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Think outside the box

Welcome guests with a one-of-a-kind welcome mat made out of stone, by personalizing your front walkway and driveway. Custom designs, unforgettable patterns and showstopping mosaics are made possible with pavers of all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. For a truly out-of-the-box design, mix and match our selection of Diamond pavers and watch your home’s entrance induce doubletakes from passersby.

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Diamond-shaped paving stone with HD² smooth texture for modern public or residential landscape desig n. ... See More Read Less

Boost your parking real estate without compromising curves

Designed to handle high-traffic overflow parking, this horseshoe driveway allows easy in-and-out access for the entertainers at heart or for those who have outgrown the typical driveway size. Matching beauty with brawn, this beautiful pairing of our Linea and Villagio pavers is the perfect complement to the traditional nature of the home they lead up to.

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Traditional highly-textured square cobblestone driveway pavers.


Modern long and thin paver for linear driveway, patio or walkway designs.

Permeability meets good looks & Colonial taste

Colorful, salt-resistant pavers are the perfect way to refresh a driveway and are an especially welcoming focal point when leading the way to traditional Colonial homes. Laid in a timeless herringbone pattern, this perfect pairing of Ivory and Riviera colored Travertina Raw pavers provide a warm welcome home, and best of all: they’re also eco-friendly.

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Brick-style paver with a travertine texture also available in permeable

Linear, clean lines for a modern driveway

Friends and family good-heartedly call you the “architecture aficionado”. You appreciate clean lines and smooth textures. You crave pristine surfaces without compromising durability. A driveway featuring large pavers that look like slabs is the perfect way to modernize your home, and we’ve got exactly what you need! Our hyper-smooth Sleek paver will add an ultra-modern touch to your front yard, while also providing you with the strength and durability expected in driveway paving stones.

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Oversized Driveway needs chic, budget-friendly option

Is the thought of renovating your large-scale driveway giving you the budget blues? What if we told you that you can have the driveway of your dreams without compromising on style and durability or breaking the bank? Our smooth and sleek Blu paver is perfect for modern design lovers with large surfaces to pave. Available in three sizes and an array of alluring colors, it will have never been easier to design an outdoor space that reflects the true you.

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Smooth multi-piece modular driveway paver available in many colors.


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Traditional highly-textured square cobblestone driveway pavers.


Small 3x3 square cobblestone driveway and patio paver with an aged finish. Squadra is the perfect pa ver for creating mosaics at ground level. ... See More Read Less


Lean and linear looks for ever-lasting urban designs.

13 Creative Driveway Landscaping Ideas

A driveway may be utilitarian, but it doesn't have to be ugly.

Here are 13 driveway landscape ideas to make yours more appealing.

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Pretty yet Practical

When considering driveway landscape ideas, also think about the conditions. In the North, for instance, is there a place to shovel or blow snow? And, no matter where you live, you’ll want to address drainage issues. See how to install an in-ground drainage system. In this case, the landscape includes plants and mulch on the high ground and a swath of river rock on the low ground where it serves as a dry creek bed to direct rainwater.

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Circular Driveway

When space permits their use, circular driveways not only add a touch of class, they also serve a practical purpose, eliminating the need to back up. In this case, a statue is surrounded by a formally sheared boxwood hedge, which also keeps vehicles from getting too close. Fill the interior with an easygoing groundcover, such as creeping euonymous or periwinkle, and you’ve got an attractive focal point. Here are 12 simple ways to enhance curb appeal.

Plus: check out these cheap curb appeal landscaping ideas you can DIY.

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Nancy Salmon/Shutterstock

Planting Pockets

Although it may be tempting to landscape the entire expanse of your driveway, another driveway landscape idea is to create a planting pocket. It can be any size or shape, so long as it’s got enough rooting space for your chosen plants. Consider the mature size of the plant, though. In this case, the homeowner has chosen a dwarf blue spruce which won’t outgrow its bounds. The bed itself is edged to keep grass roots from migrating into the bed and causing extra maintenance.

