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Sherwin-Williams Says These Colors Will Rule Interiors in 2023

The Lore palette reflects a reverence for artisanal traditions, as well as what Wadden refers to as the pandemic’s role in “creating this culture of craftivism where people are using craft to talk to each other and be good humans.” Defined by saturated jewel tones, such as the light amethyst-like Wallflower, the deep turquiose-y Blue Peacock, and the ruby Toile Red, this selection is imbued with notions of joy and optimism. Made for maximalists or anyone whose space reflects a keen appreciation for novel patterns, textures, or eye-catching works of art, Lore also contains golden shades like Serape and Nugget that can make an instant impression. Elsewhere, stoney neutrals Studio Mauve and Dhurrie Beige provide an additional sense of balance while proving that basics can sometimes be more than meets the eye.

The Nexus palette, featuring Kestrel White and Likeable Sand on the walls.

Photography courtesy Sherwin-Williams

Reflecting “an evolution out of Scandinavian minimalism into a sort of ’80s modernism,” Wadden says, the Nexus selection serves up a serene palette that evokes the warm tones of a canyon sunset. Whether choosing the peachiness of Lei Flower or the hushed elegance of Malted Milk, this earthy palette summons good energy for use in spaces where caring for ourselves and others is top of mind. The selections also pair nicely with trendy design elements, such as rounded silhouettes, stone-slab tables, and sculptural armchairs.

Finally, the Origin palette is where the imagination runs wild. A veritable rainbow of nostalgia, Indigo, Peppery, and Goldfinch offer elevated twists on the three primary colors, while Kale Green, Fabulous Grape, and Chartreuse play supporting parts. When neutrals like Pure White or Skyline Steel are added in, the versatile, brilliant Origin can re-energize an environment.

The Origin palette’s Peppery coats the kitchen, while Pure White layers the walls.

Photography courtesy Sherwin-Williams

“You could use these colors to create a space that’s really vibrant and bright, a little retro, maybe even a little punk rock,” Wadden muses. “I think that’s what I like most about Origin: You have the flexibility to live and breathe in those colors and try something a little unexpected.”

While Colormix itself is nothing new for Sherwin-Williams, its 2023 forecast marks the first time that commercial design segments are part of this launch. Showcasing how TERRA’s 40 colors can enliven hospitality spaces, multifamily residential construction, and more, the paint brand’s aim is to help commercial architects and designers move more confidently in the direction of fresh, modern color.

As for Sherwin-Williams’s 2023 Color of the Year (to be announced this fall), Wadden offers no hints other than that you’ll find it among the brand’s selects for TERRA. “Maybe have a look and see if you can guess,” she adds.

12 Best Paint Colors for 2023

Courtesy of DATE Interiors

There's nothing quite like the transformative power of interior paint. You can pick a paint shade according to your design aesthetic, a room's lighting conditions or the mood you intend to set, and see how the right color can make all the difference to your space. But if you're in need of some inspiration for your next paint job, we invited some design pros across the country to share the top paint color trends for 2023.

Their most popular paint color choices will cater to a wide range of design lovers and complement new trends in interiors. For minimalists, we can still expect to see tried-and-true white, stunning black tones and soothing grays (they were even part of our 2022 paint color trend roundup). But, on the other hand, there's also room for much more vibrant colors, from pops of citrus to chic blues. And let's not forget to consider the 2023 Colors of the Year. There's Benjamin Moore's Raspberry Blush, Behr's Blank Canvas and Sherwin-Williams' Redend Point, just to name a few.

So, grab your paint brush and use this list as motivation to reimagine your home interior with a great paint color. It's the perfect way to kick off the new year in style!



Jean Randazzo

"Small shots of big citrus bring excitement to a space without creating visual overwhelm. It’s like a punchy-colored throw pillow for the wall. When used in a specific area of wall, it defines a space and everything looks good against this yellow green. Even beige!" — Jackie Terrell, Interior Designer



Miranda Estes

"Blush really had its moment in 2022, but rust may be poised to take over. It's less feminine feeling and plays into an earthy modern color palette, making a beautiful companion to Dijon yellows, teals and greens." — Amy Vroom, Founder, The Residency Bureau


