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40 Imaginative Playroom Ideas - Fun Playroom Decorating Tips

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It's time to have some fun.

By Hadley Mendelsohn

Thomas Loof

Out of all the rooms in the house, the playroom is by far the most fun—that's its entire point, after all. But storage and organization solutions as well as space-saving design ideas are all secret ingredients to creating inspiring playrooms. From at-home climbing walls to epic arts and crafts stations, kids-only crawl spaces, playpens, and more, there's no shortage of playroom ideas here. In fact, they're so good that they'll bring out the kid in all of us (yep, even through the screen). Read on for designer examples to try these playroom ideas in your own home, whether you want to merge it with your child's bedroom, go over the top, or create a space that'll mature well and be a place the whole family can enjoy.

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Add Eye-Catching Art

Designed by Dane Austin, this playroom in a modern home is extra playful and kid-friendly, but it also stays true to the overall design objective throughout the home. “It was very important to the homeowners that we stay true to the home’s natural wooded surroundings,” Austin says—so there are plenty of earthy materials throughout. With clever storage cubbies, a modern crafting table, and striking artwork, everyone will be happy!

Paige Rumore

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Hang Dress-Up Costumes

Place a pretty clothing rack in the playroom to keep dress-up costumes and props organized. This way, they'll be just as easy to put away as they are to pick out. We're loving how April Tomlin added little house structures to make games even more immersive.


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Enable Exercise

In this play gym, designer Darryl Carter added swings and a basketball hoop for a crew of growing boys. Being able to get in real exercise is a major plus, especially in the cooler month when hauling to the playground requires a bit more effort.


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Think Outside the Box

There's just something therapeutic about making a mess, isn't there? This playroom designed by Kiki Slaughter includes drapes that enhance privacy and provide a very exciting canvas for scribbles.

Tria Giovan

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Set Up a Stage

This curtained stage, designed by Phillip Sides, adds drama to everything from guitar practice to spontaneous productions. If your kids love music and the performing arts, consider setting up a similar space that can double as a rehearsal and performance arena (those curtains and wall-to-wall carpeting help absorb noise for a makeshift "soundproof" room.

Kevin Wilkerson

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Use Vertical Space

Instead of putting a mattress down on the lower bunk platform, design firm Marsh & Sea turned it into a dedicated "play zone. " The warm wood and crisp white paint create a solid foundation, and though each piece feels kid-friendly, it proves that even the tiniest of spaces can still make room for playtime.

Read McKendree

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Scale Down

Decorate from a kid's perspective, especially if your little one is still little—like literally get on your hands and knees to see what height their toys and furniture should reach. Even the artwork in this cute playroom designed by Regan Baker is scaled at a lower level to accommodate kids.


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Head to the Garage

A converted garage by LH Designs has a wall storage system for activities and toys. If you can park on the street or have enough space in the garage for a separate play space, take note!

Nelson Hancock

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Repurpose an Underused Room

Once brimming with the client’s books, this wood-paneled library was converted into a playroom by designer Bruce Shostak, who added hot pink, turquoise, and raspberry accents to make room for some younger inhabitants.

Jane Beiles

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Make It Immersive

We all know that children love places where their imaginations can run wild, so design with this quality in mind! Brittney Bromely installed a classic wallpaper in a sunny yellow hue and applied it to the ceiling for a fully immersive experience.

Alexa Kaehler

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Opt for Timeless Pieces

When the play space doubles as a bedroom or might need to be repurposed into a family room, office, or anything else, use storage furniture and decor that will be timeless enough to go with the flow. In this sweet children's room designed by Alexandra Kaehler, storage bins with scalloped linens and a brass étagère will last for years to come.

Hilary Matt

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Focus on the Details

Even the hardware in this playroom designed by Hilary Matt is fun and kid-friendly! Opt for fun polka dot knobs like these on both drawers and cabinets for cute design upgrades that won't require a ton of money and effort, or eat into the floor space.

