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Color trends for 2023 – from high gloss ceilings and bold red hues to warm earthy tones and cocooning neutrals |

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(Image credit: Mylands)

For 2023 it's all about colors that make you feel good. Forget being on-trend really, the trend is to just go with what you love, create rooms filled with colors that reflect your personal style, and give you an uplift every time you enter them. Experiment with shades too, after all it's just paint, it's the easiest low-commitment update you can make to a home so don't hold back from trying something you've wanted to see in situ for years. 2023 is the time to do it. 

'There is something inherently human in the colors that we are attracted to now,' says Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s color curator. 'Décor is moving forward while drawing inspiration from the modest character of the world of folk and craft, using five significant shades that extol the virtues of a simple life and can be used in any combination and in any room. '

'They are an eclectic mix of the pure and the humble that evokes the warmth and harmony of a more innocent age while celebrating life today. Function goes hand in hand with ornament, using colors and finishes in unusual ways to celebrate the principles of utility, kindness, and honesty.'

And there's also a feeling that we aren't playing it as safe anymore. You'll see that grey and cream and white aren't as apparent as they once were, instead, there are more energetic shades like pinks and yellows and even red has recently made a renaissance in the world of interior design trends. 

The biggest color trends for 2023

1. Jade

(Image credit: Bert and May)

Touches of this jewel tone are popping up in interiors across the world. Pale blues and greens inspired by the natural color of the gem itself are increasingly popular and can be applied to both tranquil and striking aesthetics depending on how it is used. 

“Jade works well as the lead color in a modern bedroom or bathroom,” comments Ruth Webber, the Creative Director at Bert & May . “It has an air of coastal chic and pairs well with neutrals and terracotta for an understated scheme.” 

2. Honeyed Yellows

(Image credit: Bert and May)

“We have noticed a growing popularity for muted, pastel colors,” states Clara Ewart, interior designer, and Head of Design at Kitesgrove. “Soft pastels are versatile and easy to incorporate in a myriad of schemes. Earthy yellow and orange tones are not only easy to style but feel incredibly current.” 

Injecting small pops of the color initially can help build confidence before adding it to the wall. In modern bathrooms and kitchens, matching tonal shades on the tiles and walls brings cohesion to the space. 

3. Lavender

(Image credit: Mylands)

Our love for purple is back again, with Mylands claiming that searches for lilac is up by 33% on its website, not to mention WGSN’s prediction of Digital Lavender being the colorr of the year for 2023. 

Seen across fashion and interiors, shades of purple have previously been associated with wealth and royalty and, while many might associate it with a traditional interior scheme, designers are incorporating it into fresh, contemporary aesthetics bringing a new dynamic to the color.

4. Fuchsia pink

(Image credit: Mylands)

Some are calling it ‘Barbiecore’, but hot pinks have been working their way back into homes for a while, with our love for maximalist interiors increasing and social media instilling confidence into homeowners to experiment more with their colour choices. “This shade makes a strong statement when used as the main colour in a room,” states Mylands’ CEO, Dominic Mylands. 

“If you aren’t sure about using it on the walls, try it on smaller areas such as woodwork, kitchen cabinetry or even a front door to introduce characterful colour without dominating the space.” 

When applying to woodwork, a gloss paint finish can add extra drama to the overall effect. 

5. Green and Orange combined

(Image credit: Colors of Arley)

Green has been a firm favorite in the home for several years, however, there are certain shades which are increasing in popularity such as pine, pistachio, and all the colors that go with sage greens. While green works well on its own, pairing it with orange is bringing interior schemes to life and adding a playfully retro feel to the space. 

As seen in this image, with fabrics by Colors of Arley , this color combination injects energy and brings fun, happiness and vitality to the home. “Don’t forget to refer to the 60-30-10 rule when you’re decorating to ensure you achieve balance,” advises Louisa Tratalos, the founder of Colors of Arley. “For example, opt for 60% of the room in green, 30% in your chosen orange and 10% in an accent, such as a soft cream to allow the main colors to do the talking.”

