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36 Best Reading Nook Design Ideas in 2023

Writer Durga Chew-Bose summed up the beauty of a nook in her essay Heart Museum: "What a nook person wants is space, however small, to follow whatever image is driving her... Nook people find it trying to imagine themselves in real-life situations but long to climb into, for instance, a movie still," or, of course, a good book. Because nook people ceaselessly seek stories, nothing goes better together than nooks and books! If you can relate, what's stopping you from arranging your very own reading nook? Whether you want to build a cozy architectural space to crawl into, or even if you just have an awkward corner in your home, a reading nook is just a few design tips and ideas away. From sophisticated and modern to eclectic, quirky, and classic, the spaces below will inspire you to create your very own reading nook to escape to.


Warm Up Glass

William Abranowicz

The modern steel and glass windows span such large swaths of the walls in Kathleen McCormick's home that the whole thing appears to be floating above a forest. That makes the ideal spot to cozy up in with a good book. Light textiles and a large rug under the lounger soften the modern materials.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by

Gabrielle Zevin, $11


Sneak in Storage


Deep enough to moonlight as a guest bunk, this alcove by Rita Koenig and architect Gil Schafer III has drawers under the cushion. “It’s more than a reading nook or another piece of furniture,” says Schafer.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow, $16


Invoke Your Favorite Things

Seth Smoot

Lauren Nelson Design chose plum fabric for the comfy swivel chairs in this reading nook—and incorporated purple throughout the entire home—because the homeowners really love figs. If you have a favorite color, food, motif, etc., weave it into your reading nook. It should, after all, be your happy place. A super special and low-hanging pendant polishes things off.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Pure Color by Sheila Heti, $14


Optimize It With Outlets

Thomas Loof

Designer Kati Curtis included plenty of surrounding storage for books and other items and disguised the cabinets with an eye-catching glossy red hue. Pro tip: equip the interior nook with outlets so you can charge your devices while taking a cat nap or reading a book.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Females by Andrea Long Chu, $9


Give Yourself Options

Heidi Caillier

Why not give yourself options? In this warm and layered study designed by Heidi Caillier, bookworms can take their pick between an extensive literary catalog as well as various seats. Stretch out on the window seat cushion or lean back on the rolled armchair.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor

Jenkins Reid, $15


Take Advantage of Dormers

Atelier ND

"We call this the 'funny room'" says Nicole Dohem, the designer behind this home and the firm Atelier ND. She identified unused space on the stair landing beneath a charming dormer window, so she decided to put it to use as a reading nook. This vintage Ligne Roset chair was the only furnishing low enough to fit under the sloped ceiling, making t all the more cozy! The bookshelves line the gap between the window and floor and then extend and expand to the entire staircase wall below.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Daddy's Gone A-Hunting by Penelope Mortimer


Make the Best of Weird Layouts

Shade Degges

Take full advantage of architectural quirks—this way, they'll actually become your favorite thing about the space. Build a custom bench by a window and add a cushion so you can use it as a window nook to read and relax in. (And you'll be able to forgo a bulky couch that takes up too much space!) Pile on the pillows and add a pendant light for tasks, as Jae Joo did here.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Dune by Frank Herbert, $10


Install Thought-Provoking Artwork

paul raeside

In this entryway designed by Andrew Flesher, the "zoomed-in" and "pixilated" painting of the ocean makes for a contemplative backdrop perfect for analyzing The Waves or Moby Dick.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Waterland by Graham Swift, $12


Think About Scale

Paul Raeside

A reading nook doesn't require an eccentric backdrop or origin story, like an empty stair landing, to be charming. These sling chairs with a fun, vibrant green fabric assert an easygoing mood while the side table and floor lamp bring in some modern punch. They're also the perfect scale for the bedroom.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Outline by Rachel Cusk, $10


Channel Vacation


Carefree, easy-breezy living is the name of the game in this summer home designed by Kurek Jones. Between the sea view and the natural ashwood paneling framing the windows, the effect is that of losing yourself in a novel while floating on a boat (minus the seasickness!)—who doesn't get more reading done while on vacation? A custom wrap-around side table provides a perch for both your beverage of choice and your book.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW The Hero of This Book by Elizabeth McCracken,