Donna Dotan

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Use Less Precious Materials

Designer Ariel Okin embellished this room for her daughter with Farrow & Ball paints green ground and citron in a wipeable modern emulsion finish to relieve the stress of discovering stray markings on the walls. Piles of cushions make the room cozier and allow for floor time.

David A. Land

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Embrace a Theme

For her family's historic Nantucket summer home, designer Elizabeth Georgantas drew inspiration from the island's seafaring roots to create a lower-level playroom filled with nautical details like a rope bridge, porthole-shaped cubbies and an overhead star map.

Annie Schlechter

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Pick the Right Finish

For a top-floor playroom in a Manhattan brownstone, designer Jenny Vorhoff of Studio Riga used an eggshell paint finish on the trim, which hides little fingerprints better than a flat or matte finish and is easier to clean.

Ben Gebo

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Make Use of Awkward Spaces

Faced with a "weird, unusable eave" in an upstairs sitting area, Elizabeth Georgantas decided to turn the space into a mountain-themed hideaway by lining it with a forest photo mural. Kids can throw boulder-shaped rocks through the "Swiss cheese" holes in the wall.

Ben Gebo

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Think Vertically

Elsewhere in the house, Georgantas showed off more of her creativity with unexpected materials. Look closely at that bright blue wall—it's actually covered in Lego baseplates, so the kids can build vertically!

Laurey Glenn

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Use Double-Duty Pieces

For a client with young children, Tulsa-based Mel Bean designed a playroom with multi-function furniture. The Restoration Hardware Baby & Child playhouse is actually a lofted bed—perfect for sleepovers—while the Moroccan poufs can be rearranged for reading, crafting or lounging.

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Paint the Rainbow

Designer Bailey Austin Bird didn't pull any punches for this family's playroom, covering the floor and walls in a rainbow of hues.

Sara Tramp

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Choose Games Wisely

Investing in a stylish ping-pong table will ensure that everyone has fun but it also blends into the space and looks upscale. In this room designed by Emily Henderson, the pin pong table reflects the dark hardwood floors. Just make sure no one ruins it with a game of beer pong (adults-only, of course).

Studio DB

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Build An Indoor Slide

One surefire way to make sure your home has the coolest playroom on the block? Build an indoor curly slide. When it's too cold to go to the park during the winter, your kids will still be able to slide all day long. Plus, it's visually unexpected, which gives the room an edge. No need to wait in a line at Six Flags ever again. We're also digging the whimsical upholstery on the ottoman in this playroom by Studio DB.

Regan Baker Design

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Convert a Tiny Attic

A small attic has so much more potential than just being a storage dump. Add a cool ladder so the kids can climb up there to play and cover the walls in the adjacent hallway with a fun removable wallpaper. Regan Baker Design went with a fun cloud and bird motif in this space.

2LG Studio

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Make Sure It Fits In

A playroom is the perfect place to loosen the design reigns and let your inner child take over. But that doesn't mean it has to veer too far away from the rest of the home's general style. In this space designed by Hecker Guthrie, the neon red coffee table, striped rug, and mobile all contribute to a sense of joy and youthful energy, yet they also outlast the playroom and can be repurposed once the kids get older since it speaks the style of the rest of the home.

Sara Tramp

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Use Every Nook and Cranny

Hello, playroom of our dreams. Designed by Emily Henderson, every little nook and cranny is being optimized in this fun-filled space. The pint-sized built-in hang out in the stairwell and the zone under the stairs are transformed into cozy, useable, and stylish sections. Then there's the climbing wall. The neutral tones ensure a more stylish aesthetic and the strategically-placed floor cushions lighten things up.


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Deck Out Their Bedroom

Just because the home isn't big enough for a playroom doesn't mean it can't be just as cool. Simply design their bedroom in a way that combines sleep and play. HAO Design built a little adventure-land in this Tapei apartment. You enter through a door disguised as a bookcase, there's a slide, and an upper level "house."

