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Interior Design Trends for 2023, According to Industry Experts

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From bold marble to double islands, here's what industry experts expect to see more of next year.

By Kelly Allen

Jeff Holt

As we near the end of this year, it’s time to start planning ahead by thinking about what will be trending in 2023. Naturally, we asked industry leaders what their interior design predictions are for the fresh season ahead—and they delivered. From an emphasis on meaningful collections to bathrooms with undercounter refrigerators, get ready to ruminate on these elements that designers expect to see everywhere next year.

Meaningful Objects

Jeff Holt

Prepare to lean into authenticity and prioritize joy. "Quiet greens and calming blues can combat a tumultuous political landscape, but ultimately it's the objects we fill our homes with that hold the most power to ease our anxieties,” says Jean Lin, the founder of design co-op and firm Colony. “Maybe it's your grandfather's collection of fly fishing lures, or maybe you're zealous for antique maps—whatever it is that brings your truest self to your living space is on trend."

Here, design firm Chused & Co. filled the parlor of the 2022 Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse with well-loved vintage furniture and art from around the world.

Wine Displays

Michael Stavaridis

"Homeowners are moving away from hiding their wine cellars and are using wine storage like an art installation," says designer Jeff Andrews. "It is a collection after all!"

Here, Sire Design fashioned a wall of wine that adds intrigue and acts as art in a client's living room, which was recently featured on the Netflix show Designing Miami.

Bold Marble

Tessa Neustadt

“More and more homeowners are incorporating bold statement pieces of marble in their kitchens to create a focal point and add a touch of drama," says designer Hilary Matt. "You can achieve this look with a bolder use of colors, unique veining styles, or both!”

Interior design by Interior Archaeology.

Organic Materials and Shapes

Courtesy of L'Objet

Earth tones and organic shapes are expected to draw popularity—according to Elad Yifrach, the founder of L'Objet—because they’re rough and refined at the same time. “This trend towards softer, curvaceous forms and imbuing elements of nature within our homes reflects a desire for comfort, albeit in a more sophisticated and refined manner with the incorporation of metals, rocks, and harder textures to add juxtaposition and visual complexity,” Yifrach says.

The brand's TIMNA collection features prime examples, including porcelain vases and bowls glazed in rich mineral tones and “smooth undulations and bulges” that mimic forms found in nature.

Sleek Appliances

Dan Cutrona

"Cabinetry and kitchen islands are statement pieces within the home, and consumers are opting for bold looks and wanting their appliances to compliment the overall design," says Andrews. "Induction cooktops and ranges are especially gaining traction because of their sleek look, safety, and efficiency. I recently renovated my dream home and installed a Wolf induction cooktop that not only looks great in the space but also offers powerful performance. "

Induction cooktops are even becoming widely available on more traditional-looking ranges, like in this kitchen by Nicole White.

An Emphasis on Wellness


Wellness is a driving factor of design for 2023. “Adding elements that help promote self-care and well-being can transform any space into an oasis,” says Andrews. “Adding a pair of undercounter refrigerators to a home spa to store beauty products and chilled towels is something our clients are loving.”

The designer recommends Sub-Zero’s designer undercounter refrigerator to enhance convenience and serenity in the bathroom, living room, or primary bedroom.

Interior design by Elizabeth Roberts.

More Island Space


"Traditional kitchens are evolving and extending into other parts of the home," Matt says. "In the coming year, I predict larger—and even double—kitchen islands will be integrated to accommodate for larger entertaining and gathering space in the kitchen. "

Interior design by Alice Lane.

Coffee Beyond the Kitchen

Robert Peterson / Rustic White Interiors

Coffee machines naturally find a home in the kitchen, but brewing your favorite drink doesn't have to take place there. "Clients are now adding the luxurious comfort of an at-home coffee station to spaces like home offices and home theaters," Andrews says. Adding one to a bedroom would make waking up with a cup of coffee in hand even quicker.

Interior design by Alison Victoria.

Kelly Allen Associate Editor Kelly Allen is the current Associate Editor at House Beautiful, where she covers design, pop culture, and travel for digital and the print magazine.

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Ashley Chalmers

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Published on 10/25/22

Becca Interiors

It might seem early to start looking at 2023 trends, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from talking to designers and trend forecasters, the best way you can keep your space feeling fresh is by planning ahead.

We recently connected with some of our favorite home experts to discuss what’s coming in 2023 in terms of interior design—and they gave us a preview of everything from finishes to fittings.

The Color Trends Designers Can't Wait to See in 2023

Here’s What’s Out

When it comes to predicting what we’ll see less of in 2023, our experts have a few guesses there, too.

current trends in the world of design

New trends in apartment interior design appear almost every year, and 2023 is no exception. Many trends have already been laid in the current year, while others are only expected. We propose to talk about both global and minor changes that will affect interior design in 2023.

The green trend continues

As in the current year, one of the main trends in apartment design in 2023 will remain green. The trend for naturalness is not new, but every year it becomes more and more in demand, due to global processes.

