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15 Creative Craft Room Organization Ideas


Lauren Thomann

Lauren Thomann

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Updated on 10/05/22

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Craft room organization and storage are vital in crafting because supplies left in disarray can leave you feeling stifled and uninspired. However, keeping supplies tidy can be a problem for some crafters. Being creative and being organized doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand. Often, designating a place for your things will help you get organized. Consider some of these top ways to organize craft supplies:

Here are more details about each of these 15 craft room organization ideas that can help you rethink how you store, arrange, use, and display your supplies.

38 Room Organization Ideas for Your Home

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15 Craft Room Organization Ideas

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These budget-friendly DIYs are perfect for small spaces.

By Alesandra Dubin

Mike Garten

No matter if you quilt, scrapbook, or simply have a knack for all things DIY, your craft room is a sacred space where you bring your creative ideas to life. That means it's crucial that your space brings the same level of peace and joy as crafting does. The easiest way to do so? Keep your supplies and craft projects in check with these clever craft room organization ideas. By adding shelves, pegboards, and other efficient (but equally eye-catching) storage solutions, you can maximize your productivity even if you're working in a small space and on a tight budget.

And since have a tendency to build something out of nothing, most of these DIY ideas require your creative eye and artistic skills. So, before you start working on your next picture-worthy craft project, give all of your supplies and materials a neat, tidy home with these genius organization ideas Next up: a beautiful space that'll inspire you to get your craft on.

Style + Dwell

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Use Clear Jars for Storage

Apothecary jars or other clear jars make excellent storage solutions for small objects like pens, pencils, buttons, and other must-haves. They also double as decor, adding instant color and excitement to any space.


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Sweet Red Poppy

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Decorate With Supplies

If you don't want to break up your space with shelves and cabinets, keep your colorful craft supplies on display with a customizable peg board wall and desk storage solutions. You can even add hooks for your hot glue gun, scissors, and tape dispensers —if they're pretty enough, of course.

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Karyn Millet

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Set up an Inspiring Work Station

If space allows, set up a central work station in your craft room. Stick an easel or small table in the middle of your space, so you can have easy access to the items all around you.

Fabric Paper Glue

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Add a Pegboard Wall

Few solutions are as practical for craft rooms as a wall covered with pegboards. Attach bins, hooks, rods — whatever you need — for a fully customizable and space-saving organizational solution.

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From Great Beginnings

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Transform an Unused Closet

Give any ol' closet or cabinet a makeover by adding drawers, shelves of varying heights, and rods to store ribbon and wrapping paper. Make it even prettier by coordinating the colors of binders, storage boxes, and labels inside.

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Hey, Let's Make Stuff

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Put Fabrics on Display

If quilting or sewing is your jam, keep inspiration right in front of your eyes by filling wire shelves with folded fabric scraps. Coordinate them by color and design for an aesthetically-pleasing look.

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Laurey Glen

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Organize Thoughts on a Chalkboard

Keep your thoughts organized — or give yourself ample space to doodle — with a chalkboard wall. This graphic mural, which surrounds a school-inspired chalkboard, shows just how inspiring, and indeed chic, the room feature can be.

I Heart Organizing

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Take Advantage of Door Space

Those pantry organizers that you love so much? Stick 'em on the back of your craft room door for added organization. They're the perfect size to store your ever-growing ribbon and wrapping paper collection.


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Andrew McCaul

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Label Every Storage Container

Give all of your craft supplies a perfectly labeled home. That way you’ll know exactly what you have, and minimize waste from buying new items you already had — somewhere — but just couldn’t find.

Nathan Kirkman

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Install a Roll Holder

If you use your craft room for gift wrapping, consider installing a roll holder, like Reynolds Architecture, Design & Construction. Not only does it keep your wrapping paper organized and accessible, but it also helps it stay pristine and uncreased.


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Store Items in Cubbies

Use cubbies to group and organize smaller craft supplies like thread, buttons, and paint brushes. Get yours new, or upcycle a vintage piece for a custom look.

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Andrew McCaul

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Hang a Rod

This organizational idea keeps everything in its place while also freeing up limited surface area: Hang a rod, attach clips, and fill it with cups to hold supplies. Keep it right above your workspace, so all your items are within easy reach during projects.

Christian Harder

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Use a Ladder to Reach High Items

Maximize storage in your small space by using as much vertical storage as possible. Access your high-up items easily by installing a rolling ladder, as in this sleek example from J. Patryce Design.

