Kitchen cabinet storage options

Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas to Organize Your Cabinets

Where to buy pantry storage containers

There are many places to purchase pantry storage containers for existing cabinets from brick and mortar to online. You will need to know your interior cabinet dimensions.

How to arrange kitchen storage

In today's kitchen design pretty much anything can go anywhere be it a cabinet or pantry. The key is the use of space and how the kitchen works with how you want your kitchen to work for you.

How to get more storage in kitchen

The key to kitchen storage is organization. It's best to start out with the essentials such as corner cabinets, drawers, waste, trays, and sink area.

How big is a pantry cabinet?

There are three main kitchen cabinet types; wall, base and pantry. What defines a pantry cabinet is not size but shape. A standard pantry is a vertical cabinet with an upper and lower cabinet that vary in height from 84"-96" high to 12"-36" in width.

How do I add a pantry to my kitchen?

If remodeling with new cabinets most of the time a pantry can be added somewhere in the new kitchen design. Floor and wall space is needed/

How deep should a pantry cabinet be?

Pantry cabinets are normally 24" deep (the same depth as a standard base cabinet).

What size should a pantry be?

A standard pantry cabinet varies in height from 84"-96" high to 12"-36" in width.

How much does it cost to build a walk in pantry?

Walk in pantries are not cheap because they are room by it self usually with an access door. The cost to build out and install varies greatly from size to interior storage components.

How tall is a pantry cabinet?

Typically, a pantry cabinet stands at about 84" tall and has a width between 12" and 36".

How do you make a simple pantry?

From ordering a cabinet to floating shelves to basic storage shelves a pantry can be created in many areas. The how is really answered by what the needs, wants and location to the proximity to the kitchen is.

How do you make a pantry in a small space?

A pantry cabinet does not have to be the standard tall cabinet. Base cabinets with drawers can serve as a very good pantry type cabinet that has a limited footprint.

How do I build a freestanding cabinet?

Making your own pantry cabinet most likely is not a possibility for the average homeowner. The most likely fix is to purchase an existing pantry or storage cabinet that works and blends the existing kitchen design and style.

What is difference between pantry and larder?

A pantry is a room, or a large cabinet, where food, provisions, dishes, or linens are stored and served in an supplementary capacity to the kitchen. A larder is a cool area, normally below ground, used for storing foodstuffs that are eaten on a daily basis that don't need refrigeration.

What do you put in a larder cupboard?

No. A larder is a cool area, normally below ground, used for storing foodstuffs that are eaten on a daily basis that don't need refrigeration.

Are larder cupboards worth it?

Having a larder is really a lifestyle choice rather than a kitchen design choice. A larder is a cool area, normally below ground, used for storing foodstuffs that are eaten on a daily basis that don't need refrigeration

Can a cupboard be a pantry?

A cupboard can act as a pantry. A standard tall cabinet is not required to house pantry items. If your kitchen has limited space especially, a cupboard can be used.

What classifies a pantry?

A pantry is a room, or a large cabinet, where food, provisions, dishes, or linens are stored and served in an supplementary capacity to the kitchen.

Is there a difference between a cupboard and a cabinet?

In today's terminology the terms are interchangeable. The term cupboard typically was a freestanding unit usually found in a kitchen or pantry. A cabinet is attached to the wall and floor.

What goes in cabinets vs pantry?

What is stored in cabinets vs. pantries is totally up to you. You have the freedom to choose how to make the space best work for you and your needs.

Pots & Pans and Tray Organizers

Whether baking, boiling, steaming, or stewing, the cooking that feeds your family is your way of showing that you care. Pots & Pans and Tray Organizers make this easy for you by keeping things neat and orderly. Browse cabinets that help you cook and bake with ease, including pots and pans organizers, tray dividers and more.

Pots & Pans Roll-Out Tray

Designed entirely in-house, the CliqStudios Pots & Pans Organizer nests into a base cabinet Roll-Out Tray. A simple but powerful storage accessory, it has two slightly angled half-depth shelves designed to hold lids. Underneath is a large space, tall enough to accommodate all but the largest of cookware. Basically, it’s a simple but powerful accessory.

