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(Image credit: Stefani Stein)

Cottage living rooms are loved for being cozy spaces full of character and rustic charm. When it comes to decorating yours, first look to what you have – historic cottage living rooms are awash with beautiful original features from rustic beams, timber weatherboarding or exposed stone – so build a scheme around these living room ideas and features to really make them shine. 

Secondly, take inspiration from nature. Cottages are often surrounded by idyllic countryside, so cottage decorating ideas should naturally include earthy and muted colors inspired by the landscape. These are a brilliant foundation to build upon, alongside neutrals to keep spaces calm and bright. Furnishing with natural materials and finishing with flora and fauna prints, or classic checks and stripes, will also ensure timeless charm.  

Cottage living room ideas 

'If it’s not cozy, then it’s not a cottage!' says LA based interior designer Stefani Stein . 'Start with comfortable seating, incorporate a variety of textures and then layer in a patterned throw pillow or two... for a great cozy-yet-calm vibe, I like to include earthy hues, dusty palettes and a hint of leather.'

Read on to discover more cottage living room ideas and inspiration for creating the perfect country retreat. 

1. Embrace architectural features

(Image credit: Future/Brent Darby)

Cottages are loved for their original features, from their rustic wooden ceiling beams and stone flagstones, to inglenook fireplaces. If you're lucky enough to have a property with beautiful architectural features, then it's a good idea to use them as the starting point for your interior design, creating a scheme around them that complements their aged patina. 

Taking center stage in this grey living room, these exposed Cotswold stone walls really sing when set against greyish blue tones.

2. Furnish with natural materials and textures

(Image credit: Future)

Intertwined with the landscapes which surrounded them, historic vernacular cottages are often built with the very stone they sit on or wood sourced locally, so what better way to pay homage to their origins than to furnish them than with earthy natural materials? 

Lay a textural sisal or seagrass rug and choose handcrafted furniture made from FSC timber, or cane and rattan, with seating upholstered in natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and linen. 

3. Choose an uplifting color palette

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

As spaces to relax and unwind in, it's important that a cottage living room has a calming, uplifting living room color scheme. Fabric designer Vanessa Arbuthnott explains how blue and yellow make a great pairing for cottage living rooms. 

'Lemon yellow and soft smoke blue complement each other so perfectly. The tone of each of these colors is gentle which draws you into a room. This shade of yellow (above), which I call Hay, is so fresh, making you feel happy, full of hope and sunshine. On the other hand blue if often seen as peaceful and secure.'

4. Create a cozy feel with a woodburning stone 

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer)

If there's one thing a cottage living room can't be without it's a living room fireplace. The cozy heart of the room which everyone gravitates towards, the fire is the perfect place to kick your boots off, put your feet up and relax by after those long country walks. 

5. Choose comfortable, traditional sofas 

(Image credit: Future / Johnathan Gooch)

A sofa is a big purchase – it's where we unwind after long days and is the centerpiece of the living room, so getting the balance of comfort and style just right is important. 

To create a classic, cozy cottage feel consider a traditional Howard-style design with a soft curves and a dropped, scroll arms. Choosing loose feather-wrapped foam cushions will give that comfortable sink-in feel and relaxed look without the constant need to fluff up.  

6. Mix up modern and vintage furniture for an eclectic look

(Image credit: Stefani Stein)

Cottage living rooms are places to relax and unwind but also to socialize and entertain, so factoring in an array of versatile seating options to accommodate guests is a good idea. 

Mixing up styles and materials is a great way to achieve a layered, homely look, as interior designer Stefani Stein explains. 

'I prefer a space that has a bit of the unexpected and that means you can mix a shelter arm piece, a channel tufted item, a button tufted element and some great vintage finds. And, don’t be afraid of allowing the space to be eclectic – it's perfect if a pattern or color doesn’t quite match with the rest. 

7. Use mirrors to maximize light in a cottage living room

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Hanging a series of mirrors is a great way to maximize natural light in small spaces, and can make for a stylish feature wall, too. For classic elegance, try white frames on blue walls – you can't go wrong with this timeless color combination.  

Don't miss our cottage lighting ideas for pretty, practical solutions for brightening dark spaces.

