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by Adrienne Breaux

updated Jan 24, 2022

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We’re big advocates of doing more with less stuff. Whether it’s your dresser or closet, decluttering your space is crucial in fostering a stress-free environment. 

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But, if you have a tiny bedroom and you’ve pared down as much as you can, it’s probably time to start rethinking your space-saving storage solutions. When it comes to decluttering your sleep space, it’s important to make sure your stuff fits comfortably, too. Here are some smart ways to fit more storage in your bedroom without making it feel too cramped.

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1. Take advantage of floating shelves

If you’re a bookworm or just have lots of sentimental trinkets you’d like to showcase, floating shelves are your new BFF. Instead of purchasing a bulky, free-standing bookshelf, using up wall space helps save room for valuable storage furniture like dressers and nightstands. 

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2. Use an end-of-bed trunk

Be it a storage bench or good old-fashioned trunk, pushing one of these at the foot of your bed is one classic way to maximize storage in your sleep space. This hack prioritizes comfort by also doubling as an end-seat. Whether you choose to fold your linens in the trunk or store miscellaneous records, the space-saving options are endless.

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3. Stash your dresser in the closet

What better way to maximize your space than stashing storage within storage? If your closet is large enough, you’ll save valuable floor and bedroom space if you keep the dresser tucked away. Your sleep space should be your oasis and a place to retreat for peace and quiet – more open floor space equals even less clutter.  

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4. Maximize under the bed—and hide it

Feng Shui experts will probably cringe at the idea of putting stuff under the bed, but it’s simply one of the smartest and easiest ways to add a whole area of storage to your sleep space. If you don’t currently have any storage, you’ve got several options: Buy a new storage bed, DIY an under-the-bed storage solution, or raise your current bed and add storage containers (and consider buying or DIYing them in black or gray so that they aren’t so blindingly “storage container-y” from a glance).

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5. Organize your dresser like a pro

We can’t stress enough the use of great folding and drawer dividers. Taking the time to properly store the clothing you’ve got in your dresser right now could grab you more storage space today. But also consider other more extreme storage methods, like vacuum packing out-of-season clothing (I know some people hate them, but I’m a huge fan for keeping my winter clothes from being too bulky).

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6. Find unused space in your closet

How well is your closet organized? Are you milking every inch of storage space that you could in there? If you don’t own your home, you might be hesitant to drill lots of holes for more shelves, but even renters have access to more clothing rods, over-the-door hangers and other super storage tools.

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7. Use double duty furniture in your bedroom, too

Small storage cabinets instead of a table, a floating drawer instead of just a shelf—even your nightstand can double as extra storage if you let it. It’s true, small bedroom spaces probably means less space for a nightstand and other furniture, but instead of something streamlined, try to fit some storage in a spot if you can.

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8. Splurge on a wardrobe wall

It’s not the cheapest option, and might even seem crazy if you’ve got a really small bedroom floor plan to begin with, but installing shallow wardrobes along a whole wall will create a cozy feel to the entire room while it adds storage, rather than feel bulky like a big piece of furniture solo might feel. Installed in a light color could help fight the claustrophobic feel.

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9. Rethink what belongs in the bedroom

Sure, it makes sense to keep your clothes in your closet. That’s a “duh.” moment. Or is it? If your closet space is cramped, think about all the seasonal clothes you don’t touch for half the year (coats in the summer, shorts in the winter). Could you find a new space for them? Maybe there’s room under the sofa, or you could put them in a new storage unit you have space for in the living room. The point is, don’t hold your storage hostage because you’re stuck on where things belong; just store them where they fit.

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10. Use the back of the door

There is so much potential in even the most cramped of bedrooms. If your door is untouched, you should know that you can reclaim a ton of back-of-the-door storage space for your extra things, and it’s pretty much invisible most of the time you leave the door open.

What do you think is the best way to sneak in extra storage in your small bedroom? Have you had any success with an idea not listed in this post? Share your ideas in the comments below!


5 Small Space Bedroom Solutions

22 Genius Storage Tricks for Small Bedrooms Without Closets

Ngoc Minh Ngo

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Hang Extra Hooks

We spot several great small-space tips in this bedroom designed by David Kaihoi: 1) Mirror the inside of your closet doors. 2) Add hooks to the interior side of the doors for extra items and outfit planning. 3) Use bins to stay organized. Pro tip: If you don't need hooks for outfit planning, hang a dirty laundry bag there! It will take up less space than a structured hamper.


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Keep Shoes Up High

If you have an amazing shoe and accessory collection, why not flaunt it? Keeping your shoes on shelves in an armoire, tall dresser, or built-in cabinet will also make it easier to pick out your outfit since they'll be at eye level. In this dressing room designed by Aerin Lauder, the wallpaper is as dazzling as the shoe collection. "My grandmother had the same wallpaper in her office," she shares.

Corinne Mathern Design

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Work Around Awkward Angles

If you don't have a closet, but you do have a clothing collection, stay organized and polished with custom wall built-ins that store everything behind closed doors. In this bedroom design by Corinne Mathern, the built-ins provide extensive storage and accommodate the irregular ceiling structure. They're also less deep than your typical dresser and armoire—a win for small bedrooms.

Shawn Henderson

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Optimize a Corner

Don't have a closet? Wardrobes work just as well and can make a design statement in your room. This stunning piece will have you admiring it every time you pass by. If you have an awkward and empty corner, invest in a great dresser or armoire that can bring it to life while also giving you an extra place to store all your items. This texture-rich corner in a small bedroom designed by Shawn Henderson can hold intimates and more.

