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How to Decorate a Bedroom With Yellow


Michelle Ullman

Michelle Ullman

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Updated on 05/19/22

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Sunny, cheerful yellow adds a lighthearted touch to any space. On its own, however, it's a stimulating color and potentially has too much spunk for the bedroom. Luckily, it’s an easy-going team player that works well with every other color and easily adapts to any decorating scheme. Here are nine bedrooms that know ​how to do yellow right.

10 Colors That Go With Yellow

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  1. Real-estate reckoning on 'master bedroom' as a racist term took place after years of discussion — yet many home builders dropped the term years ago. Market Watch.

17 Designer-Approved Ways to Decorate With Yellow in the Bedroom

Amanda Martinez

We'll be the first to admit it—we're not exactly morning people. But after seeing these bright and sunny bedrooms, we're rethinking our stance. While conventional wisdom suggests painting your bedroom a muted blue to encourage restfulness and relaxation, we can't help but think that maybe this approach is neglecting another (equally important!) element of the sleep cycle: waking up.

From ultra-saturated sunflower-inspired shades to warm and glowy golden hues, there's something about opening your eyes to a yellow bedroom that delivers a jolt of optimistic energy that can turn even the staunchest night owl into someone who rises with the sun. Talk about a glow-up.

"I've really been trying to push adding color in your space recently, just to brighten and bring up moods," interior designer and color expert Iman Stewart tells MyDomaine. "I just think it's so important—color adds so much. It’s an instant mood booster." Something we all need now more than ever.

Keep scrolling to see the most dazzling and expectation-defying yellow bedrooms, plus Stewart's tips for achieving the look yourself.

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Renovating Wynd House

We're smitten with this yellow-on-yellow kids room that packs a major punch in the personality department. A bright lemony bed almost blends into an equally bright yellow wall with a funky asymmetrical color block, and we couldn't be more impressed with the high-impact, low-risk result. Yellow bedding and a colorful quilt add another pop of color while gray accents ground the space.

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Design: I|S Iman Stewart Interiors; Photo: Anthony Voltsinis

Stewart's biggest tip? Look to the color wheel. "It's basic color psychology," she explains. "If you have a yellow headboard or any yellow item, you want to incorporate the complementary color, which will be purple in this case. If you add the complementary color, it will always look great." She encourages pulling in various shades of that complementary color for a look that's layered and interesting. "With your complementary color, it doesn’t just have to be one bold color," she says. "It can be several variations for that monochromatic feel."

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Mary Patton Design

Who's afraid of a little pattern mixing? Definitely not us. From that yellow chevron headboard to floral print bedding to graphic curtains, this eye-popping, high-contrast bedroom shows that there's no such thing as too much pattern. Take cues from this space by keeping complementary colors and pattern scale in mind, aiming to hit one each of large-, medium-, and small-scale patterns for variety.

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The Girl With the Green Sofa

"Jewel tones are still very hot right now," shares Stewart. When in doubt, you can always count on them to pump up the vibrancy of a space. A golden mustard or citrine will play well with other vibrant colors like amethyst, teal, and emerald. With jewel tones, floral prints, and architectural trim, this bedroom has all the elements of a traditional-style space, but its bold mix of colors and tongue-in-cheek accessories let the owner's rebellious personality really shine through.

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Laquita Tate

Been itching to try out the mural trend? Great news—shades of yellow are the perfect complement to a whimsical wall motif, so get out your paintbrushes and let the creative juices flow. We love this freeform mosaic style that incorporates other on-trend hues, too (we're looking at you, desert pinks). It's a show-stopping backdrop for a simple white bed (or crib) and other neutral décor.

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Amanda Martinez

Even if you're not a morning person, you'll enjoy waking up with the sun—i.e., a bright orb painted behind (or in lieu of) the headboard, like in this yellow and orange bedroom that really shines. The sun here may be orange, but a door and throw blanket in happy yellow shades plus splashes of mustard and gold throughout reinforce the sunny disposition of this vibrant bedroom.

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If a calming oasis best suited for lazy Sundays and Netflix sessions is what you're after, consider opting for one or two yellow accent pieces instead of an entirely yellow-centric palette. Here, a mustard quilt lends a layered look to this cozy retreat and ties back into gold and wood accents for a cohesive palette. We love how everything stands out against those dreamy blue-gray walls.

