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50 Modern Front Door Designs

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The front door is often the focal point of a home exterior – a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it's the last thing they contemplate after leaving, it's visited daily by the mail delivery, and it gives potential buyers something to remember the house by. An ordinary home can become "the house with the red door" with nothing more than a simple coat of paint, while a magnificent piece of architecture can rely on a unique door style to tie its exterior design together. Why settle with normal? This post looks at 50 spectacular front doors that boast expressively tailored personality and style.

Let’s start with a modern take on a classic. Smooth horizontal wood panels gain a contemporary update with a silky black handle guard that runs from top to bottom.

Here’s a wood door formed from a solid sheet of veneer, integrated within matching boards that wrap around on the side and ceiling.

Doors that reach from top to bottom make entryways look larger than they really are. This one is especially interesting because of how the handle guard continues sideways with room for a mail slot.

Warm wood panels jump out from the neutral home exterior, horizontal matte black panels providing a little extra decoration.

Vibrant wood tones add natural character to concrete exteriors. Here, a matching walking path further differentiates the entryway from the paved parking and patio tiles.

In the context of an industrial exterior like this one, a natural door can have an even bolder effect. This one has a textural exterior to stand in contrast with the concrete and steel that surrounds it.

This classic door seems to float weightlessly between frameless sidelights.

Camouflaged within its bordering panels, this door makes a dramatic first impression by offering a surprising substantial and weighty look among a perfect glass-clad exterior.

Chevron wood panels are a nice break from the traditional horizontal or vertical wood planks. Fiery orange is a nice finish for a modern Californian home like this one.

Timber planks and alternating glass strips allow for guarded visual continuity, allowing sunlight to filter through an otherwise heavy-looking door. The long door pull is another interesting touch.

Incorporating artistic glass is another way to make a front door stand out. These textural sheets of glass coordinate well with the textural exterior of the home, and provide extra privacy that ordinary panels could not. Note that this door also opens on a pivot to save space on the interior.

Garden-facing doors don’t need a lot of bulk, so something with glass panes like this is perfectly workable. It’s the perfect solution for an entryway with a farmhouse vibe like this one.

Wow! These oversized atrium-height doors are breathtaking. Mechanized hardware allows designers to overlook the weight of the doors so the homeowners can go as big and bold as they want.

Deep rose tones ring with a traditional and sophisticated tone, while the brushed steel door guard incorporates modern styling.

This Red Dot Design Award winner gains admiration for its enhanced security and keyless entry options as well as its distinctive styling. Exotic woods like the ones used here always catch the eye.

The ideal door a minimalist exterior – this sleek and modern design uses uncomplicated modern materials, its stripes serving up just a touch of decoration for visual interest.

Wavy wood panels flow and interweave for an artistic effect. The ultra-tall and wide design opens on a pivot, making it stand out both in terms of looks and functionality.

This part of the door tour takes us through several highly artistic and up-to-date options. This futuristic door incorporates a textured print on top of a cloudy finish.

Unusual materials can transform an ordinary front door into a true focal point. This one goes for a bold approach to texture, with stone-like panels varied by tint and height.

Designed by Deborah Aguiar and executed by Joinery Piñeiro, this door transforms ordinary wood panels into a daring sculptural arrangement. Even the mail slot plays an integral role in the design.

Laser carved doors give homeowners endless possibilities for self-expression. This floral imprint continues along the frame to either side to stretch its effect on the home’s exterior.

Here’s another laser carved door, this time featuring an aerial view of the client’s home and neighborhood in the finest of detail. Its aluminum coating contributes substantial visual weight.

Even snake scale texture looks right at home on a modern front door. Edgy and elegant.

This door combines cutout branches with a multi-tone finish for a perfectly up-to-date result. The handprint on the door pull is a neat idea, too.

Check out this flattering take on pane windows, with small squares of amber glass embracing an open view without compromising security. This would be a nice door for an updated take on a classic exterior.

Here’s another take on tiny panes, this one with frosted glass to provide ample privacy while still retaining a bright and sunny appeal.

Are you looking for a way to incorporate natural themes without sacrificing your modernist aesthetic? This starburst pattern draws the eye immediately, its distressed bright blue paint keeping the personality nice and casual.

Screen doors can boast plenty of style too. Here, decorative strapwork creates a guarded but attractive boundary between the front door and the street outside. Fresh air filters right through to cool the home, but the hot sun doesn’t get very far.