Transform Odd Rooms

Leanne Ford Interiors

Leanne Ford transformed this odd basement corner into a bonafide sanctuary. The low-to-the-ground cushions create a cozy, homey feel while also accommodating the sloped ceiling. A pendant light allows for late-night reading and the coffee table adds an extra use case of after-dinner drinks or coffee.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean

Vuong, $13


Blend It In


Designed by ETC.etera in the Firehouse Hotel, this multi-purpose nook (Read here! Sip coffee here! Work here! Post it on Instagram!) is so incredibly stylish. Just looking at it transports us to the English parlor we've always dreamed of—the one that's somehow both from the past and the future.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Three Women by Lisa Taddeo, $15


Spruce Up a Corner

Studio DB

It might be hard to concentrate on the pages with this view as your backdrop, but that's why it's facing inwards. The modern floor lamp and lucite frames chaise create a nice juxtaposition against the more sophisticated and traditional elements, like the nesting tables. Designed by Studio DB, this reading nook includes all the staples, but with a more elevated twist.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Find Me by André Aciman, $14


Surround It With Books

Phoebe Howard

A reading nook brings this corner to life in a grand room by Phoebe Howard, and the asymmetry is bringing tons of interesting dimension. With one wall bolstered by a built-in bookcase and back cushion and the other animated by artwork, it's the perfect place to retreat.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW A Fortune for Your Disaster by Hanif



Take It Outside

Thomas Loof

If you have a little alcove on your porch or a built-in cabana on a pool deck, make it cozy and outdoor-friendly with the right mix of materials. John Houshmand added cushions and a rug to soften things up.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner, $14


Utilize Transitional Spaces

Tamsin Johnson

To utilize this indoor/outdoor transitional space at Rae's On Wategos, Tamsin Johnson made a little day bed by simply added a cushion and some throw pillows. The architectural cut-outs create visual intrigue in the minimalist environment while also allowing sunshine to leak through for reading light and to create flow from outside to inside.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Year of the Monkey by Patti Smith, $13


Get Inspired

Paul Raeside

Give yourself something inspiring to look up at when you're getting ready to dream during a nap or while you ponder your reading material. to look at Artist Rajiv Surendra embellished the black chalkboard paint walls and ceiling in this Montreal writing room to mimic elaborate moldings. It feels fresh and modern, but also classic.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Misfits by Michaela Coel, $11


Optimize For Studying

Heidi Caillier Design

If you turned a spare room or stair landing into a homework zone for your family, optimize it for every kind of study activity. Sometimes reading requires a comfier seat, like this one, but in close enough proximity to a desk when it comes time to complete other assignments. Take note of this calming mint green study nook designed by Heidi Caillier for inspiration.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW On Freedom by Maggie Nelson, $14


Stick to the Staples

Paul Raeside

This hallway landing could've looked just fine with a classic console table situation, but instead, it's a cozy little reading nook to retreat to. (Plus, a console table would've blocked that natural light.) All it took was a coat of crisp white paint from floor to ceiling with a traditional gallery wall, a modern armchair and reading light, and then warm things up with a fur throw rug.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW The Topeka School by Ben Lerner, $14


Find Your Light


Surrounding a window and outfitted with overhead sconces, this lounging zone by Chloe Warner of Redmond Aldrich Design is both cozy and roomy. The wallpaper, Gondola by Cole & Son, energizes with color and pattern.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino, $14


Section It Off

Kevin Scott

Make a reading nook extra intimate and cozy with a sheer curtain around it, whether it's a full-sized bed, a little window seat, or a sectional, like this one in a space designed by Studio Diaa. Jazz up the walls with paint, artwork, or wallpaper to ensure that it flows with the rest of the space when the curtains are drawn.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney, $12


Add Floor Cushions

Laure Joliet

In this bedroom loft designed by ETC.etera, the sculptural seating pairs perfectly with the low partition. To make this equal parts cozy and cool, they added an eclectic array of floor cushions.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado,



