through: through it the owners get from the bedroom to the bathroom. The dressing room is separated from the common space by a glazed door to the ceiling, which emphasizes the height of the ceiling in the old house. nine0003

Berphin Interior

21. Walk-in closet behind slatted facades
This bedroom is only 15 sqm, but there is room for a walk-in closet here too. Designers Zina Broyan and Inna Tedjoeva singled it out into a separate block and made it a walk-through (you can get to the bathroom through the dressing room), and the entrance was closed with slatted accordion doors.

Olga Shangina | Photography

22. Walk-in wardrobe between study and bedroom
The owner asked to organize the space in such a way as to maximize the use of the area of ​​the apartment, and the architect Ksenia Rakovskaya proposed a circular layout. From the bedroom, the owner can get into the shower room and into the office - bypassing the dressing room.

Olga Shangina | Photography

23. Dressing room and laundry at the bedroom
The area of ​​this apartment is only 60 sq.m. Considering the small footage, designer Victoria Mirzoyeva included a mini-laundry room in the dressing room next to the bedroom. The rooms are separated by a sliding door, decorated in the color of the wall. nine0003


24. Design of a bedroom with a corner wardrobe
To fit the wardrobe into a small bedroom, Diana Karnaukhova and Victoria Karyakina, MAKEdesign, made it a corner wardrobe. The sliding door was installed diagonally: otherwise there would be no room for opening.

Max Kasymov Interior/Design

25. Smart Ceiling Storage System
Designer Max Kasymov separated the dressing room from the bedroom with glass and a curtain, and provided a shallow grilyato ceiling in the wardrobe itself. This technique is most often found in technical rooms, but is also suitable for residential interiors. The surface above the grille is painted black for a "deep" ceiling effect, and behind it are hidden the indoor air conditioning unit and ventilation wiring. nine0003

Design and architecture studio MART Architects

26. Wardrobe room with slatted ceiling
In the project of the MART studio designers, the dressing room became a continuation of the bedroom: a couple lives in the apartment, so it was decided not to put partitions and doors between the two rooms. All shelving in the dressing room is open, and LED strips are hidden behind the slatted panel on the ceiling.



27. Dressing room in the bedroom behind the bed
The bedroom in the project of designer Dina Kostochka is quite small, so they did not close the dressing room in an isolated space. The basis for the dressing room is a bookcase: from the side of the bedroom it is decorated with unusual diagonal shelves. A capacious line of cabinets was placed on the reverse side: you can approach them by going around the partition on both sides. In addition, natural light enters the dressing room.

Evgenia Nazarova

Karinsky Arseniy Architectural Studio

28. Design of a bedroom combined with a triangular dressing room
Creating an apartment layout of a complex shape, the architect Arseniy Karinsky singled out a triangular room for a wardrobe - this technique corrected the proportions of other rooms. There are three doors in the dressing room, but the remaining space is used from floor to ceiling: wardrobes with dark facades were made to order for an unusual configuration.

Dina Aleksandrova

29. Dressing room that pretended to be a closet
A small dressing room in the bedroom from the outside looks more like a closet. But behind the sliding facades there is a mini-room (pictured below), in which there is enough space for movement, there is a full-length mirror and lighting.

Dina Aleksandrova

Marina Govorushko

30. Dressing room in the bedroom behind frosted partitions
The design of a bedroom combined with a dressing room looks softer if frosted glass is used for the partitions - as in the project of designer Marina Govorushko. In addition, such partitions are very practical - only the outlines of things are distinguishable behind the facades. nine0003


31. Bedroom design with built-in wardrobes
Project authors Ekaterina Svanidze and Ekaterina Lyubarskaya divided a small and elongated room into several zones. Thus, a walk-in wardrobe appeared: thanks to the built-in wardrobes in the room, the storage issue was resolved.

Yulia Kirpichova

32. Dressing room in the bedroom on the balcony
At the request of the hostess, designer Yulia Kirpichova provided a wide bed, and there was almost no space left in the bedroom. Because of this, the storage systems were taken out to the loggia: a wardrobe for dresses was placed on the right, and a tall chest of drawers on the left. nine0003

Berphin Interior

33. Wardrobe as a showcase
Who said that clothes should be hidden? In the interior for the fashionista, designers Zina Broyan and Inna Tedjoeva put two transparent blocks that look more like shop windows. Glazed storage systems help to focus on the hostess's wardrobe, and one of the cabinets separates the bedroom from the bathroom.