Pots & Pans Organizer

Pots & Pans Organizer

Pots & Pans Drawer

Deep drawers are perfect for storing pots and pans. Designed with dovetail joints, fully captured 1/4″ plywood bottoms, and Blum® soft-close drawer glides, this two-drawer cabinet brings the contents to you. Never again will you find yourself on your hands and knees reaching for items from the back of the cabinet.

Pots & Pans Drawer

Pots & Pans Drawer

Pots & Pans Drawer

Pots & Pans Drawer

Pots & Pans Drawer

Tray Divider Cabinets

We have a number of options for efficient tray storage in your kitchen design. Whether stored in your base cabinets or above your refrigerator or wall oven, Tray Divider Cabinets add value to underutilized kitchen areas. Stuck on where to store your useful but awkward sheet trays, cutting boards and cooling racks? Dividers give you easy access and visibility. They’re perfect for an actively used kitchen. Now those awkwardly flat items will be a snap to reach and organize.

Tray dividers are available for base cabinets, refrigerator wall cabinets, and oven drawer cabinets.

Tray Divider

Tray Divider

Tray Divider

Tray Divider

Roll-Out Trays

Tired of reaching blindly into the back of your cabinets, and then hoping to locate the item you need? Do you find yourself pulling out every pot on the shelf trying to find the correct one? Roll-Out Trays in base cabinets are a must-have solution to increase efficiency and visibility in your kitchen design.

Choose between one or two trays for your base cabinets including glides. Glides eliminate the need to constantly shift items to find what you need.

Roll-Out Trays

Roll-Out Trays

Wall Oven Cabinet

A neat and trim solution, the Wall Oven Cabinet can be configured to accommodate a single or double oven, or you can have a built-in microwave oven above a single oven. Additionally, the wide bottom drawer and deep upper cabinet provide generous and versatile storage.

If you entertain guests often, have multiple cooks in the kitchen, or need several ovens for your gourmet extravaganzas, you definitely need this.

Wall Oven Cabinet

Multi-Storage Drawer

Drawers are a smart, ergonomic choice the whole family can appreciate. The Multi-Storage Drawer makes it easy for kids to reach kitchen items or help clean up. Deep drawer dividers let you create efficient custom storage space. Whether for containers, pots and pans, or pantry items, the Multi-Storage Drawer makes it easier to keep your kitchen neat and organized.

Multi-Storage Drawer

Multi-Storage Drawer

Multi-Storage Drawer

Built-In Microwave Cabinet

Save precious countertop space by mounting your microwave in a cabinet. This could include mounting microwave ovens on islands, base cabinets, or wall cabinets.

Getting any or all of these items for your kitchen is possible with the help of a kitchen designer. At CliqStudios our skilled designers are ready to help you create your perfect dream kitchen. Where Do I Get the Best Design Ideas?

Built-In Microwave

12 ideas how to organize storage in the kitchen

12 ideas how to organize storage in the kitchen

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Kitchen storage: 15 life hacks

The kitchen is a place where many things are stored, from food to dishes and household items. Therefore, the order and functionality of this space play an important role, regardless of its size. We tell you how to make the kitchen cozy and comfortable

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You open the kitchen cabinet, and a colander and baking bags fall out from there, looking for spices for frying - you find vanillin, and again there is nowhere to put a ladle and pot lids. Familiar? To minimize stress during the cooking process, the kitchen space must be organized so that it is pleasant and comfortable to be in it. nine0003

  • 15 kitchen storage tips
  • Spice storage
  • Vegetable storage
  • Storing pans and pots

First of all, you need to identify areas that require revision: overflowing spice racks, cluttered drawers and cabinets, a clogged refrigerator, etc.

Photo: Pexels

Then it is worth identifying the areas that require the most prompt intervention - usually these are places to store essentials (pots and pans, a dish dryer, bulk products, etc.). Thanks to small steps and a clear understanding of what you want to see in the end, you can save time and effort. After each new decision, it is worth stopping and evaluating - perhaps the bar for kitchen comfort has already been reached and you can just enjoy the cozy and comfortable space or add finishing touches. nine0003

7 tips for organizing a small kitchen

Storage, cooking and social gatherings are often not enough. Alas, not every apartment has the opportunity to re-equip the kitchen, expand the space or organize a separate pantry for food. But even with these inputs, there are ways to deal with kitchen chaos.