Monochromatic Looks

Ryan Garvin

"Using the exact same color in the same finish to walls, trim and ceiling lets you keep the traditional details like crown molding while giving it an instant modern update. Going all in makes rooms feel dramatic, warm and welcoming all at once. A satin finish is the best option for this approach. It’s not as shiny as semi-gloss, but it has a little bit of sheen without being shiny." — Mary Beth Christopher, Founder and Lead Designer, MBC Interior Design


Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue

Hayward Photography

"Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue is one of our favorite, go-to colors. It’s not too blue and not too green, rather the perfect marriage of both. When used on a porch, it blurs the lines between the outside and inside. Earthy, natural inspiration in design is absolutely trending right now, and will continue to become more prevalent in 2023. Palladian Blue brings lots of earthy greens into undertones into a space, making it a likely candidate to be a trending paint color in the new year." — Jillian Shaible, Principal, Susan Hayward Interiors



Adam Macchia

"My ultimate favorite black has as much to do with the sheen as it does with the color: Fine Paints of Europe's HollandLac in black is the ultimate for glossy black doors. I've used this on most of my own homes (and a few for clients). It requires an expert application, but the results are sublime; glossy to the point of reflection, this paint finishes like black glass." — Dan Mazzarini, Principal and Creative Director, BHDM Design


Soft Blush

Katarzyna BialasiewiczGetty Images

"Pairing pink with various hues is a trend we’re seeing a lot. From soft pale blushes to shocking magenta, it’s an exciting accent to go along with everything from deep blues to light neutrals." — Noel Gatts, Star of HGTV’s Home Inspector Joe; Principal Designer, Beam & Bloom Interiors


Sherwin-Williams' Eider White

Danielle Nicole Photography

"This color is often used for walls, but it is the new hot trend for stepping up your classic white kitchen cabinet. Not only is it warmer and richer, but it has a subtle contrast with the ever-so-popular white countertops." — Megan Unger, Owner and Creative Director, Megan Robertson’s Designs


Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray

Courtesy of DATE Interiors

"Striking paint colors, like Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray, are a great way to add interest and depth to any space." — Molly Torres Portnof, Founder, DATE Interiors



Lauren Pressey

"Plum is becoming the new neutral. The richer tones are being used to blend in with neutral spaces to make it feel warm, cozy and luxe." — Linda Hayslett, Founder, LH.Designs


Ultramarine Blue

Virginia Macdonald

"Ultramarine blue will be the trending color for the upcoming year. It is a bright, super saturated and luscious hue." — Anne Hepfer, Luxury Interior Designer and Author of MOOD


Benjamin Moore's Mt. Rainier Gray

Jacarrea Garraway

"Benjamin Moore’s Mt. Rainier Gray in Matte Regal Select resembles the sky and provides a space with a sense of calm, which is vital as the world around us continues to change. Mt. Rainier Gray is an ideal backdrop for any style that sparks joy in one’s life." — Courtney McLeod, Principal, Right Meets Left Interior Design


Glidden's Vining Ivy

Courtesy of Gil Walsh Interiors

"Glidden's Vining Ivy is an update on teal that is as bold as it is versatile. Sitting perfectly between a blue and a green, Vining Ivy toes the line between a jewel tone and a deep sea hue, making it an on-trend addition to contemporary designs or a refined pop of color for those with more traditional taste. " — Gil Walsh, Principal, Gil Walsh Interiors


Benjamin Moore's 2023 Color of the Year: Raspberry Blush

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

"People are ready to bring color back into the home, taking a step outside their color comfort zones. Raspberry Blush 2008-30 and the Color Trends 2023 palette empower the use of statement colors that deliver delight and personality, while transforming rooms for incredible results." — Andrea Magno, Color Marketing & Development Director, Benjamin Moore


Behr's 2023 Color of the Year: Blank Canvas

Courtesy of Behr

"Blank Canvas effortlessly offers a clean and inviting blank slate that allows individuality and creativity to flow freely. This white easily harmonizes with a wide range of hues, including neutrals, earth tones and pastels for a charming and cozy appeal. Blank Canvas also pairs beautifully with black for a dramatic impact, and with bright accents like green or cobalt blue to instantly lift your mood." — Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services, Behr Paint Company


Sherwin-Williams' 2023 Color of the Year: Redend Point

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

"Redend Point's subtle pink undertones make it easy to incorporate into any space. It delivers an enveloping warmth that instantly makes you feel at home. Build on its earthiness by utilizing the hue alongside natural-looking textiles and wood accents or create a desert oasis by layering terracotta shades and clay materials." — Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing, Sherwin-Williams

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Fashionable colors in the interior 2023

When designing interiors, it is necessary to take into account modern fashion trends in the selection of color combinations and high-quality types of finishing materials. It should be noted that the selection of trendy shades for decorating rooms is largely conditional, but the main trends in this field of activity can still be established after analyzing various options.

