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37 Colorful Kitchens That Are Anything But Neutral


Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel

Kristin Hohenadel is an interior design expert who has covered architecture, interiors, and decor trends for publications including the New York Times, Interior Design, Lonny, and the American and international editions of Elle Decor. She resides in Paris, France, and has traveled to over 30 countries, giving her a global perspective on home design.

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Updated on 09/07/22

Design by Pluck

There will never be anything wrong with a white kitchen. Kitchens are expensive to install and it makes sense to use classic neutrals like white, black, beige, and gray that outlast trends and will look fresh for years to come.

But there are times in life when it feels right to embrace color, turning your kitchen into a one-of-a-kind gathering space that feels personal and specific, rather than staged for an open house designed to appeal to anyone. Depending on whether you live in a temporary rental or a forever home, and your personality, preferences, and budget, colorizing your kitchen might involve adding a few choice accents or going bold by saturating the space in a statement color.

If you are hankering to add bold paint on the walls, install colorful kitchen cabinets, lay some striking kitchen floor tiles or an eye-catching kitchen backsplash, or hang some decorative kitchen wallpaper, check out these mood-boosting, rainbow-hued kitchens that embrace color in some of its infinite variations.

10 Easy Tips to Add Color to Your Kitchen

14 designer ways to brighten a kitchen |

(Image credit: A. Villalobos Design Studio / Kit Kemp / 82MM Photography)

The best colorful kitchen ideas look beyond form and function to create an uplifting space to cook. 

When choosing kitchen color ideas you’ll want to select kitchen cabinet colors that you’ll be happy to live with for a while to come. But you might also want to consider the decorative power of each hue; not all colorful room ideas suit every space, depending on its size, makeup and orientation.

Different painted kitchen ideas have particular benefits you may wish to exploit in your room design. Some can brighten and visually enlarge the room, while others make cleaning a less frequent necessity, for example.

Our curated collection of the best colorful kitchen ideas will inspire you to give your kitchen a bold new look.

Colorful kitchen ideas – 14 schemes as chosen by the experts

Your kitchen ideas are rife with color opportunities, from appliances and flooring, to window treatments and cabinets. Start by deciding how much of permanent commitment you are willing to make to room color ideas. 

Finding the right kitchen color ideas that you will love for years to come has never been more important, so we've asked some of the best interior designers for their expertize and advice.

1. Use punchy color to create maximum prominence 

(Image credit: Simon Brown / Kit Kemp)

Since they purchased their 1930s townhouse in central London, just over two decades ago, co-founders of Firmdale Hotels and the Kit Kemp Design Studio , Kit and Tim Kemp, have undertaken one major renovation. This was prompted by a conversation between Kit and fellow designer Robert Kime. 

‘He told me that he always advised making the best room in the house the kitchen – and it was like a light had been turned on,’ says Kit, who proceeded to transform their large, barrel-shaped dining room overlooking the garden into the kitchen, adding a conservatory leading off it for dining. ‘Which, of course, we now live in,’ she adds. Here, Kit Kemp has used saturated strong hues to give her traditional kitchen maximum prominence. 

2. Use color to unite a kitchen

(Image credit: 82MM Photography)

Carrying an accent color across the floor can help a large open-plan kitchen feel cohesively connected from every angle. 

‘As this large spacious room has very high ceilings, it was important to create meaningful points of interest within,’ explains Blakes London’s lead designer Annie Ebenston. ‘Using warm red on the pantries that frame the fireplace lifts the whole elevation to be more than just a period fireplace.

In isolation, the pantries could have overpowered but the custom-colored floor tiles play an anchoring role that unites them with the rest of the kitchen. ‘The matching tile color ties the room together beautifully,’ says Annie.

3. Choose unexpected color for kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

For a flexible approach that allows you to control the color in your kitchen to suit your mood, consider painting inside cabinets with solid doors. 

‘Applying bold accent colors in unexpected places, like this dresser interior, changes the initial impression of the room and instantly adds depth to the aesthetic,’ says Melissa Klink, creative director, Harvey Jones . ‘Strong colors are highly emotional but designing with them in a controlled manner ensures they liven up the overall feel of the room instead of overpowering it. Choose an uplifting shade that will put a smile on your face every time you open the doors.

4. Create a strong contrast

(Image credit: Neptune)

‘An accent color idea above eye level is a simple way to add strong contrast to a room, without overpowering. As it’s not immediately noticeable, the accent color will draw the eye up for a visual surprise,’ says George Miller, home designer, Neptune . ‘This can have particularly good results in rooms with taller ceilings or grand cornicing, accentuating either feature to great effect.’ 

