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Bedroom ideas for men have come a long way over the last few years and, really, anything goes as long as you love it. However, it can be hard to know where to begin if you truly want to create a room from scratch. We've tapped a host of design experts to share their top tips on creating a guy's bedroom that's at once cool yet warm and inviting.

Staffan and Monique Tollgård, of Tollgård Design Group , say: 'Masculine spaces are often typecast into the stereotype of larger-than-life bachelor pads. While this aesthetic has its own appeal, there is a new generation of men who are interested in great design and beautifully functional interiors. The bedroom is no exception to this.' 

Below, we have gathered bedroom ideas that will work for men – but, women, don't let us stop you indulging in them too.

Bedroom ideas for men

Don't know where to start? Wayfair 's Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, says: 'To nail laidback masculine style in a bedroom, secure the essentials first. Invest in high-quality, timeless silhouettes for your bed frame and wardrobe, and the rest will follow.'

With the basics sorted, we're going to concentrate on decor and aesthetics in the bedroom ideas for men below.

1. Pick dark shades for a dramatic scheme

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Don’t be afraid to choose designs that you love, especially if you love dark bedrooms – just ensure the lighting is good.

Lucy St George, Co-founder of Rockett St George , says: 'Who’s to say you can’t have a fabulous floral print mural in your bedroom? Or a warming terracotta? Or pineapple bedside lamps? Or rock ’n’ roll dark hues? Traditionally, men’s bedroom décor options have been very limited to monochrome or classic choices, but at Rockett St George we firmly believe that a room should reflect you and your unique style; not your gender.  

'So, if you want to stand out from the rest, go for it! Start with a wall color or wallpaper pattern that you are drawn to and then build on the scheme with accessories and soft furnishings of complementary colors. If you’re short on space or want to achieve a minimalist look, I’d recommend investing in wall lights and floating bedside tables which will keep your floor clear and create the illusion of more space.'

2. Create bespoke joinery for a stylish storage solution

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Got a burgeoning sneaker collection to stash away? A closet that can't cope with all your suits? You need to think purpose-made bedroom storage ideas.

Louise Wicksteed, Sims Hilditch Design Director, says: 'It is a common misconception to assume that men need less storage space than women in their bedroom. 

'Installing bespoke joinery is a good idea to maximize the space available. A walk-in wardrobe with compartments to help keep shoes and ties organized and a rail designed to be tall enough to hang suits works well. '

Got plenty of space? Walk-in closet ideas are a luxurious indulgence that can entirely transform a guy's bedroom.

3. Add drama to a neutral room with moody hues

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Grey bedroom ideas make for a great base for men's bedrooms. Nadia suggests: 'Keep a neutral color palette in mind when starting out so you can accessorize accordingly with classic, moody hues such as midnight blue and deep charcoal.'

Elliot James, of Elliot James interiors, agrees, adding: 'Keep the colors of the room muted (but don’t fear using dark tones on the walls) and use textures to bring character (i.e. saddle leather, hides, and dark, rich woods).'

4. Lay an oversized rug to add warmth

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Accessories and textiles add a homely feeling – and starting from the floor up can ensure your scheme is cohesive. 

'Lay down a statement area rug on wooden floors for some extra warmth and a subtle pop of color,' says Nadia McCowan Hill.

5. Utilize artwork to create atmosphere

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Art isn't just a way to add color to a room, it can also reflect your tastes and interests.

'Don’t be afraid to add in some personality – artwork is a great way to show off your style, with framed movie posters, bold geometric wall art or black and white photography always being a strong go-to choice,' says Nadia McCowan Hill.

Elliot James suggests using work by iconic photographers like David Yarrow or Terry O'Neill for a classic look.

6. Showcase curated treasures and antiques

(Image credit: Maestri Studio/Nathan Shroder)

Decorating with antiques is interior designer Henriette von Stockhausen of design agency VSP Interiors ' favorite way of adding character to a room. 'There are so many ways to incorporate antiques,' she says. 'Old screens can become cupboard doors, rugs can become headboards, and urns can become lamps. Creativity is key!'

