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50 Innovative Wallpaper Design Ideas

Studio Q; Joyful Designs Studio

We’ll be the first to admit that installing wallpaper is a huge undertaking. Not only does the process itself require the utmost attention, but it’s also a big commitment. After all, it’s always possible that you’ll tire of your once-desired repeat a few years later. But if you want to breathe some life into your home in a way that a fresh coat of paint can’t capture, wallpaper can be a design investment worth making. So we searched high and low for the best wallpapered rooms around to give you endless inspiration. Though there’s a broad array of patterns—eye-catching florals and standard stripes, to name two—the rooms here prove that there’s more than one way to apply wallpaper. While many designers have covered all four walls in the same print, others have opted for accent walls or patterns in unconventional places. (The ceiling and the bathroom are just two of our favorites.) And fear not, commitment-phobes: There are a number of peel-and-stick options out there for you, too. Get ready to step outside of your comfort zone with wallpaper that can give your space an attractive new look.

Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo

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Mural Wallpaper

Why settle for wallpaper with an identical repeat when you can opt for a mural-like arrangement? Designer Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo masters the look with this Calico style.

Willow Harvest Mural, Inquire for Pricing
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Lisa Russman

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Storied Wallpaper

As Gail Davis proves, wallpaper can bring a personal touch to any project. “This room is dedicated to my mother, who is a breast cancer survivor,” she explains. “I designed it with the intent of renewal for anyone going through treatment. The wallpaper spoke to our Senegalese roots and paired well with Benjamin Moore’s First Light, as an homage to breast cancer awareness.”

Panamania Wallpaper, Inquire for Pricing
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Fran Keenan

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Contrasting Wallpaper

Want to take your wallpaper to the next level? Designer Fran Keenan paired this marble-patterned style with bright blue trim.

Onyx Wallpaper, $68
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Amy Bartlam

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Neutral Wallpaper

For wallpaper that can withstand the test of time, Stefani Stein kept it simple with a subtle pattern in a neutral palette.

Modern Stone Hand Screened Wallpaper, from $7
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Thomas Kuoh

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Pared-Back Wallpaper

Just because you want to add wallpaper to your room doesn’t mean it has to be your space’s only “wow” factor. In this dining room, Emilie Munroe painted the ceiling a gorgeous green, thereby turning this insect-inspired wallpaper into a neutral.

Bumble Bee Wallpaper, $265
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Sharon Radisch

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Rippled Wallpaper

If stripes and florals feel played out, spice up your space with a rippled design. Lucy Harris gave this idea a cool, retro spin using a teal-and-white palette with matte black accents.

True Blue Marble Wallpaper, $140
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Tim Hirschmann

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Strategically Placed Storage

New York–based designer Daun Curry brought some style to this bathroom storage space by backing the medicine cabinet in an eye-catching toile.

Zarfa Wallpaper, $259
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Brittany Ambridge

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Coordinating Wallpaper

If you want to add some drama, do what Bella Mancini did and match the wallpaper to the furniture upholstery.

Aeris Summer Wallpaper, $105
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Travis Mark

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Stenciled Wallpaper

A dainty, stenciled wallpaper can strike a brilliant balance between subtle and statement. Let Danielle Fennoy of Revamp show you how it’s done.

Pinstripe Floral Black and White, from $25
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Nicole Franzen

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Lined Wallpaper

Tired of vertical stripes? The bumpy lined option that GRT Architects chose for this Fort Greene, Brooklyn, townhouse is a dainty yet stylish alternative.

Half Moon Wallpaper, $99
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Porter Teleo

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Deconstructed Wallpaper

Now this is an innovative way to apply wallpaper. Porter Teleo collaborated with Jean-Louis Deniot on a custom pattern for the dressing room of an Upper East Side townhouse, as seen between the molding.

Pétales Wallcovering, Inquire for Pricing
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Modern Toile Wallpaper

If you want your toile wallpaper paper to pop, pair it with colorful wainscoting. This setup from Jenni Yolo masters the look.

Tree Toile, from $40
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Reid Rolls

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Multicolored Wallpaper

Nick Olsen brought a Hollywood spirit to this Cincinnati home with bold pops of color. “I love high style mixed with something ordinary or strange,” he told ELLE Decor. “My style owes heavily to the decorating greats, but I combine elements in a way that feels fresh to me and, hopefully, conveys a sense of humor.”

Cole and Son Prism Multi Colored Wallpaper, $137
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Tim Waltman at Evan Joseph Image

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Terrazzo Wallpaper

Terrazzo might be predictable for your countertops or your floors—but on your walls? That’s a completely different story. Architect and design firm IMG incorporates this trendy material into a charming nursery.

Terrazzo Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper, $44
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Garrett Rowland

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Mod Wallpaper

Want to take a walk down memory lane? Ghislaine Viñas used this righteously retro wallpaper from Flavor Paper. By sticking to a high-contrast color combo, Viñas gave this room a cool, mod edge.

Alvorada Wallpaper, from $65
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Melissa Casada

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Deconstructed Palm Wallpaper

For a relaxed, beachy vibe without being too literal, try Serena Dugan’s Bahia wallpaper. The designer was inspired by the tropical climes of Brazil.

Bahia Wallpaper, $175
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Pär Bengtsson

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Floor-to-Ceiling Wallpaper

Want your wallpaper to do double duty? Add a whimsical print to your walls and ceiling à la Dennis Brackeen.

Le Parc Toile, from $7
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Julie Soefer

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Accent Wallpaper

As this living room from Contour Interior Design by Nina Magon proves, a wallpapered accent wall can have the same effect as a large-scale piece of art.

Best Fronds Wallpaper, $58
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Michael Hunter

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Starburst Wallpaper

Instead of adding a backsplash to your home bar, take a cue from designer Traci Connell and opt for a statement-making wallpaper.

Harmony Navy Wallpaper, $120
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Joy Williams

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Ceiling Wallpaper

Take your design to new heights—literally—by adding some wallpaper overhead. Chicago-based designer Joy Williams masters the look with a coordinating front door and trim.

Yahya Kids Blush Watercolor Wash Wallpaper, $109
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Emily J Followill

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High-Contrast Floral Wallpaper

Nowadays, florals may not be particularly groundbreaking. Interior designer Lauren Lowe gave this go-to pattern an edgy twist, however, by deploying it in a high-contrast color palette.

Black & White Peonies Wallpaper, $93.50
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KJ Design and Mortar Styling

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Coastal Wallpaper

KJ Design and Mortar Styling gives this Perry Hall, Maryland, home a coastal spin by combining a soothing blue-and-white wallpaper with pristine wainscoting and a framed assortment of metallic shells.

