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Green Granite Countertops (Colors & Styles)

Welcome to our design gallery of green granite countertops. Exuding with beauty and possessing durability which can last a lifetime, green granite is an excellent countertop choice for luxurious kitchens. Just like any other type of granite, green granite countertops are a wise and practical investment for any home, not only because of their resilience but also because they are very easy to maintain. Below you will find green granite countertops, their most popular types and a comprehensive styling guide for matching with cabinets in your kitchen.

Although not a top choice like white granite countertops and not as popular as black granite, green granite is one of the most sophisticated countertop options one can explore. Radiating  flamboyance and grandiose, green granite countertops works as a bold dramatic statement for any kitchen. It is a distinctive and eye catching focal point in itself which will surely make your home interesting. This page is part of our granite countertops ultimate guide (Make sure to visit it for more styles & colors)

Green granite is available in a variety of colors which range from subtle to strong shades. Among all granite colors, it offers the most variation in secondary colors which make it versatile when it comes to design and matching. It comes in a variety of light to dark shades of green, gold, copper or black, with undertones ranging from white, beige and gray, and highlights of golden yellow, garnet red and aqua blue.

Considered to be the most exotic looking granite, green granite is also available in a wide array of patterns. It comes in solid colors with little variations of subtle gray dots or either a coarse, pebbled, grained or flecked pattern. This kind of pattern is the most uniform looking.

The second kind of pattern is the marbled or veined type which is characterized by a smooth transition of colors and textures. This is the most interesting type of green granite as the color combinations are very unique and incomparable to other granite colors. With high movements and rich dynamics, marbled green granite is probably one of the rarest in terms of appearance.

The last kind of pattern is the speckled type has high variations between color and texture. Speckled green granite has accents of frosted crystals and metallic colored minerals such as mica, quartz and feldspar.

Green granite is also an ideal countertop for both casual and formal kitchens, depending on the shade of its color. But typically, it is used for more traditional designs. It is a stunning addition to styles which require deep rich color palettes like the Medieval, Rustic, Moroccan, Country and English Country inspired concepts. Its availability in heavy bold patterns also make it highly appropriate for Victorian and Tuscan inspired settings.

Contrary to popular belief, green countertops are not really a challenge when it comes to decorating. Since green is also a relaxing and soothing color, green granite countertops tend to make homes more inviting and inspiring. It is the color of nature, that is why it gives kitchens a relaxing atmosphere and a natural look. Earthy shades with brown and gray undertones in green granite also remind us of the colors we see in plants and foliage giving kitchen interiors an organic design and cozy ambience.

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Matching Green Granite Countertops with Cabinets

Aside from being considered as one of the most sophisticated countertops, the beauty of green granite is that it blends well with any cabinet color. Its availability in different patterns and colors make it versatile when it comes to design and matching.

Here is a simple styling guide you can follow if you choose to use green granite as a countertop for your kitchen.

Choosing what type of green granite to use:

Matching and Ideas:

Some more key design tips to remember when using green granite countertops for your kitchen:

Green Granite Price

Generally speaking, green granite is more expensive than its white and black counterparts since most green granite’s are considered to be rare and have an exotic look. Natural slabs which directly come from quarries are more expensive and are priced at around $35 to $70 per square foot for 3 millimeter thick slabs.

The more dramatic and distinctive the design is, the more expensive it gets. Green granite which are rare such as the Silver Sea Granite, Emerald Green Granite and Light Peacock Green Granite falls on the high end bracket for countertops, usually costing around $50 to $70 per square foot for the material only. However, these estimates may vary depending on your location.

Labor costs and installation for green granite is the same for other types of granite. It approximately costs double the amount of materials and usually take up about 70% of the total project cost. Aside from these factors, also take into consideration the edging to be used.

You can never go wrong with a green granite countertop paired with dark Cherry cabinets, a neutral flooring and light walls. This traditional inspired kitchen used the green granite countertop as a simple yet stunning focal point.

Green granite is available in different colors and patterns. Below is a list of the most popular types of green granite used for kitchen countertops.

Characteristics: Typhoon Green granite is considered one of the rare types of granite. Characterized by a medium toned background consisted of green, gray, cream stone base with gold and brown vein highlights and burgundy flecks. Its general appearance looks more like a subtle olive green with a brownish tone.  This type of granite is a perfect match for wooden kitchen cabinets.

Cost: $45 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Characteristics: An exotic type of granite, Rainforest Green Granite is mostly made up of serpentinite stone in a combination of moss green and cream background accentuated with browns which flow like a tree branch pattern. Due to the high movement in the pattern of this granite, this type of countertop must be paired with a light colored kitchen cabinet. White kitchen cabinetry are also an ideal pair as it does not overpower the unique look of this one of a kind stone.

Cost: $20 to $35  per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Rainforest green granite countertop  when paired with Red Mahogany stained wooden cabinetry and matching wooden planks flooring create a warm and inviting feel for any kitchen.  The addition of a muted colored tile backsplash complements the colors of the countertop without overpowering it.

Seafoam Green Granite

Characteristics: With a distinctive look resembling the appearance of beach foam, it is characterized by a combination of muted green and gray background highlighted with white crystals, occasional dark minerals and a tinge of yellow tone. Considered to be an exotic and rare type of stone, Seafoam green granite is more expensive than other types of granite because it is harder to find and produce. To make this countertop an interesting focal point for your kitchen, it is best to pair it with white cabinets or light colored wooden cabinets.

