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The materials used underfoot can set the tone of a room – in these spaces the flooring ideas are the stars. The floor is one of a room’s largest surfaces, so careful consideration of flooring ideas is imperative to the success of any design. 

A floor’s appearance is important, naturally, but so too is how it feels to walk on, how it will stand up to the room’s activities and its atmosphere in the case of kitchens and bathrooms, and how much maintenance it will require.

Wood is eternally stylish and popular for many interior design schemes, but there are a dazzling array of additional options that might tempt and, here, we’ve put together flooring ideas for rooms around the home.

Flooring ideas

From hardwood and natural stone to clever lookalikes and soft and warm carpet and area rugs, these flooring ideas and expert voices can help inspire a room remodel.

1. Add charm underfoot with natural materials

(Image credit: Maddux Creative)

When it comes to entryway floor ideas, it pays to add interest to this welcoming space. Patterns can be subtle and sophisticated, particularly when decorating with natural materials in neutral colorways. Jo le Gleud, co-founder of interior design studio Maddux Creative , says the marble references for this London townhouse were from Villa Planchart (the house Gio Ponti designed for his clients Anala and Armando Planchart in Caracas, Venezuela). 

‘We use marble patterned like this for any high-traffic areas; the colors chosen resonate with the antique mosaic on the wall in this entrance-meets-boot room,’ says Jo. ‘All other areas are so much softer with the Parquet de Versailles, which was the default throughout the rest of the lower and upper ground floors of this house.

2. Add vibrancy with patterned tiles

(Image credit: Elizabeth Hay)

In a kitchen adding a patterned kitchen floor tile is a wonderful way to bring another decorative element to a room where it is mostly hard surfaces, says interior decorator Elizabeth Hay . She designed this kitchen with green-and-white floor tiles, teal cabinets, a teak table and rattan stools for clients in Singapore. Overhead is a light from Hector Finch and she’s added tongue-and-groove cladding to the ceiling for extra texture.

‘The kitchen is now the heart of the home and we want it to feel like a room we can relax in rather than just see it as a utilitarian space,’ says Elizabeth. ‘Adding a pattern to the floor is one way of creating interest and can be achieved in a practical way through floor tile ideas which are easy to keep clean.’ 

3. Introduce character with reclaimed flooring

(Image credit: Lykke Foged & Morten Holtum)

Salvaged floorboards instantly lend a room character. Anyone wanting to preserve or recreate a historic interior will find that perfectly matched boards in a uniform shade of brown will jar with antique furniture and fabrics. The best bet is to head to a salvage yard and pick up reclaimed timber instead. 

This room was designed by Maria Speake and Adam Hills of Retrouvius using salvaged boards and tile inlays from Emery & Cie for a family who like to entertain. Bear in mind that although reclaimed boards are cheaper to buy, they are more expensive to install. ‘Be creative with the direction that the timbers are laid – parquet can be used in numerous configurations,’ says Nick Hughes of Retrouvius.

4. Lay down traditional stone

(Image credit: Anson Smart)

Stone flooring types can sometimes risk looking beautiful but feeling cold – perhaps more so in northern Europe than in the sunny south. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to play around with shapes and colors to create visual warmth. The Australian decorator Tamsin Johnson brings her eclectic, bohemian eye to every project, mixing vintage and modern sculpture and art set against a clean, refreshing background. 

In this project for a hotel in Sydney’s Byron Bay, she chose travertine stone in various colors to create a patterned floor that sets the scene for other captivating pieces or art and furniture, including sculpted sandstone, rattan furniture and cotton and linen fabrics.

5. Make waves with pattern and paint

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Inject some fun and drama into a room by using the floorboards as a painted canvas. Choosing a bright color for an all over block effect is one option: regard it as another surface to introduce color that complements a design scheme. But you can go a step further by adding a stencil design or another hand-painted effect for extra character and interest. 

