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45 Timeless Black And White Bedroom Ideas That Stand Out

By Simona Ganea | Published on

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I find black and white to be a perfect color combination for the bedroom. Sure, it may not offer the room the warm glow that other colors such as beige, brown, or the natural color of the wood do, but the simplicity of the combination creates a classic, timeless and peaceful look, which is exactly what the room needs to feel relaxing and inviting.

And even though it may be very simple in theory, a black and white bedroom can stand out in numerous interesting ways.

How to Decorate a Black and White Bedroom

Of course, decorating a black and white bedroom can be easier said than done. You will want to be sure you create the perfect balance between the two colors without overdoing one or the other.

You may also want to mix in accent colors, or the occasional piece of wood furniture just to ensure your room isn’t too contrasting. Here is how you can get started on decorating your black and white bedroom.

Step 1: Switch Up the Furniture

The furniture is the hardest part of a black and white bedroom, as these pieces will be your eye-catchers. Therefore you should ensure you have a couple of large black pieces, as well as some white pieces. You can also mix in wood and glass furniture pieces as you see fit.

Step 2: Work on the Fabrics

Next to the furniture, your next biggest draw of the room will be the fabrics. You should work to contrast these as much as possible. For example, if you have a black bed, you should invest in a white comforter. If one wall is white, then black curtains would be best.

Don’t be afraid to have curtains that contrast with the comforter, and put pillows of both colors on the bed.

Step 3: Add Artwork

Besides fabrics, art is a great way to bring contrast into your black and white bedroom. You’ll want to pick pieces that stand out, and you may want to consider those which contain an accent color.

Step 4: Finish Touches

Before your room can be complete, you will need to step back and take a look at what you have so far. Is it too dark? Not dark enough? You’ll want to add accents in either color or in a third color at this point to get the balance just right. Even something as simple as a live plant in a black and white pot can go a long way.

Black and White Bedroom Décor Ideas

Decorating a room is difficult, especially when you are worried about overdoing an imposing color like black.

Below are some décor ideas for a black and white bedroom to help guide you as you decorate:

Black and White Bedroom Furniture Ideas

The direction you take your black and white room will widely depend on the type of furniture you find or already have. Furniture is an eye-catching part of a room, and there are typically several large pieces in a bedroom that need to be incorporated.

Here are some furniture ideas for your black and white bedroom:

Wall Décor Ideas for a Black and White Bedroom

So you’ve got your furniture, and some basic ideas of how to decorate your black and white bedroom, but how do you decorate the walls?

Here are some tips to help with selecting wall art for your black and white bedroom:

How to Soften a Black and White Bedroom

A black and white bedroom, while classy, can sometimes be a very hard look. But don’t despair, as there are many ways you can work to soften a black and white bedroom. Below are some tips to help you soften a black and white bedroom.

Tip 1: Use Texture

Textures can be a great way to soften an imposing color like black. Consider a black throw or comforter for your bed or a black curtain instead of painting a black wall.

Tip 2: Incorporate a Third Color

Although you may be excited about your all black and white bedroom, an accent color can really help soften the room, especially if you pick a pastel. Pastel green, blue, pink, or even purple are great ways to soften a black and white bedroom.

Tip 3: Add a Plant

Greenery can help soften any room. So grab a large plant or two to add to the corner. An orchid or other flower placed on the nightstand can help brighten a room as well.

Tip 4: Add More Light

The main reason your room may seem too hard to achieve a black and white bedroom is that there isn’t enough light. Try to find window coverings that allow as much natural light in the bedroom as possible. If there is no natural light options, then add a modern lamp or two to soften the room.

Tip 5: Add Wood

Wooden accents also help to soften a black and white room. For those that haven’t already chosen their furniture pieces, this is the best way to incorporate wood into a bedroom. Otherwise, you can consider a hardwood floor, or wooden wall art to bring wood accents into a room.

How Do You Brighten a Black and White Bedroom?

Besides needing to soften a black and white bedroom, you may also decide that the room is too dark after you have painted a wall black. In this case, there are several ways you can work to brighten the room without having to repaint the wall.

