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10 ways to create a bold statement |

(Image credit: Future)

Contemplating red bathroom ideas? While the color might sound like a dramatic choice, it’s actually a hue that’s easy to live with, and definitely worth your consideration.

So if you’re considering a red bathroom or simply looking for inspirational bathroom ideas to kickstart your bathroom remodel, thinking outside of the box can really pay off.

Red bathroom ideas

If you're considering bathroom color ideas, red is a versatile shade. Red bathroom decor might be used as an atmospheric backdrop, as a cocooning accent, or you might pick a sophisticated tint to play with the attributes of the color. Use these red bathroom ideas as your starting point.

1. Team a patterned floor with red painted shiplap

(Image credit: Kelling Designs )

'More often than not, our bathrooms are neutral spaces with neutral fixtures and tiling, so introducing red shades here is ideal for adding that wow-factor,' says Emma Deterding, founder and creative director, Kelling Designs . 'A beautiful color that's full of energy, it can liven up even the dullest of spaces, and although it's often seen as a tricky color to use, the bathroom offers the perfect opportunity to introduce this bold shade. '

'If you are brave enough, opt for a patterned tile with red accents on the floor and then use a complementary red paint on your walls or panelling. Painting the panelling allows the walls to stay neutral, giving that all important balance whilst creating a beautiful and cohesive scheme. If, however, you don't feel comfortable going all out, adding pops of red with accessories such as your towels will help to introduce the color in a more subdued way, bringing life into your bathroom with ease.'


(Image credit: Future)

There are endless bathroom tile ideas to choose from – in every color, shape and size imaginable. 

Here, a colorful tiled accent wall at the end of a small bathroom will draw the eye through, ensuring every inch gets noticed. Patterned tiles are a really effective way to introduce color, which can then be picked up on accessories, towels and even sanitaryware.

‘Color is being embraced in small bathrooms in a big way right now,’ says designer, Katie Agombar from West One Bathrooms.

3. Introduce red through wallpaper 

(Image credit: Future)

Bathroom wallpaper ideas are a brilliant way to introduce red color, pattern and personality into your home. Being one of the smaller rooms in the home and serving a practical purpose, bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with bold colors, especially through wallpaper. 

Decorating with pattern can be daunting, but pattern can work in any room no matter the size, it’s often just about getting the scale right that’s key. If you have a large room consider a statement landscape mural or a large-scale design where the prints can shine. 

Finally, mirror the color with your chosen accessories for a truly tailored look.

4. Match your red vanity to a bold chinoiserie wallpaper 

(Image credit: VSP Interiors )

Chinoiserie is a brilliant way to bring exoticism, opulence and timeless charm to a luxury bathroom.

The Chinoiserie trend has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years, with today's wallpapers offering a wealth of ornate decorative designs to add a statement to your bathroom.

'I really love this Schumacher chinoiserie wallpaper we used in this bathroom, I paired it with a custom-made red lacquer double vanity unit to really brighten the room,' says Henriette von Stockhausen, creative director at VSP Interiors .

5. Invest in a stunning slab of red textured granite

(Image credit: Cullifords)

'We have noticed a trend towards more terrazzo looking surfaces in the bathroom, or what we call in the stone world ‘brecciate stones’, which is a bit more of a retro look, a move away from the plain to something a bit busier in structure and brighter in color,' says Oliver Webb, director at Cullifords .

'Yes, white marble bathroom ideas are still the most popular choice, but we are seeing more and more designers and clients experimenting with color and pattern. When it comes to bathrooms, we are noticing a strong tendency to statement ‘wow factor’ pieces, as people want something distinctive and one-off.'

6. Create a scarlet red tiled shower wall

(Image credit: Otto Tiles)

'Often we love our existing bathroom scheme's but want to give it a little refresh – tiling a shower wall using red patterned tiles will give it just that and add a bold statement to the space at the same time,' says Lucy Searle, global editor in chief, Homes & Gardens.  

Aside from the practicality of shower tile ideas, the availability of tiling in a wide array of shower-fit materials, from porcelain and glass, to ceramic and stone, as well as colors, shapes, sizes and finishes, means that the design possibilities are endless.

Bathroom tiles are both waterproof and washable, making them perfect for the walls of walk-in showers, showers with trays, and for the floors of wet rooms, too. 