Continuing the accent color across different surfaces and planes – for instance, the cooker hood here – has a blocking effect that feels modern and can help smooth out any awkward architectural junctures.

5. Establish a primary focus

(Image credit: Forbes Rix)

‘When planning a kitchen paint scheme, we generally choose the dominant color first, to anchor the space and provide a sense of calmness. We then look at shades that will “pop”, to make it more dynamic,’ says Natalie Forbes of Forbes Rix . Here, that impact comes from Farrow & Ball’s India Yellow on a floor-to-ceiling cupboard. ‘We recommend a maximum of three colors to keep it from becoming too busy.’

6. Balance bright colors

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

‘Strong, bright colors can energize and illuminate a modern kitchen, creating an uplifting living space that really boosts your mood,’ says founder of King Celia Studio , Jess Piddock, who designed this colorful kitchen for her own family home. Jess handmade the tiles, and has since developed the brush mark pattern, called Pool Party, for textiles and prints. 

‘The emerald green is a semi-transparent film that enables the grain of the plywood to shine through while providing a protective coating that’s easy to clean,’ she adds. ‘Bright tones benefit from a grounding shade. In this case terracotta adds depth and warmth.’

7. Choose a favorite color crush

(Image credit: Middleton Bespoke)

Worried your current colorful kitchen crush won’t last? ‘The beauty of a hand-painted kitchen is that in time, should fashions or your taste change, it’s simple to create a new look, especially if you restrict your bold choice to one unit, like a kitchen island or dresser,’ says Jasper Middleton, design director, Middleton Bespoke . 

‘When choosing bold shades it’s important to consider the architecture of the space as a whole in order to give the color room to breathe,’ he adds. ‘Here the bold pop of orange is balanced by the soaring ceiling and simple backdrop of polished concrete and blue-grey hues.

8. Introduce color to your floor

(Image credit: A Villalobos Design Studio)

Eye down: this year's most dynamic kitchen trend is underfoot. 'Energizing, interesting kitchen flooring ideas are becoming a must,' says Alberto Villalobos, principal of New York-based design studio A. Villalobos . 'The kitchen floor is the perfect place to be more daring, and introducing strong pattern will give your cooking space incredible depth and dimension.' 

The latest flooring is working extra hard thanks to ever-innovative installation techniques. Forget fluid connections; material or color switches at unexpected junctures feel more modern. For example, the alternating tile formation lends extra punch to this terrazzo floor designed by A. Villalobos. 'The flooring adds color, excitement and texture, enlivening this kitchen,' says Alberto.

9. Add drama with shades of red

(Image credit: Middleton)

Our love affair with dramatic dark kitchen cabinet ideas is far from over but this year things are warming up. Move over blacks, deep blues and greens, because rich red kitchen ideas are radiating their way into the heart of the home.

Pure primary reds are still a bit 1990s; instead, this trend steers us towards muddier tones with tints of nature-led orange and brown. 'Perhaps it's a yearning for the light and warmth of Southern climes that's behind the current demands for reds, burgundies and terracottas,' suggests Merlin Wright, design director at Plain English . 'Warm colors are positive and inspiring and complement other Mediterranean hues such as blues, greens and yellows. Experiment with different tones to suit the light and scale of your room.'

'Reds and burgundies are rich, traditional shades that lend character and coziness,' says Jasper Middleton, design director, Middleton. 'Soften strong tones on floor-to-ceiling cabinetry with glazed sections that reveal mellow, yellow interiors.'

10. Take color to the ceiling

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

Maximize the impact of your painted kitchen cabinets, as demonstrated in this stunning design by Huntsmore, with exquisite decorative room ideas and bold ceiling ideas. Using the ceiling, the 'fifth wall', as a  decorative surface can bring color and drama to a room, but it is also worth drawing attention to the finishing touches in a colorful kitchen.

Here, the simple lines of the Shaker-inspired joinery are enhanced here with elegant brass handles that accentuate the tapered-edge door detailing as well as providing tactility. The metallic theme is followed through in the normally unnoticed brackets that support the two eye-level shelves, accentuating the richness of the solid walnut and the daring green of the ceiling color, courtesy of Little Greene’s Hopper. And tying it all together beautifully is the simply styled but all-important kitchen tap, in a brushed brass that gives it a practical and visual beauty

11. Introduce complementary shades

(Image credit: Lowe & Bespoke)

Color can bring joy and individuality to any kitchen, whatever its size and shape, and there is no rule book that says everything must match. Ruth Andrews, co-director of Lowe & Bespoke , suggests how to start. 

‘We always work with the primary color element, whether that be an existing floor, our client’s favourite hue or a piece of furniture passed down through the generations,’ she says. ‘We then work outwards from there to develop a balance of colors that work well together.’ 