In the era of consumption, people strive to make it more rational and conscious. This explains the popularity of recycled furniture, the demand for natural materials and clean raw materials produced by companies with sustainable production.

As in the current year, glass, wood and stone will be valued in 2023. This is because they are environmentally friendly and easily adapt to different styles. It is also expected that more and more accessories made from organic fabrics, recycled materials or sustainable fibers will be used in the design. This is because in 2023 the theme of nature in the interior will be closely connected not only with reasonable consumption, but also with health and the use of organic materials: wool, cotton, clay, wood, ceramics.

Trendy interiors with natural materials

Based on the environmental trend in apartment interior design, it is easy to conclude that the trend will be natural materials. As mentioned above, it will be glass, wood, stone. Marble will gain particular popularity: black, gray, blue, pink with large expressive veins. Marble can be used in flooring, countertops, window sills, fireplace portals. In 2023, this material is moving from accent to main, so it can be used in larger quantities.

Natural wood will be in demand in furniture, especially walnut, oak, teak, ash. And natural, that is, with knots and cracks. Wood is perfectly combined with gray concrete, helping to create warmth and comfort. In furniture upholstery, exquisite velvet becomes a trendy material, attracting attention with richness of shades, grandiose tints and some theatricality.

The leather, which gives a discreetly elegant effect, is not inferior to positions. Leather looks good in combination with marble and gilded motifs, which were previously used very metered, but in the design of apartments 2022-2023 they sounded and will continue to sound especially strong. In general, the radiance of metal is also in trend. You can use lampshades with a chrome-plated mirror surface, brass and gold-plated fittings.

The trend will be the abundance of transparent glass, which has quietly risen to the peak of popularity. The material fills the rooms with light and air. In the interior of glass there can be lamps, vases, dishes, as well as shelves, racks and interior partitions. Matte glass cat tables and large panoramic windows are actively used.

The authenticity trend is gaining momentum

Apartment design in 2023 will move further and further away from asceticism. This does not mean that excesses will come back into fashion - remember the trend for environmental friendliness and naturalness.

The departure from asceticism will consist in the transition to authenticity. In the interior, objects dear to the heart, such as the grandmother's chest of drawers, are beginning to be appreciated, which were given a new life due to restoration.

The design can be supplemented with unique art objects, non-standard lamps, consoles and other items that have their own history and last for many years.

This is an interesting solution, not at all similar to the usual use of antiques in the interior. Fashion trends in apartment design really give one more chance to outdated at first glance furniture, fittings, details, but they are combined with quite modern, and not just antique furnishings. For example, with smart items, whether it's a bedside table with a speaker inside, SMART glass or built-in wireless charging.

In authenticity, there is again a trend towards sustainability, because by choosing things that are passed down from generation to generation, a person solves the problem of overconsumption and makes his contribution to caring for the planet. Namely, this is gradually becoming a priority for the whole world, which inevitably affects interior design.

Nostalgia never goes away

Authenticity is closely related to another growing trend in apartment design. We are talking about the so-called retro, the nostalgia for which has not gone anywhere. “Old” patterns and knitted textiles are added to the interior, and blue, blue, turquoise and earthy shades are chosen from the colors. There is a growing demand for old rounded furniture. In addition to the authentic grandmother's dresser, it's time to get chairs, a sofa, tables and introduce them into modern design styles.

Trendy colors and prints

When talking about apartment design trends for 2023, one cannot but mention the color scheme. In this matter, the interior will be minimalistic - no more than 2-3 shades. But at the same time, colors can be saturated and unusual. Increasingly, there is a shade of "spicy honey", which can take on a sandy, woody or amber tone. Among the contrasting combinations, the combination of white and brown comes to the fore.

Intense blue is gaining popularity, complemented by white and gold or black and white accents. Yellow-cream, muted mint, gray-green and warm gray colors can be added to the same list. Great preference is given to green and its shades. A total dark green finish will look unusual, even when the window frames are painted in this color. From prints, unusual ornaments and classic black and white polka dots are in demand.

It is these trends that will help you make a truly fashionable renovation and make the apartment interior design relevant for 2023.

photos of fashionable interiors, trends and trends

Fashion in interior design does not change as rapidly as in the fashion or beauty industry, but still every year new bright trends appear or old ones are transformed. Our article is about this. We will tell you what techniques will be relevant in 2023, how to choose a palette and materials. We will also show photos of fashionable apartment interiors where these trends are implemented.

Listed the current trends in the video

Fashion trends in the interior in 2023

- Soft minimalism
— Smart home
— Back to the past
- Tactility
- Sustainability
— Innovations
Color Schemes
— Monochrome
– Herbs and spices
— Minerals and metals

The general trends in apartment design in 2023 (photo below) have hardly changed: the trend is naturalness and at the same time functionality, minimalist ideas, care for nature and yourself.

Soft minimalism

Social networks of designer Daria Mayorova

All modern design as a whole is built on the concept of minimalism. Refusing mindless consumption, cluttering rooms and excessive savings that lead to more frequent purchases - all this has been around for a long time and is not going to fade into the shadows.