In this London sitting room, decorative artist John Harragan was commissioned by the owner to paint a series of irregular swirls across the length of the room. Made by using cut-out templates and painted in a smart black-and-white monochrome, the soothing waves make a strong design statement against the bold sea-blue rug and hot pink curtains

6. Fall for natural stone in the kitchen

(Image credit: Martin Moore)

Put stone on your list of possible kitchen flooring ideas. Using any of the different stone flooring types ensures your kitchen floor has the unique beauty that comes with a natural material. Natural stone will also stand up to the foot traffic of a busy family home – and is a wonderful flooring idea for entryways, hallways and bathrooms, too. 

To make a small kitchen look bigger, and a larger room feel as spacious as possible, consider a large format tile which minimizes the grout lines that can make a floor look busy. ‘Also, if you choose a grout color that is complementary to the tile color, the grout will be less noticeable which again helps to open the space out,’ says Isabel Fernandez of Quorn Stone .

7. Elevate a living room with hardwood

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd Photograph: Jan Baldwin)

Hardwood flooring is the number one choice for living spaces for many people. It looks attractive when first installed, and with proper maintenance will become even more beautiful with age. 

Using wood is a great way to create a cohesive look for open floor plans and area rugs can zone the space while still leaving plenty of wood on show to make its warm and attractive impression. Taking this approach? ‘Living room rugs should always be considered early in the design process and can be used to anchor a space and plan furnishings and accessories around,’ says Noemie Deed, founder of Cosy Coco .

8. Make care easy with porcelain 

(Image credit: Stone & Ceramic Warehouse Photograph:

If stone is high on your list of bathroom flooring ideas, but keeping it looking its best is a concern, take a look at porcelain tile – it's a fail-safe, versatile flooring idea. ‘Large format porcelain tile can be used in a wide variety of settings as it is virtually indestructible and stainproof, as well as being impervious to water,’ says Jo Oliver, director of The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse . 

Porcelain can replicate the appearance of other materials, including marble or limestone, to give the room an upscale look without the associated care needs of real stone. ‘Thanks to advantages in technology, digital printing has allowed porcelain tiles to be produced with a “natural” variation from tile to tile just as you would see on the actual stone,’ says Jo. ‘This reproduction is so accurate that these imitation porcelain tiles are now often indistinguishable from the real thing.’

9. Bring pattern to an entryway

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd Photograph: Richard Powers)

Flooring for an entryway has to be hard wearing, easy to clean, and look welcoming as it’s the first part of your home visitors see. Patterned tile is an option that can fulfill all these criteria – and it makes a fabulous contribution to the decor, too. 

Choose from geometrically patterned ceramic or porcelain tile to create a sophisticated look. Porcelain is denser and less porous, but ceramic – provided it is a tile designed for flooring – can fit the bill. 

10. Add interest with parquet

(Image credit: Junckers)

Make a living room floor a feature by opting for parquet in place of wood planks. Herringbone or chevron versions are classic flooring ideas, but examine the potential of alternative patterns to make a decorative impression.

‘The trend for parquet floors sees no signs of abating and a newer addition to the classic look is a hexagonal parquet floor,’ says Richard Aylen of Junckers . Team a parquet like this one with plain neutral walls to make the floor the star of the show.

11. Pick wood for its versatility in the kitchen

(Image credit: Ledbury Studio)

One of the best reasons to choose a hardwood floor for the kitchen is that it can complement traditional, contemporary, and transitional room styles, as well as the increasingly popular organic/natural look. ‘Wood floors are one of the cornerstones of any interior and are versatile enough to adapt to any scheme,’ says Robert Walsh, founder and owner of Ted Todd .

Another reason it’s a favorite among flooring ideas for this room? ‘The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and wood flooring is the perfect choice as it adds warmth and character to a room that already has so many positive connotations,’ says Robert.

12. Dress up a living room with patterned carpet

(Image credit: Brintons)

Be bold in selecting carpet ideas and swap plain neutrals for pattern from wall to wall. 

‘Patterned carpet is very versatile and is a contemporary and practical solution for the modern home,’ says Rupert Anton of the Carpet Foundation . ‘It has reinvented itself with fresh, modern styles, from stripes to plaids, botanicals to houndstooth, and the choice is huge. It adds glamour and makes a fantastic style statement in a room, providing an eye-catching result. On a practical level, it also hides a multitude of sins!’