Ruth recommends using the color wheel to identify complementary (opposite) colours that make each other pop, like the off-pastel pink and green used here.

12. Max out color in a galley kitchen

(Image credit: British Standard by Plain English)

In smaller kitchens, it can be tempting to play it safe with neutral hues, but you may find it more successful to do the opposite, especially when you're devising a color scheme and decor for galley kitchen ideas. 

‘Bright and playful hues add personality and an instant uplift,’ advises British Standard by Plain English design manager Adrian Bergman. ‘Don’t be afraid to use a bold colour, as the beauty of hand-painted cupboards is that they can be changed over time should you wish. ’ 

In this hardworking galley kitchen, sunny yellow cabinetry is offset by cool white walls, while accents of wood and a darker stone floor ground the look. 

13. Layer matt and shine in your color choices

(Image credit: Pluck)

Layers of color and texture can add depth and interest to a kitchen, as George Glasier, co-founder and designer of Pluck , explains. ‘Colors and material finishes all reflect and absorb light differently, so there isn’t a homogenous feel to the scheme,’ he says. 

In this design, custom-colored, matt high-pressure laminate has been used to create contrasting cabinetry. The layering continues with the introduction of the glossy backsplash tile ideas, while a section of fluted glass cupboard doors is framed in richly colored timber. 

‘Objects on the worktop and shelves add more texture and color,’ says George, noting that organizing kitchen countertops can be an additional element in your overall design. 

14. Use tile to add pattern as well as color

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

For added impact, consider combining pattern with color, perhaps by teaming painted cupboards and shelves with a splashback of joyously patterned tiles, in shades that enhance the cabinetry.

‘While of course much depends on your personal taste, generally if you have a very colorful kitchen, it is good to opt for tiles that help to break up the scheme and provide other points of visual interest,’ comments Richard Moore, design director of Martin Moore. 

The key is to create a sense of balance with your kitchen tile ideas. Similar strengths of color tend to work better together, rather than one that dominates. ‘It is important to choose tile patterns and colors that don’t overwhelm an already colorful kitchen,’ adds Richard. 

How can I make my kitchen colorful?

There are many beautiful ways to make a kitchen colorful, from kitchen art ideas to statement flooring ideas, however, well-chosen paint ideas are the easiest way to add statement color. Painted finishes work well for timeless schemes, and of course, can be updated at a later stage if you’re confident enough with a paintbrush. 

'Playing it safe with color on a long-term investment like a kitchen is entirely understandable,' says Fiona Duke, director, Fiona Duke Interiors .  

'But first, ask yourself: will it ever really make an impact, and will you end up wishing you’d been braver? Committing to a colorful kitchen requires time, effort, and a whole lot of tester pots. Bear in mind that you’re looking for a shade that will make your heart sing every time you’re in the kitchen. Once you’ve narrowed it down, put your chosen color on a trial door or very large sample and live with it for a few days to make sure it’s the one.’ 

What color is the most popular for kitchens?

Green is 2022's most popular color for a kitchen in terms of kitchen trends, but it's true to say that blue is just as popular for those daring enough to add color to a kitchen. 

However, the most popular kitchen color in terms of what we buy is white: it's enduringly popular because it's so easy to redecorate around – and future house buyers you may have in mind when remodelling your home will embrace a white kitchen enthusiastically. If you would like to choose a neutral that isn't white, gray is a very popular color for a kitchen, too.  

'It’s important to consider the level of natural or artificial light in the kitchen, as this will play an important role in determining the overall feel of the space. Darker shades, for example, are renowned for absorbing light, and the application of such colors needs to be carefully planned,' says Hayley Robson, creative director at Day True .

'An effective way of integrating darker colors into your kitchen color ideas is to create contrast by adding darker tones on low cabinets, combined with white or gray worktops. This helps to reflect illumination off the horizontal surface, resulting in a colorful yet light interior.'

Jennifer is the Digital Editor at Homes & Gardens. Having worked in the interiors industry for a number of years, spanning many publications, she now hones her digital prowess on the 'best interiors website' in the world. Multi-skilled, Jennifer has worked in PR and marketing, and the occasional dabble in the social media, commercial and e-commerce space.  Over the years, she has written about every area of the home, from compiling design houses from some of the best interior designers in the world to sourcing celebrity homes, reviewing appliances and even the odd news story or two.

