Over the bed storage ideas

13 handy Over Bed Storage Ideas [with pics]

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If want a unique way to organize your bedroom, check out these 13 handy over bed storage ideas.

There is a lot of room over a bed that can be used to provide storage and organization opportunities.

In this article we’ll look at:

13 handy Over Bed Storage Ideas

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Not all of these over the bed storage ideas will work for you and your room, but hopefully at least one will help you take advantage of this vertical space.

Let’s start the list of ideas.

1) Over Bed Shelving Unit – Particle Board (Amazon)

This over the bed shelving unit is marketed towards college students and kids because it fits over top of a TWIN sized bed. They suggest to put only lightweight items on it (just in case something falls on your sleeping head.)

I’ve shown this product to give you an idea of what is possible with a shelving unit like this. (Some people say this particular product – which is made of particular board – may not be worth the money. I’ll let you decide that. Click here to see on Amazon.)

2) Over Bed Shelving Unit – Metal wire (Walmart.com)Over Bed Shelving Unit – Click picture to see details on Walmart. com

I think this looks like a cool shelving unit! This is designed to fit over a Twin sized bed (which has the same width as a Twin XL but the XL version is about 5-inches longer).

The vertical metal posts stand 67-inches tall. It comes with the two wire shelves and it has a swiveling cup holder and some hooks to hang towels, backpacks, etc…

It is marketed towards college students living in a dorm room, but it would work well for children or anyone else with a twin-sized bed.

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3) Over the Bed Cabinets

Below is an Instagram photo showing some cabinets installed above a bed. Looks very cool. You could fit a lot in there.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Crown Imperial (@crownimperialkitchens)

4) Headboard with Shelves

A bookcase headboard like this reminds us that over bed storage doesn’t have to be too fancy.

A headboard with some shelves can go a long way to keeping your room tidy by giving you a spot for books, pictures and decorations.

CLICK HERE to see this particular headboard on Amazon.

5) Headboard with Storage Cabinets (for full size bed aka double bed)

You can use the top shelf of this headboard to hold your books, and you can put items you don’t want visible behind the sliding cabinet doors.

I like the idea of the sliding doors. It is hard to open a swinging cabinet door if your pillows are in the way, so this bookcase uses sliding doors instead.

CLICK HERE to see more details about this headboard.

6) Around and Over the Bed Storage Shelves and Cabinets

Isn’t this over the bed shelving unit amazing! It is from the British company Shelved.

With a system like this you wouldn’t have any excuses for a messy bedroom. I like how it has a combination of open shelves and doored cabinets. (And having no cabinet hardware makes it look sleek.)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by shelved (@shelved.co.uk)

7) Over the Bed Storage Cubbies

The Instagram photo below is from a company that custom made this over the bed storage unit for a boy’s bedroom. The open cubbies allow him to display his favorite things.

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A post shared by Stanton & Willis (@stanton_and_willis)

Over the Bed Shelf Ideas

In this section I’ll share some over the bed shelf ideas I’ve come across. Most of them are just regular shelves you could use anywhere in your house. But putting these shelves above your bed will give you some extra options for organizing your bedroom.

8) Three pack of Wood Shelves with Metal Brackets (Amazon)

I came across this 3-pack of shelves on Amazon. Each shelf is a different size (small, medium and large), and the largest one is 16.9-inches wide.

So these aren’t very big, but because they claim each shelf can hold 39 pounds you should be able get creative with your over bed storage.

For instance, will these be enough to hold your collection of favorite novels?

CLICK HERE if you want more details of these shelves.

9) Wood Bookshelves for Above Bed Storage (Amazon)

Once again, these are wall shelves that could be used anywhere in your house. But because the ends of the shelves are like book ends, I think they’d work well for above bed storage.

You can get these shelves in a few different colors.

Click here to see other colors.

Are you from the UK?

Click to see on Amazon UK

10) Sleek Over Bed Shelving Unit

I came across this impressive over bed shelving unit on Instagram. The glossy look and lack of cabinet hardware makes this look like a modern, sleek unit.

But when I went to the company’s website I couldn’t find this unit on their site. Maybe they renamed it?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by AmosMann (@amosmannfurniture.co.uk)

11) Fancy Corner Shelves

Is your bed in the corner of your bedroom?

