2023 kitchen design

Color, Countertop and Tile Ideas

When designing your dream kitchen, it's important to balance timeless features with playful colors, patterns and textures that reflect your personality and design aesthetic. Now that we've officially made it into 2023, we're looking ahead at the trends and styles that will define the new year. We spoke with interior designers and kitchen experts who shared their top kitchen trends for 2023, touching on everything from cabinet colors and kitchen lighting ideas to design styles they're loving.

You may not want to completely remodel your space every year, but that doesn't mean there aren't creative ways to keep your interior feeling fresh and modern. For kitchen countertops, the pros are predicting both natural and expressive stones. For paint colors, they're loving dusty greens and blues, as well as soft hues like terracotta and natural browns. But, don't worry: bold patterns are not out. As you scroll, you'll notice a surge of gold hardware — but matte black and brass are sticking around as well.

Swap out your backsplash tile (dare we suggest something vibrant), add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen island or layer in handmade artisan details — all of which can be completed in a few hours. As much as we love a hot trend, we'll leave you with this message from interior designer Kate Lester: "Focus more on what the space needs and less on what is 'trending.' Doing what’s best for your space never goes out of style!"


Overstated Hardware

Courtesy of Christopher Peacock

"We are integrating metalwork onto drawers, doors and shelving. Also, dark colors and mixed materials are still really popular, which adds sophistication to the room." — Christopher Peacock, CEO and founder of Christopher Peacock Cabinetry


Creative Cabinetry

Virtually Here Studios

"For me, one of the keys to great design is when a client and a designer have the trust to take a risk together and choose a kitchen cabinet color or patterned tile that is bold and unexpected. I believe in 2023, we are going to see even more bold cabinet color choices, mixed with other interesting and unique finishes." — Kirsten Blazek, A1000XBetter


Stone Slabs

Photo courtesy of Artistic Tile

"Stone slabs are dominating backsplashes from the countertop to the ceiling, cascading to the floor in waterfall edges and wrapping around islands. It’s an exciting development, as these stones are so unique and beautiful, and truly enhance these spaces as the basic neutrals they replace never could." — Nancy Epstein, founder of Artistic Tile


Painted Islands

Lauren Pressey

"The all-white kitchen may be out, but what about homeowners who want to update their existing space without a gut job? One of the best ways to inject color into the kitchen is to paint the island base. It instantly activates a sterile-looking space and doesn’t require construction." — Mary Beth Christopher, MBC Interior Design


Mixed Metals

Gail Owens

"We’re going to see a lot more blending of different finishes in the kitchen: Brass, bronze, stainless, nickel and more. By mixing finishes, you get a visually rich, incredibly inviting look." — Tiffani Baumgart, interior designer


Butcher-Block Islands

Jill Weller

"A butcher-block island is not only stylish, but incredibly functional and durable. We love using walnut as the primary material for a butcher-block island, as it really warms the space. For added functionality, use a butcher-block island that has a mini fridge for extra storage space and plenty of cabinets where you can keep larger appliances hidden. " — Alice Arterberry, Arterberry Cooke


Lower Kitchen Drawers

Aaron Dougherty Photography

"Kitchens with loads of lower drawers, instead of cabinets, are on the rise. Drawers glide out easily, and can store so much. Bending down, getting on your knees and holding a flashlight is no longer a necessity. Plus, extra large cabinet hardware is the icing on the cake in any kitchen — don't skimp or skip on this must-have." — Ruthie Staalsen, interior designer


Brights Mixed With Woods


"There will be more unexpected hues for cabinetry. We have seen a lot of saturated, bright colors in 2022, and I believe we will still see color but lighter and chalkier shades and definitely mixed with woods." — Caren Rideau, founder of The Kitchen Design Group


Marble Slab Backsplashes

Mandy Harris

"Subway tile backsplashes are starting to look dated, and we are seeing a big shift toward marble slab backsplashes — which add drama and depth to the kitchen. Not only is it easier to clean than tile, a marble backsplash and countertop sets the tone for the entire space and makes a big statement." — Danny Spears, Captex Construction


Secondary Kitchen Spaces

Nick Glimenakis

"A kitchen design trend we are seeing in 2023 is sculleries. Homeowners who are in need of additional space will love this trend. A scullery acts as secondary kitchen storage — space for food prep, hidden coffee nooks and so much more." — Emma Beryl Kemper, interior designer


Wood Cabinetry

Sarah Szwajkos

"Keep it current by mixing wood and painted cabinets, and embracing natural wood grain and tone rather than selecting glossy varnish and heavy stain. I love an island in wood with the perimeter cabinetry painted, or a wooden hutch-style upper cabinet that rests on the counters. " — Sarah Fischer, Sarah and Sons Interiors


Blue and Green Kitchens

Ryan Garvin

"Shades of blues with more green undertones are a refreshing change. It immediately creates a wow factor, adds interest and provides contrast. Deep hues always give a classic feel that never feels overly trendy." — Kate Lester, interior designer


Wallpaper Backsplashes

Mackenzie Merrill

"I love to add print and texture to a kitchen to bring a bit of interest and life into the space. Doing it with patterned wallpaper behind an open wall shelving like this is low-risk but high impact." — Amy Leferink, principal designer at Interior Impressions


Swaths of Stone

Photo by Steven Dewall

"While stone in kitchen spaces is a long-standing tradition, more and more kitchens are making a point of featuring natural stone as a central component of beauty. Dramatic stones used widely throughout the kitchen space and marble waterfall islands that highlight the beauty of the material are becoming increasingly popular design choices." — Sarah Barnard, interior designer


Designated Bar Areas

Gavin Cater

"Painting the bar area in a bold hue, like hunter green, is a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral kitchen and create a designated bar area in an open-concept space. We’re seeing a lot of earthy tones in the kitchen for 2023. Hunter green beautifully pairs with classic furnishings, natural accents and clean lines." — Barrett Cooke, Arterberry Cooke