Cost:$50 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Tropical Green Granite

Characteristics: With a fascinating veiny pattern, this type granite is mostly dark green in color with white, light blue and dark gray waves all throughout. Also known as Kerala Green Granite, Verde Kerala Granite, Verde Tropical  Granite. Since this granite has a busy overwhelming look, it is highly suited as a countertop for white kitchen cabinets.

Cost: $50 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Butterfly Green Granite

Characteristics:  Also known as Verde Butterfly Granite, this type of green granite is predominantly jade green in color with blends of white, black and gray fine veins. It has a consistent dynamic veining pattern and sometimes has yellowish accents in its surface. When used with light colored kitchen cabinets, this type of granite countertop will surely make your color palette pop.

Cost: $35 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Low

Peacock Green Granite

Characteristics: Resembling the colors of peacock feathers, this type of green granite has a charismatic blend of deep greens, iridescent blues and cool grays which is highlighted with gold flecks and hints of purple or pink. It has a very dark base which appears almost black in color. Considered to be one of the most vibrant granite types, the Peacock Green granite has a captivating appeal which makes it a pearfect countertop for natural wooden stained kitchen cabinets. Also known as Verde Peacock Granite, Peafowl Green Granite, Furong Green Granite,

Cost: $35 to $40 per square foot (2cm thick) , $40 to $50 per square foot (3cm thick)

$65 per square foot (2cm thick) for the lighter variant

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Low

Emerald Green Granite

Characteristics: A type of granite which has little variation and characterized by a dark black background accentuated with lustrous blue crystals , sparkling green and silver mineral flecks and has undertones of white and gray. Other industry names are Chinese Uba Tuba Granite, Labrador Escuro, Green Lundhs, Emerld Pearl Granite. Its metallic appearance makes it a “stand out” countertop for kitchens with white cabinetry or light and natural stained wooden cabinets.

Cost: $50 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Norway

Pattern Variation: Low

 Natural stained oak cabinets, matching wooden plank flooring and  Emerald Green granite countertop completes the inviting look of this country inspired kitchen. Stainless steel appliances and a simple diagonal patterned tile backsplash add subtle contrast and accents to the look of this space.

Surf Green Granite

Characteristics: Surf green granite has a very light green base which has hints of gray and beige flecks. Its overall color almost looks grayish which makes it an ideal countertop for creating contrast for kitchens with dark colored cabinets.

Cost: $40 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Low

Esmeralda Green Granite

Characteristics:  Also known as Costa Esmeralda Granite, Costa Smeralda Granite or Verde Esmeralde Granite, this type of granite has a very unique color which is characterized by dominant golden veins running along a soft light green background with white, light gray and black veins and undertones. Some slabs of Esmeralda Green Granite can either be very dark or very light. As a kitchen countertop, it is best paired with white or light colored cabinets. Since this granite is more tricky to incorporate in kitchen designs, remember to keep your palette neutral to allow the natural beauty of this granite to radiate into the space.

Cost: $40 per square foot (3cm thick) , $30 per square foot (2cm thick)

Country of Origin: Italy

Pattern Variation: Medium

Hawaiian Green Granite

Characteristics: Hawaiian Green granite has an olive green base color and gray undertones accentuated with dark pink and garnet flecks, dark gray and yellowish striations.  It is also known as Verde Laura Granite, Verde Jewel Granite in India or or Verde Tropical Granite. This type of granite kitchen countertop will surely add sophistication to kitchens with medium to dark colored wooden cabinetry.

Cost: $40 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Seaweed Green Granite

Characteristics: Other names in the industry are Pocono Green Granite, Titanic Green Granite or Pine Green Granite. Seaweed Green granite has a very rich green color with golden veins, red and black flecks and little beige undertones. This type of granite countertop is an ideal pair for white, light and medium colored wooden cabinets, It can also be used with dark cabinets if aiming for an extravagant and dramatic look for your kitchen.

Cost: $46 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin:  India

Pattern Variation: High

Galaxy Green Granite

Characteristics: Galaxy green granite has a distinctive appearance which resembles shooting stars spread across a dark sky. Characterized by a black background with varying depths of green and gray veins which makes its overall look predominantly a rich green color. Sometimes it also has occasional blue flecks in its surface. It is also known as Verde Pantanal Granite or Green Pantanal Granite. For more ideas see pictures of black granite countertops here.

Cost: $35 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: High

Silver Sea Green Granite

Characteristics: At a closer look, this type of green granite is like the light and opposite version of a Seaweed Green granite. Characterized by a heavily crystallized appearance, it has  frost white and beige background highlighted with silver, yellowish and gray minerals. It is also known as Green Ranyah Granite, Rania Green Granite, Ranyah Emerald Granite, Saudi Green Granite or Oriental Green Granite. It is best used as a countertop for white, light, medium and dark stained wooden kitchen cabinets.

Cost: $65 to $70 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia

Pattern Variation: High

Mountain Green Granite

Characteristics: A  type of green granite with a granular pattern, it has an olive green background with with pale green, white, gray and black grains. This green granite countertop is a perfect match for medium to dark stain wooden kitchen cabinets.

Cost: $40 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Medium

Green Pearl Granite

Characteristics: Green Pearl Granite has a combination of dark emerald green and warm gray background accentuated with small golden veins and black and white flecks. It is also known as Labrador Verde Granite, Labrador Dunkel Graniteor Verde Larvik Granite. Add richness to the overall look of your kitchen by pairing this type of countertop with white or Cherry colored cabinets.