Studio DB

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Use Space Strategically

Just because you don't have a giant space doesn't mean there isn't room for play—it's all about using space strategically. In this manhattan apartment, Studio DB went vertical to create a play pen above a desk, which the child can use as a hang out spot or reading nook when they're older. The pocket door also makes the tiny room feel like double the size.

Regan Baker Design

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Add a Work Station

Once the kids get a little older, turn the playroom into a kid hangout and home homework space. Dark walls create a relaxing, chill space to work in. The daybed is also the perfect place for sleepovers and catnaps and movie marathons.

Studio DB

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Set Up Different Zones

If you don't have enough room to build a slide, opt for an indoor swing instead. It'll make the playroom feel more personalized and unique. It's also a nice way to break up the space so each section has a different use. In this playroom designed by Studio DB, there's the craft table, the hang out area, and then the active play area with a swing.

Studio DB

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Think Outside the Box

Even the most basic of at-home climbing walls are incredible—add an light-up map of New York City as the backdrop and we're floored. It simply doesn't get more epic than this Studio DB-designed playroom.

Hecker Guthrie

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Use Bold Color

Even if the playroom doubles as a homework zone, there's still room for fun. Opt for colorful decor, accents, and artwork, and keep all the colorful books out in the open. Even the floor lamp in this work/play kid's space designed by Hecker Guthrie offers a little cheer.

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Hadley Mendelsohn Senior Editor Hadley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful's senior design editor and the co-host and executive producer of the podcast Dark House.

10 Playroom Ideas That Are Cool And Kid-Friendly / Instagram

Of all the rooms in your home, a playroom is one where function often trumps form. Your child probably doesn't care about matching color schemes or Scandi-inspired decor, so the playroom in your house is often an afterthought. But here's the good news: This fun room doesn't have to be wasted space. Whether you have a room dedicated to toys and play or you section off part of another living space, a cool playroom is pretty easy to achieve.

Click through to see some of our favorite design-friendly playroom ideas.

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Design: Studio McGee, Photo: Kate Osborne

This minimalist playroom from Studio McGee has a lot to love, but the oversized chalkboard is by far the focal point of the space. Not only is a rustic chalkboard attractive, but it also provides a great place for kids to draw and write without ruining your walls.

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Ann Sage

Your playroom is by far the most fun room in your house (that's literally what it's for, right?), but that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful too. If you have to relegate your kid's toys to a wall in a shared common space, opt for furniture that can double as storage, like this neutral high chair. Pared-down pieces that can blend easily with the rest of your decor work best in shared spaces.

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Rikki Snyder

If you love bright neons but haven't really experimented with bold colors throughout your house, a playroom is a great place to start. Try weaving in some of those attention-grabbing colors you stray from elsewhere in your home.

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Ann Living

The best playrooms are the ones that have a bit of imagination behind them. Sure, opting for traditional furniture like bookcases and couches is easy, but consider something a little more special (like this tree bookshelf) or opt for floor pillows over a traditional couch. A touch of creativity can take your playroom from "a room with toys" to your kid's favorite room.

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Chelius House of Design

Revamping your child's playroom doesn't have to be an expensive overhaul. We love using cheap wicker baskets to sort toys and art supplies, as well as adding a few picture ledges to show off your kid's favorite books.

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This amazing playroom idea from Inspired to Revamp is definitely one of the most ambitious ideas on our list. An indoor climbing wall is one of the most creative ideas we've seen anywhere—not only does it give your kids a place to burn off energy, but it has such a small footprint that you can fit it in nearly any home.

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Home By Polly

Though adults tend to prefer a nice, comfortable couch over sitting on the ground, children love climbing and rolling around. Invest in some floor pillows and mats that can be easily tossed in a closet when not in use. This is the perfect go-to for sleepovers and movie nights.

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Kelsie Emm

What's better than going to the park? Swinging in your own playroom, rain or shine. If you have the space, we love the idea of adding a few swings or an indoor bubble chair to your playroom to give it a bit more personality and take it to the next level.