Design Studio of Marina Kutuzova "Details"

34. Open wardrobe in a small bedroom
In order not to overload the light and airy interior with wardrobes, designer Marina Kutuzova made an open dressing room in the bedroom. For apartment owners who only spend their holidays here, such a storage system is enough.

Ksenia Bobrikova. Xenia Design Studio

35. Instead of facades - curtains
Designer Ksenia Bobrikova provided open shelves and drawers in the bedroom, which can be easily hidden from prying eyes with textiles. A typical cornice is hidden under a horizontal beam girded with leather straps. nine0003

2356 more wardrobe room photo ideas

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Design and layout of a bedroom with a dressing room: how to make and equip a storage system

Equipping a storage system is a necessary event. In most cases, a separate dressing room is much more convenient than just a closet, albeit roomy. In the article we understand what to look for in the layout of a bedroom with a dressing room. nine0003

Everything you need to know about the wardrobe in the bedroom:

Types of systems

  • Built-in
  • Part of the area
  • Straight
  • Angle
  • Space in space

Variants for small rooms
Features of finishing
How to think over the organization of storage

Arrangement of a dressing room in a bedroom depends on the area and parameters of the room itself. Conventionally, there are several types of storage systems. nine0003

Built-in system

This is a large structure that occupies the entire or almost the entire wall. Often, the door opening mechanism is made according to the compartment principle to save space.

Convenient if the room is less than 20 sq. meters, and at the same time you need to consider storing a large number of clothes. If there is a niche or opening, you can install here. Thus, the wall is "levelled". And this option looks much more harmonious than a separate piece of furniture.

Built-in structures are made to order, so you can think over the height and number of shelves to suit your needs.

Instagram @alexey_volkov_ab

Design Studio A+B

Instagram @kazlifeandhome

Instagram @greenandmustard

Alina Lyutaya

Part of the room

Perhaps one of the most popular views. In addition, a good option for rooms of irregular shape, for example, elongated. In this way, you can fence off a part, visually making the space more proportional. If the room is square or not too narrow, the wall is erected opposite the window, along the bed. In the design of the bedroom with dressing room, which is presented below, it was decided to replace the built-in wardrobe with a small pantry. She looks very neat. nine0003

Instagram @yuliabaranova82

Instagram @yuliabaranova82

If the interior is made in a modern style, you can use more interesting materials and textures. So, the door to the dressing room in this project is supplemented with slats that “lighten” it. In addition, the problem of ventilation is solved in this way.






We have two examples of this type of implementation in our collection. The first is a dressing room behind the bed in the bedroom. It is separated from the rest of the space by a narrow wall, which is also an accent. In the opening there is a built-in wardrobe, a dressing table and a mirror.

Instagram @ik_architects

Instagram @ik_architects

The second project is a checkpoint near the door, more precisely, at the entrance. What is remarkable: the top of the glass wall facilitates the construction and fills the dark room with natural light.

Instagram @yana.dizain

Instagram @yana.dizain

Instagram @yana.dizain

Instagram @yana.dizain

As you can see, this system is also suitable for medium-sized rooms. The walk-in wardrobe turns out to be narrow, but with proper organization - functional and roomy. nine0003


In medium-sized rooms, you can consider the corner layout of the dressing room in the bedroom. This design often consists of an L-shaped headset.

You can highlight the wardrobe with curtains or partitions. Transparent glass options have been especially relevant lately. This project actually turned out to be a built-in wardrobe with translucent frosted doors.

Instagram @yana.dizain

Instagram @yana.dizain

Instagram @yana.dizain

And here is a whole room.

Instagram @olga_hina

Instagram @karinagaleevadesign

Instagram @karinagaleevadesign

Space in space

doorway. Then there are two separate places.

eight nine0003

Instagram @granistudio

Instagram @granistudio

Instagram @granistudio

Sometimes other rooms are sacrificed for wardrobe equipment, if the space is not enough.

For example, in this project, we decided to donate one bathroom, as well as part of the sleeping room. As a result, the area of ​​​​the latter turned out to be 13 square meters, and the wardrobe - 5 square meters. At the same time, the room managed to fit a bed, a bedside table and even a dressing table. There is a bookcase between the door and the wall. nine0003

Pay attention to the bed: soft corners here are not only a tribute to fashion. Since the passage is quite narrow, there is a chance of hitting the body when moving quickly. Hitting the upholstery will not hurt.