Sustainable Materials


"We will see a movement toward more timeless, classic designs and honest, natural and durable materials like wood, stone and steel that can stand the test of time. The sourcing and recyclability of materials will also be taken into account to a greater extent.” — Jeppe Christensen, founder and CEO of Reform


Furniture-Style Cabinets

James Stanley

"One very interesting trend going into 2023 is giving your kitchen cabinets a more furniture feel. This can be accomplished easily by adding actual furniture pieces, like using a farmhouse table or vintage desk as a fabulous center island. To continue that feeling in your cabinets, use furniture-style legs in the toe-kick areas." — James Stanley, architectural designer


Colorful Backsplashes

Aaron Dougherty Photography

"People are getting really bold with their backsplashes. White kitchens are still trending, but a bolder backsplash is perfect to add that pop of pattern or color, creating a playfulness to your home. " — Ruthie Staalsen, interior designer


Statement Lighting

Amy Bartlam

"In the past, people deferred more toward recessed lighting. Now, people are becoming more adventurous with their lighting choices and taking advantage of them as a statement design element in a room. — Kate Lester, interior designer


Butler's Pantries

Dylan Riley Foto

"A trend I love is concealing a butler’s pantry that is an entire room of its own. One hidden behind custom cabinetry with a surprise entrance is especially fun when you have a large family or host large gatherings — children as well as adults delight in its hidden treasures." — Nikki Lugh, interior designer


Soft, Natural Materials

Vanessa Mello

"I describe it as 'California Modernism,' using natural materials in warm neutral hues like light stained oak, honed limestone, painted steel and vegan leather. The concept of softness continues with the layering of unglazed terracotta vases and natural wood accessories." — Sabra Ballon, founder of ballonStudio


Bold Choices


“We expect to see a trend toward a more brave mix of different styles. We will see strong colors, expressive stones — such as calacatta viola marble — and untraditional combinations of different materials.” — Jeppe Christensen, founder and CEO of Reform


Hidden Electrical Outlets

Joe Borress

"Proper placement of electrical outlets in a kitchen is an important and often-overlooked trend. Installing power outlets under the cabinets, rather than in the backsplash, reduces cord clutter behind small appliances and gives it an unexpected clean look. " — Joe Borress, founder of Tri Star Electric & Automation


Handmade Artisan Details

Photo By Chas Metivier

"Kitchen spaces are increasingly becoming a space to showcase artistry and handmade details. Handmade tiles, decorative handles and thoughtfully crafted pottery are all components likely to be highlighted in 2023. These details can add comfort and beauty to a space where many spend a great deal of time." — Sarah Barnard


Elevated Wet Bars

Mary Pat Collins

"Industrial open-shelf bars implement this cool factor and breaks up all the wood surfaces in the space while giving you a chance to lighten up the cabinets and add another material and element. Why settle for a basic bar when you can make it unique and special?" — Amy Peltier, interior designer

Alyssa Gautieri Associate Lifestyle Editor Alyssa Gautieri (she/her) is the associate lifestyle editor for Good Housekeeping, where she covers all things home and interior design.

6 Best Countertops for Kitchens in 2022

Countertops might be the most important element of kitchen design. Hear us out: Not only do you interact with them every day, but they're one of the first things a person notices when they walk into the space, making them a key focal point. "The countertop is also one of the few continuous materials in the kitchen, so it goes a long way toward tying the room together," says Carrie Schulz, head of design at Block Renovation, a service that streamlines the planning, designing and building process for homeowners.

At the Good Housekeeping Institute, we've been testing countertops for a long, long time. In fact, way back in 1908, based on experiences in the Experiment Station (a precursor to the Good Housekeeping Institute), our early experts persuaded a builder to install its kitchen counters at a comfortable height of 36 inches, establishing a standard still used today.

For this report, our experts pulled together a list of the six best countertops available now, based on our latest tests, as well as insights from designers, installers and other pros in the field. There are many other options to choose from — glass, concrete and stainless steel, to name a few — but the process is daunting enough without these niche materials causing more second guessing.

Besides being integral to kitchen design, countertops aren't the kinds of things you swap out frequently. Choose wisely, and they'll serve you well for as long as you live in in your home.


Light, bright quartz countertops can make a kitchen feel more expansive.

John Keeble

    A favorite of our experts, this engineered stone is named after its principal ingredient, quartz, which is held together by polymer resins. The result is an exceptionally durable, low-maintenance material that's available in a wide range of colors and patterns, including those that resemble natural stone. Invented in Italy in 1977, quartz has emerged as a top countertop choice only in the last decade or so. "We've had it installed in the Good Housekeeping Institute Labs for 15 years now, with no signs of wearing," says Rachel Rothman, executive technical director at the GH Institute. New quartz countertops from Cosentino and Caesarstone won 2022 Good Housekeeping Home Renovation awards, the former for interior use and the latter for outdoor applications. One caveat: Although quartz is extremely hard-wearing, its edges and corners can chip, so be careful with heavy pots and pans; choosing a rounded edge can also help reduce the chance of chipping.

    • Pros
      • Low-maintenance
      • Wide range of colors and patterns
      • No sealing required
      • Cons
        • Square edges are prone to chipping
        • Highest-grade lines are pricey
      • Cost: $60 to $230 per square foot, installed. (Note that the wide price range is due to the different available grades, from low to mid to high quality.)
      • Use and care: One of the best things about quartz is that it doesn't need to be sealed. But you still need to wipe spills promptly and do an occasional deep-clean with a nonabrasive cleaner; Carolyn Forté, executive director of the Home Care & Cleaning Lab, likes Soft Scrub Gel with Bleach Cleaner.


      Granite countertops remain popular in traditional-style homes.


