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51 Blue Dining Room Ideas You'll Want to Bookmark

Tyler Karu

Blue may seem like an odd choice for a dining room, but since blue is such a versatile color, it should make an easy addition to just about any room in your home—your dining room included. Plus, the color is available in an array of different shades: some soft and refined, some bold and vibrant, and some dark and sophisticated. With so many options, you can make your blue-filled palette exactly as subtle or as statement-making as you’d like it to be.

To make things easy for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best blue dining room examples we’ve ever seen. Ahead, 51 blue dining rooms worth perusing as you craft one of your own. 

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Bespoke Only

The easiest way to craft a blue dining room? Paint your walls blue. Since there are so many shades of blue out there, options abound. But even subtler shades—like pastel blue—should deliver the statement you’re looking for. 

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Becca Interiors

A rug can make a statement in any space—your dining room, included. Break things up with a patterned rug, or keep things simple with a solid one. Just focus on finding something that’ll feel good under your feet every time you eat.

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Ashley Montgomery Design

Your dining room table may seem like the focal point of your space, but it’s really your dining room chairs that’ll demand all the attention. Snag a set of blue chairs in a shade that’s as soft or as bold as you want it to be, and watch as they transform your space.

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Katie Martinez Design

Searching for a way to make your all-neutral dining room look and feel bluer? Stock up on blue accent pieces. Think: cozy blue throws, blue cloth napkins, blue taper candles, blue art, and more. These small accessories may not make much of a difference on their own. But when color-coordinated, they're sure to draw the eye.

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Devon Grace Interiors

If your walls are already painted and you don’t feel like changing them, you’re not out of luck. Hang a few striking blue paintings or photographs. The eye-catching addition should make the room look more blue, even if the art is only covering a fraction of your wall space.

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Ashley Montgomery Design

Banquettes, benches, and booths are popular dining room seating options, and you don’t have to build one into your space. Instead, you can snag a bold blue couch to add a ready-made banquette—and a pop of color—to your dining room.

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Becca Interiors

If painting all your walls blue sounds intimidating, consider painting just one of them. The accent wall should stand out enough to make your space look and feel bluer without forcing you to commit to a wall-to-wall color scheme.

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Kendall Wilkinson Design

When shopping for blue dining room chairs, you’ll see a lot of dark navies and light blues. But if you want to guarantee a striking interior, consider springing for a less expected shade of blue—like a vibrant teal or bold cobalt.

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Erin Williamson Design

If you’ve been blessed with a dining room fireplace, consider framing it with blue tiles, paint, or wallpaper. Not only will the choice draw attention to your beautiful fireplace, but it should also act a little like an accent wall—introducing color to your space without overwhelming the room.

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Tyler Karu

Painting your walls is an obvious way to add color to your space, but painting your trim can be just as striking. Make a subtle statement by painting your trim some shade of blue. And if you want to magnify the detail’s impact, stock up on dining room chairs in a matching blue shade.

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Erin Williamson Design

If you’re working with a bold shade of blue, even small doses should be enough to get your point across. So instead of painting your dining room chairs blue, paint just their chairbacks blue. This DIY approach won’t work with all dining room chairs, but if you can pull it off, it’s sure to make a bold addition to your space.

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Becca Interiors

Putting one blue painting on your gallery wall won’t make your space feel very blue, but putting a bunch of blue paintings on your gallery wall will. Each blue piece should draw more attention to the rest. And if you stick to one shade of blue—rather than playing with different tones—the impact should be even more obvious.

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Bespoke Only

Paint can be a great way to make your walls blue, but if you’re looking for something less permanent, consider peel-and-stick wallpaper, instead. Snag a printed option to add color and texture to your space, and line as much—or as little—of the room as you want to.

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White Sands

Chandeliers make a classic addition to any dining room, and if you’re looking to turn heads, why not opt for something blue? Match your dining room chairs to the fixture, or let it stand on its own. Either way, it’s sure to make a statement.

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Arbor & Co.

There are tons of different blues in this world—some with purple undertones, and some with green undertones. And while pairing these strikingly different blues may seem like a recipe for disaster, it’s actually an easy way to make a monochromatic room feel more varied and dynamic.

