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11 Best Hot Yoga Mats According to Reviews


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There's yoga, and then there's hot yoga. There are benefits to both, but hot yoga has some added perks like increased flexibility and, some believe, the ability to detox through sweating more. The heat can be intense, challenging, and rejuvenating all at once while you're in class.

For yogis who want to take it to the next level and try a hot yoga class (or even for those who already attend sessions on the regular), you need to be prepared with the right equipment. Whether you sweat a lot or not, the studio could be heated anywhere from 95° to 115°, so chances are you're going to be dripping. Sure, you can use your regular yoga mat, but you might feel more comfortable with one that's grippy and slip-free when things get extra sweaty and slippery. You'll be able to handle your poses like a pro without worrying if you're going to fall or slip.

To help, we rounded up the best-rated yoga mats we could find. Check them out below.

1. IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat


Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat


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Super lightweight at just two and a half pounds, this mat is also an extra-large size at 76" x 26". Its surface absorbs sweat for grip and traction and is 5mm thick for extra comfort. The mat is labeled as an Amazon's Choice, with 607 ratings and 4.5 stars.

One review reads, "I have been through various yoga mats in the past, and the IUGA Mat is by far the best mat I have purchased and used. I do hot yoga weekly, along with other classes, and would always find myself slipping even with the pricier mats, I would slip within four minutes of hot yoga. The IUGA mat, I literally will be drenched/dripping sweat, and I do not move or slip out of my poses/placement on the mat."

2. Lululemon The reversible Mat 3mm


The Reversible Mat 5mm


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Lululemon's reversible mat was made for both hot and regular yoga practices—one side is stickier while the other is smoother. The top layer can absorb moisture and provides you with enough grip when you're dripping in sweat. It's also antimicrobial to prevent mold and mildew.

"Love this mat. It's so lightweight and so sticky! I've been using it for hot yoga (CorePower) for seven months now, and it's actually improved my practice," one Lululemon reviewer wrote.

3. Manduka GRP Lite Yoga Mat


Grp Lite Hot Yoga Mat 4mm


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This Manduka mat was made especially for hot yoga. It has a grippy layer that's anti-slip even in the sweatiest conditions. And if you're wondering about sweaty smells, it has a charcoal-infused core that can fight bacteria and odor.

One reviewer wrote, "I have used this mat for a month now in hot and non-heated classes. Really need to have a sweat going to not have hand slippage. Before class, I have to spray the top of the mat with water to get the level of 'stick' that I need. It absorbs moisture really well, and I don't need a towel."

4. Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat


Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat


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This extra-thick yoga mat (5 mm) is perfect for hot yoga with a topcoat that wicks away moisture. And the more sweat, the better—the mat gets stickier as it gets wet. One Amazon customer wrote, "I do heated Vinyasa flow and Bikram yoga, and this mat lasts throughout both types of classes. Sweat seems to be absorbed by the smooth black side to a point where the area is slightly moist but still grippy. I never migrate forward during downward dog and can do transitional jumps without worrying that I will slip. This mat is also very dense and provides amazing cushioning without destabilizing me during balancing poses."

5. Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat


Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat


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This grippy mat is made of eco-friendly material, and it's recyclable, too. The surface has a body alignment system so you know exactly where to put your hands and feet for proper position and form. One reviewer wrote, "I do hot yoga daily and was looking for a non-slip mat that doesn't hold an odor. This mat has been so easy to clean and it doesn't hold odor and it dries quick. The mat for the most part is good at being non-slip."

6. Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

Alo Yoga

Warrior Mat


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Alo Yoga's Warrior mat has a matte top with a moisture-wicking and non-slip surface. One review reads, "This yoga mat is incredible! I've used it for three months now, and every single practice it keeps me in posture with zero slippage. I got this one and was skeptical at first, but as it gets hotter it gets grippier! I am so confident on this mat and my practice has only improved. I highly highly, highly recommend this mat. (Currently practicing 95 and 102 temperature classes at least three times a week)."

7. Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat


Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat


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It's the best of both worlds with this one—it's a mat and a towel. This mat encourages sweating because the manufacturer states that the wetter the mat, the better the grip. It has over 1300 ratings on Amazon and 4.5 stars.

One rave review says, "I practice hot yoga every day and I hang it up to dry. During my practices, I sweat a lot! This mat has great grip on the floor and doesn't slip at all! This mat really stays put! On the mat, I can really get deep into my poses with the grip. "

8. Jade Yoga Harmony Mat

Jade Yoga

Harmony Mat


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With over 2300 ratings and 4.5 stars, the Jade Harmony mat is a best seller. The natural rubber material provides extra grip while its thickness provides extra cushion.