7. Go for an all encompassing look 

(Image credit: Jessica Lagrange Interiors/Nathan Kirkman/Alan Shortall)

Bathroom color ideas might not be the first element you think of when planning a new scheme, but it should certainly not be an afterthought. 

'Embracing strong color, when designed as part of the flow of the rest of a home, can produce joyful results, as shown in this dark bathroom scheme,' says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens. 'Alternatively, color-blocking is a great technique for anyone keen to test strong paint colors without over-committing. '

8. Paint your tub red to enhance its impact

(Image credit: Drummonds )

'Painting a freestanding bath in a strong, dominant color is the perfect way to make a statement in your bathroom and there are few colors stronger than red,' says James Lentaigne, creative director at Drummonds. 'Red is a vibrant, stimulating and exciting color that works surprising well with a whole host of other colors including green, white, tawny-orange, grey, blue and black. 

The benefit of painting your bath in a rich color such as red is that it is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to change the color when you tire of it or want a different feel.'

9. Experiment with color in a small powder room

(Image credit: Future)

If you've got your eye on an all-too-pricey wallpaper consider using it in a powder room instead of a larger space. This stylized design with its red background will be fabulous addition and is easy to match accessories to.

Restricting the rest of the paintwork to muted tones makes the statement color feels more impactful. Best of all, small injections of saturated color are easy to update.

10. Tone it down with pink 

(Image credit: Future)

Pink room ideas really do work well in small doses. This controversial hue can actually form a reliable background color, as long as you find the right tone for the space and the light.

'With red and pink being such a naturally bold shade, it can be beneficial to introduce it in smaller ways – patterned encaustic tiles behind the basin and a pretty floral blind, for example,' says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors. 'If you like it, you can add more and progress to red painted walls and cabinetry.'

What color goes with red in a bathroom?

Pairing colors in shower rooms, powder rooms and bathrooms can be tricky because space is often limited and so color clashes are highlighted. Take advantage of the color wheel to make things easier. The wheel lets you see at a glance how colors relate to each other visually and is used by interior designs all over the world.

Opposite colors – say red and green – are complementary, whilst picking colors from the same palette, such as pink and red, will blend beautifully in the bathroom. Play around till you find your perfect color combination.

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Red bathroom - 91 photos of stunningly bright design ideas

Red bathroom is an interior for bold, extraordinary natures.

Bright, saturated color creates an unforgettable festive atmosphere, the main thing is to keep the balance so that the prevailing red does not blur and does not serve as an incentive for aggression.

It is also important that the color matches the character and atmosphere of the whole dwelling and does not serve as an external irritant for people with unstable mentality.

Table of contents

Red bathroom design

In recent years, monochrome has become a popular trend in bathroom design.

However, this technique is only suitable for larger than average rooms.

Using objects and materials made only in shades of red for arranging the bathroom, there is a big risk of artificial compression of space.

A bathroom in red tones such as bordeaux, beaujolais or burgundy will be especially luxurious, provided that the room has a large footage, since such colors will act depressingly in a small bathroom.

However, for small bathrooms there is an option to combine red with other colors:

Bathroom in red

Decorating a bathroom in red is quite a challenge.

The main problem is the selection of sanitary ware to match the interior, since it is much easier to buy a red shower cabin or furniture than a sink or bidet of the required range.

Quite often, red bathroom tiles are used as a bright background, which helps to create a unique atmosphere, and against which furniture will look favorably.

Various shades of red are ideal for high-tech or modern style, for Japanese or oriental touches. In rare cases, with its help they embody a retro style.

Bathroom in the style of an English village suggests the presence of a large number of curved details, the severity of forms.

English styling implies the presence of red accents in the interior of the room. Curtains, rugs, lampshades, mirror frames, shelves or a linen closet are suitable for this.

Color combination

The most popular color to combine with red is white.

The bathroom in red and white visually enlarges the space, focuses the eye on the details and is a perfect mix of colors.

The combination allows you to correctly zone the room. A visual increase in the room, on the advice of designers, can be provided by alternating red and white stripes.

To highlight one of the walls, you can clad it with red ceramic tiles, and hang a mirror in a white frame against its background, or a shelf for toiletries.

Red tiles are often used as a frame to highlight a bathtub, sink or mirror.

Red and black combination. Black is the color of elegance, and in combination with red, it acquires royal luxury.

Red bathroom furniture looks especially impressive against a black background.

The red-black scale is quite popular, but it is used exclusively in rooms with a large area.