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30 real photos of renovations and visualizations of design projects


In our article, you will find examples of beautiful kitchen design with real photos of repairs and 3D visualizations for design projects. In our selection you will find original, trendy and very attractive solutions for furnishing and finishing the culinary area in the apartment. We hope they inspire you to pursue your own dreams - whatever they may be! nine0003

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Design Ideas: The Hottest Kitchen Designs for 2023

Next, we will look at various design ideas from our interior designers that will help you choose the most interesting trends in furnishing and decoration for your kitchen. The beautiful design of a small kitchen is not a problem either! Almost all of our ideas can be scaled to any area. nine0003

Trendy tile accent apron: wild boar, glazed, encaustic, zellige

An accent apron made of trendy tiles can completely change the mood of the interior. Even if you choose a simple white suite and traditional flooring, an apron is a place that can become a focal point of the interior, a kind of art object. In the photo above, you can see a beautiful kitchen design with glazed tiles in an emerald hue like a boar, laying in a French herringbone pattern. This option is ideal for a neoclassical or Scandinavian kitchen. And in the photo below you can see an encaustic tile with a Portuguese azulejo pattern (patchwork type, only from ethnic ornaments), which is ideal for Provence and country style kitchens. In a white kitchen, the accent tile idea looks best. nine0003

The beautiful design of the kitchen in the house can be supplemented with tiles or porcelain stoneware for parquet. Maybe even with the effect of aging, to create the right mood. A warm floor under the tiles will help to make the house cozy and comfortable. A beautiful white kitchen design, as a rule, is not complete without an accent apron or dining group.

Kitchen island: design examples for a multifunctional kitchen area

The interior of the kitchen with a kitchen island has its own nuances. For example, in order to arrange the modules correctly, you need a large area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe kitchen, as well as its rectangular or square shape, and not a narrow elongated one. Full-fledged islands, for example, measuring 2 by 1.4 meters, require a kitchen area of ​​​​20 sq. M. A beautiful kitchen design with an area of ​​​​20 sq. M, in turn, requires a sophisticated, dotted styling. In large rooms, a professional design project is even more important, which will include both engineering and aesthetic parts. The interior design of a modern kitchen looks the most original with an island. nine0003

There are many advantages to the design of a kitchen with an island - even if we are talking about a separate culinary room, and not a kitchen-living room. The hostess has two countertops at hand at once - the main one and the island, which at least halves the endless transitions (stocks - cutting - sink - stove - refrigerator, etc.). This allows you to create your own culinary masterpieces with great convenience.

For family leisure, the presence of a dining room or a bar counter on the island is also very important and convenient, because all together find themselves in one comfortable area. And in the kitchen with an island it is more convenient to cook together. nine0003

Built-in appliances, unusual modules and sideboards: innovative kitchen equipment

A beautiful kitchen design in an apartment is not complete without built-in modules. Initially, we are talking about a refrigerator, glass-ceramic hob, oven, dishwasher and sink.

But there are other innovations that you can afford: built-in espresso machine, wine cooler, illuminated sideboard, food processor, steamer, warming cabinet. As well as various combi-panels for the countertop: grilling surface on coals, tepan-yaki grill, wok-panel, deep fryer. There are overhead boards for cutting, and pull-out hoods from the countertop. nine0003

U-shaped floor plan: the hit of the season for open spaces

Separately, it is worth highlighting the hit of the season - the U-shaped layout of the kitchen set, which completely transforms the open space of the kitchen-living room or a spacious kitchen-dining room. Look at the two examples in the visualizations above and below - both kitchens look very modern and practical. The beautiful design of the black kitchen in the photo above elegantly fit into the interior of a country house. And in the visualization below, we see a stylish location in the center of the kitchen-living room in a villa in Miami. nine0003

The U-shaped layout allows greater variability in the use of the countertop from all sides. At the same time, a U-shaped kitchen can stand both along three walls in a niche, or simply in the center of the room, which must be taken into account when planning. You can afford extremely original design options!

Illuminated trendy accent sideboards in the kitchen: all the rage!

Accent sideboards in wood or black are now becoming the most popular solution for organizing decorative tableware storage. In 100% of cases, they have amazing built-in lighting that makes them even more aesthetic. Modules can be made as full-height columns or bases (as well as island bases), but overhead cupboards remain the most popular solution. nine0003

Open shelves in kitchen design: new format

Another new design option is kitchen sets with large, full-fledged, self-sufficient modules with open shelves. We are talking about shelves in the upper part or about racks. Most often, they are all made in the loft style in black. But today they can be found in both modern and minimalist, and occasionally even neoclassical kitchens!

Go to kitchen catalog

The catalog contains all the factories producing Italian kitchens from inexpensive models to premium and elite ones.