      Though its prevalence has waned some since the granite heyday of the 1990s and 2010s, this natural stone remains popular, especially in traditional-style homes. It comes in an array of colors, from blue pearl to Vyara gold, and its pattern can be flecked, speckled or veined. As with any natural stone, uniqueness is a big part of the allure, since no two slabs are the same. "In our tests, granite has fended off knife cuts, scratches and heat, making for a highly durable work surface," says Alec Scherma, test engineer at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Sealed granite is also stain-resistant. But as with quartz, edges and corners can chip, so it's worth considering a rounded edge if your kitchen gets a lot of use.

      • Pros
        • Extremely durable
        • Natural beauty
        • Comes in a rich array of colors
      • Cons
        • Not as popular as in the past
        • Needs sealing to be stain-resistant
      • Cost: $50 to $130 per square foot, installed.
      • Use and care: Wipe counters with a nonabrasive sponge or cloth dipped in warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Once a year, apply a spray-on sealant, following the manufacturer's instructions. After allowing the sealant ample time to dry, buff the counter with a dry cloth.


      Distinctive veining is a hallmark of marble countertops.

      PBNJ Productions

      This classic building material is synonymous with luxury, and it remains in fashion today, thanks in part to the enduring popularity of all-white kitchens. You can also find marble slabs in other colors, including captivating greens, reds and blues. Marble's biggest differentiator is its incredible veining, which can bring mesmerizing pattern play to the kitchen. On the other hand, marble is a soft, porous material, meaning it stains and scratches easily. Some people are OK with this and think of the blemishes as a patina. But if you want your pure-white marble countertops to stay that way, you'll need to be extremely fastidious.

      • Pros
        • Conveys enduring luxury
        • Deep veining and pattern play
        • Makes for an excellent baking station
      • Cons
        • Prone to staining and scratching
        • Very expensive
      • Cost: $70 to $130 per square foot, installed.
      • Use and care: Because marble stains easily, treating it at least once a year with a food-grade penetrating sealer will provide some measure of protection. (When a drop of water soaks in, it’s time to reseal.) Marble also chips and scratches easily, so be sure to use trivets under heavy pots and pans.


      Laminate is a less-expensive way to give the kitchen a face-lift.


      Developed by Formica, decorative laminate was first used as a tabletop surface in restaurants, cafes and nightclubs of the 1930s. Then, it took off in kitchens in the 1950s with the rise of graphic patterns. It's still in vogue today, especially with homeowners who are going for a retro, mid-century modern look. The biggest upside to laminate is its low cost. Laminate is also excellent at resisting stains, impact and heat. Keep in mind it clearly looks like a synthetic material (most versions have a colored top layer over a dark base, which shows at the edges). It also has seams, which can be unsightly and are also a source of potential water penetration, especially if installation isn't just right.

      • Pros
        • Excellent value
        • Retro appeal
        • Resists stains, impact and heat
      • Cons
        • Looks synthetic, even natural patterns
        • Seams can lead to water penetration
      • Cost: $40 to $80 per square foot, installed.
      • Use and care: Though laminate will generally fend off stains, it scratches easily, so always use a cutting board while working in the kitchen. Self-cleaning waxes made for cars can heighten the shine on dull laminate countertops.


      Butcher-block countertops offer a naturalistic look.

      Andreas von Einsiedel

      Another timeless material, wood has been used as a work surface in kitchens for centuries. It became a go-to countertop material in the 1970s with the emergence of butcher block, a chopping-friendly surface made of bonded-together strips of maple or another hardwood. Nowadays, you might also see wood countertops made of less-familiar species, like teak and mahogany.

      • Pros
        • Natural warmth and beauty
        • Excellent surface for chopping and meal prep
        • Can last indefinitely if properly maintained
      • Cons
        • Monthly treatments required
        • Dings easily
      • Cost: $30 to $170 per square foot, installed.
      • Use and care: Treated butcher block can last for decades. To prevent cracking, apply a monthly coating of food-grade mineral oil, like GH Seal Star Furniture Clinic Wood Cutting Board Oil. Let it penetrate overnight, then buff with a cloth.


      Porcelain can bring a unique beauty to kitchen countertops.


      This material is a relative newcomer to the countertop category, but we're including it in this roundup because it's fast becoming a favorite of designers and homeowners alike. Made from fine, dense clay and fired at a high temperature, porcelain is nonporous and exceptionally hard, making it durable and easy to maintain. It comes in large-format tiles and panels, allowing for countertops with a clean, contemporary look and minimal seams or grout lines. Crossville porcelain tile panels by Laminam were named a winner in Good Housekeeping's 2022 Home Renovation Awards on the strength of those attributes.

      • Pros
        • Extremely hard-wearing
        • Low-maintenance
        • Trendy "newcomer" appeal
      • Cons
        • Prone to chipping and cracking
        • On the pricey side
      • Cost: $70 to $130 per square foot, installed.
      • Use and care: The glaze on porcelain countertops means they don’t need to be sealed. For daily maintenance and cleaning, use hot water and a mild dish soap applied with a soft cloth. Despite its strength, some porcelain is prone to cracking and chipping, especially ultracompact panels, so be careful not to drop heavy items on it.

      How we choose the best countertops

      Our experts deploy a range of Lab tests to measure countertop performance. To assess stain resistance, they slather stubborn ingredients, such as wine, mustard and chocolate, onto countertop samples, let them dry and then remove them with paper towels and all-purpose cleaner.

      A tester removes dried-on wine, ketchup, chocolate and mustard from a porcelain countertop sample to measure its stain resistance.

      Philip Friedman

      Our experts use an abrasion machine to determine each material’s ability to fend off scratches; top products can withstand hundreds of passes with a fine-grit sandpaper wheel without any signs of distress. An impact machine is used to determine a countertop’s ability to withstand dents and dings, like those from a falling cast-iron pan. Over the decades, we've also installed various countertops in our labs and the homes of our experts, which enables us to assess performance, longevity and maintenance in real-world conditions.

