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50 Best Living Room Color Ideas

Read McKendree

When it comes to living room design, a flattering color palette is one of the first aspects you need to nail down. It will likely drive the whole design scheme and set the mood for years to come. Plus, your living room is probably the most-used room in the house, so choosing colors that make you look forward to spending time in it is a must! Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral, or dark and moody, we've laid out tons of designer-approved living room paint color ideas to help you get inspired. All you have to do is put on your overalls and grab a roller—or, you know, hire someone else to do the dirty work. The hardest part will be deciding between all of these living room colors. But once you do, you can start shopping for the decor.

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Seth Smoot

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In a Cape Cod-style home for a couple of empty nesters, designer Lauren Nelson painted the living room walls in Farrow & Ball's Dove Tale—a warm gray with purple undertones. It keeps the atmosphere neutral yet inviting.

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A soft white paint with a slight gray tone to it can easily make your living room a spot you want to spend all day in. Take it from designer Sharon Rembaum, who dressed this living room with textured pieces in a neutral color palette to boost its overall coziness.


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Cerulean Blue

Designer Garrow Kedigan made use of Lakeside Cabin by Benjamin Moore on the walls of this cozy corner. The faded cerulean blue acts as a soft backdrop to the rich orange and gold decor and dark gray sofa.

Sean Litchfield

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Cloudy Green

Reminiscent of the outdoors and luxurious spas, sage green can instantly make your living room feel welcoming. In this speakeasy-inspired room by Brooklinteriors, Art Deco, Eastern World, and bohemian elements are blended together on a background of Clare's Dirty Martini paint for an opulent but casual atmosphere.

Alyssa Rosenheck

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Sunny Yellow

Sunny yellow walls can instantly brighten up your living room— no matter if you have big windows or small openings for natural light. In this room designed by Taylor Anne Interiors, Farrow & Ball's Citron adds energy to the tropical-yet-modern space.

Haris Kenjar

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Set a moody yet cozy scene by painting your walls and ceiling in a soft shade of ebony. For designer Sean Anderson's client, comfort and function in the living room were crucial for entertaining. He painted the room in Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams and layered items that told the homeowner's story to enhance the welcoming atmosphere.

Mali Azima

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Red Clay

Designed by Melanie Turner, this living room's walls are painted in Windswept Canyon by Sherwin-Williams. The assortment of furniture styles is united by a common colorway that pairs nicely with the paint.


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Frost Blue

Frost blue walls—in Benjamin Moore's Philipsburg Blue, to be exact—offer the right amount of softness in this formal dining room designed by Jenny Wolf. Gold framed art and a textured rug add warmth near the fireplace.


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"It’s a vibrant happy blue while not being too overwhelming, says designer Rudy Saunders of the color on the walls of his Upper East Side studio apartment. It's Fine Paints of Europe Jefferson Blue from the Dorothy Draper paint collection.

Bjorn Wallander

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Designer Krsnaa Mehta aimed for a salon feel in the heart of his India home. The sangria-and-blue palette of the living room achieves that inviting look that's best suited for entertaining.

Lisa Romerein

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This sunny living room designed by Thomas Callaway exudes warmth, despite the grand size and ceiling height. Callaway broke the room into zones to enhance intimacy and then used soft buttery glaze on the walls to give the room a golden glow, and layered rich yet mellow fabrics.

Jared Kuzia Photography

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Dark Blue-Green

Designer Cecilia Casagrande chose rich jewel tones for this Boston Colonial living room. It's classic yet fresh. The paint color—Farrow & Ball Hague Blue—in particular, straddles that duality of modern and traditional styles, perfect for a historic home. Casagrande also mixed contemporary elements with more traditional ones to further play with that juxtaposition between old and new.

Thijs de Leeuw/Space Content/Living Inside

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Dusty Rose

Atelier ND and homeowner Carice Van Houten used a variety of plant species to liven up the room and create visual intrigue with different heights and shapes. It really freshens up the bold pastels and rich earthy tones for a unique composition. Pro tip: Don't forget to paint the ceiling for a more immersive impression.

Anna Spiro Design

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Instead of painting the walls blue, designer Anna Spiro covered the hardwood floors in a cheerful blue color. She also made the windows extra sunny by painting the frames buttercream yellow.

Brie Williams

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Pitch Black

Dark black walls and lots of warm gold and caramel tones make this living room designed by Ariene Bethea super cozy but also formal and regal—the ideal balance if your living room doubles as the family room. She used Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams.