13. Warm up the bathroom

(Image credit: Amtico)

For a bathroom that’s used by young family members, consider LVT (luxury vinyl tile) as a flooring option. It has the benefit of being more forgiving as a surface than other bathroom options and is warm for bare feet as well. It’s also hard wearing and resists stains.  

Think about mixing and matching LVT designs to personalize the room. Here patterned tile makes the bathtub the centerpiece with a stone-look tile beyond. 

14. Choose a contemporary tone for wood

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd Photograph: Davide Lovatti)

If you are looking for bedroom flooring ideas that are easy to update, consider wood – but don’t just consider the different tones of brown wood flooring to create a neutral backdrop, and match it with bedroom rug ideas. Gray wood is a fabulous alternative and ideal for combining with other gray shades for walls and upholstery to create a contemporary bedroom design.

A gray finish has the advantage of leaving the grain and character of hardwood apparent, and it’s possible to pick warmer, darker takes on the color or lighter, Scandi-style options to complement the remainder of the decor.

15. Correct bedroom proportions with stripes

(Image credit: Kersaint Cobb)

When a bedroom’s proportions are awkward a striped bedroom carpet can perform a visual trick. It could make the space feel wider or longer as required as it draws the eye along the dimension. 

Striped carpet also ticks the boxes for softness and comfort for feet in a bedroom, so it’ll give the space a cozy vibe. This type of flooring idea might also be the right choice because it provides sound insulation as well as keeping the space warmer.

What is the most popular flooring in homes today?

Hardwood retains its desirability in many homes today, and offers many benefits. Adrienne Robideaux with Animal Cracker Studio  says, ‘Wood floors allow for continuity between rooms while providing a neutral canvas for the furnishings in each room to take center stage. 

‘Particularly in family homes, continuing a wood floor throughout the house allows each child’s bedroom decor to evolve as they grow while still connecting to the home as a whole. 

‘Reclaimed wood (much like vintage rugs) is a great choice for family spaces because it already has character. White oak is also an excellent choice for those looking for lighter floors (the darker the wood floor, the more dirt you see!) in a warm yet still neutral brown.

What are the flooring trends for 2023?

Flooring trends for 2023 frequently tend to the bold and the colorful but natural shades, sometimes as part of the subtlest of patterns, are equally part of the mix for those who prefer floors to be more understated.

For carpet, pattern is an important trend as well as bold color, while classic neutrals remain a fashion-forward option. Think hardwood flooring in either gray tones or very pale finishes for the latest look if that material is your preference.

Look out, too, for natural stone – or authentic lookalikes – with strong veining, the continuing presence of patterned floor tile, or the new take on tile which offers sophisticated metallic effects.

Sarah is a freelance journalist and editor. Previously executive editor of Ideal Home, she’s specialized in interiors, property and gardens for over 20 years, and covers interior design, house design, gardens, and cleaning and organizing a home for H&G. She’s written for websites, including Houzz, Channel 4’s flagship website, 4Homes, and Future’s T3; national newspapers, including The Guardian; and magazines including Future’s Country Homes & Interiors, Homebuilding & Renovating, Period Living, and Style at Home, as well as House Beautiful, Good Homes, Grand Designs, Homes & Antiques, LandLove and The English Home among others. It’s no big surprise that she likes to put what she writes about into practice, and is a serial house renovator. 

20 flooring ideas for home renovation - RTF

The flooring of any interior space sets the tone for it ground up. It is also one of the more permanent features of a defined area. You can change how the walls’ look, but it is hard to do the same with flooring, except perhaps by using somethings that covers it up, i.e. Area rugs. So basically, the carpets in Dubai is the most exposed part of the interiors, and it impacts the overall décor theme a lot. 

If you are on the verge of a floor remodel project or maybe deciding on the flooring of a new home, it is essential to understand all aspects of the process. There area slip-resistant flooring option numerous materials – from natural to synthetic and engineered – available, each with its own sets of pros and cons. And there are just so many exhaustive ranges of designs and prices available.

But choosing the best flooring for a house can be a daunting task, so before you delve deeper, let us give you a complete look down on everything flooring related!

Here we go!