Cost: $3o to $40 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: India

Pattern Variation: Low

Verde Bamboo Granite

Characteristics: Characterized by a rich, dramatic, one of a kind appearance, Verde Bamboo granite has colors and patterns which highly resembles a bamboo. Considered to be a rare and exotic type of quartzite, it has varying shades of green, a light moss green background color with strong black veining pattern and yellow green highlights. When used, it adds a tropical feel to the ambiance of a space. As a countertop, it works as an interesting focal point and contributes contrast and dimension to the design of kitchens. Also known as Bamboo Green Granite, Verde Bamboo Clasico Granite, Verde Bambu Granite, Amazon Green Granite.

Cost: $55 to $65 per square foot (3cm thick)

Country of Origin: Brazil

Pattern Variation: Medium

Green Granite Tile

Green Granite Tile

You can buy green granite at a lower cost by opting to go with granite tiles. Granite tiles are pre-cut, smaller and lighter which makes them more manageable when it comes to handling and installation. It is the cheapest form of granite countertop material that is available in the market because unlike raw slabs which are giant, this type is fabricated in smaller forms. This is more appropriate for small scale projects or for kitchens with complicated layouts or counter shapes.

Installation wise, granite tiles are butted edge to edge and has joints which need to be sealed perfectly. Considered to be a downside of using granite tiles is that it is more cheap looking than a whole slab countertop and needs grout which exactly matches the color of your tile to lessen the visibility of seams. Maintenance wise, granite tiles require more care because dirt can slip into joints and the grout also needs to be resealed regularly.

Green granite tiles usually cost $6 to $15 per piece or $10 to $40 per square foot. Typical sizes are 12 inches by 12 inches (12” x 12”) for square tiles or 31 inches length by 18 inches width (31” L x 18” W) for rectangular tiles which are 0. 5 inches thick. This may be purchased off the shelf at stone suppliers or home improvement stores. Installation costs may run around $50 to $75 per square foot.

Green granite tiles are also available in a variety of patterns as they are basically the same types of green granite but just reduced in size, so design wise, they are still versatile and flexible. When it comes to style, green granite tiles are more appropriate for modern and contemporary kitchens with simple lay-outs. It is also available in polished or matte finish.

Shown above is an example of Emerald Green granite tile which is 31 inches by 18 inches in size. As one can notice, it has a grayish green pebbled appearance with beige and cool gray undertones. This type of green granite tile is ideal as a countertop for kitchens with dark colored cabinetry.

Visit this page for more ideas about granite countertop colors including edge types and finishes.

34+ ( Top ) Green Kitchen Cabinets


34+ Green Kitchen Cabinets

ID# 91521 | Houzz. com – Credit | © City Home Collective

Transitional Light Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets With Wooden Countertop

Another light mint green kitchen cabinets with wooden countertop on the island. Loved adding darker shades like black for the knobs and gray for the other countertop that closes to the white window wall. It gave a little bit excitement into these pale colors! Green kitchen with tile backsplash.

ID# 91506 | – Credit | © Habitar Design

Bright Mint Green Cabinets With White Backsplash

What a beautiful mint green cabinets that give this kitchen a characteristic! Benjamin Moore’s wall paint. The white diamond backsplash opens up space! gray Cambria kitchen countertop color. We also love the glass details!

34+ ( Top ) Green Kitchen Cabinets – ” Good for Kitchen? ” Get Ideas.

If you are tired of white kitchen designs, and looking for a colorful option for your kitchen, this is another post from us whose heart and eyes can not deny the beauty, and the energy of green kitchen cabinets, it will bring into your kitchen!

ID# 91501 | Houzz. com – Credit | © Marvin

Farm House Kitchen with Hunter Green Cabinets And Marble Countertop

If you are one who enjoy seeing paler, dark colors into your kitchen, the hunter green cabinets would be a great idea with the white onyx countertop and farm sink that pops up the beautiful shade of dark green!

ID# 91502 | – Credit | © Dreamhouse Enterprises

Renovation Midcentury Kitchen With Moss Green Cabinets

Can you see the picture that children are running around the island when mom and dad are cooking together? It is a cozy family house kitchen with the choice of moss green cabinets and wooden countertop. The moss green cabinet designs are so minimal and the color cheers up the atmosphere of the kitchen!

ID# 91503 | – Credit | © Ambrose Custom Builders, Inc.

Barn Style Farmhouse Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets And Black Countertop

With this shade of sage green cabinets you suddenly wake your eyes up into a summer morning! The color makes this place cozy. We loved the dark gray countertop and wooden textures around the kitchen!

ID# 91504 | – Credit | © Mod Cabinetry

Remodeled Transitional Dark Green Cabinets

This transitional kitchen is a dream! How bright and clean look this is with the little touch of white subway backsplash and marble countertop that pop up the dark green cabinets. We loved the idea of open shelves and visible cabinet doors that gives you a room to show off your beautiful kitchen utensils!

ID# 91505 | – Credit | © Mercury Mosaics and Tile

Bluegrass Diamond Backsplash Tile In A Transitional Pine Green Kitchen

How luxurious kitchen with the bluegrass diamond backsplash tile and gold lightning! The pine green cabinets and wooden hardware give a little coziness into this luxurious kitchen!

ID# 91507 | – Credit | © Virge Temme Architecture Inc

Cottage Farmhouse Mint Green Kitchen With Wooden Countertop

This kitchen shows you have no limit with green! A different interpretation of a cottage farmhouse kitchen going with mint green cabinets without giving up the traditional style of these cabinets!