If so you could mount this fancy wall shelf in the corner above your bed to provide a place to put your phone, glasses, novels, etc…

This popular corner shelf is available on Amazon (where it has lots of reviews).

12) Ikea Bookcase Hack to Make a Bed Bridge Over Bed Shelving Unit

A man named Chris Heider has a YouTube channel called “HandyDadTV” and he has an incredible video where he creates an over bed shelving unit using IKEA furniture. It is called a bed bridge because it spans the bed.

He doesn’t want people to see the video outside of YouTube, so click the picture below to see it on YouTube.

Photo credit: Chris Heider. Click picture to see video on YouTube (opens in a new window)

It is amazing how well his bed bridge bookcase turned out. That HandyDad is definitely handy. (From watching his video I learned the trick of putting masking tape on particle board before cutting or drilling into it.)

13) IKEA Platsa Over the Bed Storage Unit

I found this YouTube video where Sarah & Rhys designed this bed bridge unit using the Platsa line from IKEA. They call it a bedroom wardrobe. And whatever you call it it makes an impressive over bed shelving unit.

You could store just about all your bedroom stuff in that unit!

Overbed Trolley Storage Desk (Amazon UK)

Here is an option for our readers in the UK.

This rolling overbed desk is a great way to make the most out of small space.

(But be careful…you shouldn’t work in bed unless you absolutely have to. Or else you may start to associate your bed more with work than with sleep.

You don’t have to put a computer on here though. You can put your books, journals, and more.

Check Current Price on Amazon UK

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in these 13 handy over bed storage ideas.

Will one of them work for you?

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9 Very Smart Over-Bed Storage Ideas

Want to double your bedroom storage? These clever and creative ideas will make you rethink the space above your bed

Storage units fitted above the bed were a popular trend back in the ‘70s and ’80s and, although they were great for making the most of unused wall space, these cupboards never looked particularly appealing. In fact, they often made bedrooms feel darker and more enclosed. But before you declare your distaste for the old-school ‘bed bridge’, take a look at these modern updates that offer more creative and appealing alternatives to the dated designs of the past.

Ensoul Ltd

1. Shoes, glorious shoes!
Didn’t think over-bed storage could be innovative and contemporary? Well, these stylish shoe cupboards behind the bed break all the rules. The bespoke cupboards are recessed into the wall so they don’t encroach on head room or light, while their vibrant colour adds a modern statement. Just beware of the doors when they are open…

Holly Marder

2. Keep it bright
Old-fashioned ‘bed-bridges’ of the ’80s often made a bedroom feel busy and cluttered thanks to their dated designs and overt detailing. To avoid the room feeling closed in, stick to simple, white cupboards with clean lines and you’ll create a barely-there feel. Pop a darker throw on the bed for contrast and the cupboards will fade even further into the background.

Tip: Choose handleless cupboards that push open for an even slicker look.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

3. Design your own combination of units
Alternatively, you might want to draw attention to the cupboards and create a feature around your bed. Incorporating an open shelf into the design can provide a great spot for displaying personal pieces and bringing interest to a room. In this scheme, tall, slim cupboards make brilliant use of the space on either side of the bed, while a small bedside shelf also provides a handy spot for bedtime essentials.

Tip: By designing your own bespoke bed bridge, rather than buying off-the-shelf units, you can incorporate the exact cupboards for all your storage needs.

10 wining ways to style the wall behind your bed

Sealy Design Inc.

4. Use mirrors for effect
You might think that adding mirrors to the front of high wall units seems a little pointless. In fact, it’s a clever visual trick to help the room feel larger by reflecting the light and ceiling space. This is a super solution if you are concerned that the units might make your bedroom feel too enclosed.

The Works

5. Make an impact
Worried that a row of units above the bed may feel a little sterile and kitchen-like? Then what about incorporating a striking arch and a glamorous padded bedhead for an injection of style? You could also include sneaky cubby holes on either side of the bedhead for easy-to-reach bedtime storage. Clever ideas all round.

Similarly, the units in this guest room also include a recessed area for handy reading lights, and when the guest bed is folded away into the wall, the recessed cubby holes are neatly concealed for a streamlined finish. The warm, timber-clad cupboards have a distinctive retro vibe, but they remain fresh and contemporary thanks to the pale flooring and modern cane chair.