Instagram @polyakova. biz

In small rooms there are several tricks for arranging a wardrobe. The simplest is an open system behind a curtain. This is what the owners of the apartment shown in the photo below did. nine0003 6


Instagram @diana_pondi

Instagram @diana_pondi

Instagram @diana_pondi

Instagram @diana_pondi

Instagram @diana_pondi

Instagram @diana_pondi

Instagram @diana_pondi

This is an open pantry behind mustard-colored curtains. And, by the way, they have become an accent of the Scandinavian-style interior. Shelves and cabinets are the Algot storage system from IKEA (by the way, it is now out of stock and the Swedish brand offers an analogue of Jonaxel.

Things to consider when furnishing

  • Curtains are not suitable for every interior. But they soften the white color, add warmth and comfort.
  • Visually, this design looks smaller than solid frame furniture. But more things fit here, because you can actually store them from floor to ceiling.
  • If the active bright color gets tired, updating the curtains is much easier than repainting the doors.
  • The main disadvantage of such storage is that dust settles on things, so they will have to be washed more often. nine0332
  • If there is a small child in the house, try to keep an eye on him during the games. Since the high shelves are actually in the accessible area.

Another option for a small apartment is rail. Of course, you can’t hang a huge number of things here, you’ll have to limit yourself to the minimum. But, if you already have a closet where the bulk is stored, why not use a hanger for everyday looks? Cons - all the same dust settling on clothes, and the need to always maintain order. Otherwise, everything will look cluttered. nine0003

Instagram @annaliebtblumen_

Instagram @natalya_solntseva_interiors

Instagram @natalya_solntseva_interiors

Before implementing the idea of ​​​​a built-in wardrobe in the bedroom, it is worth determining several important points that relate to its layout and decoration.

Important points

  • Ventilation is an essential element of a dark room. Even a small room should be periodically ventilated. Stagnation of air is fraught with the appearance of mold, moths and an unpleasant odor. At the same time, an active strong hood is not needed here; in cabinets, you can generally get by with a ventilation grill at the bottom and at the top near the ceiling. nine0332
  • Small windows are installed in some rooms. They just open sometimes.
  • It is not worth experimenting with flooring, the most suitable solution is the same flooring as in adjacent spaces. Both laminate and parquet are suitable - there is a soft environment without temperature drops.
  • But you can find a new shade in the design of the walls. The easiest way is to take paint or wallpaper a tone lighter or darker than those in the bedroom. The main mass is still unlikely to be seen behind things and shelves. nine0332
  • Wooden panels are not the most relevant solution for walls, it is still better to use wallpaper or plaster. And it's good if they are waterproof. Infrequently, but it is still desirable to wipe them from dust.

Instagram @alexey_volkov_ab

Instagram @nika_paissin

Instagram @a_mashanova




A dressing room with a window is rare. In 90% of cases, this place has no natural light at all. However, everyone likes to try on clothes in good light.

What to look out for

  • Position the lamps at different levels, not just on the ceiling. So you can see every corner.
  • A chandelier-shaped central light is not a good idea in a small space, it is better to use several spotlights. If the area is large, combine two light scenarios. nine0332
  • Even if you have a closet, take a closer look at the LED lighting of the shelves - it won't be superfluous. This tape will also be relevant on the shelves. LED lamps do not consume much energy, do not heat up and last a long time with proper operation.
  • It is better not to use halogen lamps inside, they are installed on the ceiling. They heat up quickly, so they can create a fire hazard.
  • To avoid color distortion, choose lamps that are closest to natural light. It is better to refuse color, too yellow and cold. nine0332

Instagram @panteleeva__diana

Instagram @nika_paissin

Instagram @nika_paissin

Even from the design photo of the dressing room in the bedroom you can understand how convenient it is to use. In order not to make a mistake, follow a few important rules.

1. Combine shelves

Instead of cramming the walls from floor to ceiling with the same type of shelves, we suggest placing hangers at different levels. The first is higher, so that dresses and long clothes fit here. And the second level is lower, trousers and jeans folded in half will hang here. nine0003

It is also desirable to make the shelves different in height. Don't forget drawers for underwear, socks, and more - the more the better.

You can also make the bars with a sliding mechanism, then things that you do not need this season can be pushed deeper.

Instagram @a_mashanova

Instagram @a_mashanova

Instagram @a_mashanova

2. Choose hangers

Attention should be paid to hangers, there should be several types of them. For outerwear, you need massive ones with wide shoulders. And, for example, light ones are suitable for scarves and blouses. You should not mix items, and you don’t need to combine coats, raincoats and jackets on the same hanger either. You can save space by hanging trousers with blouses and light shirts or sweaters. nine0003

3. Don't forget your shoes

Storing shoes is a separate topic of a long article. The most important thing here is to put away on the shelves those pairs that you will not use in the near future.

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