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74 Best Front Door Paint Colors

Ray Booth

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The Front Door Inspo: Dark Steel Blue

Ray Booth reverses the typical black and white look with white trim and dark siding, giving this home a modern edge. The extra-wide blue door (e013-60 from Fine Paints of Europe) adds a splash of interest and contrast without being too bold of a statement.

Studio 33

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The Front Door Color: Dark Steel Gray

Make It Yours: Sherwin Williams Refuge.

Eric Piasecki

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Front Door Inspo: Umbria Red

For their Millbrook, New York, country house, Peter Pennoyer and Katie Ridder used a punchy shade of red that pops against bright white.

Lara Robby/Studio D

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Paint Color: Umbria Red

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Umbria Red 1316

Annie Schlechter

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The Front Door Inspo: Sage

Philip Thomas chose a pale sage green color to adorn all the exterior trims of this cedar home. The specific shade perfectly reflects the foundation plantings. and landscape design.


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The Paint Color: Pastel Sage

Make it yours: Valspar Sparkling Sage.

Eric Piasecki

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Front Door Inspo: Light Gray-Green

A creamy neutral changes with the light for an always flattering facade at this home designed by Gil Schafer. Here, it appears to have pale sage undertones, perfect for a space with green accents and a historic feel.

House Beautiful

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Paint Color: Old White

Make it yours: Farrow & Ball Old White No. 4

Stephen Kent Johnson

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Front Door Inspo: Yellow Gold

A gray monochromatic color scheme, shown here on this charming seaside cottage designed by Juan Carretero, offers a soothing welcome to family and friends. The color contrasts beautifully with the lawn and hydrangeas. But a fun surprise greets you at the front door: Sunny yellow paint! Sherwin Williams Quilt Gold covers both the interior and exterior of the front door.

Lara Robby

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The Front Door Color: Golden Wheat

Make It Yours: Benjamin Moore St. Elmo's Fire

Read McKendree

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Front Door Inspo: Turquoise

Bella Mancini enlivened this front door as well as the screen door frame with a bold shade of turquoise, Benjamin Moore's Santa Clara. This color feels right at home with the cedar shake and hydrangeas, but also sets the tone for what's ahead inside, design-wise.

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Paint Color: Santa Clara

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Santa Clara 753

Emily Followill

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Front Door Inspo: Light Blue

Instead of painting the front doors, designer Meredith McBrearty colored the dramatic shutters flanking them. The soft shade of blue, Winter Lake by Benjamin Moore, is used throughout the inside of the home, too.

Benjamin Moore

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The Color: Winter Lake

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Winter Lake 2129-50


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Front Door: Cheerful Orange

Designer John Wooden and landscape architect Molly Wood gave this entrance a dutch door covered in a cheerful orange paint to create a seamless flow from the outdoors to the indoors.

House Beautiful

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Paint Color: Charlotte's Locks

For a similar shade, try Farrow & Ball's Charlotte's Locks. "It's a little different—not quite orange, and not quite red. More of a persimmon. It feels warm and inviting when you come in from the cold," says designer John Barman.

Make it yours: Farrow & Ball Charlotte's Locks

Brigette Romanek Studio

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Front Door: Off-White

Use a soft off-white with a touch of gray for a cozy shabby bungalow like Romanek Design Studio did for this Southern California home.

Lara Robby/Studio D

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Paint Color: Dove Wing

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Dove Wing OC-18


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Front Door Inspo: Bright Blue

Gary McBournie turned to nature to inspire the color of his front door in Nantucket: "When I did this house thirty miles out at sea, it seemed only natural to include a blue or two in the palette. And, when used against drifts of blooming hydrangea, the effect is magical!”

Lara Robby/Studio D

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Paint Color: New York State of Mind

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore New York State of Mind 805

Amy Neunsinger

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Front Door: Devonshire Green

Designer Lindsay Reid's Mediterranean-inspired Los Angeles bungalow welcomes visitors with a muted green door.

Lara Robby/Studio D

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Paint Color: Devonshire Green

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Devonshire Green 1489


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Front Door: Yellowcake

"This chartreuse color provides a contemporary counterpoint to this 1940s natural cedar shake cottage in Michiana Shores," says designer Steve Kadlec.

Lara Robby/Studio D

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Paint Color: Yellowcake

Make it yours: Farrow & Ball Yellowcake No. 279


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Front Door: Pitch Black

Accentuate the graphic aesthetic of steel frame windows by painting shutters and the front door a deep pitch black. As you can see in this home designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, black details, like on the front door, will sharpen and ground a bright white home.

