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Garage mudroom ideas – expert strategies for practical zones |

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Looking for garage mudroom ideas? The garage can be a great place to locate a mudroom, providing the space the whole family needs to shed dirty or wet footwear and store outdoor items.

In fact, the garage can be the ideal venue for a mudroom if this is the way you usually come into your home, or one or more members of the household often spends time in a garage workshop or comes in from the backyard that way.

Mudroom ideas can help you keep your home cleaner, tidier and more organized and the garage mudroom ideas here will make the very best of your location – and ensure your mudroom looks good, too.

Garage mudroom ideas

Adding a mudroom to the garage needn’t mean a huge sacrifice of space, and it’s possible to realize your garage mudroom ideas without compromising the functionality of either garage or mudroom. 

1. Make the mudroom a buffering zone

(Image credit: Shannon Eddings Interior)

A mudroom in the garage can create a transitional space leading to and from the calm of the house.

‘Carving out a nook for a mudroom in the garage is a brilliant way to have a little buffering zone between the main house and the mess of the garage,’ says Shannon Eddings of Shannon Eddings Interior .  

‘In this particular space we have mudroom hooks (not pictured), a utility sink, laundry and plenty of storage. We gave this space some personality by adding in a vintage hanging lantern that we found at an antique store for about $100 and a beautiful backsplash by Cle Tile. 

‘We converted this corner of the garage in a client’s house into a full blown laundry and storage room.’

2. Go for a simple solution

(Image credit: Neptune)

It’s a fact that garage mudroom ideas don’t need to be elaborate to be highly practical. A garage mudroom can be created very easily near the door leading to the house. Follow this example with a storage box that doubles as a bench for changing footwear, and a peg rail above for hanging coats to fit it out in double-quick time. You could add a rug to the floor to make the space more hospitable, too.

Wall panelling isn’t a necessity, of course, but it can distinguish the different function of this part of the garage.

3. Select a store-it-all cabinet

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

One of our favorite garage mudroom storage ideas is fitting a cabinet that won’t monopolize floor space but can double as shoe and boot storage as well as a place to stash the items you don’t have room for in closets and cabinets in the house. 

‘Floating shelves store everyday items such as wash detergent or even a dog lead and treats,’ says Tom Howley, design director of Tom Howley of this design. 

Being able to close the doors on what you need to keep in the mudroom will ensure the finished effect is neat and tidy, particularly if yours is a smaller garage.

(Image credit: Daval)

If you’re coming in and out of your home through the garage accompanied by the four-legged members of the family, consider adding a shower to a garage mudroom to clean them of what they’ve picked up on their paws and coats.

‘Increasingly we are seeing clients ask for provisions to be made for their pets in their boot or mudrooms,’ says Emma Sims-Hilditch of London and Gloucestershire-based interior design practice Sims Hilditch . 

‘This often includes installing pet showers. A boot room in a garage is a great space in which to do this – we recommend using a minimally porous Dijon stone tile for the floor and the walls of the shower to make it easy to clean.’

5. Plan in a sink

(Image credit: Future / Jonathan Gooch)

A sink can be a valuable part of a garage mudroom layout, providing keen gardeners with a place to cut and arrange flowers without taking mud and leaves into the house. It’s also a great clean-up area for handwashing on the way in from outside. 

There’s one caveat, though. If you live in a northern state, the garage should be a well-insulated space if you want to have a sink in a mudroom located here.

6. Organize the whole family

(Image credit: Settled)

It’s possible to get both adults and kids organized when they go in and out of the house through the garage even if there’s only a limited space you can dedicate to the mudroom.

‘This small mudroom closet beside the garage needed to do some heavy lifting for a busy family of five,’ say Pamela Meluskey and Larisa Bright, founder of NYC-based luxury home organization brand Settled . 

‘Using the Elfa closet system from The Container Store, we transformed this closet from having a single hanging bar to serving as an out-the-door command center. The top shelves are outfitted with acrylic bins to store sunscreen, bug spray, lanterns, and pet accessories, while the drawers house winter accessories. 

‘To top it off, we added adhesive acrylic containers to the inside of the doors to categorize every family member’s face masks. With totes hanging on S hooks, this is the ultimate grab-and-go set-up.’