Kendall McCaugherty

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The open floor plan in this Chicago family apartment designed by Bruce Fox called for cohesion between the dining and living room areas. That soft peachy paint and deep pink sofa are reflected in the printed armchair at the head of the dining table, and also mimic the rosy glow of the pendant light. The color scheme was inspired by a photograph taken of the family in London during spring when the city was veiled in cherry blossoms.

Read McKendree

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Dark gray walls can be a bit brooding, like storm clouds, but in the case of this sunny Manhattan apartment by Elizabeth Cooper, they look playful and contemporary. Cheerful pinks, a dash of cobalt blue, traditional granny-chic patterns, and whimsical artwork lighten the mood.

Nicole Franzen

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While bright colors can help liven up a room, it's not the only route. Take this neutral-toned living room by Kristin Fine: Soft and texture-rich upholstery mix with off-white paint, rustic wood pieces, and plenty of antique accents to make a surprisingly modern impression with lots of character.

Robert McKinley

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Robert McKinley wanted to keep the color scheme in this country retreat earthy and neutral but also wanted to inject it with a little warmth. He opted for a quietly sophisticated shade of olive green for the walls while the chose a cream color for the wood-paneled ceiling.

Chris Mottalini

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Steel Gray

This New York City living room designed by Nanette Brown is a lesson in dark paint decorating that strikes the balance between formal and casual, sophisticated and easy-going, elevated and cozy. The exact color pictured is Amethyst Shadow from Benjamin Moore.

Paul Raeside

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Light Lime Green

Take your cues from the bold pattern mixing and modern artwork on display in this living room designed by Les Ensembliers. A light green color on the ceiling is an unexpected surprise that ties the whole room together. Here, it pairs beautifully with the yellow curtains, geometric green ottoman, and plenty of gray tones throughout.

Paul Raeside

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Lemon Yellow

Does the thought of painting your living room yellow scare you to your very core? How about now that you've seen this timeless and cheerful living room designed by Michael Maher? One glance at this space, and we're about ready to repaint our own: It radiates warmth and offsets the cool blue tones.

Heidi Caillier

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Light Fawn

This muted fawn color in a living room designed by Heidi Caillier is hard to pin down, and that's exactly why we like it. Not quite brown, not quite beige, it's a nice offbeat eath-tone option that functions as a neutral.

Simon Watson

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Glossy Black-Green

Deep, dark, and glossy, the lacquered black-blue-green color makes this living room by Kristin Hein and Philip Cozzi seductive and mysterious. Paired with bohemian furniture and accents, the more moody qualities become more approachable and cozy.

Maura McEvoy

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Kelly Green Splash

"I love the juxtaposition between the traditional space and the modern staircase," says Eliza Crater of Sister Parish Design. The rich kelly green accent wall and decorative floral curtains help bring some fullness and warmth to otherwise all-white surfaces in her home.

Bjorn Wallander

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The traditional, neutral furniture in this room designed by Balsamo Antiques and Interior Design make a minimal visual impact so the moody colors, artwork, light fixtures, and other decorative accents can stand out. A deep, almost purple-gray tone turns out to be a wonderfully complex and evocative backdrop, so don't be afraid to try something different.

Douglas Friedman

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Ann Pyne worked with decorative painter Arthur Fowler to create a contrasting geometric pattern on the walls. "I think of the puzzle-like shapes as a metaphor—it's a game of fitting all these disparate 'treasures' into a graphically coherent whole," she says. Matte navy blue and a gritty mustard tone work together to set a pensive and seductive backdrop—perfect for a smaller living room.

Heather Hilliard

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Crisp White

A crisp, matte white is totally timeless. Sherwin-Williams Pure White is there for you when you're not interested in going for a trending paint color.

Francesco Lagnese

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Mint Green

Channel a lush tropical oasis, as Thomas Jayne and William Cullum did, with this fresh color. In a living room where the paint stretches all the way up to the rafters, the hue changes depending on the way the light hits it, shifting between sharp mint and soft sea foam green.

Paul Raeside

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Designer Garrow Kedigian defines a neutral as "anything that isn't jarring," which is a super helpful way to reframe things if cream, white, or gray simply isn't cutting it in your living room and you can't figure out why. Certain spaces just call for something outside the box, whether it's because of an architectural style, light exposures, or existing furniture. Here, the walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Rattan.

The Best Paint for Your Walls 2023

Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Grab a brush!

By Jessica Cherner

Lick x Soho House

Nothing is more transformative than swathing your rooms in a new hue, so if you’re in the mood to start a project, you’ll need the best interior wall paint on the market. To lead you in the right direction, we tapped interior designer Becky Shea for her expert opinion. "One of my favorite paint brands is Benjamin Moore, they offer such a range in color and what you can do with the color is also out of this world," she tells House Beautiful.