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Katie Martinez Design

Many of us shy away from dark colors, often because we’re afraid of making a room feel small or cramped. But since dining rooms are meant to be cozy, they can handle all that darkness. So pair a dark wooden table with dark navy walls—it can be a great way to set the tone in your space.

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Mary Patton

Looking for a subtler way to bring blue into your color scheme? Snag a set of woven chairs that feature just a touch of blue. The bolder the pop of color, the more it will stand out in your space.

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Jessica Nelson Design

If your dining room is flanked by cabinets—or filled with dressers, console tables, and armoires—consider leaving your walls as is and paint your furniture, instead. This can be a creative way to establish your dining room’s palette. You can bring your space together by sprinkling in other blue décor.

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Erin Williamson Design

A rug doesn’t have to be unusual to stand out—it just has to be unusual in its current context. When surrounded by neutral furniture, even the simplest washed-out blue rug is bound to make a statement. And since the rug will contrast with the furniture—while the furniture contrasts with the rug—the entire room will end up feeling more dynamic.

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Devon Grace Interiors

Say the word “blue,” and most of us envision sky blue, royal blue, or navy. These colors are incredibly pretty, but they’re also, well, everywhere. So if you want your pop of color to be bold and surprising, consider choosing an underrated shade of blue—like a soft blue-green.

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Kendall Wilkinson Design

Blue dining room chairs aren’t necessarily common, which can make them tough to shop for. But consider turning this limitation into an opportunity: you now have an excuse to frame your table with cozy blue lounge seating (which is fairly common and easy to shop for).

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White Sands

Drapes can be a great way to add a new color to your interior without repainting your walls. Snag a set in a shade of blue you love, and hang them over all your windows.

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Wallpaper doesn’t have to line every inch of your walls. By putting up wallpaper panels, you can enjoy the visual texture of wallpaper and the breathing room of negative space.

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Devon Grace Interiors

If you’re pairing blue with blue, you might think contrast is off the menu. But there are tons of different shades of blue, and there are just as many ways to make your palette dynamic. Consider pairing a darker blue with a lighter one. And remember that you can play with saturation (by pairing a rich color with a washed-out one), too.

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Tyler Karu

Once you’ve painted your walls blue, you may feel tempted to leave your ceiling as is. But consider showing your ceiling the same attention you’ve shown the rest of your space. Paint it a complementary color, like a light tangerine or a shiny copper, for an interior that’s doubly statement-making.

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White Sands

Banquettes may be crafted from hard materials, but they’re often softened with cushions and pillows. And if your goal is to bring more blue into your palette, these softer additions can be a great way to do it.

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Design: JDP Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

If you want your blue accents to create a palette—and not just a pop of color—look for ways to echo them throughout your space. Even a washed-out blue rug can make an impact when paired with matching art. And combined, these accents are sure to feel more like a theme than a passing detail.

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Devon Grace Interiors

In a dining room filled with neutral furniture, fun-colored walls may feel out of place. But if you stick with a lighter shade—like a subtle blue—you can switch up your palette without overwhelming your space.

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Katherine Carter

A shelf-lined wall isn’t just an opportunity for storage. It’s also a great place to display some of your favorite finds. And if you can color-coordinate those finds—displaying only those that are blue—you can create an accent wall without using any paint or wallpaper at all.

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Erin Williamson Design

Blue is an incredibly versatile color, so your blue dining room walls could give way to even more striking additions, like a vibrant yellow painting, a striking purple rug, or a bold pink chandelier.

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Pure Salt Interiors

Your blue additions don’t have to make your space bolder. By stocking up on pastel blue pieces, you can actually soften your space while making it more dynamic.

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Reena Sotropa

Once you’ve committed to a bold wall color, choosing curtains can be tough. But snag a printed set that contains the color lining your walls, and you’ll have a cohesive interior in no time.

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Jenn Pablo Studio

If your dining room table could use a tune-up, consider painting its legs blue. The unexpected pop of color will surprise anyone who sees it—plus, it’ll bring a little more blue into your space.

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Brexton Cole Interiors

If you want to go all in on blue, consider using two shades in your palette: one darker shade and one lighter shade. By using the darker shade on your floor, you can ground your space in coziness. And by using the lighter shade on your walls, you can bring color to the room without sacrificing brightness.

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Devon Grace Interiors

Throw pillows make an easy addition to any room—adding a pop of color that you can swap out at any time. We know what you’re thinking: Throw pillows don’t really belong in the dining room, but if your dining room boasts a cozy banquette, you definitely have room for a few.