Designed by architect Dick Clark and constructed by Gary McFarland, this artistic door glows brightly from within thanks to the ethereal lights sandwiched between semi-transparent onyx panels.

The mid-century Scandinavian vibes are strong with this door! Natural shades of orange and green blend flawlessly with the nearby furniture and decoration while livening up the home’s concrete exterior.

Natural materials meet minimalism in this gorgeous entryway.

Sideways herringbone patterns certainly aren’t a common pattern for front doors, making this one even more noticeable. The golden ratio inspired sidelights reinforce the artistic elements at play here.

Glossy doors are uncommon as well. White stripes offer a response to the black strips along the exterior walkway. Inside, glossy walls and floors continue the highly polished theme.

This cardinal red door uses its extra-wide stature and pivot construction to make a dramatic statement every time it sweeps open.

Pivoting doors always seem to create a stir among visitors. This method can turn even an ordinary door into a show-stopper.

Some doors don’t have much of a pivot to them at all. This lovely example could be mistaken for a traditional hinged door at first glance, but the lack of visual hinges makes it a great option for those who seek out minimalism in exterior design.

It’s impossible to overlook this creative modern door. A pivoting outer frame reveals a smaller door within, the smaller door adhering to traditional sizing and the outer door blurring the boundaries between inside and out.

Karim Rashid’s innovative Ring front door design won a Red Dot Design Award, thanks in part to its unique opening mechanism: a ring hiding inside the volcano that opens when activated.

The gorgeous Blow door, also by Karim Rashid, curves outward to provide a visually stunning alternative to a traditional door handle.

Now let’s move on to a collection of doors that emphasize color. This bright blue door stands out against the surrounding potted plants, a cool drink of water within a desert-inspired garden.

Bright yellow is a cheerful and welcoming color, perfect for a front door.

Do you recognize this famous entryway? The creatives at Studio DIY noticed this bold door making waves on Pinterest, and became so obsessed they actually took the time to hunt it down.

Color is a great way to embrace bright flora growing nearby – these blossoms would have outshined any other door, so now the entrance gets to share the spotlight.

Constructed from 40 planks of Burma teak, this door contains fabulously intricate inner mechanisms including a wire rope and hidden counterweight to create its dynamic opening effect. It looks just like an ordinary oversized door when closed, but fans out into a beautiful curved opening.

This door offers another amazing example of construction turning ordinary materials into something magical, in this case, a lovely starburst pattern that extends the door framing on either side.

This wooden door is especially unique. Its wood body continues down beneath the stairs and off to the sides to create the illusion of one large door, with a set of varied stairs seeming to float in front.

What could make you feel more secure than a stone door? This work of art is carved from solid basalt.

Woodcarving can come in handy for artistic expression as well. This door takes its owl motif to the next level by including a sculptural beak and tinted windows for eyes.

While this is not a home, the idea is still solid – the door itself is an ordinary style, but the streetlamp painting gives it a distinctive artistic frame.

Wow! This door is built into a round window, its unique shape and proportions ensuring undivided attention.

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20 Stunning Front Entry Main Door Design Ideas

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Your entry door is the first thing your guests see as they approach your home, so you want to make sure you’ve got it just right. Fiberglass entry doors offer a wide variety of front door design options, with different styles for the panel, casing, and sidelites, along with many unique finishes.  

With so many options, these main door designs from Window World could be just the inspiration you’re looking for.

1. Classic Woodgrain Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors can mimic woodgrain exceptionally well, providing exquisite entry door design and style without the cost and maintenance issues associated with wood doors.

2. Woodgrain Entry Door with Sidelites

These front entry doors come in colors and stains to emulate any type of wood. Grids on both the panel window and sidelites can add even more style.

3. Classic with Shaped Panel Windows 

We also make simple entry door designs without sidelites that are extremely stylish due to shaped panel windows with stylish grilles that can be suited to accent any home.

4. Woodgrain with Ornate Grille

A more ornate grille can be a great choice for doors with sidelites, as these entry door design ideas show. High sidelites and panel windows can provide additional privacy as well.

5. Mixed Panels and Sidelites

For bolder front entry door designs, you can incorporate mixed panels and sidelites, and alter these two components’ style and finish in order to provide a stylish contrast rather than a solid color.