Lucia Blue Diamond Wallpaper, $56
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Angie Seckinger

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Citrus Wallpaper

Quintece Hill-Mattauszek of Studio Q brings the great outdoors inside with this citrus-inspired pattern. The result? A bar cart that appeals to all the senses.

Amalfi Umore Wallpaper, $140
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Danielle Nagel

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Mosaic Wallpaper

Dazey Den’s Danielle Nagel embraces her eclectic side with a colorful mosaic wallpaper from Hygge & West. A vibrant gallery wall, a yellow patterned rug, and a lamp from Hudson Valley Lighting round out the look, creating a space that’s unapologetically bold.

Arcade Wallpaper, $195
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Simon Upton

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Palm-Patterned Wallpaper

A palm-print wallcovering adds a dose of Southern California cool to the former Milan home of Brian Atwood and Nate Berkus. The brass dining table is from the 1970s.

Tropical Leaf Print Wallpaper, $60
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Richard Powers

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Striped Wallpaper

For his upstate New York country house that he shares with his partner, Tony Longoria, designer Todd Oldham applied 20 coats of glaze to the wall behind the kitchen sink. He then decorated it with cutouts of Japanese silk-screened papers for a dramatic effect.

Blue and Green Stripe Wallpaper, $72
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Eric Piasecki

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Blue Floral Wallpaper

An antique floral wallpaper design makes a statement in the bathroom of designer Katie Ridder’s townhouse. The sink is custom-made and is flanked by antique sconces.

Scalamandre Ascot Floral Wallpaper, $104
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Björn Wallander

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Golden Wallcovering

In a luxury Gramercy Park apartment, the dining room’s golden wallcovering is by de Gournay, the chandelier is a custom design, and the 1950s mirror is by Lobmeyr.

Gold Leaf Wallpaper, $12.60/sq ft
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Francesco Lagnese

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Green and Aqua Striped Wallpaper

In a guest room, a green and aqua striped Robert Hoven wall treatment complements a rainbow striped Doug and Gene Meyer rug. The 1920s wicker chairs are original to the house, and the 19th-century table is American.

Ombrello Green Stripe Wallpaper, $1.25/sq. ft.
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Eric Piasecki

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Greenery-Inspired Wallpaper

In typical California fashion, this Mill Valley home is nature-inspired from the color palette to the decor. The kitchen features a gorgeous leafy wallpaper design by Pierre Frey, accented by some real greenery on the dining table.

Mais-Green Leaf on White-Corn Printed Wallpaper, $300
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45 ways to elevate rooms around the home |

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(Image credit: Future / Beata Heuman / Chris Snook)

Wallpaper ideas can elevate rooms around the home. The huge choice of pattern and color means there’s a design to complement every room whatever its style and whatever your taste.

And while you might be looking for decorating ideas using wallpaper for living rooms and bedrooms, be aware that there are many options suitable for kitchens and even bathrooms as technological advances enable them to tolerate humid conditions, so these rooms, too, can be full of decorative interest.

Our ideas will provide the wallpaper inspiration you’re looking for, and we’ve asked the experts to weigh in with their advice, too.

Wallpaper ideas – for every room

These are our favorite wallpaper ideas with the top design strategies and techniques, wallpaper trends, and wallpaper inspiration for every room, from the very best living room wallpaper ideas to kitchen wallpaper ideas and more.

1. Make an impact on entrance

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

‘The easiest way to make an impression in this previously dingy or small hallway was to add bold wallpaper,’ says interior decorator Laura Stephens . ‘The cornice was very detailed and adding this flame red paint enhances it and works well with the stripe in the wallpaper.’

Interior designer Nina Campbell agrees: 'Decorating a hall is a lot of fun. It is a small space so you can be as wild as you like. I like to treat it like an exquisite jewelry box and paint the walls a wonderful color or put up a pretty hallway wallpaper.'

2. Curate a powder room with the perfect balance

(Image credit: Beata Heuman)

Use textiles and wallpaper to bring coziness to a small powder room. In this comforting under-stairs space, designer Beata Heuman has gone all in with powder room wall decor and treads covered in her own design cotton linen, which is paper backed so that it can be applied like regular wallpaper. A crisp white vintage cotton curtain under the basin continues the textile journey and delivers a visual rest from the floor-to-ceiling pattern.

3. Invest in textural wall treatments as an alternative

(Image credit: Tom Falcon)

'I’m always looking for ideas on how to make walls interesting when my clients don’t have great art,' says designer Maria Speake. It’s about creating lovely textured walls that bring calmness within the home. Tiles, timber, leather, and suede, for example – they add a kind of atmosphere. What is really lovely is when you don’t need so many layers of decoration because the walls are providing it.'

'Suede and leather have become new favorites. We’ve used hides to make up panels, in hallways for example. Anyone could do it themselves. And because they are slightly soft and a bit padded they are brilliant acoustically.'

4. Wallpaper the fifth wall

(Image credit: Francois Halard)

Ceiling wallpaper ideas can create a beautiful statement, especially when used on every wall in the space. The wall and ceiling here are adorned in Schumacher’s Indian Arbre fabric, inspired by patterns in traditional palampore bed covers and based on a Twenties document in its archives. Using fabric and bathroom wallpaper this way transforms a space into a dreamy country bathroom retreat that feels rooted in history. 

5. Enliven a dining room with stripes

(Image credit: Adelina Iliev Photography )

Ceilings are an opportunity to take a bold wallpaper idea and supersize it. In this case, that means straight up the wall and right across the dining room ceiling with contrasting striped paper. To achieve this effect, it’s worth using an experienced decorator to deliver the best outcome.

An elegant look for ceilings, decorating with stripes will create a structured, timeless effect for your ceiling ideas.

6. Add modernity with a stylized floral wallpaper 

(Image credit: Little Greene)

‘Entryways can often be overlooked, seen as a space simply to pass through and yet it is the first space you encounter and provides the welcome to your home, so why not embrace color and pattern and bring a sense of warmth and joy?

‘Here the fresh floral Hencroft design, which features a repeating pattern of stylized cowslips, creates a rhythmic motif that can elongate and widen the space by drawing the eye, perfect for those narrower spaces,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene . 

(Image credit: Divine Savages/Always Sunday)

'Use contrasting colors in the same print for added design detail and maximum wallpaper magic,’ says Jamie Watkins, co-founder at Divine Savages . ‘Here, Always Sunday founder Lexi Dart has expertly combined our Crane Fonda wallpapers in Soft Copper and Black Gold for an extra divine and savage twist in her bathroom.  