Maximize Space

Ngoc Minh Ngo

To open up floor space in his living room, designer David Kaihoi built a corner banquette, with hidden storage beneath the seats. "Everything has to have more than one purpose," he says. Walls are Purple Haze by Benjamin Moore. Occupants can take their pick between the armchair and the banquette.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Slow Days, Fast Company by Eve Babitz, $11


Go Big


Where we see an awkward stair landing, Erin Fearins sees a hangout. Encased in a walnut frame, this nook by Fearins Welch Design and CWB Architects is spacious enough for two brothers to convene for video games.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW The Overstory by Richard Powers, $14


Hang Tight

Courtesy of Rip & Tan

This cool, bohemian nook by Rip & Tan has us rethinking regular chairs altogether. Swinging into this new novel like...well, you get it.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L Weiss, $12


Take Up a Whole Room

AP Design House

Why have a reading nook when you can have an entire reading room? If you like sticking to bright white tones for a more neutral and modern look, add cozy features like plenty of throws, a soft carpet, and a sheepskin throw. All the hygge feels are highly encouraged. For a Scandinavian approach, keep your space minimal, and add cozy textiles.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Somebody's Daughter by Ashley C. Ford, $15


Get Imaginative

Simon Watson

Cluster a few stools of a variety of sizes together for all your books, mugs, and flowers. The high gloss glow and layers of fabrics in this living room designed by Kristin Hein and Philip Cozzi draw us in immediately and make it a dreamy space to let your imagination take you away and get lost in a good story.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW When Things Get Dark by Ellen Datlow, $20


Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Joshua McHugh

In this bedroom designed by Raji RM, a large open space is brought back down to a cozier scale and gets double the use with a reading corner. A sculptural side table keeps a low profile and creates a home for books and tea. It's like a living room, but with fewer, smaller pieces that don't overwhelm the adjacent sleep zone.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Second Place by Rachel Cusk, $13


Make Do

Heidi Caillier

If your home doesn't have any leftover real estate to convert into a reading nook, design your formal living room to serve double duty as a cozy lounge area. Here, Heidi Caillier strategically chose furniture with fabrics and shapes that are both sophisticated and homey, perfect for entertaining or unwinding alone.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, $2


Double the Seating

Annie Schlechter

Why choose between a window nook and a reading chair if you can have both? Take notes from the stylish corner above with a custom built-in bench right next to the window and then place a traditional armchair next to it. An upholstered stool will give you the opportunity to lean back, too. Now you can choose either setup depending on your mood (and how much lumbar support you're craving).

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW How to Relax by Thich Nhat Hanh, $7


Give It Functional Value

Shapeless Studio

Take note from this space designed by Shapeless Studio and install wall-to-wall floating shelves for a linear, clean display. Give the space a new twist and bonus functional value with a built-in reading bench and storage for cozy throws.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Severance by Ling Ma, $10


Use Your Imagination

Leanne Ford Interiors

Leanne Ford can truly turn anything into design gold. Here, she reworked dead space into the most magical little reading nook imaginable.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW The Dutch House by Anne Patchett, $15


Add a Headboard

Beatriz da Costa

This custom reading nook is the perfect place to curl up with a good book or daydream. While the wallpaper certainly animates the walls, the curved headboard polishes things off even more.

Our book recommendation. ..

READ NOW I'm Fine, But You Appear to be Sinking by Leyna

Krow, $8


Anything Goes

Werner Straube

Designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, this little nook is another great example of a small but impactful banquette that can play a few different roles, from breakfast perch to shoe-lacing spot, reading nook, and beyond.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW No One Is Talking About This by Patricia

Lockwood, $12


Make Room For Two

Heather Hilliard

Rather than the classic armchair and ottoman pairing, consider a chaise lounge instead. Even better if there are two—one for you, and one for your reading partner. This setup by Heather Hilliard would also be perfect for a media room.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW Acid for the Children by Flea, $16


Keep It Cozy

Elizabeth Cooper

You don't need a ton of space for a window reading nook. In fact, squeezing into a tiny space is the very lifeblood that sets nooks apart. Case in point? This peaceful blue space designed by Elizabeth Cooper.