ID# 91508 | Houzz. com – Credit | © Sneller Custom Homes and Remodeling, LLC

Moss Green and White Kitchen Cabinets With Marble Countertop

If you like a more classic look but still want a touch of green to your kitchen, it would be an option going with moss green color! We love this pale moss green color on island cabinets!

ID# 91509 | – Credit | © Blue Tea Kitchens and Bathrooms

Contemporary European Style Sage Green Cabinets With Wooden Island

The simplistic look with European style cabinetry! The sage green goes very well with the light wooden texture on the island! The white quartz completes the neutrals just perfect!

ID# 91510 | – Credit | © Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Emerald Green Cabinets With Geometric Green Backsplash

Bring it up the green on the wall with geometric green backsplash! The emerald green hue cabinets and the gold knob details give a vibrant energy to this kitchen!

ID# 91511 | Houzz. com – Credit | © Tom Howley

Dark Green Shaker Style Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

Beautiful shade of green that you would consider going with all green cabinets! This almost black, dark green shaker style cabinets can take you out of the monotonous all-white kitchen ideas! With the gold touches, lighting details and white countertop turn up this kitchen is bright and airy space!

ID# 91513 | – Credit | © Lenton Company, Inc.

Farmhouse Transitional Green And White Kitchen Cabinets

The little touch of green painted changes the whole energy of the kitchen! We love the white and green cabinets with the mosaic backsplash! The wooden texture makes the kitchen a cozy place!

ID# 91514 | – Credit | © Rosewood Custom Cabinetry & MillworkD

Farm Cottage Style Traditional Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets

The best colors to make your kitchen cozy, green and brown! We love the wooden texture and sage green that turn this kitchen a lively place! the shelf section on the island is a good idea to keep all your cookbooks in one place!

ID# 91515 | Houzz. com – Credit | © Black Lacquer Design

Contemporary Dark Green Cabinets With Black Marble Countertop

Dark shades haven’t looked that gorgeous before! If you feel more comfortable in dark shades high gloss paint, going with black marble kitchen countertop and dark green cabinets would be a perfect choice! You can decorate with varies o backsplash tiles! We loved the white touch of geometric pattern backsplash!

ID# 91516 | – Credit | © Onyx Marble and Granite

Sage Green and White Kitchen Cabinets With White Marble Imperial Island

Another gorgeous interior design of bright green and white kitchen cabinets combination! However, this time the white marble countertops is preferred instead of a wooden texture!

ID# 91517 | – Credit | © Group DCA

All Olive Shade of Green Cabinets With Subway Red Brick Tile

Olive green is a perfect shade of green that gives vibrancy and lift the energy o space. How fun it would be cooking in this kitchen! Slate tile kitchen floor with brick backsplash tile.

ID# 91518 | – Credit | © Martha O’Hara Interiors

Beach Style Kitchen With Light Green Cabinets

Bright Vibrant Green Cabinets remind us of the green color of the grass in the summer! Such a playful and fun color for a kitchen! We loved adding a high wooden table with bar chairs next to the island and subway tile backsplash.

ID# 91520 | – Credit | Westbrook Interiors | © Erica George Dines

Traditional Green Kitchen Cabinets With White Quartz Countertop

This grayish-green is a gorgeous touch if you are tired of seeing black and white or black gray kitchen contrasts. We loved the white marble full slap backsplash!

ID# 91522 | – Credit | © Herringbone Kitchens

Transitional Light Mint Green Cabinets With Marble Countertop

Can we say the most preferred combination is a light shade of a green kitchens, wooden texture and marble touch or white backsplash or countertop? Very calm colors that make you spend your time here in this mint green kitchen all day long!

PHOTO ID#: 91523 | Houzz. com – Credit | © Crystal Blackshaw Interiors

Modern Rustic Cottage Hunter Green Kitchen Cabinets

Can’t imagine any other color for this eclectic modern rustic cottage kitchen! The hunter green cabinets and white subway backsplash tiles up to the ceiling with a choice of a black bar table and chairs are a very innovative interpretation of an ordinary cottage kitchen ideas!

ID# 91524 | – Credit | RSI Kitchen & Bath | © Anne Matheis

Sage Green Kitchen With Mosaic Floor Tiles

We loved matching the door color to the black island cabinetry in this sage green kitchens. The mosaic tile on the floor and the white subway tiles turn this kitchen into an expressive and a special place!

ID# 91525 | – Credit | Kitchen & Bath Details | © Matt Francis

Beach Style Kitchen With Sage Green Cabinets

Another sage green cabinets and white kitchen cabinetry with gray countertop. However, we see another island with marble countertop on! We loved creating space according to your needs using two islands!

ID# 91526 | – Credit | David Heide Design Studio | © Susan Gilmore

Mediterranean Style Light Mint Green Kitchen With Wooden Details

Wooden table and lighting hardware and white square white backsplash into this light mint green kitchen! We loved the black traditional style knobs that follow the Mediterranean soul of the kitchen!

ID# 91527 | – Credit | Benson Interiors, Inc. | © Greg Premru

Summer Home Beach Style Kitchen With Bright Mint Green Cabinets

The cutest vintage interpretation of summer beach style kitchen with kitchen hardware and appliance choices! These bright mint green cabinets make this space like you are in the playground. The tile choices for the backsplash and on the floor complete the antique summer kitchen spirit!