Lara Robby

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Paint Color: Pitch Black

Make it yours: Farrow & Ball Pitch Black No.256


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Front Door: Eggplant

A purple front door adds curb appeal to this house by Fergus Garber Young Architects.

Lara Robby/Studio D

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Paint Color: Eggplant

Make it yours: Benjamin Moore Eggplant 1379

Victoria Pearson

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Front Door: Off Black

A black door helps modernize the whitewashed brick exterior of this California Cape Cod designed by Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas.

Lara Robby/Studio D

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Paint Color: Off Black

Make it yours: Farrow & Ball Off Black No. 57

10 best front door paint ideas |

(Image credit: Future)

Contemplating front door color ideas to ensure your home makes the right impression? From timeless favorites to more contemporary shades, there’s a wealth of hues to consider.

Complementing the facade of the house is important, but so, too, is the note the color will strike, be it cheerful and welcoming or more formal and classic. The principles of Feng Shui might also influence color selection of your front door ideas and the maintenance needs of a particular choice will likely come into play, too.

Here, we’ve gathered a host of beautiful front door colors both classic and contemporary in their effect for inspiration and asked the experts to share their advice as well.

Front door color ideas

The best front door color ideas can refresh the exterior of a home, catching the eye from the street for all the right reasons, and might even increase a home’s value.

Bear in mind that your front door design will affect which front door paint ideas suit, as well as the period of your home and the color of paintwork visible from the street and your front porch ideas. It's also worth noting the front door colors to avoid (and why) before deciding on a hue that gives off the wrong first impression.  

1. Go for natural tones with blues and greens

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Allow nature to be a guide and put front door color ideas in shades of blue or green at the top of your list of preferences. Either will blend beautifully with foliage alongside the front door or in nearby borders for a harmonious look.

Muted shades like this blue or nature-inspired greens are a perfect partner to traditional homes, too, ensuring the front door is attention-grabbing but sympathetic to the architecture.

2. Refresh in a day with white

(Image credit: Sadolin)

Painting the front door is one of the speediest ways to boost a home’s curb appeal. ‘It’s a one day project that can make a world of difference to the appearance of your home,’ says Matthew Brown, Sadolin and Sandtex technical consultant.

‘As the first thing people see when visiting your home, the color and look of your front door really should be a considered choice. Taking note of the style of the door, along with the trim and siding that frames it can change the whole look of the exterior.

For a smart but subtle entrance, follow this home’s lead with the door painted to match the façade. Bear in mind that cleaning a front door is a more regular task the lighter the front door paint color.

3. Follow color principles

(Image credit: Sandtex)

The traditional practice of Feng Shui could assist in selecting a front door color. ‘For Feng Shui front door colors, the front door plays a major role in welcoming positive energy into the house,’ says practitioner Eddie Tee of Fengshuied!  

‘When we are going for more striking colors, there is a concept of colors that can be applied to choosing one based on the sector where the front door is located within the property or the direction it is facing. This can be generally broken down to the guide below:

‘This concept is centered around avoiding an energy clash with the nature of energy entering via a specific direction. However, it should be noted that in modern times where the shape of houses are getting more creative, this concept is no longer as widely practised as decades ago.

A more straightforward way of choosing? ‘It can also be said that in Chinese culture, red front doors are generally considered as auspicious,’ says Eddie. ‘They bring good luck and abundance.’

4. Let color bloom with floral-inspired shades

(Image credit: Dulux)

For a truly cohesive front yard or for cottage front door ideas, choose a front door color that picks up one of the hues from among the planting’s palette. For this home, it’s a delicate lavender shade that will echo the wisteria that grows around it once it’s in bloom. 

Likewise, flowers in hot shades can be combined with a front door color ideas in red or orange, and borders of sunny blooms with a yellow door.

5. Highlight a door’s detail with front door paint colors

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

There’s no rule that says you have to paint a paneled front door in a single color, and if you want to emphasize its detail, there’s nothing better than choosing a selection of hues for the task.

The keys to success? Pick harmonious colors to use on the different elements of the design, and repeat shades from windows and siding, too, to pull the look together and make a striking impression from the street.

6. Smarten up with black

(Image credit: Getty Images)

For classic good looks, black is a winning choice for a front door color. ‘A glossy black front door is always in style,’ says certified color expert and certified interior decorator Pattie Kelly of Inspired Home Interiors . Black can be a natural partner to more traditional style homes, and it’s a shade that will pop, making the front door a focal point. 

But if a bolder hue is your instinct, don’t be afraid. ‘A colorful front door is a fantastic way to make a statement and add some punch to your front porch,’ Pattie continues. ‘The most important thing is to choose a color that you love so you smile every time you come home.’