Our book recommendation...

READ NOW The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen, $9

Hadley Mendelsohn Senior Editor Hadley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful's senior design editor and the co-host and executive producer of the podcast Dark House.

37 Amazing Reading Nooks You'll Never Want to Leave

I don’t think there’s a cozier place in the house than a reading nook. Whether you have an entire room to dedicate to reading and installing a grand library, or you just want to create a quiet corner to get away from things, a reading nook is a great idea for all homes.

You may be wondering how to design and decorate a reading nook. What are the popular trends for reading nooks? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Let’s get started with the best reading room ideas for your space.

Reading Nook Essentials

Before we dive into the decorating ideas, let’s talk about some of the very basic essentials that you must have in your reading nook. The bare minimum reading nook essentials, if you will! To create the perfect reading corner, you should have the following furniture and home accents.

Here is what we think you need in order to create a practical reading room:

That’s it! Do you think something else is necessary for this reading space? A few bookmarks perhaps? A candle to set a relaxing mood?



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Reading Nook Ideas

There are lots of different ways you can configure a reading nook in your home. Here are the most popular ideas and designs when it comes to reading nook inspiration. Whether you are an avid reader or just an occasional browser, we’re sure you’ll be inspired by these reading rooms!

Go with a Giant Egg Chair

This egg chair creates the perfect nook for a long reading session! A pouf sitting nearby is perfect for popping your legs up on.


Pick a Plush, Oversized Accent Chair

The most simple and easy way to create a cozy reading nook is to get a comfortable, padded accent chair with armrests and stick it in an empty corner of your home. If you have bookshelves installed, all the better. Otherwise, throw some books on a side table next to the chair!


Organize Your Books by Color

You can organize your books on shelves by color to create an eye-catching arrangement. Pair it with neutral sitting chairs to keep the place friendly.


Sway in a Hanging Chair

I dream of installing a hanging chair like this one in my home! It’s the perfect place to hang out and read. Swingasans make great seating for reading corners.

Architectural Digest / Lily Aldridge

Recline Your Seat and Put Your Feet Up!

Take a break by using a reclined chair and matching footrest to create the ultimate relaxation mood in your reading nook.

Wolf and Wing Interior Design

A Neo-Traditional Nook with Bright Colors

This neo-traditional home got a gorgeous upgrade with lime green built-in bookshelves and a blue tufted accent chair. The leopard print carpeting and floral wallpaper give the space character.

Nicholas Obeid / Architectural Digest

Add Some Throw Pillows

For a quick transformation, add some throw pillows to a corner in your home and stack the tallest bookshelf you can find next to it!


This extra wide and extra deep sofa looks divine in front of a bright window and tall bookshelves. The ottoman in front is a great place to rest your feet and curl up with a throw blanket.


Double it as a Breakfast Nook

This multi-purpose space works great as a breakfast nook and a reading nook at the same time. You can munch on avocado toast in the morning, and catch up on your favorite books in the evening.

John Derian

Make Use of that Empty Corner in Your Home

If you’re not sure what to do with an empty corner in your home, then create a cozy and warm reading nook with floating shelves and a cushioned corner banquette!


Transform the Attic

Many people let their attics gather dust, but you can be savvy and install bookshelves to create a cozy reading nook in your attic to get away from it all.

Onur Döngel

Construct Built-in Bookshelves Near a Large Window

You can install built-in bookshelves and built-in benches to create a gorgeous reading nook. Built-in reading nooks are becoming more and more common in new home builds! I love how this one has a large window overlooking the swaying trees outside.


Go With an Oversized Pink Tufted Accent Chair

For a girly look, go for an oversized pink tufted accent chair. Pair it with a small white accent table and some built-in bookshelves.

Barnes Vanze Architects Inc

Make Use of the Wide Window Light

If you have an extra wide window, think about installing some built-in benches and creating a cozy reading nook like this one. Add a wall sconce above the shelves for easy light.