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Home and Tribe

Inspire your child's creative side by setting up their own art studio. Gather all of the must-have supplies and create bins for easy access to markers, crayons, and paper. Focus on easy-to-clean storage like plastic bins, set up a table and chairs, and voila—instant artist's studio.

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Rosemount House

Create a space as unique and individual as your child by opting for a little bit of wall art. Whether you create a playhouse out of paint or work with your child to paint a beautiful mural of their favorite things, adding a bit of wall art is a great way to create a beautiful and kid-friendly space.

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Design your perfect gaming room

What do an introvert who goes into the gaming world for weeks on end have in common with those who like to cut themselves into the best PC shooters with friends? This is the gaming place of the gamer. Gaming impressions and success largely depend on its quality, convenience and rational use of space.

In the past two years, many have had to stay in self-isolation for a long time. Of course, we recommend spending more time outdoors. But we also strongly advise you to organize an ergonomic gaming place in order to maintain health, mood and gaming fuse. nine0003

What is a gaming room?

This place is your retreat. This is your chance to disconnect from the noise of the world around you, its imperfections and disappointments. Here you can go for a couple of hours into the virtual world, occasionally being distracted by the scenery of your cozy gamer's room. So if you're serious about gaming, the gamer's room is your personal sanctuary.

What should be in the gaming room?

The very first thing that comes to mind is a huge gaming monitor that displays the best RPGs on PC or console. And some online games on a PC are best played by connecting multiple monitors, while simultaneously monitoring your game picture and the situation of allies or rivals. nine0003

High quality speakers deliver HD stereo sound. This is one of the main conditions for complete immersion in new games, because only sound can create the effect of presence. And stylish and comfortable furniture will help make hours of gaming sessions a little more pleasant.

How to arrange items in the gaming room?

When furnishing a gaming room, practicality is key. A windowless room would be ideal to avoid glare on the screen(s). nine0003

But not everyone has this advantage. So try to position your monitors away from windows, and don't waste your money on good Roman blinds to block out the light. Also think about organizing play accessories. If there is not enough space in the table, install an additional cabinet or hanging shelves. In any case, the surface of the table is not a place to store discs, headphones and joysticks. The gaming place of the gamer must remain inviolable.

How to transform an ordinary bedroom into a real gamer's room? nine0007

If you want to turn your bedroom into a play space, the first thing you need is a play chair. It is quite possible to find one in which it is equally convenient to play the top games on PC 2021, and popular games for consoles, and other simulators. Smart lighting, decorations and storage compartments for discs and game magazines will complement the design of a game room for a gamer. When planning a remodel, you need to keep the whole picture in mind: only the harmony of all elements will provide a stylish and cozy atmosphere. nine0003

This article will be useful to everyone: players of the best strategies on PC, fans of MMO top RPGs, connoisseurs of good action games and happy owners of new consoles of the latest generation. So, here are 10 game room design ideas for gamers.

1. The best game room design ideas for RPG lovers

Almost any RPG game takes you to a fictional virtual world where you fully control the actions of the characters, choose character classes, make decisions for them and generally develop them as a person. nine0003

Gamers value RPGs for the atmosphere and experience that only an open world game can provide. So we recommend that you seriously think about acquiring the widest possible screen. If you have a desktop computer at your gaming place, a curved panoramic monitor will reveal all the beauties of magical universes.

The 4K curved monitor is also ideal for console gaming as it delivers maximum picture resolution.

Fans of a specific RPG game are advised to decorate the gaming place with themed items and merchandise from the developer. For example, it will be more pleasant to play a medieval RPG in a room decorated in the spirit of a tavern from Dungeons & Dragons. And when you play enough, the scenery will remind you of a world full of meaning and mysteries. nine0003

2. The best gamer's room for shooting games

An experienced shooter will never refuse a gaming place where the hand will not flinch even in the most critical situation. Both a real sniper and any other shooter player should not overdo it with the lighting in the room and the lighting around the table. This is especially true of neon lamps and brightly lit niches. They will distract your attention from the events on the screen.