6. Stark Contrast

You can also achieve contrast with a stark difference in color for the door and frame. This contrast can serve to highlight the exquisite woodgrain pattern and color of the panel and sidelites.

7. Dramatic Transom

These gorgeous front door designs can be improved with large transoms, which also let in additional light. A transom above your door can be part of your main door design, either plain or with a grille.

8. Multiple Design Elements Combined for a Bold Entry

For your entry door design, you can combine all of the essential elements however you would like. A full door, transom, and sidelite combination with matching grilles is certainly an attractive entry door design.

9. Smooth, Painted Entry Doors

A fiberglass entry door in a subtle blue, grey, or earth tone can go with essentially any siding. You can also match your panel window to your existing windows with a variety of grille styles.

10. Black Front Door

Dark entry door colors can lend prestige, especially when combined with fine hardware and ornate grilles. You can add sophistication to your home with these options.

11. Traditional Entry Door with Matching Shutters

The variety of entry door colors is truly staggering, letting you match sidelites to your siding and the door to your shutters. The entry door design potential is practically limitless with smooth, painted entry doors.

12. Ultra Modern Entry Doors

Fiberglass construction allows for any and all shapes to achieve the finest modern entry door designs. Glass shapes in essentially any quantity and configuration can make your entry door design ideas truly unique.

13. Simplified Elegance

These modern entry door designs can deliver such simplified elegance. A stark vertical window and accompanying full sidelite create a striking entry door design.

14. Windows and a Pop of Color

Of course, the number and configuration of windows in your front door design can be practically anything, such as the unique three-lite design of this entry door design idea.

15. Contrasting Colors and Clean Lines

Entry door colors and their variety again take center stage with these modern entry door designs. The variety is nearly endless, and the opportunities for complementary and contrasting designs follow suit.

16. Daring Design

A daring 4-lite panel with the lites arranged off-center can provide additional charm to any modern design, letting the main door design speak for itself when it comes to style.

17. Customized Sidelites

Sidelites are available in many configurations, including a simple full-lite to match the panel. Both can be customized in almost any entry door color, making your home truly unique.

18. Double Entry Doors with Glazed Glass

Double entry doors can add a lot to any home. A double entry door design can be simple and elegant, incorporating beautiful woodgrain texturing and large, glazed lites.

19. Double Entry Doors with Ornate Grilles

These double entry door designs can also be much more elaborate with intricate grilles to complement any home. The doors can also be asymmetrical, with the sidelite opening as well.

20. Ornate Grille and Full Transom


A full transom can add to an entry double door design. Coordinated with the home’s windows, the combination of half-round transom, woodgrain texture, and ornate grilles will make any home stand out as the finest in the neighborhood.

Find These Front Door Designs at Window World

Window World has a huge selection of stunning entry door designs. Whether you want simple, smooth, modern doors or more ornate woodgrain or double entry doors, we have you covered.

For custom entry door design ideas, pictures may be hard to find. Window World can generate a preview of any look you can imagine. Find a Window World location near you.

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Modern entrance doors for different interior styles

Understanding the latest interior design trends and choosing the right door.

To choose the perfect modern front door for your interior, you must first decide on the style of the room. And only after that consider door models, finishes and colors. Complementing the harmonious design will help interior doors with a finish similar to the entrance.

The modern interior implies a stylish and functional design of an apartment or house. The directions of such an interior mix well with each other, so the boundaries between them are practically erased. This makes it possible to freely combine the details you like from different styles and thereby create a unique design.

Let's analyze the most popular modern interior styles and tell you which doors are suitable for each of them.


Minimalism is based on thoughtfulness, simplicity and functionality. Such an interior does not use a bright color palette with many shades, luxurious furniture with monograms or numerous trinkets. For registration, choose only everything you need.

The space in a minimalist interior should be light and free, colors should be neutral, furniture and decor should be in simple geometric shapes. The main materials for such an interior are glass, plastic, ceramics, stone, steel or wood.

Pure minimalism rarely exists. Most often it is used as a foundation for mixing styles. Those. the basis is the decoration and furniture in the style of minimalism, and details from other interior trends are chosen as decor.

The doors in the style of minimalism include "Step" and "Cinnamon".


The main distinguishing feature of the loft interior is the huge open spaces in the style of the abandoned factories of the 40s in New York.