7. Make clean-up easy

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

Boots and shoes worn for gardening and hiking can drop plenty of dirt on to a garage mudroom floor. Store them on wall pegs like these, though, and sweeping up is easy as you don’t need to move them out of the way to clean up what they’ve dropped.

Wall pegs like these are great space-savers, too, leaving more of the floor free for the whole family to pass through the mudroom easily. 

8. Boost hanging capacity

(Image credit: Symphony Group)

Don’t stint on the number of hooks incorporated into a garage mudroom so there’s space for backpacks and sports bags along with coats. In this design they’re flanked by cabinets in a symmetrical arrangement that makes the mudroom look smart, and conceals the items that need to be kept in the space but are used less frequently.

‘We recommend homeowners install plenty of hooks for hanging coats and also shelves to store boots/shoes and baskets for smaller items like gloves/hats,’ says Simon Collyns, marketing and retail sales director at Symphony Group . ‘Today’s mudroom could also include a sanitizing station with a place to store masks and hand gel.’

9. Work with a corner

(Image credit: Polly Eltes)

Even the corner of a garage can provide sufficient space for a practical mudroom. In a limited space go for the mudroom essentials with a bench for swapping footwear that doubles as a place to tidy shoes so they don’t become a trip hazard, and hooks for coats. Here a shelf with a built-in drawer adds extra storage for items such as gloves.

10. Use a garage mudroom to free up upstairs closets 

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

Bedroom closets are easily filled and a garage mudroom can be a better place to keep many essentials, ensuring they are ready for any journey.

‘Incorporating bins into your mudroom can help keep seasonal items organized,’ says Kristiana Laugen, home expert at Handy . 

‘From gloves, mittens and hats to flip-flops and baseball caps, moving those smaller items into the mudroom will save you some upstairs closet space, and will make sure they’re easily accessible for any last minute trips.’

This mudroom is fitted with wicker baskets for a rustic appearance, but consider metal or clear versions if family members need a visual reminder of what goes where to stay tidy.  

Can a mudroom be in a garage?

The garage can be the ideal location for a mudroom. ‘Garage mudrooms are a great space to keep the things you’re using on a daily basis organized,’ says Handy expert Kristiana Laugen.

‘Especially for those moments when you’re rushing out the door to work, school or extracurricular activities, a garage mudroom keeps those grab-and-go items like your favorite jacket, everyday sneakers, rainboots or umbrellas easily accessible and organized for the daily hustle. 

‘Just as they can be the ideal solution for keeping these items organized, mudrooms can also become a pile of jackets and dirty shoes if they’re not properly set up. When looking to reorganize your mudroom, consider the ways you can make sure its organization will be maintained over time. One great way to keep it organized, especially for parents, is dividing the mudroom into sections for each family member. Having a designated hook, cubby or shelf for each person makes it easier for them to keep track of their items. It also holds everyone more accountable for putting their belongings in the right place.

‘You should also consider adding extra hooks for your little ones’ backpacks. Getting into the habit of keeping backpacks in the mudroom can resolve the morning shuffle of running around to find missing items. This makes the mudroom a kind of home base, where your little ones bring their school books and supplies the night before.’

Does a mudroom add value?

A mudroom can add value to your home. ‘People are always looking for more organizational space, and we do see more and more homeowners adding mudrooms to their renovation plans,’ says Justin Goldman, co-founder and CEO of RenoFI . 

‘In terms of value, you should never expect to get a 100 per cent return on investment for most renovation projects, including mudrooms. Mudrooms certainly will add value, but as for how much, it comes down to the individual renovation project. 

‘In certain markets where mudrooms are more popular, more valuable or more sought after you can get a higher ROI for sure. But this definitely varies based on your specific project, your home, and where you live. 

‘Mudrooms are custom and unique, and having one will give your home the potential to stand out on the housing market.’

Sarah is a freelance journalist and editor. Previously executive editor of Ideal Home, she’s specialized in interiors, property and gardens for over 20 years, and covers interior design, house design, gardens, and cleaning and organizing a home for H&G. She’s written for websites, including Houzz, Channel 4’s flagship website, 4Homes, and Future’s T3; national newspapers, including The Guardian; and magazines including Future’s Country Homes & Interiors, Homebuilding & Renovating, Period Living, and Style at Home, as well as House Beautiful, Good Homes, Grand Designs, Homes & Antiques, LandLove and The English Home among others. It’s no big surprise that she likes to put what she writes about into practice, and is a serial house renovator. 