      Although quartz is extremely durable, it can chip at the edges, as one of our testers learned from a prolonged at-home evaluation.

      Dan DiClerico/Good Housekeeping Institute

      In addition to comprehensive testing, our experts keep tabs on the countertop market by attending trade shows and industry events, including Surfaces and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. We also check in regularly with the design community, as well as contractors, fabricators and installers, to stay ahead of design trends and issues related to the supply chain and labor market.

      What to consider when choosing countertops for your home

      It's natural to focus on looks when choosing a new kitchen countertop, but there are other factors to consider too. Schulz talks about the three-legged stool of aesthetics, functionality and cost when zeroing in on the perfect countertop material. "You want to make sure the countertop will fit into your budget before you fall in love with it," she says. "How the material wears and how hard you'll have to work to keep it looking new are also key to the decision process."

      Here are more expert insights into those three key factors:

      ✔️ Aesthetics: Our experts say it's best to ignore trends and choose the pattern and color that you love the most. But if you think you might be selling your home soon, it pays to stay close to current design trends. Light, neutral hues with minimal pattern play continue to curry favor, which has helped drive interest to quartz. "A lot of homeowners still want to keep it simple and clean," Schulz says. For those looking to make more of a statement with their countertops, materials with dramatic veining, including marble and other natural stones, are a popular choice.

      If you go the dramatic route, it's important to work closely with your installer on the placement and positioning of adjoining slabs so that veining lines up. "If you end up with a pattern mismatch, it will drive you crazy every day," Schulz says.

      Don't forget about the backsplash, since it's another strong visual element in the kitchen. Whereas subway tile and other contrasting surfaces still have their place, many homeowners are now choosing to use the same material from the countertop up the backsplash, creating a sense of continuity and cohesion.

      ✔️ Care and maintenance: Think about the porosity of the countertop and the finish. A nonporous material with a polished finish is unlikely to absorb anything, making it stain-resistant. Honed finishes, in which the surface has been ground down to give the countertop a softer, matte feel, require a bit more care, but you might be willing to put up with that for the softer feel and reduction in glare. A porous material like marble with a honed finish will require near-obsessive upkeep (regular sealings throughout the year, lightning-fast cleanup of spills, treatment of etch marks with a special poultice, etc.) to keep the surface looking new. Bottom line: Do you want to fuss over your countertops or keep maintenance mainly to a daily wipe down?

      ✔️ Cost: Most homeowners spend about $3,000 on the installation of new countertops, according to Angi, the home services marketplace. But the price tag can go as high as $8,000 (and even higher for imported materials, like calacatta marble from Italy or a Van Gogh granite from Brazil) and as low as $400 for entry-level laminate. Of course, the actual cost depends on the size of the countertop, so it’s good to look at square-footage prices. You should expect to spend around $40 per square foot for affordable materials, like entry-level laminate and butcher block, and $150 or more per square foot for a rare natural stone or top-quality quartz. That doesn't include edge treatments, which add another $5 per linear foot for a standard square edge, all the way up to $60 per linear foot for an S-shaped ogee, which adds decorative flair and also reduces the risk of chipping.

      Where are the best places to shop for kitchen countertops?

      If you’re working with an architect or a designer on a full kitchen remodel, they can help guide you through the shopping process. But if you’re managing the project on your own, you'll need to do your own research. Keep in mind that the lead time on countertop deliveries can be several months, especially amid ongoing supply chain challenges.

      Here are three places to get a jump on the process:

      ✔️ Home centers: Big-box retailers like The Home Depot and Lowe’s have become reliable one-stop shops for countertop installations, offering a range of materials, as well as free design consultation and paid installation services. The downside of this approach is you'll have to choose from the handful of manufacturers the home center carries, and you can see only samples of the material, as opposed to whole slabs.

      ✔️ Kitchen and bath showrooms: Working with a showroom gets you a more experienced sales staff, many of whom are likely to be certified designers. Showrooms tend to carry a curated list of premium brands, so you’ll almost certainly be able to choose from top-grade materials. For example, showrooms will likely carry first-grade quartz, in addition to commercial-grade quartz and second-choice quartz, so you can have the richest hues and smoothest finish. But the countertop might cost $100 or more per square foot, versus the $30-to-$50-per-square-foot quartz you can find at home centers.

      ✔️ Stone yards: If you're in the market for a natural stone countertop, buying directly from your local stone yard allows you to pick out the exact slab you want, rather than basing the decision on six-inch samples. It also eliminates the intermediary, leading to potentially better prices. You can save even more by choosing from so-called "remnants," leftover pieces from larger slabs that might fill a small countertop area. For example, a marble remnant could be ideal for a baking station in the kitchen.

      Why trust Good Housekeeping?

      Dan DiClerico has covered the countertop market for more than two decades. His reporting has taken him inside factories, kitchen and bath showrooms, and fabricator shops. Plus, he's a regular at trade shows, where he meets with major manufacturers to understand the latest innovations and design trends. In his role as the director of the Home Improvement & Outdoor Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, Dan oversees countertop testing, working closely with our team of engineers and product experts. He also manages any consumer surveys designed to capture homeowners' experiences with the installation and maintenance of countertop materials.

      Dan DiClerico

      Home Improvement & Outdoor Director

      Having written thousands of product reviews and how-to articles on all aspects of home ownership, from routine maintenance to major renovations, Dan (he/him) brings more than 20 years of industry experience to his role as the director of the Home Improvement & Outdoor Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. A one-time roofer and a serial remodeler, Dan can often be found keeping house at his restored Brooklyn brownstone, where he lives with his wife and kids.