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Tyler Karu

There are plenty of ways to pull off a subtle blue dining room. One of them? Hang blue-gray drapes. The soft-colored curtains will set the tone in your space without demanding unnecessary attention.

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Jessica Nelson Design

If you want a blue accent to stand out in your dining room, pair it with another blue accent. On its own, a bright blue candle may not be enough to establish a palette. But pair it with a light blue rug, and a color scheme will take shape before your eyes.

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Tyler Karu

Playing with tone is one great way to make a blue dining room more dynamic. But playing with print can be just as effective. Plus, when your color scheme is so pared-down, you can layer tons of different patterns without overwhelming your space.

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Devon Grace Interiors

Wall-to-wall color can be a striking look. But if you want to break things up, consider sprinkling in some white trim. White window panes and baseboards can add brightness to an otherwise dark blue space, and white ceilings can add even more light into the mix.

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Michelle Boudreau Design

Your bluest pieces don’t have to be solid blue. By snagging a patterned rug—or a few printed chairs—you can bring blue into your palette without adding large blocks of color.

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Maite Granda

Matching your dining room chairs to your table is a natural choice. But what about matching your seating to your walls, instead? Once you’ve painted your walls blue, consider snagging seats that match. This approach works particularly well if your seating is upholstered—and even better if you have a banquette. 

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Pure Salt Interiors

Sometimes, you don’t need multiple pieces to transform your space—one particularly bold piece can get the job done. A massive blue-filled photograph could be enough to make an all-white room look blue.

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Devon Grace Interiors

If you want to pump up the volume on your bluest pieces, consider pairing them with a high-contrast accent. Nothing brings out the blue in a set of navy chairs like a crisp white rug.

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Calimia Home

When in doubt, work in threes: snag three blue accents and sprinkle them around the room. This should be enough to create a pattern, inviting the eye to notice all the blue in your space.

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Devon Grace Interiors

Art can be a great way to break up solid-colored walls. If you’ve committed to a coat of dark blue paint, consider throwing in a light painting or two. Even a light blue painting should be enough to get the job done.

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White Sands

Add intrigue to your space by pairing two shades of blue that almost match. Since the colors look so similar, they should engage the eye. But since they don’t match perfectly, they should leave your space looking decidedly dynamic.

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Reagen Taylor Photography

Drapes can add a pop of color—and glamour—to any room. If you really want to make a statement, consider snagging them in a darker-than-expected shade of blue.

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Mary Patton

In a blue dining room, it may seem strange to make space for other colors. But the truth is, blue can be a major color in your dining room without being the only color in your dining room. So snag a blue statement-maker—like a blue printed rug—and pair it with other shades you love. There’s no reason your walls can’t be pink and your curtains can’t be green just because your rug is blue.

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Katherine Carter

Don’t feel like painting? No worries. By hanging curtains that cover your walls—rather than your windows—you can change your dining room’s palette without grabbing a paintbrush. (And you can add a touch drama, too.)

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White Sands

If your space is filled with neutrals—like beige, gray, and white—then any color you add will change the room’s palette. So keep things simple by establishing a neutral canvas. Then, add a few pops of blue. Even in small doses—and in fairly subtle shades—the color should stand out.

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Tyler Karu

One obvious way to design a blue dining room is to go blue from ceiling to floor. Snag a blue printed rug, a set of blue chairs, and a little blue décor—then, paint your walls and ceilings to match. Since this choice is so dramatic, it pairs well with striking colors. So don’t just go light blue from ceiling to floor—go bold.

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40 Blue Dining Rooms That Stole The Show


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Updated on 09/28/21

Turnbow Photography

Today's dining rooms are much less formal in nature, which is a great thing, because it means that going all out with color is A-OK! While dining spaces of the past frequently featured wood furnishings, traditional accents, and little to no pops of bright hues, the times have changed—majorly.

One of our favorite colors to use in the dining room? Blue. There are so many directions that one can take with this magical color. Pale blue, turquoise, cornflower blue, and navy, just to name a few shades, all evoke such different types of feelings. Whether your style is coastal chic or you can't resist anything glam, there's no reason you can't have fun working a bit of blue into your space.