Here’s the thing about paint, there’s a lot of it. And color aside, you need to consider other factors when choosing your shade—namely, finish. The ones to know are flat, matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. Don't stress, the finishes aren’t room-specific, so feel free to glaze your walls in any paint that suits your fancy.

The same goes for color in that there are no rules. That said, one thing to keep in mind is that darker shades tend to make a space look smaller, so you may want to avoid painting your powder room navy blue. Or you can always experiment with different tones. "I've played around and made colors darker and lighter by diluting or enhancing the pigmentation," Shea adds.

All in all, before you commit to an entire gallon, start by ordering a sample so you can see what the color would look like in your specific space. The best thing about painting is that it’s one of the easiest projects to master. You just need a paint roller, brushes, a tray, painter’s tape, and, of course, paint. Ready to transform your space? Scroll through for all the best paint for your walls and get to work!

Newest Collaboration

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Moodiest Blue

Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue

Farrow & Ball


Most Environmentally Conscious

Benjamin Moore


Ace Hardware


Most Regal

Magnolia for KILZ




Best White Alternative





Most Dramatic


Pure Black

The Home Depot


Best Accent Color


Ghost Ranch



Most Unexpected


Crimson Velvet



Best Neutral

Farrow & Ball


Farrow & Ball


What is the best paint finish for interiors?

There is no best finish when it comes to paint. That said, glossy paint is a bit more durable than matte, so if you think your walls may get a bit weathered, go the gloss route.

What is the best paint brand?

When it comes to choosing the best paint brand, the most important factor to consider is whether or not the paint contains any toxic chemicals. Companies like Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, and Lick all create colors that are completely toxin-free, making them the best of the best.

Why trust us?

Becky Shea is the principal designer and founder of New York City-based (BS/D) and pays as much attention to details like paint as she does big-ticket elements like furniture. You can trust that this expert knows all there is to know about the best paint for walls.

Jessica Cherner Jessica Cherner is House Beautiful’s associate shopping editor and knows where to find the best high-low pieces for any room.

The best wall paint: review, properties and comparison.

At the final stage of the renovation, we are faced with the task of giving the walls a beautiful look. Someone chooses wallpaper, some prefer decorative plaster, but most paint the walls. And it's true, it's fast, stylish and good! The question arises: how to choose paint so that it satisfies you both in terms of quality and price? Let's try to figure this out together. We consider only harmless, water-dispersion paints. nine0005

  • Paint classes. What do they tell us?
  • Gloss level and unique color features, which one is best for walls?
  • Best wall paint selection chart

Paint classes, which one is better to paint?

There are always certain factors that you should pay attention to when choosing a paint. These include wet abrasion class, coverage and wear resistance class, gloss level, unique features and of course price. The buyer can always find all quality indicators in the technical sheets for the products. However, we add on our own that the standards of each country may differ from each other and it is best to judge by the generally accepted European DIN classification (Well, or just check with us). Let's get back to the topic and go through the meaning of these characteristics:

  • Wet Abrasion Rating is a measure of a coating's ability to withstand mechanical stress with water. It is determined in laboratory conditions by the degree of wear of the coating as a result of simulating the washing procedure. The highest is class 1, the lowest is class 5. Therefore, if this indicator is important for you (and on the walls this is one of the determining factors), then choose 1 or 2 class.

Where is the best place to use paint with this grade? nine0026 class 1 - for medical institutions and for rooms with cleaning with disinfectants. Class 2 - for walls and ceilings in bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms with high humidity, able to withstand repeated wet cleaning. Class 3 - for walls and ceilings in the interior of residential premises, wet cleaning of the painted surface will also not hurt. Grade 4 - paint for ceilings. Grade 5 - the cheapest paint, which is very similar to classic whitewash and has the appropriate quality. nine0005

Wear resistance class - a physical property that characterizes the resistance of the paintwork to abrasion, is one of the main parameters that determine the durability of the paint. This indicator is related to the wet abrasion class, but wider. So it will also include temperature loads, adhesion with the previous layer and wear of the material over time.

Spreading power class - more important for work and consumption calculations. This is an indicator that characterizes the ability of the paint to overlap the existing surface. The lower the class, the better. As a rule, paints with good wear resistance also have good hiding power. nine0005

Gloss level and unique paint features, which one is best for walls?