Kitchen catalog

Modern kitchens classic kitchens Loft kitchens Kitchen Provence Neoclassical kitchens Art Deco Kitchens

Kitchen renovation: 10 real photos in different styles

On real photos, you can better consider the proportionality of the headset and the standard dining group, combinations of finishing materials, combinations of various modules. Kitchen design in a beautiful style, from art deco to modern and neoclassical, is waiting for you with unusual design solutions below.

Renovation of a glamorous art deco kitchen-living room with black and wood kitchen

The beautiful design of the kitchen in the real photo above is made, for example, in the Art Deco style. Here, a glossy black kitchen with an island is complemented by tall wooden columns and built-in units with appliances in the background. nine0003

A beautiful brown kitchen design can be glamorous too!

Atmospheric blue kitchen in Provence style with white backsplash and worktop

A chic and incredibly atmospheric kitchen in a blue tint in the Provence style with elements of classicism! Super-high-quality and wear-resistant materials were used in the decoration, Italian-made sets and European-quality furniture were selected. The beautiful design of this bright kitchen also pleases with the decorative trim of the ceiling in a geometric style. nine0003

Luxurious art deco corner small kitchen with Italian fittings

The beautiful design of a small kitchen can also be dynamic, luxurious and glamorous! And this little kitchen is a perfect confirmation of that. The beautiful wall design in the kitchen in the photo above is made with natural brown marble from Italy.

Neoclassical kitchen set in grey-beige with white worktops and backsplash

If neoclassical is your favorite style, check out this elegant gray kitchen with marble flooring. The beautiful design of the beige kitchen in this case is complemented by white countertops and an apron, as well as beautiful stained glass cabinets with geometric deglazing. nine0003

Spacious and chic art deco kitchen with island and geometric floor design

This stunning kitchen interior with an island in an open plan kitchen-living room in a large apartment looks very sophisticated. The beautiful design of the kitchen, combined with the living room, often has an island, which is both a functional and a zoning element.

Beautiful kitchen design in a modern style with an accent apron

And this modern-style small corner kitchen has trendy two-tone fronts and backsplash finishes in Moroccan zellige tiles.

Kitchen in a kitchen-living room alcove in dark chocolate shade in the French Art Deco style

In this interior, the kitchen is small and angular, but complemented by a full-fledged dining room for five people. The floor is decorated in onyx, and the countertops and backsplash are made of natural marble. Beautiful and trendy art deco kitchen designs often feature natural stone or natural stone finishes, depending on the specific project and budget. nine0003

Elegant neoclassical kitchen design with white cabinetry and green backsplash

And this project in the neoclassical style impresses with accent glazed tiles in an emerald hue and just an idyllic white suite! The very beautiful kitchen design in the photo above boasts a stylish geometric ceiling design.

Modern u-shaped kitchen with peninsula and side dining area

And this project is made in a modern style with a combined apron. Agree, the side dining room to the peninsula looks very original. nine0003

Scandinavian white corner kitchen with black worktop and mosaic backsplash

The last interior in our selection of renovations is a small Scandinavian kitchen with a mosaic white backsplash and black countertops. Looks cozy and modern.

TOP 10 beautiful kitchen interior design projects

Finally, we will look at various kitchen design projects in 3D visualizations. They feature Italian cuisines from different brands, which can be ordered at any time, taking into account your individual layout. nine0003

Italian kitchen Astra Cucine model Atelier Brio 2

A great example of a multifunctional headset with unusual modules. The peninsula is complemented by a bar counter, there are upper cupboards with lighting and additional open shelves. The design of the apron and the facades of the upper part of the columns is identical, which makes the design of this suite especially unique.

Castagna Cucine Italian Kitchen Model Gallery

This elegant neoclassical style kitchen set impresses with its conciseness. The lower bases and upper cabinets do not have visible handles, the countertops of the island are finished in marble, there is a bar counter. Tall columns are minimalist and almost invisible in the interior. nine0003

Old Line Italian Kitchen Deva

This classic style kitchen set comes in a beautiful stone gray hue. The central portal for the hood, cupboards and crowns at the top of the headset look especially luxurious. The kitchen can be supplemented with an island with a breakfast bar.

Italian kitchen Miton Cucine, model Tilo

This kitchen looks very futuristic thanks to its smooth fronts in gloss and matte. It is ideal for an apartment or house in a minimalist, Scandinavian or modern style. The beautiful design of a small kitchen can also be designed with the help of this headset, because it will look great in a small room. nine0003

Italian kitchen Alta Cucine, model Ambiente 02-1

The next model of the kitchen set is made in a modern style. Pay attention to the stylish composition with a peninsula with an overlaid high bar and open shelving. It fits perfectly into the interior of the house with panoramic windows. In the decoration, marble-effect porcelain stoneware was used for the backsplash and side facades of the headset, concrete-look plaster and black slate-effect porcelain stoneware were used for the floor. nine0003

Castagna Cucine Italian Kitchen Sixsties Model

The beautiful design of this white kitchen is made in the style of the 60s. Matte white fronts with flowing bionic shapes and metal fronts in a rose gold tone look like a 3021 interior on a spaceship here!