Tip 1: Add Metallic Touches

Brighten up a dark black and white room by adding touches of silver and gold. These can easily be added through furniture, accessories, or even a nice framed mirror.

Tip 2: Consider Unique Lighting

You’ve likely already tried everything you could with the natural lighting of a room, so it may be time to consider some unique lighting, such as a string of lights along a dark wall, or perhaps a string of lights around the base of the bed to create a floating effect. 

Tip 3: Place Woven Accessories

Woven accessories, like a hemp hanging plant, or a tapestry can go a long way towards warming up a dark room. Just be sure these woven accessories fit with any accent colors you may have in place.

Tip 4: Switch Out a Single Piece of Furniture

Have you tried everything else on this list to no avail? Then it may be time to switch out a single piece of black or white furniture for a piece of color. If the bedroom has a chair, consider swapping it for a red one, or perhaps grab a purple side table. As long as the pop of color is large it will brighten the room tremendously.

Tip 5: Use Patterns

The final way to brighten a room is by incorporating a pattern. For example, a black wall could look nice with a white stripe or two, or maybe you could paint a unique vintage pattern. Either way, the pattern will break up the black and brighten the room.

By now, you should have a bunch of ideas for the décor of your own black and white bedroom. Keep scrolling to see just how you might incorporate these into your home to create a decorative masterpiece.

Inspirational Rooms for Your Black and White Bedroom Makeover


A Wavy White Bedroom Wall

When the color palette is so simple, other elements can be used to make a bedroom décor stand out. The wavy wall in this case adds a plus of sophistication to the room while the oversized padded headboard gives the space a pleasant and comfortable feel.

2. Brighten Up A Black and White Bedroom Space With Mirrors, Lamps, And Artwork

When black is the main color for the bedroom, features such as mirrors and lamps can be used to help brighten up the space. You could even opt for black and white wall art to add some detail to the walls. For example, the tall mirror behind the nightstand is a really nice touch in this case.

3. Add Eye-Catching Accents To A Minimalist Space

A minimalist and basic color palette can be complemented by eye-catching accents such as an imposing chandelier or wallpaper with a subtle but eye-catching print only visible when the light falls at a certain angle. {found on boutiquehomes}.

4. A Black Headboard Against A White Wall

Usually, however, a balanced combination is preferred. So a black headboard can rest against a white wall, a white bed sheet can be complemented by black accent pillows and a light gray rug can contrast with the dark-stained flooring. {found on thesofaandchair}.

5. Find The Right Balance Of Black And White Bedroom Elements

The most important thing is to find the right balance of black and white elements in the room. It should be a cohesive look throughout so, if the walls are white for example, you can put in a black dresser, a matching bed, and some small accent details featuring the same color. {found on ianmoorearchitects}.

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6. A Shiny Floor And Accent Pieces

A really interesting approach is to opt for black flooring. This modern master bedroom has a shiny floor and accent pieces that combine the two colors specified above in a natural way. The area rug and the armchair share a similar theme. {found on edndesign}.

7. Use Black As An Accent Color

To create a sense of spaciousness in the bedroom, use black as an accent color while white is your main shade. Use clean, simple lines throughout and soften the look through texture and accent lighting. {found on chrissnookphotography}.

8. Opt For A More Casual And Relaxed Feel

A black and white bedroom can be a bit too harsh and sober for some, in which case you can try to give the space a more casual and relaxed feel. For example, opt for an open clothes rack design, an artistic painting displayed on a wall, or for wooden flooring painted white.

9. Highlight The Contrast Between The Two Colors

A bedroom can feature a really simple and basic color palette and still stand out, even if the décor is just as simple as the color scheme. Highlight the contrast between these two colors. Use white where you know it will be emphasized by the natural light and black where you wish to create focal points.

10. Decorate Your Room With Black Walls

Another possibility is to decorate with black walls. It’s enough to have one black wall white the rest stay white. Emphasize the strong contrast through framed wall décor. Put white features on the black wall and black features on the adjacent white wall.