‘We love this design trick. It’s at once playful and at the same time sophisticated – a different take on a classic monochrome scheme and rather than using a standard black and white wallpaper, this has a decadent edge to it. Also note the perfect pattern matching on the two halves… it’s these small design details that count.’

8. Elongate and add height with a stripe

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

'Never underestimate the power of a good stripe; the linear quality of this design also adds character to this scheme,’ says Jennifer Ebert, deputy editor digital, Homes & Gardens. ‘Note how the alcoves are wallpapered, too – this is an excellent idea that helps this wall to flow perfectly.‘

9. Match your woodwork color to your wallpaper 

(Image credit: Cole & Son)

'If your chosen wallpaper is “busy”, you can break it up and make it more cohesive by choosing to paint your woodwork in a color that's within the wallpaper design. Here, this pretty green shade really sets off the overall feel and the plain aspect creates balance,' says Lucy Searle, global editor in chief, Homes & Gardens.

(Image credit: Dado)

'The Sapowaydidi was inspired by an indigenous Kirdi glass beaded modesty apron,’ says Amechi Mandi, founder of London based design brand, Amechi, for Dado . ‘The pattern offers a striking geometric print, featured here in the joyful red and blue colorway. More interesting than a linear stripe, yet offering the same sense of rhythm, the geometric pattern runs horizontally creating the illusion of more space by seemingly stretching the walls allowing more space for color and pattern to sing.’ 

11. Go for glamor with a two tone paisley wallpaper

(Image credit: George Spencer Designs )

'Wallpaper is a great way to make a statement in a bedroom, either on a single feature wall or on all the walls for full-on drama,' says Tim Walters, managing director, George Spencer Designs . ‘Highly decorative, our Charleston Paisley features a large scale print of a burgeoning hydrangea plant and the Midnight Blush colorway combines a dramatic dark brown with a dusky pink, perfect for creating a glamorous boudoir feel.’

12. Highlight furniture with a textured wallpaper

(Image credit: Murphy Maude Interiors/Lisa Hubbard)

'Wallpaper has become such a unique way to add a big personality to a smaller vignette, such as an entryway. It allows for a focal point while also integrating additional textures, colors, and patterns into the space,' says Leslie Murphy, owner and creative director at Murphy Maude Interiors . 

13. Make an office unique with wallpaper

(Image credit: Designers Guild )

'We absolutely love pattern at Designers Guild and playing with scale, texture, design and your color palette create personality and an individuality in your space,' says Tricia Guild, OBE, founder and creative director of Designers Guild . ‘This season’s Porcelaine de Chine wallpaper offers just this. Small scale, but full of detailed and intricate paintings of trailing flowers and birds to evoke the magic of fine porcelain, it’s the perfect design to add interest to any space.’

14. Match wallpaper to the sanitary ware

(Image credit: Cole & Son)

'There's a lot going on in this bathroom visually, and the main link is the green tub and basin with the green shade of the stems within the wallpaper,' says Jennifer Ebert, deputy digital editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘The marble creates extra pattern but the base shade is off white which matches the background of the wallpaper, and these elements are key to link it all together.’

15. Use the same print on your furniture

(Image credit: Harlequin x Diane Hill)

'We're all for a spot of cohesion in interior design, so this idea of having an armchair upholstered in the same print as the wallpaper is a winner in our eyes,’ says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors.Keep it simple with just one piece of furniture and use other tones from the design for your accessories.’

16. Use wallpaper ideas to play with scale

(Image credit: Eleanor Byrne)

Kitchen wallpaper is officially on trend, with the advances in technology that allow the wallpaper to cope with damp conditions. Use it to work with scale to make pattern work on every surface. In this scheme by interior designer Anna Spiro , the same paisley print is used on the walls and the chairs to link the areas. 

‘When color and pattern are used well, they give an air of individuality and help create rooms that are full of energy,’ says Anna Spiro.

By opting for a slightly larger scale on the upholstery, the repeat creates extra impact as the shape takes up the majority of the chair backs. With a larger surface area available on the walls, a smaller repeat allows the pattern to be seen in its entirety. 

17. Use wallpaper to trick the eye

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

Small spaces are ideal for bold wallpaper and decorating choices. Strong prints and colors are often more effective in more petite rooms as you don’t tire of them too quickly. 

By utilizing a wallpaper with a trompe l'oeil effect, like this Terrarium design from Sanderson , the room can also appear larger than it is. A coordinating paint will double down on the effect. We love the moss-green tongue-and-groove panelling, shown here, painted in Hopper 297 from Little Greene .

18. Create impact with a matched scheme

(Image credit: Barlow and Barlow)

Turn your cabinets into a style statement with clever use of wallpaper – and fabric. 

Take inspiration from this smart project from Barlow and Barlow , where glass-fronted cabinets have been lined with fabric. Not only does this add interest, but by matching the wallpapered headboard space, the bed area appears much bigger and taller than it is as the eye follows the pattern. For a final finishing touch, even the closet handles integrate this pretty material. 

‘We love lining closets and particularly open dressing room joinery in fabric to add interest and softness to what can be a large mass of cabinetry,' says Nicholas Cox of Ham Interiors . We often go for a simple stripe or small scale simple pattern fabric in complementary tones to the rest of the bedroom scheme.’ 

19. Enhance ceiling heights with vertical stripes

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

Think outside of the box when considering wallpaper – it can be used to exaggerate ceiling height if hung vertically. 

A strip of beautifully patterned paper – Carro Mosaic in Aegean from the Byzantium collection, Schumacher – can be applied to create a border. Here, this works to break up the space between the windows but could equally work to great effect is applied at the ceiling line. 

When applying vertically, as here, mirror the line by incorporating linear curtain ties for a satisfyingly symmetrical finish. The blinds are backed and edged in Linara in Stucco from Romo . Blind ties from Houlès . 

20. Hang a show-stopping mural

(Image credit: Jon Day)

For a dramatic way to maximize your walls, think wall mural ideas. They are right on trend for the year ahead, look stunning, and some panels, such as those by de Gournay , can be removed to take with you when you move house.

When looking to add decorative elements into a room, remember that two is nearly always better than one. This scheme demonstrates how a pretty fringed, block-colored chair adds considerable extra interest when paired with a companion. Dressing each with a close to, but not quite, matching cushion keeps the space energetic. The Madeleine slipper chairs from Neptune are covered in Juno in Dandelion by Linwood and trimmed in Bali jute tassel skirt fringe from Samuel & Sons . 

‘Rugs are also a great way of layering pattern and it’s easy to layer up a few smaller rugs and a tip is to have a common color thread in the pattern play to hold your scheme together,' says Lorna Haigh, creative and marketing director, Alternative Flooring .

