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Build the Sunroom of Your Dreams with These 23 Ideas

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An afternoon spent on the porch is always a pleasure, but you know what might just be better? Time spent in a sunroom. Why, you might ask? For starters, sunrooms can be used year-round. Sure, we usually think of them as more spring/summer spaces, but with the right furnishings and connected heat or air conditioning, a sunroom can become a year-round retreat. We also love the protection for the elements sunrooms provide. Biting bugs getting the best of you in the summer? Head to the sunroom. Is rain pouring all the time in the spring? Storms become soothing background noise in the sunroom. Finally, you have more freedom with your furnishings in the sunroom. Since it's protected from rain and snow, nicer furniture and upholstery can be used as well as decorations that would be disturbed by wind on the porch.

Needless to say, we're big fans of sunrooms. So why not have a little bit of fun in this oft-used space? Sunrooms are the perfect space to let your design imagination run wild. Go more traditional and keep a bright and airy color palette, or take advantage of the ample sunlight and bring in moodier hues. You truly can't go wrong here. So grab your coziest throw and some comfy chairs and get ready to create the sunroom of your dreams with inspiration from the beauties below.

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Sleeping Porch Sunroom

This 1920s sunroom at Camp Wandawega takes on new life as a sleeping porch, complete with nostalgia-rich accessories.


David A. Land

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Floral Sunroom

In the sunroom of this Wisconsin farmhouse, pretty hand-sewn pillows, including one crafted from a Wisconsin souvenir handkerchief, dress up all the chairs—including the mini rocker. Also handcrafted: the light fixture featuring a reclaimed wicker basket.


David A. Land, styling by Karin Lidbeck-Brent

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Plant-Filled Sunroom

French doors, combination hand-crank and clerestory-style windows, and brick flooring give the enclosed patio in this Connecticut cottage a conservatory feel. The antique settee—which (per the dealer!) once sat in Abraham Lincoln's doctor's waiting room—was recovered in turquoise toile (Tea Party in Aquatic from Jim Thompson). White slipcovered wingback chairs offset the dramatic array of dried branches and ferns nestled in two Mexican wrought iron urns, while underneath the iron coffee table, a collection of vintage books is loosely corralled in a woven tray.


Leslee Mitchell

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Adirondack-Inspired Sunroom

This bright space is an ode to the homeowner's love of the Adirondacks. The woven rockers are made of woven ash and yellow birch, and the 19th-century tramp art washstand is made from more than 500 cigar boxes. More boxes line the mantel.


The Grit and Polish

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Simple & Pretty Sunroom

We believe that a sunroom with warmth and personal touches can be completed with items you may very well already have on hand: a gorgeous vintage table, a piece of charming wicker furniture, and a lovely rug underfoot.

See more at The Grit and Polish.


Tec Petaja/Pencil & Paper Co.

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Traditional-Meets-Modern Sunroom

For a classic vibe with modern accents woven in for good measure, we recommend a Scandinavian-inspired coffee table and never-goes-out-of-style wicker furniture.

See more at Pencil & Paper Co.



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Playful Patterned Sunroom

Since a sunroom isn’t technically a part of the rest of your interiors, you can allow it to stand on its own with unique pieces and distinctive character. Mixing patterns and materials is a way to do just that.

See more at Kate Marker Interiors.



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Sunroom With Personality

Play with patterns that show off your one-of-a-kind tastes. Bonus points if you include a midcentury fireplace as cool as this one.

See more at The Rath Project.



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Breezy Sunroom

For a sunroom that feels fresh and clean, look to shades of blue and white along with furniture in light fabrics and plenty of greenery.

See more at Lanvin Label.



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Sunroom With Natural Materials

As a nod to the outdoors that lie right outside your windows, bring lots of natural materials into your sunroom. These can include reclaimed wood tables, plants (real or faux), and rattan furniture.

See more at Scout & Nimble.



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Mid-Century Sunroom

To give your sunroom a mid-century feel, look to furniture in linear shapes, area rugs with geometric patterns, and a vintage coffee table.

See more at Dream Green DIY.



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Bohemian Sunroom

Your sunroom should feel light and free-spirited, which is why bohemian décor works so well in these spaces. Gather up some dream catchers, pair up unexpected patterns, and if you have one, cover your fireplace in stunning tiles.

See more at Farmer’s Daughter Interiors & Design.