11. Choose A Dark Gray Shade Instead

If a black wall seems a bit too dramatic for your style, opt for a dark gray shade instead. It will also pair nicely with other crisp white elements and you can coordinate it with a few other gray accent details such as a small area rug or a planter or vase. {found on stylizimoblog}.

12. Add a Black Trim to White Walls or Bedding

Give the bedroom a classic, elegant look using a black trim for white walls or bedding. Then you can also mix and match these two colors throughout the room. A black bookcase can be placed against a white wall, a black lamp on a white nightstand, and so on. {found on domino}.

13. Add Black Accessories and Accent Features

An interesting approach is to make all the furniture and all the walls in the room white and to only use black in the form of accessories and accent features such as the duvet, the hardware, accent pillows, or framed artwork. {found on lolalina}.

14. Use Prints And Patterns Throughout The Black and White Bedroom

When the color palette is limited to only black and white, you can show your creativity by using various prints and patterns throughout the room. Opt for bedding that features graphic or geometric designs in these two colors.

15. A Black Accent Wall

Even though the prints and patterns are very variate, the room décor stays simple and very enjoyable. We particularly like the way the black accent wall complements the bed and everything on it.

16. Add a Slanted Ceiling

A huge black wall can darken the room, even if the rest of the walls are white. In this case, however, the slanted ceiling offers a perfect opportunity to include a black wall in the décor without making it stand out too much. It’s merely like a headboard that extends on either side to incorporate the nightstands.

17. Add Black Window Drapes and Carpet

If you opt for black drapes or window coverings, then the light from the window will stand out and seem a lot brighter because of the strong contrast. Continue the décor with a coordinating black floor which flawlessly contrasts with a white platform bed. Soften the look with an upholstered headboard and an ornate chandelier.

18. A Black Platform Bed As The Centerpiece Of Your Room

Or try the opposite look. A black platform bed can be the main piece in the room, even if the wall closet is visibly larger. To maintain balance in the room, you can have the floor covered with a light gray carpet. {found on carr}.

19. Combine Straight Lines and Soft Curves

When straight lines and angles are combined with soft curvatures and simple and elegant colors, the result is a well-balanced and pleasant décor. A beautiful detail in the case of this contemporary bedroom is the sleek black lines that almost look like a shadow between the full height closets and the ceiling. {found on n-lab}.

20. A Bright White Ceiling

Although it’s generally believed that black walls can make a room seem smaller and dark and gloomy, that’s not always the case. If the ceiling is white and there are other elements that can brighten up the space, then black walls can actually give a bedroom an intimate and comfortable feel. {found on homelife}.

21. Make the Bed the Only Black Feature in the Room

But if the room is really small, then the approach can be a bit different. It’s best if the bed is the only black feature in the room. Turn the small size of the space to an advantage by making it feel cozy and welcoming through soft textures and accent lighting. {found on bozhinovskidesign}.

22. Use the Colors in Big Blocks

When the color palette is limited, an interesting option is to use the colors in big blocks so that contrasts are simple and visible. A black floor can coordinate with a bed that has a black frame to diminish the barrier between the two. {found on intermode}.

23. Create A Feminine Vibe For A Black and White Bedroom

A black and white combination seems like a good option for a boys’ bedroom, making it easy to create a masculine vibe. However, it can also be used to create a feminine décor. It’s all in the details. A headboard with a delicate, ornate frame or a chic mirror can totally change the ambiance. {found on sfadesign}.

24. Add Fun and Modern Furniture

These two ball chairs are perfect for a bedroom with a minimal color palette and a modern décor. Though they work with strong, dramatic color contrasts, their soft lines don’t have a harsh impact on the room. Also, the wooden floor warms up the design. {found on ashvilleinc}.

25. Layer Black and White Elements

The way the black and the white elements are layered here helps create a visually interesting look and transform that wall into the focal point of the room. The dark brown floor keeps a low profile, although it would stand out in a different situation. {found on atmosphere360studio}.

26. Find Unique Ways to Sneak Black Features Into Your Room

Only after a second look, do you realize that this bedroom actually has a back, shiny ceiling which reflects the windows and the light. A wonderful example that proves that black is not always a gloomy color. {found on a-cero}.