1. HardwoodHardwood ©

If you’re thinking of putting in wood floors, you can never go wrong. All types of hardwood floors have unmatched natural beauty and go with any type of decor. Hardwood flooring goes with any room, any setting, but it is said that special considerations are needed for kitchens and basements. They are a very attractive option, but unfortunately, they don’t fit into everyone’s pocket. You see, hardwood flooring can be pretty hefty on your budget. Plus, these floors can be damaged, which should undoubtedly be taken into consideration.

Installing hardwood floors is not something that everyone can get done right. In other words, you need highly skilled workers and experts that are able to get hardwood floors done right. Make sure that if you are planning to get some hardwood floors done, it is best that you get in touch with a leading renovation company in Dubai. Since this is going to be a major investment on your part, you want everything to be just perfect.

2. TileTile ©

It is very old, the most common, and one of the most popular types of flooring. The tiles available are mostly coloured and glazed and come in many kinds like vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, etc. But the shortcoming to tile is that it is very cold. Also, it can crack, so its durability should be gauged considering which room you would be using it in. Tile is known to be a  great flooring option for a multitude of reasons. The very first reason is that it isn’t costly. Plus, the tile is waterproof, which is an excellent boon for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. There are many types of floor tiles one can refer from, there’s plenty of options offered by various companies.

3. VinylVinyl ©

Vinyl makes for a friendly flooring option. It’s affordable and can be used in any part of the house, and is pretty sound-absorbent, too. If looking for a material that replicates the appearance of cold flooring materials like hardwood and stone, this comes out to be a perfect choice. However, the prices of vinyl vary greatly depending upon the types. Also, it should be kept in mind that vinyl can tear and dent easily.

4. LaminateLaminate ©

Laminate flooring use has grown significantly over the years, perhaps because it is easier to install and maintain than traditional surfaces. It also has the advantage of costing a very meagre amount and also requiring less skill to install than alternative flooring materials. It is hygienic, reasonably durable and relatively easy to maintain. The only drawback is that once it gets ruined, it has to be replaced. There is no other alternative. 

5. CorkCork ©4.×500.jpg

It is a natural material obtained from the outer bark of a cork oak tree. It is available in the form of coloured tiles and sheets. Cork is in trend for flooring these days. It brings a natural feeling for flooring. Cork flooring has so many wonderful benefits to boast of other than it being sustainable. It is an excellent insulator meaning you won’t walk on it bare feet and be cold. It is soft, which will make your feet feel good. Also,  If you are worried about germs, this type of floor is mold resistant and antimicrobial which adds another star to this flooring.

Plus, it is environmentally friendly and great at absorbing sounds. The downsides to cork are that furniture can leave grooves on it, and it can become discoloured by the sunlight. It will also be ruined if standing water is left on it.

6. RubberRubber ©

Rubber flooring might sound odd, but there are a few cases where it would prove to be a good option. It requires little care and absorbs sound too. So for a gym or an athletic setting, it is a good option. It isn’t super soft, but if it is used for working out on it, it is suitable for joints. Rubber flooring can be made from either natural tree rubber or from synthetic materials, which are often recycled from vehicle tires. These materials are appropriate for an exceedingly, durable and low-maintenance surface option.

7. Plastic or PVC Flooring:PVC ©

It is made from Polyvinyl Chloride. These tiles are colourful and have a very smooth top surface and a rough lower surface.PVC is known to be impervious to water and for its long-wearing durability.

8. Plywood Farmhouse FloorsPlywood farmhouse floors ©

It is a very durable flooring material, very inexpensive and extremely simple. Plus, if one of the boards goes bad, it is affordable to fix and maintain the floor. Also, the textures available are all very pretty.

9. Concrete FlooringConcrete flooring ©

It is an excellent flooring option. It is quite expensive. However, this floor is very functional and would be suitable for a basement. Also, it is very cold.

10. Red Oxide FlooringRed oxide flooring ©

Technically speaking, it is cement oxide flooring that is red in colour. It was introduced by Portuguese and Italian traders first in Kerala and has been around for ages. It is a very cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain option which looks quite elegant. It is cool to the touch, and they make for an ideal flooring option for homes located in warm or tropical locations Faisal Hills. It gives a lustrous finish that just gets better with time. Laying it is a very tedious job and requires an experienced mason. Furthermore, it may develop cracks due to exposure to the extreme climate, which is why it is best suited for indoors.