ID# 91528 | – Credit | Deb Bayless – Design for Keeps | © Mike Kaskel

Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets With White Subway Backsplash

We see subway white backsplash tile, sage green cabinets, and quartz white countertop again in another transitional kitchen. Can’t think of another combination of colors for a nostalgic transitional or farmhouse kitchens!

The Color: Green

Every color has an impact on mood and emotions which shows the importance of color choices in our living areas. If we think that the kitchen is the heart of a home where we gather around tables, eating and drinking with our loved ones, there is not another color than green that evokes the enjoyment and bring the good vibe into your kitchen. The effect and the energy of green itself remind and evokes the nature where we feel free, and are most alive! The beauty of it you have tons of option to find the best green shade for you with the green cabinet design ideas we gathered in this post.

The Color Combinations For Green Cabinets

When we were collecting the green kitchen ideas from different sources, we recognized that the most preferred colors are gray, brown, and white. On the other hand, similar tones of neutral colors are broken with black details in some kitchens below. Also, a gold touch goes perfect with the dark green, pine green or emerald green kitchen cabinets. In most of the kitchens, the shaker door style is preferred to create a transitional kitchen or to bring a summer farmhouse vibe with the different green color paints on it. There is some example of modern or contemporary kitchens where you can see the European door styles, frameless and minimalist.

Hope you enjoy with the green kitchen cabinet design selections by us.

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Product designer & Interior Design Consultant. Adam strives to design unique kitchen backsplash tiles that will have a positive impact on kitchen or bathroom projects. With more than ten years of extensive and considerable experience, he desires to create and design mosaic tile that exceeds expectations.

interior design, kitchen renovation ideas in green

Green color is universal. It symbolizes life and harmony. It is the color of spring and nature. It simultaneously pleases and relaxes, helps to get rid of negativity and stress, invigorates and motivates. Green is especially good for work areas. It promotes concentration, but does not tire and does not press. In the green kitchen it is nice to cook and relax, get together with the family for dinner or invite guests for a cup of tea with a pie. In addition, it is good for the eyes. No wonder green is often used in public institutions, restaurants, cafes and entertainment centers.

Interior styles

In the interior, green is always one of the most fashionable. It is closest to nature, goes well with natural materials and fits into current eco-trends. Even according to Feng Shui, such shades are a symbol of gradual stable growth and harmony. Therefore, green can easily fit into any style of kitchen interior.

A green kitchen is a way to keep a cheerful spring-summer mood throughout the year.

Modern green kitchen

Modern style combines several trends. This is the simplicity of minimalism, and extravagant notes of pop art, and high-tech functionality. Such a kitchen requires bright or cold shades. This is metal, artificial lighting, clear geometry, strict lines, gloss. Emerald or salad facades look harmonious. They grab attention and stand out even more against the background of simple white walls and a no-frills ceiling. Large gray tiles or light laminate will complement the picture.

The main accessories are glass and mirrors. Transparent green plafonds, green glass top, simple laconic crockery and decor. Thick khaki curtains or simple and functional Roman blinds will complement the picture.

Eco green kitchen

Eco-style is natural colors and textures. Therefore, the green color fits organically into such a kitchen. Light wood, natural stone, decorative plaster with the effect of slate and other textures are actively used.

Eco-style is a godsend for home plant lovers. Such a kitchen can be turned into a real greenhouse. In addition to ordinary flowerpots, containers with flowers are mounted in partitions. You can turn them into small home seedlings by planting basil, mint, and other herbs. An unusual solution is the use of stabilized moss, pre-treated with glycerin. So you can create a real natural living carpet, for example, on the wall.

Classic green kitchen

Classic style requires light or deep noble shades of green. If the kitchen finish is light, pay attention to natural stone for the backsplash, countertops and window sill. These are marble, granite or their imitations. If the furniture is white, the walls can be safely decorated in delicate pear or apple tones. Looks good large tiles on the floor.

Now it's up to the details. Glass facades, crystal vases, elegant lampshades with fabric shades, draped curtains, gilded candlesticks with green candles - all this will help to set the accents. Household appliances are better to be built into the headset immediately. Then it will not stand out from the big picture.

Mediterranean style green kitchen

Mediterranean-style green kitchen is always Greek. It is for Greece that a cool blue-green palette, lemon and olive tones, an abundance of white are characteristic. Often used white walls, finished with rough textured plaster. Against their background, bright green dishes with ethnic ornaments look great.

Cool tones combine with warm wood textures. The working area is tiled or tiled. On the floor - rough slabs or decorative stone. Ceiling - warm or dark. Green textiles and country-style decorative details are used to create coziness.

Country green kitchen

Country country is simplicity, ease and romance. In noisy cities, this style is an opportunity to relax, unwind, and be distracted. Country is natural materials, rough textures and soft outlines. Raw wood, brick, textured textiles are actively used. Linen goes well with green.

Country green is one of the key colors. The British, for example, actively use a combination of deep saturated shades with solid wood. But the French prefer light wood and pistachio, olive or mint flowers. The main thing is not to overdo it. If the country-style kitchen already has furniture with green facades, then it is better to leave the walls with the ceiling neutral. Light curtains, curtains on the shelves, textile pillows and pictures in decorative frames are all elements characteristic of the style. The only rule is the harmonious coincidence of textures, patterns and shades.

Finishes and materials

Green is a popular and classic color. Different shades are presented in almost all collections of finishing materials. Tiles, laminate, wallpaper, paint, glass, plastic, textiles - the choice is unlimited. Green looks good with natural wood and stone, and bright and rich colors look good with chrome and metal.