If the predominant color in the interior is black interspersed with elements of red, the room will need additional light sources.

Otherwise, the bathroom will bring a feeling of discomfort to its owners due to some gloomy interior.


Classic. Classical style is typical for adherents of restraint and elegance of the situation.

The shape of the bathtub in this case is presented in the form of an oval font, and all sanitary filling is distinguished by an elegant antique finish.

Red accents are recommended to be indicated in the form of various accessories or in wall decoration.

The minimalist style in red matches the oriental color. It is characterized by warm, rich hues combined with elements of gold, green, yellow or indigo.

Hi-tech style is characterized by a combination of bright colors, such as red with a sheen of chromed metal or glass.

This interior is suitable for young people with an active lifestyle, because the dynamic environment encourages action.

You can see all the nuances and features of the interior in the photo of the red bathroom and choose the most suitable variant of styling and furnishing for yourself.

Red bathroom photo

Red bathroom, color combinations

Red is the most powerful color in terms of its energy and visual perception. In world culture, red was considered the color of war (this is the color of the god of war Mars), fire (including the "fire of Hell"), sexuality (the color of the "great harlot", "red-light district") and anxiety (road signs, a red button and etc. ).

Psychologists say that red has a stimulating effect on a person, stimulates the central nervous system, increases blood pressure and activates all processes in the body.

Contrasting red tile and gray sink

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The choice of red for the bathroom is a bold decision.

Who is it for? Active and extraordinary people. It treats depression, anemia and has a good effect on liver function.
Who is not suitable? It is undesirable to choose a completely red bathroom interior for hypertensive patients, people with a fine mental organization and emotionally unbalanced.

You can learn more about the characteristics of red and its combination in the "interior colors" section in the "Red in the interior" gallery.

1. Red as the main color in the bathroom

Shades of red should be used with caution as the main color for the bathroom. The fact is that red can visually expand the space, or maybe "eat" precious square meters.

The softer the shade of the color, the more it "works" for visual expansion. If the bathroom is small, it is better to opt for shades of terracotta, pomegranate, coral, chestnut, light cherry. In a bathroom with a footage of less than 4 sq.m, it is better to refuse to use red at all, as it will emotionally "crush". In this case red is better to use as an accent : red tile inserts, toothbrush cup, towel.

In a spacious bathroom, you can also use rich shades of the red palette: scarlet, burgundy, crimson, alizarin or fuchsia.

Another rule: the harmonious combination of matt and glossy surfaces . An excess of gloss visually distorts the space, making the room uncomfortable. Matte surfaces soften the aggression of color and add warmth to the interior.

Completely red bathroom interior (with red walls, floor, ceiling and fixtures) is rare. Perhaps this is not the most successful design option, since even the softest shades of red in abundance still look aggressive and uncomfortable.


Popular combinations: red-black-white

Red-black-white is a classic trio and one of the most successful combinations.

Red and white colors in the bathroom interior can be mixed in different proportions:

  1. Red as dominant . The general background of the bathroom will be red, and plumbing, furniture and decor will be white. In this case, it is better to choose soft shades of the main color, as white emphasizes the saturation of red.
  2. Red as complementary or accent : White walls, floor and ceiling, red fixtures and fittings. Such a bathroom always looks elegant and even romantic, especially if there are floral motifs in the decor.

The red and black palette is chosen to create a "luxury" design. Moreover, the darker the red in this range, the more respectable the interior looks. Such a monochrome combination in the interior is rare. If you decide to decorate the bathroom only in black and red, consider several lighting scenarios, as such a room always looks a little gloomy.

3. Combinations with other colors

Pure red can be combined with almost any color, adding energy and sensuality to each partner. The best color combinations come from bright yellow, green, pink, silver, gold and blue .

Different shades of red require specific color pairs. This is where the color wheel rule comes into play.

Our gallery contains photos of a wide variety of combinations of red in the bathroom.

4. Red as complementary in the bathroom: accessories, furniture, plumbing

If you want to add festivity and energy to your bathroom, feel free to use red accessories. Moreover, using red in minimal doses, you can choose the brightest and most saturated shades.

Difficulties you may encounter: Finding red plumbing. Finding a red bath is not a problem. On sale there are acrylic bathtubs in saturated shades of red. If desired, you can paint the outer part of the bath red yourself. But the toilet bowl or sink is usually made of faience or ceramics. In the red color version, this plumbing is rarely produced and is more expensive.