Italian kitchen Prestige, model Regina 03

This kitchen interior and the set itself are made in a classic style. The framed facades with golden decoration details, as well as the island with beautiful pseudo-columns, are attractive. Luxuriously decorated and chic central portal for stoves and hoods. Buffet cabinets are complemented by stained glass windows. The tops for the suite and the island are made in gray natural granite. nine0003

Italian kitchen Pregno, model Savoy

A reference kitchen design with a classic style and a warm palette will look just like this. Such a beautiful interior can be found in an old Italian mansion or villa - from Naples to Milan. The beautiful design of a classic kitchen is often done in such finishes in red, orange, beige, white and green marble.

Concreta Italian kitchen, Dover model in beige

This peninsula kitchen set is finished in gray with wooden fronts. Above the sink and stove there are original modules with black slate boards for notes. The peninsula is supplemented with side shelves. nine0003

Old Line Italian Kitchen Mix Dusseldorf

The beautiful design of the brown kitchen in the photo above is made in a modern style. This set is ideal for a loft or minimalist interior. Here it fits perfectly into the design of a two-level apartment with an Asian mood. The concrete-look self-leveling floor and concrete-look stucco, along with industrial-style ceilings, look very brutal and modern here.




🔥 Beautiful kitchen design (39 photos) - see the best ideas for your apartment from a design studio in Moscow!

You probably consider the kitchen the main room in the apartment. And rightly so. This is where the whole family gathers. Yes, and many just read, watch TV, finish the work in the kitchen. For this reason, it should be beautiful, multifunctional and comfortable. Let's turn to the designer's advice to understand how to live comfortably in your own apartment. Sit in your favorite chair to read the information presented. nine0003

Read more

39 photos of the best ideas!

Beautiful kitchen design

Looking for Beautiful kitchen design? I tried and picked up for you not just a selection of ideas from the Internet, but the best works of interior designers from our studio!

Kitchen layout

Shape of the kitchen set

The shape and area of ​​the room should be taken into account in order to understand how the kitchen set will successfully fit into the interior of the apartment. You can choose straight, L-shaped, U-shaped and island. Another issue is that they all have certain features. They should be taken into account in the selection process. nine0003

Straight kitchen

If the area of ​​the kitchen exceeds 10 m 2 , do not choose this form. The perimeter of the working triangle for this type of product is too long. You will have to spend too much time cooking, moving from the counter to the stove to the refrigerator. No amenities. Only sheer fatigue, unwillingness to once again enjoy seven culinary masterpieces.

After the renovation, the kitchen may be much smaller than 10 m 2 . In this case, there is no difference what form of headset to choose. In other cases, the minimum working triangle is allocated. Just think about how to fit everything you need to store for cooking. There should be no discomfort when you gather with the whole family in the kitchen. nine0003

L-shaped (corner) and U-shaped kitchen

This option is popular in many design projects that were developed for two-room and three-room apartments in Moscow. There has not yet been a hostess who would remain indifferent to this type of kitchen set. It is possible to hide small household appliances, cutting boards, detergents in a secluded place. They will be at arm's length, but at the same time they will not irritate the eyes, they will not be caught by children who could easily pull them out. nine0003

Kitchen with an island

Design studio experts do not recommend this type of kitchen, which looks impressive enough. This became possible due to the existing gap of the working surfaces. The cooking process will have to be divided. In this case, part of the products remains on one rack, and the rest on the other. The hostess in this case cooks only on the main work surface. She may forget about this island. No one wants to put in extra effort when every minute counts. If only to use this countertop in a different way: to decorate the interior of the apartment with vases of flowers, a tea set. nine0003

If there is a greater distance between the sink and the hob, cooking is much more convenient. Do not forget that the length of the countertop should not be less than 90 centimeters. No mess and blockages of household appliances. It is best to provide space so that there is inspiration for creating culinary masterpieces.

Arrangement of appliances in the kitchen


This item is considered the most popular among all family members. You can put a refrigerator at one end of the kitchen set, which is located near the dining area and the entrance to the kitchen. The layout of many apartments allows you to buy a built-in refrigerator. It will be able to fit into classic and modern kitchens. When choosing a Scandinavian style or loft, you can use a freestanding refrigerator. nine0003


I think that the interior of the apartment will only benefit if the sink is located 40-60 cm from the refrigerator. You can quickly wash the vegetables that you take out of the refrigerator. The same sausage can easily be put on the countertop between the refrigerator and the sink. As you can see, everything is more than convenient.