When choosing materials, you need to choose the right shades, because they are all very different and evoke completely different associations. Bright herbal colors give cheerfulness and symbolize the thirst for life. Dark conifers are reliability, strength and durability. Delicate mossy shades perfectly soothe. Emerald, malachite and deep blue-green tones are luxury and wealth. Pay attention to such interesting options as olive, lime, mint, turquoise, lemon, bottle glass color.

Muted and diluted shades will be an excellent backdrop for furniture and decor, while bright and juicy ones will be a full-fledged independent accent or a daring companion color.


Green tile is a convenient and practical solution for the kitchen floor. It is easy to care for and wash. It does not get as dirty as white, and the choice of colors is limitless. Pay attention to natural stone and its imitation. Noble green shades of rocks and minerals always look elegant.

Alternatively, laminate or linoleum. They are inexpensive, durable and practical. But a luxurious green carpet is best left in the bedroom or living room so as not to get dirty.


Green walls are beautiful and impressive. Now there are many wallpapers that can be safely glued in the kitchen. They are easy to wash, do not get saturated with fat, do not fade for years and do not fade in the sun.

A special stain resistant paint is also available. The modern trend is one bright accent wall in a rich green hue.


Green stretch ceiling is a bold and unusual solution. But the right shade can change the perception of space beyond recognition. Dark matte ceilings look original and expensive in large and spacious kitchens, while light glossy ones visually enlarge small ones.

Kitchen furniture

Green set is freshness and lightness. Refined watercolor and olive shades wonderfully fit into the style of Provence or country, deep and cold - in modern hi-tech, acidic - in minimalism, and dark and saturated - in the classics.

But for a kitchen with green walls, it is better to choose neutral furniture. Ivory color and wooden headsets or headsets with a wood texture will fit in well. The shade of wood is any, from light pine to noble mahogany.

Decor and lighting

Green accents can freshen up almost any interior. They will make a light kitchen brighter and more expressive, and a dark one - cozier and lighter. It doesn't have to be a kitchen set. Sometimes it is enough to limit yourself to textiles: curtains, tablecloths, napkins, coasters and pot holders.

Indoor flowers look great on the windowsill of a green kitchen. They harmoniously complement the natural picture. You can buy a bright spring set of dishes or decorate the work area with green tiles. The glass mosaic looks interesting.

Finishes, textiles and decor must be in harmony with each other. Warm shades of green and shades with a yellow undertone are combined with other warm colors: cream, rich beige, orange, yellow, mustard and even red. Cold shades with an admixture of blue or gray are combined with the same cold palette.

Green is a light, unobtrusive color. It can be safely used in lighting. Shades and lampshades to match the finish will make the electric light more comfortable for the eyes. The main thing is that the shade should not be too bright and sharp.

Small green kitchen interior design

Light green shades visually enlarge the space. Therefore, this is one of the classic options for a small kitchen. Glossy surfaces of the kitchen set, a light stretch ceiling, good lighting and a minimum of frills - and even a small kitchen will seem airy and spacious.

For furniture in a small kitchen, it is better to choose olive, pistachio, mint, lettuce and diluted pastel shades. The dark headset is too pressing and will look gloomy and depressing. But it is better to leave the walls light: white, beige, cream, gray.

Green kitchen - photo

We've rounded up the best photos of kitchen designs in green for inspiration. Interesting and bright ideas are waiting for implementation! Take a look and choose your favorite!

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60 ideas with a photo of a green kitchen design

Peace, the desire for concentration - green kitchens tune in to a calm wave. This is a very noble color that can create a variety of effects in a room, depending on its saturation and concentration. Shades are very varied. - from gentle and elegant - to bright and extravagant. Which one to choose and how to use it correctly for decorating a green kitchen? We will try to answer all these questions in as much detail as possible in this article.

Why is green the perfect color for a kitchen?

Cooking, breakfasts, lunches, dinners with the family should ideally be done in a relaxed environment, and the kitchen interior in green colors is the best for creating it. After all, psychologists have proven that green has a calming effect on people, helps to collect thoughts, relax.

Photo from source:

Countertop Cedar 694/SL Gray Marquina Marble

For the kitchen it is important that the person who prepares the food is focused and attentive, and in general, for the meals to be enthusiastic and complacent, the green color will help a lot!

Photo from the source:

Cedar Cedar 111/1 White

About the pluses and minuses of green kitchen

If you are not a designer, but you need a green kitchen, the design will not be as simple as it is neutral , basic colors such as white, grey, beige. Indeed, despite the fact that green is combined with all colors, in order for the duet to turn out to be truly harmonious, you need to delve into the nuances of color and choose the right shades, undertones, saturation, depth, etc.

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What troubles can you face if you use green in the interior ineptly?

1) if the lighting system is organized incorrectly, the shade of green may be perceived in a distorted way. Thus, the perception of the interior will be spoiled;

2) the presence of too many bright green shades in the interior will cause overwork, irritation, cause apathy;

3) despite the versatility of green, it is quite difficult to find a companion color for it.

