How to organize a small laundry closet

15 Laundry Closet Organization Ideas

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Need to organize your small laundry space? Here are 15 of our best laundry closet organization ideas!

When you have a small space for doing laundry, it’s easy for it to quickly become cluttered and overwhelming. Today, we’re sharing our best tips and tricks to to create an organized laundry closet and keep it clean once and for all!

15 Laundry Closet Organization Ideas

1. Add Shelves

Take any laundry closet or small laundry room to the next level by adding open shelving! We’re loving these easy-to-install shelves that are perfect for any small space.

2. Use a peg board

What can you do with a peg board in your laundry room? Add shelves to it, hanging storage, hang your ironing board, broom, supplies, and so much more. We love saving space with a peg board!

3. Store miscellaneous items in baskets

Have miscellaneous items in your laundry closet that need a home? Use storage baskets to keep smaller items and make them look organized! Baskets are also beautiful and perfect as decor.

4. Use curtains

If your laundry closet is more like a laundry “area” in your home, you can tuck it away by adding curtains. Another option is to add curtains to the storage area on top of your washer and dryer!

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5. Use doors

Want to give your laundry area a cleaner look? Add foldable or sliding doors to the area to truly convert it into a closet!

6. Hang your ironing board

If you use an ironing board, save on space by hanging it up behind a door or tuck it away between your washer and dryer. You can also hang your steamer behind a door as well!

7. Install a drying rack

Install a drying rack or hanging bar over your washer and dryer to save space! Can’t hang a drying rack? Use a foldable drying rack instead!

8. Use the backs of doors

Need extra space? The backs of doors are often overlooked as an area to store smaller items! Add a door rack to the back of your laundry room or closet door for storing laundry soaps, sprays, stain removers, lint rollers, and other small items.

9. Add counter space

Add butcher block on top of your washer and dryer for more counter space in your laundry closet. This also helps make the space look more organized and put together!

10. Add hooks

You’d be surprised how adding hooks to the bottoms of your laundry room shelves can organize the space! Use them to hang brushes, linens, microfiber cloths, or other miscellaneous items.

11. Use a skinny laundry room cart

Store anything and everything in a rolling laundry room cart that’s perfect for keeping in small spaces! Whether you store it behind a door or in between the washer and dryer, this cart is perfect for organizing a small laundry closet.

12. Use clear containers for detergent

Invest in matching, clear containers to store your laundry detergent in. We’re loving these OXO POP containers because they come with a scoop that’s perfect for dry detergents! For liquid detergents, try using large mason jars for easy pouring.

13. Keep a 3-bag hamper close by

Need a system for organizing your dirty clothes? A 3-bag hamper makes life SO much easier! This one rolls, making it easy to bring it from your closet (or bedroom) to the laundry room. And everything is already separated, saving you time and energy!

14. Decorate the space

Take your small laundry room to the next level by adding decor! This can help give it a beautiful and organized feel. Whether it’s a pretty sign or faux flowers, adding a little touch of decor can make the space feel like home.

15. Add plants

Don’t know where to start with decor? Adding fresh or faux plants to your laundry space is a great way to make it feel fresh and organized. Try a small, low-light plant to get started!

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16 Laundry Closet Organization Ideas to Keep Away the Clutter


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Published on 06/22/22


Sometimes the only space for a washer and dryer is in a small closet, which is good in that it's out of sight, but it can also be hard to organize. On this list, you'll find laundry closet ideas that make the most of the space from both an aesthetic and a function standpoint. Whether it's using wallpaper to make a laundry room space look bigger or adding shelving in an area that's often dead space, like the back of the door, these laundry closet ideas will prove that you don't need a laundry room to have an organized, dedicated area for washing, drying, and even folding clothes. And while this make not make laundry fun, per se, it'll be a whole lot less tedious when the space is organized.

8 Ideas for Organizing Home Laundry in a Small Apartment

In the Bathroom

If the size of your bathroom allows, organize your home laundry there. Hint: the area of ​​​​the bathroom can be increased by a corridor or hallway. Another life hack: the washing machine and dryer will fit perfectly on top of each other, saving a lot of space on the floor.

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Public access

However, the owners of a spacious hallway do not even need to arrange a redevelopment: a mini-laundry may well be located near the entrance or, on the contrary, in a far secluded corner of the corridor. Do not forget to provide waterproofing of the floor in the room and coordinate the transfer of the wet zone.

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In the closet

For those who are confused by the placement of the laundry area in plain sight in the hallway, there is an option to hide the utility corner behind the cabinet doors. nine0005

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In a niche

Another solution to hide a mini-laundry room and gain some extra space for it in the hallway is a niche. Please note: so that household units do not overheat, do not move them close to the wall, leave some space behind and on the sides for air circulation - this way electrical appliances will last longer.