21. Create clever contrast with opposing tones

(Image credit: Simon Upton)

Choosing wallpaper ideas as a contrasting backdrop is a clever way to allow for two stand-out design features to co-exist. Here, the bold orange pattern is the perfect partner for the all blue furniture.  

Designed by Beata Heuman , it demonstrates how to use one color across three individual pieces in the room by using varying shades. This adds depth and energy, but has also been cleverly designed to create harmony with each piece speaking to another. 

The duck egg of the ottoman is echoed in the cushion on the navy blue chair, which is then itself linked into the sofa with the deep blue trim on the beautiful, scalloped canopy in the same fabric as the mid blue seat beneath. The sofa canopy is, of course, a true statement piece, so the choice to stay restrained in color helps this bold choice feel like the natural one. 

‘We were creating a cozy place to watch telly, but we also wanted the scheme to have some theater, and so the idea of the canopy sofa was born,’ says Beata. ‘Being pretty over the top as an idea we kept the colors simple and calming. There is a small yellow contrast braid around the arm, but otherwise it's all different shades of blue, so it looks quite relaxed all things considered.

22. Play with geometric pattern

(Image credit: Jane Churchill )

‘The easiest way to combine patterns is to work with a number of distinct and very different designs in complementary colors,’ says Sarah MacGregor, Jane Churchill design director. 

'Here three different geometric patterns create a bold scheme. The delicate star shape pattern, in soft pink, on the wall and blind adds a sense of scale, while the upholstery featuring a subtle zig zag design gives texture and the multi-colored cushion a splash of contrast.’

If you are looking for country wallpaper ideas with a contemporary twist like this, the wallpaper above is in Tassi, red/aqua; blind in Tassi, red/aqua; chair in Kip, soft red; cushion in Luna, multi; all Jane Churchill at Colefax and Fowler .

23. Cocoon a space with clever wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Alexander James)

For children’s rooms and guest rooms alike, cabin beds are seeing a surge in popularity.  

One trick for making them equally as visually appealing as they are in terms of comfort is to cocoon the space in pattern or color. This Studio Peake design pairs matching fabric and wallpaper on the walls, ceiling, headboard and blinds, a great look for ceilings.

‘Pattern matching is always difficult between ceilings and walls so we used a braid to line the edges which mean you don’t read if the pattern matching is slightly off,’ says Sarah Peake, founder of Studio Peake. ‘We used the same trick on the edge of the blind by using a green linen contrast border.’ 

24. Wallpaper a ceiling

(Image credit: Jon Day)

Wallpapering the ceiling is an effective way to add drama, and works particularly well in rooms tucked up in the eaves. 

‘Don’t just think of wallpaper for your four walls – have fun and think outside the box,' says Patrick O’Donnell, Brand Ambassador, Farrow & Ball . 'For a dramatic design statement, apply striped wallpaper to the ceiling as well as the walls. ’ 

Ceiling wallpaper doesn't just work for airy rooms – see how pairing a decorative botanical print with smart panelling for a considered, crafted look can be successful in the room above. This is the Cote d’Azur wallpaper by Manuel Canovas at Colefax and Fowler.

25. Disguise closets with wallpaper

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

In a small room, closets can visually block off a lot of space, and make the room feel even smaller. Instead of a large closet being the focus, coat the doors with the same wallpaper as the walls, tricking the eye into making the closet disappear. 

Take the time to carefully pattern match so the furniture blends seamlessly with the walls – the larger the repeat the easier this will be to achieve. 

This wallpaper is Brocade with woodwork painted in Pointing no.2003, both Farrow & Ball.

(Image credit: Future)

Headboard ideas needn't be anything more than getting creative with offcuts of wallpaper. ‘Don’t waste a scrap – there are many uses you can consider for a half-roll currently lying redundant,’ advises Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador. 

‘Use them to create a focal point behind your bed with a decorative faux headboard. Four widths of paper should be all you need for most beds, so get out your pencil and scissors and throw caution to the wind. Inside closets and interior doors is another great place to start your adventure into wallpaper and will add impact to rooms that require more detail.’

27. Use wallpaper to give an entryway instant personality

(Image credit: Future/Jan Baldwin)

The entrance hall is the first moment you have to set the style and tone of your house, so inject some personality into this space.

Entryway wallpaper ideas can be used to great success in areas such as these, creating a bold impression for your guests. It’s not all too often that you will linger in an entryway, excepting extended hellos and goodbyes, meaning you can really go for it with your pattern choices. Or you can keep the hallway plain and calm and experiment with color and pattern in your staircase wallpaper ideas.

Choose a dramatic print that you love but couldn’t live within somewhere like a living room. 

It’s also worth noting that, besides the front door, these spaces are often broken up with windows, mirrors, and pictures, so stay away from oversized mural prints and select a smaller repeat so you can see more of the pattern.

28. Turn a powder room into a character-packed space with wallpaper

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

If you are wondering how to wallpaper a room, a downstairs cloakroom or toilet is the ideal place to get started and experiment. This is most likely to be used as a guest bathroom, so make your powder room wall decor fun and offer up that ‘wow’ moment. 

Find that wallpaper you’ve always loved and go wild with it. As it’s likely to be a small space it’s also not the most expensive area to redecorate if your tastes change.

‘A large scale print works beautifully in smaller rooms and occasional spaces such as bathrooms, where they can allow for bolder choices to be made to create great impact,’ comments Ann Grafton, Creative and Managing Director of GP & J Baker .

29. Use wallpaper ideas to make a mudroom feel loved

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

On the ground floor of your home you may have several smaller rooms, such as boot rooms, mudrooms and utility rooms. As well as being on the petite side, these areas are often working spaces which don’t tend to see a lot of decorating love. Add some TLC to these spaces through your wallpaper.

In terms of which patterns to look for, Joa Studholme, Color Curator at Farrow & Ball, advises that you should look at using ‘wallpaper which some might feel would overwhelm in a larger space. Patterns like this (Tourbillon by Farrow & Ball) which are bursting with joyful movement feel calmer when the pattern and ground are close in colour and just serve to make the walls feel less flat and hard.

The other consideration when decorating a mudroom, or any other busy, working area of the home, is how to take care of it. 

‘To protect wallpaper from the high traffic it is a good idea to use some panelling on the lower half of the room, which should be painted in the darker tone of the wallpaper,’ suggests Joa. 

‘Alternatively, a dado rail can be used, with the wall below it again painted in the darkest tone of the wallpaper in our washable Modern Emulsion. Strongly colored wallpaper used on the interior of cupboards or dressers also adds a fantastic extra element in these spaces and will be more protected.’