Contents of the article:

Trends in 2023 in choosing colors for a fashionable interior (photo)

A general trend recognized by leading designers in defining the most preferred shades and trendy colors for 2023, which should create a calm, light, serene and natural atmosphere in the room. Modern interiors are dominated by universal tones used in various combinations.

Warm Beige

A nice neutral synthesis of beige and gray with a more cozy feel. With a competent overall solution of space, it brings a feeling of elegance, tranquility, warmth. Natural beige color makes successful combinations with chestnut, as well as with muted blue or green hues. nine0003

Dark Ginger Shade

Another soothing trendy shade of dark ginger with hints of persimmon is becoming popular. It is warm and cozy. It will allow you to bring into the atmosphere of the room not only comfort, but also a feeling of noble luxury, combined with golden, cherry accents. It goes well with mahogany color scheme.

Aquarelle Blue

A subdued azure that mimics tropical water covered with light mist, is considered the best solution for the bedroom. The mystical watercolor-blue tint can also be used in other rooms, adjacent to neutral tones. Perfectly combined with a delicate cream shade. nine0003

Refreshing green

Conservatively minded people are pleased to realize that refreshing green is still a fashionable color in the interior of 2023, which will be especially relevant in interiors with minimalist elements. It is recommended to select a dark green background for wall decoration, and use ultramarine or emerald colors for a velvety finish of upholstered furniture.

Almond Shade

Cool and delicate, multi-faceted almond is transformed by its neighboring colors. The original combination is with rich blue, deep green, graphite. The almond tone can dominate the interior or play an auxiliary role as a companion color. nine0003


This cheerful color scheme includes yellow, red, orange notes. From the degree of their concentration, the amber radiance also changes. In any interior, the presence of such a tone, most often as an accent, provides an energetic, stimulating thought process, uplifting atmosphere. Amber is successfully combined with dark brown, beige, lilac shades.


A mature, slightly muted, very expressive cherry red color known as samba, in the 2023 season, it is on the list of leaders in interior design. This tone is appropriate in the decoration of furniture, on textile details. A refined and sensual accent gives the interior a touch of chic and sophistication. Samba is combined with a neutral background, shading it favorably. nine0003


The flashy golden decoration begins to play in full force. Designers urge not to be afraid to bring elements of luxury into your home. Even small golden elements give the room features of well-being and nobility. Chocolate, red, turquoise, orange tones are organically located in the neighborhood. A combination of gold with a velvety black color scheme is considered an aristocratic option.

The principle of selecting shades in the interior 2023

The dominant design principle is based on the following ratios:

The search for color solutions is intended to solve not only the task of approaching fashion trends. It is important for each person to express their own preferences and create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness while observing the norms of aesthetics and harmony.

Modern interior often involves an organic combination of color elements typical of different styles. The subsequent operations practiced in the improvement of any premises depend on this, for example:

  1. Layout with installation of partitions, coordinated transfer of walls;
  2. Zoning of the surrounding space by different methods;
  3. Selection of furniture, decoration, lighting, textiles.

The variant of decorating a room in one particular style is gradually going out of fashion. Designers prefer projects with an organic combination of elements from different stylistic trends.

With proper selection of all the components of the interior, it is possible to obtain a comfortable space that reflects the personal preferences of the household, with well-thought-out functionality. nine0003

Trends in the selection of color solutions for exclusive interiors 2023

Creation of unique interiors is based on introducing aesthetics, pragmatic component, lightness and environmental safety into the space. Trendy colors in the interior of 2023 and some design tricks are becoming a reference point:

Urbanism allows you to combine different styles, organizing an unusual, but very cozy space without any special restrictions. Funny posters can be placed on the walls, the cast-iron base of the static table perfectly coexists with an elegant bright armchair.

