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27 Best Kitchen Light Fixtures for Low Ceilings

Does your kitchen ceiling measure 8 feet or less? Are you having a hard time finding the right light fixture for your space?

You’ve come to the right place. I’ll introduce you to 25 of the best kitchen light fixtures for your low ceilings.

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Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great choice for low ceilings but the best approach is to hang them over your kitchen island or dining table. The bottom of your pendant lights should measure 30 to 36″ from the surface of your table.

Pendant Lights


These large black pendant lights are charmers. High ceilings, low ceilings, it doesn’t matter, they’re perfect to hang over your kitchen island or kitchen table. The 18″ dome fixtures come with an adjustable cord and are offered in several colors.

Lantern Pendant Lights


Lantern pendant lights are ideal to hang over your kitchen island or dining table. Their beautiful shape brings the eye upward making them the focal point of the room. The pendants have an adjustable chain for hanging high or low and an open-air frame for a light and airy feel.

Glass Pendant Light


This classy glass pendant light features a sleek bell shade enclosed around a gold socket. The clear glass is ideal for a lower ceiling because it brings a light and airy feel to the space. Use an LED Edison light bulb in the modern pendant to add sparkle to your ceiling.

Ceiling Light Fixtures


Cool dome ceiling light fixtures to hang throughout your kitchen or dining room. The medium-sized pendant lights are offered in several colors and come with an adjustable cord to hang from any ceiling.

Globe Pendant Light


A modern globe pendant light featuring a matte black finish with accents in gold. The pendant lighting can be adjusted to hang high or low. Talk about a great way to spruce up your ceiling space.

Looking for more pendant lighting? Check out my post: 10 Popular Pendant Lighting Fixtures for 2022

Track Lights

Track lights have come a long way in the looks department and can be a really cool addition to your low ceilings.

Silver Track Lighting


This silver track lighting makes a focal point for your ceiling providing directional light in all the right places.

White Track Lights


These white track lights are a great light source for a lower ceiling. The sleek fixtures are trimmed in wood. Both arms and each individual light are adjustable. The track lights can be faced in any direction for as much light as needed.

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Flush Ceiling Lights

Flush ceiling lights lie totally flat with the ceiling to maximize the height of your room. Flush lights can hang in any part of the kitchen but they’re best used as the main source of light- not necessarily to go over your table or island. Depending on the size of your kitchen you might need more than one fixture to provide enough light for the room.

Flush Mount Light Fixture


A three-light glass and iron flush mount light fixture. This stately ceiling light is the perfect flush mount for the center of any room with a low ceiling whether it’s the kitchen, laundry room, living room, or hallway. Its versatility is its superpower.

Modern Ceiling Light


Add this Moravian star modern ceiling light to your space and you’ll have visitors oohing and ahhing. The single light flush mount features seeded glass encased in beautiful gold trim. The kitchen light comes in several sizes – hang one, hang a few.

Flush Mount Ceiling Light


This charming flush mount ceiling light creates a nice focal point for your lighting scheme. Due to its size, it’s best to use the star fixture in a really small kitchen, hallway, study, powder room, or tiny bedroom.

The photo above shows the ceiling light hung in the middle of a mid-sized kitchen- honestly, this flush mount is too small for the space. The best choice for the room would have been to use at least two (if not more) of the star flush lights, one for the center of the room and one over the sink. You always want your lighting to be large enough to fill the space.

The ceiling light can also be used as a wall sconce – how cool is that?

Ceiling Light Fixture


If you’re looking for a quality kitchen ceiling light fixture- this one’s for you. The glass shade flush mount light is a custom handblown fixture designed and made in the USA. A gorgeous lighting design for any room with a low ceiling.

Flush Mount Fixture


This flush mount fixture is a popular choice on Amazon. It’s an affordable option and features an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The 13″ fixture floods light throughout your entire space. It comes with bright led lights so if you’re looking for strong task lighting- this fixture is a good choice. If you’re looking for a fixture with more of a natural daylight tone, you’ll want to pass on this one.

Industrial Farmhouse Flush Mount Light


A neat industrial farmhouse flush mount light with a cage frame. The ceiling fixture lies flat with the ceiling and is 6 1/2″ tall which is perfect for the middle of your kitchen. It allows enough space to walk under while giving off a good amount of light. You’ll want to use brighter bulbs with this fixture because the cage and dark frame will dim the brightness of the bulbs a bit. LED Edison bulbs are a good choice for this light.

LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount


A unique LED ceiling light flush mount fixture. The star-shaped beauty measures 19 1/2″ wide, 7″ deep, and holds four light bulbs. An excellent choice when you need one fixture for the center of the room.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights


This oil-rubbed bronze trio light is perfect for the center of your room. The fixture features seeded glass shades and flush mount ceiling lights hung at different heights for interest. When hanging this fixture in the middle of the kitchen, you’ll need at least 7′ of clearance from the bottom of the fixture to the floor.

Semi-Flush Mount Lights

Semi-flush mount lights are fixtures with an attached ceiling canopy that lies flat to the ceiling. The body of the semi-flush light is within inches of the canopy making it an ideal choice to hang from a low ceiling.

Globe Lights


These mid-century modern flush lights are fantastic. The unfinished brass fixtures are handmade in the US and feature beautiful glass shades. The globe lights measure 14″ in width and 12″ in height and are offered in a variety of finishes.

Wood Bead Chandelier


This wood bead chandelier has a cool Bohemian vibe. The three-light semi flush features an antiqued metal frame and wood beads. A beautiful choice to keep your kitchen ceiling light and airy.

Kitchen Light


A perfect kitchen light when you don’t have much space. This glass shade semi-flush mount measures 9″ tall and only 6″ wide. Don’t let its small frame fool you, this handmade beauty packs a huge punch for low ceilings.

Cabinet Lighting

One of the best ways to gain extra light when your ceilings are low is to use under cabinet lighting. Featured are two types of under cabinet lights- the more traditional lights and the LED strip lights. You won’t go wrong with either one.

Under Cabinet Lighting


Versatile under cabinet lighting that can be linked together or used separately. These lights are great when you need ambient lighting in the kitchen without the glare of an overhead light.

Under Cabinet Lights LED


These under cabinet lights are great for tight spots and are so easy to install, no tools necessary. All you do is clean, stick them in place, and connect. A great solution for those dark spaces in your kitchen.

Floor Lamps

You may think of a floor lamp as an odd choice in your kitchen but when you’re desperate for light, you’ve got to be resourceful. Consider creating your own ambient lighting with floor lamps. Here are a few great floor lamp choices I think you’ll be interested in.

Floor Lamp


This popular gold floor lamp is nice to use when you need more light in your kitchen. The floor lamp features a clear glass shade and a floor cord with a foot switch.

Black Floor Lamp


A neat black floor lamp featuring 3 cage lights. The stately floor lamp is 68″ tall, comes equipped with a dimmer switch, floor cord, and a sturdy base. The perfect fixture to brighten up the corner of your kitchen.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are a great alternative to your kitchen when your ceilings are too low to hang fixtures from. Small lamps can be placed on top of your cabinets or in the dark corners of the kitchen to direct light through the space.

Vintage Inspired table lamp

View Vintage Inspired Table Lamp

This dimmable table lamp is small enough to fit right on your kitchen counter. The dimming light creates a cozy and inviting space that’s perfect for sneaking in the kitchen for a late night snack.

This lamp can only be used with dimmable light bulbs, so be sure you have some on hand. If not, CLICK HERE for bulbs that pair well with it.

Bamboo Table Lamp


This dainty bamboo lamp is a great choice for your kitchen counter. The bamboo light is unassuming and will add to the ambiance of your space.
Silicone light bulbs are perfect for the bamboo lamp- they’ll give your fixture a beautiful glow.

Industrial Lamp


Like an Edison feel for your kitchen? This industrial lamp is the one for you. The handmade fixture features a steel pipe frame, wood base and holds two Edison light bulbs.

Table Lamp


If you’ve got enough room for it, this kitchen table lamp is a nice choice for your space. Its minimalist design gives just the right amount of light without being overbearing and its vertical shape gives more light than expected.

I hope you find the perfect kitchen light for your low ceiling- one that looks beautiful and floods your room with light.

I’d love to hear which one you chose.

Until Next Time-

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Lighting Options for Low Ceilings - 8 Foot Ceiling Lighting

Low ceilings don’t have to mean low expectations for lighting design. Here are some recommendations…

Smithfield C Flushmount by Jasper Morrison for FLOS 

These days, the latest home designs have great, tall ceilings, which are just perfect for hanging and showing off that super-dramatic modern chandelier. But where do such inspiring designs leave those who are still living with ceilings that are standard height or even lower? While 10- and 12-foot high ceilings are becoming more common, 8-foot ceilings are still quite prevalent and deserve great lighting design. 