8. Create a cozy window seat

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

Cottages are all about feeling relaxed and cozy, and what could be better than curling up on a window seat with a nice cup of tea while you take in views of surrounding countryside?

'Window seats are super useful in a small cottage sitting room for extra places to be. The perfect place to sit to watch the outside world from and read a book,' says fabric designer Vanessa Arbuthnott. 

'Make sure you make a really good thick window seat and add lots of cushions to so that the space is really comfortable. Either dress the window with a blind or have curtains that draw back past the recess do they don’t interfere with the window seat.'

9. Layer neutral shades to keep spaces bright yet interesting 

(Image credit: Kate Lester / Lauren Pressey)

Cottage living rooms can be small and lack light due to small windows – opting for white or off white walls throughout is an easy way to maximize any natural light. However, it can leave a room feeling cold and empty. 

To counter this, ensure you furnish with lots of texture and neutral shades. Try wooden pieces in a washed, light grey finish with armchairs upholstered in an oaty, textural linen ticking fabric as pictured in this space.

For cottage kitchen ideas, don't miss our inspiring image gallery.

10. Bring a cheerful color pop with vibrant floral prints

(Image credit: Future / Kasia Fiszer)

Keeping cottage living rooms neutral is a great way of making them feel bigger, but it doesn't mean you can't introduce some bold prints. Try adding in floral prints through curtains and cushions to bring color and pattern to your space – they can be easily changed with the seasons and if tastes change.

11. Fit floor to ceiling bookshelves 

(Image credit: Future / Jody Stewart)

Fitting floor to ceiling book shelves are not only great for storage in small spaces, but will give cottage living rooms a snug, homely feel, too. While we love them, the irregular angles and lack of straight lines in old cottages can cause difficulties when furnishing, so getting a carpenter to build in bespoke shelving is a brilliant solution. You could even paint them to make a feature of them as pictured here. 

12. Add color, pattern and comfort with curtains

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Though they can be overlooked, cottage curtain ideas are an important finishing touch of any scheme – they control light, privacy and add a layer of insulation to cottage living rooms that can suffer from cold drafts. 

To make cottages cozy, homely spaces, curtains or fabric blinds – or both – are one of the best options; their soft pleats lend a relaxed feel to a space. 

What’s more, there are infinite prints to choose from, whether it be country checks or bold botanical prints. If you’re looking. to create a feeling of quintessential country charm you can’t go wrong with a faded floral linen such as this Roses design from Kate Forman .

13. Choose elegant and timeless sofas

(Image credit: Vanrenen GW Designs)

The key to mastering cottage style is about creating a relaxed, cosy atmosphere that will endure across the years, so be sure to invest in good quality, timeless pieces of furniture. Choosing traditional, Howard-style sofas with elegant curves and loose, sink-in cushions, is guaranteed to bring comfort, but are also perfect for creating a laid-back look.  

'These practical classic ‘go to’ sofa styles can be used in modern and traditional interiors,' says Sarah Vanrenen, co-founder of Vanrenen GW Designs. 'A fixed back is less messy and easier to maintain and the small arms also take up much less room and give more sitting space.'

'We chose the light blue for the walls as the room needed a pale, soft colour to bring in more light and this works really well, it’s brighter, soft and gentle,' she adds.

14. Embrace dark colors

(Image credit: Morris & Co)

Cottage living rooms can often be on the smaller side, and as a result we often lean to decorating with lighter colors, however, dark living rooms can look brilliant in cottages, helping to create a wonderful cosy and cocooning atmosphere. When decorating with deeper tones, be sure to introduce plenty of texture as well as some accessories in bright accent colors to lift the space suggests Andrea Childs, editor of Country Homes & Interiors magazine.

'Don't be afraid to use a deep color in a small cottage living room with low ceilings. This rich green shade – Wooded Dell by Morris & Co – is reminiscent of sitting beneath a cool, shady canopy of trees,' says Andrea Childs.

'To lighten the atmosphere for your interiors scheme, think about how the woodland floor contains texture and touches of bright color from wildflowers and ground-cover plants. This yellow cabinet and complementary cushions hit the spot to create a comfortable cottage living room inspired by the shades of nature.'

