French country style living room

23 Stunning French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

Looking for French country living rooms to inspire you as you decorate your French farmhouse home? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with the most beautiful French style living rooms you can find online.

When it comes to the living room, you want to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for your family and guests. The living room is where you’ll spend your time hanging out with your family and friends, watching TV, and having endless conversations. At the same time, you want it to match your taste, aesthetic, and home decor style.

The French country decorative style is all about blending the comfort of a country home with the elegance of French design. We hope these living rooms will inspire you as you go about decorating your perfect French country living room.

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Let’s go over some of the key elements of a French living room.

Cream Walls and Patterned Curtains

Here we have a real French chateau located in the French countryside! It’s open, spacious, and has some great French country decor elements. From the creamy walls to the patterned curtains, the frame of this room is warm and cozy.


Antique paintings hang on the walls, ivory sofas surround the teal tufted ottoman which serves as a French coffee table, and the space is centered around a vintage, oriental rug. The space is illuminated by a crystal chandelier. This room is definitely upper class and would be best for older residents without children.

Crystal Chandelier

Here we have a somewhat Americanized French living room with some key decorative elements placed in the American countryside. The central crystal chandelier is a great focal point. In the background, two gold mirrors lean against the wall. The sofa itself is white and minimal in design. The antique-style wooden coffee table holds little votives and a rustic bucket of pink roses! It’s a nicely done space, even if it is a bit overly ‘French’ looking.


French Blue Striped Throw Blanket

I love how this space has been decorated using French whites, but I especially love that fringed blue striped linen throw blanket in the corner! The French love their stripes and this blanket is quintessential of their decor style.


Round Marble Side Table

How cute is this round marble table reminiscent of a real French bistro table that you would dine on at a brasserie in Paris? I actually own this table and I will say it’s even more stunning in person! You can buy it here.

French Vintage Coffee Table

The coffee table is a key element of the living room. This dainty vintage white coffee table epitomizes French furniture design. I like that it was left quite bare except for a small bucket of flowers. It helps the space feel airy and uncluttered! The beige slipcovered sofa adds a bit of warmth to this space.


Glass Door Cabinet

This faded blue glass door cabinet is a great storage piece for a French living room. It opens and closes using the signature French iron turnstile. Inside, antique books and decorative objects are sparsely placed on the fixed shelves.


Wood Armoire

This wooden armoire holds lots of things you may need around the house. From extra pitchers to spare linens, there’s a ton of ways to make use of an antique armoire like this one. If you’re looking for a great French storage cabinet, check out our post on the best French country armoires with charm.


Keep a wicker basket and a wooden tray on top to add height to the area and fill up dead space. This home has a tufted neutral sofa and a country white side table in their living room. Honey wood floors keep the space looking cozy.

Gold oval Louis mirror

A gold oval wall mirror in this bright white living room is the perfect French touch for the wall. Other gold accents are found throughout the space like those gorgeous gold side tables with marble tops. Lots of French white linens laying on accent chairs and sofas make this space feel heavenly! We have a few Parisian mirror recommendations online.


Gray Sofa

For a more rustic French look, go with dark browns and gray sofas like this living room decorated with a darker, mountain vibe. Exposed wood ceiling beams and thick wood furniture make this space feel very outdoorsy! Trip to the French Alps anyone?


Louis Accent Chair

The Louis chair is a classic French accent chair design that you must incorporate into your French-inspired home!


Orange Sofa

I like how this space isn’t afraid to make a bold design choice like adding an orange sofa to the mix. The two ginger jar table lamps on either side add to the uniqueness of the space. Antique art and upholstered French accent chairs neatly finish off this traditional French country space.


Floral Accents

The French love their florals and you can almost never have too many flowers in your living space! Hold them in glass vases, pitchers, and urns – you’ll be glad you did!


Oversized Wall Clock

A rustic wood wall clock will help you keep track of the time as you spend your days lounging on your French cabriole sofa.


Pale yellow sofa

If the rule of thumb is to stick to just one statement piece per room, then this pale yellow floral upholstered sofa is certainly the one!