An Amazon reviewer left this funny comment: "I've been using Jade Yoga mats since 2012 when doing heated Vinyasa upwards of 10 hours a week. I tried every other 'sticky' mat out there, but when you're in 100-plus degree rooms doing a 90-minute flow and sweating like Nick Miller trying to keep a secret (I've been watching a lot of New Girl lately, sorry), Jade mats are the only ones that will keep you from slipping. "

9. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat


Cork Yoga Mat


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Try something new, and opt for a cork mat. The top layer on this one is all-natural cork while the bottom is made of lightweight rubber. The material will keep out moisture, not-so-fresh smells, and bacteria. And like a lot of other mats on this list, the damper the cork gets, the better the grip and traction.

"I've enjoyed using this mat in my Vinyasa and hot yoga practice for more than three months. The texture is supple and soft with a natural smell. Yet, as pliable as it is, it is not designed to be folded over. Use other props such as knee pads, meditation cushions, or bolsters for support in sitting or balancing poses," one Amazon reviewer wrote.

10. Gruper Thick Yoga Mat


Thick Yoga Mat


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If you need a little bit more support for your knees during your hot yoga sessions, this non-slip mat is for you. It comes in two different sizes for thickness: 2/5 inches and 3/5 inches. One reviewer wrote, "The non-slip rubber surface is great and really does work—I've tried it over the past week with a variety of exercise types and it doesn't move around. It is perfect for hot yoga; it will quickly absorb sweat to prevent slipping due to sweat."

11. Retrospec Zuma Yoga Mat


Zuma Yoga Mat


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The Zuma yoga mat is skid-resistant and features a textured bottom to prevent any slipping. It also has a closed-cell design that's made to prevent any odors from sticking. One reviewer says, "I just got this and tried today. I do not go slipping and sliding anymore (my old one was horrible!) It is just enough padding, love the color (lilac), and the size is just perfect. Buy it!"

Hot Yoga Accessories


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Check out these other accessories for your hot yoga practice.

Yoga Mate



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Yoga Strap


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Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bag


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Node Fitness

Set of 2 Cork Yoga Blocks


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Yoga Bolster Pillow


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Yoga Mat Wash and Refresh


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Hydro Flask

24-Ounce Wide Mouth Water Bottle With Straw Lid


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Beyond Yoga

Be Still Grip Socks


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Yoga Grip Gel


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18 Best Yoga Mats in 2022

Cyber Monday Deals of the Best—and Most Beloved—Yoga Mats

Out of all the fitness purchases to be made in 2022, perhaps it’s as simple as choosing the best yoga mat. The actual opposite of intimidating workout gear adorned with pulleys, stirrups, and confusingly springy things, it’s inherently designed for “any person, no matter the level of experience,” says Mia Gholar, a Chicago-based yoga instructor you may recognize from her virtual sessions with brands like Outdoor Voices and FP Movement. As a preteen, she started practicing at a nature camp in northern Wisconsin, then developed techniques by screening DVDs rented at the library. Now certified in Kemetic Yoga, she’s used to spending time on the mat at home—alone—and relies on it for Pilates, kickboxing, or a comfy seat while zoning into her many art projects.

“I like to think of my yoga mat as that one tool that keeps the distractions at bay,” says Rima Rabbath, who founded Manhattan’s new SOUK studio as a space for yoga teachers of different lineages to practice. “Fun fact: in the olden days, yogis would sit on the skin of a deer; it kept snakes away and as a result, they would remain undisturbed.” Today, vegan options serve as a space to disconnect with tech and the outside noise. “New York City can be so hectic, I needed to alternate my intense workouts with some more grounding and mindful movement,” says Belgian-born, NYC-based model Daphne Velghe. The former ballet dancer now teaches mat pilates and private reformer classes and collaborates with brands like Hermès and Splits59. “When it comes to mats, I look for durability, support, weight, and eco-consciousness.”

Good for a little of everything, experts consider it a no-rules multitasker. Whether in or outdoors—the latter offers yet another realm of possibilities: “The yoga mat serves as a wonderful beach mat, and there is no better place for Savasana than under the brilliant Maldivian sun!” says Sharath Ram, resident yoga and ayurvedic specialist at Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, where guests like Demi Moore and Kate Moss bask on natural, “not man-made like a lot of other islands” white-sand shores. Born and raised in Kerala, India, Ram was introduced to yoga by his father 20 years ago and has since mastered multiple styles like Ashtanga, Vipassana, and ultra-chill Yoga Nidra.