Andrew McCaul

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File Materials in a Binder

Perfect for the scrapbook-obsessed, store paper, cut-outs, and stickers in three-ring binders. Use clear sheet protectors to keep all of your scrapbooking materials in tip-top shape.

Polished Habitat

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Hang Shelves

If you have limited space, hang more shelves on which to keep storage baskets and bins. Group storage vessels logically with like items for ease of use.

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Where to Store Things? Storage Ideas with Photo

Where to store things is an age-old question for many people, regardless of whether they live in compact apartments or large private houses. Simple storage ideas will help you organize your space wisely and keep your home in order easily. Even in a small apartment there will always be places where to store things that few of us think about.

1. Entrance Storage
2. Kitchen Storage
3. Living Room Storage
4. Bedroom Storage
5. Bathroom Storage
6. Nursery Storage
7. Workplace Storage
8. Garage Storage
9. Simple Storage Ideas

Storage Ideas in an apartment or house are literally in every room, and they start from the front door. Often the hallway seems very untidy due to the pile of shoes and outerwear in it. To hide them away from prying eyes, it is recommended to use a maximum of wall space . The best way to do this task is a wardrobe or chest of drawers. If the room is cramped and poorly lit, then the best option would be a shallow, but high wardrobe in light colors, where it is very convenient to store things. When the hallway is so small that the closet does not fit in it, stylish hanger will come to the rescue. A special long bench is suitable for storing shoes - you can store shoes in the lower part of this structure, and sit down or put bags on it on the upper one. nine0003

Kitchen storage is all about turning the space into a functional and comfortable space for cooking. In addition, proper storage of dishes and other kitchen utensils in the kitchen will make the room more comfortable and welcoming. It is important to organize the storage of small items in such a way that they are hidden from prying eyes, but are always available. Such hidden storage spaces can be the insides of doors of kitchen cabinets or hanging cabinets. There you can attach small shelves or make hooks on which you could hang a ladle, slotted spoon and other items. You can also use the lower compartments under the cabinets.

Organization special shelving is the best way to store things in the living room. These shelving units can be attached close to the wall, or used as a room divider for zoning the living room. To make them fit perfectly into the design of the living room, you should install not only functional things on the shelves of the racks, but also decorative items that emphasize the style of the room. For example, it could be books , beautiful vases and elegant figurines , which will be interspersed with boxes for storing small items. Another option for storing things is drawers in transforming chairs or in sofas. Also useful for this purpose are footrests , which are an empty box with a lid. Another good option is coffee table with drawers .

Bedroom storage ideas center around wardrobe , wardrobe or chest of drawers . It is convenient to store clothes and bed linen in them. But in order to hide various personal items or books, you can use small mirror cabinets . They will not spoil the interior of the bedroom and will reliably hide all unnecessary items from your eyes.

Storage in the bathroom is a particularly sensitive issue, since it is often necessary to hide personal hygiene products and other intimate items from prying eyes. Perfect for this wall cabinet with mirrored door . It will hide all the necessary things, and at the same time will serve as a mirror of . And for some items, such as cotton pads or sponges, you can purchase beautiful containers , which, on the contrary, will emphasize the stylish look of the bathroom, and not spoil it.

Storage in the nursery is a burning issue, because no matter how much you put things in order, the kids will scatter toys and clothes during the games. Beds are a good place where it is quite convenient to store non-essential items. For toys, a beautiful box with a lid is suitable, and best of all - grandmother's chest , painted with bright colors. For small items in the children's room, wall shelves are useful, as well as the interior parts of the cabinet door or of the bedside table .

For the workplace, storage ideas are invaluable, because in chaos it is difficult for a person to collect his thoughts and be productive. This is especially important when you work from home, where it is already difficult to tune in to the working wave. It is important that the desktop is maximum functional and equipped with various shelves and drawers . You can hide the lion's share of unnecessary items in them. Also, if the table is equipped with a sliding keyboard stand , and you have a laptop, you can put a notebook or notebook that you often use in this space. Wall shelves will also help to unload the working space.

Not every garage is quite large, and therefore the question of where to store things can arise for any person. Part of the working tools or garden tools can be hung on special hooks driven into the walls. Also on the doors you can equip small shelves for storing small things. A selection of our storage ideas will help you figure out how to make the best use of even a small space in the garage, so that all things are always at hand, and at the same time do not interfere.

To keep your home clean, DIY storage ideas come in handy. You can make special organizers and boxes where you can store things easily and safely. Various options are suitable for small and large items that need to be hidden. You can find some organizers suitable for this purpose in hardware stores, but you can easily make many original storage items at home with your own hands. nine0003

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Useful storage ideas that will make your life better