Floor coverings: selection and advice from designers

December 23, 2022

Floor and wall coverings set the tone for the entire interior. This is the base on which the rest of the interior elements are superimposed: furniture, decor, lighting. And if a sofa or a lamp can be easily replaced, then the flooring is usually laid "once and for all." That is why it is so important to evaluate whether the selected flooring suits your interior according to all criteria. For what? Learn from the advice of professional designers. nine0005

Article content:

  • Porcelain stoneware: durable and versatile
  • Marble: perfection from nature
  • Parquet 一 is not better for an apartment
  • Laminate is a practical choice
  • Add softness! Carpets and rugs 一 for comfort

Porcelain stoneware: durable and versatile

Porcelain stoneware is a popular alternative to natural stone. Just as strong and durable, it is much less demanding in care and provides almost limitless opportunities for creative experiments.

material features. The versatility of porcelain stoneware is expressed in different aspects.

Firstly, it can be laid both on the floor and on the walls, and also used as a cladding for furniture facades. This allows you to create harmonious spaces, uniformly designed in horizontal and vertical planes. It is possible to purchase only one type of porcelain stoneware in different sizes and thus completely eliminate the risk of a visual "conflict" between the floor and wall coverings. nine0005

Secondly, porcelain stoneware flooring is appropriate in most rooms of the house and in any public spaces. Bathroom, hallway, dining room, kitchen, dressing room, pantry, office or living room - almost everywhere porcelain tile is a powerful competitor to other types of flooring. Unless in the bedroom and children's porcelain tiles they prefer parquet and carpet.

Interior use.

Designers value porcelain stoneware for its huge selection of colors and patterns. Often, porcelain stoneware imitates other, more expensive and capricious materials: marble and wood. By the way, it is almost impossible to distinguish high-quality marble imitation from natural stone by eye, experts confirm. nine0044

Manufacturers are not limited to imitation of marble and parquet and create unusual collections, for example, imitating concrete, crocodile skin or even Persian carpets. Bold and exotic!

Porcelain stoneware does not always pretend to be something else. It is also good on its own when decorated with designer prints, ancient ornaments or, for example, embossing.

Porcelain stoneware can be painted over to the full depth, and then if the top layer is damaged, the aesthetic effect will not change. But with mechanical damage to the surface pattern, the body of the tile will become noticeable. nine0005

Glossy porcelain stoneware 一 is the choice of perfectionists. The space becomes more airy, and the floor literally sparkles with cleanliness. But only if it is really perfectly clean: after all, every mote and speck of dust on a glossy surface is especially noticeable.

Matte surfaces are less demanding on perfect cleanliness, and also less slippery, therefore they are recommended for bathrooms and hallways where there is a risk of slipping.

Italian oven BELTRATTO mod.FS6570NItalian oven BELTRATTO mod.FS6570Bhood FALMEC DESIGN+ ELLITTICA
  • Italian oven BELTRATTO mod.FS6570N
  • Italian oven BELTRATTO mod.FS6570B

Marble: natural perfection

And yet, marble does not lose ground in the ranking of the most popular flooring. Many designers believe that no analogues can replace the beauty and uniqueness of a natural pattern. And although marble is capricious in care, interiors in classical and palace style will always be true to this material. nine0005

material features. Durable and wear-resistant, marble is quite demanding in care. Detergents with abrasives and acids are prohibited. Marble requires regular polishing and treatment with compounds that prevent the absorption of dirt. In general, marble flooring is heavier than porcelain stoneware and more difficult to install. The thickness of marble slabs directly depends on their length. And, unlike porcelain stoneware, marble can significantly hide space, which is often critical for rooms with low ceilings. nine0005

Marble is a cold material, so those who like to walk on the floor barefoot are advised to install a heated floor.

Interior use.

Marble has long been used in luxurious and exclusive interiors. Palace, classical and neoclassical style 一 is a direct indication for laying marble floor. Usually, light marble is chosen for such interiors, which sets a solemn atmosphere.