Gingham Pillows

Ever since French actress Brigitte Bardot wore her famous gingham skirts and dresses in the 50s, gingham fabrics have been incredibly stylish according to the French. You can use them on your throw pillows, as seen here. Don’t limit yourself to just green either, I’ve seen cute gingham decor in red, blue, pink, and even yellow!


Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper will instantly make your space feel more upscale and more French. It should be in contrast to the color of your sofa, or subtly bring it out, as seen in this living room with sage green French furniture. Antique wall portraits and a painted wood coffee table help to round out the space.

Conde Nast Traveller

Tufted Accent Chairs

Tufted furniture is very old-world European and fits in perfectly with most French interiors. You can use tufted accent chairs like these in pairs or on their own, too!

Gold Accent Chairs

These singular gold side chairs are used as extra seating in this white French living room – a bold design choice that adds warm in an otherwise cold, wintry space.


Straw Basket Bag

This classic French fashion accessory is also great to leave as decoration in an empty corner of your living room. The deconstructed French accent chairs nearby give this room an intentionally unfinished, casual look.

Shop the best French straw basket bags from Wayfair, Etsy, or Anthro.


Tufted Ottoman as Coffee Table

Many country living rooms use ottomans as coffee tables. You can use trays on top to create a flat surface and hold flowers, candles, books, and more. This tufted ottoman holds the family’s treasures, showing off their personalities and style.


Louis Arm Chairs

The Louis arm chair is such a versatile piece of furniture! Their feminine forms are balanced out with a rigid rectangular marble coffee table in this beautiful French country living room.

Vintage Sofa and Gold Leaning Mirror

A vintage cabriole sofa and a gold leaning wall mirror complete this charming European living room. A straw basket filled with market flowers sits on the floor. I can only dream of how fresh this room must smell!


White Slipcovered Furniture

Lastly, white or gray slipcovered furniture is very popular in French country homes. Having ample seating for a large family or for entertaining guests is very important when it comes to French living room design. You never want your space to feel cramped or crowded. Oversized, comfortable slipcover furniture helps you achieve the right balance of coziness and practical style.


I hope these French country living rooms inspired you to live your best French life! As you can see, there are a few core elements to French country decorating, but you can also experiment and mix it up with your existing home architecture and decorative style. There are many ways to get the charming French look in your home. Don’t be scared to try something new!

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Let us know your thoughts on these living rooms in the comments below!

French country living room ideas :10 ways to add timeless elegance

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch )

French country living room ideas are renowned for their enduring elegance. With an appreciation for the rural landscape at its heart, French country is a style which has been bringing timeless charm and an air of romance to interiors for centuries.

Rustic yet comfortable, and elegant yet practical, living rooms decorated in the French country style boast a relaxed, lived-in look and are characterised by gentle neutrals and faded colors paired with a wealth of natural materials. Linens in floral, striped and checked prints lend that all-important soft touch, while antique furniture and time worn pieces bring depth and character.

Whether you're looking to redecorate, or simply introduce a few French-style finishing touches, we've rounded up a beautiful array of living rooms ideas which are perfect for those that adore the French country look. 

French country living room ideas

If you're looking to create a French country living room then you're in luck as it’s an easy look to recreate. 'It doesn’t rely on closely coordinated accessories, matching suites of furniture or lots of designer pieces,' explains fabric designer Vanessa Arbuthnott. 'Instead, its eclectic, mismatched style is all part of the charm.’

While part of the enduring appeal of the French country decor is that there's no real recipe, there are some recurring themes, so to help you get inspired we've rounded up some beautiful ideas alongside some tips from the experts.


Layer delicate prints in soft colors

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

The palette and prints you use can have a big impact on the look and feel of a space. Renowned for being relaxed and elegant, French country living rooms tend not to include vibrant or dramatic tones, but instead are characterised by their myriad soft colors inspired by nature alongside gentle floral prints.

‘French country decor ideas focus on a look that's soft, rustic, elegant and casual. The style incorporates traditional freestanding furniture, lots of wood and exposed stone walls, and a penchant for off-whites, soft blues and yellows,’ explains Vanessa Arbuthnott . 'Think softly upholstered or loose covered sofas and chairs in natural linens and gentle florals in neutral tones.'