'Display treasures you’ve collected while travelling or add some decorative elements which speak to you and your lifestyle,' agrees Nadia.

Elliot James says: 'Use accessories to bring personality and warmth to the room, a clothes butler, vintage suitcases, watch box, iconic lighting pieces and a few nicely stacked books on personal passions always work nicely.'

7. Use metallics to inject a touch of luxe

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It's not just feminine rooms that can be elevated with luxury finishes. 

'For a luxe touch, choose finishes such as matte black, brass or copper – think industrial type bookshelves and vintage-style lighting,' says Nadia. 'Pair with weathered wooden elements that will develop a homely patina over time for an interesting contrast.'

8. Bring the outside in

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Biophilic design, harnessing the calming quality of nature, is particularly effective in the bedroom. 

Nadia says: 'Plants make a huge difference in a room. You really can’t go wrong with a low-maintenance fiddle leaf fig tree, a yucca or some subtle succulents.  

'If your plant parent skills leave less to be desired, opt for clever faux versions. Add a cool concrete planter and – voilà – your space will be infused with new life.'

Green bedroom ideas are also on-trend – the hues adding to the tranquil atmosphere. A rich, deep green is a perfect guy's bedroom idea.

9. Inject a pop of color with furniture and soft furnishings

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'A great tip for styling your room is to stick to a good neutral base and add a bold color pop,' says Cox & Cox Product and Creative Director Dani Taylor. 'I love a deep charcoal or khaki, both hot trends at the moment, but timeless colors that won't get old fast.

'Try painting one wall in the bold color, even in a small room it works really well; you can then break up the color with mirrors, occasional furniture like a console or a drawer unit topped with a colorful lamp and photos. If you aren't able to paint the walls then try painting some old furniture such as bedside tables or a chest.

'You can add color with some plain cushions and a bedspread. Finally, a wonderful textured Berber style rug can add the perfect finishing touch, and bedside size rugs are great for a smaller space.'

10. Construct a panelled wall for a gentleman's club aesthetic

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Putting panelling in place is an easy way to elevate a bedroom. 

Finish the look with a rich, deep, dark hue to really create that gentlemen's club feel. The room above also shows how you can incorporate some other bedroom ideas for men on this list, with the brass lamp adding a little luxe, and vintage art and curios on show.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

If you're not an art aficionado and don't want to add a feature wall, why not make a feature of your lighting instead?

Large geometric, Art Deco and industrial pendants will make a style statement in their own right.

12. Lay a stand-out carpet to inspire a scheme

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A dark carpet is ideal for coping with high-traffic areas such as bedrooms and hallways.  If you’re struggling to find a wall color that will adapt and grow with your interior scheme, maybe introducing color on the floor is the answer. This way, you can stick to simple, timeless white walls and still ensure that the room is packed full of personality.

Jodie Hatton, Residential Designer at Brintons explains that 'Similarly to how dark walls can transform a small room or a patterned wallpaper can bring interest to otherwise dull space, a patterned carpet is an inspired way to make a feature of a smaller bedroom adding interest and character. 

'However, it is important to choose the right patterned carpet depending on the size of the room. Patterns with a wider repeat don’t always work in smaller spaces, as you don’t get the full effect of the motif. The best options for dark, patterned carpets in smaller rooms are tighter floral repeats and tartans. In larger spaces, up-scaled, blowsy florals or sprawling abstract designs are most impactful.'

How do you style a man's bedroom?

The tactics you use to style a man's bedroom are really no different to those you would use to style any other bedroom. While dark paint colors and dark wood furniture are traditional popular bedroom ideas for men, there really is no limit to what guys' bedrooms can include. Think: art for decorating walls, comfortable headboards for decor and night-time reading, exposed floorboards for a farmhouse feel and pops of color in curtains, bedding and furnishings.

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Men's bedroom ideas: stylish ideas for a sleek retreat

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Decorating a bedroom can be a fun and rewarding experience - after all, you're creating your very own sanctuary. That said, it can sometimes seem that there's a dearth of men's bedroom ideas out there compared to females or kids.