Storage solutions that make your guest bedroom work harder


6. Consider nifty lighting
Kitchen upper cabinets are often fitted with down lights to brighten up workbenches, and similarly, over-bed units can be fitted with down-lights to brighten up the bed. Not only is this great for reading, it also provides atmospheric evening light if you don’t have space for freestanding lamps.

Laura Stephens Interiors

7. Make a statement with open shelves
Recessed shelves built into the wall behind the bed will provide plenty of storage space for books as well as special treasures. Incorporate some clever lighting and the shelves will make a stunning focal point.

See more storage and wardrobe designs

8. A winner in narrow rooms
When there’s no room for cupboards or wardrobes on the wall opposite the bed, the solution is often to place all the furniture along one wall. But rather than having individual freestanding pieces, opt for a built-in design so the bedroom has unity and cohesion. Here, two large wardrobes sit on either side of the bed and are connected by a bridge of open shelving, creating a harmonious look that’s neat and streamlined.


9. Turn it into useful cubby shelf storage
Over-bed storage doesn’t have to mean closed units, it can be open shelves too. Cubby shelf storage is an ideal solution in kids’ rooms that need some clutter-control, and if you don’t like the busy look, pop baskets into the cubbies for a neat finish.

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Clever Alternatives to Wardrobes and Cupboards.

Tell us
Are you swayed by these new looks for over-bed storage? We’d love to hear your views in the Comments below.

15 ideas for storing things in a small bedroom

Wardrobe and workplace

Every centimeter counts in a small bedroom. By installing a structure with sliding doors in a small room, we are guaranteed to save space, because wardrobes can be placed close to the bed. Swing doors do not have this advantage. Next to the structure, you can equip a small cozy office by placing a table in the resulting niche and hanging shelves.

Wardrobe and mezzanines above the door

Speaking of rational use of space, special attention should be paid to built-in structures that occupy the smaller bedroom wall. In a cramped room, it is recommended to place a built-in wardrobe up to the ceiling: it looks solid, has a larger capacity and harmoniously fits into the interior, adjusting the shape of the room. Mezzanines above the entrance create additional storage space.

Open shelf above the bed

If a work area in a small room is adjacent to a bed, it is worth placing a long shelf directly above the bed. It will become a convenient place to store books and small things and visually unite the space. Such a stylish solution will allow you to decorate the headboard in different ways (pictures or photographs in a frame, flowers, baskets), but will not require special costs. nine0005

Dressing room and office

In the 14 square meter bedroom, you can find space not only for a bed, but also for a mini dressing room. This option is suitable for those who appreciate comfort and need zoning. To build a structure, it is necessary to divide the room into three parts. In one zone, a bed should be placed, and in the other - a dressing room and an office with a partition. This solution will allow you to use the space as rationally as possible.


Not only a closet or chest of drawers is suitable for storing clothes and bed linen: a capacious chest that can be placed near the foot or placed in any empty corner will become a real decoration of a small bedroom. There are many options for products: wicker, wooden, antique, rough army or upholstered - the chest will fit into any style of interior.

Wardrobes instead of bedside tables

A practical solution for a small bedroom is to use high and narrow wardrobes located on the sides of the bed. The designs will create a cozy niche that can be supplemented with wall cabinets. The role of bedside tables will be played by compact shelves for small items, attached directly to the body. In the bedroom for a couple, wardrobes are conveniently divided into two. nine0005

Full Wall Cabinets

An ingenious way to create storage in a small bedroom without cluttering it up is to order a long wall-to-wall built-in chest of drawers. You can store a lot of things in it, and use the countertop as an additional seat. The space above the cabinets is usually occupied by shelves for books or a TV.

Pipe hangers

If you appreciate the loft and have a small amount of things, open clothes hangers will fit perfectly into the bedroom. They can be freestanding, mobile on wheels or mounted on a wall. How to create a floor hanger with your own hands, read here. nine0005

Shelving unit on the sides of the headboard

An open shelving unit next to the wall is no surprise, but the built-in shelves turned towards the bed look original. Shelves not only create a cozy recess for a bed, but also serve as a place to store useful little things.