15. Decorate with antiques

(Image credit: Rikki Snyder)

Decorating with antiques is a lovely way to bring character to a cottage living room. Featuring distressed patinas and imbued with fascinating history, antiques can be beautifully decorative and help interiors to tell a story. In this neutral Southampton, New York home designed by Becca Interiors, antique fixtures, furniture and objects have been used throughout to bring texture and interest to the space. 

'We restored the living room space to its original layout, with the fireplace serving as the heart of the room. Although we could not reconstruct the original fireplace, we sourced an antique pine mantle, paired with hand picked vintage brick to frame the firebox and add an antique affect,' says Becca Casey, founder of Becca Interiors .

'A mixture of found vintage accessories are staged throughout, mostly sourced from vintage stores and markets in Connecticut and New York.'

16. Factor in plenty of ambient lighting

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Cottage style is all about creating a cosy, relaxed atmosphere, so be sure to factor in plenty of mood lighting in the form of living room wall lighting and table lamps.

'In my view lighting is key to the atmosphere of a room,' says interior designer Penny Morrison . 'I always light rooms with lamps only, except where there are very dark corners where I will put small down lights in the corners of the room on dimmer switches which can be used to gently enhance the illusion of daylight on a really dark day.' 

Many cottage have beautiful original walls, so when it comes choosing cottage lighting ideas for a living room, table lamps may be a preferable option over wall lights as they can be easily plugged in to create instant atmosphere without impacting the fabric of the building.

Pippa is Content Editor on Homes & Gardens online contributing to Period Living and Country Homes & Interiors print issues. A graduate of Art History and formerly Style Editor at Period Living, she is passionate about architecture, creating decorating content, interior styling and writing about craft and historic homes. She enjoys searching out beautiful images and the latest trends to share with the Homes & Gardens audience. A keen gardener, when she’s not writing you’ll find her growing flowers on her village allotment for styling projects.

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Cottage interior design is familiar to all of us - a cosy armchair by the fire, simple wooden furniture, quilt-covered beds to sink into... We've gathered our most inspiring interiors from around the archive

Is there anything cosier than settling into a plump sofa in a charming country cottage? Being enthusiastic cottage devotees, we think not. Warm colours, plush furniture, and a generous scattering of art and antiques make these country interiors perfect settings for curling up with a cup of tea.

Cottages have been part of the English ideal since the late nineteenth-century, when the Industrial Revolution sparked a longing on the part of city-dwellers for the rural life. It's amazing to think that, up until that time, they were more a symbol of poverty and a cramped, harsh, rustic existence - far from desirable if one had the money for anything grander. How times have changed - all their disadvantages have now become part of their charm - just think of the cottage from The Holiday and Cameron Diaz looking fetching in a tiny bathtub. Now we can't get enough of the look - overstuffed living rooms, wooden kitchens, flagstone floors and metal bedsteads.

The style isn't restricted to cottages themselves though - anyone can bring a touch of this traditional design into their home, whether you're nestled deep in the English countryside or not. Scroll down for our favourite examples of ultra-cosy cottage-style interiors, and prepare to get comfortable.

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private house renovation ideas, beautiful interiors

The living room in the cottage is not just the center of the house, but also a source of pride, as well as a favorite resting place for the owners. Private ownership outside the city opens up endless possibilities for the realization of any design ideas, so decorating a guest room promises to be an exciting creative activity. The stylish interior resulting from the repair will delight the household, their relatives and friends for many years.

Interior styles

The design of a hall in a private house depends on several important factors: the general style of the building, the materials used in its construction, the layout and, of course, the preferences of the owners. Among the numerous design options for country buildings, ethnic motifs, Provence, country, chalets are the best fit. All these areas are united by the maximum proximity to nature, environmental friendliness and naturalness. The discreet classic style never loses its relevance, while lovers of novelty can experiment with youth eclecticism or create a dynamic fusion.

Classic living room

Living room in a classic style - the embodiment of respectability, nobility and loyalty to tradition. It can be decorated in white-gold or chocolate-beige tones, with columns, stucco, luxurious chandeliers. The materials used are expensive and of high quality - natural wood covered with dark lacquer or ivory enamel, leather upholstery of sofas and armchairs, curtains made of satin, brocade, jacquard, gilded frames, exquisite decor.