Trendy color shades 2023 in furniture

Modern living rooms acquire an atmosphere of comfort thanks to furniture made from natural materials. Elegant wicker and wooden furniture sets will be fashionable in 2023. The color scheme in the selection of furniture involves a variety of variations. nine0003

Leather in a respectable chestnut or luxurious golden hue will dominate next season not only in the role of furnishing. Increasingly, designers are using leather panels in the design of walls and floors.

Balancing elegant steel tones continue to attract the attention of designers when decorating various furniture planes. The popularity of polished nickel, darkened steel, noble silver, brass is increasing. Iron does not lose its leading position, white alloys are increasingly common. When used in the living room, elements made of bronze with a golden brown tint achieve an exquisitely luxurious atmosphere. nine0009

Along with the dominance of restrained tones on furniture surfaces, bright ornaments with certain ethnic features are also popular. Juicy yellow, crimson, blue notes bring dynamism, festivity. In such an interior it is pleasant to be after a busy day of work.

Trendy color range 2023 for a modern interior

Analyzing the emerging style and color preferences, it can be noted that the following options will be popular in 2023:

  1. Combination of various concentrations of graphite, light grey, white with accent splashes from the list of bright colors. This option in any situation is different win-win. The calm atmosphere set by the basic background allows you to relieve stress and relax.
  2. Use for interior decoration of any functional pastel palette from lightened sand color to a pronounced cream shade. For example: any shade of a universal sand color (straw, golden sand, beige khaki, etc.) easily gets along next to all, even very saturated colors. The elegant sound of the sand palette looks noble, restrained and cozy. nine0077
  3. Cream tone, which is preferred by people who value classics, comfort, balance, can dominate the space, but will require darker neighboring accents, such as bronze or chestnut.
  4. Application of refreshing tones of natural greenery. Delicate light green, mint, malachite varieties, as well as dark turquoise, olive tones remain relevant. With a clean sound, green notes in bright variations are great for accent dot display. Mint, noble pistachio, solid cane can solo in space. Light greens are suitable for people seeking renewal. Conservatives prefer a serious, balanced dark green color scheme. nine0077
  5. Include in the variations of the combined color scheme of the interior a calm, pure blue tint of varying degrees of saturation. When properly distributed over surfaces, cornflower blue, azure, heavenly, turquoise colors create an atmosphere of creativity, tranquility, security, relaxation, and trust in the surrounding space.

Priority directions for 2023 in interior color design

Indoor color schemes perform not only the function of designing and decorating various surfaces. With the help of the rational use of the diversity of the color palette, designers successfully solve other problems. nine0003


A well-designed visual division of space into functional areas is one of the main trends of the 2023 season. Using a combination of well-matched shades, you can highlight a work area, a fireplace area, a relaxation area, a place for children's activities or placement of flowering plants in the room. In the kitchen, it is easy to visually separate the dining and working areas.

Different techniques are used for zoning. You can paint the surfaces of the walls by choosing different colors. An interesting effect is obtained if the floor or even the ceiling surface is decorated with materials of different tone. nine0003

Complex interior

The current trend in interior design solutions for the 2023 season is the organic integration of working and functional areas into living spaces. The interior becomes complex, which saves space and creates an orderly appearance of the room. The base background is selected from a list of neutral shades interspersed with saturated colors.

Adjusting the proportions of the room

The current trend is to use more active tones in small rooms. The postulate that only light walls can visually expand a miniature space is gradually becoming a thing of the past. nine0003

On the contrary, the analysis of modern projects allows us to conclude that a deep rich color scheme distracts attention from small dimensions. It is important not to use it in the dominant version. Usually one accent wall or a specific area is brightly decorated to emphasize its functionality.

Cooling or warming the room

Fashionable colors in the interior 2023 can not only give the space a certain impact on the psychological state of a person. With the right selection, they will warm a cold room, oriented to the north and practically not receiving the beneficial effects of sunlight. nine0003

In this situation, you will need to choose a background from an arsenal of warm colors, including a variety of shades from yellow radiance to red-violet nobility. Accordingly, it is advisable to decide on a room on the south side with a predominance of cold shades from another part of the color palette.