Characteristic design elements are imperfect surfaces in the form of brick walls and concrete pavement, ceiling beams, pipes, metal stairs and complex structures. For zoning, partitions or shelving are usually used. Soft pouffes, large flowerpots and modern technology are chosen as decor.

The ideal accessories for a loft will be elements that come from the past, but are processed in a modern way. Antique boxes, chests, repainted cabinets and a rare bath will do.

For a loft-style interior, the Batista door model is suitable.


The idea of ​​the contemporary style is convenience and accessibility, therefore, mass-produced furniture and decor items are usually used for decoration. For the most part, contemporary is decorated with neutral furniture, which is played up with ethnic or classical elements.

The style loves discreet colors like light beige, milky, gray or white. Laminate, tiles or plain carpets are used for flooring.

As accessories, beautiful flower vases and paintings are well suited, this will be enough.

The contemporary style will be complemented by the Rain and Terra doors.


It represents minimalism, complemented by technological innovations, appliances and sophisticated light sources. The main feature of high-tech style is innovations that make life more comfortable and convenient, for example, a smart home. Accessories and decor are almost absent.

The decoration in such an interior is minimalistic, and the furniture is functional. Not a single thing is just worth it. The room should have a lot of free space and light. For zoning rooms choose glass partitions or leave the layout free.

Such an interior will be complemented by Chameleon doors.


Fusion does not limit the choice of colors, materials, finishes and decor. Here you can let your imagination run wild, mix several interior styles at once, play with the color palette. The main thing is to know the measure and find a harmonious combination of interior items.

Such an interior is characterized by bright accents in the form of fuchsia-colored armchairs or yellow walls, an abundance of prints on curtains, tablecloths, napkins and bedspreads.

The fusion-style interior will be complemented by Flamenco and Sound 1 doors.


A minimalistic version of the hi-tech style, where everything you need is preserved, and additional design elements are excluded. Techno is a strict style with clear lines and an abundance of cold materials such as glass, plastic and metal.

For decoration, gray, white, steel and khaki are chosen as the main colors. Wood is used only in flooring, but not always. Rough textures are used for wall decoration, the technique is chosen in chrome color. Techno furniture often resembles equipment, as it is often made of metallic materials.

For such an interior doors "Logic" are suitable.


One of the most popular and versatile styles. Such an interior is considered the most trouble-free and risk-free in terms of implementation.

The Scandinavian style is similar to minimalism, but has a lot of variability in colors and materials. The basis is white, simplicity, light wood and rich color accents.

Unlike minimalism, the Scandinavian style allows for a large number of inexpensive accessories and a lot of colorful printed textiles.

Alma 1 door models will fit well into such an interior.


Specialists in the salon will talk about the options for completing the entrance doors, show samples of fittings, allow you to touch the finish and help you make the right choice.

Order a free measurement of the opening before visiting the salon. The measurer will tell you about the ways to finish the opening, and the manager will be able to calculate the exact cost of the model you have chosen.

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Unique photos of the design of the entrance doors of a private house

Decorative grille

Hello, dear readers of the Room Interiors portal!

If a person is first judged by their appearance, then a house is judged by its front door. What will tell the doors of the times of "prohibition" in the United States, we will find out in this article.

Between 1920-1933 In the United States, a ban was introduced on the production and sale of alcoholic beverages. At the same time, bootleggers or, in other words, underground smugglers, appear.

Films such as Rum Boulevard (1971), Once Upon a Time in America (1984) and The Great Gatsby (2013) appeared under the influence of these times. In every picture you can find a scene when a visitor knocks on the door, and a small window opens for him and asks in an evil voice: “Password?”

Door with a window

These same windows in the future were called negotiation portals. They were used not only by attackers to trade in illegal goods and pass to closed drinking establishments, but also by city residents to protect their homes.

People wanted to know that a safe meeting awaited them on the other side of the door, and a small window with bars provided such an opportunity. Soon there was a fashion for the decoration of this small portal.

If your porch is decorated in a Spanish or Mediterranean style with natural wood, metal inserts will be a great addition.

They can be made in the form of vines, flowers, animals, or, as in the world of criminals and noble families, use secret signs and family symbols.

For example, in England, one owner of the house took the symbolism of the royal coat of arms as a basis and transferred this theme to the design of the front door. Now the peace of the owners is guarded by three formidable metal lions.

Spanish style decoration

Design with lions

Today, such a grille performs more of a decorative function and is an element of the overall design.

Learn more