Provence style living room

Spring tenderness and romance of the French countryside is reflected in pastel shades of olive green, blue, lavender, beige. Upholstered furniture and floral print textiles, photographs in openwork frames, cute hand-made decor (crocheted napkins, interior dolls, jewelry boxes and much more) will decorate the Provence-style living room.

Country style living room

The democratic atmosphere of the American ranch is perfectly perceived in the hall of a country house. Roughly processed wood, stone, simple cotton and woolen fabrics with a checkered pattern, firewood crackling in the fireplace create a relaxed atmosphere where peace and comfort always reign.

Chalet style living room

The abundance of wood and raw stone in the interior style of the chalet is very similar to the country, but it has a hunting spirit. Suede or velor can be used for upholstery of upholstered furniture, instead of checkered blankets - fluffy animal skins, on the walls - weapons, deer antlers, images of wild animals.

Living room in ethnic style

In each region there are certain traditions in the design of village houses, which can be applied in the design of modern cottages. As a rule, they include the most accessible materials for a particular locality, handicrafts with characteristic ornaments, decor based on ancient beliefs and customs. Inspiration can be found in local history museums, fairs, colorful tourist sites.

Color combinations

The palette of shades in the guest rooms of country estates seems to have been borrowed from nature itself. As a rule, it is dominated by natural tones of wood, stones, lime, leather and fur. There are no acidic, neon, glossy colors here, from which residents of megacities get so tired - only soft halftones and beautiful matte textures. In such an environment, rest is always pleasant, because organic materials have their own positive energy, which calms and heals.

Neutral combinations

If in urban apartments neutral colors evoke associations with the office with their severity, then in the private sector they look much softer due to smooth lines and more space. Black, white, gray, beige shades are the perfect backdrop for brighter details. By themselves, these colors do not evoke emotions, allowing you to focus on relaxation. And yet, when combining achromatic tones in the interior of the hall, it is worth abandoning sharp black and white contrasts in favor of smoother cream, gray-brown, silver tones.

Cold combinations

Cool shades of blue, light gray, mint green, pale pink, lilac are mainly characteristic of French Provence, shabby chic and Scandinavian style. Bleached paints fill the living room with light, and therefore are ideal for small rooms with small windows.

Warm combinations

Any paint with a yellow undertone looks great surrounded by natural wood (except, perhaps, bleached). The whole brown palette, from coffee to beige, cheerful orange, noble red, light green, golden is the best fit for decorating a spacious guest room in a country house. However, it is better to leave the most saturated and bright colors for small textile elements and decor, and use calmer colors for the background.

Living room decoration

The choice of materials for decoration is one of the most important stages in the design of the living room. Not only the appearance of the room, but also the durability of the repair depends on their quality and aesthetics. Considering that real estate outside the city is purchased, first of all, in order to be closer to nature, it is also worth abandoning synthetics and plastic in the design, preferring natural coatings.


Compared to high-rise buildings, private houses usually boast higher rooms. This provides ample opportunities for ceiling design - you can make several levels of drywall, stretch a film or a special elastic fabric (if desired, even with photo printing), decorate the surface with gypsum stucco or painting.

But the most popular option for finishing the space above the head are wooden beams - real or decorative. They fit perfectly into the country style, echoing in color and texture with the rest of the interior elements. For small living rooms, simple staining or whitewashing is optimal. In order to avoid cracks, the base for painting can be covered with fiberglass-cobwebs.


The decoration of the walls of the living room in the cottage is simple and unassuming. Paper and vinyl wallpapers are almost never used here - their function is performed by wooden lining, whitewashing, textured plaster.

A fairly common cladding option is decorative stone. It can be either natural chipped rock, or porcelain stoneware, artificial tiles. Of the exotic materials, it is worth noting bamboo panels, reed wallpapers, cork, flexible stone - they can be used to decorate individual sections of the walls or, for example, the area around the TV.


Since the living room in a country house is often located on the ground floor, it is worth taking care of floor insulation. In no case should it be concrete; ceramic tiles are also undesirable. The ideal option is wooden parquet (preferably matte so that it does not leave marks and stains). You can replace wood with a laminate, cork, epoxy self-leveling coating. In winter, you can not do without carpet, fluffy or woven carpets.

Furniture and decor

The comfort of staying in the living room not least depends on the beauty and convenience of the furniture, which in a private house, given its size, can be quite large. A roomy sofa, soft armchairs, a coffee table and, possibly, a chest of drawers for books - these items are quite enough for a cozy interior.