6. Warm Beige

(Image credit: Lick x Soho Home)

Our love for neutrals has returned, especially in bedroom trends, as it helps create a restful ambiance and a sanctuary to escape in. Warm and earthy creams work well paired with soft terracotta or deep red tones, adding depth to the room. 

Beige 02 by Lick x Soho Home is a great colour for this trend and has a rustic, yet refined, aesthetic. Remember, with neutral schemes, layers of texture bring tactility and interest to create a distinguished feel within the space. 

7. Dark Chocolate Brown

(Image credit: Edward Bulmer)

Yes, brown is back. And it’s looking better than ever! With brown often perceived as drab or boring, designers and stylists are helping us to view the color in a new light. Bringing an earthy, yet sophisticated, tone to any interior, brown living rooms are full of drama. 

“Being polychromatic, brown goes with everything but in deeper hues it is particularly good at flattering beautiful, well-drawn patterns. I would even suggest that more people will find how useful brown is as a wall paint in support of clever colours in the artworks and furnishings,” says Edward Bulmer when discussing the brands own color, London Brown . “It puts everything else in a good light. It is strong and warm but somehow respectful to other colors regardless of weight or shade. I love its sophistication and I feel it might just be time for deep browns to enjoy a well-deserved resurgence!”


Deep Red

(Image credit: Graphenstone)

Deep, earthy reds are having a revival thanks to the intensity of hues from paint experts such as Graphenstone . A brand new color for the brand, the Carnelian shade by Graphenstone has an opulence which elevates any interior and works exceptionally well with period features and detailing. 

Paired here with two different colors: Old Lilac for a soothing and comforting atmosphere or Cerulean Blue for a bolder, vivid, and striking statement. When combined with complementing colours, reds such as this work well in a variety of spaces and rooms. 

9. Paprika

(Image credit: Paint and Paper Library)

The terracotta trend morphs into paprika, and we are glad it’s here to stay. This year, think of vibrant versions of the color to really make your home stand out. 

Blending different shades of paprika together creates a beautifully tonal look and, when set against neutral fabrics and linens, it comes together in a cohesive, sophisticated aesthetic. Caravan 453 by Paint & Paper Library is a gorgeous option for this style and brings the room to life. 

10. Sunlit Yellows with Black Accents

(Image credit: Little Greene)

With yellows firmly on trend for 2023, pairing brighter tones of the color with black accents in a monochromatic style is a great way to embrace the look. 

Colors such as yellow are helping to bring joy and happiness into the heart of the home. Matt black fixtures, fittings and furniture allows the color to pop, as shown here with Giallo 337 by Little Greene .  

11. Warm summery tones

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

There has been a rise in uplifting shades this year (unsurprisingly). Yellows, tangerines, pale purples and baby pinks, which once may have sounded a bit saccharine are all seeping into interiors in a very sophisticated, grown-up way. In their more muted forms there are in fact surprisingly liveable shades even when used on four walls.  

'There are several colors that stand out to me, when I think of upcoming trends for 2022, and these include pinks, oranges, lavenders, purples, and greens.' says designer and master of color Yinka Ilori .  'Many of us have struggled to experience a proper summer, or to go on holiday this year, so people are tending to opt for richer tones that inject positivity and warmth into their homes - bringing that summer feeling inside. As an artist, I’ve always loved color and I’m glad to see how people are using it more and more to enrich their home environments.'

12. Rich blues

(Image credit: Soho Management London Ltd)

Blue comes into color trends every year, just taking a slightly different form. It's such a grounding, a familiar color that there's so surprise we are drawn to it year after year, and this year it's deep blues that are looking to be the most on-trend. And it's about really embracing the darker shades, not just bringing it into a neutral space with furniture, or a feature wall but going all over with an inky shade to create a dramatic and cocooning room.

'The boldness and warmth found in blue will continue to be prominent in our homes. Darker colors form a much better background for paintings and artworks than white, which art galleries and museums have discovered.' says Martin Waller, Founder of Andrew Martin . 'Having painted a room blue, it may take time to accustom yourself to the look. You're likely to be horrified. People find it difficult to cope with change. Leave it for a week and your feelings will alter. I suspect you won't hate it and if you do, repainting isn't that difficult. If you are still hesitant, start your transformation in a cloakroom or small bedroom, since richer colors work well in such spaces, despite the accepted wisdom that white paint makes a room seem larger.'