2. Embrace rustic textures and natural materials

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

When it comes to French country style, often less is more. Rather than opting for bold prints and vibrant colors, think about embracing aged surfaces and the gentle textures of natural materials. Boasting subtle variations in tone, exposed plaster work makes a fabulous textural backdrop for a French country living room plus it pairs beautifully with the grain of natural timber furniture. 

If you're keen to introduce pattern, then consider limiting it to small areas so as not to distract from rustic textures. In this stunning space bobbin chairs covered in linens from Fermoie (left) and Designers Guild (right) bring a touch of pattern without dominating the space.

3. Choose faded floral fabrics

(Image credit: Colefax & Fowler )

Bringing the beauty of nature into the home, floral fabric is the perfect choice for a country living room helping them feel connected with the landscape that surrounds them. The French are renowned for their floral fabrics, from ditsy repeat designs to elaborate prints with urns, ribbons and cartouches and luckily there's a wealth of French-inspired prints available that take inspiration from traditional designs. 

A beautiful trailing pattern, this Fuchsia fabric by Colefax & Fowler looks fabulous across curtains and elegant curved armchair in this living room, and helps bring softness and femininity to the space.  

4. Keep it simple

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

If you've got a penchant for pretty details, and love French interior pieces such as decorative carved wall sconces; crystal table lamps and delicate lace fabrics, then consider choosing a pared-back all-white scheme to really show them off. Limiting the palette of a room to just one color is a brilliant way to focus attention on delicate details of French pieces as this beautiful space proves. If you're thinking of white living room ideas then be sure to fill the space with elegant shapes and plenty of layered fabrics to bring the look to life. 

5. Furnish with distressed pieces

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Antique painted furniture bearing time-worn patinas and chipped paintwork are guaranteed to bring character as well as a relaxed, lived-in feel to a living room. Antique shops and flea markets are a good source for vintage pieces. Alternatively, drab brown furniture picked up at low prices from yard sales can easily be transformed into characterful, unique pieces using a simple lick of paint and some distressed paint effects. If you're sourcing pieces to paint don't worry too much about the color of finish – look for pieces with beautiful shapes and silhouettes as this is what will shine through.

6. Showcase architectural features

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch )

If you're lucky enough to have a living room with beautiful original features such as exposed masonry and stone fireplaces then be sure to showcase them within your interior as these aged surfaces are a key part of the French look.

French country interiors, 'have a slightly rustic finish, celebrating rough plastered walls and worn wooden floorboards,' says Louise Wicksteed, design director at Sims Hilditch . 'The interior of Emma’s Wiltshire home is a great example of this, inspired by the Provencal style of the French hotel La Bastide de Marie.'

7. Decorate with ornate wallpapers 

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Wallpaper is a brilliant way to instantly change the look and feel of a room. If you're looking for living room wallpaper ideas with a romantic French feel then consider using prints that reference the Rococo style – a movement that first emerged in France in the 1720 – 1730s that is characterized by elaborate ornament.  

'French country decor is highly decorative. Patterns that detail more traditional flowing damasks, fleur-de-lys and scrollwork will bring a touch of elegance and rustic charm to a room,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene . 

'These patterns will offer a sense of timeless grandeur, creating a trompe l’oeil that draws the eye and can accentuate the height of a room. These designs work well in colors that complement the period, such as soft yellows and blues, pairing beautifully with whitewashed woodwork and parquet living room flooring.’

8. Don't forget the chandelier 

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

If there's one piece a French country living room can't be without, it's a chandelier. Elegant and timeless, a statement chandelier can instantly transform the look and feel of a room and makes a beautiful ceiling centerpiece. While there are lots of reproduction designs available, nothing quite matches the grandeur and elegance of an antique crystal chandelier, however, care must be taken when installing.

'It’s wise to remember the practical aspects of safely installing chandeliers. Fixing chandeliers to a ceiling can be a very difficult endeavour; I’ve had to lift floors and put reinforced bars in situ to take the weight of some, so take this into account when buying,' says antiques expert Marc Allum writing for Period Living magazine. 