Gloss level is the ability of the paint to shine, reflect light. But gloss is not only glitter. Glossy paints contain more resin than pigment, while matte paints do the opposite. The coating that forms the glossy paint is easy to clean and more durable. This type of paint is ideal for rooms with high humidity. You can get a semi-gloss or even a semi-matte paint that is suitable for the bath and will please you for a long time. Pure matte paints are not intended for surfaces that need constant washing. Therefore, they are usually more often used for ceilings. A significant advantage of matte paint is its ability to hide defects on any surface. While glossy paint will only emphasize the slightest scratch or unevenness. nine0005

Here it is important to add that resistant matte paints exist, and we will consider many of them below. However, the cost of their production is high, which is why such paints are not cheap for the buyer.

The unique features of are those features that the paint can boast of, which makes it stand out from the rest. For example, universality for walls and ceilings, double coverage, antiseptic properties, high degree of whiteness, anti-allergic properties, etc. If a number of specific properties are important to you, it is better to ask a store specialist +375(29)230-00-80 MTS or +375(44)597-00-80 A1.

Best Wall Paint Selection Chart

Name: Wet rub grade: Spreading class: Wear resistance: Gloss level: Price per liter* Features:
Caparol Amphibolin Grade 1 Grade 2 Very Hardwearing Satin Matt 35.50 RUB It is well washed with water, resistant to disinfectants
Betek Max grade 1
Grade Win -resistant is characterized self-distributing texture. nine0059 Indoor use only, highest wash and abrasion resistance, recommended for use in high traffic areas.
Farby Kabe Profilatex Grade
Grade 1 Very wear-resistant
Milki-dentum 39. 74 rub Conforted antiseptic properties. wet rooms. One of the most wear-resistant paints. nine0105
Teknos Superlatecsi 1 class
Grade Better-resistant
Milk-dentum .47 rub for walls and ceilings indoors. Also for radiators and pipes, galvanized air conditioning ducts, for concrete bases.
Tikkurila Luja 7 Grade 1
Grade 2
Wear Resistant
Silky matt RUB 32.88 The paint contains an anti-mold component and is approved for painting premises of food processing plants.
Tex-Color DoppelDecker 1 Grade 1
Grade Very wear-resistant
deep-dentum 22.50 rub for walls and flows with two-time crushing ability. Does not contain components that form a dark coating. nine0105

* - Prices are for December 2020 and may differ from the current ones.

Summarizing all of the above, we want to emphasize that for each individual task there is its own ideal wall paint. How to choose and not make a mistake, tint and apply? All these questions will be answered by the specialists of the DOMINGO.BY online store by phone: +375(29)230-00-80 MTS or +375(44)597-00-80 A1. Feel free to ask your questions! We naturally leave the final choice to you! nine0004

Thank you for reading. Follow us on Instagram, follow the news. Your DOMINGO.BY.

TOP-15 best models and which one to choose

One of the simplest and most affordable options for wall decoration is ordinary painting. For some time this method was considered obsolete, but now it has regained popularity.

High-quality painting of the walls allows not only to improve their appearance, but also to facilitate cleaning in the house, because the painted walls are very easy to clean and are resistant to moisture. nine0005

When choosing a paint, they are guided not only by its color, but also by the type of surface to be treated.

For example, there are separate paints for the walls of the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, so be sure to specify what room it will be used for before buying.

We tried to make it easier for you to choose, and made a rating of the best wall paints according to the 2022-2023 version in terms of price / quality.

Rating TOP 15 best wall paints 2022-2023

nine0056 Ask for price
Seat Designation Price
TOP 3 best wall paints by price/quality for 2022-2023
1 Dulux 3D White Ask for price
2 V33 Renovation Perfection Ask for price
3 Tikkurila Euro Power 7 (Base A) Ask for a price
TOP 3 best water-based wall paints
1 FINNCOLOR Oasis Hall&Office Ask for price
2 Lacra for walls and ceilings Ask for price
3 Dulux Classic Color Ask for price
Top 3 Best Acrylic Wall Paints
1 Aura Interior Mattlatex Ask for price
2 Tikkurila Luja 7 Ask for price
3 Yaroslavl paints YARKO For walls and ceilings Ask for price
TOP 3 best matte wall paints
1 Dulux Dazzling White washable matt Ask for price
2 TEX Interior Universal matt Ask for price
3 TEX for ceiling super white Profi matt Ask for price
Top 3 washable wall paints
1 TEX Super White Profi Ask for price
2 Dulux Bindo 7 washable Ask for price
3 FINNCOLOR Oasis Interior Plus waterproof washable