Learn everything you need to know about garden and lawn edging here.

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Grand Entrance

If you want guests to know where to park, you can earmark the driveway with matching trees lit up by landscape lighting for extra drama. Note the trees have been pruned to make them more architecturally interesting and to avoid blocking the view when vehicles are backing up. This is a good example of a smart driveway landscape idea.

Plants aren’t the only thing that can improve a driveway’s looks. Repave your driveway for instant enhanced curb appeal.

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Vladimir Trynkalo/Shutterstock

Curbstone Setting

Colorful cottage garden flowers are a delight. But how sad it would be to see them inadvertently knocked over by a careless driver. A curb helps keep that from happening—and also keeps soil and mulch in place in case of rain. Meet 10 inexpensive plants that will make your garden pop.

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Tuck-Under Garage

A slope and a tuck-under garage pose an aesthetic challenge that’s easily solved with smart driveway landscaping ideas like this. Tall arborvitaes help tone down the house’s height. A large group to the right is balanced by a smaller clump of arborvitaes and cascading Japanese maple to the left. Now imagine the setting without the tall evergreens—the house would seem out of scale with the rest of the landscape.

If you’re planting arborvitae or other large shrubs or trees, check out our tips here.

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Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Going to Pot

Placing large containers in strategic locations is another driveway landscape idea. The key is to put them where they won’t interfere with vehicles—and to use containers that are large enough to see easily. Small pots would look fussy—and they’d be hard to see—but these larger pots work just fine. Notice how the color and shape of the containers is repeated to streamline the design. Make your own pots! See our 10 plans for planters and trellises.

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Image. Art/Shutterstock

A Smart Approach

Landscaping is great, but you still need a place to park the cars. Note how the landscaping here is limited to the right side—in front of the house where it’s best appreciated—while the left side is gravel so extra vehicles can park without blocking the garage. Read about inexpensive landscaping for attractive entryways.

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Annual Appeal

Bedding plants are valuable when it comes to implementing driveway landscape ideas. They look good in batches, so you can plant a nice expanse of color that pops from the street—or from your front window. These marigolds and dusty miller plants are an example of mass appeal. Plus, next year you can switch up the game plan and go with different colors and different plants.

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Rock, but no Roll

Another way to keep cars from rolling into your gardens is to use rocks in your driveway landscape. Rocks can be practical and ornamental at the same time, especially when paired with attractive plants such as these evergreens. Using a mulch of the same material unifies the look of the bed.

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Country Garden

A driveway landscape should match the style of the rest of the landscape. This gravel driveway is adorned by mounds of lavender for a country garden look that matches the architectural style of the house. Here are 15 landscaping tips for all house styles.

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Formal Attire

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this formal driveway, which includes low, sheared hedges and topiary shrubs. It may look like a lot of work, but with a slow-growing hedge such as boxwood and store-bought topiary shrubs (available at independent garden centers), it’s not much work at all. Here are 25 tips for planning the perfect garden.

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Important Steps

When dealing with a slope, steps may come into play. Rather than mucking them up with plants, leave them open and accessible, then plant the landscape to the opposite side as seen here with the dwarf blue spruce and heather.

Want more options? Check out 11 sparkling shrubs for today’s yards.

Originally Published: May 14, 2019

Luke Miller

Luke Miller is an award-winning garden editor with 25 years' experience in horticultural communications, including editing a national magazine and creating print and online gardening content for a national retailer. He grew up across the street from a park arboretum and has a lifelong passion for gardening in general and trees in particular. In addition to his journalism degree, he has studied horticulture and is a Master Gardener.