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Cheerful Sunroom

A sunroom should always make you smile, even on a gloomy day. To bring the sunshine inside no matter what, create a joyful atmosphere with lighthearted floor tiles, airy hues, and of course, a bowl of oranges.

See more at Lauren Koster Creative.



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Eye-Catching Sunroom

For graphic, attention-grabbing ambiance in your sunroom, take a page from the look of this stunning space, complete with a patterned ceiling and bold throw pillows.

See more at Meghan Blum Interiors.



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Pink & Vintage-Inspired Sunroom

A sweet, just-returned-from-the-flea-market aesthetic can be achieved in your sunroom with a few key pieces: a hanging swing, pink pillows, and framed vintage prints of birds.

See more at Holland Avenue.



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Maximalist Sunroom

Sure, minimalism is having a major moment, but we are so here for maximalism too. This sunroom was not designed for the faint of heart, with its antique portrait and striking area rug.

See more at Jeweled Interiors.



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Sunroom Next to Living Space

If your sunroom resides right alongside your living room, consider it an extra space where your little ones can play. Set up a tiny table and art supplies and watch your little ones bask in the sun.

See more at Alice in Scandiland.



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Scandinavian Sunroom

For a modern, Scandinavian take on a sunroom, consider placing a contemporary chair, modern lighting, and copious greenery in the space. We can definitely imagine ourselves sitting and reading for an afternoon here.

See more at Curate and Display.



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Sunroom for Entertaining

To transform your sunroom into entertaining central, you’ll need a well-stocked bar, chairs and a sofa set up for conversation—and speaking of conversation—lots of conversation pieces too. Here, we think the rattan side table and futuristic light fixture will get guests talking.

See more at Emily Henderson.



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White & Dreamy Sunroom

Even when it turns cold outside, your sunroom can always remind you of spring and summer with light and buoyant colors like cream, white, pink, and sky blue.

See more at Styled with Lace.



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Office in Sunroom

Why didn’t we think of this before? As it turns out, a sunroom is an idyllic spot for an office, where you can do your work and look out at your natural surroundings. A wall mural, houseplant, and personal décor touches will complete the space.

See more at The Wicker House.



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Cozy Sunroom

To create a hygge feel in your sunroom, don’t forget to include cozy touches you and your family will enjoy year-round, like a fireplace, piles of blankets and pillows, and a basket full of books to pass the time.

See more at Nesting with Grace.



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Farmhouse Sunroom

For a farmhouse sunroom, we advise wrapping in shiplap (and lots of it), sumptuous throw pillows, and sheer white curtains.

See more at Liz Marie Blog.


13 room designs that let the light in |

(Image credit: Sarah Shields)

The very best sunroom ideas bridge the gap between indoors and out. Whether you live in the deep south or the Pacific Northwest, having a well-designed sunroom allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while maintaining all of the necessary creature comforts. 

Whether you're looking to turn a screened-in porch into a four-seasons room, your sunroom is part of a larger home addition ideas, or you're simply looking to squeeze more life from your existing sunroom, we've rounded up our favorite sunroom ideas from leading design experts.

Sunroom ideas

Wondering what you can do with a sunroom? From sunroom furniture inspiration and room layouts, to architectural details and exteriors, these sunroom ideas will break open the possibilities. 

1. Add a fireplace

(Image credit: Paige Rumore Photography)

Sunrooms are designed to let as much light in as possible, which means lots of windows. That also means these rooms typically have less insulation and lose heat faster in the winter. If you're planning a home addition with a sunroom up north, consider fireplace ideas, which could be a new model – or perhaps you can build your sunroom around an existing chimney to create a cozy ambience regardless of the temperatures outdoors:

Above, designer Rachel Halvorson centered her client's sunroom design around a large, wood burning fireplace. 

2. Try an all-white sunroom idea

(Image credit: Tessa Neudstadt / Leanne Ford)

Capitalize on the light flooding into your room with a fresh coat of white paint on the walls. Since white is reflective, it'll bounce the light around the room and make the space appear even brighter. Designer Leanne Ford , known for her way with white, offers up a perfect example in her own home, above. 

3. Or, try a moody sunroom idea instead

(Image credit: Annie Schlechter / Summer Thornton)

If you've been looking for a place in your home to test out a dark color, the sunroom might be just the spot. If it seems counterintuitive to go dark in a space that's all about celebrating light, take heart: lots of natural illumination means that your sunroom will still feel bright and welcoming even with a deep hue on the walls. 