  • Top 15 best wall paints 2022-2023
  • TOP-3 best wall paints by price/quality for 2022-2023
    • Dulux 3D White
    • V33 Renovation Perfection
    • Tikkurila Euro Power 7 (Base A)
  • 9000 TOP-9000 TOP-7 for the best emulsion wall paints
    • FINNCOLOR Oasis Hall&Office
    • Lacra for walls and ceilings
    • Dulux Classic Color
  • TOP-3 best acrylic paints for walls
    • AURA Interior Mattlatex
    • Tikukurila Luja 7
    • 9000 9000
best matte wall paints
  • Dulux Dazzling White washable matt
  • TEX interior Universal matt
  • TEX ceiling super white Profi matt
  • TOP 3 best washable wall paints
    • TEX super white Profi
    • Dulux Bindo 7 washable
    • FINNCOLOR Oasis Interior Plus moisture resistant washable
  • Which company to choose?
  • Customer Reviews
  • Useful Video
  • How to choose wall paint and what to look for?

    The degree of resistance of the coating to aggressive environmental factors depends on the quality of the selected paint.

    When selecting paint, they are guided by the following criteria :

    1. What kind of work is paint intended for? Wall paints are exterior and interior (interior). Compositions of the first type have increased resistance to precipitation and fading in the sun.
    2. Which room will be painted ? For the bathroom or kitchen, special types of paint are used with increased resistance to abrasion, moisture and high temperatures. Latex and silicone emulsions have such properties. For the bedroom and living room, bright and abrasion-resistant acrylic paints are suitable. Water-based compositions are environmentally friendly, so they are perfect for a children's room. nine0008
    3. Which invoice to choose ? According to this criterion, all paints are matte, semi-matte, semi-gloss and glossy. Matte does not shine, so it perfectly hides surface defects. Semi-gloss have a barely noticeable shine and have increased resistance to abrasion, so they can be safely washed. Semi-gloss emulsions can be washed, so they are great for nurseries, kitchens and bathrooms. Glossy paint is the most brilliant and resistant to abrasion, but you need to work with it carefully, because it emphasizes all the surface irregularities. nine0008

    Also, when choosing a paint, pay attention to such an indicator as hiding power . It depends on him whether the emulsion can paint over the old coating layer. The higher this indicator, the fewer layers of paint will have to be applied to obtain a perfectly even tone.

    Another important factor is the abrasion resistance of . This characteristic is especially important if the walls will be painted in a high traffic area.

    TOP 3 best wall paints by price/quality for 2022-2023

    Repairs always require serious financial investments, but it is not worth saving on paint, because poor-quality painting will have to be refreshed regularly. It is better to give preference to emulsions in which high quality is combined with affordable cost.

    Dulux 3D White


    coating perfectly diffuses light, enhances the radiance of white and visually expands the space.

    The characteristic unpleasant odor of the paint is practically absent, making it ideal for interior work.

    The emulsion is easy to apply on almost any surface, without leaving splashes and streaks . It can also be used for painting wallpaper.

    Vapor permeability and moisture resistance of the product is not very high, so it is used for painting walls in bedrooms, living rooms, offices and other similar rooms. nine0005

    In addition, the composition of the emulsion is completely safe, and the product itself is certified, and is suitable for use in children's and medical institutions .

    It is also recommended for use in compact rooms with low ceilings, as the finished coating visually expands the space of the room.

    Specifications :

    • type - latex;
    • texture - matte;
    • maximum flow rate 13 l/sq. m; nine0008
    • drying time 4 hours.


    • matt texture perfectly hides wall defects;
    • is practically odorless;
    • dries quickly;
    • perfectly covers other colors;
    • the painted surface is perfectly washable.


    • requires good surface preparation;
    • many users complain about packaging defects.
    • nine0013

      V33 Renovation Perfection

      This paint was specially developed for wall finishing and furniture restoration . According to

      performance characteristics, it is ideal for surfaces that are subjected to high mechanical stress.

      The emulsion contains a unique combination of polymers and additive . Thanks to this, the coating has increased strength and resistance to stains and other contaminants. Due to the high resistance to abrasion, the dried surface can be safely washed. nine0005

      The emulsion can be applied to almost any surface: metal, plastic, wall tiles, wood, drywall and normal plaster .

      In the process of painting, the composition lays down perfectly evenly, and the semi-matt texture well hides defects and surface irregularities.

      The product is environmentally friendly and practically odorless, which makes it easier to carry out interior repairs, and the paint can be thinned with plain water.

      Specifications :

      • type - acrylic;
      • texture - semi-matte;
      • maximum flow rate 13 l/sq.m;
      • drying time 24 hours.