27. A Black and White Master Bedroom Makeover

This is a master bedroom that immediately creates a feeling of comfort despite being black and white. That’s because it uses texture to combat the drama of the strong contrasts and definite aspects of each of these two colors.

28. A Playful Yet Elegant Black and White Bedroom

A bedroom can be playful in an elegant and classy way, despite being decorated with non-colors like black and white. It’s a matter of working with patterns, chic combinations, and managing to create a casual ambiance through accent decorations that are strategically placed.

29. Add Light Blue Accents to a Black and White Room

Light blue accents in a black and white environment create a fresh and relaxing ambiance. The light wooden floor keeps the room from becoming too cold and austere.

30. Brighten Up The Room with a Splash of Yellow

Yellow is a cheerful color that can easily make a black and white bedroom look sunny, bright, and vibrant. A lovely accent color for a teen bedroom for example, which combined with playful wall décor and patterns, can prove to be exquisite.

31. Add a Pastel Color to Break Up the Black and White Design

Sometimes even the faintest presence of a third color in such a décor can establish balance in the room. Like this wall painting and the slight violet taint on the chair. {found on aeacon}.

32. Add a Simple Small Green Plant or a Lamp

Even something as simple as a small green plant or a lamp can have a big impact on the overall décor and ambiance of a space. Such a detail can make the space feel fresh, or it can also give the look a subtle industrial twist. {found on lonny}.

33. Add Brass Accents for an Elegant and Sophisticated Room Makeover

Brass accents can make a black and white bedroom seem particularly elegant and even sophisticated. They can come in the form of a table lamp, a planter, or the buttons on a tufted headboard.

34. Gold or Silver Accents in Small Quantities

A few golden or silver accents can have a similar effect. But it’s important to use them with great care and in small quantities. It’s easy to cross the line between chic or elegant and kitschy. {found on ldn}.

35. Create a Warm and Comfortable Look with Earthy Tones

The color of the walls in this case says it all. It offers the bedroom a warm and comfortable look and has a nice earthy tone. It coordinates well with the chandelier and it’s great that the rest of the color palette was kept simple, neutral, and basic. {found on darrenpalmer}.

36. Floral Black and White Wallpaper

When you think of adding black and white to a bedroom, your mind probably goes straight to modern and striking designs. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, consider adding black and white floral wallpaper, as shown in this project from House Beautiful.

This allows you to add black and white elements to a farmhouse or a more traditional home. This wallpaper from Ralph Lauren won’t darken up your room but will add a lovely pattern to your walls.

37. Paint Half of the Wall Black

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a full black wall in your bedroom, take inspiration from Grillo Designs and their modern vintage bedroom makeover. Painting the bottom half of your wall black adds a fun accent to the room without making it too dark or dreary.

This would look great on the wall behind your bed and can also extend to underneath the window. You can then paint the top half of the wall white or another shade to add more light to the space.

38. Graphic Wood Trim Accent Wall

Another great option for anyone who isn’t ready to go for a completely black wall is a graphic wood trim accent wall behind your bed. Apartment Therapy shows us how to create this beautiful bedroom makeover, which begins by painting the whole bedroom white.

After that, you’ll use a nail gun and a manual miter saw to create this design. Paint the wood black so it stands out from your walls and create a fun design that will wow any guests who enter the room.

39. Add Abstract Black and White Art

For anyone who is just looking to try out adding black and white elements into their bedroom, try hanging a large abstract black and white art project, like this one from Julia Apostolova, on the wall above your bed. You could even create your own piece of artwork of any shape and size to fit your bedroom.

You can take inspiration from anything you have in your home for this abstract art project and unleash your creativity to create a unique DIY addition to your walls. You’ll just need a photo frame and poster board to get started, and then black acrylic paint will be used to create the design of your choice.

40. Pair Black and Rose Colored Elements

Adding a pastel color to your black and white bedroom can help to break up the color scheme. We think rose is a lovely color to add to a bedroom, and you can simply place a few cushions or a throw over the bed to break up the monotony of the black and white.