7. Finish a double door

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Double front doors are an imposing feature in their own right, so a quieter finish can be the perfect choice for a home with one of these. A white like this is a timeless choice, and although the paint finish will need to be renewed over time due to the effects of sun and weather, it won’t go out of style. 

When selecting any color for a front door, be aware that if you live in a community with a homeowners’ association (HOA), there may be rules on front door finishes. ‘Double check with your HOA in case some colors aren’t permitted,’ says Pattie Kelly.

8. Go for gray for a contemporary front door color

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

For a front door color that stands out from an exterior in white, beige, or cream, consider gray. It’s a more contemporary choice than black or navy, but is equally handsome, and eminently suitable for a classic paneled door design.

A gray door can also prove easier to keep clean than black and navy as mid to lighter tones won’t make any dust or dirt that adheres to the door’s surface as obvious.

9. Choose a front door color with staying power

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Whichever hue is selected from among the range of front door color ideas, it’s important to bear maintenance in mind. ‘You do want to think about how much sun the door gets, so west and south facing doors can fade quickly due to the amount of direct sunlight,’ says interior designer and color expert Jennifer Guerin, owner of JG Color Studios .

‘Stay within naturally pigmented hues that won’t fade as fast as the more synthetic bold tones that will need constant touch up. Using a high quality paint, such as Fine Paints of Europe gloss, which has longer staying power, or Benjamin Moore’s Grand Entrance, also known for its protective quality that lasts for years even with high sun volume.’

10. Select a different color for the front door's interior

(Image credit: Crown)

Don’t forget that the color you pick for the exterior of your front door doesn’t have to be repeated on the interior side. You may want to pick a more light-reflective shade for inside, especially if the door is solid, features stained glass, or has minimal glazing, as this will help brighten up an entranceway short on daylight.

A different color for the interior can also link the door to the rest of the hall decor or a shade from the palette picked throughout the home. 

What are popular front door colors 2022?

It’s black that’s set to be the most popular front door color of 2022 with blue and green also favored. Some 56 per cent of experts surveyed for the Fixr paint and color trends 2022 report agreed that black will be the most popular front door color choice in 2022. 

‘A black front door will pair well with almost all home exterior color shades and add extra contrast especially against white or light colored siding,’ says Stefania Filizola, Fixr’s design editor. ‘You can also add depth to your home by matching your black door with a variety of siding shades such as tan, red, blue and green.

‘Other popular front door colors for 2022 include royal blue and two green hues, hunter green and sage green,’ she continues.

What color door increases home value?

Keep it classic to maximize home value. ‘Finishes that are neutral in color can increase home value simply by the way they attract a larger audience,’ says Yoselin Castro, senior interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors . ‘Homes painted in colors like black or white make it easier for people to see themselves in the space and personalize it with their own style, as it’s almost like working with a blank canvas. This is true with front door colors too – while it may only cost you a few hundred dollars to change the color of your door if you’re trying to sell a home, it’s better to keep it safe and opt for neutral exterior paint colors.’

Sarah is a freelance journalist and editor. Previously executive editor of Ideal Home, she’s specialized in interiors, property and gardens for over 20 years, and covers interior design, house design, gardens, and cleaning and organizing a home for H&G. She’s written for websites, including Houzz, Channel 4’s flagship website, 4Homes, and Future’s T3; national newspapers, including The Guardian; and magazines including Future’s Country Homes & Interiors, Homebuilding & Renovating, Period Living, and Style at Home, as well as House Beautiful, Good Homes, Grand Designs, Homes & Antiques, LandLove and The English Home among others. It’s no big surprise that she likes to put what she writes about into practice, and is a serial house renovator. 

Which color of entrance doors should I choose? 12+ responses to photo examples of design • 333+ Photos • [ArtFacade]

Are you wondering what color of front doors would be ideal for the facade of your house? The choice of door color can be the highlight in completing the overall picture of a country house. Front doors come in a variety of colors and shades, making your decision even more difficult. Some colors are bright and bold, others are simple and traditional. It all depends on the appearance that prevails on the facade of the house. nine0003

6 always trendy colors for your front door + exterior decoration + 5 selection criteria

Bold and bright colors are easy to see from the street and are perfect for modern homes. Just make sure the colors you choose go with the interior of the house as well as the surrounding landscape. Below are a few popular options.

Dark brown front doors

You can't go wrong with this solid wood front door color. It is very popular in floors and is present in all front door manufacturers. The dark brown color makes the door look small but very modern. Adding a pop of color to your door will instantly transform it and give a more modern look to your home's front. nine0003

Door color cherry red

Front door color cherry red - for bold and modern homeowners. It can be a great component for bright and interesting exteriors. Cherry red door color is a great option if you want to create a very versatile look that complements any home style. It's perfect for the color-conscious homeowner who wants to make their home stand out.