Marble glares in the light, so you should think over the lighting scenario in advance so that the glare looks beautiful, and not like a flaw. nine0005

A lot of marble 一 always runs the risk of making the room too cold and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is undesirable to use marble immediately as a floor and wall covering in a home interior. In a room with a marble floor, it is recommended to actively use “warm” materials for contrast: wooden furniture, fluffy carpets, accessories made of fur, straw and clay.

Parquet - best for apartment no

Wooden flooring differs from marble and porcelain stoneware in its "warm" character. Modern parquet 一 is a large selection of wood species, colors and laying methods. nine0005

material features. Wood is a natural material with a warm surface that is pleasant to walk on barefoot. The tree is afraid of water, high humidity and sudden temperature changes. But modern parquet is treated with compounds that help the material survive adverse conditions painlessly. Wooden parquet has a beautiful natural pattern.

Interior use.

Wooden flooring 一 is a classic that is appropriate in a variety of interiors: from Provence and country to loft and Scandinavian style. Of course, shabby chic parquet for a high-status study and dining room will be very different in color and pattern. nine0044

Traditionally, parquet is laid in the bedroom, dining room, living room and office. But modern moisture-resistant options are also used in the hallway and even in the bathroom.

It is generally accepted that defects in raw materials in the form of chips or knots reduce the class of parquet: such a coating is definitely not suitable for classic interiors. However, country, shabby chic or Provence will take such features as a "zest".

Motley and bright parquet looks good in spacious rooms, where the floor becomes a prominent part of the interior. In small rooms, it is worth giving preference to neutral shades and patterns. nine0005 Engineered Walnut American NatureFrench Christmas Tree LOUVRE Oak Nero Brush

  • Engineered Walnut American Nature
  • French Christmas tree LOUVRE Oak Nero brush

Laminate - practical choice

Laminate is absolutely ubiquitous. As a flooring, it is used in all rooms of the house: from the bathroom and hallway to the kitchen, bedroom and living room.

material features. High-quality laminate can be a good alternative to parquet. Visual and tactile characteristics are almost the same, while the laminate is much less finicky to clean and affordable. The main complaint about laminate 一 is the potential health hazard. But this does not apply to the premium segment laminate, which even passes such strict certification as the German The Blue Angel. nine0005

Interior use.

Laminate compares favorably with parquet in a variety of colors and textures. Laminate, like

and porcelain stoneware, is prone to imitation: popular designs are concrete, sandstone and marble. Designers recommend using a wide board in a small room to expand its boundaries. The life hack seems paradoxical, but it really works.

The use of one floor covering for all rooms creates a feeling of a solid interior, allows you to visually unify the space. A useful technique for small apartments, and the laminate will help to apply it. nine0005

Add softness! Carpets and rugs 一 for comfort

The carpet is both functional and decorative element of the interior. And also 一 mobile: bored in the living room 一 was transferred to the bedroom. The carpet differs from the carpet fundamentally 一 as a full-fledged floor covering from the "cape".

material features. Carpets are made from different materials: from natural cotton and wool to synthetic. Handmade carpets are of the greatest value, often created using traditional technologies by hereditary craftsmen. Carpet is often synthetic or semi-synthetic. nine0005

Interior use.

Carpets are a symbol of luxury and status. It is logical, because a handmade Persian carpet 一 thrown under your feet is a clear sign of well-being in the house. Carpets make any interior expressive and cozy.

If there is a lot of natural stone and metal in the room, you definitely need a decor that will balance the cold of these materials and enliven the interior. Carpet does the job best. Carpet is usually used in the children's room. This safe, soft surface is great for kids and minimizes the risk of serious injury from a fall. nine0005

In the classic version, porcelain stoneware is chosen as the flooring for the bathroom, parquet for the living room, and parquet combined with a carpet for the bedroom. But modern production technologies and design trends make it possible to break the rules: for example, choose parquet for the bathroom and kitchen, and porcelain stoneware for the living room. The main thing is that the coating matches the overall style of the interior. In small spaces, it is better to give preference to a neutral solid color flooring. Cold materials are best balanced with wooden furniture and textile decor. And the carpet will add coziness to any interior, whether it is a palace style with its predilection for marble or a cozy Provence with its love of nature and attention to detail. nine0005

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Floor finishing: 12 options for flooring from the photo

Apartments We tell you what other unusual solutions designers use in their projects.