If you want high style but are saddled with a lower ceiling, there are things that you can do to capture the magic of those taller, more dramatic rooms. Here are a few tips for common ceiling light types to ensure yours is never short on style.  

Pendants and Chandeliers for Low Ceilings  

Suspended lighting fixtures are not off-limits for a lower ceiling, but there are a few considerations you’ll want to make: 

Where you’re hanging the fixture

When your ceiling is only 8 feet high, any hanging fixture will need to be over a space that you do not walk under. Look to hang that pendant over a kitchen island, bar or sink, dining table, coffee or cocktail table or even nightstand.

IC Lights S Pendant by Michael Anastassiades for FLOS, Nelson Night Clock by George Nelson for Vitra, Free Range Side Table by Blu Dot 

Foyer-style or tall fixtures can be tricky when you’re working with an 8-foot ceiling. Instead, look for compact or wider designs that will be able to sit comfortably 26-30 inches above a worktop or dining table.

Think outside the chandelier

To add drama to dining rooms, a classic chandelier shape might not work. Instead, look for a longer linear suspension to get the look you want with the ceiling you have. Multiple smaller pendants over a longer dining table is another trendy way to get a high-impact look.

Hinsdale Island Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting 
Understand the height

Cord and chain-hung fixtures are usually the easiest to work with, as you can adjust the height during installation. Fixtures that use a downrod will require you to do some homework before purchasing to verify the length will work in your space.

Think about how your space is used. Dropping a chandelier over a coffee table can look amazing. But if it’s in a room with a layout that gets changed regularly, that centerpiece can quickly turn into a liability. 

Flushmount & Semi-Flushmounts 

Decorative flushmounts and semi-flushmounts can be great for creating drama and wow factor in a standard height space without sacrificing usability.  

Siam Extra Large Semi-Flushmount by Joana Bover for Bover

Just because a fixture needs to be functional does not mean that it has to be unattractive. The simple, clean lines of certain modern flushmounts offer a range of looks for halls, closets or spare rooms. 

More and more, chandelier designs also have a flushmount style within the same collection, so you can get that statement-making drama from a fixture that takes up far less space. 

Recessed Lighting 

A natural choice for a standard-height ceiling is recessed lighting. It is typically designed and used so that it seamlessly becomes part of the overall space and almost disappears. But there is another way that it can be used. 

Decorative recessed lighting—including colored glass, faux plasterwork and even crystal—gives you options for creating the drama and design that you seek without taking up any head room. 

Skygarden Recessed by Marcel Wanders for FLOS

With the further development of LED, recessed lighting can go in spaces where it was not able to be used before. With LED trims that require no housing and only 2 to 3 inches of clearance to install, low ceilings now have plenty of room for high-quality, high-design lighting. 

Recessed lighting can be intimidating, but working with a professional will ensure that you get the type, size and placement that’s right for your space. Check out the Recessed Lighting Buyers Guide for more information. 

Ceiling Fans 

Whether functional or decorative, sometimes a room just calls for a ceiling fan. Bedrooms and living rooms are often spaces where a breeze is appreciated, if not necessary. When shopping for fans for an 8-foot ceiling, it is critical to measure correctly. 

While there might be some standard fans with downrods that can work, they are few and far between. You’ll want to look for flushmount fans (also called hugger fans) that give you the overall installed height in the specifications. This refers to the height from the ceiling to the bottommost part of the fan body. To meet code requirements, you will need at least 7 feet of clearance between the floor and blades of the ceiling fan. 

Hugh Ceiling Fan by Fanimation Fans 

Don’t let low ceilings lower your expectations when it come to the possibilities of your lighting design.  

Shop Lighting for Low Ceilings

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Kitchen with a low ceiling, tips for implementation and selection - All about ceilings. Design, renovation, installation

If the room seems squat and cramped, most likely the kitchen has a low ceiling, and poor design and ill-conceived decor only exacerbate this perception. The problem is easily solved by the right choice of finishing materials and fixtures. By implementing our recommendations, you will create an interior with a sense of comfortable height.

PVC panel ceiling

Ceiling beams

Original suspensions

The lighting center of the ceiling

Lamp with a lampshade


Rules for choosing facing materials

It is enough to carefully evaluate photos of kitchen interiors in order to understand the effect of materials of different shades and textures on the height of the room. The table grouped characteristics that affect visual perception.