30. Use wallpaper ideas to make a snug feel cozy

(Image credit: Future)

Whether you have a snug, or are looking for small living room ideas for a more compact or dark space, you can add serious impact with the right choice of wallpaper.

Snugs are, by their definition, where you want to snuggle up and be cozy, so they often have a fireplace or stove and the comfiest of furniture.  

To match this feeling with your wallpaper, look to deep, rich colorways and luxe or heritage style patterns, like this Herriot Way wallpaper by Anna French at Thibaut .

31. Pick a bold living room wallpaper

(Image credit: Nina Campbell distributed by Osborne & Little)

‘From entertaining to relaxing, and quite possibly working in, the living room tends to be the most widely used space within the home,’ notes Cole & Son 's design director Carley Bean. ‘It’s therefore important to choose a design and color palette that creates an inviting, versatile space.’

When selecting wallpaper for a living or family room, it’s important to consider how often you will be in the space. You don’t want a pattern that will overwhelm or a color that you will get quickly tired of.

However, that's not to say that pattern is to be steered away from. Choose a medium-sized repeat and shades which flow well with the furniture and key pieces in the space, like in this fresh green living room.

32. Pick a wallpaper with a textured look for a cozy living room

(Image credit: Future/Simon Brown)

Wallpaper can be a great way to add further layering to a room and create cozy living room ideas that feel warm and welcoming. 

Here, a wallpaper with a fabric-look creates a feeling of enclosed comfort that complements the fabrics within the upholstery.

33. Use wallpaper to create a calm home office scheme

(Image credit: Future/Damian Russell)

As more and more of us are working from our houses, home offices are becoming much more prevalent. Whether you have a full-blown study at home or have adapted a nook in another room, there are options for decorating with wallpaper.

Home offices are somewhere where you need to concentrate, so busy, patterned wallpaper will be too distracting. Gentle, impressionist-style coverings will add a zen feeling to the space, while a mural or super-sized repeat will add interest when you glance up, but due to its size won’t be distracting.

34. Match wallpaper with paint finishes to stretch space

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

If you don’t want wallpaper right in front of you, a great option (as pictured above) is painting behind the computer and wallpapering the room around you. A gently textured covering like this will add an extra dimension and interest to the room without catching the eye too much when focussing. 

On the flip side, if your desk is against a wall in a living room, or even a hallway, wallpaper can be used to zone. Demarcate the area with a few strips of wallpaper and you’ll have created an obvious work space.

In terms of which wallpaper colors to look at when planning your home office ideas, there are a few options. Blue is traditionally associated with home offices as according to color theory it aids in communication and the ability to focus while also lowering blood pressure – ideal for stressful meetings. 

Green is another great wallpaper color for home offices as it boosts creativity and is grounding.

35. Give kitchens character with a pretty pattern

(Image credit: Future / Simon Bevan)

Wallpaper may not appear to be the most obvious choice when decorating a kitchen, but is definitely worth considering. Traditionally, homes were broken up into many separate rooms, but since now the norm is open-plan, ‘zoning’ your kitchen ideas with decorating is helpful.

Being the heart of the home, kitchens are busy, bustling areas. As a result, you can really have some fun with your wallpaper, matching the energy levels with a fun print or pattern. Plus, a standout wallpaper creates a visual focal point in the room, steering the eye away from all the practical but not overly pretty gadgets on countertops.

Since kitchens can be messy, with food and oil splattering on a busy stove, so choose the type of wallpaper carefully. Vinyl wallpapers are one option, but now there are a plethora of waterproof and wipeable wallcoverings available too, from country wallpaper ideas for kitchens to more modern designs.

If you can’t find the exact wallpaper you want in one of these styles, then behind a stove or sink you could also look at protecting the paper by sealing it behind glass or transparent acrylic.

36. Create a sense of occasion in a dining room

(Image credit: Future/Michael Sinclair)

Dining rooms have boomed in popularity this year to embrace entertaining at home. Equally, for those with open-plan homes, the dining table is seeing a lot more love. In either scenario – dressing a whole room or zoning an open plan space – dining room wallpaper ideas are ideal.

Most often used in the evenings, or in the darker days of winter, dining rooms have the ability to hold dark, dramatic colors and patterns.

There is more wall than anything else in any scheme so adding interest here is key. 'This can be achieved through wall murals,' says Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin. 

Textured wallpapers such as grasscloth, cork or paper-backed silks can also define a design direction so simply. 'They add immediate depth and can demonstrate Asian heritage, Parisian Glamor or Saville Row sophistication at a stroke.’ 

37. Curate a show-stopping space

(Image credit: Future)

Embrace bold, bright shades in your wallpaper ideas, which look wonderful by candlelight, but also experiment with dark grays, navys and emeralds in this space, and go as elaborate as you feel comfortable with the print. 

Another great option for wallpapering a dining room is to choose a tapestry-like print for a dramatic, rich feel. Similarly, red is an exciting color choice here, as in color theory it is said to provoke conversation – perfect for long hours seated around a table.

38. Hang an innovative waterproof wallpaper in a bathroom

(Image credit: Wall&Deco)

Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper and bathrooms do mix. Say goodbye to metro tiles on the wall and say hello to pattern and bathroom wallpaper.

Naturally, you do have to use a specific type of waterproof wallpaper to make this look work. While in a kitchen you can get away with wipeable coverings, when considering paper for your bathroom wall ideas you need specifics.

Louise Ashdown, head of design at West One Bathrooms, explains about Wall & Deco’s bathroom wallpaper, WET SYSTEM . ‘It can be installed absolutely anywhere in the bathroom: directly in the shower, in a steam room or behind the bath, on the floor or the ceiling,’ notes Louise. 

‘It is a fully waterproof membrane, meaning it does not get damaged when in direct contact with water, as opposed to a normal wallpaper which will not suffice for the humidity you get from bathrooms. Because you can install it directly in the shower, it is the perfect option for making a statement – plus no grout lines and it is resistant to abrasive cleaning products, so easy to wipe clean!’

39. Add intrigue to a shower room

(Image credit: West One)

As a bonus, Louis points out that the wallpaper available at West One Bathrooms ‘can be applied onto existing wall murals, so no need to remove existing paint, wallpaper or tiles – this can go straight over it. When ordering the wallpaper you get all the relevant glues and sealants to prep the wall - the wallpaper needs to be treated three times (primer, adhesive and then the protective finish).’

40. Pick pretty floral wallpaper ideas for bedrooms

(Image credit: Future / Simon Brown)

Bedrooms and wallpaper are a classic pairing. Opt for neutral and pastel shades for the ultimate in relaxation.