      Kitchen design-2023: 85 photos of fashionable interiors, trends In this article, we have collected the brightest trends that will set the tone for kitchen interiors for more than one season. You will also find a selection of styles that will not lose their relevance in the coming years.

      Kitchen design trends 2023

      Top trends
      — Single space
      — Comfort colors
      — Rounded silhouettes
      — Compact cooking zone
      — Two colors or textures
      — Natural decor
      — Without dining table
      Trendy styles
      — Minimalism
      — Ecostyle
      — Neoclassic

      Listed the brightest trends in the video


      Single space

      Design: Natalia Vasilyeva

      You won’t surprise anyone with a combined kitchen-living room - a fashion trend has long passed into the category of classics. The concept of a single space within which you can cook, communicate with family or friends, work and relax is firmly established both in the minds of people and in the layouts of new apartments. More and more euro-twos and euro-threes are appearing - this is housing designed according to European canons, where the bedrooms are made small and isolated, and up to 50% of the area is allocated for a spacious kitchen-living room, where all life is in full swing.

      What is important to consider when decorating such a space?
      • The main idea is unity. Do not pile up walls and partitions, do not block the light, do not split the room into small cramped areas. This is especially important for small apartments, where you need to create the illusion of a spacious room.
      • The main problem of such a neighborhood is that the sounds and smells from the cooking area will also hover in the living room. The problem is solved by a powerful hood and good ventilation. If you cook a lot, and you need to create privacy in the hall, you can use light partitions, preferably transparent or at least letting in light. The best options are glass screens, mobile screens and rack structures.
      • The cooking area is most often made discreet, shifting the focus of attention to the living room with a sofa group. To do this, you will need laconic facades, hidden storage systems (including household appliances) and a neutral palette that will almost merge with the finish.
      • The standard way to zone the cooking area and the living part of the room is the dining group located between them and forming a smooth transition. It can be a full-fledged dining table or a bar counter, depending on the lifestyle of the owners.

        Another long-term trend that is unlikely to lose popularity in the near future.

        Yulia Pisareva's studio social networks

        But if in the last few years neutral natural tones, especially white and gray, have been an obvious trend, now the direction is changing a bit. There are two categories of cozy, eye-friendly and brain-friendly color schemes for the kitchen.

        Warm base

        First of all, these are all sorts of beige variations: from a light shade of sand dunes or delicate creamy to a denser wheaten. As well as any other "edible" tones:

        • Honey.
        • Dairy.
        • Biscuit.
        • Champagne.
        • Cappuccino.
        • Creme brulee.
        • Vanilla.
        • Milk chocolate, etc.

        The most popular choice is a combo of beige and light gray, which can be further diluted with a warm white base or, conversely, accents. It turns out an airy and light design with a nod to the Scandinavian style.

        No need to limit yourself to basic shades, the cooking area and the dining group can be enlivened with rich shades, also seen in nature. Choose not acidic, but soothing deep tones. Then even on a large area (for example, if it is a set or a whole wall), they will look harmonious and not annoying.

        Feel free to add to the palette:

        • Blue and cyan. Any variations will do: shades of the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, thunderclouds, indigo, the sky on a sunny day, cornflower blue.
        • Orange and yellow. Do not be afraid of the shades of the soil: terracotta, ocher, clay, brick, the color of the southern scorched earth will make the interior more comfortable. Sunny yellow or a shade of melted butter will cope with the same task.
        • Red. Choose deep wine, pomegranate and berry shades.
        • Green. For facades, a sage color with a gray fade (for a lighter color scheme) or a deep and warm tone of olive oil (for a darker one) is suitable. They can also be used as accents.

          Social networks of designer Leyla Kamalova

          But if in the living room or bedroom it is clear how to implement it - curved sofas, shell chairs, round carpets, upholstered headboards - then in the cooking area we are used to seeing designs with right angles. But now, projects are beginning to actively use sets with radiused facades, rounded islands, curved lines in decorative elements, and arched shapes. And finally, there is an easy way to soften the interior - put a round or oval table in the dining area.


          Social networks of the designer Lesia Pechenkina


          Social networks of the designer Leila Kamalova

          Social networks of designer Svetlana Khabeeva

          Socialists of the designer Svetlana Khabeeva

          Social networks Olga Pushkareva 9,0002 STOTS designer Leila Kamalova Kamalova Kamalova Kamalova Kamalova Kamalovoye Lyu Kamalova Camalo0002 Social networks of designer Leyla Kamalova

          4. Compact cooking zone

          The lifestyle of a modern urban dweller, especially in megacities, is changing.

          Social networks of designer Ekaterina Rasulova

          Many processes are optimized, thus freeing up time for a career, self-development and communication with loved ones, including cooking. Someone uses the delivery of ready-made food, someone prefers to eat out. But the fact remains: on average, people cook less, and someone even makes only light breakfasts at home.

          The design of the kitchen in the apartment is also adapted to these changing needs. Massive structures occupying two walls completely are being replaced by compact corner or linear systems with two-burner stoves, hidden storage and a small work surface.


          Social networks of designer Veronika Marchenko

          Social networks of designer Ksenia Erlakova

          Social networks of Bodes

          Social networks Holll

          Social networks of the Rerooms

          Social networks of designer Yevgenia Kostenko

          Studio STUDIO MIR

          Yekaterina Two -Owls

          5,000 9,000 9,000 9,000 9,000) . They are increasingly seen in the photo of kitchens in an apartment or a private house.

          Holl Studio Social Media

          Colors can be divided vertically or horizontally, clearly 50 by 50 or by the principle of color blocking: one tone is basic, the second is accent. The classic version is a darker color at the bottom of the furniture, a lighter one at the top, but no one forbids breaking these canons. For example, two different functional areas can be divided by color: a cooking area with an apron, a sink, a stove, a countertop, and a structure with storage and built-in appliances.