Here, we're sharing 40 blue dining rooms that we greatly admire. Note that if you're willing to tackle your walls, that's one easy way to add blue to your dining space—but those who would prefer not to paint or wallpaper will still find tons of inspo from the pictures we've rounded up here. The right seating, upholstery, and accent pieces can go a long way, too.

Table napkins - Derker Trading House

Table mountains

Table mountains

05/21/2021 16:15 1265 0

The symbol of Vladikavkaz is Mount Stolovaya, which, as it were, crowns Mira Avenue. She is depicted on the coat of arms of the city. The blue silhouette of Table Mountain, cut into the sky, is familiar to residents, but invariably attracts the attention of visitors: it rises in the south as a grandiose dark blue, and in winter - a white-gray monolith. On a hot summer day, its outlines tremble slightly in a light haze ...

Amaygahoh. Photo by Y. Shubin.

Leveled-topped mountains, or mesas, are isolated uplands formed by dissection of a highly elevated stratal plain or plateau. They have steep slopes and flat tops, armored with erosion-resistant rocks.

Table mountains are also known in some regions of Russia and the world. Let's give some examples. So, tourists in the Southern Urals are invited, in addition to other sights and high mountains, to the slightly lower Iremel massif with table hills-boars and traces of ancient glaciers. In the Poyasovy Kamen ridge in the Northern Urals, mid-mountain ones with flat tops predominate. The country of table mountains is the Putorana Plateau. The peculiarity of this vast mountainous country, lying on the Central Siberian Upland, lies in the unusual combination of table mountains and large lakes. nine0005

In Kabardino-Balkaria there is Mount Syrtla - a hill with a flat top rising above the Chegem River. In Karachay-Cherkessia, Dzhangur belongs to the mesas.

Gentle vault-like uplift - the Stavropol Upland, dissected by wide river valleys, gullies and ravines into separate mesas (Stavropol, Prikalaus heights, etc.) Once numerous rivers cut the Stavropol Upland in all directions, forming table mountains. The most remarkable of them is Strizhament. Its slopes are steep and very picturesque. nine0005

There are many table mountains on Earth. Noteworthy is Kara-Sandyk on the northern shore of the Aral Sea.

In South America, uplifted plateaus have been destroyed on vast low-lying plains. This explains the varied and bizarre relief of the plateaus, where mesas with flat tops alternate with hilly spaces or low massifs.

A well-known table mountain rising above the bay of Cape Town in South Africa. Many mountains in Africa have flat tops and steep, stepped slopes. They arise most often during the dismemberment of layered plains by flowing waters, their tops are formed by solid deposits. For a system of ridges and massifs in the South of the Atlas, mainly within Algeria, as well as Morocco, bushes and table hills are characteristic. Table mountains are also located near the city of Dzhugurta in Tunisia, not far from the town of Verde in Colorado (USA). nine0005

Very popular mountain "Devil's Tower" in Wyoming USA, formed from volcanic lava with columnar separation of basalts. The western and central parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula are occupied by the Scandinavian Mountains with leveled peaks.

The Guiana Highlands of Venezuela are dominated by isolated table highlands. One of them is composed of quartzites and is very attractive. Local Indians even call it "the navel of the earth. "

The name of the city of Trabzon (Trebizond) is Greek: a meal - flat-topped mountains to the south of the city merge into one horizontal line and give the impression of a table mountain. nine0005

In addition to table mountains, there are also flat-topped ridges. So, in the east of Australia there is a Great Dividing Range, consisting of a number of isolated mountain ranges with flat tops. In the west of the mainland lies a plateau with ridges and mesas.

There are also table heights, which are the result of erosional dismemberment of vast lava plateaus. Their Spanish name is Mass.