Garden paths - photos and ideas of beautiful paths in the garden

Natural garden. Zhukovka XXI century. 2017-2018

ARCADIA GARDEN Landscape Studio

Two years of daily work with tight deadlines and the number of workers up to 50 people a day, and the most interesting project of a large natural garden became a reality. Everything in it is unusual - from bionic architecture and the original solution of the relief, to openness to the winds, river beauties and the eyes of walking people. The house fits perfectly into the existing and created terrain, making it possible to smoothly rise to the terraces of the second floor directly from the ground. Panoramic glazing creates the closest connection with the garden, and a magnificent view of the river is framed by expressive tree plantings. This is the great power of his charm for the owners. The implementation of this large-scale project made it possible to realize our past experience with elastopeve paving, in which it is very important to choose the right color of pebbles, taking into account the darkening from the resin, the creation of author's picturesque reservoirs with large stones and waterfalls, although all previous ones were concrete and no smaller than 170 cm, for swimming , and this one was designed - shallow, gently sloping and gravel, providing for a wintering zone for fish, lining the retaining walls with gabions - performed very high quality, with two types of stone, landscape lighting devices with 18 separate switching lines. From the new experience - the construction of a sports ground with artificial grass on a gravel base with lighting masts, the creation of a vegetable garden with beds made of Corten steel, the pouring of a large concrete bridge of slabs across the pond. We carefully selected all the plants in Germany, paying great attention to the crown, the nature of the formation, we grew 40 thousand perennials in our nursery, part of the shrubs and tall pines - from Russian nurseries. 500 thousand bulbs are planted in the garden, thanks to them from April to July it turns into a bright sea of ​​colors and textures. During the year after the commissioning, work on the site continued. We were entrusted with all care. At the request of the customer, we redesigned some areas, making them more private. For this, the best solution was backstage from slender cedar pines from Altai. We additionally separated the gazebo area from those walking along the river by planting a large group of formed Bonsai pines. Practical paving, powerful hills that hide the fence, huge areas of grasses and perennials, tall sprawling pines, very interesting in shape of Banks pines, a picturesque pond that reflects the house - these are the components of the unique appearance of the garden. Already in June, shoulder-high grass massifs rise, adding depth and creating a feeling of returning to childhood, to the endless expanses of meadows. Wild ducks fly into the transparent pond to splash, and cats are interested in its inhabitants - Koi carps, sowing in the thickets of marsh iris. Project basis: Mikhail Kozlov. Refinement and implementation with the selection of all materials: Arcadia Garden Landscape Studio photo: Diana Dubovitskaya

Decks, Patios, and Walkways

Outer Image Design

Fresh Design Idea: Mid-Size Spring Lot and Modernist Side Yard Garden with Midday Shade, Paving Slabs and Walkways - Great Interior Photo

Modern Backyard Oasis in Moorestown, New Jersey


This backyard landscape design is inspired by our Blu Grande Smooth patio slab. Perfect paving slab for modern poolsides and backyard design, Blu Grande Smooth is a large concrete patio stone available in multiple colors. It's smooth texture is sleek to the eye but rougher to the touch which avoids it from getting slippery when wet. The large rectangular shape works as an easy add-on into Blu 60 regular modular patterns but can also work as a stand-alone to create a very linear look. Check out the HD2 Blu Grande Smooth which is all about seamless looks with a tighter/poreless texture and anti-aging technology. Check out our website to shop the look!

Landscape Design

WINN Design+Build

Fresh design idea: a large sunny summer lot and backyard garden in a modern style with paths, good lighting and stone paving - a great photo of the interior

存在感が 程よく 中和 さ れ た 雪見 と 石橋 石橋

造園 ・ 庭造り 専門 【新 美園】

庭 の 入り 口 の 風景 は 雪見 と 石橋 の 織り 成す 眺め。 の や 下草 と 溶け込ま 、 、 、 、 、 せ せ せ せ せ AH石材が目立ち過ぎずお庭のキャストとして馴染む事が理想的です。
Pictured: Oriental-style yard and garden with midday shade, gravel and paths

Northwest Indiana Marshall Residence

Smalls Landscaping

One-of-a-kind and other very rare plants are around every corner. The view from any angle offers something new and interesting. The property is a constant work in progress as planting beds and landscape installations are in constant ebb and flow.