Glossy surface

This floor finish, which is not the most popular in Russia, came in handy in a house near St. , so that such glossy plates give the space a futuristic look; and secondly, the rooms are surrounded by huge windows-walls and the mirror surface emphasizes the light and air in the room in the best possible way.

Tiles with bright inserts

Experiments with flooring continued further: in the same house, floor tiles were laid in the children's room, they quietly creep from bathrooms to bedrooms, visually uniting and enlarging spaces. So, in the son’s bedroom there is a white herringbone tile with neon yellow-green inserts, and in the daughter’s bedroom there is a medium format black and white tile from Ornamenta.

The same tile, but with blue stains, was used throughout her project by Elena Gorenshtein: such an original floor dilutes the atmosphere with classic elements and pieces of furniture. In addition, the designer introduces other types of decoration into the interior. So, Elena laid out the wall behind the head of the bed with small black hexagonal tiles with contrasting white grout. nine0005


Tarrazzo is another way to bring brightness to the interior, but in living rooms, calm color combinations are more often preferred. Designer Anastasia Brandt chose a monochrome gray-white flooring for the project of an apartment to rent, it was laid both in the bathroom and in the common area, the same material was used for window sills. “It took three months to fill the floor, and nine months in total to repair. It was a long experiment, and it turned out to be a wear-resistant and fashionable coating,” says the designer. nine0005

Ilya and Svetlana Khomyakov also offered their customers flooring with terrazzo effect. “The conceptual idea of ​​this project is the unity of the architecture of the house and the interior,” explains Ilya. “It was impossible to use classical decorative techniques here, so we started from the space, which we complemented and emphasized with the help of color and shapes.” Hence the numerous lines on the floor that soften the carpets of complex shapes - they were made to order according to the sketches of the authors of the project and laid in the busiest points of the apartment: in the sofa area, in the dining room and on the way from room to room. nine0005


Designer Maria Solovieva-Sosnovik did not waste time on trifles and covered the floors in the living room and bedroom with green carpet. Green has become a bright accent of the spaces, which are shrouded in gray textured walls made of stone-like bamboo volumetric panels. “All the unusual and bold decisions were made easily and were seen as an interesting experiment that should be trusted,” says Maria.

Concrete floor

An alternative to carpet (which may seem completely impractical to some) is a concrete floor. Alexandra Potapova from Workshop Studio often uses this finish in her projects. For some customers, the designer poured concrete floors twice, in two different houses - the customers liked its appearance and practicality so much: this material looks great even after many years, cracks and chips do not appear on it. nine0005

And in the apartment for rent, on which the designers of the INT2 studio worked, the floor was made of concrete for another reason - in order to save materials and repair costs as much as possible. The concrete screed was imperfectly sanded and painted with a semi-gloss paint for concrete floors, the ceiling was simply painted without leveling, just like the walls: they were covered with a thin layer of putty for painting, such a coating is easy to restore locally if necessary, without repainting the entire wall (convenient in apartments for rent) . Moreover, such “non-ideality” looks more convincing and reliable in historical houses than flawless walls. nine0005

This can make a concrete look look complicated. The floor in the interior of the house on the coast of the Gulf of Finland at first glance seems to be concrete, then when viewed it resembles slate, but in fact it is lined with porcelain stoneware.

Painted parquet

Designer Maria Pilipenko for the interior of the apartment opposite the Shukhov Tower chose the usual parquet, but the color turned out to be non-standard - blue. “Previously, there was no parquet in such apartments, the concrete floor was painted in minium brown, but since we did not pursue the goal of repeating the historical interior, we chose a brighter shade,” Maria explains. nine0005

Unusually shaped parquet and solid wood

In addition to color, you can experiment with shape. So, designer Galina Shashkova used parquet with hexagonal elements in an apartment in Moscow City, and designer Ekaterina Lesnykh decorated the floor with separate hexagonal “cells” carved from solid wood.

Learn more