Pretty Little Details incorporates rose into the bedroom through the huge curtains behind the bed. They offer a great contrasting color to the black wall and offer a sophisticated touch to this modern bedroom.

41. A Wood Grain Black Wall

Kristi Murphy offers us this amazing DIY bedroom makeover which features a DIY herringbone wall. While this may look like a huge undertaking for your next bedroom makeover, she used Stikwood to make this a much simpler process. You’ll literally just cut the material up and stick it onto the wall.

If you are using this type of material to make a feature wall, ensure you measure your wall carefully and order enough material for the project. To create a herringbone pattern, you’ll need about 15% more wood than your measurements suggest.

42. A Black Statement Headboard

We understand that adding a huge black feature wall or a large piece of dark furniture into your room can be a daunting prospect. If you don’t fancy adding these into your room, consider a black statement headboard instead.

House Beautiful shares this master bedroom which frames the bed with a black headboard. This is a great option for a smaller bedroom where too many dark walls could make the room seem even smaller than it actually is.

43. Black and White Bedding Sets

Lushome shares a huge selection of bedding sets you could take inspiration from for your black and white bedroom. If you already have a room with white walls, this is a great way to start your black and white makeover.

A bedding set is a very inexpensive way to transform a bedroom. However, as the bed is usually the focal point of any room, it’s something you’ll want to give a good amount of thought and effort to before decorating.

44. An Industrial Modern Loft

A modern loft is the perfect space to add black and white elements to. If you have an open-plan living setup, a black partition wall can help to separate your bedroom from your bathroom or another living space.

Elle Decor shows us this industrial loft in New York City, which almost feels like you are sleeping in a hotel every night. The low bed and the minimal décor go well with the black wall. It just goes to show that black and white can work in bedrooms of almost any shape and design.

45. Create a Relaxing Black and White Bedroom

When planned well, black and white can also create a relaxing bedroom environment. Homes & Gardens shows us how to create this monochrome bedroom design which is very calming and stylish.

By using soft furnishings, textured throws, and cushions, you can layer up black and white shades to create a welcoming bedroom environment. If you feel like the room needs a little more color, add some other accessories or cushions in a brighter shade to warm up the room.

The Best Accent Colors for Black and White Bedrooms

When it comes to decorating your black and white bedroom, chances are you don’t want to have just black and white. Rather, you’ll want to integrate some accent colors into your color scheme.

Adding accent colors to a black and white bedroom is perfectly fine, just be sure you don’t add more than one or two, and consider picking one off of this list.

Incorporating brown into your black and white bedroom is easy, as there are typically many furniture pieces that can be added to create a warm look in the room.

You might have to try a little harder to incorporate yellow, but consider adding a throw pillow, or perhaps painting a wall yellow to give the room a nice little pop of brightness.

Green is another simple one, as you can place a plant or two in your bedroom, or grab a nice lime green throw to toss on your white bed for a nice lively touch.

The final accent color, red, is extremely elegant but should be added with care. Stick to a single painting or pillow in this show-stopping color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can You Mix Black and White Bedroom Furniture?

You can most certainly mix white and black bedroom furniture, and doing so will create a nice modern look in your room. Just be sure you use furniture placement to emphasize contrast throughout the room.

What Color Goes Best With a Black and White Bedroom?

The best accent colors for a black and white bedroom are those which come in a pastel shade. Pastels will contrast nicely with white while also softening the black in a room.

Can a Black and White Bedroom Work with Wood Furniture?

A black and white bedroom can work with wood furniture, but it is better to lean more towards white when you have lots of wood furniture. Otherwise, the black and the wood may clash. So start with white as the main color, and add black accents when you have wood furniture in a black and white bedroom.

Is a Black and White Bedroom Timeless?

Black and white bedroom décor is not only timeless, but it is also classy and elegant. It is also very versatile, allowing you to use it to create almost any feel you desire for a room to have.

Time to Consider Making Your Bedroom Black and White

Regardless of the shape and size of your bedroom or apartment, we think black and white is a great way to modernize any bedroom. Before opting to add black and white to your bedroom, we always recommend planning out the design.