Under bed storage

Space in a small room should be used to the maximum, so do not neglect the free space under the bed. The drawer design will be a convenient alternative to a podium or a bed that needs to be raised to access things. If you are purchasing a folding sofa, a product with a box for linen will be the most practical solution. nine0005

Cube structure

You won't find such a storage system in a furniture store: an unusual wardrobe-bed with a podium, shelves and built-in cabinets is made to order according to individual sizes. A sleeping place located in a niche looks like a compact room. The original design is suitable for very narrow spaces.

Shelves under the ceiling

Not filling the space between the ceilings in a small bedroom is a real waste. Shelves fixed high are usually used for rarely used items. The photo shows how interesting the snow-white bedroom with shelves above the bed looks: books have become a stylish decoration and added coziness and habitability to the laconic interior. nine0005

Boxes and baskets

Beautiful cardboard boxes and wicker baskets are very functional, as they serve to store useful little things and help keep the bedroom clean. Useful containers look good on open shelving, and also allow you to rationally use the empty space on the cabinets. Read about how to create original containers and baskets here.

Floating cabinet

An amazing solution from the Russian studio Astar project - a structure that holds the countertop and rises above the floor. Hanging furniture makes a small bedroom look bigger, as the floor remains unused and the human eye perceives the room as half empty. nine0005

Window storage system

Window opening walls, which are often left unattended, can turn into a full-fledged storage and recreation area, combined with a workplace. The pictures show that the thoughtful design combines several lockers, and also plays the role of a sofa with internal drawers.

When it seems that there is not enough space in the bedroom, it is worth looking at the space from a new angle. Any tiny room makes it possible to create a convenient place to store things, if you approach the task with intelligence and imagination. nine0005

8 ideas for practical use of space above the head of the bed

If your apartment cannot boast of an impressive area, you need to use literally every corner wisely. In such conditions, taking up space on the wall behind the bed with non-functional decor is a real crime. We offer alternative options - practical, but not without decorative charm.

1 Storage system

The question of storage in an apartment is more acute than ever? Then the best option, allowing you to use the available space to the maximum, would be a U-shaped storage system that creates a kind of niche around the bed. nine0005

Hint: if you match the furniture to the color of the walls, the storage system will visually appear much less cumbersome.

Instagram @lialovisolo

Instagram @sally_the_salem

Instagram @ wendywisespaces

2 Wall cabinets and shelves

Is an entire bedroom storage system too much for you? You can limit yourself to one or more hanging shelves and cabinets at the head. Pay special attention to the reliability of fasteners: safety is paramount. In addition, conscientious manufacturers always indicate the maximum permitted load on the shelves, and this point should not be neglected. nine0005

Instagram @marinarocha. arquitetura

Instagram @marinarocha.arquitetura

Instagram @modernbedspace

3 Ladder hanger

Elegant, neat, fashionable accessory that can replace a bedside table, and also effectively use part of the wall You can hang a blanket, a bedspread, clothes prepared for the morning on such a ladder, or you can add hooks and storage baskets or wrap it with a garland - and get an additional source of light. It's great, right? nine0005

Instagram @theblueyedgirl_style

Instagram @theblueyedgirl_style

4 Niche

Another neat and functional solution is the headboard niche. Take a look at the option in the photo: this niche was supplemented with a mirror and lighting, which gave the room extra volume.

Instagram @concept58

nine0002 5 Wall hangers

Minimalist wall hangers are a practical scandi trend that fits in any room and helps organize storage.

Can be used for temporary placement of things (for example, a set of clothes for the morning), and for permanent storage (you can hang jewelry and bijouterie, complete with hanging baskets).

By the way, these hangers are perfectly combined with wall shelves and expand their functionality. And also look organically at the headboard and on the sides of the bed, take note. nine0005

Instagram @scandiphotogram

Instagram @scandiphotogram

6 Mirror

If the issue of storage in your bedroom is not particularly acute, but it clearly lacks light and “air”, a good solution would be to place a large mirror on the wall at the head of the head. It will visually expand the space, increase the light and add zest to the interior. nine0005

Instagram @remont_na_kablukax

Instagram @remont_na_kablukax

7 Writing boards, pegboards

If you don’t have a separate mini-office at home, a pegboard or board for notes and reminders can be placed above the bed.

Learn more