It can sometimes be hard to hit the right note when decorating a man's bedroom – you want it to be sleek and chic but you don't want the look to feel clinical. We're here to come to the rescue with our favourite guys bedroom ideas and show you how to create a sleek space that still offers personality. 

'Men have never been so savvy about design and interiors as they are today,' says David Harris, Design Director, Andrew Martin . 'The huge growth of Pinterest and Instagram, has brought interior design to the masses and interiors inspiration for men's bedroom decor is everywhere.'

Men's bedroom ideas

Remember that it's a good idea to use art and accessories to breathe life into a masculine space. 

Don't be afraid to use colour in men's bedroom ideas either, whether it's on your walls or through soft furnishings.

1. Go for contemporary clean lines

(Image credit: Interior Fox)

'Use clean black lines to define furniture and architectural shapes in men's bedroom ideas,' advises Jenna Choate, Co-Founder, Interior Fox . 'Great additions for men's bedroom decor might include contemporary black metal lamps, dark framed prints and black feet on furniture. '

'Other masculine features could include technology such as smart tech, speakers and TV. In terms of bedroom design tips, the key is to be minimal with pattern, instead consider stripes and solids, they are a perfect combo.'

2. Be bold with paint

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'Why not do something dramatic on the walls,' suggests Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer, Crown . 'Something as simple as a bold, dark colour like a charcoal, deep berry or navy is an easy way to achieve this effect.'

Create a cohesive scheme by using the bedroom paint ideas colour throughout the room. The headboard, sheets and accessories can all be chosen with this statement shade in mind.

3. Use leather accents for a sleek finish

(Image credit: Future PLC/Davide Lovatti)

Every space needs to introduce texture in order to add depth and interest. For a sleek and considered finish, use butter-soft leathers as a textural element.

You can have the on your headboard, bedside table and seating. Leather pairs fantastically with other natural materials, so link in woods alongside.

4. Embrace subtle metallics

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

'Play with dark and moody schemes in men's bedroom ideas,' says Jamie Watkins, Co-Founder, Divine Savages . 'Mix metallic bedroom wallpaper ideas and sumptuous velvet fabrics with contrasting gold accents colours for a glamorous twist.'

'Striking wallpaper behind the bed will create a strong focal point. In small spaces this can help open up the rest of the room to make it feel bigger.'

5. Add interest with panelling

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Bedroom wall panelling ideas in a deep and dark colourway is a relatively easy way to create a cool member's club feel in your modern bedroom ideas. This effect will add an extra dimension to your walls, and a subtle and very liveable element of pattern. 

Dark shades work especially well as when light hits the panels it creates another layer of pattern.

6. Opt for dark wood

(Image credit: Future PLC/eronica Rodriguez)

Dark wood is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and it's not hard to see why. It's elegant and bold yet not imposing when done right. 

These darker woods naturally give off a masculine feel, and pair equally as beautifully with both deep and pale schemes meaning it works whatever bedroom colour schemes you're considering for your men's bedroom decor.

7. Add geometric patterns

(Image credit: Future PLC/Paul Raeside)

Not only are geometrics a sleek, chic way to add pattern and life to a room, they're also achingly cool.

Make sure to really consider what scale you're adding with these. Too small a repeat of geometrics can be rather overwhelming and too large may seem out of proportion in small bedroom ideas.

8. Take inspiration from the coast

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

Coastal chic is a timeless trend in interiors, and it works wonderfully for men's bedroom ideas. Whitewashed shiplap walls bring that Hamptons cool and will open up the space by boosting light levels. Stripes and industrial fittings will bring home the nautical vibe.

Stop beach themed bedrooms from going too far, however, by stepping away from anchor print fabrics or bedroom wallpaper ideas. You want just enough of the coast without it feeling like an overly themed space.

(Image credit: Future PLC/James Merrell)

Headboards can bring so much to a bedroom. As well as the obvious added comfort, the right choice can become a focal point in men's bedroom ideas. Step outside of your comfort zone and choose a brightly coloured option. 

This is a great idea for smaller spaces, as if you keep the rest of the room light and pale, the eye will be drawn to the headboard, distracting from the size of the space.