Beyond the specifics of yoga, mat-based cyber fitness is thriving, according to supermodel Nina Agdal. She launched The Agdal Method, “inspired from my background in sports and competitive dancing,” via the Playbook app to offer recipes, playlists, and workouts revolving around “a routine mixing aerobics with low impact movement to create lean muscle and long lines. ” Holistic movement expert Chrissy Sundt, whose client roster includes Hugh Grant and Emily Blunt, spent childhood weekends “chanting for my food” at the yoga center with her yogi parents, later training as a classical dancer at The Royal Ballet School. Now the founder of Silver Linings retreats at Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas has gone digital with her new wellness platform Silver Linings @Home. “All you need is a mat,” Sundt promises. “Which is why the choice of mat is so key!”

Below, models, yogis, and athletes on the best yoga mat additions to your routine—in any form:

The Supermodel Favorite

“This mat is a bit pricey, but it has one of the best grips—even in the most challenging positions, your feet or hands will not move if you’re dripping in sweat,” says Agdal. “It is a little heavier for travel compared to others, but an excellent option to have for home workouts or to leave at your favorite studio.” Cindy Kimberly (the supermodel who was instantly signed when a certain pop star posted a photo of her) admits she used to think all mats were the same before using Alo’s version, and considers their hot pink mat a crucial part of her practice. “Having a mat that is too thick or too slippery can cause you to injure yourself even if you’re doing everything correctly,” says Kimberly. “I’ve tried so many different yoga mats and this one has truly made me feel the safest and in tune with my body and my positions.” In a rainbow of shades like white with iridescent details and fresh green honeydew, there’s additional potential to match style with performance.

The Editor Favorite

“I’ve been told that thin mats can keep you grounded–I still prefer the cushiest, floofiest model possible for tumbling around and typically layer them Princess and the Pea-style. I heard rumors of Bala’s new mat, and I’m into its ultra-thick design—plus, the ‘portal’ shape looks like a doorway to another dimension on the floor.”

Antimicrobial Cork

“I like the Tranquil Yogi cork mats, which use a combination of cork and natural rubber,” says Velghe.“They take some time to get used to, but cork mats have great advantages because cork is naturally antimicrobial and eco-friendly. ” Cork is largely considered a “sustainable” material because when harvested, cork oak trees aren’t cut down—instead, the bark is stripped once a decade.

“A premium cork mat with excellent grip, cushion and offering more surface area—AKA more room to play—than a traditional yoga mat,” says Mikhaila Woodall, a yoga instructor at Chicago’s BIÂN wellness center. “It’s grippy, stable and sturdy no matter how sweaty you get, so consider this mat for higher-intensity classes as well as hot yoga. With a durable natural rubber bottom, this mat rolls out perfectly flat every time, so you won’t be distracted by curling edges.” She also likes B Yoga’s B Mat version, which offers “a great feel under the hands, knees, and feet and an awesome grip.”

Eco Travel

“I travel a lot for work, so staying active can be challenging while I am on the go,” says Velghe. “I love these super thin mats from Manduka, which are easy to add to my luggage or carry-on bag. At just under 2 pounds, there is no excuse to slack on my daily practice!”

“Casall has some gorgeous sustainable mats,” says Sundt of the Swedish brand that uses 30% recycled rubber for this accordion design, meant to multiply its uses. For extra support at the knee or neck, one can simply fold to adjust the thickness.

Alt Options

Larger, longer versions of mats are great for athletes that need a multitasker. “I use my yoga mat for my nightly routine of foam rolling and stretching,” says soccer star Jamia Fields. “One of my favorite mats is Nike’s Mastery Yoga Mat! It’s built to stay fresh with its anti-odor construction technology. I’ve been doing yoga and Pilates for years; it helps me as a professional athlete to stay limber and fine-tune the little muscles, in an effort to prevent injury.” For stretching as a team, giant mats are an option for those that have the floor space.

“This is my personal and favorite mat,” says Rabbath. “The 3D-texture surface has touch cues that allow me to feel my way around the mat—the concentric circles are a reminder of how everything we do has a ripple effect, even the tiniest of actions. Its grippy top layer absorbs moisture during sweaty practices, and cushiony base is an added plus! It's also very durable.

