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What is a wet room?

A wet room is a totally waterproofed or tanked bathroom with a shower area at the same level as the rest of the floor. The water drains away through a flush drain within the shower area.  As the walls and floor are sealed by a waterproof membrane, there is no risk of runaway water causing damage.

A truly open, fully tiled wet room removes the need for an enclosure for or tray walk in showers, although many people prefer to install a glass screen to prevent water splashing outside the shower area.

As the floor of the showering area is completely level with the rest of the room, wet rooms are ideal for those with mobility issues. This is especially helpful for those who need help to move effortlessly in and out of walk in showers. A wet room is a great way of utilizing space effectively and can be installed on both the ground and upper floors of your home, whether the floor is of timber or concrete construction. It requires less maintenance and cleaning than a usual bathroom thanks to the greater area reached by the shower water, and this makes a wet room a hygienic option and suitable for all the family.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

There are so many benefits of installing a wet room that we’ve put together a list of the top 10!  We think they’ll help you understand how a wet room can transform yours or your clients’ bathing experience.

There is something aspirational about a wet room! Unsurprisingly the demand for open plan living has increased as more homeowners are changing their outdated bathrooms into ultra-sleek, contemporary wet rooms, complete with walk in showers. This gives the illusion of greater space and the feeling of pure luxury.

Phil Spencer, best known for Location, Location, Location suggests that adding a new bathroom to your home will add an extra 2. 88% to the value of it. A wet room is likely to add even more.

Thanks to the clean, minimal lines of a wet room, maintenance and cleaning are easier than a traditional bathroom, leaving you with more time to enjoy your luxurious shower.

You may have heard of the term ‘Inclusive Design’ which applies to the principal that a subject – in this case a bathroom – has been designed for use by anyone regardless of their age or ability. Put simply, thanks to the showering area of a wet room being flush with the rest of the bathroom, it provides easy access for all ages and abilities.

The innovative Modular Wet-Floor system available from CCL Wetrooms enables any size or shape of wet room to be created and is not only versatile, but offers complete design flexibility at a cost effective price point.

It is a myth that wet rooms cannot be installed upstairs in your home. In fact, wet rooms can be fitted throughout the house on timber or concrete floors, using the appropriate floor formers and drainage systems depending on the floor build up. Wet rooms in loft conversions are fast becoming a popular choice for families looking to extend their living space. Key to ensuring any wet room is watertight, are effective waterproofing or “tanking” solutions.

Wet rooms are no longer solely for the rich and famous! Here at CCL Wetrooms we have introduced a new Modular Wet-Floor System which enables walk in showers or wet room solutions to be installed into any size of bathroom or en-suite cost effectively.

A completely waterproofed wet room gives you more space to shower in! They are great for creating the illusion of space in even the smallest of bathrooms. By removing an old bath or shower enclosure you can further maximize the space in your bathroom and create a real haven of tranquillity.

For added peace of mind when installing your wet room, our sister company Wetrooms UK, offers a 10-year installation guarantee.

A wet room installation from Wetrooms UK means you can be guaranteed a 100% watertight wet room – just the kind of peace of mind you’d expect from the UK’s leading waterproofing specialists.

For more information on wet rooms check out our wet room FAQs page.

What is a Wet Room Bathroom? Plus Pros, Cons & costs

(Above) Sweeten homeowners Liz and Kevin’s wet-room-style bathroom renovation

Designing a more efficient bathroom often means taking down barriers and smoothing traffic flow. Can opening the shower to the rest of the room create a more efficient, luxurious-feeling space? Sweeten explores the possibilities of this intriguing approach.

Sweeten matches home renovation projects with vetted general contractors, offering advice, support, and secure payments—at no cost to the homeowner.

What is a wet room bathroom? 

A wet room is a bathroom that typically has no enclosure separating the shower or tub from the rest of the bathroom. All of the walls and the flooring are sealed against water, just like the surfaces in a typical shower stall. 

The main flooring of the wet room is on the same level as the shower floor. The section of the wet room where the shower is located has a floor with a sharp slope to aid with water drainage. The rest of the bathroom floor is sloped toward the same drain. But the floor slope is more gradual.

Because there is so much water, bathroom facilities such as the toilet and sink are either raised or are water-sealed.

Due to how wet rooms work, the function of the room is prioritized over the style. Subsequently, most wet room design is clean and spare.

Why are wet rooms so popular?

Pros and cons of wet rooms



Features and special considerations

When you’re ready to begin your bathroom or home remodel, discuss with your Sweeten contractor if a wet room is possible in your space.

