Indigo blue bedroom ideas

Indigo Blue: 10 Amazing Ways To Add It To Your Home

I’ll show you all the amazing ways indigo blue color will add chic style and wow-factor to your home!

Want to know why I love Indigo Blue?

It’s a fresh and timeless color to mix with gray, cream, black and white neutrals.

It’s a pop of color that looks amazing with brass, black and nickel metallics.

Indigo blue will give your home interest and style.

Indigo blue is an approachable accent color and family friendly!

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If you’re looking for a stylish accent color to update your home, you’ll love all of the gorgeous indigo decor ideas I’ve put together for you! 

See all of the beautiful places and ways to add this stunning blue color to your home decor.

History of Indigo

Indigo is a blue dye made from indigo plants as far back as 4000 BC.

The plant leaves are crushed, mixed with lye, then dried into powder form as indigo cakes.

It was used in fabrics and garments during ancient times because of it’s link with intuition, wisdom, devotion, creativity, deep sincerity and spirituality.

Originally it was produced in East Asia, Egypt, India, and Peru before ending up in Europe then North America.

It was a color loved by the rich, scholars and religious people.

Then indigo dye became the color to create the classic look of denim jeans!

Blue jeans are a classic in fashion that has stood the test of time.

What Color Is Indigo?

Indigo is a blue violet hue with four major tones.

It is three-quarters blue and one-quarter purple.

The closest color to indigo blue on the color spectrum is blue.

Indigo sits between blue and purple on the color wheel.

It’s a cool, deep color that’s lively and pairs well with warm and cool colors.

It isn’t navy or cobalt blue.  It’s a rich, dark blue that’s between blue and violet.

Indigo Color and The Rainbow

Indigo is a part of the color spectrum and can be seen when white light passes through a prism.

Its one one of the colors of the rainbow, between blue and violet. No wonder it’s such a popular color! 

Indigo Blue Coordinating Colors

For contrast use yellow or orange.

But not yellow or orange as primary colors.

Use muted yellow or orange shades to accentuate indigo blue.

Brass metallic finishes look beautiful with indigo blue!

So do woods with yellow-orange undertones and woven materials with yellow-orange undertones such as rattan and wicker.

To create a serene peaceful color scheme pair indigo blue with other shades of blue such as cyan blue (greenish blues)  and any neutral (white, cream, ivory, gray, black).

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A chic color palette for indigo blue also includes green.

Add greenery, fresh and faux plants.

10 amazing ways to add this elegant, dramatic yet livable Indigo blue color to your home:

As you can see in the interiors below – it truly looks amazing with wood accents, rattan, gray, ivory, cream, black and white!

Because of it’s saturation it adds essential contrast and interest to a room.

As a wall color it looks gorgeous in bathrooms, especially powder rooms where designers love to use darker colors!

This blue color looks amazing with greenery like fiddle leaf fig trees and vases of green stems:

Indigo blue is a gorgeous color for accessories like accent pillows and vases:



It’s no wonder that Indigo Blue is a popular color for home!

This color is guaranteed to add a shot of rich color, depth, personality and updated style to our homes!

It’s true that Indigo Blue is a big trend right now in interior design…. and why is it even important to consider trends? T

rends open our eyes to new possibilities and we can learn a lot from them about our own personal style!

 10 gorgeous ways to add indigo blue to our homes 

 1. Paint Color:

Use it for a beautiful front door color and wall color.

It’s a beautiful alternative for navy blue.

SW 6531 Indigo

Indigo by Sherwin-Williams is a calm, rich blue color

 SW 7602 Indigo Batik 

Benjamin Moore Deep Indigo is a gorgeous dark indigo blue paint color.

 Front door:


Wall Paint Color:


2. Accent Color As Throw Pillows:

Indigo Blue Velvet Pillow – I’m crushing on this velvet pillow!  The color…the texture!

3. Area rug:

 Indigo Area Rug – I’m SMITTEN with this area rug – I’m seriously thinking of getting it for our living room!


 4. Dinnerware:

Indigo Swirl Dinner Plate – stunning! This will go fabulous with the white dinnerware I already have.

  5. Sofa

So so stunning: 3 cushion, roll-arm sofa with nailhead trim!