Guiding Lines

“The central line helps you to keep your body in alignment, and the lines across are great for ensuring that your hands and feet are aligned,” Sundt explains of the power of visuals. “If you are training a lot at home, then it’s essential to have these guiding lines, as over time, we can get out of alignment and you may not have a teacher there to adjust you.” Woodall agrees that avoiding misalignment can help prevent injuries. She likes Liforme’s Rainbow Hope mat, and the brand also offers a customization option where you can create a system tuned to your specific needs.

“I recently bought this mat and have been pleasantly surprised! The price is great, and the grip is good,” says Agdal. “I love the detail of the body alignment system, which is nice for yoga flows to keep your form in check but also a solid mat for a pilates routine. The cushion is just right—not too thin and not too thick.”

Sustainably Minded

Made in the USA entirely of recycled surfing wetsuits, SugaMat has a pebbly texture that’s soft to the touch and ultra-grippy, plus an antimicrobial surface that won’t grow bacteria or pick up germs from the gym. An environmental “cradle-to-grave” approach means that when a customer is ready to retire their used mat, the brand will take it back for further recycling.

“Manuka’s Yogitoes yoga towel mats are great, too—especially in hot climates like the Maldives, as they absorb moisture and sweat, but they have no-skid silicone nubs on the back to prevent slipping,” Ram adds. “Plus, they are eco-friendly as they are made from recycled plastic bottles.”

Timeless Durability

“The first mat I had when I was 11, and I still have it,” Gholar says with a laugh. “This mat is a classic. I love it because it’s easily accessible at Target, Walmart, etc., only $15–25, and it is ultra durable!”

“I have had this mat for a long time!” Agdal enthuses. “The durability has been incredible. The cushioning is on point for both yogis and people that just need a mat for workouts. Not too thin, but not too soft either. Perfect for yoga flows, Pilates movement, or just a quick ab burnout—mega plus that it folds itself up.


Infused with 22 different Ayurvedic medicines, Bennd Yoga’s Chakra Mat features ethically sourced raw cotton that’s brushed with natural rubber latex for grip. Hand-loomed and handmade, no two will ever be the same.

If a scene exists for mats, this one got dressed for it. “I use this mat primarily when I’m attending studio classes and for my daily practice at home,” says Gholar. “It is extremely soft and cushiony, which is great for harder surfaces. The little notches make for great grip. Overall, this mat is a conversation starter, extremely stunning, and I always receive so many compliments and questions on it!


“I love that they’re focused on creating non-toxic, eco-friendly products,” says digitally native yoga instructor Sarah Beth of Yoga Design Lab’s latex and silicone-free products. Beth, who has had the autoimmune disease Ulcerative Colitis for most of her life, has spent the last decade teaching millions of global yogis how to destress and relieve anxiety. “The Combo Mat by Yoga Design Lab has been my go-to mat for many, many years both on camera and in my personal practice,” she says. “The luxurious microfiber finish is not only pretty to look at, but it has improved my strength and mobility by recruiting my deep stabilizing muscles to hold myself in place vs relying solely on grip and resting in my joints.”

For anyone with a latex allergy, Australian-based brand Bowen skips it in their luxury mat production, along with toxic glues, PVC, and silicon. With a base of biodegradable and recyclable rubber, a suedey lop layer also features UV protection to prevent fading with outdoor use.

rating top 10 according to KP

The modern field of fitness provides a wide variety of areas of physical activity for every taste. Yoga is popular, especially among women. In addition to physical exercises aimed at developing flexibility, stability and static loads, this gymnastics is also distinguished by a philosophy that came from India. Of course, yoga can be practiced only as physical education, without immersion in another culture. For fitness classes, certain sports equipment is also required. KP has compiled a list of the top 10 best yoga mats for 2022 to guide you in your selection.

Top 10 rating according to KP

1. Indigo IN106

Indigo IN106. Photo:

Indigo IN106 rug is made of thermoplastic elastomer. It endows this yoga equipment with such useful qualities in training as elasticity, antibacterial, resistance to heat from sunlight. It retains its shape well in hot conditions in the cold. Resistant to sweat, which allows you to remove the risk of slipping during training. Add a stylish look to your strengths. The rug is soft and pleasant to the touch, it is very comfortable to perform exercises on it. Has no unpleasant smell. It is better not to practice in sneakers, as traces may remain. Has a rectangular shape. Rug dimensions: length - 173 cm, width 61 cm, thickness - 0. 5 cm.