      • suitable for furniture restoration;
      • lays down perfectly flat;
      • covers the old paint well, even if it is in a contrasting color;
      • can be washed;
      • is suitable for application without prior surface preparation.
      • nine0013


        • some users consider the price too high;
        • takes a long time to dry.

        Tikkurila Euro Power 7 (Base A)

        The emulsion is water-dispersion, so you don't have to use solvents to get the right consistency: just dilute the paint with water. The texture of the product is matte, so even uneven walls can be painted with it, because the finished coating perfectly hides any defects or irregularities. nine0005

        Also, the product has a certificate that allows you to carry out painting work in children's and health institutions .

        The composition has sufficiently high moisture resistance and vapor permeability, so the paint can be used for finishing rooms with normal and moderate humidity.

        The composition of the emulsion is universal, so it can be applied to concrete, plaster, putty, plasterboard structures and wooden surfaces.

        Specifications :

        • texture - matt;
        • maximum flow rate 12 l/sq.m;
        • drying time 2 hours.


        • reasonable cost with excellent quality;
        • rich selection of tinting colors;
        • has no unpleasant smell;
        • dries quickly;
        • is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, including wood.


        • poor hiding power;
        • must be diluted with water.

        TOP-3 of the best water-based wall paints

        Water-based paints can be easily diluted to the desired consistency with ordinary water, the composition itself lays down perfectly evenly, and an unpleasant smell does not appear during painting work. Three models were recognized as the best water-based wall paints in 2022-2023.

        FINNCOLOR Oasis Hall&Office

        This water-based paint with a deep matt texture is very easy to apply and creates a perfectly smooth and high quality finish.

        According to its composition, it is suitable for wall decoration in dry and damp rooms, but the emulsion is not suitable for bathrooms due to insufficiently high resistance to moisture.

        The paint can be used on pre-prepared and uneven surfaces. In the latter case, the consumption will increase slightly, but the layer still turns out to be perfectly even and smooth. nine0005

        The emulsion also boasts a fast drying time of no more than 2 hours .

        However, if multiple coats are required, you will have to wait until the previous one is completely dry.

        The paint has a high resistance to abrasion, but the desired level of resistance required for washing is reached only after 4 weeks .

        If the room is cool and humid, the final drying time may be slightly longer. nine0005

        Specifications :

        • texture - matt;
        • maximum flow rate 11 l/sq.m;
        • drying time 2 hours.


        • suitable for painting various surfaces, including untreated ones;
        • perfectly hides wall defects;
        • dries quickly;
        • has high abrasion resistance;
        • is almost odorless.


        • inconvenient to pour into another container;
        • will not cover old paint when applied in one coat.

        Lacra For walls and ceilings

        consistency . nine0005

        After application and drying, the emulsion forms an even and durable coating that can be washed.

        The composition also boasts excellent adhesion, so the paint can be applied not only to perfectly smooth walls, but also to porous surfaces that have not been pre-treated.

        The paint has good hiding power, so it can be applied over old layers of paint, even if it has the contrast color .

        The texture of the product is matte, so the emulsion perfectly hides any defects and surface irregularities. After complete drying, the surface will be easy to care for, because the painted walls can simply be wiped with a dry cloth. nine0005

        Specifications :

        • texture - matt;
        • maximum flow rate 8 l/sq.m;
        • drying time 2 hours.


        • dries quickly;
        • hides uneven walls very well;
        • can be applied without prior surface preparation;
        • moderate consumption;
        • good hiding power.


        • not suitable for rooms with high humidity;
        • must not be washed with a damp sponge.

        Dulux Classic Color

        The cost of this paint belongs to the middle price category, and its composition is thought out in such a way that the emulsion can be applied quickly and perfectly even .

        The type of product is acrylic paints, which have excellent vapor permeability and moisture repellency, so the emulsion can be used for wall decoration in the kitchen or bathroom. nine0005

        Because the paint is matt, it hides surface imperfections very well, so may not be leveled before applying the wall.

        Another feature of the product is that the finished coating does not change color over time, and a wide selection of colors allows you to choose the right shade.

        Also, the paint has no unpleasant smell, which allows you to carry out painting work even in enclosed spaces .

        The emulsion does not run or splatter during application, is economical in use, and has excellent hiding power, so it can be safely applied over an old layer of paint in a contrasting color. nine0005

        Specifications :

        • texture - matt;
        • maximum flow rate 14 l/sq.m;
        • drying time 4 hours.


        • matte texture hides all defects;
        • is suitable for painting raw surfaces;
        • dries quickly;
        • has no unpleasant smell;
        • rich choice of colors.


        • costs a little more than analogues;
        • the painted wall can be washed only after a month.