13. Deep jewel shades

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Dark and stormy is still up there when it comes to color trends. This time used
on staircases, feature windows or woodwork to bring elegant definition to a space. A deep plum or black with a red undertone makes for a warmer and more striking alternative to the popular deep charcoal greys and blue-blacks. It adds warmth to cooler palettes, and pairs beautifully with pink and nude tones. 

14. Baby pinks paired with teal greens

Kitchen by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

The unusual color pairing that is hot pink and forest green is unmissable seen everywhere right now across walls, homeware and even daringly kitchens like this viral kitchen combination. Green and pink are complementary colors as they sit opposite each other on the traditional color wheel and enhance each other and are far less contrasting than green and red.

Find more colors that go with pink in our expert color pairing guide. 

15. Neutral stone hues 

(Image credit: Future/ Jake Curtis / Alyce Taylor)

'The neutral trend continues subtly away from cold greys and traditional creams, towards warmer neutral stone tones. This trend is all about creating warm cocooning spaces that feel intimate, inviting and familiar with consumers embracing warmer, more natural colors.' explains Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene.

'Earthy, stonier tones alongside soft welcoming greens are becoming increasingly popular, providing a restful alternative to cooler choices. These gentle neutrals can be used in all areas of the home adding warmth as well as a sophisticated, complementary canvas for fabrics, wallcoverings, and furnishings from all genres.'

16. Bold hued furniture

(Image credit: Future / Damien Russel)

If bright colors spark joy for you - but going bold on the walls feels too much - choose strong colors on furniture pieces instead. This is a really easy way to create impact without color overpowering the space. 

A color that we love right now, and is back a sure comeback this year, is a primary red. It's bright but the clean notes in the red makes it feel vintage and therefore timeless amongst modern interiors.

17. Pistachio

(SPRIG I 701, SPRIG III 703, SPRIG IV 704, SPRIG V 705 by Paint and Paper Library)

(Image credit: Paint and Paper Library)

This soft, pastel green hue is the shade thats everybody’s going nuts for! With our love for green in the home continuing, thanks to its warmth and earthy ambience, homeowners and designers are opting for lighter and more subtle shades as an alternative to neutral and off-white colors. 

Pairing different greens together in one space, as shown here by Paint and Paper Library with the darker Sprig hues, is a great way to embrace the color with the tones complementing each other in a cohesive manner. Go green, go pistachio green. 

Design Writer, presenter, panel host, consultant and journalist Roddy Clarke is a regular in the pages of Livingetc. He also writes frequently for FT Weekend and Forbes. Based in London, and with a breadth of skills and hands on industry experience, Roddy now offers an exclusive interior styling and design service.

9 inspiring color trends for 2022

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As we move further into the new decade and continue navigating a world that’s learned how to cope with a global pandemic, designers are playing with a new set of color trends. The color trends of 2022 are largely a response to the eye-grabbing, in-your-face trends we’ve seen over the past few years. To put it bluntly…we’re a bit burnt out and we collectively need some simplicity.

So this year we’re opting for toned-down, muted shades that feel softer and gentler than the loud colors that dominated 2020’s designs. Don’t mistake these color trends for boring or washed-out, though—as you’ll see, many are modern and creative takes on color trends that revitalize and recontextualize them for today.

Ready to see the colors you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022 and beyond? Check out 2022’s up-and-coming color trends.

Here are the top 9 color trends of 2022:

    1. Adventurous pastels
    2. Rustic, earthy muted tones
    3. Light and airy
    4. Colorful Memphis design
    5. Vintage flower power
    6. Jewel tones with neutrals
    7. Retro 70s and 80s color schemes
    8. Hyper-saturated color contrast
    9. Pantone color of the year: Very Peri

1. Adventurous pastels

Pastels are pretty. They’re soft, they’re sweet, they’re the perfect palette for springtime. But you might not call pastels adventurous…until now.