Summing up the above, it can be noted that in the field of interior design, the selection of color solutions is usually carried out with a focus not only on fashion trends and current trends. An important role is played by personal preferences and ideas about comfort and coziness. The priority is not just functional interiors, but soothing ones, allowing you to relieve irritation, relax and unwind. nine0003

Interior colors 2023 | Fashion Trends (85 photos)

Interior design largely depends on the environment. The right combination of colors in the interior is one of the most important design elements of a modern home. The color scheme can be used to express and emphasize the features of the interior. In most cases, the design of the premises uses several shades at the same time. Properly combining trendy colors in the interior of 2023, you can make the design of the apartment look much better, more expensive and more elegant. nine0003

Color combinations in the interior 2023 - fresh design ideas

The color of the room can be warm or cold. When designing a fashionable interior, the choice of a palette is of great importance, which will serve as the basis for the pattern (or upholstery) of the walls, ceiling, and floor. Under the influence of light, the color of the wall becomes transparent, textured, reflective. Therefore, you should not choose dark colors throughout the room, they are more suitable for the living room or dining room.

The functional purpose of the room and its placement in the house requires the use of two or more colors in the interior. For example, if rooms in the same color scheme are used for guests or spouses, then such a color background will create a feeling of warmth and tranquility. nine0003

The arrangement of furniture in the interior and wall decoration in the room must be in harmony. In the practice of interior design, several rules have been developed for the compatibility of materials and colors.

Nowadays, pieces of furniture add style and individuality to the room and become a decoration of any home. The choice of furniture color depends on the style of the interior, and sometimes on the overall color scheme. For example, a classic interior requires that the furniture be plain, without bright details. nine0003

Contrasting colors are not recommended for modern interiors. You should know that warm light colors make the room more spacious, and dark ones (blue, green, black) make it more compact. Classic color schemes work well in the interiors of apartments, without loading the room with unnecessary details.

Red color in the interior 2023

It is loved by strong-willed and courageous people, as well as those who want to emphasize the individuality and originality of the room. This color is chosen by many lovers of non-standard solutions. In combination with other tones, it can bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also fill the room with bright ideas, emotions, and improve well-being. nine0003

The lightest shade of red in a fashionable interior of an apartment can be used in all variants, but it is better in large elements (windows, doors, floors, walls). A warm rich shade that goes well with many interior styles, ideal for large amounts of space and any design solutions. A feature of this color is that when using it, you can bring a feeling of luxury to the interior.

Green color in the interior 2023

Green color in the interior 2023 is the destiny of restrained and romantic natures. It organically looks with almost all objects in the room, successfully combined with blue, purple, yellow and orange shades. nine0003

In the modern interior of the bedroom it is necessary to use soft soft colors - pistachio, light green, mint, olive, which should be soft and not too contrasting.

In the living room it is better to choose intense shades of greenery (turquoise, lime, ruby, canary, emerald). To keep the interior of your home in green tones, you can purchase photo wallpapers with a green or brown background, decorate the room with green fringe, a tablecloth, and an abundance of indoor plants. nine0009

Muted green undertones should be used in the design of the kitchen area. In addition to them, blue, blue and yellow shades can be. Not bad in the interior of the kitchen look green curtains and furniture, wood-like linoleum or parquet, tiles with a green pattern.

If you don't have any of the above, you can play a little with the amount of green. From this, the design of an apartment, house or office will not become less interesting. Decorating a house or apartment in green can be a good solution in any case, but it should be remembered that this color “does not like” sharp contrasts. nine0003

Blue color in the interior 2023

Blue color in the 2023 season does not give up its positions and still remains fashionable and relevant in the interior. That is why designers, first of all, pay attention to this practical and versatile shade.

Today you can find many options for interior design in blue tones. At the same time, the blue color is combined with many other shades that you can choose to your taste. So, if you want to create a stylish and beautiful living room, then choose lavender tones. nine0003

Blue is not only cold shades, but also warm ones, such as turquoise, purple and blue. By the way, turquoise shades are widely used for decorating bedrooms.

Orange and yellow shades harmonize very well with this color. As a rule, they are rarely used in design, however, they can be combined into one color and used in neutral tones.

Do not forget about the white color, with which you can create almost any interior. Even if the room is kept in this neutral color, it will not be superfluous to add bright blue details. For example, use special decorative pillows that can be found in almost every store. nine0009

Almost all shades of blue look beautiful in combination with white. It is in this case that the color goes a little beyond the ordinary in the interior and appears in all its splendor.