Photo from the source:

Countertop Cedar 3831/M Douglas light

What are the advantages of green? If you approach the issue of its use in the kitchen interior competently, then you will be able to fully appreciate all its advantages:

1) the ability to use in the vast majority of stylistic directions. In certain proportions, it is appropriate both in classics and in ultra-modern solutions;

Photo from the source:

Cedar countertop 8341/1 Travertin Beige

Photo from the Source:

Cedar Cedar 111/1 White

2) Apartment - green has a lot of complex and incredibly beautiful shades. Vivid examples of this are emerald, mint, pistachio, olive, etc. They allow you to create really stylish, unusual interiors;

Photo from the source:

Counter Cedar 1110/S white

Photo from the Source:

Cedar tablespoon 5140/mN White Moon

3) with the right choice and lighting of the shadow of green, it will fill you with vitality, soothe, restore energy. Remember that light and warm shades of green increase appetite;

4) naturalness - this color is more common in nature than others, evokes associations with fertility, freshness, always pleases the eye;

5) relevance - one of the trendy colors today;

6) can act as a neutral background or a bright accent;

7) there is no dependence on the area of ​​the room. A kitchen in green tones will look great in both small and large kitchens. In this case, the main condition for a successful design will be a good choice of tone;

8) perfectly harmonizes with indoor plants.

Photo from the source: Pinterest. ru

Counter Cedar 1110/S white

Features of green kitchen: photo

1. Select the correct shade

The first one should pay attention to when choosing a shade, - is the level of natural light. For example, if there is little daylight penetrating, then using a dark green shade will be inappropriate, as in this case the kitchen will seem too gloomy.

Photo from source:

Countertop Cedar 7024/1 Imperial Marble

The chosen style will be the second reference point. For example, lime will look great in a minimalist kitchen, while it will be completely out of place in a classic interior.

Photo source:

Countertop Cedar 1012/Cr White ceramic

The third landmark is the other colors of the interior palette. For example, in a duet with terracotta, emerald green will look best. But the pale green in this case will simply be lost and fade.

Photo from the source: proremont. ovh

Cedar countertop 1884/K-52 Chipollino Panna

2. We determine the role of green in the interior

What task will be performed in the kitchen, solve only you. There are the following options:

1) use as a base background;

Photo from the source:

Countertop Cedar 3028/S White Marquina Marble

2) creating bright accents;

Photo from source:

Countertop Cedar 1021/Q Black

3) use as one of the equally saturated colors of the palette.

Photo from the source:

Countertop Cedar 1012/Cr White ceramic

- this is very important

For all shades of green, additional lighting is very important. If there is not enough light, then the kitchen will seem too dark - almost black. If you install lamps with warm light, then even the coldest shade of green will seem warm. Be sure to consider these features when decorating the interior.

Photo from source:

Table top Cedar 4060/1 Black silver

4. We select the most successful texture

Natural textures will help to make the design as spectacular as possible, reveal all the charm of green color in the interior:

- wood;

Photo from source:

Top Cedar 2073/Pw Light oak

- marble;

Photo source:

Top Cedar 2384/S Greek Marble

- malachite;

Photo from the source:

- non-ferrous metals;

Photo from source:

Countertop Cedar 4904K-52 Desert springs

- leather;

Photo from source:

Tabletop Cedar 111/1 White

- textiles made from natural materials - cotton, linen, etc.;

Photo from source:

Cedar top 759/1 Black bronze

- cork;

Photo from the source:

- hand made from ceramics;

Photo from the source: dizainazona. ru

Countertop Cedar 1052/1A Andromeda black

- rattan;

Photo from the source:

- bamboo;

Photo from the source:

- wickerwork, for example, from a banana tree.

Photo from the source:

In addition, the green kitchen in the interior looks great with concrete surfaces, dark metal, eco-fur, terrazzo.

Photo from the source:

Counter Cedar 7093/E Concrete

5. On choosing a stylish kitchen set

Green kitchen in the interior is one of the best options for those who do not want to choose standard standard options. Green, provided the right shade is chosen, is quite neutral and will not become boring over time.

Photo from the source:

Count of cedar 8215/12d pine Bourbon

6. We make a green “Ostrov” as an accent

-colored kitchen and extension in neutral tones will become neutral tones bright accent. Such a technique - the current trend today. Looks very impressive!

Photo from source:

Table top Cedar 946/1 Castillo dark

7. Create a bright work area

A bright green apron will be appropriate in the interior of the kitchen if you decide to use this color as an accent.

Photo from source:

Countertop Cedar 2032/M Rigoletto light

- carefully place accents in the interior, then the green color for its implementation is the best fit. It can be accessories, textiles, fittings, dishes.

Excellent reception - make a single accent. For example, install an unusual green refrigerator model.

Photo from the Source:

Cedar Cedar Tsecle 1021/Q Black

kitchens in green and trend combinations in them

1. With blue, blue

9000 interesting and expressive duet. Moreover, the variations are appropriate completely different - from rich malachite with a classic deep shade of blue to an airy combination of light blue with pastel light green.

By the way, the current trend today - the use of three colors in the interior at once: green, blue and blue.

Photo from the source:

Cedar tabletire 3093/1 marble Marvina Black

2. With pink shades 9000 the interior will look very good. Moreover, at the moment this solution is very popular, especially crimson, rich pink and red-crimson shades.

Photo from the source:

Cedar countertop 811/1 metallic

Photo from the source:

Cedar tabletop 713/1 Black granite

3. With natural factors

If we look at a lot of photos of a kitchen of green flowers, it can be noted that the combination of green with a variety of natural textures is especially relevant today. It can be stone, wood, sample, metal, wicker furniture, etc.