Pros and cons

Soft, pleasant to the touch

No elastic bands to keep it rolled up - it will be inconvenient to store and carry it

2. KETTLER 7351-120

KETTLER 7351-120. Photo:

KETTLER 7351-120 folding mat is ideal for those who like to travel and play sports. Suitable for both stretching, Pilates, yoga, and classic strength exercises with your own weight. Strengths: Gives good stability when exercising regardless of the floor surface. When folded, it can be used as a block or a balancing platform. The ability to fold greatly simplifies the transportation and storage of this inventory. What is important, when folding, there are no creases and deformation. When unfolded, it takes the form of a rectangle 180 cm long, 60 cm wide and 0.6 cm thick.

Pros and cons

Excellent combination of softness and elasticity. folds compactly

When used on tiles, the lower part is electrified

3. Lite Weights 5410LW/5420LW

Lite Weights 5410LW/5420LW. Photo:

Lite Weights 5410LW/5420LW reversible rug is made of modern material NBR (acrylic-nitrile-butadiene-rubber) in the shape of a rectangle. Such a material allows you to be both soft and strong enough, to withstand mechanical stress well. Designed for fitness training, aerobics, yoga. Has a good grip on the body, reduced risk of slipping during exercise. Easy to wash, store, roll up. To do this, the kit has a special rubber band. The length of the rug is 180 cm, that is, it will suit a person with sufficient height, width 60 cm, which is quite standard. It has a thickness of 1 cm. This is quite a lot. The rug weighs a little less than a kilo - 0.85 kg.

Pros and cons

Thick, rubber band included

Smell of rubber when first used

4. Devi Yoga Fruits marked

Devi Yoga Fruits marked. Photo:

Devi Yoga Fruits is painted in different colors. Designed for yoga practice using thermoplastic elastomer, which gives the mat good wear resistance. Suitable for both beginners and professionals and has special markings for greater convenience during asanas. It is made in a standard rectangular shape with dimensions of 183 * 61 * 0.5 cm. That is, the rug, not small, has a good thickness, which will provide softness on the one hand, and normal stability on the other. The kit includes a special tie for fixing in a folded state.

Pros and cons

Price, thickness

Scratches quickly

5. Larsen PVC multicolor red black

Larsen PVC multicolor red black. Photo:

Larsen PVC is quite a budget version of a normal quality yoga mat. This rug is well suited for beginners who are just starting to try themselves in various fitness areas and are looking for their own. Suitable for both yoga and stretching, Pilates, calisthenics and other exercises with your body. The material from which the rug is made is PVC, of ​​a fairly high quality. As for its shape, everything here is standard - rectangular. The dimensions are as follows: length - 173 cm, width - 61 cm, thickness 0.5 cm. Weight of the rug - 0.9kg. Also worth noting is the cool color and design. They give the rug a certain charm.

Pros and cons

Good thickness, soft

Chemical smell at first use

6. Adidas ADYG-10100

Adidas ADYG-10100. Photo:

Adidas ADYG-10100 mat for yoga and fitness from the world brand of sportswear. In addition to yoga and fitness, it is quite suitable as a training mat with your body on the floor. A sufficiently large thickness of the mat of 0.8 cm gives it good elasticity, softness and cushioning. Especially well will recommend during the development of postures with an increased sense of balance. It has a pleasant design. Good wear resistance, but slightly reduced tack. Sliding is possible, especially with wet limbs. It has a standard rectangular shape, 176 cm long and 61 cm wide.

Pros and cons

Soft, pleasant appearance

Not the highest “stickiness” during training


TORRES Comfort 6 TORRES Comfort 6. Photo: polyvinyl chloride material, which is very popular in the creation of such sports equipment. It is characterized by a standard rectangular shape, good cushioning and wear resistance. This rug is reinforced with longitudinal and transverse synthetic threads to avoid stretching and increase its strength. A good option for various types of fitness, in which the emphasis is on exercises with your body on the floor. Suitable for yoga too. The soft, velvety surface is very pleasant to the touch. Caring for him does not require any complicated procedures. Length - 173 cm, width - 61 cm, thickness 0.6 cm, and weight 0.95 kg.

Pros and cons

Good cushioning, non-slip

Sneakers leave distinct marks

8. Foam 102D82

Foam 102D82. Photo:

Penolon 102D82 is another budget option for a yoga mat. At a low price, it is worth noting good quality. It is convenient to perform asanas and do other exercises on it. The material from which the rug is made is polyethylene foam. Features a high density to ensure comfort during training. A good option in terms of price-quality ratio. Standard rectangular shape. The dimensions are as follows: length - 180 cm, width - 60 cm, thickness - 0.8 cm.