9. Choose plantation shutters

(Image credit: Future)

Synonymous with the south of France, shutters are a common feature of many historic French buildings, so if you're looking for window treatments ideas for a French country living room then plantation shutters are a brilliant option. Boasting faded pastel and aged paintwork, antique shutters are also prized for their decorative qualities, too and can look particularly effective leant against the wall as a characterful backdrop or fitted as wall paneling.

10. Opt for timeless stripes

(Image credit: Future)

From grain-sack style, heavyweight linens to tightly woven cotton tickings, striped fabrics are a staple of classic french decor, bringing a timeless and relaxed feel to living room upholstery. Using a selection of different striped fabrics of the same colorway to upholster chairs is a great way to bring added texture and interest neutral living rooms. 

What makes a house French country?

If you're wondering what makes a house French country then the answer is there is no one defining feature – part of the charm of French country interiors is their relaxed, lived-in look created from a mix and match approach to decorating. It is safe to say however that French country is an elegant style that has timeless appeal. 

'There is something about French country style and textiles that draws me in time and again, it has a vibe all its own but instantly you know the look,' says Caroline Inchyra, founder of Inchyra. 'I think it is to do with the ability of the designs to be both rustic and comfortable but at the same time exude elegance.' 

While the style has no one defining feature, French country interiors are often based on a palette of soft neutral tones and delicate faded colors. Whether introduced through furniture, flooring or wall treatments, natural materials are a key focus within the look as is an abundance of rustic textures and time worn patinas. 'Think about layering color and designs too, keep it eclectic. French style is distinctive but not contrived,' adds Caroline Inchyra.

When it comes to furniture, elegant pieces with curved silhouettes and ornate details are often used to bring femininity and softness – think Louis XVI style settees with scrolled arms, upholstered headboards and white-washed armoires crowned with carved details.

What fabrics make a house French country?

There are many fabrics that work well in French country living rooms. Capturing the romance and beauty of nature, floral fabrics are a brilliant choice for a French country look as they have a timeless appeal and help connect homes with the rural landscape. 

Linens in prints like checks, ginghams and stripes are also popular with interior designers looking to channel the French country style as they bring a subtle touch of pattern while keeping spaces feeling restful and relaxed.  

'The French use a lot of linen and it does create quite a specific look, that of faded grandeur, effortless style that works no matter how big or small the house,' says Caroline Inchyra. 

'Linen always feels as though it has been there forever, there’s just something about it combined with a muted softness and a very subtle color palette, mainly inspired by nature. I think that’s why it works so seamlessly within a country interior, especially as curtains and cushions. Heavier linens can be used as upholstery but not for heavy use.

Pippa is Content Editor on Homes & Gardens online contributing to Period Living and Country Homes & Interiors print issues. A graduate of Art History and formerly Style Editor at Period Living, she is passionate about architecture, creating decorating content, interior styling and writing about craft and historic homes. She enjoys searching out beautiful images and the latest trends to share with the Homes & Gardens audience. A keen gardener, when she’s not writing you’ll find her growing flowers on her village allotment for styling projects.

Country-style living room — photos of interiors

Decorating a room in country style means creating a cozy, warm, homely atmosphere. This direction looks more organically in the decoration of rural houses and country cottages. No wonder the word "country" in translation means a village. But do not think that this requires rough-hewn wooden benches and thatched roofs. The modern style has become more refined and creative, but the main features: lyricism, softness, closeness to nature, the absence of any pathos and glamor have survived to this day. You can design a country-style living room not only in a rural house, it will also look great in a city apartment.


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  10. Provence from the French hinterland

The main features of the country

In its essence, the country style, as it were, returns a modern person, loaded with a huge amount of information and high speeds, to the original sources, to a measured way of life, to peace and tranquility.

Country-style living room

Rooms decorated in this style are characterized by simplicity and comfort. They are a pleasure to relax with family and friends. There are several country styles that differ slightly in decoration due to geographical location. For example, the French Provence loves white plastered walls, and the American ranch is more often finished with wood. This is more the style of harsh cowboys and farmers.