Ensure the room will get enough light, which can help to offset any dark walls or furniture you are planning to add to the space. Instead of going for a huge transformation in one go, we recommend adding darker pieces one at a time to see how they impact your space.

This can make the change a little less dramatic, and you can simply stop adding darker elements when you think the room’s overall appearance is becoming too dark.

When planning a black and white bedroom makeover this year, take inspiration from these 45 ideas we’ve showcased here today. Mix and match your favorite elements from all of these projects, and you’ll soon create a monochromatic bedroom that you and your partner love to spend time in.

Regardless of the atmosphere, you are looking to create in your bedroom, whether that’s stylish or calming, you’ll find that black and white can be layered together to create a homely bedroom environment. Enjoy transforming your bedroom into a timeless black and white room that will stand out this year!

21 Beautiful Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Jenn Pablo Studio

Color plays a huge role in interior design, so when you're decorating with a color palette that technically lacks actual color, it can feel pretty uninspiring. While the classic black and white combo can look timeless in almost any sequence, a perfectly balanced achromatic bedroom requires serious vision.

Before you go shopping and stock-piling décor that may not make the cut, scroll through 20 black and white bedrooms that you'll undoubtedly want to copy from top to bottom. Whether you're going for something modern and minimal or you have the bohemian look all over your Pinterest boards, there's a colorless bedroom in here that's sure to color you inspired. 

20 Black-and-White Design Ideas That Are Totally Timeless

01 of 21

Design: Reena Sotropa, Photo: Phil Crozier

When you're working with basic shades, make them pop with the addition of texture. Both pillows with three-dimensional embroidery and textiles with tassels and pom-poms give your simple color palette the extra oomph it needs to stand out.

02 of 21

Cathie Hong Interiors

Black and white designs can sometimes come off as stark. Work in touches of natural fibers, like warm woods, linens, and greenery for a somewhat rustic, but totally sophisticated touch.

03 of 21

Jenn Pablo Studio

A beautiful way to highlight both the dark and light characteristics of a black and white bedroom is to ensure you have great lighting. This glass pendant complements both colors perfectly—while saving precious nightstand space, too.

04 of 21

Courtesy of Anne Sage

Who said a black and white bedroom is doomed to look boring? If our eyes don't deceive us, this achromatic bedroom boasts seven patterns from the walls to the upholstery. Create this same lofty look with wallpaper, textiles, curtains, and custom upholstery (like the dual patterned couch we can't stop looking at).

05 of 21

Designer: Jette Creative; Photo: Amy Bartlam

Cool-toned black in a bedroom can feel intense for certain settings. Balance it with a warm-toned wood floor, like the blonde maple color in this simplistic bedroom. It warms up the room, making it feel soft, despite the dark tone incorporated throughout.

06 of 21

Kurated by Kris

The best part about a black and white color palette is it boasts a graphic quality no other color palette can. Run with it by incorporating black and white patterns and textures throughout your room—it's sure to create visual interest.

07 of 21

Grey Hunt Interiors

Dwellers tend to shy away from dark colors on the walls in fear that it will make the room look smaller. This glamorous bedroom is proof that black walls elevate the look of the space and don't shrink it in the slightest.

08 of 21

Dan Rak Design

It's a common misconception that the eclectic look resides in an abundant color palette. However, the assorted design style is actually rooted in worldly collections, charming furniture pieces, textures, and weathered textiles. The ornate headboard paired with a decorative pendant light, and a vintage rug contributes to the eclectic feel in this primarily black and white bedroom.

09 of 21

Calimia Home

One of the most unexpected ways to add to your black and white color palette is via black window frames. When the Roman shades are drawn, this all-white bedroom boasts just the right amount of black touches.

10 of 21

Calimia Home

While black and white bedrooms often boast a modern feel, this Spanish-style setup is proof you can enjoy the minimal color palette without skimping on the cultural charm. The addition of wright iron elements and the perfect tile-print headboard are just what you need to make it your own personal hacienda.

11 of 21

Bespoke Only

While a bright white paired with black can read more modern, incorporating a softer shade of cream gives any space a more classic, timeless vibe. Modern furniture pieces paired with classic sconces help tie it all together.