Pros and cons


Wet hands slip

9. BRADEX SF 0402/SF 0403

BRADEX SF 0402/SF 0403. made of thermoplastic elastomer, which gives such qualities as good grip on the floor and with the body of an athlete, softness, excellent wear resistance, shock absorption. It guarantees comfort during various exercises performed on the floor. Pleasant to the touch, nice appearance. A good indicator of friction - the mat does not slip. It's nice that it doesn't twist. Regarding the characteristics - 183 * 61 * 0.6 cm. The mass of this product is 0.94 kg.

Pros and cons

Soft, good friction, thick

No tie

10. Starfit FM-301

Starfit FM-301. Photo:

Starfit FM-301 is a rectangular yoga mat with high density and at the same time good softness. The material from which it is made is NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber). In addition to yoga, it is suitable for stretching, good old gymnastics with your own body weight and other similar exercises. It has very good stickiness - that is, high friction, which means a minimum of slip during classes. We also note the pleasant appearance of the rug. It is better to practice without shoes, or shoes with soft soles to avoid mechanical damage to the mat. The length is 183cm, good fit for men. The width is slightly less than the standard 58 cm. Sufficiently thick - 1 cm.

Pros and cons

Value for money, soft

Mechanically sensitive

How to choose a yoga mat

These are the top ten best yoga mats. And Yanina Molchanova, who has been doing yoga for more than a year, will give useful recommendations that will help in choosing this equipment.

Any yoga mat must meet the following parameters:0114

  • suitable dimensions.
  • Hygiene and ecology

    Physical, organoleptic properties, as well as health effects directly depend on the material of manufacture. The smell of a cheap PVC mat can discourage a productive workout. Certain materials can cause an allergic reaction in practitioners. In general, a better decision is to choose well-known brands that are responsible for the quality of their products. The same PVC mat from Germany is much more environmentally friendly than cheap rubber from Aliexpress. Regarding the materials of manufacture, the following classification is appropriate here:


    The ideal shape for a rug is rectangular. It is also great when there are markings on the rug, especially for beginners. There are rugs with bevelled edges. On such a rug, due to inexperience, it is inconvenient to maintain the symmetry of asanas.


    If the mat has low friction, you will slip a lot when doing asanas. This is quite traumatic, especially if the training is of high intensity. The stickiest mats are made from rubber. But there is a downside here - the better the friction, the faster the mat wears out.


    The vast majority of rugs are reinforced, that is, they have a mesh frame inside, a textile core. This technology increases the strength of the mat, durability and does not allow it to stretch. It happens that reinforcement performs functions in one direction. For example, the mat does not deform along, but is very vulnerable across. It's worth checking before buying.

    Suitable dimensions

    If your training is dominated by static practices, then the length of the mat should be equal to your height, plus or minus 5 cm. In the case of a greater emphasis on intense dynamics, it is better to take a margin of 20-20 cm in length. The standard width for a rug is 60 cm. As a rule, this is enough. But for people with a large complexion, there are rugs with a width of 80 cm. The thinner the rug, the more comfortable and compact it is. However, with a smaller thickness, the stiffness is higher. In my opinion, the optimal thickness is 4.5-6 mm. Mats with a higher thickness characterize the worst resistance. On trips, mats are more suitable, about 3 mm thick.

    Care tips

    Yoga mats are treated with a special compound to prevent "sticking" during transport and storage. Therefore, the new rug must be washed in the machine, without the use of powder. When soiled, the mat must be washed, which will improve its “stickiness”. Storage should be carried out in a collapsed state. The mat must be folded upside down. This will eliminate upward curling of the edges. Folding the rug is not the best solution, as furrows form over time. In these places, the mat is especially prone to wear.

    The best yoga mats for any budget

    According to a recent study, approximately 21 million adults in the US practice yoga - that's 9.5% of the total population. At this time, Russian residents do not lag behind fashion trends. Almost 1.5 million people practice yoga among the entire population of Russia. Whether you're doing yoga for health, fitness, flexibility, meditation, or all of the above, you'll definitely need a yoga mat.

    Perhaps you don't know, but there are travel mats for yoga, or perhaps for small children? There are even incredibly large rugs that are more like a home carpet. No matter what your goals are, below you will find the best yoga mats for every budget and you can choose the right one for you.