But, of course, the hall of the manor outside the city is impossible to imagine without a fireplace, around which the closest people gather on cold evenings. Ideally, this is a real functioning hearth with blazing firewood, but there are also decorative electric models. The fireplace portal serves as the main decoration of the guest room: it can be finished with stone, tiled mosaics, gypsum moldings with mini-columns, there are also structures made of brick, drywall or carved solid wood. All kinds of figurines, candles, vases, framed photographs, etc. are usually placed on the mantelpiece.

In the design of modern living rooms, much attention is paid to the TV wall. It can be a special niche made of drywall or wood, a furniture wall, a cabinet or several separate shelves. As a rule, this zone is accented. It is distinguished with the help of textured finishes, staining in a contrasting color, special lighting.

Interior of a small living room in a private house

Compared to spacious halls, small living rooms have a whole list of advantages. So, a small room is easier to heat, the atmosphere in it is more chamber and cozy, much less materials are required for repairs, and cleaning can be done in just a few minutes.

When decorating a compact living room, you should give preference to discreet, light shades and the most simple geometric shapes. You can not overload the interior with multi-level structures on the ceiling, colorful drawings on the walls and bright multi-colored spots. Everything should be sustained in the same style and harmoniously combined with each other.

The best backdrop for a small living room would be a monochromatic wall decoration, a light one-level ceiling, and a discreet texture of the flooring. In textiles and decor, you can add bright colors, prints, decorations. These can be sofa cushions, curtains, paintings or photographs, indoor plants.

Living room design in a country house - photo

You will find even more interesting ideas for decorating a living room in a country house in the photo gallery on our website. The collection contains the best design solutions for both spacious halls in elite cottages and small living rooms in rural estates. Choose the option to your liking, and let your living room become the most comfortable with the new renovation, causing general delight and contributing to a good rest in the circle of your loved ones.

Video: Living room in a private house - Interior ideas

Living room interior in a country house: stylish and comfortable solutions

In times of growing megacities, more and more people tend to spend their free time away from noise, dust, stress. Unity with nature can give citizens a sense of calm and harmony. That is why the purchase of houses outside the city is becoming more and more popular.

It is necessary to think over every little thing to make the living room look beautiful and original

When creating a design project for a country house, the most attention is paid to the living room. This is not at all surprising, because the living room is a place where the whole family gathers, where friends, acquaintances, and guests come. Country house living room design ideas differ depending on the personal preferences of the owners, the design of the house, and the planned budget.


Which finishing material is better to use

A country house is a place where the owners come to relax, enjoy communion with nature, be alone with themselves. For this reason, designers recommend using natural materials for home decoration.

Wood, stone and brick are the best materials for decorating the living room of a country house

It is better to give up plastic and synthetics, because a country house is needed first of all in order to be closer to nature

Wood, stone, bamboo, rattan and others are ideal for arranging the main room. As a floor covering, designers recommend using parquet or stone, and the most popular type of ceiling finish is undoubtedly a stretch ceiling.

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Conventional division of the hall into two zones is considered a classic: a fireplace and a recreation area. An obligatory element of the recreation area is upholstered comfortable furniture: armchairs, sofas, couches, poufs.

A comfortable stay in the living room depends on the beauty and convenience of upholstered furniture

Spacious sofa and armchairs, coffee table - the minimum set for a cozy interior

Particular attention must be paid to the size of the sofa so that it can accommodate all family members, and everyone feels cozy and comfortable. Placing a coffee table not only gives the room a cozy feel, but is also a convenient and functional solution.

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Fireplace as an element of a modern living room

Many people associate the interior of a living room with a fireplace - a source of warmth and comfort in any room. When decorating a fireplace in a country house, natural stone is most often used, which emphasizes the connection with nature. If the living room is made in a classic style, then columns and gilded elements can be used for decoration.

The fireplace is the main element of the living room, the highlight of the entire design being created

It is pleasant to sit by the fire with fragrant herbal tea and spend time reading or spiritual conversations

Modern style allows decoration with glass or mirrors. It is better to lay out the floor in front of the fireplace with fire-resistant material: stone or tile. This will prevent ignition from sparks or charcoal while the fireplace is in use.