Neutral Entry Door Color Palettes

Neutral door colors such as gray can also work well if you have a brighter environment. It creates the perfect backdrop that blends well with floors and walls. Gray has become a beautiful color on modern front door designs, and has the same timeless beauty as brown. Gray entry doors are extremely eye-catching in any modern setting. nine0003

Front door yellow

This is a nice front door color if you are looking for something bright and different. Oxide yellow painted entry doors can be paired with darker accents to create a classic look. Be aware that this particular color can get dirty easily, so proper maintenance is key. Choose this color if you don't have small children or pets in your home so they are easy to keep clean.

Mahogany doors

This is the best color to create a bold and rich picture on the front door. Mahogany is always an exceptional choice in contemporary homes. It can be matched with creamy color and marble decor to make the look of your home absolutely breathtaking. This unique color can turn a calm exterior palette into something classic and dramatic.

Front Door Green

Consider this if you're looking for a color that will add more natural beauty to your home's facade while also blending in with the surrounding landscape. The green color of the front door can be ideal in modern homes with very rich landscaping on the site. This is the perfect way to liven up an open space. nine0003

5 selection criteria - front door color

Choosing the perfect front door for your home can be a little intimidating. You have different styles, designs, colors and materials to choose from. Whatever you decide should be based on your personal preferences. But do not forget to consider the quality, durability and functionality of the front door. When it comes to color, you can take a look at your home's unique style and make sure your front door matches the rest of the space. Below are a few criteria to consider when it comes to front door color. nine0003

Current house color palette

Do you follow a particular color scheme in your house? Make sure your front door is designed to match this color scheme perfectly. If you have certain colors in your home, a front door that matches these elements is the most ideal.

Use the full color palette for your door

If you've done a home renovation before, you've probably used a color palette. A palette comes in handy when you don't want to pick one color but need something to help you visualize the options. With a color palette, you can tell which shades work well together and which don't. nine0003

Think about the mood

What mood would you like your guests to experience when they enter your home? Think about it by choosing the perfect color for your front door. If you want to create excitement, bright and bold colors are perfect for your front door. For those looking for a stylish and modern appeal, solid blacks and browns are perfect for front doors. Remember that darker colors tend to evoke a more relaxed and traditional feel than brighter colors. nine0003

Weighing different door color options

Brown is ideal for front doors. You can choose green if you have a lot of flowers and vegetation in front of your porch and want it to blend in with your front door. Very bright colors such as purple or orange should be used with caution. These colors can be used to create a dramatic effect on the exterior of your home. Red is also a popular option in many homes because it gives the overall design a very sophisticated feel. nine0003

Easy maintenance

When choosing which colors to use, be aware that some colors are more difficult to maintain. For example, white doors can look really inviting in modern homes, but they're hard to keep clean and spotless. Dirt will appear very quickly on a white door. If you have pets and children, it's best to choose a front door with a darker shade.

Whatever color you choose for your front door, make sure it brightens up your home and gives it a new ambience. nine0003

Colors of metal doors in the photo - the shade depends on the coating material

When choosing an entrance metal door, much attention is paid to the technical characteristics of the structure, and often the appearance of the product fades into the background. But the color of the canvas is an equally important selection criterion and this feature should not be ignored. In this article, we will consider the main color options for metal doors and the criteria for choosing a suitable sample. nine0003

How to choose the color of the front door

Designers recommend choosing the color of entrance doors based on the following principles:

Woody shades of such species as oak, walnut, wenge, mahogany are very popular. Such a range looks very noble and elegant, it will emphasize the beauty of classical decoration and traditional facade decoration. For modern buildings or apartments in the style of minimalism, hi-tech, scandi, monochromatic options and often non-standard shades are more relevant. Painted blue, red and yellow entrance doors look original. But do not forget that such a color should be a continuation of a certain design idea, and not just a whim that is not combined with absolutely any element of the interior or exterior decoration. nine0003

Color and materials

For the decorative design of metal entrance doors, a variety of materials are used. Each of them has certain properties that allow you to get one or another color and texture.

The most common solutions are:

The colors of metal doors on the inside and outside can be radically different from each other. For example, for the interior, laminate, MDF, veneer coatings are more appropriate, as they can be matched in unison with the flooring, interior linens or furniture. And for the outer part, more practical and non-staining materials are chosen. If we are talking about the door to a country house, then here you can also build on the interior and exterior, which often differ significantly from each other. It is important that modern manufacturers feel this trend and are ready to offer the production of canvases in the colors desired by the client.

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