The walls of windows and overhead skylight in this sunroom, from Chicago-based designer Summer Thornton 's book Wonderland, create a flood of natural light that lets the nuances of the rich blue wall color show through. 

'When you've got a sun room that's flooded with light, it gives you the ability to go moodier and deeper with your palette without things feeling dark. We applied this amazing burlap wall treatment to the walls in Spellbound by Benjamin Moore because it gave a richness to the space,' explains Thornton. 'Then we played with tonals with a rich blue sofa. With windows on three sides and a huge skylight above, the room remains sunny and bright, but never preppy or sugary sweet. It makes it the perfect space for a home office or to cozy-up and read a book. '

4. Arrange sunroom furniture to capture a view

(Image credit: Colin Price / Banner Day Interiors)

If your sunroom has a view, take full advantage by arranging your sunroom furniture to face the windows.

In this petite space, designer Clara Jung of Banner Day Interiors positioned a pair of chaise longues and a rattan swing towards the window, providing a sweet spot to take in both the sun and the views. 

5. Turn a screened porch into a sunroom

(Image credit: Caroline Allison / Rachel Halvorson)

If you already have a screened-in porch or are looking at front porch ideas that are enclosed, you're just a few steps away from a sunroom you can enjoy for much of the year. 

When the summer season is over, extend the life of your porch with tempered glass windows or vinyl glazing, which will help protect the space from the elements like wind, snow, and cold. Depending on the climate where you live, this simple addition can convert your porch to a three-seasons sunroom, or be enough to enjoy your new sunroom year round - with glass being a great option for porch ceiling ideas.

The porch-meets-sunroom above is by Rachel Halvorson.

6. Let the light in from all angles

(Image credit: Parish Conservatories)

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a requisite sunroom idea, but if you're looking to let even more light in, add skylights or a glass ceiling to the space. 

Adding a glass roof to your sunroom is also a classic conservatory idea, so take a cue from the sunroom's gussied-up cousin and fill the room with plants. It'll only add to the sense of escape. 

7. Extend your living space

(Image credit: Sarah Shields)

While some sunrooms are fully finished bonus rooms with lots of windows, others are glorified patio ideas; think brick pavers with walls and a roof. If yours is the latter, consider adding insulation and a flooring that's more traditionally suited to indoors. 

This will take your sunroom from a space you use only when it's warm, to a year-round living area that can add valuable square footage to your home. Plus, what space is better suited to a living room than one that's drenched with light?

Above, Indianapolis-based designer Whittney Parkinson turned her client's dated sunroom into a showpiece in the home thanks to a statement light fixture and a peaceful, pale neutral palette. 

8. Paint it black

(Image credit: Betsy Brown Interiors)

Have an urban view outside the sunroom windows? Consider painting your sunroom black. "There is a beautiful city view from three sides of this sunroom, so I decided to paint the walls dark so nothing would conflict with the sparkling lights of the city at night," says Betsy Brown, who created the above sunroom for a client. "It’s a wonderful place to lounge on weekends. The days are sunny and the nights are sparkly. It like looking at a Christmas tree all night long."

Regardless of what lies beyond the windows, black can be a beautiful choice for maximizing the view. 'The benefit of painting a sunroom black – from the walls to the framing of the windows – is that the black recedes visually, allowing the colors in the garden beyond to advance,' adds Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens' Editor in Chief. 'This is a great way to really bring the outdoors in. 

'However, if you are going to do this, I would advise choosing pale-colored furnishings and flooring, and to keep the ceiling light; this will allow the room to feel bright, despite the moody wall color.'

9. Add a pool 

(Image credit: Parish Conservatories)

Love the water? You might like to combine pool house ideas with sunroom ideas. If your home addition costs allow, you really won't find a better sunroom idea than adding a pool to your indoor-outdoor oasis, like in this dream-worthy space by Connecticut-based Parish Conservatories . For the ultimate year-round enjoyment, add oversized windows or doors that can be opened up during warmer months to take advantage of good weather.

Inspired to take a more creative direction with your sunroom? Parish Conservatories' Paul Zec says the company gets all manner of outside-the-box requests for its additions. 'We build our sunrooms for all kinds of different uses, like orangeries, working greenhouses, conservatories, kitchens and, yes, pool and hot tub covers,' he says.

10. Create a sunroom breakfast nook

(Image credit: Paige Rumore / Rachel Halvorson)

If your sunroom is on the small side, consider using the area as a breakfast nook. Take a cue from this Hamptons home by Rachel Halvorson, and add built-in banquette seating around the perimeter of the room, a pedestal table in the center, and a bold light fixture above for a smart setup. 