Wet room bathroom maintenance and cleaning

Homeowners may worry about installing wet room bathrooms on upper floors. Yet a professionally installed wet room is no different than locating a freestanding shower on an upper floor. The waterproofing methods are the same—just on a larger scale. Be aware that just like with any bathroom, a wet room could eventually spring a leak and require maintenance.

Wet room floors are easy to clean. You can clean the flooring with a mild floor cleaner and a rubber-bladed mop. Start on the far end of the room and push water toward the shower drain. You can also use a hand-held shower head as a hose.  

Walls in regular bathrooms can be difficult to clean, especially when they’re made of drywall or plaster. Wet room walls are hardscaped and water-sealed. So, you can clean them with soap and water without fear of damage.

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Humidity in the room. Harm of excess moisture for adults and children.

Rooms with high humidity

A comfortable stay in a person's room is determined, first of all, by humidity. For good health, indicators of 45-65% are sufficient. More than 70% - humid air in the apartment, which negatively affects not only the inhabitants of the house, but also furniture and load-bearing structures.

Moisture above the norm creates ideal conditions for the reproduction of various bacteria, fungi, mold. These microorganisms release a huge amount of spores into the air that enter the human respiratory system. As a result: constant illness and poor health of the inhabitants of your home. nine0003

What causes high humidity?

Even if your walls still have only small smudges, black dots, it's time to sound the alarm. Experts have proven that harmful bacteria multiply within 24-28 hours after they appear.

Moisture leads to the formation and spread of :

Bacteria - colonies of these microorganisms live on plaster, parquet, slabs. Antibacterial agents most often do not cope with the entire volume of parasites, not completely destroying them. nine0003

Mold — leads to the development and exacerbation of respiratory and allergic diseases. Mold is often the "culprit" of poor health and frequent poor health of both adults and children.

Another “pest” is dampness. Due to her presence in the house, seasonal diseases are exacerbated, as well as allergies and SARS. A damp room is ideal for the development of infectious diseases. The first to suffer from abnormal moisture are young residents - children.

The effect of high humidity on children

This is one of the main factors that significantly affects the health of babies or schoolchildren. Normal air humidity in an apartment for a child (from a newborn to a teenager) is 40-60%.

Excess can lead to serious health problems such as:

● bronchial disease;

● headache, migraine;

runny nose, general malaise; nine0003

● stomach disorder;

● bleeding from the nose.

The processes of abnormal moist air lead to the formation of dampness and a decrease in the temperature in the dwelling, which is especially undesirable in winter and off-season. It was at this time that the main problem is hypothermia in babies, which invariably leads to regular colds. With normal levels of moisture in the room, children breathe without difficulty, there is no runny nose, bronchitis and cough are quickly cured. nine0003

Who else is at risk?

Too humid air is contraindicated:

● Allergy sufferers;

● the elderly;

● suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system;

● hypertensive patients with atherosclerosis.

Increasing the rate of moisture can lead to an exacerbation of ailments or the formation of new ones. It is usually difficult for a person to understand the cause of these diseases, he undergoes drug treatment, but at the end of it, the symptoms return again. Increased indoor humidity is the main cause of ailments. nine0003

In people living in such conditions for a long time, doctors ascertain irreparable changes in the respiratory organs, which lead to the formation of asthma and tuberculosis. Excess moisture is one of the factors leading to malaise, weakness, constant fatigue.

Danger of warm damp air

Humidity is especially acute at high ambient temperatures. Dangerous property of humid air - it makes a person feel hot. The body, in an attempt to cool down, releases sweat. But with abnormal humidity, it does not work as a "cooler" of the skin, but on the contrary, the whole body continues to heat up, which leads to the loss of water and useful trace elements. nine0003

High temperature and humid air in the room leads to overheating and dehydration. It is worth remembering that with high humidity in the room, physical activity and training (if it is, for example, a gym) are prohibited. People of any age can be at risk, even young and physically healthy people.

High humidity combined with high temperature in living quarters can lead to:

● cramps, muscle spasms;

● fainting and drop in blood pressure; nine0003

● fluid loss and increased body temperature;

● lethargy, confusion, disorientation.

Humid air is more "dense" in consistency than cool or normal air. A person begins to physically feel how the air literally “sticks” to the body, causing discomfort and the above negative consequences.

Harmful humidity for the room

Abnormal moisture brings "troubles" not only to the household, but also to the interior. The higher it is, the faster molds develop

Humidity results in:

● black dots on ceilings and walls, especially in corners;

● greening on the surface of the wallpaper;

● Unpleasant odors in the home.