6. Art Print

Abstract art print – I’m obsessed with abstract art.

7. Window treatments

Indigo Curtains – these will look fabulous in a den, living room, home office and bedroom.

8. Vase

Ceramic Vase – add one or two to a bookcase, kitchen open shelving, mantel, end table.

 9. Wallpaper

Wood Grain Indigo Blue wallpaper – this is peel and stick … and removable!

 I LOVE this as an accent wall for a living room or bedroom. This wallpaper will work with traditional style, farmhouse style and modern styles too!

10. Throw:

Chunky knit throw – can’t have enough throws! This itself will add a whole new look to your sofa or accent chair

What are your thoughts on indigo blue? Do you like it?

Will you be adding it to your home decor?

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24 Ways to Decorate With Indigo Blue

Devon Grace Interiors

When many of us run through the list of classic rainbow colors, we tend to skip over one striking shade. We find ways to decorate with reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and violets. But, indigo—which is very much a member of the ROYGBIV family—tends to go overlooked.

The color is named after the indigo plant, which boasts leaves that produce a stunning dark blue dye. Now, indigo is primarily known as an oft-overlooked shade of the rainbow—one that is bold, rich, and incredibly fun to decorate with.

"Indigo blue is a bold color and can be really dark," says interior design firm Gray Space Interiors. Of course, decorating with any striking shade can be a daunting task. But, since indigo is so dark, it’s the kind of statement-maker you can bring into your space without totally overwhelming it. Options abound with the bold shade, and courageous interior designers have proved it.

To make our case, we’ve rounded up 24 of the prettiest indigo rooms we could find—and they all make decorating with the shade look incredibly easy to pull off.

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Ashley Montgomery Design

Intimidated by the thought of adding a bold color like indigo to your space? Consider playing with pops of color rather than committing to a full-blown color scheme. This will enable you to take a smaller-doses approach to the bold shade, helping you get used to it without forcing you to commit to anything drastic right off the bat.

02 of 24

Becca Interiors

Accent walls are a great way to commit to a color without letting it cover the whole room. Spring for a sleek indigo wall that's exactly as light or as dark as you want it to be, and pair it with one of the neutrals in your palette.

03 of 24

Tyler Karu

Paint is a popular way to add color to a space, but it’s not your only option. Printed linens like curtains and upholstered chairs can be an equally effective way to add new shades to your palette. Color-coordinate some of your accent pieces and consider letting the other décor in your space in on the fun, too.

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Erin Williamson Design

Color and texture can be excellent ways to make a space feel more dynamic, and who says you can’t add both at once? Indigo tiles can shake up your color scheme while adding texture to your space, and other accents like indigo wallpaper and indigo furniture often can, too.

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Design: Jenn Feldman Designs, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Nothing makes a statement like a floor-to-ceiling color scheme. If you know you love indigo, go all in. Cover your walls in the color, then, stock up on indigo furniture, art, and décor.

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Katie Martinez Design

Painting a wall indigo is a bold choice, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the wall bare. In fact, by adorning it with contrasting décor—say, by hanging a painting rendered in a complementary palette—you can make your space feel even bolder and more balanced.

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Bespoke Only

Not sure where to add a pop of indigo? Consider painting your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can handle a lot of color, and paired with the right backsplash and lighting fixtures, indigo can really shine.

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Pure Salt Interiors

Wallpaper is a noncommittal decorator’s best friend. If you’re intrigued by the thought of an indigo room, but also put off by the idea of such a dark coat of paint, consider bridging the gap with a little indigo wallpaper.

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Katie Martinez Design

You can transform the palette of a room without changing the color of any of its walls. How? Invest in matching—or at least color-coordinated—accent pieces. Match your vases to your candles, your candles to your cushions, and your cushions to your art. As long as the accents are bold enough and concentrated enough, you should feel your color scheme shift.

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Devon Grace Interiors

Most of us shy away from dark colors like indigo, especially when it comes to interior paint. But, some rooms can handle such a dark shade without feeling crowded or cramped. Bedrooms, for example, don’t need to feel as spacious as other rooms. A dark shade of paint can leave them feeling cozier, and therefore, more welcoming.