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It's A Nannas Life

Maybe you're a little skeptical when it comes to bold paint colors, and that's okay. Stewart suggests creating contrast by instead opting for a neutral base. "A good neutral color would be like a gray or off-white," she says. "Then bring pops of the yellow out through your décor pieces." In this regal retreat, a mix of accents in saffron-y shades creates major contrast against a creamy white slate for a glam vibe. On another note, is it just us, or is mustard-hued velvet the most luxurious-looking fabric on the planet?

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Design: PIA Design; Photo: Anna Yanovski

The secret to making any space look modern? Unexpected color combinations. Don't be afraid to experiment with mixing colors until you're happy with the outcome. In this light and cozy corner bedroom, warm rust tones lend an earthy element to the space, drawing out the umber tones of a Japanese-inspired floral fabric from design house Schumacher. Beige accents pull from the same palette and continue the earth-inspired color story.

10 Surprising Colors That Go With Yellow Paint

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Jared Hughes Design

Turns out an expansive yellow wall presents an ideal backdrop for your curated art collection, especially considering it draws the eye pretty much as soon as you walk through the door. An eclectic gallery wall in particular looks even more museum-worthy against bright, super-saturated yellow walls—the perfect way to ensure you're always viewing your treasured art in the best possible light.

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The Rainbow House

If you're really looking to make a statement, don't be afraid to embrace your inner artist and color enthusiast. You know what they say—"no risk, no reward." Definitely not for the faint of heart, this ultra-colorful bedroom boldly embraces wainscoted walls painted in a duo of yellows—a yellow lover's paradise, if we ever saw one, ideal for the sunny optimist.

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Jessica Brigham | MRFL

When using an especially eye-popping wallpaper print, try tackling just one wall. Not only does it make things easier if you change your mind (and doubly so, if the wallpaper is removable), but it's a great way to keep the print from becoming overwhelming, especially in small spaces. Stewart also suggests toning down some of the other elements. "If you're going to be doing [yellow] wallpaper, I would definitely try to go neutral with some of the other pieces so you don't overwhelm the space." Here, crisp white bedding, wood furniture, and a jute rug provide just the right balance.

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Anna Yanovski

It's no secret that we're big fans of the slightly mussed linen bedding look, but we're completely stumped as to why we've never considered swapping the traditional off-white or gray for bold primary yellow (or any sunny shade, really) until now. This look is mood-lifting, especially against the neutral backdrop of muted millennial pinks, grays, and earth tones.

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Casa Watkins Living

If you're anything like us, you're forever dreaming of when you'll be jetting off to your next getaway. But why wait? Bring vacation to you through getaway-inspired decor, whatever that may mean to you. We love how this vibrant bedroom channels relaxation with its island resort vibes in shades of goldenrod, persimmon, and teal, plus bold graphic textiles set against crisp, white linens.

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Design: Becca Interiors; Photo: Rikki Snyder

Considering yellow has been floating in and out of stylish interiors for decades, a yellow bedroom is a great way to put your love for all things vintage on display—no matter what era catches your eye. This nursery shows how a charming cream, yellow, and orange printed wallpaper sets the mood for the entire room, accented beautifully by wood tones, pretty pastels, and antiqued art prints. The effect is vintage-inspired yet timeless.

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Styling House Stark

Who says yellow can't be calming? This boho retreat is proof that a golden backdrop can be just the right marriage of chill and cheerful, especially when layered up with tons of soft, neutral accents. Stewart also points out that yellow can go really well with a pop of green, especially if you throw a few houseplants in the mix like we see here.

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Design: The Line Hotel; Photo: Malcolm Simmons

Maybe you like yellow but you don't love yellow? For some people, less is more when it comes to such a bright color. Take this serene space—a yellow graphic quilt lends a well-traveled look to the cozy retreat, accented by austere, Scandi-inspired surroundings. That simple splash of color is just the right touch to warm up the room without disrupting the clean aesthetic.

14 Gorgeous Purple Bedroom Ideas That Don't Feel Like a Kid's Room

Yellow bedroom - 100 photos of bedroom design in yellow tones

Positive and cheerful people charge everything that surrounds them with their optimism, including interior design.