10. Layer shades of grey

(Image credit: Future Plc/Colin Poole)

Grey bedroom ideas are going absolutely nowhere. The love of grey is still seen in most rooms of the house, but is a natural fit for men's bedroom ideas as it offers masculinity but with the perfect amount of softness.

To prevent the look from feeling drab, make sure you incorporate different shades of grey throughout. Think your flooring, bedding, walls... get layering with everything from dove grey right through to charcoal. 

11. Use art to add personality

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Large pieces of art are an elegant and tasteful way to elevate your men's bedroom ideas to a super-stylish sanctuary. 

Choose black and white prints for an otherwise colourful room for a cool focal point. Alternatively, with relatively simple white bedroom ideas you may want to add a splash of colour and pattern with a vibrant canvas.

12. Add a pop of colour

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lizzie Orme)

It's a myth that men's bedroom ideas should always be blue, grey or black. Try adding in a splash of bright red for a warming pop of colour. 

When anchored with a dark backdrop it makes for a vibrant yet sleek feel.

How do you style a man's bedroom?

'Working with neutral bedroom ideas in men's bedroom decor allows you to create a base that is easy to build upon depending on the season, mood or personal style,' recommends Mariana Ugarte, Co-Founder, Interior Fox.  

'Neutral tones allow you to work with different textures through natural materials such as rattan, seagrass or distressed wood used across furniture and accessories, all adding dimension and a depth that is pleasing to the eye.'

How do you make a bedroom more masculine?

'Sticking to a neutral colour palette for men's bedroom decor will allow flexibility and creates a scheme that’s classic and timeless,' says Mariana from Interior Fox. 'Rather than sticking with a colour theme that can feel restrictive or too personal, keep it as neutral as possible.'

'White sheets are always best, swap out colourful cushions with linen alternatives and consider painting the room in a warm tone of off-white.'

On the other end of the spectrum is the deep and luxurious option. 'Where there’s muck there’s brass: bronze is the texture of the year,' says Martin Waller, Founder, Andrew Martin. 'These luxurious materials are found in boutique hotels. Rich background colours set off these natural elements beautifully and add a real luxury to men's bedroom ideas. '

Thea Babington-Stitt is the Assistant Editor for Ideal Home. Thea has been working across some of the UK’s leading interiors titles for nearly 10 years. 

She started working on these magazines and websites after graduating from City University London with a Masters in Magazine Journalism. Before moving to Ideal Home, Thea was News and Features Editor at Homes & Gardens, LivingEtc and Country Homes & Interiors.

40 Design Ideas for a Men's Bedroom

Who said that a men's bedroom should be gray, black, well, at best, beige? Yes, there is some truth in this, because men like conciseness and restraint in colors and decor.

But you can also find bright interiors. Modern men have enough taste to transform their apartment into a dwelling that meets both the mood of the owner and fashion trends.

And it will become what, according to the owner, the male design of the apartment should be. And if not, we'll show you how to do it. nine0003

The difference between men's and women's bedrooms

Men, unlike women, will not be delighted with lace, ruffles, abundance of textiles, flower vases and porcelain figurines. They like brevity.

The practicality of the furnishings, the functionality of every detail of the men's bedroom? Yes, this is also inherent in the desires of the strong half.

Ask any man what colors he prefers. In response, you will hear - brown (maybe chocolate, coffee with milk), black, white, a little silver, steel or gray. If red, then not flashy-bright, but muted, perhaps green, deep blue. Notice what the range of preferred shades is? nine0003

If you think that the interior of the bedroom can turn out to be gloomy and boring, we will dissuade you. And the presented ideas will clearly demonstrate how you can make the men's bedroom interesting, comfortable and cozy.

A men's bedroom can also be cozy

And what design of a room for a man to choose? Remember, a man is not alien to experiments and, at times, very bold. Consider 5 trends in the interior of the men's bedroom, including shocking, bright art deco. nine0003

By the way, you can design any of these interiors with one of the room design programs we recently talked about.

Modern hi-tech for the men's bedroom

Hi-tech direction due to its manufacturability for the design of the men's bedroom may seem out of place, unnecessarily uncomfortable and cold. But this is not so if you correctly use colors, texture, decor.