12 of 21

Ashley Montgomery Design

While technicolored spaces can feel busy all their own, a colorless room makes way for an eye-catching accent wall. This black and white bedroom feels anything but boring with this art-deco wallpaper installed behind the headboard.

13 of 21

Calimia Home

Soften your black and white color palette with the addition of beige tones throughout. The soft linen accent pillows, headboard, and woven rug give this bedroom a serene, spa-like feel.

14 of 21

Design: Reena Sotropa, Photo: Phil Crozier

While some styles look their best in a fifty-fifty ratio of black and white, this feminine bedroom looks glamorous in mostly white with a touch of black accents. In this space, a midcentury pairing of this minimal black pendant light and a couple of black chairs add just the right amount of contrast.

15 of 21

Design: Reena Sotropa; Photo: Phil Crozier

We can't think of a better addition to a black and white color palette than a shiny metallic gold. This achromatic bedroom gets an extra special update thanks to a metallic gold wallpaper print.

16 of 21

Design: Hibou Design & Co.; Photo: Guillermo Castro

Bring a visual and literal softness to your black and white bedroom with the help of sheer, flowy curtains. This space utilizes wall-to-wall drapes to create a curtain wall, which makes this room feel bright and airy despite the addition of dark colors.

17 of 21

Design: Reena Sotropa; Photo: Phil Crozier

Some may interpret an achromatic color pairing as boring (for the record, we are not some). Instantly elevate the simple palette with décor that boasts unique and interesting qualities.

18 of 21

White Sands Design

While plain white bedding remains the standard in most rooms (regardless of the color palette), using a hotel-style comforter and pillows with black trim not only contributes to the achromatic feel but makes it feel high-end.

19 of 21

Desiree Burns Interiors

Plants and fresh greenery have a way of popping in an achromatic setting—case in point, the fresh palm leaf clipping in this modern bedroom. Opt for tropical greens, leafy plants, and budding trees for a fresh take on a black and white color palette.

20 of 21

Design: Mindy Gayer Design Co.; Design: Vanessa Lentine

If you're working with wood surfaces, you can enjoy the modern color palette of black and white while still maintaining the integrity of your wooden installations. Swap out an opaque paint for a black stain like the one on this accent wall.

21 of 21

Grey Hunt Interiors

The best part about an achromatic color palette is it leaves tons of room for additional color additions. Adding a third color (like this pink-toned lavender) makes a common color palette feel custom to your personality and style. The trick is to add it in small doses so the focus remains on the black and white tones.

36 Luxurious Bedrooms We Want to Be Transported to Right Now

50+ photos in the interior, design ideas

Design features

To maintain color balance, certain rules are taken into account:


The black furniture set looks especially attractive against the background of light walls. Thanks to this design, you can give a clearer and more graphic look to the beautiful curves of the sofa, armchairs and bed. nine0005

The photo shows black and white furniture in the design of a spacious bedroom.

A great addition to the dark wall surfaces will be white furniture, which will be a bright accent of the room. With properly thought out lighting, this contrast looks especially advantageous in the evening.

Pictured is a bedroom in black and white, decorated with an illuminated floating bed.

Designs with interesting details will perfectly fit into a black and white bedroom, for example, in the form of a high headboard with rhinestones, a wardrobe and bedside tables with gilded fittings, which become a real highlight of the surrounding space.

Pictured is a modern bedroom with a black high-gloss wardrobe.


A classic flooring solution is the use of parquet in dark or light shades, as well as carpet, which, due to its soft texture, noticeably smooths out a slightly rough black and white contrast. The surface lined with plain or patterned tiles in matte or glossy looks very interesting. Quite relevant for a black-and-white interior is considered to be an expensive marble finish. nine0005

Wall-paper, stretching, gypsum plasterboard structures or plaster with decoration in the form of stucco decor, which endows the atmosphere with refined notes and elegance, become universal ceiling cladding. The mirrored ceiling will effectively complement the bedroom.

The photo shows a floor lined with light carpet in the interior of a black and white attic bedroom.