It would also be nice to have a gaming chair where you can lean back and focus on what's happening on the screen. Look for gaming chairs with a maximum back angle. So you can adjust the most comfortable position for yourself in order to quickly aim the sight. nine0003

To fully experience the adrenaline rush, in addition to an ergonomic chair, you will need a desktop or wall-mounted speaker system. Then the sounds of the shots will create a real vibration of the walls, the gaming chair and the floor under your feet.

Finally, if you're a streamsniper playing on a desktop PC, a backlit keyboard will come in very handy so you don't have to search for the right key in the twilight of your gaming room.

3. How to create the best racing atmosphere in the gaming room

If you know what a real need for speed means, why not spend some money and time and convert the room into your own racing car interior? Of course, this does not compare to the sensations of a real supercar, the digital equivalent of which you control with a joystick.

Designing a game room for a gamer should start with visual effects. After all, what's the point of equipping a full-fledged Formula 1 car salon if you don't have a panoramic view of the track. nine0003

Therefore, we recommend installing three monitors. When positioned at the right angle, this number of screens will provide a perfect view of the track and neighboring cars. So you will definitely be able to overtake everyone and come to the finish line first, both in the game against software intelligence and against real opponents.

A gaming racing seat is complete without a gaming steering wheel with pedals. The ideal option is a game controller with recoil and a wide angle of rotation so that the game experience does not differ from that of real driving. There are also special game racing chairs (not to mention full-fledged dynamic car simulators). The seat there is closer to the ground, like in a real Formula 1 car.

Separately, we note that these racing gaming chairs always have an increased maximum load capacity and are fully customizable for a specific user.

4. Ideas for the best gaming room for strategy lovers

The main condition for winning in strategy is to be one step ahead. If you are familiar with strategic planning and know how to calculate your actions and their consequences, you will always work ahead of the curve.

Connoisseurs of the strategy genre know firsthand how to create their own game, unique and inimitable. Therefore, it is even more critical for them to have the maximum free space on the table, where they can take notes, plan and calculate scenario development options. Turn-based strategies especially require patience and long-term thinking at the screen. nine0003

Even if you have enough space for a notepad and pen or even a magnetic whiteboard to draw a strategy, you psychologically need a lot of free space around the monitor so as not to be distracted by trifles.

If the size of the gaming room does not allow you to turn around, install a compact entertainment center to relieve the space.

A wide table with drawers is also suitable, especially if your gaming space doubles as a work or study desk. nine0003

Just like shooter players, strategy fans will need a good gaming keyboard. It must be backlit. This is important not only in terms of aesthetics. The backlight reduces the time to find the right button at the most crucial moment.

5. Best eSports Gamer Room Ideas

If you're serious about playing professional esports, you need a cozy gamer room. Only in the right environment can maximum results be achieved. nine0003

First, get rid of all distractions as much as possible. It would be ideal to upholster the walls with soundproofing material. Moreover, if you do not live alone, it is also a matter of comfort for your neighbors.

Almost all eSports seats are ergonomically designed for long gaming sessions. The main thing is to make sure that the seat is adjustable in height to suit your height. This is important, because long hours in a stooped position and hands on weight will very quickly affect your well-being. Yes, gamers also have occupational diseases: for example, chronic injury from repetitive stress. nine0003

eSports players will also benefit from a set of multiple screens. You need to play and communicate with opponents, and view statistics, especially in multiplayer mode. It is best to put one widescreen monitor for competitions and a couple of small ones for applied tasks.

And by the way, the right lighting in the game room will help the gamer to tune in to the game and relax after the victory.

6. What an ideal play area looks like for PC sports players

Do you play sports games like FIFA and Madden NFL? More than anyone else, you need a gaming room where you can lean back in an ergonomic chair and relax after an intense competition.

Many gamers advise getting a widescreen display with a resolution of 5120x1440. It turns out that such a screen provides a view of 90% of the field in FIFA, and this means a huge advantage during the game.