The result is a casual alternative to a formal dining room, and your new favorite spot for morning coffee. 

11. Consider a detached sunroom idea

(Image credit: Parish Conservatories)

Traditionally, a sunroom is attached to your home, but it doesn't have to be. If you have the space in your yard or garden, consider adding your sunroom as a freestanding structure – or garden room, as they're called in the UK. This only elevates its status as a retreat, and offers the perfect solution for a home office or gym, or a quiet spot for reading or reflection. 


Go for a minimalist sunroom scheme

(Image credit: Christian Torres / Chango & Co.)

In this Connecticut sunroom, designer Chango & Co. 's well-edited furniture selection creates a calming atmosphere free of any visual clutter. At the same time, larger furniture silhouettes ensure the space is still cozy, while black drapery hardware and a pair of oversized pendants add just enough contrast to keep things interesting. 

13. Take cues from the outdoors

(Image credit: Nicholas Sargent, Sargent Photography)

Take a cue from the view beyond the sunroom windows with sunroom decor that blends indoors and out. 

When designing the above room for the 2022 Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach, designer Paloma Contreras says she chose 'a fresh color palette of green and white to beckon the outdoors in.' 

Crisp botanical prints and rattan furniture add to the outside-in vibe. 

What are the best sunroom furniture ideas?

The options for furnishing your sunroom are almost endless. To help you whittle down your sunroom furniture ideas, here are a few of our favorites.

Choose outdoor furniture

If you live in an especially warm or sunny climate and plan to spend a lot of time in the sunroom with the windows wide open, opt for outdoor furniture. Classic outdoor materials like wicker and teak will give your indoor-outdoor room vacation vibes, and the fabrics will be better suited to stand up to the UV rays flooding in.

Make it a home office

If your sunroom is an addition or ancillary to your main living space, they make an excellent home office space, especially if there's a door that can be closed. If your sunroom is large, give it a dual-purpose with a desk and a separate sitting area.

Go for all-white furnishings

There are a few reasons that white just works in a sunroom. For one, sunlight can fade fabrics, so white eliminates any worry over sun bleaching. Plus, white reflects light and will make your whole room feel that much brighter. If you're worried about kids and pets, choose a performance fabric with a tight weave.

Add a cozy sectional 

Everyone loves a sunny spot, so why not make room for the whole family with a large sectional sofa? Add a TV to create a light-filled lounge, or keep it a tech-free zone for rest, reading, and relaxation.

How much does a sunroom cost

If you're building your sunroom from scratch or planning one as part of a new construction, you'll need to set a budget for the space. So how much does a sunroom cost?

Like all construction projects, the range is wide and depends on the size of your space and the finishes you choose.

According to Home Advisor , the average cost to build a simple covered patio enclosure ranges from around $8,000 to over $25,000, with the average national cost hovering around $16,000. If you're building a sunroom as part of a home addition, sunroom costs average just over $46,000. 

Kaitlin Madden Armon is a writer and editor covering all things home. Her work has appeared in Real Homes, Architectural Digest, Martha Stewart Living, Refinery29, Modern Luxury Interiors, Wayfair, The Design Network, and lots more. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in journalism and currently lives in Connecticut with her husband, three kids, and black lab.

Top 100 Solarium Names - EasyWeek

The importance of naming for business

The name is one of the key ingredients for the success of a beauty salon. If you want to open your own tanning center, you will definitely need a catchy name. This article will help an entrepreneur understand the principles of naming, learn about name generators and create their own unique brand by analogy with the examples below.

The first solarium was invented by Friedrich Wolf, a German scientist from Stuttgart. At 19In 1975, his brother Jörg opened Cosmedico, the world's first solarium lamp company. At that time, artificial tanning became prestigious: wealthy ladies could afford a beautiful tan all year round.

Read our blog for more tips on starting a business in the beauty industry.

CRM software will help your business streamline all work processes. Try the features of one of the best CRM for the beauty industry - EasyWeek. nine0005

Principles for naming tanning salons

A detailed analysis of existing Russian solariums allows us to develop the main features of naming. You can easily choose a good name for your new beauty studio after analyzing the examples.

Names containing the word "sun"

A popular way of naming solariums is to use the word "sun" and the same root word forms. Such options sound attractive, evoke positive emotions and are directly related to the service offered to customers. For example, "Sunny Beauty", "Sunny Paradise", "Sunbeam", "Sunshine", "Vitamin D". nine0005

Names related to solarium services

Variant names in this group speak directly about the function of the solarium and the results of the procedure. For example, "Ultraviolet", "SPF".