Material specifications Increase the height of the room Reduce the height of the room
Color white, cool light shades rich and dark shades, warm tones
Invoice glossy, semi-gloss, mirror matt
Relief flat

three-dimensional (stucco molding, embossing)

Top finishes: glossy paint finish, glossy or satin stretch ceiling, laminated smooth ceiling tiles, mirrored or glossy panels in the right shade, glossy lath designs. It is unacceptable to use decorative beams and multi-level installation with a large level difference.

If you combine several materials of different textures, then use matte or voluminous inserts around the perimeter of the room in a narrow strip, and glossy materials in the center.

Opt for narrow ceiling fillets (5-7 cm) that will visually increase the height of the room. If you use molding, then choose narrow, low models and paint them in the same color as the ceiling.

White ceiling and walls

Bright cross stripes

Red chandelier

Long arm for lamps

Glossy tile strip under the ceiling

Paint, whitewash and ceiling tiles

1 will only keep these types of low height in a low room , but also to manage minimal repair costs. Coloring is preferable to whitewashing for three reasons:

  1. You can create a glossy surface;
  2. Easy to resurface, no need to remove the existing paint layer after repainting;
  3. Easy to clean the ceiling from soot or dirt.

It is more convenient to use water-based and acrylic paints, even matte ones. These compounds have good hiding power and easily hide traces of leaks. Surface gloss can be given by subsequent processing with acrylic varnish. Ceiling tiles for the kitchen interior are better to choose laminated flat. Such a surface is easy to clean and retains its original appearance for a long time. Tiles without lamination will have to be periodically painted in order to maintain a decent design.

If the kitchen is small, we recommend using seamless tiles, as visible joints will break the surface into separate squares, which will visually reduce the area. Choose a tile with a shallow relief. You can create the illusion of two levels by gluing thick ceiling tiles around the perimeter and painting the center.

Glossy canvas

Rough ceiling

Wooden beams

Long cord lamps

Wooden house

Slatted and panel ceiling

Reasonably priced, but more interesting design can be created with ceiling structures made of plastic panels and aluminum rails. The only drawback of this option in low rooms: the need for a frame device that reduces the height by a few centimeters.

If the PVC panels are attached to a wooden frame, it is better to use 20 mm thick slats for low ceilings. We recommend choosing glossy white or light-colored panels that form a seamless surface. Instead of fillets with plastic panels, we recommend using an L-shaped guide profile. It is fixed on the frame before the installation of decorative cladding.

Slatted aluminum structures are deservedly popular in kitchen interiors, combining excellent performance and aesthetic design. They can be closed, with additional rack plugs, or open type in the form of a continuous flat plane. Reiki stubs in design may differ from the main ceiling.

Mirrored aluminum slatted structures are the best choice for low rooms. Their reflective surface effectively masks insufficient height, visually raises the lined plane. Other suitable options: white color or imitation chrome surface.

White rheck ceiling

Crinnine elements

PVC panels

Reiki with chrome inserts

Red rails with chrome inserts


stretch structures

Important plus finishes - the ability to quickly create a perfectly even plane. Installation can be carried out at any time, without freeing the room from furniture. Many are attracted by the strength of the canvas, the ability to hold a large amount of water during a flood from above.

This is a modern and comfortable design option, which can be seen in the photos of the most prestigious interiors. With a low ceiling, it is better to use a stretch glossy canvas with a high degree of gloss. To a lesser extent, the illusion of a high room is created by a satin canvas.

Care must be taken that the structure does not lower the height of the room too much. Installation is carried out almost everywhere, reducing the height of the ceiling by 2.5 cm. But more advanced rail systems have appeared that have reduced this parameter to 8 mm.

With such a small installation depth (less than 1 cm), if desired, you can decide on a two-level design. In this case, it is better to adhere to the following recommendations:

Beige glossy canvas

Gray color

Creamy ceiling

Two -color structure

Vanilla linen

two -level gypsum -plane structures

Hypsum plastered installation techniques involve a significant reduction in height, therefore, the smallest of two -level structures is suitable. It is better to create the illusion of two levels with a low ceiling, using a drywall construction around the perimeter, and simply painting the center.

Sometimes the choice of a two-level ceiling is due to the need to hide an extractor hood or other utilities under it. In this case, you can lower the ceiling in the working kitchen area with wall cabinets and leave it as high as possible above the dining table and next to the door.