The main element of the men's bedroom is the bed. All the rest of the environment is created around it. nine0003

Leather wall at the head of the bed. Bold but cozy

Details keep the direction going.

A striking example of a high-tech bedroom

Who is a high-tech bedroom suitable for? Men who are confident, with modern views, who value their time.

Glamorous Art Deco for the men's bedroom? Why not?

Art Deco is bright and non-trivial! It, like art, is unlimited in its embodiment in the interior. And the bedroom is no exception.

The main thing is the bed. It is large, royal, inlaid with stones and rhinestones. nine0003

A respectable man's bedroom

Expensive materials are used to finish all surfaces:

Expensive furniture, sometimes even flashy:

Many items are gold plated to add luxury.

Noble textiles, silk, brocade, velvet, satin are used.

Expensive materials are characteristic of men's bedrooms in art deco style

Milk, beige, gold, plum, wine, silver, burgundy, sand shades are allowed in the color design. The tones are muted, so the bedroom is conducive to relaxation.

Who suits an Art Deco bedroom? Men of creative professions, with excellent taste and sense of style. Those who lead a secular life, communicate at parties and official events, who are not afraid to surprise and shock.

Minimalist bedroom. This is so characteristic of men

In a minimalistic men's bedroom, nothing will distract from relaxation. Restrained colors, lack of unnecessary details, understandable shapes, lines. It is important to separate the sleeping area from the work or wardrobe. This can be done with partitions. nine0003

Convenience is the main feature of a masculine style bedroom. Everything is clearly demarcated. There is a place to sleep. A separate corner is allocated for a closet or dressing room, where everything is evenly laid on numerous shelves or neatly hung on hangers on racks in two tiers.

Minimalism in the bedroom - nothing more

Bedroom essentials.

All items must create a single composition. The decor is chosen to match the interior: photographs or paintings in discreet frames, a mirror on the wall of a simple form with or without a frame, objects dear to a man - figurines, awards, candlesticks, etc.

Well-chosen colors for the men's bedroom

Choose colors that are discreet, not flashy. Gray, brown, black, blue gamma is suitable for such a bedroom.

Who likes a minimalist bedroom? For business men who crave relaxation after a busy day at work.

Classic bedroom for men - fashionable at all times

A lot has been said about classic style. Expensive materials, solid furniture, rich and noble colors - all this is true for the design of the men's room. nine0003

Let's list the main points.

Decor items emphasize the masculine interior of the apartment: paintings depicting hunting, massive candlesticks, vases, figurines. nine0003

Classic men's bedroom in dark colors

Dark tones can be diluted with light shades: sand, pearl, white, beige.

A classic bedroom can be bright

This bedroom suits strong, purposeful men with rich experience. And it has nothing to do with age, because you can be successful at 20, 30, and 50.

Men's interior in a light marine style

Light shades, airiness and even romance are inherent in marine interior design.

Blue and white, yellow and blue, turquoise, pearl, sand - these are the shades that characterize the marine style. The bedroom in these colors will be cool, seem light and spacious. Warm tones balance cold ones, so there should be comfort in the bedroom.

Decorative elements emphasize the spirit of the sea and travel: shells and seascapes, ship figurines and spyglass, antique compasses, anchors and other nautical decor. nine0003

Luxurious bedroom with panoramic windows

Well -chosen shades do not weight a small bedroom for men

Sea theme is traced throughout the bedroom:

Sea bedroom will suit a young man who is not alien to romance, who dreams of traveling.

Royal bedroom for a modern king

There is no definition for a bedroom with a masculine character. After all, men are different. Someone loves luxury, and someone likes simplicity, some would hunt buffalo with pleasure, while others would enjoy relaxing by the sea. nine0003

But we are sure that in the proposed options you will find something of your own and embody it in your bedroom.