          Social networks of designer Svetlana Kapustina

          Social networks of the studio Holl

          Cubiq studio

          Issots of designer Ekaterina Koddintseva

          Social networks of the ONE Line Design

          Elena Lebedeva

          Prets. , marble and metal, MDF and glass. For kitchen design in a modern style, a combination of smooth matte facades with a pronounced wood texture works great. The palette can be anything, but the gray-beige or taupe combo is considered a classic.


          Social networks of Bodes studio

          Social networks of designer Evgenia Kostenko

          Social networks of designer Dmitry Kurilov

          Social networks of Osome studio


          Social networks of the company "Invest repair and property management"

          It will perfectly complement the general trend towards environmental friendliness and closeness to nature, as well as unobtrusively add coziness and originality even to such strict and “cold” styles as minimalism or hi-tech.

          For decorating dining and work areas:

          • Ceramics, especially handmade crockery.
          • Clay vases or figurines.
          • Fresh flowers, dried flowers, herbs.
          • Beautifully designed mini-garden (for example, herbs in identical planters).
          • Dishes with fruit.
          • Wooden boards and other accessories for cooking.
          • Lamps with straw shade.

          Design: Fedor Krylov

          Social networks of the Yudin & novikov

          Social networks of designer Alexei Ivanov

          Design: MDN Studio

          Social networks of designer Natalya Palino

          Social Setter Squire

          Social Settings of the Pechenkina

          Socials property management"

          Social networks of the company "Invest repair and property management"

          7. No dining table

          Today, homeowners are increasingly moving away from the traditional dining table. And it doesn't matter if it's in a tiny studio or a spacious apartment.

          Design: Denis and Anton Yurov. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

          The trend will obviously gain momentum - just like the rejection of capacious full-fledged headsets. This is due to the modern rhythm of life: we increasingly have lunch, dinner and even breakfast outside the home, so for many, the kitchen in the apartment ceases to be the main room. Enough of a small corner for a coffee break or a quick snack. And if one person or a couple without children lives in the apartment, then a wide island or bar counter is enough to replace a full-fledged dining table.

          Of course, this solution is not suitable for everyone: for example, it will be uncomfortable for older people to sit even on the softest bar stools. But otherwise, the trend is quite bright, and it will obviously only strengthen its position, especially in the face of rising real estate prices and, accordingly, the growing popularity of small-sized housing.


          Design: Svetlana Kapustina. Photo: Nick Rudenko. Style: Kira Prokhorova

          Design: Anna Dobrokovskaya. Photo: Anton Likhtarovich

          Design District social networks

          Design: Ekaterina Durava. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

          Social networks of designer Ekaterina Rasulova

          Social networks of Design District studio

          Design: Denis and Anton Yurovs. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

          Despite new trends appearing in the design of the kitchen, the design of this room will remain unchanged for at least several years. Here are some styles that will definitely not lose their relevance in the near future.


          Ard Design Social Media

          Minimalism can hardly be called a trend - it's a whole philosophy of life without rigid design canons. The direction develops, changes and integrates into everyday life, going beyond the interior.

          To keep the kitchen interior design in this style relevant, follow the following rules.

          • Use warm, diluted shades to add warmth to a room and make up for the minimal amount of decor.
          • Little does not mean boring. Minimalistic interiors work due to the verified forms, color depth and combination of textures. It is the textures that need to be given special attention. Combine cold and warm textures, glossy and matte surfaces. Rough concrete or stone looks great with warm wood and cozy kitchen textiles. To enliven the interior, you can add 1-2 fresh flowers in minimalist flower pots, as well as make an accent apron: lay out unusual tiles or continue the tabletop material.
          • Design follows function, not the other way around. All furniture and appliances should be multi-tasking and arranged according to the principles of ergonomics.

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          Holl Social Media

          Studio57 Social Media

          Bodes Studio Social Media

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          People will continue to strive for nature, including within the interior of their apartment.

          Social media blogger love_my_home_pl

          Ecostyle will not leave the list of popular trends for a long time, but, like minimalism, it has already become more of a concept than a set of stylistic markers.

          The key idea of ​​ecodesign is the naturalness of all materials. In the top there is a tree or its eco-friendly analogues, which can be supplemented with artificial or natural stone, marble texture, precious metals. There should be a lot of light in the room, the decor should be only natural. Clay and ceramic dishes, textiles made from natural fabrics, accessories made of wood, stone, bamboo and other plant materials. Visually, eco-style can be close to Scandinavian interiors, minimalism or boho, depending on personal tastes and the overall style of the apartment.

          Design: Irina Baldanova. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Irina Bebeshina

          In such spaces there is no "naphthalene" heaviness, bulky structures and too dense, sometimes "stuffy" colors. Instead, graceful lines, light furniture, trendy decor and noble, airy, very comfortable colors for the eyes. At the same time, neoclassicism does not abandon traditional canons: symmetry, the use of natural materials, precious metals, glass and crystal are welcome. In the dining area, you can hang a couple of original paintings, and decorate the walls with moldings. For the headset, both wood and its high-quality counterparts are suitable, as well as elements made of stone, marble, metal in gold.

          Social networks of designer Yulia Yakovenko

          Social networks of Arhint studio

          Social networks of Marideco studio

          Social networks of designer Evgeniya Matvienko

          Design: Irina Baldanova. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Irina Bebeshina

          Prepared by

          Anastasia Stepanova

          new trends and fashion ideas

          The kitchen is an important part of the house. From how you arrange it depends on the atmosphere in it. Choosing a stylish design kitchens, it is worth remembering that kitchens in 2023, trends suggest simplicity, functionality and environmental friendliness. Natural colors, simple lines and shapes, naturalness - that's what you should focus on when decorating a room.