Brie Williams

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Make It Feel Like a Boudoir

Designer Ariene Bethea's bedroom features a fun bedspread and wild Etsy bolsters. The mannequin and mirror give it a swanky dressing room vibe. Plan out and display outfits with a mannequin or use it as a makeshift coat rack. It's a pretty way to stay organized in an open space like a bedroom when your closet is too small. A vintage or antique-inspired option is the way to go.

Shapeless Studio

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Install Touch-Latch Doors

Flush with the walls, this closet disappears into the primary bedroom designed by Shapeless Studio, providing plenty of clothing storage without infringing upon the living space physically or visually. If you don't have the option of pulling out the power drills for custom builds, you can still utilize your wall with rods and floating shelves.

James Merrell

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Use the Back of Your Door

Don't worry, your hat addiction is in good hands. A series of hooks can turn an empty wall space or the back of a door into the perfect place for storing your caps, sunhats, and beanies, as Kate Reid proves in this cozy bedroom.

Anna Spiro Design

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Line Your Cabinets With Fabric

If your storage includes glass or wire doors, line them with a pretty fabric. This will hide all your stored clothing and add a little style to your bedroom and keep it from looking too crowded with clothing. You can use velcro to fasten the fabric if you don't know how to sew. We love the tight print designer Anna Spiro chose here to complement the cream paint and brass hardware.

Julian Wass

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Distract With Beautiful Patterns

A floral fabric brightens up this open bedroom closet designed by Gary McBournie, which he upholstered for a soft effect. The adjacent primary bedroom features curtains in the same fabric for a cohesive whole.

Robert Peterson

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Create Privacy With Barn Doors

Alison Victoria created a 360-degree rotating closet system with Closet Works that features a hidden full-length mirror and ample storage for shoes. Sourced from the Corbel, French doors that date back to the 1800s close off the modern space, which opens right up into the bedroom.

Tamsin Johnson Interiors

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Dress Up Enclosures

Add some fancy ornamentations to your existing doors or built-in enclosures to give them a more polished look, like faux moldings and chic cabinet pulls. Use this stylish and sophisticated bedroom designed by Tamsin Johnson Interiors as a model.

Fantastic Frank

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Use a Coat Rack

It helps to buy hangers specific to the item to maximize what little space you do have. Pants, for example, can easily slide on and off of pants hangers thanks to their open-ended design. And you'll be able to fit more into your closet since they hang flat against each other. But when you truly have no space for bulkier items like coats, keep a coat rack in the corner of your bedroom so it looks organized even if it has to be out in the open.

Leanne Ford Interiors

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Remove the Doors

Leanne Ford decided to remove the doors from this closet to make the bedroom feel large and more open. Plus, it probably motivates the occupant to stay organized since it's all out in the open. Doubling up your closet space is as easy as hanging up another bar. Speaking of which, choose a system that also includes hooks for maximum versatility. You can double up the number of clothes you store in your closet by adding a second level with a rod.

Shari Francis

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Use Up Every Last Inch of Space

Store all unseasonal items either under the bed or in hard-to-reach spots in your closet. This bedroom designed by Shari Francis has bonus storage space above the closet, which may not be convenient for everyday items but is perfect for extra suitcases or outerwear. And, if you don't have any more closet space to speak of, consider storing out-of-season items under the bed in boxes or invest in a savvy bed with a built-in platform that sits under the mattress for storage.


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Build Into the Walls of a Connected Hallway

"Because my bedroom, bath, and closet are in the attic of my house, space is at a premium," says designer Time Clarke. And that didn't stop him from making it work. "I utilized the angled areas under the eaves and installed hanging bars and pullout shelves. It's all perfectly hidden behind tongue-and-groove paneling with invisible touch-latch doors. I sleep in my closet!" If you need to cram bulky things like sweaters and jeans in there, too, vacuum bags will become your best friend.

Thomas Loof

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Get Creative With Furniture

This genius small space solution gets a lot done while taking up as little of the floor as possible. Juan Carretero flanked the bed with two custom, ceiling-high armoires that function as closets, and the niche beneath the built-in sconce functions as a bedside table. Another similar clever solution? A storage bench or trunk at the end of the bed for more clothes that doubles as seating.

Kevin Scott

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Install Layered Shelving

Layer one wall with shelving, or make one row stretch along the perimeter of the bedroom. You can use it to store everything from books to accessories, blankets, purses, shoes, and more. Designed by Studio DIIA, the exposed shelf above the bed houses books, the upper cabinets corral linens, and the closet across from the bed stores clothing. This is especially smart if you have high ceilings and can afford to use more of your vertical space without eating into useable floor room.

Closet Stalker/The Krazy Coupon Lady

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Hang Pants on S-Hooks

Save shelf space by hanging your pants with belt loops on S-hooks. This way, you can easily make them more compact. Bonus: You can see them all much better when you're choosing which pair to wear.


Decor 8

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Similarly, You Can Go Behind Your Bed

Ready for storage and style? In this all-white room, the colorful hanging clothes almost act as a headboard.

See more at Decor 8.



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Use a Clothing Rack

The best thing about this organizer is that your clothes will be on display at all times, so you'll learn quickly which items you love and which ones you can toss or donate.

BUY NOW Turbo Clothing Rack, $50

The Container Store

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Hang Shoes on the Door

Use the door to your bedroom to store shoes. If you don't have a ton of shoes, the empty slots can store sweaters and other clothes.

BUY NOW Over the Door Shoe Rack, $40

The Lily Pad Cottage

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Use Your Bed Frame

Brown wicker baskets snuggled into this bed frame are perfect for storing shoes and sweaters. Plus, a cozy white blanket could almost conceal this storage spot entirely.

See more at The Lily Pad Cottage.


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