Table mountain to the south of Vladikavkaz is very popular among climbers. Its top resembles a football field with a slope to the east. If you look at it from the north, you can see an almost flat top several hundred meters long. There are steep cliffs on the southern and northern sides. The panorama of the mountains Stolovaya, Kazbek, Araikhokh and others is very beautiful. Shuvaeva wrote about this: “And then a magnificent panorama of the Main Caucasian Range opened up. Very close, it seemed, very close, hanging over the city, rose the famous mountain. Blue-lilac, it attracted attention with its unusual shape. To the right of it, the top of Kazbek sparkled dazzlingly. Below, clusters of mountain peaks were heaped up, and even lower, very close to the city, mountains covered with forests delighted with the shades of the beginning of autumn. nine0005

The mountain originated and formed as a result of the tectonic uplift of the Rocky Range, and erosion, destroying the softer rocks, exposed the hard ones that form Table Mountain. In the process of geological development, the massif was separated from the neighboring western massif of Mount Araukhokh as a result of the deep Terek fault and its subsequent erosion by the Terek. The successive uplift of the land, combined with water erosion of softer rocks, has resulted in the formation of a flat top covered by now sparse alpine vegetation. nine0005

Table Mountain is one of the highest (2993 m) on the Rocky Range. It is located 15 km south of the city of Vladikavkaz. The mountain is the easternmost on it on the territory of RNO-A. Geographically, it belongs to the Tseylam Range (located mainly in the Republic of Ingushetia). In the west it is bounded by the Balta Gorge (part of the Terek river valley), from the east by a deep depression - the Ger-choch pass. To the south of it stretches the valley of the river Armkhi.

The top of Table Mountain gradually rises from east to west. Its surface is not as smooth as it seems from below. It consists of an alternation of hills and depressions, in which it is often wet - in some places real swamps with bumps. You can get through here only by jumping over them. nine0005

The summit resembles the smooth surface of a giant table, slightly inclined to the southeast, representing a flat rocky area 40–50 m wide.

This mountain is remarkable in all seasons. In winter, when its top is covered with snow, it resembles a table covered with a white tablecloth. More than 200 years ago, the first settlers from Russia called it the Dining Room. Ossetians from early times called it Madyhokh (Mother's Mountain).

Poetic legends and traditions emphasize the value of this mountain in folklore. An interesting Ossetian legend tells of a monster, a beautiful girl and her beloved shepherd Kazbek, who, unable to bear the death of his beloved, threw himself off a cliff and turned into a two-humped mountain, rising above all the mountains to protect the peace of his beloved. It is believed that the basis for such a legend was the outlines of the mountain, reminiscent of the contours of a girl with loose braids ... nine0005

In our republic, in the Alagir gorge, there is also a very beautiful mountain with a flat top - Amaigahokh (Mount Masonry, or Laid out mountain), located northwest of the village of Biz. It got its name because of the almost horizontal layers of limestone. Sheer slopes and an almost flat top, crowning the spur of the Rocky Range between the villages of Tamisk and Biz, give it a unique look. Its peak, covered with meadows, rises above a wooded deep gorge formed by the Ardon River. It stands out for its appearance among the surrounding peaks of the ridge. nine0005

Table mountains exist not only on land, but also under water. These isolated flat-topped seamounts, usually of volcanic origin, are called "Guyots" after the discoverer, the American geographer and geologist A. Guyot. They are distributed mainly in the Pacific Ocean. Their peaks are located at depths from 200 to 2500 m. The mysterious world of these flat underwater giants is unique.

Physico-geographic regions were even distinguished by the presence of flat-topped mountains. For example, the Turgai dining country. nine0005

Table mountains attracted the attention of artists, photographers, they were sung by writers and poets. The attraction of the Kaieteur National Park in South America is the table mountain Roraima with a flat top. And it was glorified by the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle: it is here that the action of the science fiction novel "The Lost World" takes place. In the north-west of Ireland, the table mountain Benbaldin is known. For the Irish poet W.B. Yitsa mountain this served as a source of inspiration.

Traveler Charles Brewer dedicated a book to the mesas. There is Slezkine's novel Table Mountain. The poem "Table Mountain" by our countrywoman-journalist O. Reznik is dedicated to the mountain that crowns our city - the calling card of Vladikavkaz. Mount Dining Room is mentioned in the works of many writers and poets (M. Bulgakov and others), depicted on the canvases of many artists (K. Khetagurov and others). nine0005

D. Gireev in his work "M. Bulgakov on the banks of the Terek" (1980, p. 96) writes: to the sound of the waves of the Terek, which has been raging in recent days..." And further: "Table Mountain is sleeping above the moonlight. Who cares. Majestic and calm..."

The mountain is an image of the native land and nostalgic memories. So, Z. Butaeva, returning to her homeland, to Vladikavkaz, wrote that in the gap between the houses of the street, in clear weather, Table Mountain was clearly visible.

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