In 2022, expect to see more designs that give pastels a twist. That twist could be pairing them with geometric shapes, line illustrations, or displaying them in full-on, funky patterns that are going for a maximalism design style by filling space with objects, colors and patterns that mirror the whim of the artists, as you see below.

A personal project by TikaDesign By TikaDesignBy Alfoart

By using pastels in unconventional and creative ways, designers are twisting expectations to create disharmony or edgy-ness. They’re playing with saturation to create bolder pastels, or pairing them with neons or intricate patterns. The result is the soothing feel of pastel but the more vibrant colors and patterns give it some energy. It’s unexpected, yet not totally bizarre. It’s soft, yet spiky. It’s a fun way to reimagine familiar colors while pushing boundaries by reinventing something we all thought we were familiar with.

Via Luna Coffee By TikaDesignBy Emir Aličić

2. Rustic, earthy muted tones

Pastels aren’t the only soft colors we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of in 2022. Expect to see designers embracing a wide spectrum of muted colors.

If you’ve been following color trends for the past few years, you’ll notice that this is a bold contrast to the neons and bold colors that dominated the last few years’ designs. This could be because we’re collectively feeling overstimulated and exhausted by our brash, bold, bright world. Many of these colors drive their designs into a rustic territory, creating a back-to-nature vibe that feels calming and refreshing.

By JH_DesignBy Serhii Goldshtain

Muted colors tone a brand down, so if you’re in an industry where everybody’s using bright colors, going with a muted look can help you stand out. Similarly, any brand that wants to communicate that they’re slower paced and perhaps more thoughtful, natural and organic than others can use muted earth tones to communicate these values.

By Neatlines By Mila Katagarova
I’m interested in muted colors. I think that it has to do with the fact that lately, we are living in a really loud world, in almost every sense.

- Eventos Humanos, Designer at 99designs by Vista

By Lorenzo Ballarini, Andrea Ricciarini, Elena Caricasole and Teatro Nuovo Marmirolo via BehanceBy Jakub Kaminski via Behance


Light and airy

The year 2022 is shaping up to be the year of calm colors. Beyond pastels and other muted hues, we’re going to see minty shades, eggshell finishes and watercolor designs—all designs that evoke a feeling of light airy, calm and gentle, almost as if you were floating or resting on a cloud.

By familydogVia Pulp and Wire

Take a look at the different ways designers are creating that airy feeling by using soft colors in uncluttered designs, pairing them with simple, calm typography. After the year we’ve all had, people are craving calm. They’re craving comfort…and not the same kind of comfort their sweatpants provided when they spent a year in lockdown. In 2022, we’re craving the psychological comfort that comes from simple colors that evoke a light and airy feeling.

Post COVID, everyone is craving peace and calm. This trend of gentleness is characterized by light, comforting colors, and minimal elements that create an airy feeling.

- Elly Brady, Creative Manager at Vista

By Blukki By adamk.By MarsiDesign By alezane

4. Colorful Memphis design

Memphis design is one of the defining design styles from the 1980s. Its aesthetic is characterized by colorful, abstract, geometric shapes and squiggles. It rejected the high art and minimalism that dominated over the previous decades.

And now, after years of polished, minimal color palettes, the abstract shapes and color combinations from Memphis design are reemerging to bring vibrant quirkiness back into the mainstream. What we get are colors combinations that are playful, fun and most importantly, don’t take themselves too seriously—which is exactly why it’s making a big comeback in 2022’s color trends.

By Iconic GraphicsBy AlSoDigitalBy MASER

These designs and colors play with Memphis design’s core tenets, bold, vibrant colors and overlaid contrasting shapes, in a way that feels more modern. It’s most notable for bright neon, primary and pastel colors.

Take a look at two vastly different examples that both embrace the color palette of Memphis design: mundroid’s design with closely related vibrant shades of purple and blue and highlighted with a pop of pink, and then next to it, the primary color palette Jay Jackson went with for their design.

By Jay JacksonBy mundroidBy goopanicBy Paula Ambrosio

5. Vintage flower power

One of the color trends that’s projected to take up the spotlight in 2022 are floral hues in toned-down, desaturated color palettes, often used in floral patterns. In these designs, muted colors are used to give the flowers a dried-out, yellowed look. By opting for these kinds of palettes, designers are creating floral patterns that feel earthy, old-school and comfortably worn in.