One of the biggest current trends in bedrooms is the use of plantlife. Bring this onto your walls by embracing prints showing florals and foliage.

When planning bedroom wallpaper ideas, keep things as restful as possible, so don’t choose too small of a repeat or it will be distracting. Similarly, steer away from enlivening colors like yellows and reds, as they will be too stimulating to allow for a good night’s rest.

41. Choose textured wallpaper ideas to add interest to a bedroom

(Image credit: Future / Alexander James)

Adding a textured finish to your bedroom wall is easily achieved using wallpaper, and is a great choice for hiding imperfections on an existing surface due to the thicker nature of the paper.  

Textured, or slightly raised, prints create an interesting focal point and can add a touch of luxury to any bedroom.

42. Get creative with bold wallpaper in a child's bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

One children's bedroom wallpaper technique that works well is choosing a plain color wallcovering with one striking, mural-like image. As well as looking sweet, the benefit here is that redecorating as they grow up and tastes change, it’s easier to repaper or paint the wall bearing the image.

43. Decorate with your favorite color

(Image credit: Future)

Kids’ rooms are somewhere you can have the ultimate fun in decorating. 

There are really no rules when it comes to kids' room ideas. However, it’s recommended to steer away from decorating with stimulating colors, as children can be hard enough to put to bed as it is. However, if your child loves a stimulating, use it in a subtle yet creative way, as shown in this scheme by Elizabeth Hay .

44. Go for a pretty pick 

(Image credit: Soane Britain)

Bathroom wallpaper is a playful way to bring color, pattern, and personality into your home. Being one of the smaller rooms in the home and serving a practical purpose, bathrooms can get overlooked when it comes to decorating.

This vintage bathroom by Soane Britain is full of delightful decorative details. ‘We papered the walls with our classic design, Seaweed Lace, and designed a bespoke rattan mirror to bring light and life to this pretty bathroom in a Georgian rectory,’ says Lulu Lytle, founder.

45. Opt for intelligent decorating 

(Image credit: Future/Matthew Williams)

We all well know the transformative power of color and pattern, and wallpaper is sure to maintain the softness of a space. In a small home office, a clever solution can be a combination of wallpaper and paneling; this is visually interesting and also ensures the room is not overpowered by a loud print. 

If your desk sits in the corner of a larger space, then paper can be used to define the work area. In terms of color, choose calming hues to ground the scheme and encourage thoughtfulness. Blues bordering on grey are successful: color theories suggest these tones increase the ability to focus. Dark green (such as Studio Green by Farrow & Ball, used here) is another contender, as it’s meant to boost creativity

Are wallpapers still in style for 2023?

Yes, wallpaper is very much in style in 2023 and is, in fact, growing in popularity, with hand-painted wallpapers very much on trend. 'The pandemic really turned our attention to our home decor, and there was a real surge in adventurous decorating,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor in Chief Lucy Searle. 'We tired of all-plain, painted schemes and instead looked to pattern to individualize our rooms and to make them feel cozier. Wallpaper creates a visual trick, making walls advance, which in turn makes rooms feel more intimate. There is no sign of wallpaper's popularity waning.'

Should I wallpaper every wall?

Where once feature walls were very much in fashion, now wallpapering every wall is more on trend. If you know how to wallpaper, you will know that you can use it on all four walls to very quickly transform a plain space. However, it is always worth knowing that removing wallpaper can be difficult and costly, so you will want to be entirely sure that you have made the right choice before papering all four walls.

Thea Babington-Stitt is a Content Editor at Future. She has been an interiors journalist for nearly 10 years and has held positions at LivingEtc, Country Homes & Interiors and Homes & Gardens. Currently, she is writing for Ideal Home and Style At Home's websites and magazines.

20 cool ideas, 100 best examples - INMYROOM

Interior decor

Outline cards, Cameroonian hats, positive inscriptions - we will tell you how to decorate an empty wall and turn it into a real art object

Walls are an ideal space for creative ideas. Just wallpapering or applying a coat of paint is the easiest solution, but and pretty boring. Feel like an artist, let the canvas be free surfaces - we have prepared for you 20 original ideas for decorating the walls in the house.

Idea #1: original wallpaper

Let the wallpaper be a self-sufficient element of the interior, not requiring additional decor. Choose a wallpaper with an interesting print in the form paintings, posters, with the effect of book pages. In order not to get tired of the bright drawings, glue only one wall with them, and leave the rest white.

Idea #2: decorative plates

Create an arrangement on the walls with plates, brought from vacation as souvenirs or left over from old sets. Choose plates in the same color scheme or in the same style, but in different sizes.

Idea #3: watch collection

As you know, “happy hours are not watched”, but use them as decoration. Display a collection of cuckoo clocks on the wall or with a large dial. With such a decoration, you are definitely not afraid of being late! stick same style: vintage pieces will look out of place next to the work of contemporary designers.

Idea #4: contour maps

Avid travelers are advised to decorate the wall with maps and pages from atlases, they will bring the spirit of adventurism and romance into the interior. Hang physical map of the world, only a specific country or just a blueprint cities. Cards can be artificially aged and placed in an elegant baguette.

Idea #5: mirror exhibition

Mirrors visually increase the space of the room, use this practical property and hang several copies on the wall. curly mirrors do not need to be framed if you use simple rectangles and squares, it is better to arrange them in a thick wooden baguette. Also now frames that look like the sun with rays are gaining popularity.

Idea #6: wallpaper panel

The remnants of bright wallpaper will become a stylish decoration of the room, stick them on the wall and close the joints with plaster or wood molding. More one option is to arrange small pieces of wallpaper in a baguette and hang them like paintings.

Idea #7: empty frames

Think outside the box - you can not insert photos into the frames, but simply leave them empty. Paint them all the same color or group them by shape - such a composition will look more advantageous on a plain wall.

Idea #8: wall sticker

Use special stickers as wall decoration - they can be easily removed from wallpaper and painted surfaces. Choose original interesting images that will complement the interior of the apartment: decorate the walls ornaments, flowers, animals or trees.

Idea #9: art gallery

Display your favorite artists and illustrators. Do not hang pictures in one row - it looks boring. Better position in the center one or two large frames, and around them create a composition of more small jobs.

Idea #10: ethnic motifs

A Cameroonian hat will become a bright and memorable detail. handmade from feathers attached to a raffia base. Even the simplest and a modest room will be transformed with such a spectacular decor.

Idea #11: natural materials

Wood is a great help in creating sustainable natural interior. Saw cuts arranged in a chaotic manner, branches of bizarre shapes, intricate driftwood will become an unusual decoration of the walls. This decor can find it yourself in the forest, just do not forget to clean it from pollution and Apply a protective layer of wood care product.