If there are 2-3 people in the family, you can safely buy a dishwasher with a width of 45 cm. It can be called roomy. You can quickly get rid of dirty frying pans, pots, ladles. With an increase in the family, it is best to buy a 60-cm unit. True, he will not be able to neatly fit into the kitchen of any area. nine0003

Coffee machine

In two or three pieces, the coffee machine will look great on the countertop, which is placed between the refrigerator and the sink. Don't forget to replenish your coffee and water supplies on time. Then you can effortlessly wake up in the morning, vigorously meet a new working day.


The designer can give many examples of customers requesting an oven at chest level. It is best if the equipment is supplied combined with the microwave function. In addition, the oven can be installed under the hob. At chest level, you can mount a locker where your favorite products, such as healthy sweets, will be stored. nine0003

Washing machine

If it is not possible to place the washing machine in the corridor or bathroom, it is best to choose the built-in option. Separate appliances should be covered with a facade so that the look of the kitchen set is more aesthetic. You will find that it makes no sense to develop any special design project.


The interior of the apartment may contain a hood, which is placed separately. It will be well viewed from any part of the kitchen, which is especially true for loft, country and classic style. If you are a supporter of the modern, it is best to buy a built-in hood. You will find the presence of additional small shelves to store small appliances, various condiments, as well as little things that are pleasant to the heart. nine0003


Apartment design ideas may vary. In any case, it is necessary to place the hob so that there is a distance of at least 90 cm from the sink. This space is considered the main work surface. You will be able to cut products, sculpt dumplings, dumplings. And don't forget about mixing and dressing salads. The design of the apartment may contain a white hob. It is curious that the black glass surface is considered an impractical and branded thing. Not only do traces of escaped milk remain, but also from fingers. nine0003


Designers believe that this item most often sits in the kitchen unused. Already today you can appreciate all the advantages of the grinder. For example, you can grind the peel from vegetables, tea leaves from a cup. No sewer blockages, no odors in the bin. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about using the chopper right now.

Water filter

Each sink, according to the design studio, should contain a place for a water filtration system. For example, you should pay attention to reverse osmosis equipment, which has a sufficient volume. Many stores have 2-hole faucets. One can be safely used for tap water, while the second can be used for purified water. There is no point in drilling the countertop to expose an additional faucet for water that has been filtered. nine0003

Opening upper cabinets


The design project of the apartment can be decorated with this option of opening doors on the upper cabinets of the kitchen unit. If you want to hear my opinion, just choose this option. You can not spend a lot of time on long searches.


Hinged fronts simply require good quality fittings from their owner. Bad gas lifts can fail after a while. They simply will not be able to keep the doors open, they will jam. nine0003


This variant of opening facades will look good in a two-room apartment or a three-room apartment. Just open the whole closet, but be careful not to get accidentally injured.

Convenient design of the kitchen

Heights, dimensions, ergonomics

Lower cabinets

According to the designers, the height of the lower cabinet of the kitchen set is 90 cm. Each of the furniture elements contains legs that can be adjusted. It all depends on how tall you are. If high, you can increase the height, thanks to the thick tabletop. In the lower cabinets, you can safely use sliding mechanisms. This will ensure the storage of kitchen utensils, jars of seasonings, notebooks with recipes, small household appliances. nine0003


This is considered the main space on the kitchen set where the cooking process takes place. It is best if its length is 90 centimeters, at least. The more, the better for a comfortable stay in this room.

Upper cabinets

The interior of the apartment cannot be considered complete without the use of these cabinets. It is best if their standard depth is 35 cm. Manufacturers present these products of different heights. How do you look at the so-called ceiling-mounted kitchens? Just imagine that the upper cabinets rest against the surface of the ceiling. Looks pretty interesting, but not suitable for everyday use. And it’s unlikely that you will like to reach all the time to get all the necessary things. nine0003

How high is the hood?

Many installers themselves do not understand at what height it is necessary to install the hood. They say that the ideal option is 80 cm from the countertop, and someone likes 60. It is best if this element is fixed in such a way that even the tallest family members do not experience head injuries.

Modern style

in the interior of the kitchen

I myself like it better when the kitchen is built into a niche. It can be decided that the layout meant its design together with the building itself. Looks impressive, in any case. nine0003

We have looked at ergonomics and all the functions of the kitchen. You can safely make the transition directly to the appearance. You will surely agree with the opinion that the focus in the kitchen will be on smooth facades. At this point in time, painted MDF is the most popular. In this case, the paint can be either matte or glossy. Facades made of plastic are considered an affordable option. They look nice enough, but are much cheaper than painted MDF. nine0003

We can note the spread of kitchens without handles. At the same time, the doors open thanks to the installation of special push-up fittings. It should be noted products with integrated handles, the so-called recess in the facade itself.