By Olga Pylaieva via BehanceBy Cross the LimeBy Yokaona

By desaturating and toning down the colors, designers give these floral designs a retro vibe—retro as in, time has passed and these flowers have dried out. The message is this: these flowers are delicate and intricate, so handle them with care.

By YokaonaBy CHAMBER 5By olimpio

6. Jewel tones with neutrals

Jewel tones are bold colors derived from gemstones, like the deep red of garnet or a sapphire’s striking blue. While jewel tones are highly saturated, they have a different feel from other bold color categories like neons. They feel more subdued and even stately, largely because they’re associated with gemstones and traditionally, with royalty. To give your brand a sophisticated look in 2022, work with jewel tones.

By vraioneBy allyna

These colors are bold, but they aren’t aggressive. By pairing them with more neutral tones, the jewel tones seem bolder and deeper, yet it takes it in a sophisticated direction, creating calm, stately designs.

By Esteban TolosaBy Pawan DrochBy ΔlekBy EWMDesigns

7. Retro 70s and 80s color schemes

In 2022, we’re collectively seeking calmness. As you saw from other color trends we discussed above, one way to create a calming design is to work with muted, soothing colors. Another is to take advantage of viewers’ nostalgia by evoking the “simpler times” of the past. Yes, of course there have always been crises and challenges keeping the world on edge…but in design, it’s all about perception. And when most people think of the past, they perceive it as being less stressful and less complex than the world we live in today.

So what does that have to do with 2022 color trends? Designers are leaning into that collective pair of rose-colored glasses and giving us designs that use color palettes straight out of the 70s and 80s:

Via Goliath Entertainment By OHO By PetiteFleur
Everything old & retro is new again! People want familiarity and comfort mixed with minimalism—life was overwhelming pre-pandemic. People want to slow down, reflect and have fun.

- Joanna Alves, Creative Manager, Product Creation and Experience at Vista

By Anastasia S.By MW LogoïstBy SEVEN 7By Fahrenheit 32


Hyper-saturated color contrast

In any roundup of a year’s upcoming trends, there’s always one or two outliers. This is that trend. While all the designs embracing other 2022 color trends go for calming color palettes, these designs are loud and overstimulating, but when done well they create something that’s quite fun and interesting!

Via Poppi

Similar to Brutalism and Anti-design, design styles that put aside traditional guidelines, these hyper-saturated colors are also putting aside traditional color combinations. These hyper-saturated color contrasts push the boundaries of typical color combinations. They don’t just demand attention, they compete with each other for it. What you get is a visual experience that is fun and captivating, and something you won’t forget any time soon.

By joanna-drawsBy Alpha_CreativeVia Happy DanceBy My Name Is Will and Adobe Experience Lab via Behance

9. Pantone color of the year: Very Peri

And of course, the last color trend of 2022 is the Pantone color of the year, Very Peri, an inquisitive and intriguing color that captures the curiosity and creativity of the year ahead.

Via Pantone

Very Peri has qualities of periwinkle blues with a violet-red undertone. A “rekindling gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents complemented by a new perspective that resonates today, PANTONE Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light” says Pantone.

It’s a color that is a response to where we are and how we want to move forward. Pantone wanted to capture how colors can communicate and express ideas and emotions. Very Peri does just that, it’s a color that helps us understand and embrace the possibilities and perspectives that lie ahead. That renewed sense of optimism, curiosity and intrigue to explore and embrace the digital space and to expand our ideas of what could be.

Digital design helps us to stretch the limits of reality, opening the door to a dynamic virtual world where we can explore and create new color possibilities —Pantone
By caroline®By Milos Zdrale By Sani. mshBy S B 2By ZarMarBy Anna H Design

Express yourself with the top color trends from 2022

If you’ve got a new design in the works for 2022, take inspiration from the top color trends of 2022. Light and airy colors and adventurous pastels, colorful abstracts and jewel tones with neutrals, hyper-saturated color combinations and retro color schemes.