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Tyler Karu

If you’re searching for a place to add a pop of color, your kitchen island is a pretty safe bet. Islands are present enough that a pop of color feels noticeable, but not so prominent that they’ll take away from the rest of your space.

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White Sands

Designing an indigo bedroom isn’t very challenging—and you don’t even have to paint your walls or swap out your duvet to pull it off. If your bedding is pretty neutral, consider adding a few indigo throw pillows and a matching indigo blanket. Then, throw in a couple more indigo accents, and your palette should be thoroughly cemented. " I recommend pairing [indigo] with light-colored furniture for a calm and classic look or complementary colors like green or even purple for a more dramatic but cohesive look," says Gray Space Interiors.

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Becca Interiors

There are plenty of lower-maintenance ways to add indigo to your space. Don’t feel like painting your walls, messing with wallpaper, or stocking up on tons of color-coordinated accents? Consider buying a single, statement-making accent piece. If the rest of your space is relatively light and neutral, the piece could be enough to shake up your color scheme.

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LeClair Decor 

Color can set the tone in a room, and pops of color can do the same, especially when they’re placed thoughtfully. If you’re looking for a way to differentiate your dining room from a nearby space, consider painting one of its walls dark indigo. This will create a suggested boundary—making it clear where your dining room ends and the next room begins.

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Devon Grace Interiors

As far as bold colors go, indigo is pretty versatile. But, that doesn’t mean it’s right for every room. Consider what you want a given room to feel like and then consider whether indigo would get the job done. The sleek shade can cozy up a bedroom, add elegance to a kitchen, or make a study feel more sophisticated, making it a solid go-to depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

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Rikki Snyder

Once you’ve committed to a base color, it’s time to consider what your accent colors will be. You can always opt for a few, but a particularly statement-making option is to pick one accent color and stick with it.

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Mary Patton Design

It can be tough to figure out where to experiment with a little indigo—but have you considered your bathroom? Bathrooms often go under-appreciated and under-decorated, so a coat of statement-making paint could go a long way. Plus, bathrooms tend to be less out-in-the-open than kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms, so they’re great places to take a few risks.

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Devon Grace Interiors

Just about everyone’s heard of accent walls—but accent corners can be just as striking. If you have a spacious corner you’d like to turn into a reading nook, consider painting it indigo. The color will visually separate the space without physically closing it off from the rest of the room.

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Katie Martinez Design

Once you’ve added indigo to your space, you may think your palette is finished. How could it possibly handle any more color? But, since indigo is such a versatile shade, you can probably get away with more color than you think.

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Pure Salt Interiors

Who says you have to stop at one bold accent? Paint your cabinets indigo, spring for quartz countertops, try out a textured backsplash, and throw on some wooden shelves. Sure, layering so many different textures can get overwhelming—but if you keep your palette relatively constrained, your space should stay pretty balanced.

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Ashley Montgomery Design

Neutrals play well with everything, and this is particularly helpful to remember when you’re decorating with a bold color. Not sure what shade to paint your windows, or what furniture to use in your indigo room? Stick with whites, blacks, browns, and grays, and your color scheme will be taken care of.

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Pure Salt Interiors

There are a few go-to ways to add color to your space: paint, wallpaper, maybe even furniture—but art is another great one. And since it’s a less obvious option, it’s a great way to make a statement. Find a massive indigo poster or painting, and hang it in an all-white room. Thanks to indigo’s visual weight, that one simple addition will make your room feel more indigo even though it’s still mostly white.

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House Nine

If you’re playing with a few different colors, it’s helpful to use accent pieces to keep things feeling balanced. An indigo nightstand might get lost next to an emerald green headboard and crisp white linens, but the addition of an indigo blanket at the foot of your bed can draw attention to the nightstand—making the room feel more balanced.

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Becca Interiors

If you feel like painting your entire dining room indigo, do it. Don’t hold yourself back. Yes, the design choice might sound intimidating—but any bold design decision does. And if it doesn’t go the way you thought it would, you can always repaint your walls and try again.