          Photo from source: ru. pinterest.comTop top Cedar 1046/soft Grey-beige

          General planning advice kitchens 2023: design

          Before we start design project, you need to decide what you want. What style are you prefer - cozy rustic, vintage or classic, elegant modern.

          Designing trendy kitchens 2023, choose colors that do not irritate or dissonate with the general environment. Also important take into account the laws of ergonomics and equip the owner with all the necessary equipment for kitchen.

          Difficult to fit in a small kitchen everything you need for work and leisure. But small rooms can be comfortable too. and functional, if you correctly arrange objects, choose only necessary equipment and use modern solutions in the dining area.

          Today, many homeowners prefer to re-plan the kitchen, combining it with one room.

          Such a modern kitchen 2023 is a room that is easier to divide into functional areas.

          - Style trend loft will remain in kitchen sets, sinks and countertops, stoves and freezers.

          Photo from the source: salon.ruTable top Cedar 4040/S Antares

          - Dining room with a full set of tables and chairs or a bar counter with folding and sliding furniture models.

          Photo source: newdecortrends.comTop top Cedar 1110/S White

          - Living room - the perfect place for family and hosting. The living room has upholstered furniture, TV, fireplace area or office and playroom.

          Photo source: ru.pinterest.com Photo source: mykaleidoscope.ru

          Since kitchens 2023 are new trends and current trends do not welcome zoning with decorative materials, designers widely use lighting effects. For example, living room and dining room highlighted with warm diffused light, and the kitchen with cool white lighting, or vice versa.

          Photo from the source: luber-portal.ru

          Kitchen color 2023

          If you are renovating your kitchen, remember that bold colors are no longer in fashion. Trendy kitchens in 2023 should be made in light colors. White and milk colors are in trend. Will be related look and absolutely black kitchen in a strict minimalist style.

          Photo source: behance.net Countertop Cedar 3027/S White Granite

          By the way, it may seem strange, but black has its own nuances. When designing a trendy kitchen 2023, as pictured, charcoal color recommended. This means that the black surface should have a slight sheen, but not a specular surface.

          Photo source: sidingvin.ruTable top Cedar 7011/S CANYON

          Ideal for kitchens in various brown and beige shades. Shades are chosen for their design. polished travertine, marble and onyx to match. They match perfectly with the color of unpainted wood and are used to create storage systems with a very simple and clean design.

          Photo source: martha-bvba.beTop top Cedar 8050/soft Sandy Marble

          However, this requirement applies even to kitchens in the country or ethnic style popular in 2023, where bright colors cannot be used.

          Kitchen interior 2023 in ethnic style or country style should also be as monochrome as possible, for with the exception of bright accents dictated by a particular style.

          Photo from source: na-dache.proTop top Cedar 3831/M Douglas light Photo source: hameleone.ruTable top Cedar 1110/S White

          Choose kitchen style 2023: new trends, design, photo

          Trendy kitchens for 2023 will be three styles of kitchens: loft, Scandinavian and high-tech.

          Trends in kitchen design 2023 in loft style

          Kitchen 2023 with design in loft style loft means brick or rough decorative walls, open engineering communications and modern technology. This style is perfect for young families or singles. Loft has been in the lead for several years, and next season it will not going to give up. People are attracted to the simple solution of "open" brick and concrete walls and painted surfaces. Brickwork can be reproduce using special tile or plaster mixtures and stencils. The floors are covered with wooden panels or laminate with a loft design, with using porcelain stoneware and stone slabs. Furniture and lighting for such interiors can be purchased ready-made.

          Photo from source: i.pinimg.comTabletop Cedar 111/1 White

          Fashion kitchens 2022-2023 scandinavian style

          Trendy kitchen designs 2023 in scandinavian style style is practicality, strict lines and light shades. Furniture in such a kitchen should be a minimum. In this case, you should choose as many functional interior items. You can install blinds on windows and recessed ceiling lighting. This style is a good choice for families with children.

          Photo source: idei.clubToptop Cedar 2337/S Beige marble

          Scandinavian style is different clean lines, soft colors and plenty of natural materials. It is both comfortable and practical, which fits perfectly into the trends. next year.

          Photo from the source: mykitchendesign.ruTop top Cedar 8040/soft Crystal Marble

          For Scandinavian kitchen interiors 2023, as photo, choose functional wood and metal furniture. Facade furniture should be simple and without frilly decorations.

          Photo from source: bucwar.ruTabletop Cedar 4032/S Porphyry

          Walls can be painted, lined tiled or sheathed with wall panels or wood paneling. Also good suitable white paint or natural red brick.

          Photo source: divano.ruTable top Cedar 2347/soft Blanco Marble

          Kitchen design 2023: high-tech style trends

          High-tech kitchen renovation 2023 - it's a lot of smart appliances, matching materials and colors. This style is also suggests presence:

          - shiny surfaces;

          - plastic elements;

          - contrasts in texture or color;

          - sets of natural or artificial surfaces.

          Photo from the source: galaktika21.ruTabletop Cedar 1021/Q Black

          The high-tech trend is characterized by an abundance of modern electronics and home appliances. The optimal solution is a smart home system that can be controlled via a smartphone. As for the design, there is also an emphasis on high-quality, bright lighting, a large number of chrome and glossy elements, as well as variety of textures.

          New kitchen design trends 2023 in country style

          Country style epitomizes family life and is a dream for a warm, welcoming home. in different countries, they differ in details, but there are similarities in the main elements: for decoration and furniture manufacturing are used mainly natural materials. Rich natural wood, stone and brick, linen and cotton, decorated with using dishes in ethnic style.

          Photo from the source: shtory-deco.ruTable top Cedar 1021/Q Black Tabletop Cedar 3255/M Cocobolo

          Eco-kitchens of 2023

          Eco-direction is ideal for those who want to be close to nature.