Other Ideas

Many options outside the tanning business become successful beauty studio names thanks to humor, wordplay and sonority. They have a lot of references to holidays and a carefree happy life. For example, place names associated with warm countries and vacation spots: "Jamaica", "Malibu", "Bora Bora", "Miami". nine0005

Chocolate-themed names are also popular: "Cream in chocolate", "Chocolate", "Chocolate", "Cocoa".

Best Business Name Generators in 2022

Generator is a simple, practical tool to find the original name for your company. On the Internet, you can find many services to help you choose a name.

Consider TOP-5 name generators for beauty salons in different countries.


Allows you to come up with a business name and domain variations based on keywords and syllables you specify.

Wix Business Name Generator

Free tool from Wix, the popular website builder. Just enter one or two words that you want to see in the name of your business, and the system will suggest the best options.

In addition to the keyword-based list, you can also get industry-specific titles.


A popular European business name generator where you can create a branded name for free. This tool is powered by artificial intelligence that finds unique names for the industry of your choice. Enter a keyword suitable for your niche and choose from the suggested options.


The Shopify e-commerce platform for English-speaking users also offers a brand name generator. The service can generate several dozen company names in a couple of seconds. nine0005


Small business cloud-based accounting tool with free branding tool. The service first prompts you to select an industry from a list: personal services, creativity, consulting, etc. Then you will need to enter a keyword to get a set of suggestions for the brand name of two or three words.

How to choose a name for your barbershop

Name ideas for your tanning studio

We've put together a few options so you can choose the best name for your tanning salon. nine0005

  • Avocado

  • Conclusion

    What concept will your solarium have? Which target group do you want to reach with your business? Answering these questions will help you structure your entire project, including the title. If you know who your client is and what they like, it is easy not only to find the right name for a tanning studio, but also to become a successful business in the beauty industry in the future.

    Once your salon is up and running, connect the EasyWeek software to simplify customer communication and solarium management. The service offers various plans, including free, and many options to keep your business running smoothly. nine0005

    Test EasyWeek for free

    How to open a solarium from scratch? Step-by-step instruction.

    A tanning studio, as a separate business, should be opened only if you plan to work in a large city, where the demand for this service will quickly recoup the initial investment and make a profit. In small towns, it is best to add this direction of beauty services as an addition to a beauty salon or a manicure parlor. It will be able to bring a small but constant income, but the payback period of investments can double. nine0005

    Solarium tanning services are no longer a new direction, but still in the regions they are treated with concern, and here it is necessary to carry out the right marketing strategy to popularize this direction and increase the number of target customers.

    Now let's discuss a few major pitfalls you need to be aware of before opening a tanning salon in your city.

    1. Seasonality. This is really important, because in the summer the demand for services falls and you need to think about how you will compensate for the costs of maintaining the business during this period. nine0005

    2. Economic crisis. You need to understand that in the event of a deterioration in the economic situation in the country, the first thing they will start saving on is beauty services, of course, not all, but customers will decrease during this period.

    3. High financial investment. As for a small business, you will need to prepare a solid start-up capital, and the return on investment may not be very fast.

    Based on the above factors, we advise you to start this business in combination with other areas of beauty services. nine0005

    But on the other hand, having a solarium in your salon can become a competitive advantage, and in addition to this service, you can make additional sales, such as manicures or haircuts and so on. As you can see, this business justifies itself and it makes sense, if there is a financial opportunity to start in this direction.

    If you look at exactly where it is profitable to engage in this business, then you can note: big cities (regional centers) and provincial cities where there are no such establishments. This business attracts primarily young entrepreneurs, since the niche in our country is still quite free and here you can compete for your “place in the sun”. nine0005


    Content of the article

    To carry out official activities, you will need to obtain all the necessary documents and permits.

    For further advice on this issue, we recommend that you contact a lawyer in your city.

    Did you like the business idea? Then see the ready-made business plan for opening a solarium. We considered the models for launching this business, the selection of premises, equipment, and made calculations on the payback of this business. We hope you find something useful for yourself. nine0005

    Location and premises

    So, let's look at what you will need in order to open a solarium.