Lots of modern kitchens!

Neoclassical style

and kitchen design

Regarding the functions (filling and location of the appliances themselves), neoclassical style kitchens differ little from modern ones. The main difference is only in the facades. At the same time, neoclassicism implies the presence of facades with panels, which will ideally fit into the interior design. For such purposes, conventional handles are provided. nine0003

If desired, it is possible to replace the facades with smooth ones, without panels. This will create a kitchen interior in a modern style.

Neoclassical kitchen is here!

Kitchen backsplash ideas

Tile backsplash

Design studio specialists bring many ideas to life. This also applies to a tile backsplash, which can be considered the most practical and popular option for finishing. There is no point in making expensive kitchen renovations every year. You can always choose different types of tiles that are offered by manufacturers. This applies to mosaics, chevrons, triangles. There are more than enough options. nine0003

Tempered glass apron

This type of finish allows you to create a luxurious room that you want to be in. If desired, you can choose minimalism, when a plain painting of the surface of the walls is visible through transparent glass. You can always stick classic wallpaper to create a neoclassical apartment interior. Designers quite often decide to install glass with high-quality photo printing in order to pleasantly surprise their customers, who have a particularly demanding taste. nine0003

Wood-look apron

Modern kitchens look quite restrained, which is why it is necessary to finish the apron in natural wood. Long gone are the days when laminate flooring was used for this element of the kitchen. The material can be called practical. It can be washed without worry. True, the seams can pose a certain danger. If moisture gets in, they will swell. It is best to use exactly the tile under the tree.

Lots of apron ideas!


in kitchen design

In the process of developing a design project, one should not underestimate such important details as sockets. Each household appliance requires their installation. Yes, and the chopper will need an outlet under the sink. This applies to 2 groups of 2-3 sockets on the apron itself to ensure the connection of small household appliances. Then you do not have to carry an extension cord, spend a lot of time looking for it.


in the interior of the kitchen

The lighting in this room deserves special attention. This applies to general light, local and decorative. It doesn't matter if you have a two-room or three-room apartment. General light can be connected during the reception of guests and cleaning. The local is perfect for a romantic evening. Decorative light will emphasize the texture of existing surfaces, for example, an artfully decorated brick wall with posters, other decorations. And no one will refuse the backlight inside the uppermost cabinets. nine0003

Design of a small kitchen

in a typical apartment

The layout of most apartments built in the middle of the 20th century is not spacious. Our mothers and grandmothers did not use dishwashers, microwave ovens and other household appliances. For this reason, the kitchens are very small. Let's say Khrushchev was designed when the refrigerator was the size of a cabinet. A modern unit most often stands in the corridor. If we talk about new buildings, then the kitchen is much larger.

Apartments created by designers of the last century imply a typical layout. It is quite difficult to somehow arrange furniture differently than it was intended during the design process. You may be faced with the fact that you have to sacrifice comfort.

Small typical kitchens!

White Kitchen

Design Ideas

You may prefer white. Then you don't have to worry about cleaning. It will have to be done no more often than in a room of a different color. It is quite possible to get by with wiping the countertop after the food has been cooked. Yes, and facades do not require the use of any special means. The designers themselves believe that it is much more appropriate to combine materials in kitchen sets. If we talk about the lower ones, they are more easily soiled than the upper ones, and therefore it is better to choose practical colors, in particular, light wood. The top ones can be white. And you should never write off facades under a stone or a tree. Monochrome products are so boring! nine0003

Lots of white kitchens!

Gray color

in kitchen design

Many consider gray to be too gloomy. In fact, this is a great misconception. You can give solidity to any interior apartment. You can always mix gray with brighter shades to give them a nobility. It's all about the accessories, as fashion designers would say. So here.

Gray kitchens here!

Beige kitchen

interior design

As you already know from our conversations, beige is considered the perfect color for apartment interiors. It can be called warm, calm and natural. Most of the projects of the design studio in Moscow are made using this shade. Pay attention to the gray-beige. You can perfectly combine it with a wide range of colors. You just need to look at the presented options for cuisines. nine0003

Beige kitchen ideas!

Quite often apartment owners ask themselves what finishing materials to use in kitchen design. A lot of aspects are connected with the choice of parquet boards and laminate in the kitchen. And the apron for this room deserves close attention. It is enough just to read an interesting article about finishing materials.

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