Such people try to surround themselves with warm, rich colors, among which all shades of yellow occupy a special place.

The whole range of shades of yellow fits well into any interior, but the yellow bedroom looks the most impressive.

9Ol000 in yellow, it is important to know what colors it is best to combine with decor and furniture.

In addition, it should be noted that yellow has a wide range of shades, so in the yellow palette there are ocher and brass, banana and lemon, straw and saffron, pear and corn, as well as dirty yellow and gold.

Yellow color in the bedroom will make the room warm, bright and positive, which is especially important if there is little daylight in the room.

This bright color will turn a gloomy room into a warm and cozy bedroom. The most expressive interior design will be if you make yellow walls in the bedroom.

In addition, with the right combination of yellow with other colors, you can visually correct the space.

Thus, the bright yellow color makes the surfaces visually closer, thereby reducing the free space, which is suitable for large rooms, and not suitable for small bedrooms.

But a long, narrow room can be made wider by painting the short walls bright yellow and everything else white, cream or pearl.

Shades of yellow in the bedroom

To fill the interior of the yellow bedroom with freshness and coolness, the yellow room should be diluted with a lemon-colored decor by combining it with an olive, emerald or deep blue tone.

You can add luxury and nobility to a room if you dilute the yellow color, decorate the bedroom with gold elements made of crystal and hang silk curtains in it.

Well, for those who prefer a quiet bedroom environment, experts recommend choosing those shades of yellow that are closer to beige.

You can also experiment with yellow, creating a contrasting color scheme using neutral shades.

For example, a white bedroom with yellow décor or furniture, as in the photo of the yellow bedroom in the catalog, would look great.

The combination of yellow and blue looks quite gentle and fresh, if yellow is the main background, and blue is used in bedspreads, pillows and curtains.

A dark yellow bedroom with dark blue interior elements will look harmonious. When creating the interior of a French country house bedroom, you can use a combination of yellow with gray or pearl.

Yellow wallpaper in the bedroom will brighten the interior, especially if the wallpaper patterns are the same as the pattern on the bed linen.

The point is that the yellow color itself is very bright, so when combining it with other contrasting colors, it is necessary that the decor elements unite the interior, so you need to repeat the details.

With the help of a soft shade of yellow and a chocolate shade, you can create a great interior in Provence style. And if you combine yellow with pale blue or light green in a rustic interior, then the country style will look more sophisticated.

It is not necessary to paint the whole room yellow to make it brighter and warmer, it is enough that one wall will be yellow, and the rest of the space can be made white.

A room with white wallpaper with large sunflowers or photo wallpaper with a yellow print will also look fresh and bright.


The design of the yellow bedroom suggests contrasting furniture, the ideal option is white furniture against the background of yellow walls and vice versa.


Since dark rooms are most often painted with yellow, the bedroom will need not only central lighting, but also additional in the form of floor lamps, sconces and various lights.


A bedroom in yellow tones suggests an abundance of accessories and textiles.

Moreover, if the curtains and the background of the room are created in a single color palette, then the curtains should have a more saturated color, for example, bright yellow curtains will look great in a pale lemon bedroom.

Do not forget about the decor, porcelain figurines, floor vases and paintings look organic in the yellow bedroom.

photo of the yellow bedroom

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Design nuances

With the right introduction of yellow into the interior, it can have a beneficial effect.

Shades of yellow

Pale yellow shades are used in the design for a relaxing atmosphere conducive to comfortable rest and a calm, sound sleep. Such a muted range is ideal for the bedroom of adults.

More saturated and vibrant yellow tones are more common in the design of a teenager's room, which is always full of energy.

Pictured is a bedroom with mustard-coloured walls.

Pastel, light yellow or lemon shades look unobtrusive and allow you to create a light, bright interior that is pleasing to the eye.

The photo shows a dark yellow wall decoration in the design of a spacious bedroom.


The room is decorated with natural wood furniture or white polished models. Thus, it turns out to achieve a soft and natural environment. In the yellow bedroom, you can install contrasting furniture, for example, it can be a blue bed with a figured headboard, blue and white bedside tables or a green and lime closet.