20 Super Functional DIY Garage Mudrooms

Mud Room | Mudroom | Organizing | Roundup | Storage and Organization

Today I’m sharing some DIY garage mudroom spaces where people have used created mudroom style storage in a part of their garage.

I know I’ve talked several times before about how our dream home would include a huge mudroom area. A full wall of storage cabinetry and a bench as well as hooks for taking care of all the in-and-out of the house clutter. Shoes, boots, coats, bags, backpacks, and purses…

I’ve even shared posts about dream mudroom spaces here; but alas our home has basically a hallway that doubles as a laundry room and a few tight hooks near the door that very quickly become overwhelmed if we each add one coat and one bag to them… I’ve racked my brain over the years about ways to create more space within this tiny hallway mudroom area, and even shared some short term solutions in this post as well as a collection of small and functional mudrooms here.

But!! These short term solutions are just that…and I have my mind set on carving out a bigger and more functional corner of our garage to turn into a mudroom.

Yes! You read that correctly! Our garage!

I’ve seen a few of these DIY Garage Mudrooms on Pinterest over the years, and am really inspired to make this solution work for our family, as well! So today I’ve gathered together some lovely DIY garage mudrooms to help inspire this project, and I thought you might be interested in this creative solution to a small-house issue if, like us, your home is lacking in the mudroom department. {If you also lack a garage, you may be interested in my post about small and functional entry ways here}.

To be taken to the original post and learn more about any of these spaces and DIY garage mudroom makeovers, simply click on the link listed below the image!

Via Keeping it Simple

Via  Simply Organized

Via Taryn Whitaker

Via Emily A. Clark

Via Dixie Delights

Via Sypsie

Via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Via Crazy Wonderful

Via Triple the Blessings 

Via (if you know the original source please let me know)

Via I heart organizing

Via Kim Six Fix

Via Princess Pinky Girl

Via East Coast Creative

Via Wild Ruffle


Refresh Restyle Via House of Turquoise

Via A Thoughtful Place

Via Curbly

Via My Kids Eat off the Floor

The key ingredients to creating a mud room in your garage seem to be:

  1. A bench or seating area
  2. Hooks for hanging coats and backpacks
  3. Shoe storage cubbies or shelves
  4. Extra storage bins if room for them
  5. Other shelving or baskets for in/out types of items

I would like all these aspects, in addition to a coat closet style unit if possible. I’m thinking it might be Ikea PAX to the rescue again! This garage mudroom project will be part of a larger garage makeover project that we would like to tackle this fall, if everything else in our life works out in a certain manner… lots of time to plan for the best organizing solutions! I hope you’ve found some inspiration for making your own in/out entrance that much more functional for your family’s needs.




We increase the living area of ​​the house due to the garage

Claire Paquin, a designer and mother of two, was desperate to have an entryway in her New York City home. The only problem was that it was impossible to make her in the Tudor era style with majestic architectural details that her whole family loves because of the small space.

Only for visitors to the Small Interiors, we will tell you what to do when you really need a furnished entrance hall.

Room redevelopment

Claire decided to select from the side of the garage adjacent to the house (the door on the right leads to the cars) an area 1. 5 m wide and 4 m long to arrange an entrance-wardrobe. And for comfortable parking, I expanded the garage on the other side.

“If I ever designed a house from scratch, I would make a giant hallway,” says the owner. Her design firm is in the same building, so the aisle is packed with at least three employees and four family members. nine0003

"We had to constantly walk between coats, hats, backpacks and sports equipment, we really needed a dressing room."

For the new entryway, Claire used a lead glass door and window from the original home. It was more of an aesthetic choice than a practical one - it would have been very dark without them.

Hanger arrangement

A row of bottom hooks makes it possible to use the area under the window. Hangers at this height are comfortable for children and motivate them to put away their belongings. nine0003

The choice of the design of the hooks themselves is also not accidental. According to the designer, it is quite difficult to find the right option. These are strong, double, rounded: you can not be afraid to pierce the fabric with them.

Entrance hall interior design

Ceramic granite metallized tiles were also chosen not by chance. According to the hostess, she hides the dirt remaining from street shoes, which is especially important in the autumn-winter period.