Idea #12: hats on the wall

Fashion designers come up with new models of hats every year, and designers find unusual uses for them. Hang a collection of straw or felt hats on the walls, they will become interesting art object.

Idea #13: artificial animal heads

Today, animal heads are in fashion, of course, not real ones. They can be made from plaster, wood, or even papier-mâché. The main thing is not overdo it with their number, so as not to feel like in a zoological museum.

Idea #14: cozy handmade

Modern interiors are increasingly decorated with things made with their own hands, they bring comfort to the premises. Crocheted or knitted napkins, macrame panels, embroidered paintings will become the central element in decor and perhaps inspire your guests to their own creativity.

Idea #15: ceiling medallions

Original decoration for walls can also be decorative ceiling medallions made of polyurethane. They are easy repaint in any color to organically fit into the interior. Choose sockets different sizes and styles, such a voluminous composition will be the highlight of any rooms: kitchen, bedroom, living room.

Idea No. 16: positive inscriptions

Post an inspirational statement or favorite quote. Compose them from wooden letters or write with stencil on wall or canvas with acrylic colors. You can purchase or make your own posters and wooden plaques with memorable inscriptions.

Idea #17: large-format painting

Often, to achieve an impressive effect, it is enough one big picture - it will become dominant decor element. In a classic interior, hang a landscape or a still life, in a modern - abstraction, a bright poster or illustration.

Idea #18: wall photo album

Decorate your wall with photos. These may be old family cards, photos from the last photo shoots, printed "squares" from Instagram - create a collage that will be interesting consider.

Idea #19: focus on hobbies

Is collecting a hobby? Use it to decorate the wall, such decoration does not require any cost, it is easy to change. And it will be in a single copy, because your collection cameras or tennis rackets is unique.

Idea #20: book exhibition

Modern publishers produce books with such vivid covers that you don't want to hide them in cabinets. Put them on the shelves along walls or use special "invisible" shelves that create the effect books floating in the air. Pay attention to sorting books by color - such the composition will look very impressive.

Wall Decor: 25+ Ideas for Decorating Rooms

Round Up

Experimenting with spatial geometry is fun. You can change the space without resorting to construction work. The circles on the wall and the door completely transformed the room. To do this, the author of the interior needed several cans of paint and knowledge of one simple rule: dark colors are perceived by the eye as more distant, while light ones seem closer.

Paul Raeside


Outlining can make expressive not only eyes, but also ... walls. This simple but "powerful" technique has been used by decorators for many centuries in a row. The outline of architectural elements, corners, ledges, door frames, plinths gives the room a resemblance to an architectural sketch drawn in full size, making it more graphic, bright and memorable. In addition to the walls in the same way, you can transform individual interior items: consoles, tables, lampshades.

Paul Raeside

Drawing Lessons

If you want to decorate the walls with paintings, but nature has not endowed you with the gift of a muralist, use stencils (they can be made to order at any of the large format printing companies). Just remember that large prints and bright colors work best in well-lit rooms.

Simon Upton

Mix not only colors, but also textures. Glossy stripe on a matte surface looks ultra-modern

Two-storey apartment in Moscow. Alla Shumeiko's project. Hostess bathroom. The wall painting was done by Alena Vilyukova.

Sergei Ananiev. Style: Natalia Onufreychuk


Gradient painting, in other words, a smooth transition between two or more colors, is a fashionable design technique. Using it, you can not only create an interesting image of the interior, but also play with the visual perception of the proportions of the room. To make the room seem higher, place more saturated shades from below, making them more transparent as they approach the ceiling.

Simon Upton

Northern Lights

An idea for avid clubbers. Paint wall fragments in acid colors using special phosphorescent paints. Such a coating accumulates light, and in the dark begins to emit it in the form of a glow. In order for the resulting art canvases to take on a finished look, frame them with a molding or baguette.

Maison FranÁaise

The fashion for the 1980s is back! “Acid” colors and neon appeared in the interiors again!

Bloggers' house in Milan designed by John Pentassuglia.

Between the past and the future

If the classic interior seems too boring for you, do not rush to knock decorative moldings and stucco moldings off the walls. We offer an easier and, most importantly, effective way to "rejuvenate" the interior - paint the room in gray, which is relevant at all times. To avoid monotony, bright multi-colored stripes applied over a neutral background will help.

Non-children's games

Children love to play, draw and have fun. In this they are like decorators. Following the author of this room for a boy, you can also misbehave a little: for example, instead of a headboard, draw a rectangle of a contrasting color on the wall, and at the same time adjust the silhouette of a modern wall clock. Agree, they look much more fun this way.

All against the wall!

If only you knew from what rubbish… objects of modern design are sometimes created. Postcards, candy wrappers, herbariums, and even insects are all great wall decorations. One “but” - it can take years to assemble it and, most importantly, hang it up, and with them the desire to complete the job. To save you time and effort, the designers have released ready-made wallpapers imitating a collage of the above objects attached to the wall with adhesive tape, buttons and pins.

Want to be at the forefront of interior design? Cover wall with newspaper and varnish

1 of 4

Newsprint vinyl wallpaper, Yien

Get the price

Dimensions: 10x1.06 m

Advertising. Yandex LLC

2 out of 4

Wallpaper paper London, "Moscow Wallpaper Factory"

Ask for price

Dimensions: 0.53 x 10.05 m

Advertising. Yandex LLC

3 out of 4

Vinyl photo wallpaper "Newspaper Notes", "Fashion House"

Get the price

Dimensions: 315x225 cm

Advertising. Yandex LLC

4 out of 4

Vintage newspaper print wallpaper, Alessandro Allori

Ask for price

Advertising. OOO "Yandex"


Who said that only blankets can be patchwork? Patchwork looks great on the walls too. Plain wallpaper, vinyl tile or paint can be used. To avoid excessive variegation, alternate colored squares with white ones.

Look at the root

Have you decided to build a home library? Commendable! In the meantime, the essence and the matter, priceless folios that have not yet been bought can be replaced with wallpaper with their life-size “portraits”. To finally mislead guests, paste over with this wallpaper not only the walls, but also the door. The Fornasetti brand has similar wallpapers. Tiles with books are also a good solution.

Christopher Simon Sykes

Scientists have proven that banging your head against a wall every 10 seconds burns 150 calories per hour

Children's bathroom. Designed by Kirill Sakharov.

Two in one

Do not rush to buy a set of the same wallpaper for the whole room when you start renovating. Feel like an artist and think of different interesting options. And there are many of them. You can, for example, stick just one strip on a painted wall; alternate wallpaper with different patterns, but the same color, or, conversely, use wallpapers with the same pattern, but different colors ... Any other ideas?