Photo from the source:

Cedar Cedar 727/1 Granite White

4. With white, beige, light brown shades

Any combinations with basic neutral tones are always unsproveed and look great.

Photo source:

Top Cedar 2073/Pw Light oak


If you prefer dark palettes, it is better to choose deep shades. For example, jet black or dark gray.

Photo from the source:

Cedar tablespoon 910/BR Obsidian Brown

6. With black and white patterns

, such a duet will look relevant, regardless of the chosen design style. Especially if you use the pattern in textiles or when decorating a kitchen apron. And in a green kitchen, black and white photos will look beautiful.

Photo from the source:

Cedar countertop 3093/1 marmosa Mard Black

Photo from the Source:

Cedar Corsica

Create the actual design of the kitchen in green

Almost all currently existing interior styles can, to one degree or another, contain green color in their design. In order not to violate the canons, it is important to choose the right shade and palette as a whole.


Dark green kitchen, as well as dusty and light cold shades in a duet with beige and brown colors - a typical solution for interiors in a classic style.

Photo from the source:

Countertop Cedar 3042/1 Beige semolina


is preferred here. A set in this color looks especially good in combination with a floor decorated with black and white tiles.

Photo from the source:

Counter Cedar 727/1 Granite white

Provence and country

If you dream of creating the most warm, homely and cozy atmosphere in your kitchen, then country styles and Provence are the perfect choice for you .

Kitchen sets in this case must be made of natural wood or its high-quality imitations. Of all the shades of green, the preferred color for decorating facades in this case will be pale green.

In general, these styles are better to bet on pastel, muted colors and avoid bright and saturated ones.

Photo from the source:

Cedar countertop 111/1 White

In addition, in the interior you can use the appropriate accessories in green - decorative dishes, beautifully placed on open shelves, tissue abbess, tablecloth on the dining table , weightless curtains with chintz frills on the windows.

In the case of country and Provence kitchens, it is better not to show household appliances, but to hide them behind facades so that they do not violate the rustic style concept with their modern look, or find retro models that fit perfectly into the interior. By the way, the domed hood is one of the iconic elements in this case.

Green kitchen utensils (kerosene lamp, aluminum bucket with dried flowers, plaster photo frames, candlestick) complete the composition.

Photo from source:

Countertop Cedar 7059/E Coral


Green kitchen design as in the photo of which - in the style of a loft, as a rule, has an interesting, slightly dirty shade. A gray-green kitchen will emphasize the industrial character of this style.

Photo from the source:

Countertop Cedar 811/1 Metallic

- to soften the space a little, it is better, on the contrary, to choose headsets designed in warmer shades of green. Green-brown kitchen in this case will come in handy.

Photo from the source:

Cedar tabletop 1021/q black

Photo from the source:

Cedar tabletop 685/1 Platinum

Photo from the Source:

Cedar Cedar G015/1 Galactic metallic


This style is characterized by the coldness characteristic of the climate of the Scandinavian countries. Thus, a light green kitchen will be an ideal option for this style, because cold and pale shades are welcome here, like fresh moss covered with snow. is a typical Scandinavian landscape.

Photo from the source:

Cedar Cedar 2347/Soft marble Blanco

Photo from the Source: Salon. ru

Cedar tablespoon 4136/m tree Straup

Photo from the source:

tableshop 1012/Cr Ceramics white

Modern style

Everyone likes this style, so this green kitchen will appeal to many. It would be appropriate to install a modern headset with green plastic facades. So that the headset is not “lonely” in the interior, it is better to complement it with decorative details of the same color. These can be curtains, chandeliers, upholstery of upholstered furniture, etc.

If we talk about technology, it will certainly be better if it is also green. But the equipment in the color "metallic" and white looks no worse.

Photo from the Source:

Cedar tabletop 4060/1 Black silver

Photo from the source: FRUCHOTO from the source:

Cedar cedar 920/1 marble Milansky 908

Photos from the source:

Top Cedar 5016/Pt Detroit Black


The use of high-quality expensive materials is appropriate here. Kitchens in this style are characterized by the predominance of mirror, glossy surfaces. You can also often find metal, artificial or natural stone.

Green is used minimally and pointwise. It can be an apron, curtains or blinds in the design of the window space, a chandelier and any kind of decor.

The floor is better to make bulk and dark or tile.

Photo from the source:

Cedar countertop 811/1 metallic


Eco is so close to nature that green kitchen in the interior, as in the photo, will look as organically as organically as possible. This style has found a "golden mean" between minimalism and urban jungle. This is a real symbol of the harmony of modern man with nature. Green kitchen interior - the ideal solution in this case, which will allow the eco-style to reveal itself in all its glory.

Combination of green with wood textures, as well as white, lack of rounded and smooth shapes, concise and strict forms - all these are characteristic features of eco.

Photo source: Photo source:

Countertop Cedar 3198/Mw Wood Rhodes

English style

- a kitchen in green tones with a design as in the photo. Looking at it, you immediately seem to be transported to an old English settlement. There is a lot of textiles here, while all the necessary kitchen utensils are mostly hidden. The design of the kitchen in green tones in this case involves the use of light green shades. - something between yellow and herbal in a dusty pastel range.

To make the design of the space dynamic and to place interesting accents beautifully, it is better to create a palette of three to five shades.

And in order to preserve the authentic look of English cuisine, it is imperative to include wood textures in large quantities in the interior.

Avoid intense colors. Choose calmer, warmer shades of green - with their help you can create a particularly cozy and gentle interior.

Photo from the source: radiospec.

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