          Harmonious designs elements and finishes made of natural stone, wooden surfaces and furniture will be popular in the coming seasons. Monochromatic tones are diluted "live" ivy walls, moss combinations, wall and hanging planters and climbing plants.

          Photo from the source: behance.net Table top Cedar 4033/S Beads light Tabletop Cedar 690/P Indian tree

          Kitchen trend 2023: dark colors and glossy finishes with photo examples

          Decorators say: white kitchens gone out of fashion. The brighter and darker the color, the more interesting the kitchen will look. If you are not ready for radical experiments, settle for a familiar shade, but choose a color a little stronger and more saturated. shades of green, reminiscent of herbal tones of sage, rosemary, lavender, saffron and basil, and sometimes even close to black, predict trends for years to come. If colors are complemented by current gloss levels, the whole kitchen looks like a box of jewels.

          Photo from the source: dekormyhome.ru Tabletop Cedar 3093/1 Black Marble Marble

          New trends in kitchen lighting in 2023

          Lighting technology used in kitchen, has long moved away from the utilitarian and simple lighting of the working surfaces. An approach to light that changes our mood and well-being, is becoming more and more popular. Sophisticated embedded devices allow us to control the level and intensity of light depending on the time of day, which is not only more in line with our biological rhythms, but also with new aesthetic codes.

          Photo courtesy of philkeandesigns.comCedar top 4021/S Lucca

          Kitchens in 2023: novelties in textures

          The kitchen will be dominated by natural materials and rough, rustic surfaces. Designers recommend use wood for textured backsplashes and countertops, as well as for bases of kitchen islands. The surfaces are covered with a special coating against fingerprint to keep the elegance of the interior.

          Photo from the source: almode.ruTable top Cedar 8050/soft Sandy Marble Tabletop Cedar 690/P Indian tree

          Modern kitchens in 2023 say no to workers triangles

          Over the past two years, the kitchen has also has acquired many additional features as many people have become work from home and learned to bypass restaurants and cook for themselves. He has also become a meeting room and a place to do homework. work, which led to the need to find other solutions for the organization space. As a result, the so-called "kitchen triangle" - optimized work area between stove, refrigerator and sink - gone to past. The size and scope of kitchens continues to expand as everything is now tend to cook in a variety of ways and are happy to experiment with new equipment.

          Photo from source: kleo.ruTable top Cedar 1046/soft Gray-beige

          Contrasting geometric shapes

          Trendy kitchens 2023 suggest expert fascination with contrasting geometric shapes - most often in kitchens moderate sizes, large patterns are used, which compromises small area. Combinations of different patterns work well both in the kitchen and in textile fashion, sometimes repeating successful combinations.

          Photo from the source: tut-inet-magaz.ruPhoto from the source: mykaleidoscope.ruTabletop Cedar 1110/S White

          Kitchen-living room 2023: ideas

          Kitchen-living room in 2023 will be clearly divided into thematic spaces. This technique was saved due to the pandemic when they tried combine personal life and work in a small apartment.

          Photo source: happymodern.ruTabletop Cedar 1110/S White Tabletop Cedar 3198/Mw Wood Rhodes

          Kitchen-living room in a one-room apartment

          When in a small room it is necessary to place several thematic zones, they, as a rule, are superimposed on each other. For the studio, this is absolutely normal situation!

          Photo from the source: almode.ruTable top Cedar 1046/soft Gray-beige

          Division into thematic zones

          No matter how small studio apartment, it is important to divide it into thematic zones. The main ones are - kitchen, bedroom, living room and workspace. How to combine all this in one studios?

          For separating cooking zones and the living room in the kitchen, the designers recommended using compact partitions. The most obvious is the physical aspect.

          Photo from the source: glass-store.ruTabletop Cedar 1110/S White

          For effective limitation enough neat bar counter space.

          Photo from the source: almode.ruTable top Cedar 1110/S White

          The living room can accommodate compact sofas. Soft and tidy, they are easy to use in place of chairs in small space kitchen-living room.

          Border display can also be done in a more natural way - with color! For example, you can paint the walls next to the sofas in the living room.

          Photo from the source: ru.pinterest.com

          Transforming furniture

          What other trends can be traced in modern kitchen-living room? Transformer tables! Compact shape and smooth edges help you avoid touching the edges with your feet. When guests arrive, transformer unfolds and turns into a large dining table, at which they can accommodate several people.

          Photo from the source: el-f.ruTabletop Cedar 1021/Q Black

          Corner sofa is the perfect board for small studio in 2023. It helps, for example, to separate space living room and do not mix it with the kitchen. This furniture is also well suited for very small rooms, when the only solution is to put the sofa in corner.

          Photo source: behance.net

          Separation of bedroom and kitchen in one-room apartment

          How many people live in the apartment? For one or two people, a sofa bed can be a great solution. This a piece of furniture saves space in a small studio and unfolds only on night.

          Photo source: behance.netTop Cedar 1021/Q Black

          If you want more comfort, you you can also choose a double bed. Designers recommend in this case separate beds with a screen or canopy. Preservation becomes important in 2023 personal space.

          Photo from the source: shtory.qoon.ruTabletop Cedar 5021/S Metallic

          Super kitchen trends in 2023

          Japandi style

          This is a mix of original Japanese style and Scandinavian comfort, which gained popularity in 2022 and became hit in 2023. It perfectly combines Western techniques and Eastern philosophy. Japanese style in the interior is a modern solution for those who wants to harmonize everyday life and strives for conscious consumption.

          Japandi is characterized by natural palette and ergonomics. In this style, preference is given to environmentally friendly materials and good lighting.

          Japandi adherents use in environmentally friendly materials in their interiors: wood, metal, glass and ceramics. This combination allows you to create a comfortable environment that can last for many years without damage.

          Photo from the source: mykaleidoscope.

          Learn more