In many of the photographs, inspirational examples of the low ceiling of the original form can be found, including rounded or sinuous surfaces. It is best when the design is consistent with the zoning of the room, and the design of the ceiling corresponds to the functional layout of the space. Decoration of such structures should be minimal. Refuse any moldings, it is better to do without a ceiling plinth if the joints with the walls are even. We advise you not to experiment with color, and choose a white shade for both levels.

Suspended ceiling lighting

Suspended design options

Tape lighting

Complex design

Illuminated curved elements

Lighting rules

A smart lighting scheme is the most important design element for low interiors. In any photo, a low ceiling looks much higher if it is lit brightly and evenly. A great option: LED strip, which practically does not reduce the height, but allows you to create any lighting scheme.


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practical design tips and 40+ photos of interiors

A kitchen with a low ceiling is an inevitable reality of most old panels. And in new houses, the height of the ceiling is often upsetting. If it is only a few centimeters lower than we are used to, the room begins to seem small and cramped. Can this be fixed? What to do to visually enlarge the space of the kitchen and "raise" the ceiling? We will talk about this in this article.

A kitchen with a low ceiling needs the right color combinations, as well as the layout of furniture and decorative elements, and it will seem much higher than it actually is


Interior options for a kitchen with low ceilings

spacious and comfortable, if its interior space is properly organized. We have put together a few ideas for you to help turn a small kitchen into a spacious space. You can apply them all at once or select a few tips.

The main thing is not to violate the basic principles:

When selecting shades for the design of a low kitchen, the main task is to divert attention from the ceiling, which means that it should not stand out from the overall design

If you don't like simple interiors, don't worry, look at examples of kitchens in this style from various designers. Many solutions look very elegant, expensive and technologically advanced. At the same time, no one will notice that the kitchen has a low ceiling. General principles, of course, are not enough to create an ideal interior. Let's look at the design of different parts of the kitchen in more detail.

To avoid focusing on the ceiling, you can draw the eye to something else, such as the floor, backsplash, decorative elements

Choice of materials for walls and floors

There are a number of interesting solutions for decorating kitchen walls with low ceilings. All of them equally well increase the space.

When planning a renovation in a kitchen with a ceiling height of up to 2.5 meters, it is very important to choose the right finishing materials and decorative elements that will not lead to a significant decrease in the already low ceiling.

Using plaster for painting. This helps to make the walls uniformly light and increases the space significantly. The plaster is covered with special modern paints that allow you to wash the walls if necessary. The color of such paints in most cases is matte, without gloss.

Wallpapers are equally popular. They may also be white or light in color, but do not have to be.

For a kitchen with a low ceiling, it is desirable to use light colors, including beige, light gray, blue and soft pink. They literally pull the walls up, so the ceiling seems to be higher than it actually is. At the same time, the strip should not be light at all: contrast is welcome here. The advantage of striped wallpaper can be considered that when pasting you do not have to select a pattern. But the striped print also has a drawback - it narrows the room. Therefore, striped wallpapers are not suitable for elongated rooms.

A good solution would be if the walls are brighter than the ceiling - such a contrast will also have a positive effect on the size of a small kitchen

The ceiling can be "lifted" not only with the help of stripes. Any other ornament directed upwards will do. Curly stems, horizontal rows of diamonds or other images will look good. The main thing is that the drawing is directed upwards.

Do not forget that the walls under the wallpaper with a vertical pattern should be perfectly even, such a pattern will instantly show any bend.

Attention! Wallpaper with a contrasting pattern should not be glued under the window and above it if the ceiling in the room is low. This space is best left white. We will talk in more detail about the design of windows in a small kitchen below.

Another great option for walls in a low-rise kitchen is clapboard. It must be white or light colors.

There are two most common ways to use lining in the interior of the kitchen:

Light lining will fit into the interior of the kitchen in country style, shabby chic, Provence and any other "rustic" style

It will no longer be strict, but with notes of country style. If you are attracted to cozy kitchens with a homely atmosphere, lining may be a good solution.

Kitchen apron is most often tiled with tiles, as a durable material that is perfectly washable and does not lose its external data. For a small kitchen, you should choose a square tile or a rectangular one, pointing up.

Vertically oriented rectangular tiles in the kitchen with a low ceiling

Design options are available with a mirror backsplash tile. This solution visually increases the space, but the mirror surface requires constant careful maintenance. In addition, all objects on the countertops will be reflected in the mirrors. Therefore, the mirror tile of the apron is good if the kitchen is rarely used. Or if you are ready to spend time and effort on caring for mirrors.