Also, the surrounding space can be harmoniously complemented with wicker objects or products with forged elements.

Light wooden structures made of oak, beech, royal maple, walnut or alder are preferred as beds. The sleeping place is equipped with the same type of wood-colored cabinets and a whitewashed antique dressing table is placed in the room. The yellow design will be favorably emphasized by a wardrobe with photo printing on the facade, made in the appropriate range.

The photo shows the interior of a yellow bedroom decorated with white wooden furniture.


The simplest option is to decorate the window with plain white tulle curtains or other translucent fabrics. Curtains can have a plain design or be decorated with golden blotches in the form of stripes or floral ornaments.

When using yellow curtains, it is better to choose products that will be several shades more saturated than the main background. Bed linen and bedspread are selected in a similar way.

The photo shows a bedroom with a bed decorated with a dark yellow coverlet.

Pillows and blankets in dark honey shade, rugs in light sand tones with small patterns or sets in beige, coffee or chocolate color will perfectly fit into the interior, which will give the bedroom depth and expressiveness.

Finishes and materials

For wall cladding, you can choose yellow wallpaper with geometric patterns or large floral prints. An alternative is to use photo wallpaper with the image of petals or various flowers, such as tulips or sunflowers. In the decoration of yellow walls, painting or decorative panels will be appropriate.

The floor in the bedroom is laid out with brown parquet or gray-black carpet.

The photo shows the floor in the interior of the yellow bedroom, decorated with gray carpeting.

In a small room, it is better to decorate the ceiling with a glossy stretch fabric. For a bedroom that does not need to expand the space, a matte finish is suitable. In terms of color, the ideal solution would be a white gamma of a cold or warm spectrum.

The photo shows a bedroom with a wall covered with yellow wallpaper with small geometric patterns.

Decor and Lighting

For a south-facing room, a ceiling light that emits warm light and wall lamps next to the bed will suffice. A room with a northern orientation is complemented by a chandelier with a brighter and denser glow.

The interior of the yellow bedroom welcomes the presence of photo frames, figurines and floor vases. Bright and juicy green plants will decorate the atmosphere especially harmoniously.

As a contrast, accessories in the form of a wall clock with a colorful dial or paintings with sunny landscapes are appropriate.

Amber, lemon or saffron palette can be chosen for decorative elements. Such items will look great on shelves, bookcases or brown shelving.

The photo shows the decoration of the bedroom in yellow and black shades.

What color goes with it?

Grays, whites and blacks go well with yellow. A yellow-green combination or a duet with turquoise colors looks very interesting. Red or orange will help to achieve an unexpected effect in the interior composition. However, these colors should be applied very carefully so that the situation does not become tedious and overwhelming.

Yellow combined with brown for a modern and elegant design. This solution is perfect for the bedroom of young people who like to experiment.

Lemon tones fill the space with freshness and coolness, and with the addition of light green, olive or pistachio flowers, such an interior takes on a truly magnificent look. An unusual option is the combination of a yellow palette with bronze. The bedroom will look stylish with the addition of black accents and chrome elements in combination with glossy surfaces.

The photo shows the interior of a modern bedroom, decorated in yellow and gray colors.

The union of yellow and white creates a positive mood. Neutral snow-white tones dilute and balance the sunny range. Classic is the combination with gray. It has a rich and at the same time gentle look.

A contrasting tandem of bright yellows and cold blues. Two active shades in combination create an interesting and extraordinary design.

The photo shows a yellow-brown tint combination in the interior of a small bedroom.


The classic interior prefers gold tones combined with natural wood furniture, emphasizing the luxury and status of the environment. The interior combines brown and snow-white colors, rich yellow satin or silk textiles.

French Provence is characterized by wheat, straw, cream and other natural pastel shades. In a calm palette, a furniture set is made out, as well as the surface of the walls and floor.

Modern design often combines yellow with lilac, purple, black and gray tones. With proper use of accent details in combination with simple furniture, you can add the necessary softness and gentle elegance to the bedroom.

Photo of girls' bedrooms

Yellow is a very interesting option for a girl's bedroom. This design can combine several colors. For example, a sunny shade is used for wall decoration, and bedspreads, pillows or curtains have a contrasting design.

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