Put Quotes on the Stair Backs

I love this charming idea of adding a written quote on the stair backs of your home!


Cozy Up in a Shearling Accent Chair

I would love a cozy Scandinavian shearling accent chair in my reading nook with warm wood shelves.


Install Bookshelves in a Corner

Create a cozy cushioned nook with floating bookshelves in a corner of your home.


Chaise Lounges

Stretch your feet out and relax with a chaise lounge. You can also create this look with a comfortable chair and matching foot rest to stretch your legs out! A magazine stand to the side lets you store a variety of publications.


Go Monochrome

This bright yellow monochrome nook is impossible to miss! The matching throw pillows create a sunny corner for reading.


Store Books on Rolling Metal Cart

This neutral reading nook is easily served by books on a rolling metal cart!


Hang Out in a Brown Leather Chair

Brown leather chairs are the perfect addition to any reading nook. Abstract art and a black wall are optional!


Use the Floor!

Don’t be limited to just chairs. You can create a cozy floor nook with rugs, blankets and floor pillows, too. It’s simple and budget-friendly!


Go with Upper Bookshelves

If you want to keep your books high and make the most of a space, install a banquet beneath upper bookshelves in a corner of your home. Add wall sconces for additional lighting!

Rikki Snyder

Opt for a Minimal Design

If you find it hard to focus, then go with a really simple and minimal design like this one for your reading nook. The white and cream tones will help reflect light so you can see what you’re reading, too!


Hang a Swingasan

If you love the boho look, then consider a swingasan for your home, next to a long wall of bookshelves!

Rip & Tan

Re-Purpose Your Upstairs Loft

If you have an upstairs loft, why not install a bench, small table, and bookshelves to create a cozy nook?

Classic Cottages / Jess Mclain

Put it Under the Staircase

Your nook can fit snugly under the staircase of your home. Lower storage drawers can store your favorite books. Add some tube throw pillows on each end and you’re good to go!


Install a Built-in Banquette

This U-shaped banquette has turquoise cushions for several people to sit and read. The little space is opened by bookshelves and an indoor stepping ladder for reaching the high shelves.

CWB Architects

Put a Pop of Color

Add a pop of color to attract people to sit in your little nook! The yellow cushion catches the eye in this window reading nook, inviting people to come sit and read.

Raina Henderson

Re-Purpose Your Staircase Landing

Don’t let your staircase landing be empty and boring. Instead, turn it into a reading nook staircase landing! You can stop to read by a window when you like, no matter what floor you’re on!

Cottage Journal

Use a Ladder to Get to Your Built-in Reading Bench

I love this design of this space, with a cute ladder to reach a high reading nook near the window.

Ana Williamson

Put a Nook in Your Hallway

The hallway is a great place to install bookshelves if you have the space. The white side chair and wood accent table with a chess board create a welcoming atmosphere to read.

Shannon Malone

Decorate with Farmhouse Shiplap Walls

This modern farmhouse reading nook is inspiring with its black lighting accents and white shiplap walls!

Raykon Construction

Add a Nearby Fireplace

Is there anything better than reading near a warm fireplace? If you can install a fireplace near your reading nook, I’m sure you’ll spend all winter long there!


Have it Double as a Built-in Daybed

This reading nook doubles as a built-in day bed, where you can lounge in or have guests spend the night.

Miller Architects

Furnish It With Matching Green Accent Chairs

The matching green accent chairs in this staircase landing reading nook are a cozy choice. One is draped with a faux fur blanket and both are surrounded by black bookshelves.

Hendricks Churchill

Make Your Guest Room Reading Friendly

These two twin beds in a guest room are placed below several shelves with books. If your guests love to read, they will welcome the lovely surprise!

Sullivan Building & Design Group

I hope this post gave you plenty of ideas on how to decorate a reading nook! I hope you found these reading rooms as inspirational as we did. They would make a voracious reader very happy, but they can also serve as a relaxing oasis for someone who just likes to read once in a blue moon, too.

Reading Nooks by Style

Since many people already have a particular decorative style in their home, we have created specific guides for designing a beautiful reading nook according to your home’s aesthetic.

