Bed on the ground ideas

These Hacks Make It Easy to Style Your Bed on the Floor

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The Princess and the Pea had it all wrong. A good night’s rest has nothing to do with being as far above the ground as possible—in fact, the opposite may be more accurate. Placing your mattress on the ground makes bedtime feel decidedly nostalgic—like you brought out a bunch of blankets to sleep on a trampoline or you’re experiencing the rare childhood delight of snoozing on an air mattress (but even better, because it’s a real bed that supports your back).

Floor beds admittedly have a bad reputation for appearing unfinished or untidy; the trick to pulling them off lies in the styling. The perfect number of pillows, bedding that’s been rumpled just so, and a few easy-breezy accents (like a net canopy) ensure the setup will look chic. These ideas might even convince you to give up that bed frame for good.

Delineate It With a Divider

A shelving-unit partition, stocked with ceramics and books, makes the bed placement feel extra-thoughtful. In Courtney Adamo’s tiny shed–turned–sleeping quarters, the plain wood boards put the focus back on the architecture. 


Be Even Bolder With Your Floor Tile Choice

Technically, this mattress sits on a platform, but the same lesson applies. The bolder your floor, the more your bed will look at home. Checkered black-and-white tiles and a hand-stenciled zigzag trim make this setup feel like a getaway. 

Try a Monochrome Look

When the bedding, walls, and even floors are white, it’s pretty impossible for a space to look messy. Don’t overcomplicate it and you won’t go wrong.

Ruffle It Up

If you don’t want to spend your mornings making your bed with utmost precision, buy a duvet cover that looks better when it’s a little disheveled. Textured coverlets, like this white option, are very forgiving.

Go High When Your Bed Goes Low

A net canopy will prevent your floor bed from dragging your line of sight downward. Consider this a lesson in balance.


Create a Cozy Corner

If you’re styling a mattress on the floor in a multipurpose space (think: an office that sometimes functions as a guest room), align it with a wall to create a daybed vibe. Fully tuck in the bedding so it looks nice and neat.

Don’t Forget Bedside Furniture

Just because you’re forgoing a bed frame doesn’t mean you have to give up your nightstands. In this bedroom, a long bench and low-slung table make the mattress feel intentional.

Pick Your Perfect Throws

An intricately printed blanket and three jewel-toned pillows elevate this laid-back vignette. When circled by lush plants and a conveniently placed lamp, it becomes a serene place for slumber.

Keep It Natural

A floor bed covered in perfectly worn-in linen sheets is soothing on its own. Surround it with minimal wood furniture and just a couple pieces of art, and you’ve turned your space into a bona fide sanctuary.


Find a (Wall Art) Frame

When your bed is low to the ground, you free up some extra wall space—the perfect opportunity to expand your gallery. And who needs nightstands when you can have two big plants instead?

Downsize It All

Pick a miniature nightstand, like the one next to this low-to-the-ground bed, so the scale of the two pieces match. It’s just the right size for your phone, a book, and a glass of water.   

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Mattress on floor ideas - 13 ways to forgo a bed frame

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(Image credit: Ikea)

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Mattress off or mattress on floor? It's the question that's sparking debate across the desks at Real Homes HQ. While some of us prefer to sleep propped up on a proper bed frame or platform, other members of our team can go without the fuss of this furniture altogether. After all, they are an added cost if you're renting an unfurnished property, or investing in furnishings for your first home.

But. And this is a big but. You've got to know how to style your best mattress on the floor properly. Otherwise, you may get flashbacks of crashing at a friend's house in your mid-teens or look like a lazy grown-up who hasn't got themselves together. Because there's a difference between slubby and unstructured, and just plain sloppy!

Thankfully, we've seen some amazing examples (in real homes) of how this look can be achieved aesthetically. Plus, even some big-name brands have put this task to bed with trendy schemes that are easy to replicate. 

Mattress on floor ideas

'There are aesthetic reasons to place a mattress on the floor,' says Daniel Noyed, certified sleep coach, Sleep Foundation .

'It can help make a room feel larger, an effect that will be particularly noticeable in rooms with low ceilings. It also has a minimalist feel, which works well with certain design aesthetics.'

'The floor can support your mattress well. A floor will provide firm, even support to your mattress, allowing it to properly support your body. In most situations, placing a mattress directly on the floor will not significantly impact its comfort, support, or overall feel. Keep in mind that some mattresses require certain types of support, which the floor may or may not provide. '

1. Dress it up with a canopy

(Image credit: Ikea)

Adding a canopy (secured with a shelf bracket) will add instant drama to a mattress on the floor, upgrading it from sloppy to chic in seconds. Not only does it add airiness, but it acts as a room divider, with less of a hard line of division. This makes it a perfect shared bedroom idea when you have small children staying over on the weekend, but don't want wriggling feet and hands in your bed.