        TOP 3 Best Acrylic Wall Paints

        Acrylic paints are commonly used for wall decoration in bathrooms and kitchens because they are highly resistant to steam, moisture and high temperatures.

        Aura Interior Mattlatex

        This paint is ideal for wall decoration in rooms with high humidity .

        It can also be used to paint walls in rooms where regular damp cleaning is required.

        Another special feature of the product is that it can be used not only for painting unfinished surfaces, but also for resurfacing an old layer of paint.

        The emulsion has good hiding power, so even two coats will be enough to cover even a dark layer of old paint. nine0005

        The paint itself has a perfectly white color, and the matte texture allows you to perfectly hide defects and irregularities on the walls. If you need to paint the walls in a different color, you can add color to the main tone.

        In addition, the product has a special certificate that allows it to be used even in children's and medical institutions .

        When carrying out painting work, the user will not experience discomfort, since the characteristic unpleasant smell of paint is practically absent. nine0005

        Specifications :

        • texture - matt;
        • maximum flow rate 12 l/sq. m;
        • drying time 4 hours.


        • wide range of colors;
        • hides wall defects well;
        • dries quickly;
        • adequate price;
        • is suitable for painting raw surfaces.


        • when painting uneven walls, the consumption increases; nine0008
        • must not be thinned with water.

        Tikkurila Luja 7

        Quality paint from a well-known Finnish manufacturer will help you quickly renovate your house or refresh the walls in rooms .

        Acrylic paint, and its composition includes a special anti-mold component, which provides additional protection of the walls from moisture.

        Given these characteristics, the emulsion is excellent for painting walls with high humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms. nine0005

        In addition, the paint is very resistant to abrasion and aggressive chemicals .

        Thanks to this, painted walls can be washed with almost any detergent and disinfectant.

        As the texture of the paint is matt, it can be used to finish even unfinished surfaces .

        The consumption of the agent will increase in this case, but the finished coating will be perfectly even and smooth.

        Specifications :

        • texture - matt;
        • maximum flow rate 8 l/sq.m;
        • drying time 4 hours.


        • reliable European manufacturer;
        • resists the formation of mold and fungi;
        • painted walls can be washed with any disinfectant;
        • no characteristic unpleasant odor;
        • excellent hiding power.


        • when painting untreated walls, the consumption increases;
        • costs a little more than analogues.

        Yaroslavl paints YARKO For walls and ceilings


        It can also be used for painting walls, and painting work will be carried out quickly, since the paint does not flow and does not leave streaks when applied. The finished coating "breathes", and the paint itself has practically no unpleasant odor, so painting work can be carried out at any time of the year. nine0005

        The paint has a high hiding power, so it can be safely used on walls in the contrasting color .

        This will require two coats of emulsion, but the painting work will not be delayed.

        Each coat of paint dries completely in just 1 hour, after which a second coat of can be applied.

        The emulsion is also considered universal, as it is suitable for processing treated and untreated walls made of different materials.

        Specifications :

        • texture - matt;
        • maximum flow rate 8 l/sq.m;
        • drying time 1 hour.


        • reasonable cost with high quality;
        • dries very quickly;
        • evenly and evenly lays down on any surface;
        • is suitable for painting rough walls;
        • low consumption.


        • there is an odor;
        • is not a very rich choice of colors.

        TOP 3 best matte wall paints

        Matte paints are ideal for decorating rooms with uneven walls, as they perfectly mask various defects and irregularities. Given this feature, before carrying out painting work, the walls can not be leveled.

        Dulux Dazzling White Washable Matte

        This matte wall and ceiling paint is a perfect white . The

        product contains particles of natural marble, thanks to which the painted surface reflects light much better.

        As a result, the room appears visually more spacious and the ceilings appear higher. . Thanks to this, the paint is ideal for renovations in small apartments or rooms with low ceilings.

        Also, the paint does not have an unpleasant odor, does not flow or splash during application, which greatly facilitates painting work. nine0005

        In addition, the emulsion has excellent hiding power, so it can be applied not only on prepared surfaces, but also on walls that have already been painted before .

        Since the paint lays down evenly and dries quickly enough, even dark wall colors can be covered with it. The product is certified, so it can be safely used in children's and medical institutions.

        Specifications :

        • thinner - water; nine0008
        • maximum flow rate 13 l/sq.m;
        • drying time 4 hours.


        • suitable for walls and ceilings;
        • excellent hiding power;
        • does not stain;
        • does not splatter or run when applied;
        • has no unpleasant smell.