It is equally important to install a home theater or other complete sound system. How in sports without applause and noise of tribunes? Before buying, just in case, check if this equipment will fit in your entertainment center or on a gaming table. If you constantly get tangled in the wires and trip over the speakers on the floor, they will quickly fail, and irritability will affect the gaming results. Arrange the acoustic elements in the correct order to create the effect of being on a real football field during the competition. nine0003

If you have specific sports preferences, be sure to choose a specific theme and design your gamer's playroom around that. For example, FIFA fans should organize a room in the spirit of a football stadium. The options are only limited by the limits of your imagination. Wall mural pictures of the stands, print the logos of your favorite teams on the walls, or post large-format images of the biggest wins.

By the way, if you've been wondering how to stream on twitch, a themed gaming room will have a beneficial effect on views. nine0003

7. Arranging a cozy gamer's room for playing arcade games

How to play mobile games on PC? Just download a couple of arcade games. This is the best way to nostalgic about the distant nineties, when downloading a game for free was in the order of things. But you can go further and turn your ordinary room with a bed and a computer into a real gaming room especially for playing arcades! Hello old school, vintage and forgotten posters!

As soon as possible, place an “antique” slot machine in the room (was it really so long ago that it has already become an antique?). The standard rules of the museum apply here: no direct sunlight. The picture on the screen burns out literally in one season. nine0003

And if you manage to get a few of these devices, the effect will be amazing. It will be possible to truly be transported back to the days when fans gathered at the slot machines, and the game was more than just a pastime. In any case, friends and guests will appreciate your design efforts on merit.

Moreover, even non-working elements of slot machines can be used as decorations (haven't you seen broken vases in museums?). Joysticks, levers, signs will do. The main thing here is not functionality, but the atmosphere of the past. nine0003

You can go even further and stick pictures of iconic characters like Pac-Man or Space Invaders on the walls. Their minimalist images will fit into almost any room design. For more uniqueness, you can google how to come up with your own tag and put it in the most prominent place, for example, above the gaming table. Don't forget to practice before picking up a can of graffiti paint.

8. A cozy gamer's room for games in the horror genre

Horror is the most atmospheric and emotional genre of computer games. If you're inspired by cold skin, wet palms, and a heart that pops out of your chest, scroll through the list of horror games available on the market. Having chosen a couple of names, you can proceed to design. nine0003

First, the lighting should be subdued but rich. A basement or interior room with no windows or other sources of natural light would be ideal for your purpose. If this is not possible, darken the windows as much as possible with shutters, curtains or roller shutters.

Once you've dealt with the outer light, start fighting the inner light. You can limit yourself to the minimum. Place a spot accent light aimed at the gloomy decorations in the niches and on the walls. nine0003

Uplighters can create a truly impressive and stunning picture. Above them, it is best to hang creepy masks and phosphorescent inscriptions. Apply artificial blood stains, cobwebs and other “joys of life” of a real horror movie around the perimeter.

But the most important thing is the sound effects. Game developers are investing millions in multiple soundtracks to accompany their creation. Let's pick up a quality audio system worthy of their investment and work.

As for the gaming chair, the one with built-in speakers in the headrest area is the best for gaming. These speakers are capable of making even the most hardened gamer's hair stand on end, and it's par for the course to encounter zombies in a dark alley. The secret to complete immersion in the atmosphere of the game is to use all the senses as much as possible. nine0003

9. How to design a gaming room for MMO RPG players

Firstly, no self-respecting MMO player can do without an impressive computer desk. Owners of stationary PCs and part-time big fans of online multiplayer games definitely need a lot of workspace.

Then you can conveniently arrange multiple monitors or one widescreen display. And if you like to chat with other users in real time, a special microphone will also fit in there. nine0003

If you're an experienced MMO gamer, it's likely that you spend days, weeks, and even years in one of your favorite virtual worlds. Therefore, it is so important to approach the equipment of the gaming room from a practical point of view.