Photo of
Paul Raeside

A worthy replacement

Walls upholstered in juyi or chinoiserie-style textiles are undeniably very beautiful, but such a finish is not cheap. A more budget option is wallpaper with the same pattern. They can be found, for example, in the collections of Pierre Frey, Osborne & Little or de Gournay.

Designed by David Kleinberg.

In 1853, Pavel Tretyakov decided to decorate the walls of his house and bought a couple of paintings. Thus was born the famous gallery

Wallpaper A thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains in Delft color palette on Bleached White silk, de Gournay.

Paper wallpaper, "Saratov wallpaper"

Ask for price

Advertising. OOO "Yandex"


Make a mosaic of wallpapers of the same color range, but with different patterns. A win-win option, suitable for both classic and modern interiors, is a combination of black and white.

Upside down

Don't be afraid to experiment. Try gluing polystyrene ceiling panels to the wall. Acrylic paint in a trendy shade will emphasize the texture and allow you to play with the shadows. It's nice that this finishing option will cost much less than similar wall modules made of wood, MDF and leather.

1 of 4

Ceiling tiles "Idyll", "Format"

Get the price

Dimensions: 50x50 cm. m, 4 pcs.

Advertising. Yandex LLC

2 out of 4

Ceiling tiles, embossed, Postavshchikovff

Ask for price

Dimensions: 50x50 cm. 10 square meters. m, 40 pieces

Advertising. Yandex LLC

3 out of 4

Ceiling relief tiles, "Format"

Ask for price

Dimensions: 50x50 cm, 1 square. m, 4 pieces

Advertising. OOO "Yandex"

4 of 4

Gypsum 3D wall panel Klin, Decoreo

Get the price

Dimensions: 25x17 cm

Advertising. OOO "Yandex"


Do your friends boast that they have been to the Guggenheim Museum and seen Mondrian? Let them now look into your bathroom! Typical for this artist, combinations of bright colors work perfectly even in small spaces!

Glass mosaic, NS mosaic

Ask for price

Dimensions: 30x30 cm

Advertising. LLC "Yandex"

Residual phenomenon

Everyone who has ever made repairs has a collection of remnants of different-sized tiles. We advise you not to store it in the pantry, but to put it into action. Decorate the wall above the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen with an original collage. Do not be afraid to combine tiles of different thicknesses, sizes and textures, with or without a pattern. In order not to overdo it with color, “dilute” it all with white tiles.

Livingetc/Paul Raeside/

Tile "Rainbow Turquoise", "Pentaceramic"

Ask for price

Advertising. OOO "Yandex"

Alignment to the right?

Don't be surprised that this bathroom wall is tiled in different directions: half horizontal, half vertical. Rest assured, this is not a tiler's mistake, but a design move typical of the Art Deco era.

Red Cover / Global Look

Designer himself

House in Tangier by designer Cassandra Karinsky. The ceramic apron was transformed by the painting in the form of bright stripes.

Gaelle Le Boulicaut

A boring kitchen apron lined with white mosaics can be refreshed without resorting to prompt measures. Arm yourself with special paint for ceramics and apply a pattern to the tile. If you want to be unique - order a tile according to your sketches!

Apartment in Stockholm.

1 of 3

Wall tiles "Arabesques, majolica", Kerama Marazzi

Get the price

Dimensions: 30x26 cm

Advertising. Yandex LLC

2 out of 3

Tile hexagon "Khaki", "Pentaceramic"

Ask for price

Advertising. Yandex LLC

3 out of 3

Wall tiles Mainzu Nazari Iberia

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Dimensions: 15x15 cm

Advertising. LLC "Yandex"


Even in a city apartment you can create the feeling that you are in a castle or palace. Stonework with rustication will be completely replaced by tiles with wide seams or MDF panels. This technique is often used in the design of halls and hallways. Lighting in the form of street lamps, octagon tiles and gothic-style furniture are suitable as entourage.

Program "Time"

Surely each of us has ever collected at least something: figurines of elephants, irons, license plates or, as the owner of this apartment, wall clocks. All this wealth can be used as decoration.

Gallo Images

Vintage wooden cuckoo clock

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Kingdom of mirrors

We have already written more than once that mirrors can transform even the most inexpressive interior. By hanging mirrors opposite the window, you will kill two birds with one stone: make the room brighter and decorate the wall.

1 of 3

Set of wall mirrors "Bamboo"

Ask for price

Advertising. Yandex LLC

2 out of 3

Decorative mirror in a wicker macrame frame

Ask for price


3 of 3

Wall mirror "Sun", Queen Fair

Ask for price

Advertising. OOO "Yandex"

In orderly rows

A strict geometric composition is the easiest and at the same time a win-win way to hang pictures or any other works of art. In this case, we are talking about the covers of music discs. A rhythmic composition of identical white frames hung between even rows of vertical bars does not look boring thanks to the bright "substrate". Her role is played by a plain painted wall.

Paul Raeside


Dreaming of a chalet? To do this, it is not at all necessary to buy a house on the slopes of the Alps. You can create the right atmosphere in a city apartment. Just take a floorboard (preferably an old one) and sheathe one of the walls with it. Both light and dark wood will look equally impressive.

©2007 Tim James - All Rights Reserved. No reproduction of any kind allowed without express written permission of the author.

Everything is openwork

How does a designer differ from an ordinary person? The ability to look at things in a new way and use them not for their intended purpose. A fresh idea is to decorate the wall with fragments of white radiator grilles with openwork patterns. The wall against which they are installed, of course, should be painted in a bright color.

Paul Raeside

Doors, window frames, cabinet doors and countertops can be used to decorate walls

Screen for radiator "Gothic", Stella

Get the price

Dimensions: 60x60 cm

Advertising. OOO "Yandex"

Brick wall

Ever since bare brickwork migrated from lofts to ordinary apartments, it has been dearly loved by architects and designers. If you like the natural color of the brick, cover it with a protective layer of polyurethane varnish or drying oil, then it will not “dust”. Or roll up the wall with paint, such as white or gray.

House of designer Sabine Marselis.

Braid with three boxes

The wall can be finished, but it is even better to do it. This lightweight partition consists of a wooden frame, inside of which strips of thin plywood are fixed. This design not only looks impressive, but also partially transmits light, which is sometimes necessary. If you want to do this, please note: instead of plywood, you can use fabric stretched over the frame, such as coarse canvas or thick silk.

Paul Raeside

Malevich's Architecton

Decorate your wall with an abstract composition in the spirit of the avant-garde artists of the twenties.

Learn more