Living room design French Provence

American ranch style living room

But there are features that unite all currents, from Russian country to English shabby chic:

  1. Natural materials are chosen to decorate the living room. The priority is wood, stone, forged items, fabrics and fur.
  2. The finish has a touch of antiquity, often these are specially aged and rough surfaces, furniture that imitates antiques, fabrics with a touch of fading and fading. Ethnic things also fit well into the interior, for example, Indian woven tablecloths, Russian handmade rugs, French lace.
  3. The color palette is uncomplicated and consists of natural natural tones. These are various shades of wood, including bleached surfaces. For Scandinavian and French country, white and blue colors are preferred, with the addition of purple and yellow details. English shabby chic is the incredible tenderness of pastel colors, while rich ocher and brick colors are more suitable for American ranch decor.
  4. There are many handmade items in the interior of the living room. These are not only tablecloths and rugs, it can also be forged shelves and whatnots, wicker chairs and baskets, knitted napkins and pillows. Characteristic for country and the presence of small decorative elements: vases, figurines, framed photographs and more.

Country style in the design of the living room

Country style in the interior of the apartment

Remember! When decorating a country-style living room, all modern technological solutions should be excluded. Do not use new materials, such as plastic panels or vinyl ceilings, which will clearly emphasize modernity.


As already noted, country prefers simplicity and those materials for decoration that are available in the area. For example, in French Provence, walls are painted with white rough plaster. The more profitable looks delicate finish in the elements and textiles.

It is customary to use the following decoration for walls:

No need to strive to perfectly align the side surfaces of the room, rustic style means rough wall processing.


Conventional materials are used to finish the ceiling. It serves only as a backdrop for the interior and should not take much attention. There are several design options that will fit perfectly into a country-style living room:


For a vintage look, natural wood or dark stone floors are required. Often used:

For living rooms of country houses, decorative stone or a more economical option - large ceramic tiles, similar in color to the rest of the finish, are also suitable.

Living room furniture in country style

Naturally, the simple style is characterized by the presence of furniture made from natural materials, preference is often given to options with artificially aged facades. Wooden elements of the table and chairs go well with wrought iron legs. And in upholstered furniture, it is not necessary to choose a single style for the sofa and armchairs. On the contrary, options that are dissimilar in form and finish will make the atmosphere in the living room relaxed and free. Often, it is in the country that the lack of unity plays a dominant role and helps to form the main principle of the interior - beauty in simplicity.

For country houses and dachas, you can choose furniture that is clumsy and rough, without various frills. Wicker elements will also fit well into the interior. Instead of a modern wall, chests of drawers, cabinets, and chests are purchased. The color of the upholstery of sofas and armchairs depends on the geographical location. So, French Provence and English shabby chic prefer light fabrics with delicate floral prints, and on the American ranch, upholstery is brighter and more saturated tones: red, blue, brick or made of genuine leather.

Classic country design is characterized by unvarnished and unpainted surfaces. The furniture in the living room is located in small groups throughout the area, a little chaotically. There are no strict rules for arranging tables and sofas. The optimal furniture set for a country style living room consists of the following elements:


Country style is formed by combining many details. And the right atmosphere of the living room can depend on the right lighting. With the help of lamps, a bright and comfortable space is created that will convey a feeling of confidence and tranquility.

When buying chandeliers and lamps, you should be aware that wooden surfaces, of which there are so many in country style, can absorb light rays. Therefore, it is more convenient to choose devices with low heat transfer and high power. LED and fluorescent lamps with an energy-saving function are perfect for these requirements.

Several types of lighting will be appropriate:

Country decorations

The country living room has many decorative elements. Often these items are from the so-called handmade, that is, made by hand.

There are a lot of textiles in the living room, which gives the room coziness and homely charm. These are beautiful curtains, combined in style with a carpet or paths, pillows, tablecloths, napkins. Things from a grandmother's chest, woven or knitted by hand, will also fit perfectly here.

Shelves, tables, bedside tables are full of nice decorative details: figurines, vases, antique dolls, candles and frames with portraits. The walls are decorated with small paintings in a simple style, photographs, embroideries. Animal horns or natural hides are suitable for the American ranch. A very interesting combination of fresh flowers in pots and many floral motifs on curtains and upholstery are typical for Provence and shabby chic. All decorative decorations of the living room must be original and unique.

Several currents of country

Depending on the geographical location, the country style is divided into several currents. And although there are slight differences in each of them, the main thing in all directions is home comfort with a touch of local flavor.