  • 7 Coziest Scandinavian Reading Nooks
  • 5 Inspiring Farmhouse Reading Nooks
  • 10 Amazing Coastal Reading Nooks
  • 7 Bohemian Reading Nooks
  • 7 Cozy French Country Reading Nooks

You can also follow our Reading Nook board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Since we all have more time to lounge around the house these days, creating a cozy reading corner of your home is a smart idea that will serve you well!

Let us know your favorite reading room idea in the comments below.

Happy curating!

30 Most Beautiful Reading Nooks

Let these beautiful reading nooks, niches and alcoves inspire you to find a place in your home that will be the door to the magic of books.

In times of living at the speed of a web browser, it is extremely difficult to focus.

A nice little hiding place designed for one purpose - reading - can be helpful in combating digital distractions. For example, the temptation to check how many likes a new Facebook status has received).

All of these reading nooks can be found on Houzz, a photo-based social network for people interested in interior design and decorating ideas.

The page dedicated to each item that is published on Houzz contains questions and answers (such as what materials were used and where to buy them) and usually a very long discussion section.

Once you have a decent reading area, grab a good book, grab a coffee, and make sure you don't allow Facebook or Twitter to be used here.

Eclectic Village Reading House

This colorful and cozy reading nook is located in the long hallway between the living room and the kitchen.
This is the perfect place to relax and read without being too excluded from the rest of the house. These beautiful pillows were embroidered by Christine Nicholas herself.

Contemporary Bedroom Reading Nook

As part of a modern Toronto home, there is a small seating area under the window, ideal for reading.
Window wall pushed back to accommodate bed. There are three drawers underneath for additional storage space.

Rustic Reading Sleeping Nook

The rustic bedroom on the top floor of the lake house has a window area converted into a reading area. The couch serves as a bench for storing things.

Attic Reading Nook

Reading space in a traditional loft-style bedroom in Minneapolis. This is an example of how to creatively embrace sloped walls.

Window Reading Corner with Mountain View

An extremely cozy place with great mountain views, the perfect place to bring out the escapist in you.

Reading Nook Under Stairs

The area under the stairs is often lost - unless it is turned into a cozy and beautiful reading nook like this one.
Bookshelves slide out at the bottom like a drawer to reveal more storage space. The small door on the left leads to a secret hideout for the kids. To the right is the door to the ladies' room.

Under stairs reading nook

This is another very unconventional idea for hiding under stairs. Perfect for playing and reading, this curved space is like a cavern with subdued lights.

Sitting Reading Window

This example shows that creating a comfortable reading space is not an expensive thing. It's just a matter of adapting the area around the attic window.

Beach house reading nook

Beautifully designed reading area in a beach house. The triple window is wide enough to accommodate a regular sized daybed.

Rooftop Reading Room

This upstairs cozy reading space features a built-in bed. This is part of a magical forest retreat.

Window niche reading

A window seat is an unexpected place to read, but look how great it is! To get there, you will have to use a short ladder.
This sunny place, somewhere in the middle of the house, separates you from everyone and everything.

Read while sitting and look at the metropolis from above

The built-in wardrobe has a wall-to-wall window. Here is a place for reading. The wardrobe is modern, stylish, in natural colors.

Minimalist Reading Nook

This attic reading nook features a lounge chair that wraps around a round window, plinth LED lighting and storage drawers. No other details that could potentially divert attention from reading.

Built-in window reading area

The upper pantry, originally intended for teenagers, has been replaced with a seating and reading area to match the corner window.

Nordic House Reading Nook

The reading bench in this cabin is the perfect place for every reader to relax. Natural wood and finishes, contrasting red cushions and a curtain to further separate them from reality.

Nursery Cozy Reading Nook

The window alcove was designed to be cozy and comfortable enough to read all day long. Sunny, bright and evoking positive feelings.

Bedroom with built-in reading nook

Cottage bedroom remodeled to include a hidden reading nook at the back of the double bed.
The whole room is kept in white. The only color accent is paper from old books on the bookshelves.