Note! If you choose blue to decorate your bedroom, you can use various accessories for decoration to create an original contrast in the design of the room.

Furnishing a bedroom in blue is a great way to give the room freshness and softness. If too simple and strict colors are used in a room, this does not always have a good effect on the design. nine0003

What colors will be the most fashionable in the interior in 2023

Furnishings with different color solutions in 2023 will delight not only with their appearance, but also with new trends in interior design. Trends in interior design will be presented in the form of individual rooms or entire apartments in bright, rich colors.

Indeed, now there are a lot of stylish and original colors for interior decoration in 2023. Proponents of the classics will use various shades of pastel color in the interior this season. nine0003

Pleasant, soft, cozy, calm - these are the main characteristics of the presented color. It does not excite, does not strain eyesight, does not dispose to vigorous activity. People who choose pastel prefer to create, create beautiful images, surround themselves with pleasant things.

For such people, muted tones are suitable, which will soothe, create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The rooms, decorated in pastel colors, are very romantic and gentle. They attract the eye and create a feeling of relaxation, as they are filled with light and air. The main characteristics of pastel colors are neutrality, grace, comfort and warmth, creating a calm atmosphere in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. nine0003

White in the interior 2023

Of course, the trend of 2023 will be white. Designers advise betting on this shade as the base. The room in this color will look more airy, light and spacious. White walls and furniture will create a sense of order and cleanliness, refresh the interior, add contrast, give the texture of the room uniformity, divert attention from small details.

White tone, due to its versatility, is suitable for use in a variety of styles and directions of interior design as an additional or primary color. nine0003

If you want to bring the most fashionable colors of 2023 into your interior design, feel free to choose calm shades - cream, milky, peach, beige, champagne. The restraint and clarity of white will help create a space where nothing will distract attention and cause irritation.

Plain white walls or an accent surface in this color look great, textile wallpaper with a bright pattern, frames with beautiful white or yellow prints, mirrors in a gilded frame, pictures in a baguette. nine0003

In the kitchen, white makes an impression when combined with solid brown, beige or golden furniture. In addition, with an orange textile tablecloth, black oilcloth on the table, beautiful chandeliers, white candles and massive furniture trimmed with mother-of-pearl inserts. In the kitchen area, you can use small white plastic cabinets with glass doors as a contrast to the interior and the color of the walls.

White sanitary ware, tiles and various accessories in the bathroom (white soap, bathrobes, towels with a white pattern) will create the necessary accents and make the room brighter. Thus, the white gamma is suitable for those who want to live in harmony with nature, who love cleanliness and order. nine0003

It is important to remember that the specified color has many disadvantages. It does not fit well with strict interiors and some colors. It is not recommended to use monochrome shades of white for decorating dining rooms, children's rooms, as it reduces the functionality of the premises, making the space too boring and nondescript.

Gray in the interior 2023

Gray is one of the most beautiful colors in interior design in 2023. The interior in gray is very popular not only in Russia, but all over the world. Psychologists recommend working with shades of gray a little differently than with other colors. nine0003

Gray scales are characterized by lightness, they are soft shades that give the interior harmony and tranquility. They do not excite, do not stimulate activity, unlike saturated colors.

At the same time, the gray shade may seem banal and boring if the interior is dominated by many other colors. To prevent this from happening, the gray palette should be diluted and supplemented with bright shades.

The best option in 2023 will be beautiful designer wallpaper with floral patterns or a more neutral color scheme that will visually change the space. nine0003

When choosing gray wallpaper for the living room or kitchen, remember that this color combination is not suitable for a bedroom or nursery. For such rooms, it is better to choose colors that will attract attention. Namely - green, red, blue, orange, all shades of blue.

Gray walls are perfectly combined with dark wood furnishings, fashion collections of Italian furniture. The gray shade will be appropriate in the decoration of the toilet and bathroom. Anything that gives off yellowness should be avoided, as this will make the room boring and inexpressive. Chameleon paint, tiles and other materials that imitate different shades of gray are used for walls. nine0003

If the red color will prevail in the room, then it should be in the form of wallpaper or on the surface of the furniture.

Intricate combinations of olive hue and blue will give the trendy interior of 2021 a cheerful character. This is a great solution for the living room. With the help of such a wonderful tandem, you can expand its size.

Do you want to create a bright color accent? Then use the most popular colors in the interior of 2023.

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