Tree of Life Backyard

Board & Vellum

Photo by Tina Witherspoon.
Stylish Design: Mid-sized Fusion Side Yard Lot and Garden with Walkways, Midday Shade and Stone Paving - Latest Trend

Spice - Oak Beach - Far North Queensland

bàlay Vandyke

Photos by Louise Roche, of Villa Styling. Recycled timber arbor and entry path
Fresh design idea: Marine themed front yard and garden with walkways - great interior photo

Glencoe French Chateau - Formal Pool and Landscape

Arrow. Land + Structures

Glencoe IL Formal sideyard garden walk leading to rear yard pool oasis. French inspired theme. By: Arrow. Land + Structures. Landscape Architects and Builders----The sideyard path leads visitors towards the rear yard poolside retreat. Sideyards present an opportunity to create an an articulated approach that pulls you in towards your destination.

Hilltop Haven

Native Edge Landscape

The primary goals for this project included completing the landscape left unfinished around the existing pool, replacing as much lawn as possible with native plants to attract pollinators and birds, and reimagining the front yard hillside .

Balinese Paradise

Magic Garden Dreams

Balinese style water garden including a pond less waterfall and 18’ stream, crossed by a custom made wooden bridge and stone mosaic pathway. 12' x 16' Pergola custom built to enjoy the sound of the running water.

Concrete Patio

Blue Sierra Landscape Construction

The natural beauty of sandblasted concrete, with its subtle tones and varying textures, is an ideal base for your outdoor living space. Bold colors of oleander and hibiscus contrast with the rich sandblasted texture of the concrete to create a sense of depth and dimension.

Stone entry steps with stucco walls

Garden Architecture

monolithic stone slab steps with natural flagstone paving
Homely inspiration: Sunny, drought-tolerant Mediterranean-style front yard garden with paths, good lighting and granite chips

Romantic Hideaway-Stage One

Marilyn's Dreamscapes L.L.C.

The lower terraced Citrus Orchard is now easily accessed and became a usable space for the clients.
Pictured: large, sunny, drought-tolerant, Mediterranean-style hillside garden with paths, good lighting, and pebbles

Back Patio @ Umatilla Street Garden

The Land Mechanic

Umatilla Street Wildspace
Inspiration for home comfort: a small sunny drought tolerant fusion backyard garden with walkways, good lighting and stone paving

Modern Backyard Oasis in Moorestown, New Jersey


This backyard landscape design is inspired by our Blu Grande Smooth patio slab. Perfect paving slab for modern poolsides and backyard design, Blu Grande Smooth is a large concrete patio stone available in multiple colors. It's smooth texture is sleek to the eye but rougher to the touch which avoids it from getting slippery when wet. The large rectangular shape works as an easy add-on into Blu 60 regular modular patterns but can also work as a stand-alone to create a very linear look. Check out the HD2 Blu Grande Smooth which is all about seamless looks with a tighter/poreless texture and anti-aging technology. Check out our website to shop the look!

Country Manor Lane Project

Big Rock Landscaping

Outdoor lighting should highlight the best features of your home and landscape, and the expert placement of these scones and lights adds vibrancy to an already stunning property.

Paths in the courtyard of a private house (152 photos) - photo0003

Steppatic garden track

Brusca Eclips Landscape

Beautiful yard

Plyssades of Trecks

Modern Garden Paths

Beautiful tracks from pavers


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9000 9000

Landscaping paths

Sidewalk paths in the yard

Landscape tiles

Flagstone paths landscape

Stylish Garden paths

tracks in a private house

Beautiful garden paths from pavers

tracks at the dacha

Tiles for landscaping

concrete slabs in the landscape


Walking to the house

Pavement paths on the site

Paving stone old courtyard

Landscaping of the entrance area

Beautiful paths in the country house

Trail to the house

Landscape of tracks on the summer cottage

Landscape of the summer cottage

C blasting around the flower garden

Garden paths of brick and stone

Garden tracks

in the yard of a private house

Combined paving

Paths in the yard of a private house with their own

Paving stones

Side track

Stone paths

Beautiful garden paths

Highlights Garden tracks

Paths in the yard view.

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