Whether you are looking for a design that will last forever, or you want to refresh your brand, there are lots of ways to work these color trends in your designs from cutting edge to classic, or somewhere in between.

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Trendy colors in clothes in 2022 - a review from BAON with a photo. Based on the PANTONE Color Institute palette

Although Fashion Week was held in a new format, the PANTONE Color Institute has already announced a new palette for the coming year. The conclusions are quite interesting: there will be more color. White things will become universal, like black ones. And everyday costumes will no longer be boring. Let's figure out what fashionable colors in clothes in 2022 will become the main ones and how to use them correctly.

Every year the staff of the Color Institute analyze the events that take place in the fashion capitals of the world. They study cinema, commercials, the work of artists. Naturally, it does not do without a thorough analysis of Fashion Weeks. And as a result, we get a palette of fashionable shades for the season or the whole year. Let's see a review with a photo and find out what color of clothes is in fashion now.

1. Powder pink

Delicate pink shade is associated with femininity, lightness, youth. It gives the impression of fragility and airiness. However, designers suggest using it in a completely different way. Instead of focusing on innocence and romance, they offer to boldly fit it into the basic wardrobe.

Sweater dress with belt

In winter and spring, designers suggest pairing it with rich dark colors like greens, browns, or soft neutrals. For example, with gray things. Monochrome pink images remain in trend, as well as its combination with orange colors. You can also add a little red to the outfit: a red suit, a pink shirt, burgundy or black accessories.

Jacket with asymmetric fastening (eco down)

2. Explosive fuchsia

This bright shade burst onto the fashion catwalks last season and remains with us further. And thanks to a wide range of shades, it will be easy for you to choose a solution for your color type. It is considered one of the most romantic and mysterious colors.

Brushed sweatshirt dress

Ribbed angora turtleneck

The season brings not only unusual trendy colors to 2022 clothing, but also new color combinations. Now it is allowed to combine several bright colors when compiling one outfit. For example, fuchsia, orange, yellow. Also, the shade will look great with green, sand, red clothes.

Angora hat

If you don't know how to add fuchsia to your outfit, just use it as an interesting detail. Take shoes, a bag or a scarf in this colorway. For those who think fuchsia is too flashy, you can offer things with a print that contains colors.

Another color will perfectly dilute the images based on black, white, gray. For example, take an oversized sweater, black boots, and a flowing fuchsia skirt. You can take a black bag or make the image more complicated by adding a green accessory.

3. Green - from mint to emerald

Last season, emerald and olive colors were especially popular, and today mint, pistachio, neon options fall into this company. The palette goes well with basic black, brown, white.

Trendyol dress

Basic turtleneck

Trendyol jumper


4 0002 Trendyol cardigan

To correctly compose an outfit by color, you need to match the shade to the color of the skin. For owners of light pale skin, cool shades are suitable, for swarthy beauties, warm herbal ones. Red hair will help emphasize olive, emerald, khaki. And blondes go well with light green, lime things.

4. Sunny yellow

This shade is associated with summer. What does not stop you from using this trendy color 2022 in clothes in autumn and winter. Last season, he was the main shade of the year, because he inspires accomplishment, helps fight the blues, and gives hope.

Short down jacket with visor

Experts recommend pairing it with orange or yellow-green items. You can also add it to purple, blue-violet or red-violet. In the cold season, it is recommended to use yellow things as accessories. No less popular will be a monochrome bow and a combination with basic brown, blue things.

Ribbed angora turtleneck


Gray is an unchanging classic

Last year's tandem - yellow and gray. No wonder the color is moving into the new season. The Institute of Color has developed "absolute gray", which symbolizes strength, reliability. It resembles the colors of beach pebbles.

Cocoon jacket (eco down)

In winter, spring, autumn it is recommended to combine it with green, blue, light blue, fuchsia, powdery pink. Last year's summer trend is no less relevant - gray with yellow. In addition, gray often becomes part of the luxurious bows in the total black style.

6. Terracotta – Dry Clay

Terracotta is once again on the PANTONE Colors of the Year 2022 list. This is the name of the shade of unbaked clay, which is created by mixing red, orange, brown. Unlike his bright orange counterpart, he pleases with great calmness and depth. Brings a touch of luxury, solidity to any outfit.