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Indigo color (77 photos): mystery color interior



The luxury of the combination of indigo and gold is worthy of royal chambers

In the style of classical traditions in the interior at all times, priorities were focused on deep inner peace. This effect is achieved by playing with color. The noble and deep color of indigo is the personification of taste with notes of a creative approach to life.


Deep dark blue color attracts and enchants at first sight

The blue color of the walls calms and pacifies

Indigo color emanates mystery and mysticism

Indigo in the interior is chosen by bold, creative personalities

Indigo: an iris dream

Intense or delicate, airy or all-consuming blue color in the interior of the apartment returns to its leading position. And this is not surprising, because in the indigo interior you can hear the music of the waves, you can feel the taste of universal peace and the aroma of heaven.

How to properly approach the design issue? The shades, which have come up with a charming name - indigo - fluctuate on the scale of the color spectrum somewhere between delicate azure and the gloomy mystery of the unknown depths of the sea. Designers prefer working names: iris, royal blue, ultraviolet, saturated navy.

Indigo interior is a stylish, "tasty" solution

Any shade of blue in the interior will look deep and luxurious

Interior with a touch of mystery and peace

How to use blue in the interior? Listen to practical recommendations:

A color traditionally considered cold creates an incredibly cozy atmosphere

Bright accents perfectly complement the indigo interior

The interior, made in white and blue, looks mysterious and inviting

Tip! Use indigo elements to emphasize individuality - do not repeat mindlessly fashionable style, create your own mood pattern in the interior.

The play of color in the design of the room

If you decide to decorate the interior in shades of blue, you need to know a few rules. The main thing is to avoid oversaturation. If the designer proposes to develop a color scheme in the style of the newfangled blue trend, decide on a clear zoning of the room. There shouldn't be too much indigo!

One bright accent in the form of an indigo sofa transforms the interior, saturating it with color, mystery, sophistication

Indigo goes well with white, fuchsia and many other bright colors

Blue living room

Living room implies saturation: color, accessories, personal mood . Here you can safely decorate the walls of indigo. The quality of the finish does not matter: it can be a painted surface, stylish heavy fabric wallpaper, tapestry. The silky touch of blue accompanies the sensations.

Intense blue-violet living room

Luxurious combination of indigo and emerald green - for real gourmets

Enveloping deep blue, similar to the depths of the sea

Unexpected combination of indigo and bright terracotta color - for bold and bold personalities

Shades from Royal Blue to mysterious Navy are perfectly combined with a snow-white coating, milky pastel-vanilla nuances in the interior. The pattern can be either floral or geometric print. Stylized irises have become incredibly popular. These flowers are used in the design of wallpaper, in the form of embroidery on tapestries, tablecloths, bedspreads for upholstered furniture.

Luxurious irises are a trend in interior design

Peaceful bedroom

Saturating the bedroom with a cold shade is not recommended. Indigo furniture and decor is the best option for such a room. Especially if you are decorating a bedroom for a child.

Tip! Children react acutely to the slightest mood swings. Shades of indigo will soothe. Use some mysterious blue in a child's room.

Soothing blue scale is perfect for decorating a bedroom.

It is best to put a miniature sofa or an indigo armchair, complemented by a carpet with a fluffy pile of the appropriate shade. You can diversify the interior with blue curtains paired with elements such as ottomans, pillows, tapestries.

Tip! Find a worthy indigo pair in the interior, do not oversaturate the space. Otherwise, the effect will be absolutely opposite!

This, at first glance, laconic color can make almost any room stylish

Lightness, airiness, depth - it is nice to start a new day in the indigo bedroom

Blue blends harmoniously into the white space of the bedroom, without making it cold or boring

The opposite example: a light bed harmoniously dilutes the dark, deep color of the room. If you choose a color of dark depth, hang a beautiful large mirror on the wall. Indigo goes well with mirrored surfaces.

Gourmet dreams: indigo kitchen

The blue spectrum in the kitchen is always in trend. Not only because it is stylish and beautiful. Cold shades of indigo help reduce appetite. In such a kitchen, the desire to mindlessly saturate disappears. I want to savor every bite, getting satisfaction from food to the fullest.

The enchanting blue kitchen makes eating a ritual

Luxurious blue dining room looks like a dinner party

In such a stylish kitchen, any housewife will spend time with pleasure

Indigo-colored dishes and decor will bring an element of celebration to the most ordinary meal

The blue tone of the furniture and walls should be complemented by a snow-white ceiling and a warm color play of the floor. Choose kitchen textiles and dishes in different indigo colors: combine light-colored curtains and tablecloths with deep Navy dishes.

White and blue tandem - a win-win solution for creating a stylish and extraordinary interior

The bathroom will sparkle with new colors in a blue color scheme. A snow-white bath against the background of walls decorated with indigo ceramics beckons into its fragrant foamy embrace. Mirror surfaces will make the interior unique.

Glitter blue walls and a white bathtub with a snow-white floor create a luxurious, stylish combination

A snow-white bathtub looks very sophisticated in combination with blue wall decoration

Indigo-colored summer shower cabin, relaxing and creating a feeling of coolness

Nuances of indigo

All shades of blue are perfectly combined with warm elements in the light of gold. Walls look good with finishes such as gold cord cornice, bronze mirror frames.

Luxurious bronze candlestick against a blue background

Luxurious blue velvet sofa looks very solid against a black wall. Golden lamp adds sophistication to the room

Golden elements accentuate the indigo color in the interior

Bronze elements harmonize with the indigo color in the classic interior

Indigo is a noble color that just asks for a palace baroque interior full of antiques. But deep blue also has a touch of democracy.

Wonderful blue cushions in the dining area

Blue decor will add depth and charm to the interior

Country style, glass and metal elements in high-tech decoration, rustic individual mood motifs - indigo completes the look. This color has its own charisma, quite lively and tangible. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully and tastefully find a common language with the blue secret.


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Indigo color in interior design - applications with photo

What is this color and why is it used?

Indigo, a natural blue dye, is made from the flowering Indigofera plant and has been used for centuries. Deep blue, or indigo, we associate mainly with clothing. However, this delightful and authentic shade is no less popular in interior design.

There is a common belief that indigo is an overly bold shade of blue that will stand out too much, especially on furniture or wallpaper. But even the smallest accents such as soap dishes, drawer handles or light switches in indigo color will decorate the interior.

Painting one door or pair of window frames in indigo sheds a whole new light on white walls. By combining matte and glossy shades of indigo, you can create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Walls covered with indigo linen fabric will bring not only an amazing shade to the interior, but also a texture that can be distributed throughout your home. Bed linen, curtains and furniture, pouffes, decorative pillows and cushions - all this, as well as other accessories in indigo shade, will give your home a midnight charm.

In Zen philosophy, the presence of indigo objects in the house promotes deep concentration during introspection and meditation, helps to reach deeper levels of consciousness. Indigo stimulates the right hemisphere, creativity and enhances spatial perception.

Here are some tips on how to use this magical color effectively in your living space.

Indigo in different rooms

Indigo will be a noticeable and beautiful color accent in any room of your house or apartment.

So, in the kitchen, this shade can be in floor tiles or furniture in the dining area. A set of dishes in indigo color looks noble and elegant. But such a set of dishes implies the presence of a traditional and classic environment around.

If you want to combine shades, keep in mind that indigo goes well with different shades of purple and deep blue. Well, the yellow-mustard shade is most harmoniously combined with indigo.

Indigo will add drama to the interior of a small room. In large spaces, such as living rooms, this shade is best used as an accent wall. In the bedroom, deep indigo blue will look stunning on bedding.

Shades and textures

As already mentioned, the main shades that go with indigo are usually purple and mustard. But some designers have an alternative opinion. They believe that shades of gray or charcoal look good in combination with indigo. Moreover, attention is also paid to the texture in the design of the premises, since it allows you to reduce the overwhelming influence of indigo.

Indigo color combinations with others

If you want to create a calmer atmosphere in your home, then lilac combined with indigo is suitable for this.

Indigo in combination with amethyst, on the contrary, will make you shake up. And turquoise combined with indigo will add even more energy.

Orange can be paired with indigo for a softer effect. Orange or indigo tan will bring calmness and tranquility, especially if you equip an office or bedroom in these shades.

Aqua and gray combined with indigo will add lightness to the room.

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