2. Create beachy vibes with white decor

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Create an idyllic bedroom oasis by incorporating all-white decor into your sleep space. This white bedroom design by Urban Outfitters is a beautifully breezy space made possible with an exotic palm houseplant, a lightweight and translucent curtain window treatment, and lots of light coming in from outside to create a gorgeous silhouette from the simple pendant light. 

An off-white or cream rug will add a tactile feeling to your tootsies. .. Not too dissimilar to a soft sandy beach. Add some seashells to your bedside table for a laidback seaside scheme.

3. Position your bed near the fireplace for warmth

(Image credit: couleurlocaleconceptstor)

Depending on how well-insulated your home is, and what your central heating setup is like, it can be a challenge to keep yourself warm in your bedroom - especially in the colder months.

Heat rises, but that's no help when you've got a mattress on the floor. So if your best duvet isn't serving you, and you've got a fireplace – pop it in close proximity to your stove. Of course, safety first, so make sure it's at a safe distance so you don't burn yourself or your bedding!

We love this multidimensional scheme that's been styled by Cleo Scheulderman . High ceilings, a suspended pendant light fixture, and the mattress raised on a higher level than the floor... Dreamy if you ask us!

4. Transform a formal dining area into a bedroom

(Image credit: @homesbycaz)

Recently, the rooms in our homes have dropped their fixed roles and become much more multi-functional. While there's a time and place for formal eating, some dining rooms are seldom used. So, when out-of-town company turns up, why not turn this space into an extra bedroom? That's exactly what Carol, aka @homesbycaz did.

She says: 'When your daughter comes to stay and you have no room, your dining room becomes a bedroom.'

To create this comfy space, she used organic textures of jute, wood, linen, and cotton to make this scheme feel super cozy... Because momma knows best right?

5. Frame your bed with wall sconces

(Image credit: @mesharbono)

When placing a mattress on the floor, you don't want it to look like it's been plonked on your carpet or hard surface with no consideration to the overall space. Position is everything when it comes to perfecting the scheme, so why not 'frame' the bed with wall sconces as part of your bedroom lighting decor? By sandwiching your unraised bed in between, your low-lying bedding will look like it's meant to be there.

6. Swap in curtains for a headboard

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

If your bed feels a bit 'naked' without a backdrop, create a DIY headboard with curtains. It's a quick way to incorporate texture and color into your space (if you don't opt for a plain white one). Why not be bold and add a beaded curtain to create a beautiful bohemian backdrop.

7. Tuck it into an alcove

(Image credit: @livingbylo)

Placing a mattress on the floor, in the middle of your room isn't always ideal - especially if your boudoir is bijou. But if you have an alcove in the room, take advantage of this recess and use this space to slot your bed into it like Lauren MacLean aka @livingbylo has.

Elevate the look by copying her modern coffee table (Hers is the Elwood, and available from mlt )

8. Place a rug nearby

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Getting out of bed when you've slept on a mattress on the floor can take a bit of time to get used to. However, you can create the illusion of 'levels' with a rug or runner.  Place it either at the end of the bed, or adjacent to it, to take away the feeling that you're rolling out onto the bare floor.

9. Create a retro seventies-inspired space

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters )

Many mattress on floor ideas can feel a little overstyled or just plain messy. So it's hard to find a middle ground at times. But if you're looking for a simple scheme that looks smart, turn to this sixties-inspired idea for inspiration. The grey and green decor is perfect as a men's bedroom idea without looking messy.

10. Hang festoon lighting overhead

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Create an outdoors-in scheme by hanging bedroom fairy lights over your mattress on the floor. This is a fun idea that both adults and kids will enjoy and will bring a balmy festival vibe to the room. 

Absolutely everything works in harmony in this bedroom to bring that backyard feel to the space from the voile curtains to the exposed brick wall, the biophilic framed art, and of course, that oversized houseplant. Layer multiple rugs over one another to add depth and dimension.

11. Stack some daybeds

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

If you're not necessarily going to be using the mattress on floor for sleeping, and just want a squidgy space to slumber with a book - consider a daybed (or two). These Rohini velvet daybed cushions from Urban Outfitters come in five different colors so you can mix and match them to add interest to your scheme.

12. Create a guest room in an instant

(Image credit: Ikea)

'You never know when extra guests are going to pop up, particularly during the holiday season. It’s best to always be prepared with a comfortable, space-saving solution that makes hosting overnight a breeze,' says Geneviève Jorn, interior designer at Ikea . 

'A flexible foam mattress folds up easily and can be stored away with a simple DIY cover next to a day bed. When guests arrive, lay out the mattress, push the bed back against the wall and use the cover as a room divider for privacy.