The surface of the walls in a black and white room is lined with high-quality decorative plaster, stone, brick, photo wallpaper or wallpaper that has a relief texture. nine0005

You can give the room more decorative effect with the use of stylish panel doors with inserts made of wood, glass, MDF and other materials.

The photo shows a black and white bedroom with a wall decorated with photo wallpapers.


Bedroom curtains should not be contrasting. It is better to choose a light translucent openwork tulle for window decoration, which will be combined with dark curtains made of heavier fabric. nine0005

Black and white fabric with a rich texture. Pillows and curtains can be made of velvet or silk, the duvet and bed linen of satin, and the canopy of shimmering lurex. In furniture upholstery, natural, artificial leather or textiles are found.

The photo shows a window in the bedroom, decorated with translucent curtains with black and white curtains.

Elements complemented by wide stripes, checks or abstract patterns will create a great accent in the room. In a contrasting room, juicy blotches are created with the help of bedspreads and blankets in red, orange, turquoise, blue or purple tones. In a black and white design, a high pile carpet will look great. nine0005

The photo shows a black and white bedroom with a bed decorated with purple textiles.

Decor and lighting

If there are a lot of black shades in the room, then use the highest quality lighting. In a room with low ceilings, it is not recommended to install large hanging chandeliers that visually clutter up and reduce space.

Pictured is a bedroom interior with a black and white floor painting. nine0005

In addition to the main light sources, sconces, floor lamps are located near the bed, and the ceiling is also equipped with LED lamps or lighting around the perimeter.

Pictured are bedside lamps in a black and white bedroom design.

The black and white interior is given bright and rich accents of different shades, which allows you to transform a neutral environment without major investments and repairs. For this, decor in the form of vases, figurines, wall plates, photo frames or paintings in a colorful frame is suitable. nine0005

Interior styles

A small bedroom in Khrushchev can be decorated in a classic style. Such an interior requires the observance of clear proportions, geometry and carefully designed design. The decor is decorated with silver, gilding, carved and inlaid furniture, bronze candlesticks and wall lamps.

The black and white gamut in hi-tech style is the most demanded. The two-tone design is complemented by decorative metal elements. The futuristic interior is concise and as functional as possible. In the design, shiny glossy, silver or chrome surfaces are used and a bed is installed in a round, rectangular or other geometric shape. nine0005

The photo shows the interior of a black and white bedroom in a minimalist style.

Elegant and inviting Art Deco in black and white suggests the presence of large decor items. The finishes are lustrous and glossy and are diluted with vintage accessories to add luxury to the bedroom and achieve an interesting and glamorous ensemble.

Any b&w film is taken as the basis for retro style design. In this direction, special attention is paid to the peculiar form of objects. For a more original interior, the decor is complemented by an old telephone, a vintage bed, a table and rare photographs. nine0005

Modern black and white combination is softened with wavy lines, mirrors and traditional wood and metal materials.

The photo shows a small black and white bedroom decorated in a modern style.

Design Ideas

For a black and white bedroom, decorative objects or linings that have many patterns are not always chosen. It would be appropriate to use one image or print. It is recommended to give preference to geometric shapes or gradient spots. nine0005

The photo shows a room for a teenager, designed in black and white with colored elements.

In a contrasting room, design with bright accents, such as a photo-printed ceiling, accessories with stripes, checks or decor with black patterns. Ornaments with plants or flowers that are found on wallpaper or textiles will become a harmonious addition to the interior. Thanks to them, it turns out to dilute the rigor and conciseness of the bw design. nine0005

The photo shows a light wall in the bedroom, decorated with black patterns.

Photo gallery

Black and white bedroom, characterized by a play of contrasts and a combination of light and shadow, will contribute to a certain mood for a night's rest, distract from everyday worries and add aesthetic pleasure.

Black and white bedroom: photos, design examples

An original and boring interior is not always the use of flashy acid shades or trendy trends. A black and white bedroom, strict and elegant, is remembered much better than rooms decorated in other colors. But there are clear laws here, like in an old children's game. Remember: "do not wear black and white, and do not say no." Want to learn the rules of the game when designing a black and white bedroom interior? nine0005