Increased moisture leads to deformation of the parquet, "swelling" of doors, which are difficult to close/open. Even things in the closet are not "insured" from dampness, which leads to their deterioration, dilapidation. Any wooden structures are affected by fungi and bacteria. Especially the mold "loves" paintings, musical instruments. Cereals and food in the kitchen disappear from dampness. nine0003

Traditionally, rooms with high humidity are:

● kitchen - during cooking;

● bathroom - in the process of taking bath procedures;

● pantry - due to lack of access to sunlight;

● rooms with aquariums, lots of indoor flowers;

● rooms where laundry is dried;

● basements and attics.

First of all, mold and mildew affect the bathroom. It is warm and humid here - ideal conditions for the development of pathogens. Black plaque is especially noticeable on tiles, near the bathtub and sink. In the kitchen, cutting boards, a bread box, and a refrigerator fall under attack. The danger is that microbes easily enter the gastrointestinal tract immediately during meals. nine0003

In practice, any room (bedroom, living room, corridor, children's room) can suffer from dampness and mold. Residents of the first floors, "Khrushchev", new buildings especially suffer from this. Corrosion and rust on furniture and appliances is an inevitable phenomenon for structures that are located in humid air.

How to remove excess moisture?

To begin with, it is worth carrying out a few simple manipulations:

● Ventilate the room; nine0003

● check the condition of the plumbing;

● Assess the condition of the ventilation;

● Use air conditioning equipment.

Dehumidifiers or so-called dehumidifiers have been developed specifically to deal with humid air, which can be used in private housing construction, an apartment, an office. Such devices not only eliminate excess moisture, but also control its performance. The principle of operation of the dehumidifier is based on the condensation of moisture during the interaction of air and a cold surface. Simply put, the air from the room enters the evaporator, the moisture condenses and the dry air flow returns to the apartment. nine0003

Dehumidifiers will help solve the following problems:

● reduce the humidity in the apartment;

● create comfortable conditions in the room;

● Clean the room of dust and bacteria.

Would you like to learn more about excessive humidity in the room and its consequences, as well as how the dehumidifier works, its design and types? Please call: (097) 586-81-58, (099) 389-94-49.

How to remove dampness in the house

High humidity in the apartment - consequences, solutions

Which dehumidifiers are effective? Select here

All about room dehumidification. Articles, Video Comparison, Experiments.

Get rid of the weeping walls on the fungus

How to solve the problem of moisture in the apartment

Investigate the obvious causes of moisture in the apartment or in a hut, for example: they flooded the courts or near the rotting with water. But not so often in the fall, and there were few reasons for the increase in the level of moisture in the air. nine0003

The main reason is not to come into the room fresher in the morning. So, in the summer period, if there is no season for rainfall, the problem with water is not often blamed, and the axis of collection becomes arrogant for rich people.

Just think about it, a couple of decades ago, water was brought into the house, and people didn’t think about those, how to tidy up. Near the main place there were wooden windows with 2-mm gaps, which created natural ventilation. Today, the food chain is becoming especially relevant. nine0003

The reason lies in the tightness of modern plastic and wooden windows, as they are broken without ventilation fittings. Buvayut vipadki, if in the new budinki zabudovnik, planning great victories from the ground to the stele, not conveying the possibility of their vіdkrittya. Obviously, it has become a problem.

Okrema іstorіya - the first and the last above, to that, before the speech, the apartments on them sound cheaper. This type of roztashuvannya on its own transfers to the bad waterproofing: through the proximity of underwater waters or through the daha. Therefore, in such places, the wrong microclimate often develops, and every time in the apartment, you begin to change all the norms. nine0003

What are the possible traces?

Optimum moisture level for comfortable accommodation of people in the accommodation is 55 to 60%. Clarify that it’s too late for the vologer to go to the booth, it’s easy for the sleepy viknam.

Condensation is the first sign of the problem, which precedes the appearance of an unpleasant smell. If you don’t wind up vikna 2-3 doby, then it’s not enough time to move the water and repeat in the host camp we’ll be stale.

Increased water content is contraindicated for your repair. All wooden floors, structures (parquet, furniture, etc.) begin to swell and lose their shape. Buvayut fluctuations, if stretched stele. If the indicator of moisture is higher than the norm, then sooner or later all the applications begin to rise. For example, as if the life of a new booth was sounded, then after 2-3 rocks through the boards, as they passed over the whole period, I can’t continue yoga anymore. The concrete structure leaked water and became smaller.

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