American Ranch

The color palette of the American ranch style living room has natural shades: brown, copper, yellow, gray. Because there is a lot of wood in such a room, it is present on the walls, floor, ceiling. Solid wood furniture, serious and brutal with bronze or brass details, competes with the finish. The upholstery of the sofas uses real leather and good quality textiles in soothing shades. The floor can be decorated not only with carpets, but also with natural animal skins. Individual Indian motifs also fit well into such a living room: patchwork quilts, woven rugs, masks hung on the walls. Figurines made of clay or wood, animal horns, cowboy hats also serve as decoration.

Old England manor or shabby chic

The English style living room is full of romance and elegance. The main focus here is on comfort and a variety of colors. Bouquets should bloom everywhere: on furniture upholstery, bedspreads, wallpaper. This feast of flora is complemented by pots with natural plants. Furniture for such a living room is chosen mostly light, often white, taken from grandmother's storerooms or specially aged. One of the obligatory elements is a bookcase, where there are many books on open shelves. Bridge tables are welcome.

Swedish house

In such a country theme, there is an abundance of light and air. The walls of the living room are decorated with pastel paints, and the floors should be from simple unpainted boards. For furniture, natural materials are taken, usually tinted wood. Handmade rugs and simple covers in white and blue are the main elements of textiles. A prerequisite for a living room is the absence of exquisite details. Utensils are made of copper, and pictures of village life are hung on the walls.

Provence from the French countryside

The Provence style has uncomplicated lines and natural simplicity. Walls finished with rough plaster or light wood paneling are combined with unpainted floors. On the ceiling, beams are made of natural solid wood or a material that imitates it. From furniture, it is desirable to have a massive sideboard, an oval table, wicker chairs. Wrought iron products also fit well: shelves, whatnots, chair backs. The upholstery of the furniture and the rest of the textiles are full of light and sun, like the fields of southern France, where this rustic style was born.

There are other country styles. For example, the German prefers heavier furniture made from natural materials, antique lamps, and crockery from grandma's cupboards. The Greek style is distinguished by whitewashed walls and brightly colored doors and frames. There is little furniture in such a living room, and it is usually rough and massive. Russian country is a hut with an obligatory stove, cupboards with painted facades and natural fabrics such as linen and chintz.

No matter how country style the living room is decorated, its main feature will remain simplicity and comfort. In a city apartment, this style will make the dream of a house in the country come true, and in a country cottage it will create a nice and comfortable environment. In such a living room, you will often want to visit and rest your soul from the vain world, meet with family and friends.

Country living room. Photo

Country style is an interior style with an incredibly cozy and homely atmosphere. A country-style living room will be an island of calm and family communication in the intense rhythm of modern life. Translated from English, country is a village, that is, this style is characterized by simplicity and naturalness in everything, a certain country charm. The situation may evoke associations with a rural estate or a village house.

Bright, cozy living room in country style. The masonry of the walls, a simple door made of hewn planks with wrought iron hinges, and a pretty chest emphasize the solidity of the house and the owner.

Soft style home in the south of France.

Living room of a country house.

Amazing harmony of styles in the living room.

Bright living room.

This country-style living room concept has become a very fashionable design decision lately, so do not be afraid that the situation will look out of date. An excellent example is the famous five-star hotel Moscow Country Club. This is a country resort complex, the interior of which is made in the country style. Luxuriously furnished VIP rooms at the Moscow Country Club, including the Presidential Suite, testify to the fact that country style is very multifaceted: it is not only rural simplicity, but also country chic, worthy of the highest persons.

Classic country style embodies the atmosphere of the old houses of America, the times of the "Wild West", but you can take the rustic or ethnic style of any country as a basis.

English country style will be distinguished by a more strict and refined execution, and the Provence-style interior with a unique French flavor will fill the house with a romantic airy atmosphere.

Read this article:

Main Components of Country Style

Colors for country style are mostly pastel, natural, natural tones. Colors such as beige, pale pink, bleached yellow, all shades of wood and autumn foliage will be in perfect harmony with natural finishing materials. For a Provence-style living room, lavender, blue, pastel beige, light yellow, and gray are suitable colors. Unnatural, overly bright acid colors are not used in such an interior.