Bench and mirror provide every member of the family with a comfortable place to get ready to go. This is especially important for children: you can sit down to take off or put on your shoes. nine0003

Higher hooks for adults. They are crowned with children's drawings hung on a rope.

“Many people want to make a gallery of their kids' creative achievements. I really like this idea, and in the hallway there was just a place for its implementation. I just stretched the wire with clips, and all the latest children's masterpieces are sent to this art wall. Pictures are constantly changing as new ones appear. After all, art is in constant motion.

Home storage systems

At the end of the room, next to the passage that leads to the garage or the living room, there is a storage area, specially designed and equipped in such a way that it does not block the passage.

Depth 33 cm shelving unit is white lacquered on the outside and metallic on the inside, so it fits perfectly into the color scheme of the room.

It was necessary to choose something durable and practical. Dark paint hides the scuffs that occur when you have to take or put things in place, and gives volume. nine0003

The designer keeps a shelving unit filled with seasonal items. Now, in the gymnastic season, there is a container for leotards, and in the summer there will be a box with bathing suits. This creates less fuss before going out and saves time.

The mistress of the house regrets only one thing: there is no way to arrange a cozy place for visitors.

Claire Paquin believes that the value of the hallway should not be underestimated.

“For me, this is the most important room in the house, it helps us stay organized and reduces the stress of finding the things we need before we leave,” she says. nine0003 Categories: Garage Design
Locations: Garage Design • Shelving Design • Storage Systems

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Before and after: renovated garage for the whole family

Usually we invite you to the living room, but not this time. We invite you to the garage! Meet the new issue of "IDEAS FOR HOME with IKEA" and its heroes: Stas, who loves to spend time in the garage and Mantvindas Breive, who was invited to stay in the garage.

Fisherman's garage: not only fishing rods
Fishing is not just a hobby for our hero, but also a matter of life. Despite this, all his fishing rods are hidden in the garage, somewhere under the parts of his son's car, garden tools and other household items. Many things do not have their own place, and after use they are usually put anywhere. Almost everything is located on the floor, there are things on the shelves and homemade hooks. Tired of the mess and the constant waste of time looking for the right thing, Stas and his wife decided that it was time for a change. nine0003

Time for change!
After visiting the garage, the first thing that Mantvydas suggested was to sort out the garage and decide what things are really needed. By throwing out unnecessary things that will never be useful in everyday life, it will become more spacious in the garage and it will be convenient to arrange what the whole family constantly uses.

“If you want to clean up the clutter in your garage, loggia or
closet, make it more thoughtful and functional, you need to find the right storage solutions for yourself,
with them you can put everything in its place»

Mantvydas Breive, IKEA interior designer

Where did all the things go?
In truth, only a few things have disappeared from this garage forever. Everything else was hidden on shelves and in boxes. In the updated garage, everything has changed completely, thoughtful storage for all appliances and tools. Mantvidas painted the room in bright colors, proving that a garage can also be a cozy and comfortable place in your home. nine0003

Everything on the shelves
New HEJNE shelving units made of wood, will store heavy things. Raw wood can be treated with oil, wax or simply painted, thereby making the rack even stronger. This rack can be supplemented with new sections. Mantvidas decided that heavy items should be placed on the lower shelves so that they do not have to be pulled out with difficulty, things that are most used on the shelves at face level. On the upper shelves there were boxes with PAPPIS lids for small items, and the rest was put in SAMLA boxes. The boxes are clear plastic and easy to find what you need. Thanks to the lids, the contents will be in order, and the boxes can be stacked one on top of the other. nine0003

Kitchen in the garage
The garage is a very interesting place, and time flies there, sometimes there is no time to wash hands or eat lunch. From a practical point of view, a SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen was installed in the garage, which is easy to install and also easy to remove. Towels can be hung on a bar with hooks, and a lot of tools can be hung on a trolley. SORTERA waste sorting boxes are located under the sink.

For other items
When planning your garage, it is important to remember that things will be stored there that will be dirty or not very attractive. HYLLIS shelving unit made of hardened steel, durable and easy to clean. This shelving unit has a plastic cover that is easy to put on and take off and does a great job of hiding clutter and keeping things dust-free.

Learn more