    To begin with, finding a place for a solarium is one of the most important stages in starting such a business. As the practice of businessmen in this industry shows, the wrong room can ruin you during the first months of the salon. How? If the place is not too popular or the rent is too high, then you will give your profit to pay off debts, and in the off season you may even be completely in the red. You will also need to take into account that it will take you about 3 months to promote a tanning salon, during this stage the profit will be minimal. So try to find a place and a room that would best suit you in terms of price / quality ratio. For a small tanning salon, you can rent a room with a size of 15 sq.m. nine0005

    Having chosen a room, you will probably need to make cosmetic repairs and create a cozy atmosphere and equip the place not only for installing a solarium, but also for retail shelves, a place for an administrator, and so on.

    Another very important point is the presence of a 380V socket for the normal operation of the equipment.

    Also do not forget about such an important item as ventilation. You need to equip the room where the equipment will be installed with a forced ventilation system to ensure a normal microclimate in the room. nine0005

    Now let's talk about location. It is most profitable to open a solarium in shopping centers near beauty studios and hairdressers. There you will get a high flow of potential customers at the start and minimize advertising costs. In large cities, finding such a room is quite difficult, but still real. But in a small town it is better to open where there is no competition at all in the immediate vicinity.

    As an option, you can consider subleasing a room in a beauty salon, with the signing of a cooperation agreement, which will indicate all the financial obligations of both parties. nine0005


    The next step in starting a tanning studio business is the selection of equipment. Buying the most machines for a solarium is not a cheap deal. So imported new equipment can cost you around $5,000 - $25,000. But there is a more profitable solution - this is the purchase of used equipment from abroad. Using the latter method, you can save a lot. Only used equipment should be chosen with care, and it is best to use the services of professionals in this field. nine0005

    There are the following types of solariums:

    Additionally, your salon will need:

    The list of equipment will depend on the types of services and the number of cosmetics and accessories sold. nine0005

    Another business idea in the beauty industry is starting a hair salon. How to do everything right in order to make a profit as quickly as possible, read in our material - html.

    Type of services and sales of products

    In addition to the tanning service itself, you can connect additional services: massage, phytobar, spa treatments, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow correction, and more.

    You can also sell a certain category of cosmetics: varnishes, creams, body and face care products, etc.

    This business has its own cosmetics specially for the solarium procedure, including: developers, activators, fixers. All these products are used at various stages of tanning and provide one or another effect. For example, developers at the initial stage, activators to give a brighter effect, and fixers to ensure and maintain the result obtained for the maximum period. nine0005


    At the initial stage of doing business, you can save a little by taking on the functions of a manager and accountant. You can hire two female managers who will work in shifts in the salon, plus they will be able to additionally perform the functions of a cleaner. You need to look for people who realistically assess the situation, for example, they understand that there is no career growth and the salary will not grow much. But you still need to encourage staff, so if you provide additional services, you can offer them a percentage of sales. nine0005

    You should also take care of security. To do this, when opening a solarium, it is advisable to buy an alarm and put it on the remote control in a security company.


    So, your solarium is ready for operation, now you face a new problem - finding customers. The strategy for finding customers in large and small cities is significantly different. So in a big city, an excellent solution would be to create your own website and promote it through search engine optimization and contextual advertising. And in a small town, signs, banners and distribution of leaflets will work well. The main requirement that you should focus on when building a business in a solarium is competition. If it is small, then advertising will have a serious effect, but if there are many such establishments, then you need to come up with more interesting marketing approaches to stand out from the crowd. nine0005

    I would like to note that one of the ways to open a solarium is the organization of solarium vending. What does he represent? This is usually a vertical type of tanning chamber in conjunction with which the acceptance of money is established, while the duration of the session will depend on the amount.

    How much money do you need?

    Now let's talk about how much it costs to open an office with a solarium. It is important to take into account all the nuances in order to correctly calculate the starting capital. nine0005

    Initial investment:

    Monthly investment:

    You may have additional costs depending on the type of service in your particular case.

    How much can you earn?

    In the case of the most minimal load, and this is about 6 sessions a day for 7-10 minutes and the average cost of 1 session is within $3.5 - $4. Then the total income per month (30 working days) is up to $630. Plus, here you need to take into account income from the sale of cosmetics, and this is about another $150 - $200 monthly net. Subtract the cost of maintaining the business: $630 - $500. We receive income from the solarium $130 and here we add $150 from the sale of cosmetics. Recall this miscalculation for the MOST pessimistic scenario with a minimum number of customers. After promotion, the numbers will be much more interesting. nine0005

    Business payback from 1.

    Learn more