Glass is better to choose with a shockproof coating, to avoid accidents

The floor can be decorated with the usual tiles or laminate. Here you should pay attention to a few rules:

A floor finished with dark tiles or dark wood will seem to sink down and thus increase the height of the kitchen

Attention to the ceiling

When designing a small room, of course, special attention should be paid to the ceiling. Here, experts advise solutions that at first glance may seem paradoxical. But when you see the finished interior, it becomes clear that such techniques are very effective.

It will not be bad if the ceiling and walls are not very different in color, or even be the same color, in which case the border between them will be lost

To make the ceiling visually higher, the physical ones will have to be lowered. The first version of the ideal ceiling for a small kitchen is plasterboard. But the drywall construction itself will not help to "raise" the ceiling. Well-designed lighting can do just that.

Spotlights located along the rail do not clutter up the kitchen space with a low ceiling

A plasterboard ceiling with several levels will look good, for example, with a “window” in the center and backlight. With a little imagination, using drywall and lighting, you can create the illusion of a window. In such a kitchen there is a feeling of a high, airy ceiling.

Classical kitchen with a niche in the ceiling, which imitates a window, and its lighting replaces the chandelier

There are also nuances when installing a stretch ceiling. Matte ceilings look very cozy, but the space is not particularly enlarged. If there is an image on such a ceiling, this is a completely different matter. The ceiling looks great with a photo of the sky in the center. But you can pick up any other pattern in bright colors. Images with volume effect look good.

It is better to refuse dark paintings on the ceiling, just do not use the plot canvas

Glossy stretch. Choosing a glossy stretch ceiling in white or light colors for a small kitchen, you definitely can't go wrong. Its surface will reflect the interior of the room and thereby increase the space.

Professional installation of a stretch ceiling today, perhaps the most affordable way to finish

Soaring ceiling . This type of design is a real hit in recent years. Hidden lighting is added to the usual classic stretch ceiling. Thus, it seems that the ceiling is completely weightless and soars in the air.

Low ceiling can be not only beautiful, but also cozy

Ceiling cornice. A number of experts argue that in a small kitchen it is worth doing without a cornice or making it completely invisible. The purpose of such a proposal is to visually unite the walls and ceiling, to erase the border between them. Then the room will appear higher. To do this, the walls and ceiling are often painted in one color: white, light beige or milky. Then the cornice should be of the same color, small, with a restrained and discreet relief.

How to enlarge a room with color

When it comes to increasing space, the best color for this is white. It gives lightness and weightlessness to all objects. But this color is rather cold, moreover, over time, white objects often lose their original appearance. Therefore, white can be replaced with another light shade.

Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the walls and ceiling, any streaks and stains can adversely affect the color perception of the room.

But there should not be too many shades and colors in a small kitchen. Otherwise, the eye will cling to them and the effect of free space will not work.

Make a bright spot on the general light background. It can be a vase of flowers, a bright chair, a picture or even an apron. This technique distracts the eye from the ceiling and its height goes unnoticed. How to beat a bright spot in the interior of the kitchen is up to you, but remember that there should not be too much saturated color.

Even in a kitchen with a low ceiling, there is still room for imagination

Selection of furniture and kitchen set

When choosing furniture for a kitchen with a low ceiling, we advise you to follow a few rules:

The main thing to remember when choosing furniture - do not buy massive sofa nooks and high cabinets

Lamps and lighting

If you want to increase the space - add light. If you have a large bright window in your kitchen, you are in luck. An excellent solution for low ceilings is a full-wall window. When a large window cannot be made, enlarge it visually.

Air curtains in light colors, possibly with a vertical pattern, will help with this. Curtains should be floor-length: so long that 10-15 cm remain on the floor. The cornice should be placed on the ceiling. must be vertical.

Curtains for low ceilings with pleats have the same effect as wallpaper with stripes

It is better to give preference to spotlights. The ceiling will appear higher if you install the backlight pointing up. Small chandeliers are appropriate above the dining table, but large ones should not be bought.

The main thing when choosing light sources is to organize bright and uniform lighting of the entire room, this will visually raise the low ceiling in the kitchen

What to avoid when arranging the kitchen

When decorating a kitchen with a low ceiling, in no case should you make the following mistakes: