Small bathroom with shower stall

Small bathroom shower ideas – clever ways to work in a shower

There’s nothing like an invigorating shower to get the day off to a great start. But if bathroom space is tight, then coming up with clever and innovative small bathroom shower ideas is a must. And while fitting in a shower above a bath is the obvious solution in a small bathroom, that isn’t the only option available.

Space-saving shower cubicles, compact baths, sliding doors and invisible shower screens can all help to streamline the layout in a small bathroom to enable more to be squeezed in. While clever tricks with bright colours, wall tile treatments and seamless flooring ideas can all create the effect of opening up a bathroom and making a small space feel less crowded.

Small bathroom shower ideas

‘In a small bathroom, every centimetre counts; everything needs to fit in correctly, so use a bathroom designer,’ suggests Richard Fox, Senior Designer at Ripples . ‘Go for a wall-hung basin and WC and, even in a small bathroom, you can still have a walk-in shower,’ he adds, ‘but it is best to have glass panels. Fit the showerhead at the end of the showering space and make sure the floor has a suitable fall to allow water to drain away easily.’

1. Open up the space with a wet room

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lizzie Orme)

Forgo the traditional shower tray and bulky enclosure in a small bathroom and open the space up fully by creating a walk-in wet room idea. The flooring area needs to be fully waterproofed and should be laid on a gradient so that water drains away completely.

With any wet room, you’ll need to decide whether the showering space is to be fully open, where the whole of the bathroom is designed to get wet, or semi-open (like this one) with a half wall and screen so that water splashes are confined to the immediate shower area.

2. Go big with bright colours

(Image credit: Crosswater)

Bright colours and light-reflective surfaces are a brilliant way of making small bathrooms feel more spacious and airy. But instead of matching tiles wall-to-wall, try using tiles in a combination of colours, shapes and patterns to break up the space and make it more visually appealing.

Using large format tiles and light-coloured grout lines is a great way of increasing the sense of space in a small bathroom or en-suite idea. Fewer lines creates less of a visual distraction and gives a clean, uninterrupted look that helps open up the space.

3. Opt for a shower over the bath

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

A refreshing shower makes a brilliant start to the morning, but if a long, leisurely soak is a must-have too, then try combining both and opt for an over-bath shower. Finding space for both a separate bath and shower cubicle can be a squeeze in a small bathroom, but using the same footprint for both is a much better use of space.

Make the bath and shower area the centrepiece of the bathroom by opting for a standout tile treatment. While white tiles can help increase the feeling of space in a small bathroom, adding a contrast panel of colour above the bath adds punch to the room and helps an all-white scheme feel less stark and clinical.

4. Save space with sliding doors

(Image credit: Bathroom Mountain)

Outward-opening shower doors can eat into valuable floor space in a small bathroom, so opt for neat, space-saving sliding shower doors instead. These feature one fixed panel with a second panel that slides back behind it, so require no extra opening space and allow other fixtures and fittings to be positioned nearer to the shower area.

Alternatively, opt for bi-fold shower doors that fold back on themselves, with no extra room needed to allow the doors to open fully.

5. Make storage a priority

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Storage is key in a small bathroom and can be the difference between a comfortable bathroom space and one that feels cluttered and crowded. Factoring in shower storage at the build stage is a sensible idea. Recessed alcoves, niches and shelves can be built into a stud wall and then tiled to give a waterproof finish and will provide handy storage for shampoo and shower gel.

Wall-hung storage is another option that can help save space in a small bathroom. Off-the-floor storage frees up floor space and will make a small bathroom feel less crowded . A wall-hung vanity unit is neat and compact and will come in super-useful for storing towels, toiletries, loo rolls and cleaning kit.

6. Make use of corner space

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbing)

Free up extra floor space by considering a corner-shaped shower in a small bathroom. Much neater than a standard square or rectangular design, the neat triangular-shaped tray will slot into a corner, while the curved sides are less obtrusive than harshly-angled corners.

Curved doors slide back across the side panels, rather than opening outwards, so that no extra opening space is needed.

7. Slot in a shower under the eaves

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Be space-smart by turning an empty loft area into an extra shower room. Creating a second bathroom or small en-suite is a great way of utilising wasted loft space and installing a shower in the area underneath a pitched roof makes a clever use of this awkwardly-shaped space.

As long as there is enough upright space to stand comfortably beneath the shower head, then installing a shower under a sloping ceiling should be fairly simple. The shower screen or enclosure may need to be angled to suit the space, but there are plenty of companies that can create a bespoke design that’s tailored to fit. As with any loft conversion work, always check building regulations before proceeding.

8. Squeeze in a shower and a bath

(Image credit: Drench)

Combine the luxury of a bath with the practicalities of a shower by opting for a combination shower/bath. A savvy option when bathroom space is tight, an L-shaped design like this offers a full-sized bath, plus a dedicated shower cubicle at one end, all in a single space-saving unit.

Rather than fussy shower curtains, an integrated shower screen gives a sleek, streamlined look and is super-easy to clean around. Taps can be positioned either at one end or centrally to give optimum comfort when enjoying a soak in the tub.

9. Blur the lines with a frameless screen

(Image credit: Tile Mountain)

A walk-in shower is the ultimate in luxury, but you don’t necessarily need a huge bathroom to make it work. Dispensing with the shower door will make a small walk-in shower feel altogether more spacious. A fixed panel can be used to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom and opting for a frameless screen will create a better sense of flow with no harsh lines to interrupt the view.

10. Give a small space a focal point

(Image credit: Matki)

Turning a small bathroom into a wet room can be a better use of space if you don’t mind giving up the bath. Water-proofing the whole space will give a generously-sized showering area and makes a great option for a family bathroom, where splashes by little ones won’t be a worry.

Plain walls throughout can look a little bland, so why not consider adding a pop of pattern or colour to give the space more focus. Eye-catching monochrome wall panels like these make the shower area and end wall the focal point and help stretch the space so it doesn’t feel too enclosed.

11. Add storage on the end

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Lack of storage can be a problem in any bathroom, but never more than with a small bathroom. Work in extra storage where you can, making use of boxed-in pipework to create ledges and handy shelving or building cupboard storage into empty alcoves and awkward corners.

Use the area behind a shower or bath where water pipes or a tank might be sited to construct built-in storage. Building bespoke cupboards is a great way of disguising unsightly plumbing work and can be used to create an airing cupboard for towels and linens, as well as giving extra space to stash toiletries, loo rolls and cleaning supplies.

12. Stretch space with streamlined fittings

(Image credit: Matki)

Opting for compact sanitaryware and space-saving fittings will allow you to squeeze the maximum amount into a small bathroom shower idea. Slimline loos and basins and wall-hung fixtures and fittings will save on floor space, while opting for a compact bath that’s narrower and shorter than a standard size can save valuable inches too.

Consider a walk-in shower with frameless enclosure to increase the sense of space in a smaller bathroom. An all-glass design like this has strategically-positioned screens instead of outward-opening doors, which keep water in while allowing maximum light to flow through.

What is the smallest shower enclosure?

When it comes to shower enclosures for small bathrooms, opt for a corner-shaped or quadrant shower enclosure if you’re after a design that will take up minimum floor space. They are called quadrant because they are effectively one quarter of a full circle, with two straight edges at a 90 degree angle and a curved front. Designs range from enclosures with space-saving sliding doors, hinged doors, or sleek frameless enclosures for a more modern look.

Taking up slightly more floor space than a quadrant enclosure, an ‘offset quadrant’ enclosure will still sit flush in the corner of a bathroom, but is slightly lengthier in shape, so gives a little more space inside for a comfier shower experience.

Can you put a walk-in shower in a small bathroom?

With smart small bathroom shower ideas anything is possible. While walk-in showers are perfect for larger bathrooms, don’t rule one out if your bathroom is on the smaller side. Walk-in shower enclosures are available in smaller sizes, going from 1200mm in length upwards, so can be worked into a small bathroom if you are savvy with the layout. Opting for an all-glass walk-in shower enclosure is a clever way of making bathroom space feel less crowded. With no frame to obstruct the sightline, it will let more light flow through and help make the bathroom feel less busy.

Dispensing with the door is another way of making a walk-in shower work in a small bathroom. A single fixed panel instead of a shower enclosure will take up less space, while still separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Waterproofing the floor and surrounding area might be necessary, but is a small compromise for the luxury of a walk-in.

20 Small Shower Ideas That Still Make a Big Impact

If your bathroom is ultra petite, it doesn't mean that you can't fit an amazing shower into the setup. Sure, it may take a bit of creative thinking, but trust us—there are some beautiful small showers that get the job done while looking elegant at the same time.

Worried that a small space will make it difficult to embrace fun finishes and patterns? Well, fear not. The great news is that when designing a small shower, you can truly go in any direction you would like. Maybe you crave a bit of pattern—well, why not try a colorful tile or stone in the shower? But if you prefer neutrals, that's a popular choice, too. And if you're a modernist, there are plenty of ways to have fun with contemporary elements in the bathroom—glass shower doors and black hardware, anyone?

If you're in the process of designing a new bathroom and don't know where to begin, read on to gather plenty of decorating and layout inspo from the 20 images below.

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@ellers_bungalow / Instagram

Terrazzo in the shower: why not? This material is having a major moment and will jazz up even the most petite bathrooms. Given how often you use your shower, it's worthwhile to design it to fit your overall aesthetic and personality.

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@ohhh_my_home / Instagram

If your shower is ultra-small and you're concerned about bath product storage, take a cue from this setup, which features a handy built-in shelf that can house all of the essentials. There's even space for some adorable accents.

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@workerscottage / Instagram

Alternatively, if you're designing a small shower space from scratch, you could consider adding a built-in shelf to keep products within reach. This small nook is the perfect size for a few shampoo bottles and other basics.

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@elwell_home / Instagram

A beautiful herringbone pattern covers the length of an entire bathroom wall and extends into the shower. Don't be afraid to have fun with tile, which can really add style and personality to any small bathroom.

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@everydaycottage / Instagram

It's a bathroom and laundry room all in one! This utilitarian space does it all. A shower complete with a built-in shelf is essential and looks super sleek.

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@jennifershomeinterior / Instagram

This curved shower fits into a corner nook just perfectly. And why not enjoy some art while rinsing off? Hanging a gallery wall that can be viewed from within the shower adds intrigue to even the tiniest of bathrooms.

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@devonia_villa_ / Instagram

Love vintage-inspired spaces? You'll fall hard for this charming bathroom, which features a quintessential clawfoot tub that will transport you to simpler times. The best part is that it still functions as a shower as well—just on a smaller scale!

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@ournewbuild_atno44 / Instagram

While there isn't much breathing room between this shower, toilet, and sink, this petite bathroom still gets the job done. Opting for neutral paint colors and accessories can help make a space look a bit larger and airier, as exemplified here.

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@thenoviceblog / Instagram

Romanticize the everyday. Even if your shower is small, you can still make it look nice and luxe with the addition of candles, chic bath products, and even a small plant. Who needs a fancy spa when you can relax just as well from the comfort of your own home?

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@ballgownwithacoffeestain / Instagram

Another curved shower shines in this bathroom. Getting creative with layout is the name of the game when dealing with compact spaces.

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@withlovebytlc_ / Instagram

If you're a maximalist, you can still enjoy a variety of patterns in your bathroom—you just have to get creative. Various types of floor and wall tiles complement each other in this quirky space.

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@homewithmoti / Instagram

Modernists will fall for this sleek black shower that makes a contemporary statement despite being compact. A small space doesn't mean that you can't take big design risks—it actually implies the opposite. Your small shower is actually bursting with design potential.

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@lottieshousebuild / Instagram

Blink and you might miss this tiny shower, nestled behind a tiled wall. We're all about creative use of space, and this setup truly exemplifies making the most of every inch in a bathroom.

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@lizzydesigns_ / Instagram

In small bathrooms, showers that feature glass doors are a popular design choice. They appear more contemporary and make a space feel more open—no need for a bulky or busy-looking shower curtain.

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@creekside.designs / Instagram

A rustic-looking bench adds character to this bathroom and fits snugly inside the shower, where it can double as a storage space for shampoo and other essentials. Any shower looks grander with the addition of decorative details.

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@mon_maison_design / Instagram

This small shower is part of a bathroom sneakily hidden behind a closet door. Despite its size, the space is still full of natural light, which is always a win.

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@annarickardinteriors / Instagram

Bring on the gold and blue! These gorgeous colors make a luxe looking statement in this small bathroom. Gold hardware is a timeless choice and can go a long way in adding extra oomph to any space.

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@this_bright_house / Instagram

A half-sized glass panel is also a popular design choice and makes this shower area appear much less bulky than it would with a standard shower curtain present while still providing function.

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@athomein17 / Instagram

Shower under the stars! This peppy pattern is a great tile pick for a kids' bathroom or anywhere else that could use a bit of whimsy. A horizontal shelf that expands the length of the shower makes it easy to display bath products in a neat fashion; if the bathroom is shared, there's even room to set out baskets to keep each person's supplies nice and organized.

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@mamofboys / Instagram

A windowpane style shower door brings modern farmhouse vibes into the bathroom, as does the subway tile present throughout the space. If there's an aesthetic you love and incorporate throughout the rest of your home, why not bring it into the bathroom?

Small bathroom. Design with shower cabin

Article navigation: Shower cubicle in a small bathroom - photo

Typical buildings of the last century - a brilliant example of hasty accommodation for all those who needed housing. Own separate apartment, modest and no frills, was to satisfy the extraordinary demand of those who huddled in communal apartments.

After an exorbitant number of housewives trying to cook breakfast for husbands rushing to work, while they stood in line for common areas, a tiny combined bathroom of two and a half to three square meters seemed like a luxury! And now all this "luxury" was inherited by the descendants, which we are.

A Russian person must be smart! And on three and a quarter square meters of the bathroom, it is possible to place the necessary plumbing, including a washing machine. But the bathtub will have to be replaced with a shower cabin, says the architect, owner of the VK DESIGN studio, artist and interior designer Valery Krauklit.

Shower cubicle in a small bathroom - photo

In standard apartments, neither a separate nor a combined bathroom shines with spaciousness. Only a serious redevelopment will allow you to carve out a little usable area.

But not every owner is ready for serious steps and the destruction of partitions. Therefore, ingenuity and the competent use of every square centimeter are indispensable here, so that the shower cabin in a small bathroom is quietly located without disturbing the perspective of space.


Minimalist bathroom design features:


The outline of the shower cabin must be square or rectangular and marked with clear angles.

Even with the most modest dimensions of the room, the size of the shower cabin should be at least 0.8 x 0.8 m, so that there is no feeling of an enclosed space.

Small bathrooms can safely be classified as rooms with dimensions of 2.7x1.5 m, or 4.05 sq.m, 1.9x1.6 m, or 3.04 sq.m, and five-meter bathrooms, which, against the background of the first two, seem simply « royal mansions.

In four-meter bathrooms, semi-circular shower enclosures, measuring 160.0x75.0 cm, with a deep bottom and longitudinal orientation, are conveniently installed. A sort of mixed wagon that combines the functions of a shower and a small bathroom. The cabin has strong rectangular walls, and the pallet functions as a bathroom due to its deep shape. In such a bathroom, both a washing machine and the necessary cabinets for storing cleaning products and detergents, and even a laundry basket are perfectly placed.
PROJECT FOR A COMPACT POSITIONING OF A SHOWER CABIN, A WASHBASIN AND A WASHING MACHINE IN A FOUR METERS BATHROOM: Here you need not to make a mistake with the choice of a cabin in order to free up space for installing a washing machine. Often it is installed in the kitchen so that the bathroom is provided with both a bath and a shower.

Some owners prefer to remove the wall partition, combining the bathroom with the toilet room. This allows you to significantly increase the number of cherished meters of usable area, but in using the combined bathroom, minor incidents and disagreements among the inhabitants of the apartment are possible.


Based on the project, it can be seen that with the proper arrangement of all items, there remains an area free from equipment, measuring 77.5x65.0 cm, or exactly half a square meter, where you can move relatively freely.


Truly tantalum flour is experienced by every happy owner of a modest apartment when choosing plumbing. The grandiose range of hydro-products simply stuns the mind with a variety of forms, functions and design of bathrooms, cabins and hydroboxes.

A bathroom with a hydrobox does not need to install the bathtub itself, because the shower tray is so deep that it has this function.


Hydroboxes need a spacious room, representing a large hydraulic structure. The devices are equipped with the latest technology, combining a hydromassage shower and a hydromassage bath. Their shapes and sizes vary, ranging from 1.70x1.70 m, so their installation is complicated by the lack of space for modest standard bathrooms.

Hydro box in a small bathroom

Shower enclosures have more modest parameters. But the cabins are equipped with both shallow and quite capacious pallets of various depths. Sizes vary. The smallest shower cabin has parameters of 0.70x0.70 m, which is very tempting for the owner of a small bathroom burning with the desire to install the unit.

Another option is to build the shower enclosure yourself, ignoring the purchase of any of the installations.


It is no secret that some apartments in Khrushchev houses, in particular one-room apartments, did not require a bathroom at all. Such a bath-shower was tiled, equipped with a toilet bowl and a shower column. And there was a hole in the floor - a sewer drain. The bathroom was equipped with a high threshold to prevent water from entering the living space.

It is very easy to turn such a room into a fully functioning structure. It is only important to decide on the material for the interior doors of the future shower cabin and lining. Once all the preparations are left behind, you can get to work.

Shower cabin in Khrushchev photo

There are two options for creating a shower cabin with your own hands:

  1. The first and easiest way. The shower cabin-bathroom is assembled according to the type of designer from the purchased parts - a pallet, walls, hydraulic equipment.
  2. Create a cabin from building and cladding materials, using decorative elements in the decoration.

Every detail counts when decorating a room. As a rule, the interior is maintained in a single color scheme with permissible deviations of the color palette of one or two tones. You can achieve visual space in a modest area of ​​\u200b\u200ba small bathroom at the expense of finishing materials.

Furniture and sanitary ware are of great importance. The hanging option will significantly expand the visual space and make cleaning less laborious.

A few practical tips for designing a small bathroom where a shower cabin will be created:

  1. In the design of walls and ceilings, it is desirable to avoid white, but give preference to light colors.
  2. To create a perspective of space in wall decoration, it is better to use smooth ceramic tiles with a reflective surface.
  3. If there is a pattern, you should choose a small, vertical ornament.
  4. Wide borders should be avoided as they visually narrow the room.
  5. We must pay tribute to the lighting - it must be uniform with the obligatory illumination of mirrors and hanging cabinets, which also contributes to the expansion of space.
  6. A great effect to expand the boundaries of a narrow bathroom can be achieved with a corner mirror. The presence of a second large mirror on the adjacent long wall also contributes to the expansion of space.
  7. A short room can be extended with a contrasting wall located behind the shower or bath, depending on which of the hydraulic structures is installed in the wall.



Each person wants to equip their apartment as comfortably as possible. This is especially true of such necessary premises as a bathroom and toilet. In some cases, these two smallest rooms are combined into one, and then the owners face the question of how to make it quite comfortable and at the same time spacious?

Today we will talk about the design of a bathroom in 3 square meters. meters, because such a case requires not only imagination in the design, but also the knowledge of some tricks that will help not only expand the area, but also turn a tiny bathroom into 3 square meters. meters into a real "paradise" corner for everyday relaxation after a hard day's work.



  1. Basic rules for bathroom design meters.
  2. Bathroom 3 sq. meters with and without a toilet.
  3. Bathroom design 3 sq. meters with a washing machine.
  4. Little tricks.
  5. Photo design of a bathroom 3 sq. meters.


In order to have a bathroom of 3 square meters. meter, it became possible to place not only sinks and bathtubs, but also household appliances and various cabinets, you must adhere to the basic design rules.

  • First of all, you should give preference to light colors: the walls of a pleasant warm shade will not repel, and the room will seem very cozy. You should pay attention to the choice of tiles: they should be of medium size with a pattern or pattern that does not visually reduce the volume of the room.
  • Secondly, the arrangement of the pattern on the tile should be such that the bathroom does not seem excessively high or vice versa wide or even narrow. For the most optimal combination, you should choose a color for the ceiling one tone lighter than the color of the walls. Thus, the harmony of color and visual "illusion" will be achieved.
  • Thirdly, hanging chandeliers, lamps and even a lamp are not suitable for such a small bathroom, so it is wiser to resort to spotlights, which can be installed absolutely anywhere. Thus, the lighting will be the way you want, while the same visual “illusion” of a large room will not be violated.
  • Fourthly, in order for the bathroom to have enough space for everything you need, you need to correctly consider the arrangement of the bathtub, sinks, washing machine, corners for necessary items, shower cabin and bedside tables.

Despite the fact that 3 sq. a meter for a bathroom is very small, if you wish, you can equip this room in such a way as to accommodate everything you need. The design of such a bathroom will be different in cases where the bathroom has a toilet, and when the toilet has a separate place.


Let's consider design options for a bathroom with a toilet. Most often, with a combined sanitary unit, the owners have to choose between a bath and a shower, because the toilet also requires space and a free approach to it.

So, the advantage of a shower cabin over a bathtub is not only in saving space, but also in reducing water costs. After all, it is unlikely that someone will stand in the shower for an hour and a half, as those who like to do it in the bathroom, for whom the relaxation of the whole body is so important.


If you don't like the shower cabin in any way, and still want to install a bathtub, you can purchase a new and quite fashionable, but at the same time small-sized option - a sit-down bathtub.


Such a bath will take up much less space than a regular one, but at the same time the opportunity to soak in the water remains. In addition, sit-down bathtubs are now available in a variety of colors, which help to significantly diversify the design of the bathroom.

Another option for a bathtub for a combined bathroom are corner-type bathtubs, which can be purchased in different sizes, from small to quite dimensional.


And where to place the toilet, you say?

Yes, you need to choose the place wisely, but you should also pay attention to the toilet itself: it should not be large and have a bulky waste barrel. For such cases, corner toilets are perfect, or toilets that are attached directly to the wall and take up very little space. With the right choice of bath and toilet, you can save space even for a bedside table or shelves.

If the bathroom and toilet "live" separately, you can dream up a lot more and fit in the bathroom a lot more different items. In this case, you can not refuse a full-fledged bath, but the size still should not be too large.

Even if you want to equip your bathroom with a shower, you can purchase a trendy medium-sized shower cabin with a matt color of the doors (sliding), while the drain is made directly into the floor. In a bathroom separate from the toilet, you can store more hygiene items, install several corners, including hanging ones, equip a cabinet above the sink, or a bedside table under the sink to hide the plumbing and provide additional storage space for towels, etc.


Any self-respecting housewife prefers to have a washing machine in the bathroom. So it is hidden from prying eyes, and makes washing more convenient, because sometimes you have to wash some things with your hands. And in the kitchen, doing this is somehow not entirely appropriate. So, where to place the washing machine in the bathroom in 3 square meters. meters?

The answer is very simple: the best location is under the sink. In this position, it does not take up extra space, and fits perfectly into the design. At the same time, it becomes possible to install a large sink, and above it you can hang a mirror and shelves for storing various items that should always be at hand.


If the location of the washing machine under the sink does not appeal to you, and you still want the washing machine to stand apart, you will have to purchase a medium-sized washing machine, since the overall model will not only take up a lot of space, but also negatively affect the trajectory your movement in the bathroom. Photos of bathrooms with a washing machine can be viewed here.

LITTLE Tricks.

Bathroom design in 3 square meters. meter requires the owners to show not only ingenuity, but also follow the advice of designers who skillfully use some tricks in their work. These highlights include:

  • Correct play of colors (combination of wall, floor and ceiling colors to create a visual “illusion”).
  • Installation of spotlights instead of conventional ceiling lamps.
  • Installation of a fashionable and practical shower enclosure with sliding doors and floor drain.
  • Correct location of the washing machine.
  • Small hangers for towels and bathrobes on the bathroom door.
  • Installation of corners, both hanging and floor, etc.
  • The installation of a mirror in the bathroom deserves special attention. If the room seems too high, a horizontal oval or rectangular mirror with an extended width should be preferred, and if the bathroom seems wide but low, an elongated, vertical oval, diamond-shaped or elongated rectangle mirror will do.


Due to the fact that designers come up with new design options for bathrooms in 3 square meters. meters, it becomes possible to create a fashionable, cozy and easy-to-use bathroom with all the necessary components: sink, bath, shower, washing machine, cabinet, cabinets, corners, mirror, etc.


In a 5 sq. m. You can install a wide roomy bathtub and every day, lying in it, enjoy the most pleasant water treatments.

Five square meters for a living room is not enough, but by the standards of a standard bathroom, this is a real airfield. Most residents of high-rise buildings dream of a five-meter spacious bathroom that freely accommodates all pieces of furniture, plumbing and decorative items. On such an area, it is quite possible to roam and finally take the risk of bringing your unrestrained design ideas to life. The design of a 5 m2 bathroom is easy, interesting and entertaining to think over, since the field for activity provides room for imagination, unlike a one and a half meter cramped and uncomfortable bathroom.


On the spacious area at your disposal, you can safely use shades, colors and patterns that visually reduce the precious space for small bathrooms. If you have long cherished the dream of a red, black or peach bathroom, then with a five-meter room, your dreams will finally cease to be just dreams.

In a 5 sq. m. You can install a wide roomy bathtub and every day, lying in it, enjoy the most pleasant water treatments.



It is desirable to equip the design of a sufficiently large bathroom in such a way that it is permeated with a single theme. The most common contemporary bathroom themes today are the theme of the beach, sea breeze, sandy beach and raging waves. In the photo, the embodiment of such an idea looks very creative. There are a billion options for implementing the idea of ​​​​creating a thematic interior, since in specialized stores you can pick up furniture, plumbing, accessories and finishing materials in the required style (toilets painted like an aquarium, tiles with marine motifs, cabinets in the shape of sea shells, and so on). In order not to waste time on shopping trips, you can order interior items for the bathroom you are interested in in the online store, having previously familiarized yourself with its products from the photo.

Designing a 5 sq.m. bathroom. m., with all seriousness, one should approach the important issue of organizing lighting. Remember that if it is installed incorrectly, the room will seem uncomfortable, cold and inhospitable. It is better to entrust the solution of this issue to specialists who quickly, easily and correctly organize multi-level lighting using ceiling chandeliers, wall sconces, spotlights and floor lamps. All light sources should be in harmony with the style of the bathroom, emphasizing its uniqueness and originality. The photo clearly shows how, with the help of directional rays of artificial light, you can focus on certain elements located in the bathroom.

Small bathroom design - layout options and lots of photos

What unites Khrushchev and modern studio apartments? Often this is a small bathroom. Only 3-4 "squares" for plumbing and comfort. Is it a lot or a little? Someone will say that it is inexcusably small. But if you try, you can create an attractive design for a small bathroom with a shower and other plumbing.

What tasks face the owners of the apartment when arranging a small bathroom?

  • Place plumbing, furniture, accessories and storage systems. It is difficult, but possible, to fit a bathtub or shower cabin, a toilet bowl and a washbasin, cabinets and heated towel rails into a tiny room. The main thing is to follow the advice of designers and remember the little tricks.
  • Create a functional and aesthetically attractive room in which you can not only wash, but also relax or retire, which is especially important for every member of a large family.
  • Choose finishing materials, plumbing and furniture in such a way that they are not only functional and comfortable, but also combined.

How to put a shower in a small bathroom if the dimensions of the room cannot be physically changed? You will have to choose the “right” plumbing and furniture, as well as use effective design techniques to visually expand the space. If you do everything according to the rules, you will like the result.

Where to begin?

Before ordering everything you need for repairs in plumbing and building materials stores, you need to prepare the room. It is important to carefully, literally down to the smallest detail, think over the layout of a small bathroom with a shower and other interior features. Here's what it's for:

  • maintain the overall concept and not regret the repair in a couple of weeks;
  • save time and money by choosing finishing materials, plumbing and furniture wisely;
  • get a comfortable and functional space for relaxation and daily hygiene procedures.

Here are 5 steps to a perfect layout:

  1. Consider the shape of the room. In most apartments, bathrooms almost always have a standard layout, they are small or medium in size.
  2. Consider the location of communication lines. Engineering systems can be moved for convenient location and use of plumbing.
  3. Decide where the doorway, bathtub or shower, towel warmer, mirror, washbasin, cabinets and storage systems will be located.
  4. Determine how the ventilation system will fit into the interior with a small bath or shower. In a humid room, you can not do without it.
  5. Choose ergonomic sanitary ware, furniture and finishing materials in the same color scheme to visually enlarge the bathroom.

Many designers agree that renovations in a small bathroom with a shower should be done with the right design concept in mind. In the case of small rooms, the best solution is minimalism, when everything in the interior is simple and concise, functional and no frills.

How can you furnish a small bathroom?

To make this room as comfortable as possible, you will have to make a choice between several types of plumbing and furniture at the repair stage:

  • compact shower or standard bath;
  • bathroom, combined with a toilet, or without it;
  • additional plumbing or storage systems.

Bath or shower?

A shower in a small bathroom is often the only correct way out. It is clear that you will have to choose an ergonomic model, and not a large hydrobox. But here the question arises: can a cabin replace a bath if you want to not only take a quick shower, but also fully relax after a hard day?

You need shower enclosure models that have the following features:

  • deep trays, with a jacuzzi to take a bath and bathe the children;
  • angular configurations, which, for all their ergonomics, are roomy;
  • the presence of an electronic control panel and hydromassage jets for relaxation.

The advantages of the shower cabin are convincing:

  • a corner shower in a small bathroom saves usable space;
  • you do not overpay for utilities and significantly save water;
  • the bathroom has an optimal level of humidity: ventilation above the cabin removes excess moisture;
  • you get a functional solution for hygiene procedures, aqua massage and relaxation;
  • a modern shower cabin in a small bathroom has an affordable price and stylish design.

If you are for traditional solutions, then it is better to choose a bath. But not the standard rectangular, but angular or curved. So you get a roomy and ergonomic plumbing that does not interfere with the placement of a washing machine, a washbasin with a mirror, a heated towel rail and cabinets.

Bathroom and toilet: together or apart?

In small apartments, there are often combined bathrooms. How to place a toilet in a small bathroom so that there is room for other plumbing? You should choose either a suspended model or a flush-mounted installation. These options have several undeniable advantages:

  • all communications are hidden, which saves additional space and makes the interior of the room aesthetic;
  • ergonomic toilet frees up space for installing a bath or shower, washing machine, washbasin, cabinet with a mirror;
  • installations and wall-mounted toilets have a solid construction, manufacturers give them an extended warranty, and they are easy to care for.

In some cases, the design of a small bathroom without a toilet is preferable. For example, if there are several people in the family, there are children of different ages or elderly people. In this case, you should not combine the bathroom with the toilet, so as not to create difficulties for anyone.

Which sanitary ware and furniture should I choose?

A small bathroom often does not allow plumbing fixtures and furniture of standard dimensions to fit into the space. Someone sacrifices a mirror and a cabinet for the sake of a washing machine, while someone refuses plumbing in favor of storage systems. Such solutions have the right to exist, but it is better to find a reasonable compromise:

  • When choosing a corner bathtub or shower enclosure, you will find space for an ergonomic washing machine. Even if there is very little space, you can install the washing machine under the sink, thereby freeing up space for a wall-mounted toilet or installation.
  • A cabinet for storing accessories with mirrored doors can be placed not only on the wall above the washbasin, but also on the wall above the installation, if the design project does not provide for the presence of a washbasin in a small bathroom. So you free up space for a heated towel rail.
  • The compact washing machine can be built in between the wall and the bathtub/shower or in another free niche. Storage systems (shelves-doors on brackets) can be equipped in the side parts of the bath. They are suitable for shampoos and other hygiene products.

As for the heated towel rail, in a small bathroom, the compact models of these devices, which have a U-shape, are optimal. You can install them anywhere, but it is important to consider the type of device. If the electric one can be installed in any part of the room, then it will not work with the water one.

What mistakes should not be made?

Many owners of apartments with small bathrooms often think that they have taken everything into account: they have thought through the layout, chosen ergonomic plumbing, and selected furniture. But they forget about the most important thing: the rules of design. And already at the stage of repair they make unforgivable mistakes:

  • pick up tiles and other finishing materials of the wrong size and shape;
  • forget that decoration, furniture and plumbing must be combined and complement each other;
  • use too many color accents, or mix different designs and styles, which is unacceptable.

A small shower room without a cabin or with a toilet, without furniture or with plumbing will not look attractive if the design concept is not maintained in the room. When every square centimeter is worth its weight in gold, you should not fantasize, you need to adhere to working rules.

Here are the rules:

  • Walls and ceiling should be done in light colors, but classic white is best avoided, it's too boring and trivial solution.
  • To visually increase the space of the room, be sure to use medium-sized smooth ceramic tiles with a reflective surface.
  • When choosing a tile with a pattern, you need to give preference to a medium-sized vertical ornament that does not visually reduce the size of the room.
  • The color of the tile itself and the patterns / patterns on it should be a tone lighter than the walls in the bathroom in order to achieve color harmony and a visual increase in space.
  • A wall in a contrasting color behind a bathtub or shower will help visually lengthen a short bathroom, and also make the interior original.
  • A large corner mirror visually expands the boundaries of a narrow bathroom, and the presence of a second mirror on the adjacent long wall creates a perspective effect.
  • The lighting should be uniform, spotlights are needed, as well as the illumination of mirrors and cabinets to visually enlarge the room.
  • When choosing the type of shower cabin for a small bathroom, it is better to choose a corner model with a deep tray that can be used as a bathtub.
  • To save space as much as possible, you should install the washing machine under the washbasin, place a cabinet with mirrored doors above the washbasin.

What about the color scheme?

Although white is considered a classic, today it is increasingly associated with the hospital ward. And I want to bring something more original to the interior of a small bathroom in my own apartment. And this can be done if you correctly place color accents. Here's how to achieve this:

  • “Dilute” white wall tiles with wooden surfaces. These are the facades of hanging cabinets and shelves, or imitation of wood on ceramic tiles in places where floors are finished.
  • Cover the floor with tiles or other coating, 2-3 tones darker than the colors of the walls and ceiling. It is on the floor that the coating with patterns and drawings looks very good.
  • For a small bathroom of a standard or irregular shape, finishing materials in pastel colors, such as light beige, are good.
  • The gray color in the wall decoration emphasizes the whiteness of plumbing and the shine of chrome-plated accessories and appliances (faucets, holders, heated towel rails).
  • Dark and deep shades emphasize the geometry of the bathroom and highlight functional areas (for example, separate the shower cabin).
  • Tiles with bright patterns and drawings, as well as color inserts, are also appropriate. So you can add more comfort and space to the room.
  • The presence of one wall with a contrasting color scheme is appropriate in cases where you want to make the bathroom interior original.

How to choose a shower cabin, sanitary ware and furniture in a small bathroom with non-standard colors? The main rule is simple: everything must be combined. Bathrooms in the spirit of minimalism should be equipped with sanitary ware and furniture with strict geometric shapes. But you can play with color.

You should not choose plumbing and furniture of the same color, otherwise everything will merge into one spot. If the bathtub and washbasin are white, then the cabinets may have a different, contrasting color. Having a modern shower enclosure requires stylish accessories, such as faucets with shiny chrome surfaces.

Summing up

If the bathroom is too small, do not give up the opportunity to turn it into a cozy place to relax. Now there are a lot of design techniques for this. Thousands of experts advise how to place a shower cabin and other plumbing in a small bathroom so that it is beautiful, practical and stylish.

Read articles, study photos of interiors, take note of tips and tricks. When you present the final concept of the interior of the room, you will be able to choose the optimal color and texture of finishing materials, modern and functional plumbing, ergonomic furniture and accessories.

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