Light wood ceiling and walls, laconic furniture lines.

Harmonious combination of Provence and country style.

Designer's skill to bring simplicity and naturalness to the interior of the house.

Classic style: stone and light wood.

Cozy living room with decorative elements.

Accessories and decorative elements can be contrasting and bright if the furniture and wall decoration are made in soothing light colors. Conversely, if the decor is decorated in saturated colors, the best solution would be decorative elements of delicate pastels, maybe even faded colors.

The heart and soul of a country-style living room should be a fireplace. This is a distinctive feature of the country style, evoking associations with the hearth, the cozy crackle of firewood on a chilly autumn evening. If it is not possible to install a real one, you can purchase an electric fireplace, which will also be a source of lighting. You can build a false fireplace, which plays only a decorative role. Nearby you can place a cast-iron poker, and under it "logs of firewood".

Modern household appliances, plasma panels should not attract attention, they should be masked or hidden in every possible way, using decorative screens, curtains, sliding panels. A country-style hall should not have a huge plasma TV panel in its center, because then the feeling of an old house will immediately be lost.

Another highlight of the country style, which gives the interior a somewhat naive cheerful entourage, is the obligatory and widespread use of textiles.

The interior of the living room in country style involves the use of a large number of decorative pillows, various napkins and textile tablecloths, bedspreads, lampshades, curtains and curtains. The fabric can be linen, chintz, cotton and cambric looks good. Textile elements can be with floral ornaments, plaid, polka dots or plain pastel colors. Curtains in country style are selected with flounces or cute ruffles, tied with ribbons. Particular attention should be paid to ensure that the country-style cornice is not made of plastic or metal. The well-known suburban complex "Moscow Country Club" uses heavy curtains made of natural fabrics, draped with beautiful folds. Knitted products and homespun rugs can revive the interior.

Country style living room design is unthinkable without various decorative elements: porcelain figurines, paintings. Antique household items and antiques fit perfectly into the concept of country style. Antique boxes, chests, floor vases, forged products, candlesticks, country-style window cornice - all this should be in harmony with the interior and color scheme of the living room. It is acceptable to use compositions of dried flowers and plants, fresh flowers perfectly emphasize the country color of the country living room.

Choice of finishing materials

Whether it is a country-style hallway or a living room, it is better to lay out the floor from natural materials. An excellent choice would be to cover the floor with a tree, you can also use a parquet board. In country houses, a floor made of stone will look especially impressive. Linoleum and laminate are not very applicable in this style. However, they are convenient to use and can be a more budget-friendly repair solution. It is quite possible to fit the laminate into the overall design if you resort to some tricks. A compromise can be a high-quality laminate with a wood grain pattern. In the interior, it is still better to cover it with self-woven rugs. So the laminate will not stand out from the chosen style.

The facade of a spacious bright living room is a massive fireplace of fearless Vikings.

Rough Scandinavian style furniture.

The perfect combination of living room furniture.

Rustic wall color should not be aggressive. Old things, massive frames and unpretentious decor elements are welcome

Rustic style for giving

The ceiling in the living room can be lined with wood, plastered or painted in a light color. A country-style living room will look great with a ceiling trimmed with rough wooden beams, they can be on the walls, the main thing is to keep the overall style solution.

The simplest option for wall decoration is wallpaper with a simple pattern. These can be floral motifs, flower ornaments, stripes, and so on. The main thing is not to use modern shiny, vinyl wallpapers. Walls can be pasted over with wallpaper for painting, plastered, decorated with textiles. In country houses, the best solution would be to lay out the walls with decorative bricks or finishing stone.

All materials selected for renovation must be natural, environmentally friendly. Plastic panels and shiny chrome surfaces are best left for high-tech style; they will be superfluous in rural country style.

Living room furniture in country style

Living room furniture is selected massive, solid, deliberately rough, when arranging furniture in country style, the order is not so important, strict symmetry is mostly not used. Smaller pieces of furniture are randomly distributed around the living room. This gives the room a residential look and homeliness.

Low sofas, ottomans, rocking chairs, chests of drawers are used in country style.

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