13. Invest in a folding mattress

(Image credit: Ikea)

'Mom, please can I have my friends round?' is probably a request you've heard time and time over when your son or daughter wants to host their own slumber party. Generally speaking, you've got takeout and entertainment covered - but what about bedding?

If you don't want to buy a blow-up bed, a folding mattress might be a better alternative - especially if your kids' room is on the small size. This SLÄKT folding mattress by Ikea is so easy to fold up and put away in the morning.

Should you place mattress on floor?

'Many people prefer the simplicity of placing their mattress on the floor. This is the most affordable route – but it’s not always a good idea. Most mattresses can be put directly on the floor, but whether or not they should be is another question entirely,' says Noyed.

'Most mattresses can be placed on the floor. However, there are some significant downsides to this approach:

Is sleeping on a mattress on the floor good for me?

'One of the large selling points for putting your mattress on the floor is the potential back pain relief,' says Mitchell Tollsen, writer and self-titled sleep expert at Early Bird blog .

'Sleeping on the floor can help your spine and neck stay neutral and keep your posture healthy. People who sleep on the ground may also see improvements to their sciatica and a reduced chance of developing scoliosis. Due to how firm your sleeping surface is on the floor, it’s best to sleep on your back for the most comfort and back pain relief.'

'Your mattress is firmer when on the floor and sleeping on a firm mattress helps distribute your body weight evenly. This way, there is less pressure on any specific body part, thus allowing your muscles and tissues to receive better circulation during the night. Having good blood circulation helps the body’s major organs function properly, fights off disease, and improves muscle recovery.'

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8 loft bed ideas for your small bedroom

Enhance your space with these ingenious loft bed ideas and turn any room into an extra (or master) bedroom.

You might think that raising a bed is a trick reserved for dorm rooms and tiny houses, but there are actually plenty of stylish loft bed ideas to enhance your sleeping spaces.

Whether you live in a studio and need some extra storage — and more space, that is — or want to turn that tiny home office into a guest room, we've put together a few ideas for you.

Storage space

If you could use more storage space—and let's face it, who doesn't need more storage space? - try a bed with drawers, with cabinets, drawers or shelves underneath. Even if you don't raise your bed more than a few inches off the ground, this design will help delimit the room and create additional storage space for books, clothes, and other essentials.

Home Office

Make your home office dream come true, no matter how limited your square footage is. Create an office under your loft bed - all you need is a thin desk, some lighting and a chair to get started.


If your closet has high ceilings, you might consider adding more storage, but why not use that space to create an extra bedroom? (You can always store extra sweaters there when you don't have guests.)

Children's room

When it comes to children's rooms, the only thing more fun than bunk beds is a platform bed. The elevated space becomes a cozy reading and nap area with plenty of storage space for toys. It's practically an instant fort!


Carve out extra roof space for a sleeper that feels straight out of Parisian artist Garrett. If you already have a loft storage space, just add a bed and a railing and you're done!

Loft bed

If you don't want to build a loft, there are many beds from the world's top brands. Find one that suits your style and gives you enough space underneath for storage or to add a sofa or table. Choosing one that matches your wall color will help it blend in and look like part of the space, or stand out with a bold color.

Catwalk Bed

You don't have to climb stairs to have a loft bed. If you don't like heights - or tend to toss and turn them - opt for a design that's just a few steps off the ground and use that extra storage space.


Take your entire bedroom to the next level! Create a spacious room with nightstands, lighting, even space for clothes and books to make your studio feel like a one-bedroom apartment.

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Our ranking of the most original beds looks like this.

Tenth place

Those who like to tickle their nerves will appreciate the original mousetrap bed. Non-standard approach of the designer to the organization of the bed worthy of admiration. However, in order to sleep peacefully in such a bed, you need to be out of ten.

Ninth place

This season gothic style dominates both the runways and the interior. It inspires designers to create unique pieces of furniture, which can be compared to a work of art. This lovely gothic the bed can transform any bedroom and become a fashionable interior accent.

Eighth place

Your bedroom is so tiny that if you put a double bed in it, no space at all? Do you live in a one-room apartment and do not know how to organize a private sleeping area? Do not despair. Just attach the bed to ceiling!

You can raise and lower it at your convenience. So Thus, during the day, your bedroom can serve as an office or living room.

Seventh place

For those who do not want to say goodbye to childhood, a hanging bed is perfect, attached to the ceiling with ropes. On it you can not only relax comfortably, but also ride like a swing.

Sixth place

In this bed you will forget what insomnia is. She wraps around space around you. When looking at smooth curves, the eyes begin to stick together by themselves, and your consciousness is carried away on the waves of tenderness and tranquility into a magical kingdom of Morpheus.

Fifth place

High technology rules the modern world. Nowadays, even beds become interactive.

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