If you only play a specific MMO RPG (like World of Warcraft), you'll definitely love themed game room decorations. By the way, there are keyboards for playing WoW with a special set of buttons that correspond to individual controls in the game. The same applies to Lord of the Rings Online. nine0003

As for figurines of WoW characters, Lord of the Rings and other MMOs, there are countless of them, for every taste and color. Such small details will complement the themed atmosphere of your gaming room. For those who want to fork out, we can advise larger figures and place them on the monitor or even on the floor.

From such small and at first glance imperceptible elements, a unique game world is built - both in a computer game and in a gaming room.

10. How to set up an action game room

Action is the fastest growing game genre on PC and consoles.

If you are reading this, then most likely you are familiar with the heady feeling of balance on the verge of passion and gaming aggression. But no matter how emotions boil, it is always more pleasant to play action games in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere of a gaming room, where you can forget yourself and go into the virtual world of achievements and victories.

The first thing that comes to mind when creating a game room for action players is sound. Most modern games of this genre are accompanied by a multi-channel soundtrack. So the idea of ​​having five or even seven speakers doesn't sound all that pretentious. nine0003

Where space is limited, place the multi-channel soundbar directly on a table or entertainment center. Experiment to achieve the most uniform distribution of sound.

Fans of a particular game should decorate their lair accordingly. For example, if you like the Halo series of games, you should work on the futuristic design of the gaming room. The most modern high-tech furniture and accessories will do.

Choose any item that exudes a bright high-tech future. Crossing the threshold of the game room, you will make a jump in time. Smart lighting highlights the angular, modern lines of futuristic action games. nine0003

You can play around with the palette to find the perfect color scheme, and even select multiple lighting modes for different missions and levels.

When choosing the design of a gaming room, be guided by your taste

Simply put, do not listen to anyone. This is your territory and only you know what is right for you. If in doubt about a color or theme, try a couple of temporary options. One will definitely stick.

And remember, this is not an office, this is a place to relax and recharge. Here you can escape from the rough and often unpleasant reality. Make your hideout perfect. nine0003

And since dreams are often at variance with reality, don't chase office and even more so "home" style. The more this room will resemble a portal to another world, the better. Sometimes you really want to be someone else in some other, more interesting world.

Coolest room design ideas for young gamers

Home ideas / Home Furnishing Ideas

Children's room is a special world where a child most often spends time both alone and in the company of his beloved friends. Closer to adolescence, schoolchildren have pronounced hobbies and hobbies that they strive to demonstrate to the whole world, which, first of all, is reflected in the appearance of their own room. nine0002 One of these passions is gaming: a passion for mobile games, games on a PC or game console. Minecraft, Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Call of Duty - all these popular applications have tenaciously captured the attention of millions of teenagers around the world, and the situation is unlikely to change in the next few years.

Parents often have a negative attitude towards such a hobby and see it as an exclusively destructive influence on the child's development. And very in vain. Gaming has huge potential in the future, so instead of uncontrolled criticism, maybe you should just help children organize their own time? So that in the daily schedule there is a place for lessons, and for sports, and for tutors, and for games. nine0003

But that's a completely different story... And in this article we have prepared tips for those who do not see anything wrong with a child's attachment to virtual entertainment and are thinking about how to emphasize this in the design of their room.

What a gamer's room should be like

A cozy oasis where you can retire away from your parents' eyes and relax from another stressful day at school - this is the answer most likely you will hear from any teenager. Ideally, a playroom should strike a balance between functionality and comfort. This is a place where a child can show their individuality and boldly express their own thoughts: create, play, write blogs, develop applications, compete with friends in tournaments and chat on Discord. Well, and, of course, to study, have a good rest and spend your free time richly. nine0003

That's why it's so important to consider all the things that matter in a teenager's life when starting to design a room. Every detail must be reflected in the interior, every item must be functional and useful. So let's analyze the future room into separate segments and determine how each of them can be used to emphasize the unique style and personality of the home gaming corner.