15 kitchen storage tips

1. Organize your work area

All items that are used daily for cooking and table setting should be placed in close proximity so as not to waste time looking for them. Then it is worth evaluating the workplace, ideally it should be between the stove and the sink, so it is more convenient to quickly remove dirty dishes from the working area and quickly add ingredients to dishes cooked on the stove. nine0003

Photo: Pixabay

The optimal length of the countertop is 80-90 cm. It is also better to place the refrigerator nearby so that you do not have to move around the kitchen while cooking and waste time.

2. Use the space under the ceiling

If the space between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinet is empty, it can be used for storage. It is better to place rarely used or decorative items there.

Photo: Pixabay

These can be, for example, serving plates that only reach the table on holidays, bottles of alcohol that do not require refrigeration, a supply of oven mitts or other cooking utensils. If you want visual uniformity, you can buy wicker storage baskets that are the right size. nine0003

3. Install rails

Rails can be used to save space. This accessory is great for storing a variety of items - from spices in special jars to ladles, potholders, mugs, pans.

Photo: Pixabay

4. Place shelves with hooks

When choosing new furniture for the kitchen, you should pay attention to its functionality. For example, on a horizontal surface of a shelf with hooks, you can put frequently used dishes so that they are always at hand. You can also use this surface for decorative purposes: to place bright dishes, vases, etc. The hooks under it are suitable for cutting boards, potholders, ladles, kitchen scissors. nine0003

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5. Hang Magnetic Knife Holder

Countertop space is an important part of a comfortable cooking experience and should be as free as possible. One way to tidy up is to hang a magnetic holder for knives, kitchen scissors, and other cutlery above your countertop.

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6. ​​Buy containers

Plastic containers are a great way to store both food and kitchen utensils. They can be placed in the refrigerator and signed to know exactly where everything is, as well as placed in kitchen drawers and cabinets and store spices, rarely used utensils, bulk products, and household items there. nine0003

Photo: Unsplash

7. Use the space under the sink

The space under the sink can be used for more than just a trash can. There is a small bookcase for storing household items: sponges, gloves, garbage bags. You can even hang hooks for towels and oven mitts or small hanging shelves for detergents on the cabinet door. Another option is vertical drawers.

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8. Use organizer

Organizers are a convenient solution for storing things that are always needed at hand. Transparent drawers, with which it is easy to organize space in the refrigerator, will save space, and rubber holders can be hung on the sink, placing a dish sponge and detergent in them.

9. Store bulk food in containers

Grains, pasta, breakfast cereals and other bulk products are best stored in containers of the same type with labels on the contents. Such jars / boxes can be used not only as a place of storage, but also as an element of decor. nine0003

Photo: Pexels

10. Hang a shelf above the table

This way you can solve the problem with items that clutter up the table, but are needed only at meals - napkins, spices, a sugar bowl. Cups can be hung on hooks under the shelf so that they can be reached without getting up from the table.

Photo: Unsplash

11. Use the side walls of hanging furniture

On the sides of kitchen cabinets, it makes sense to place small shelves for spices, sauces and dressings that do not require storage in the refrigerator. On such shelves you can store textiles, potholders and other kitchen utensils. nine0003

12. Use drawers

Instead of a decorative panel, a drawer can be built into the bottom of kitchen cabinets. This is a convenient way to store pans, baking sheets, cutting boards, or other items that fit.

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13. Install Insert Shelves

Kitchen cabinets can be fitted with custom built-in shelves to help you make the most of space, organize items by type, and save time looking for what you need. nine0003

14. Don't Forget the Top of the Refrigerator

If the ceiling and height of the refrigerator allow, the top surface can be used to store refills, rarely used crockery, kitchen utensils, canned food and other non-perishable foods.

Photo: Pexels

15. Buy a cutting board basket

A low-sided, moisture-resistant basket is perfect for cutting boards. So they will be in one place, they will not interfere during cooking and fall into the sink. nine0003

10 unusual gadgets for the kitchen

Storage of spices

Spices are best stored in a cool, dry place: they lose their properties from humidity and high temperature. It is worth considering a place to store them away from the stove and heating, but not next to the sink.

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If the spices are stored in retail packaging, all of them can be placed in a container and placed in a kitchen cabinet. It is convenient to rank them according to the frequency of use and put those that are not needed all the time on the top shelves. nine0003

Jars of spices can be placed on hanging shelves on cupboard doors, hung on rails or placed in drawers.

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