If you use this color, be prepared for people to intuitively reach out to you. Especially if the clothes have a soft texture.

You can go a simple way - combine carrot color with terracotta. Get an expressive monochrome set. Or add a touch of spice to the image. To do this, you need to add turquoise, bright blue, khaki things to the image. Some stylists recommend making extraordinary bows based on it. For example, take an oversized orange sweater, classic blue jeans, a green bag and terracotta shoes.

7. Bright blue

The palette of 2022 is especially rich in blue hues. One of the most popular is bright blue, or dark blue. It looks calm, soft, like the sea. Quite versatile. However, stylists especially recommend combining it with gray tones. For summer outfits, a combination with a yellow palette is suitable. Easily fits into a business, casual, romantic style.

Trendyol windbreakers

Another variant of the current combination is blue with shades of green. Moreover, tones of equal intensity and brightness are suitable. And again, we recommend making monochrome sets. However, do not forget that they should add accent details. For example, take a coat, bag and gloves in a blue palette, but in different shades. Add muted orange boots.

8. Brown - with pink undertones

Another shade that is on the list of the most popular clothing colors for 2022 is brown. But in this case, we are talking about a light color with pink notes. It goes well with red, black, white. You can connect terracotta or shades of dark chocolate. Things of various gray tones will be out of place.

Oversized quilted jacket (eco down) Ref. It will become the basis for images in a natural palette. Can be combined with green, sand, blue. For accents, you can additionally use orange.

Jacket with asymmetric fastening and hood

9. Red - juicy and strawberry

It is he who is used when they want to make a bold, daring, unique outfit. Needless to say, designers love it. One could see monochrome classic suits on the podium.

Cropped down jacket with drawstrings

To reduce the brightness, you can mix the look with brown things. Or pick up things in a red-pink palette. And you can also combine red things with rich emerald. These two popular colors together make a splash.

But not simple, but inky, or a shade of Yves Klein. Recent seasons have shown that, along with rhinestones and sequins, designers are addicted to bright colors. Including rich shades of blue. Moreover, the combinations will please with their diversity.

For example, Yves Saint Laurent pairs an indigo top with a mint suit and a brown coat. Stella McCartney has shown that the color goes well with the basic palette, in particular, with beige things. But you can make it even more interesting: mix inky with neon green.

These are far from all the popular colors and color combinations in clothes in 2022. The pandemic and all kinds of restrictions have affected the preferences of designers in the field of styles, combinations, colors. Now we will bathe in bright juicy colors and unusual combinations. And white can be worn all year round. Expressive monolights are especially loved: white, black, pink, blue. It also opens up an incredible field for experiments in the field of triads and tetrads - color combinations.

All popular colors are already available in the BAON catalogue. Do you want to create an actual bow? Order things with fitting and experiment. And for detailed instructions, fashion trends, interesting facts, come to our blog!

Pantone Color of the Year 2022 - Very Peri. What does it mean?



Getty Images, IMAXtree.com, press service archives

Text: Ksenia Krushinskaya

Pantone has announced the main color of 2022 - Very Peri, a shade of blue with purple. Soon it will replace "Flawless Gray" (Ultimate Gray) and "Illuminating" (Illuminating), and we understand how the Pantone decision affects our lives (and whether it affects at all).

What is Pantone?

This is a large American company that develops color palettes and standards, consults brands, analyzes (and predicts) market trends. Pantone is more than half a century old: the company was founded in the 50s in New York, and at first it was engaged only in the production of pigments and the sale of color inks based on them. In the early 60s, its employees developed a universal system for standardizing all colors existing in the world - the Pantone Matching System - PMS for short. All colors and shades in it were assigned names and numbers, and the catalog was a large multi-colored fan-layout: it was very convenient to use it. The system quickly became popular, as it made it possible to significantly simplify the work of everyone involved in design and printing.

Since then, it is enough for the customer to tell the contractor the number of the desired color to be sure that it will be understood correctly and the output will be a product of a strictly defined shade. Since the inception of PMS, the palette has been periodically expanded, and it is still used in various fields - from interior design to fashion. Some countries, such as Canada and South Korea, even rely on the Pantone chart to find the perfect colors for their national flags.