        • dries slightly longer than analogues;
        • is not a very rich choice of colors.
        • nine0013

          TEX Interior Universal matt

          It forms a "breathable" coating through which steam and hot air penetrate, so the paint layer does not deteriorate for a long time. Another feature of the emulsion is that it is very easy to apply, does not leave streaks and does not spread. Since the texture of the paint is matte, it perfectly masks bumps and defects. nine0005

          This reduces repair times as the walls do not have to be pre-prepared .

          The paint color is perfectly white, but if the user wants to paint the walls in a different color, he can add a special color to it.

          Paint consumption is low, but when painting on untreated surfaces it increases slightly .

          Another feature of the product is its fast drying time and the almost complete absence of an unpleasant odor. nine0005

          Specifications :

          • thinner - water;
          • maximum flow rate 8 l/sq.m;
          • drying time 1.5 hours.


          • low price;
          • matte texture perfectly masks defects;
          • dries quickly;
          • low flow;
          • increased hiding power.


          • does not roll well; nine0008
          • is not compatible with all colors.

          TEX for ceiling super white Profi matt

          High-quality wall paint from a domestic manufacturer will help you quickly carry out cosmetic repairs in residential premises .

          Since the product is certified, it can even be used in children's and medical institutions.

          After painting, a perfectly even and dazzling white coating is formed, and the matte texture perfectly masks any unevenness and surface defects. nine0005

          Can be applied with a regular brush or roller . It does not drip, splatter or spread, so painting will not cause any discomfort.

          Another feature of the emulsion is that it visually increases the area of ​​the room and makes the ceilings higher, so it is ideal for renovation work in small rooms or rooms with low ceilings.

          Specifications :

          • thinner - water;
          • maximum flow rate 12 l/sq. m;
          • drying time 1 hour.


          • affordable price;
          • matte texture perfectly masks defects;
          • is quickly and evenly applied with a roller;
          • can be washed;
          • improve abrasion resistance.


          • not very high coverage;
          • bald spots remain. nine0008

          TOP 3 best washable wall paints

          For refurbishment of rooms in which you often have to wash the walls, you should choose special washable wall paints. They have a special composition that increases the resistance of the coating to abrasion, and allows you to wash the walls and ceiling with a damp sponge.

          TEX super white Profi

          See also: TOP-20 best plasters: rating 2022-20230270 .

          Since the emulsion has a matte texture, it fits perfectly on any surface and masks all defects and uneven walls. Also, the product boasts excellent covering properties.

          This allows the paint to be applied not only to unfinished surfaces, but also to walls that have already been painted with .

          The consistency of the product is very good, so the paint does not drip or splatter.

          It can be applied with a regular brush or roller without fear of unsightly smears or bald spots on the surface .

          The original paint color is white, but if the user wants to paint the walls or ceiling in a different color, he can create his own shade by adding color.


          • thinner - water;
          • maximum flow rate 10 l/sq.m;
          • drying time 1 hour.


          • low cost;
          • good hiding power;
          • does not splatter when applied; nine0008
          • perfectly hides wall defects;
          • dries quickly.


          • increased consumption when applied to unfinished walls;
          • there is an odor.

          Dulux Bindo 7 washable

          Latex paint from a well-known manufacturer is suitable for almost any room, but the manufacturer recommends using it for finishing walls and ceilings in rooms with a high operating load . nine0005

          The paint is suitable for finishing children's and medical institutions, as it has the appropriate certificate. The special consistency provides convenient application of paint without splashes, streaks and bald spots.

          In addition, the paint is practically odorless, so the user will not experience discomfort even during long-term painting work .

          Since the paint is latex, it can be used to paint walls in bathrooms and kitchens.

          The finished and completely dried layer is resistant to abrasion, so the painted walls can be washed with an ordinary damp sponge and fairly aggressive chemicals.

          Specifications :

          • type - latex;
          • maximum flow rate 14 l/sq. m;
          • drying time 4 hours.


          • applies evenly and does not splatter;
          • is suitable for wet areas; nine0008
          • the finished coating can be washed;
          • is suitable for all surfaces;
          • dries quickly.


          • some users find the price too high;
          • there is an odor.

          FINNCOLOR Oasis Interior Plus moisture resistant washable

          0270 .

          The color of the emulsion is white, but the user can add color to it to change the shade. The composition of the paint includes a fungicide, so it can be safely used not only for dry, but also for wet rooms.

          After the layer has dried, the paint is not covered with mold and fungus, so a healthy microclimate will reign in the room .

          Suitable for all surfaces, including uneven wood and porous concrete.

          In addition, the emulsion has excellent hiding power, so it can be used to refresh old paint or even mask dark tones.

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