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As part of storage system

There is also a compromise option that allows you to partially hide the laundry area in the hallway, while maintaining quick direct access to the washing machine and dryer - household appliances built into the storage system. It looks very aesthetically pleasing, while access to the units does not need to open any doors.

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In the kitchen

Many consider the kitchen to be a good place to place a washing machine. Why not go further - and place a full-fledged mini-laundry room right here? Everything you need will be perfectly hidden behind the facades of the headset, and the transfer of wet areas, coordination and redevelopment will not be required. nine0005

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Under the stairs

The fashion for the loft style has made loft beds very popular, and the organization of a mezzanine bedroom in small spaces is becoming an increasingly common solution. Does your small apartment also have a staircase leading to the second tier, floor or mezzanine? Use the space below it to good use: place a home laundry there.

Reception can also be adopted by those whose housing is located on the attic floor. nine0005

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In a separate room

Do you think that only owners of country houses and very large apartments can afford to organize a laundry in a separate room? Not at all! Even in a small space, you can separate a small corner, placing everything you need there.

Of course, you will have to sacrifice a small part of the space. But in a dedicated utility room, you can transfer all household items, organize convenient storage of household chemicals, think over the aesthetic sorting of dirty linen, and finally determine a place for an ironing board and iron. Agree, a good compromise? nine0005

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Please note: no matter where you decide to organize a mini-laundry at home, it is important to provide good ventilation in the chosen room, waterproofing the floor, and also treat the walls (if they are not tiled) before painting or wallpapering with a special primer that prevents the appearance of fungus.

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How to equip a small laundry room in a typical apartment — INMYROOM

Many housewives, complaining about the modest size of typical housing, often do not even consider the idea of ​​arranging a home laundry. And in vain! Having your own functional laundry has a lot of advantages. We share the main ones and tell you how to fit everything you need in a limited space.

Why you need a laundry room: 3 good reasons for arranging it

1. Convenience. Whatever one may say, it is much more convenient to collect the entire clothing care complex in one place than to go out onto the balcony with a basin of wet laundry or to install a folding ironing board in the middle of the living room every time. nine0073

2. Aesthetics. No dryers placed in the room, no clothes hanging over the bathroom, no baskets with dirty laundry in the bathroom: a separate laundry room allows you to make the process of caring for your things as aesthetic as possible.

3. Space saving. Paradoxically, setting up a small home laundry room will save a lot of space in the rest of the apartment. You can refuse utility cabinets and chests of drawers. nine0005

How to set up a compact laundry room: 7 important points

1. Plan ahead. The smaller the area allocated for the arrangement of the utility room, the more carefully plan literally every centimeter of space.

Think about how the appliances will be located and where you will need sockets (for a washing machine, dryer, iron). Mark the plumbing points for connecting the units.

2. Responsibly approach the choice of equipment. nine0072 Household helpers are something that cannot be saved on in any way when arranging a home laundry. Choose the model that suits you in terms of load volume and dimensions, efficiently consuming resources and having all the washing modes that your family needs.

3. Don't forget ventilation. Even if you decide to organize a mini-laundry without a clothes dryer, ventilation will do a good job - it will prevent the formation of mold and mildew and get rid of the damp smell. And if your laundry room has a place to dry things, you can’t do without a good ventilation system. nine0005

4. Consider making custom furniture. Even the smallest utility room is indispensable without organized storage. Bespoke cabinets and shelves put every inch of available space to good use.

5. Transform! Use pull-out and folding systems. The ability to “hide” an ironing board or dryer as unnecessary will help in organizing a functional laundry room in a modest area.

6. Use hidden reserves. Use the space above the door and on the door itself, organize storage vertically, up to the ceiling, do not forget about hooks, hangers and shelves. If the room has a window sill or mezzanine, do not leave them unattended.

7. Add comfort. Even if your laundry room is just a corner in the apartment or a small room without windows, this is no reason to leave the space uncomfortable and uninhabited. Add a few decorative details, put a beautiful planter with a potted flower. nine0005

Focus on ergonomics: 3 more secret tricks

1. Place the washing machine on its pedestal. If your appliance is a top-loading appliance, place it on a pedestal or small nightstand. Firstly, it will become more convenient to load laundry. Secondly, there will be additional storage space.

2. Niches in the wall. When there is not enough space, recesses in the wall can be a real salvation: a washing machine can be partially pushed into the recess or shelves can be placed there, organizing storage. nine0073

3. Laundry in the closet. Opt for a compact version that puts everything you need in just one utility closet.

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