In addition to PMS catalogs, the company manufactures inks, as well as equipment that makes it easier for designers and printers to work with color.

What is the "color of the year"?

Pantone Institute of Color - The Pantone Color Institute is part of the Pantone Company. Institute staff led by Executive Director Leatrice Iseman study how color affects all areas of our lives - from emotions to consumer demand, and also predict color trends. Since 2000, this organization has annually named a color (or rather, a shade - already existing in the Pantone registry), which, according to researchers, is gradually beginning to prevail in all areas - from cinema to industrial design, which means that in the next 365 days it will be the most relevant .

The main colors of 2021 - "Flawless Gray" (Ultimate Gray) and "Illuminating" - symbolize stability, unity and hope. According to Leatrice Iseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, gray is the color of reliability, while yellow is the essence of hope and optimism. So Pantone wants to inspire people to "see the change, metaphorically and literally, as clouds overhead often give way to sunlight."

Well, you already know how 2021 turned out, but this does not negate the general excitement around the main color of 2022. Blue with a purple-red undertone, aka Very Peri, will not only add color to your newsfeed today, but will “demonstrate an energetic, joyful mood and a dynamic presence that encourages bold creativity and imagery” all year long. At least that's what Leatrice Eisman promises.

How is it chosen?

Throughout the year, the Pantone Color Institute closely monitors the world's most used shades. There is no special technology here. As Leatrice Aizman admits, she completely relies on analytical abilities - her own and her subordinates. Together they follow fashion collections, exhibitions and art projects, as well as what colors in clothes are chosen by residents of the world's largest cities. Particular attention is paid to Milan, Paris and London.

It's not limited to fashion and painting: Pantone watches new films from the most influential directors to understand what shades prevail on the screen, and monitors the latest technology, especially the automotive industry. “Automotive manufacturers are light-years ahead of the curve in terms of color,” Eiseman says. “After looking at a new car, many people immediately want a lipstick or a pair of shoes of the same shade, or even want to paint the living room in this color.”

Twice a year, representatives of the institute hold a meeting in a secret place - and in December, after all the debate and analysis of the information collected, Pantone announces the main color of the next year.

What does it affect?

It must be understood that Pantone assigns the color of the year to a shade that has already become popular. That is, it is not the color that comes into fashion thanks to Pantone, but exactly the opposite. On the other hand, the official recognition of Pantone makes the shade even more trendy. And not without the help of Pantone representatives themselves. So, every year the company releases a line of souvenirs and gadgets - from mugs to laptops - in the color that it itself appoints as the main one. Recently, Pantone has been supported by both cosmetic and fashion brands, in cooperation with which the company creates capsule collections.

For example, Sephora became a partner of the company for several years in a row: the cosmetic giant released limited makeup collections, where the emphasis was on the color of the year. Violet (Ultraviolet) was named the King of Colors in 2018, and Pantone launched a joint project with the British cosmetics brand Butter London - the brand came out with nail polish and shadows of the “correct” shade. There were also collaborations with JCPenney, Lowe and Room Copenhagen; all these brands produced accessories and home products in the Pantone color of the year.

Are brands trying to make more products in the shade of the year without Pantone? Some yes, but as a rule, we are not talking about big fashion houses. When purple became the color of the year, Adobe released a tutorial on working with this shade in Photoshop, and, for example, the popular Los Angeles candy store My B Sweet made purple toppings for cakes. Some brand stores are trying to decorate windows and posters so that the leading role is given to the color of the year.

Pantone has a long-term partnership with the Russian brand Monochrome, which in 2019released a collection in Classic Blue last year and, obviously, is preparing something this year as well (co-founder of the brand Alisa Boha let slip about this in an interview).

As for big fashion, it is rather that it affects the choice of the color of the year, and not vice versa. So, shades of gray in 2020 were used by Kim Jones, Olivier Rousteing and Tom Brown. Yellow was the focal point in Rem Koolhaas's set design for the Prada Spring/Summer 2021 show, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons' first show together.

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