Outdoor reading nook

Surrounded by brick walls, this outdoor reading area is a great place to relax with a good book. The upholstered bench gets some privacy thanks to vintage shutters and vines.

Alcove Traditional Reading

The Window Reading Area is part of the living room of the historic Percival Thompson House.
A reading alcove in natural tones with decorative pillows matches the exotic painted style of the room.

A cozy reading nook in a modern bedroom

Stone fireplace sides form a reading alcove, part of a modern and stylish bedroom.

Modern Fireplace Reading Place

The style is reminiscent of the bedroom nook we just talked about, but it's a completely different place and a completely different author.
While many reading nooks are close to a source or natural light, this one is close to a heat source. The seating area, or rather the nest, is next to the fireplace. Imagine reading a book here on a freezing winter!

Contemporary bedroom and reading nook

A reading nook in the middle of a closet wall is a good idea for a San Francisco rooftop penthouse.

Reading niche in modern children's room

It is located inside the recessed attic space and is designed for a double mattress. A little hideaway for your son or daughter.

Children's room and cozy reading nook

Eclectic reading area with built-in shelves. Great use of space, shapes and colors. Great idea for a kid's room.

Playroom and cozy reading nook

The reading arbor is located at the end of the cute playroom, next to the magic round window.

Traditional style reading nook and library

A great idea to turn an unused cupboard into an ideal reading space. There are top-down bookshelves on each wall, and plush seating in the center.
With all the important books within reach, you don't have to leave this cozy and functional reading space all day long.

Bedroom with reading bench

This bedroom reading nook can be used as an extra bed. Made in a transitional style, it is filled with large accent pillows.

Modern style reading window

The modern home's reading space is located by the terrace window and sliding door. The reader sits on the edge of the fictional and real world. Great for reading and meditation.

Village hall and reading nook

Walk down the rustic wooden hallway, open the curtains and you will find a cozy sleeping and reading nook. Great idea to use all the free space in the lake cottage.

Reading in the sunny corridor

Reading corner in the corridor again (see it on the left, flooded with sun?). This time, not wooden, with subdued evening light, but catching every ray of the sun and every moment of the day. Happy people live somewhere near Santa Barbara.


Turn any area into a reading nook. This photo shows how easy it is to make a cozy reading space. You don't need an interior decorator for this.

All you need is a bean bag, a lamp and a couple baskets of books and magazines. Throw in some pillows, make yourself some coffee... and start reading!

Set up a reading nook | Blog Angstrem


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To fully enjoy literature, you need not only good books, but also a cozy interior. If there is a comfortable reading corner at home, then you will read more. We help with advice.

1. The classic option is a couch or reading chair in the work area. So that you can, if necessary, take a break from work tasks without leaving home, give the brain the recharge it needs in comfortable conditions.

2. A place to read in a window niche is the dream of many. Such a magical option will surely become a favorite corner not only for reading, but also just for relaxing. There is a lot of natural light, comfortable soft pillows and a warm blanket. It remains only to get comfortable.

3. If you don't like to waste time in vain - organize a comfortable place for reading in the kitchen. You can flip through the book while you wait for the meal to be cooked. A comfortable chair and thoughtful lighting will take care of your comfort.

4. If you live in your own house and there is an empty corner in the large living room, you can put a vintage armchair, a floor lamp and an ottoman there. It will turn out a secluded place for reading, where it will be very easy to immerse yourself in the world of the book, and most importantly, it will be convenient.

5. A great solution for your home is to create a cozy reading space in a niche under the stairs. You can just put a couch and a floor lamp. And the screen will help to fence off from everyone, so that nothing interferes with the process.

6. Make your reading nook special with large plants. Turn this area into a kind of winter garden. Then all year round you can feel like being in nature. Such reading will be especially appreciated. Choose a comfortable chaise longue, daybed, or interesting chair to make privacy with a book as comfortable as possible.

7. An excellent option for summer reading is a corner on the balcony. A small armchair, a small table, a soft pillow - and now you are already at the mercy of the chosen book.

8. Organize a place for common reading in the nursery.

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