The entrance is the first thing that marks the beginning of a new area in the apartment, so its design should be approached with great care. It should emphasize the overall design of the room and tell the guests from the threshold what awaits them inside. Look at photo 3, what a creative door to his "lair" was developed by a fan of the Fallout game. In fact, he simply recreated the entrance to the Vault (from the third part of the famous game). nine0002 There are those who make the entrance to a teenager's room no less interesting, for example, by disguising it as completely unexpected objects (like a door from a refrigerator, a telephone booth, etc.). If you're looking for an easier option, try themed vinyl decals. Their range is huge, they are easily glued to any surface and, if necessary, can be easily removed or replaced with new ones.

Game zone

The central place in the gamer's room will, of course, be the gaming zone: a wide table with a powerful computer, accessories in the form of a stand with a microphone for streaming, headphones, a large screen, a comfortable chair, etc. the zone can be separate, if the square of the room allows it, or made part of a small corner, for example, with a bed for sleeping or even a small sofa. nine0183


Let's talk about the armchair. What should it be? Firstly, it is as convenient as possible so as not to create discomfort in the neck and spine during the game, and also not to spoil the emerging posture of a teenager. Secondly, the chair must have a well-adjustable mechanism and the correct orthopedic shape, thanks to the segmented filling. In addition, such specialized furniture can be additionally equipped with:
Special gaming stations are very popular among gamers, which already have everything: a chair, a modular table, a huge multi-sector screen and space for necessary accessories. This section provides complete immersion in the game process, with the effect of presence and incredible emotions and sensations. nine0183


Do not forget that a teenager's room should be as comfortable as possible for everyday life. This means that it is necessary to find a place in it for all pieces of furniture that will help the child to study and relax in a quality manner: wall shelves, a chest of drawers, a bed or a sofa, a comfortable table for doing homework, office organizers, etc. But to give personality these items can be styled for the selected project.

Online stores of domestic and foreign furniture companies already today offer a huge range of tables and shelves in a gaming style. If there are difficulties with such options, just use the services of a private craftsman who will easily make everything you want, to order: with individual sizes and in the chosen design solution. nine0183

Sleeping place

Since we have already talked about furniture, let's pay attention to an absolutely necessary piece of furniture in a student's room - a bed. Don't neglect the bed. Neither a sofa nor a folding chair can replace it. The flat surface of the bed with a medium-hard mattress will provide a comfortable sleeping place, and therefore a healthy quality sleep, which is of great importance for the normal physical and mental development of the child. The bed, first of all, should be comfortable, and you can give it individuality with the help of an unusual design, bed linen or an original headrest. nine0183


Another great way to decorate a playroom is to highlight its uniqueness with wall decor. Take the plot of your child's favorite game as a basis, using character images or recognizable virtual locations. You will need spray paint, vinyl stickers, paintings (including modular ones), posters ... Do not limit your own imagination to implement the most daring ideas.

If the renovation of the room is not a surprise for the teenager, include him in the process. Such an activity will help the young gamer not only contribute to the design of the future gaming area, but also customize the room, giving it a completely unique, inimitable style. nine0183


There are quite a few small items that a true gamer's room should have:
Convenient organizers, drawers and cabinets, storage shelves, as well as original items converted to these needs (for example, game stands or cable holders made by from improvised materials). You can add zest to the interior by hanging the windows with roller shutters with a thematic pattern, or by laying the floor with an unusual carpet. nine0183


Proper lighting is a key component of a child's room. In this case, it should perform several functions at once: be bright enough for school classes and be muted for computer games. Obviously, there will be several zones with lighting. Pay attention to LED strips, they will help to give the room a special atmosphere, as well as minimize glare from the screen during gameplay. Also, lamps of the original form will ideally fit into the interior, which, moreover, will provide additional spot light. nine0002 In the XXI century. Computer games are one of the most popular hobbies among teenagers. This is a whole world in which they compete, meet, communicate, relax and relieve stress after school. That is why game design rooms are gaining more and more popularity among children all over the world. If your teenager already has a gaming PC, it's up to you.

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