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Living room with stairs

If a country house has two or more levels, then, as a rule, the stairs leading to the second floor are located in the living room. This must be taken into account when planning the interior. The location of the stairs in the hall means that the room will be a walk-through, which means it is better to leave as much space as possible for free movement around the room. A wooden staircase fits harmoniously into the interior of a country house, however, when choosing a material, it is necessary, first of all, to take into account the style of the room.

A massive wooden staircase will fit perfectly into the design of a log house

Sleek designs fit modern interiors

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Interior Design Rules

When preparing a project for a country house, designers take into account not only the preferences of customers, but also certain rules. Although there are many more, four fundamental rules can be distinguished:

  1. A harmonious interior in a country house is easier to create in a proportional room.
  2. During the design of the living room, you can achieve a visual increase or decrease in the room.
  3. It is recommended to include a semantic center in the interior of the hall. It can be a fireplace, a library, a large TV.
  4. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of high-quality and comfortable furniture.

It is important to find a focal point from which the interior of the room will start

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Country in a modern living room

A characteristic feature of country music is the use of natural materials with minimal processing. Stone can decorate a fireplace, walls or their individual elements. Perfectly combined stone with wood. Wooden in a country house can be a ceiling, furniture, floor or decorations - the field for imagination is not limited.

Country décor encourages easy family interaction

Designer pillows, tablecloths and colorful curtains are an integral part of the country

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Eclectic living room

Eclecticism is a mixture of different styles in the interior of one room. Due to the fact that the living room in a country house is usually quite spacious, it is an ideal place for a designer's imagination to fly. This style is suitable for those who like to travel and bring souvenirs from distant countries. In an eclectic living room, antiques, modern elements, handicrafts and technological innovations can harmoniously “get along”.

Combine the incongruous - the main idea of ​​the interior in the eclectic style

Eclectic walls and ceiling in soothing colors

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Minimalism as a way of organizing the space of the living room

Minimalism is a type of modern design that aims to use a minimum amount of decoration, simplify the furnishings and prioritize the use of functional things. Simplicity and conciseness in every detail, practicality and rationality of furniture - all these are the main features that are inherent in minimalism. The minimalist living room has everything you need without being overloaded with details.

Minimalism is characterized by the complete absence of unnecessary decorations and fancy ornaments

Only essential items with maximum functionality

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Decorating the hall in a rustic style, it is necessary to abandon the frills and allow the presence of some uncouthness in the interior. It is possible to use coarse elements made of natural materials: wooden beams, strong slightly rough furniture. Decorative items should be simple and showcase the natural color and texture of the material. Very handy will be the original elements of rural flavor.

Country style with simplicity and natural materials

The interior welcomes some ruggedness

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Eco style has specific features that must be taken into account when designing a room:

Eco-style interior design uses natural shades - sand, earth, white, grass or coniferous

Natural materials or quality imitations are suitable for finishing

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Design of a kitchen-living room in a country house

Until recently, the use of a kitchen-studio, that is, the combination of a kitchen and a living room, was practiced only in city apartments. However, in our time, such a solution is becoming more and more popular, and its use has spread to country houses.

You can design a kitchen-living room in any style: from classic and modern to high-tech - it all depends solely on the preferences of the owner of the house.

Luxury kitchen-living room in classic style

Spacious modern kitchen-living room

To harmoniously divide a room into functional areas, you can resort to some design tricks:

  1. You can visually divide the room into zones by using different types of flooring: the kitchen floor can be tiled, and the seating area can be laminate or parquet.
  2. You can use such a design element as a bar counter, which is also very practical and functional.
  3. Use of ceiling trim and lighting for room zoning. There is no need for bright lighting in the seating area, while in the kitchen you need to use bright lamps and maximize the penetration of natural light into the room.
  4. Use of arches and mobile structures, which include screens and partitions.

A TV and home theater can be placed in the seating area to watch your favorite movies together. The main element of the dining area is a table, the size of which should depend on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. Around it you can arrange beautiful chairs.

Decoration of a recreation area in a high-tech living room

Trendy pop art interior

An original solution is to arrange a small stage for family improvisations, concerts and entertainment. Armchairs and a sofa should be placed around the stage to accommodate spectators.

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