For more interesting design options, especially elegant, you can find out from the video:

Men's room design | Men's interior for a guy - photo

What associations do you have with the phrase “men's room design”? Simplicity, convenience, individuality. It is these qualities that men value when it comes to arranging their personal space. The times when a guy's room was associated with "creative mess" or an outright mess are gradually fading into the past. Spartan "mattress, table, chair and bare walls" is also not our option. In this article, we will try to get rid of such stereotypes. Men's room design can and should be stylish! nine0003

The most common styles of interior design for men

Before planning the design of the room, you need to decide on the style. It all depends on the preferences of the individual. Of course, no one can forbid a man to hang a crystal chandelier and curtains with a lambrequin in a room. But this is rather an exception to the rule. Most often, a room for guys is decorated in the following styles:


We can say that this style is a harmonious mixture of minimalism, constructivism and simplicity of Scandinavian interiors. “Contempo” does not have strict design rules, and choosing furniture and decor for this direction is not at all difficult. You can read more about contemporary style here.


What man does not like new technologies? Various gadgets, new inventions and modern achievements of science have always worried the strong half of humanity. And some even dream of going to space! All these interests can be translated into an interesting high-tech design. And modern materials (glass, plastic, metal), LED lighting and, of course, technology will help you with this. The emphasis in the design of a high-tech men's room can be made on a cool home theater or a large-screen game console. Why not? nine0003


Only the lazy have not heard about the loft now. Minimal wall processing, brick, Edison lamps and other factory romance. The atmosphere of a factory or an attic will appeal to many men. If you are interested, we have a separate article about the loft.

And here, for example, the design of a room for a teenager from the designer legko. com Natalia


Perhaps the most masculine interior style is brutalism. Very original, rough design for tough men! Concrete, a minimum of decor and functionality. The only thing is that brutalism requires large spaces and a minimum of things. Or maybe this is just your case? nine0003


A bit of humor:

If you still think that minimalism in the interior is something like that, then you are here.

Minimalism is much more interesting and is perfect for decorating a men's room. Especially if you are limited in space. Functionality and simplicity are the main principles and advantages of this style.

Color scheme

As a rule, a room for men is decorated in restrained colors. It all depends on personal preference here. nine0003

If you need a lot of light and air, white is the color for walls and ceilings.

And if you are comfortable in a dark environment, nothing prevents you from painting the walls and even the ceiling black.

To dilute the monochrome range, use color accents in furniture and decor.

Fans of more classic interiors should pay attention to beige, brown and natural wood. Read about how to make the interior in beige tones not boring, read here. nine0003

If you want to brighten up a room, make an accent wall in your favorite color. Usually men choose calm shades of green or blue. And in order not to overload the interior, paint only one wall, for example, opposite the entrance. So a bright saturated color will attract attention, but will not create an oppressive feeling.

Zones in a young person's room

A person spends quite a lot of time in his room. Therefore, it is important that this space is multifunctional. It is necessary to combine a sleeping place, an area for work and storage. nine0003

Beds and sofas

The mattress bed is a simple and original alternative to the usual boring beds. It takes up a lot of space, but it looks very impressive!

If the ceilings allow, the bed can be arranged on the mezzanine or the upper tier. The possibility of not making the bed can please a potential owner, and associations with an attic, a bunk bed from childhood, or the top shelf on a train will add romance.

And vice versa, if there is very little free space, a folding sofa will come to the rescue. This is both a place for receiving guests and an alternative to a bulky bed.

Work area

The second mandatory area in the men's room is the workplace. Whether a young man is a student or already working, whether he needs a computer or he likes to make something with his own hands - in any case, he will need a workplace in his own room. Think about its location in advance and do not forget about sufficient lighting for classes. nine0003

Storage spaces

Usually men don't have a lot of things, but they need to be stored somewhere. If we start from simplicity and functionalism, then chests of drawers, trellises and huge oak cabinets are not our option. We are heading for cabinets built into a niche, minimalist shelves and racks for storing books and personal collections.

Lighting and decor for men

One boring chandelier in the center of the ceiling will not give the desired effect in a guy's room. In addition, it usually does not give enough light. It is more practical to use built-in lights and additional lamps. nine0003

By the way, many men don't really like curtains or don't even understand why they are needed. In this case, windows can be decorated with blinds, roller blinds, or you can do without decor at all.

Learn more