But in the coming year, the focus will shift to softer and warmer minimalism. If earlier for many it was associated with sterility, facelessness, cold, now minimalist interiors are becoming more lively, cozy and personalized. First of all, this is expressed in the palette: warm colors in the beige-brown paradigm are increasingly taken as the basis, diluting them with muted shades of red, yellow, orange and only slightly shading them with contrasting achromats. The color scheme is complemented by tactilely pleasant textures (as much as possible wood, textiles, vegetation) and smooth rounded shapes. The latter applies both to furniture and to the very architecture of an apartment or a country house. Minimalism can act as a base and be complemented by elements of other styles: scandi, boho, country, classics. This will add originality to the interior and give it character.

Social networks of designer Darya Mayorova

Social networks of visualizer Alina Aleinikova

Smart Home

Now technologies are developing so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up with all the innovations.

Bodes studio social networks

But you can and should gradually introduce them into your home. Every detail in the interior should simplify the life of the owners. All kinds of sensors, remote-controlled switches, timers, voice assistants, smart gadgets are an absolute must-have for any apartment or private house. If you are not ready to install a complex smart home system yet, start with local "assistants": a robot vacuum cleaner, remote-controlled curtains, water-saving faucets, multifunctional appliances, etc.

Another, larger-scale embodiment of this trend can be seen at the level of architecture and planning. If earlier attention was mostly paid to residential and front rooms, now even the owners of small-sized apartments are trying to allocate space for inconspicuous technical areas: laundry, dressing rooms, pantries. And this is not just a meter by meter space littered with things, but well-thought-out functional rooms that greatly simplify life and logistics in the apartment.


Social media blogger daves_home

But in fact they absolutely do not contradict each other. Nostalgia in the interior should not be manifested in a complete departure from progress. Quite the opposite: discreet technical solutions organically complement the retro style, vintage furniture and original decor with history.

Designers and analysts are predicting a special popularity of the style of the 70s. It brings the much-needed positivity, adds coziness and nostalgic warmth, while curved and rounded silhouettes echo the trend towards organic shapes. Grandmother's chests of drawers, leather sofas and lamps from the GDR will find a second life, and the search for unique vintage furniture on bulletin boards will become a real exciting quest.

Social networks of the blogger deeplymadlymodern

Social networks of the blogger mia_loves_things

Social networks of the artist Simon Polk

Social networks of the blogger daves_home

Social networks of the blogger daves_home

More precisely, the approach to their choice.


Cartelle Design Social Media

The same minimalism has taught us to monolithic structures and a well-balanced picture without a single superfluous detail. Such interiors are impressive in the photo, but in real life for many they are not comfortable enough. Therefore, now in the projects of Russian and foreign designers, a common leitmotif is clearly visible - a departure from perfectly even lines and smooth surfaces to natural imperfections. The ability to see beauty in its original natural form is characteristic of the Japanese - that is why the Japandi style has become so popular.

Regardless of direction, interiors are increasingly using:


Social networks of Cartelle Design

Sustainable design

Taupe Home studio social networks

Sustainable design is now on the rise. It is characterized by long-term concern for the environment, as well as the ethics of production. Not only the composition of the material is important, but also how it was created: no damage to nature, the use of renewable resources, fair working conditions.

How materials work in an interior also matters. They must be durable, easy to care for, safe for people and animals, and finally, just comfortable. It doesn't matter if it's natural wood or bioplastic.

a photo

Social networks of Artpartner Architects studio

Social networks of designer Andrey Vladimirov

Social networks of Cartelle Design studio

Social networks of Taupe Home studio

Social networks of Artpartner Architects studio

Social networks of designer Yulia Babintseva

Social networks of Taupe Home studio


This trend is closely related to the previous one. The desire to save natural resources and take care of the world around us motivate designers to look for and create new materials.

Alexander &CO social networks

Therefore, every year unusual inventions appear at exhibitions. The priority is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable raw materials. For example:

a photo

Social networks of Vanplestik studio

Social networks of designer Daria Vasilkova

Social networks of designer Daria Vasilkova

Social networks of iamprinted studio

Social networks of designer Andrew Large

Social networks of Vanplestik & Alexander studio

Social networks0003

Consider the actual colors in 2023. If you are planning to renovate an apartment, these photo designs will definitely inspire you.


Quadro Room Social Media

The neutral base does not go out of fashion and will not lose ground in the coming years. There is also a trend towards monochrome and visual simplicity in the projects. The stereotype that gray or beige as the basis of the palette is too boring is not only dispelled, but elevated to the opposite absolute when this color becomes the only one in the room.

Every day we are surrounded by a lot of bright colors, fast-changing pictures, contrasting shots, so it is important to rest from such a large amount of visual information within the walls of the house. And the best help in this is the most calm palette, consisting of shades flowing into each other. They create the effect of a single cozy space, a kind of "cocoon", which gives a sense of security and helps to relax. A variety of expressive textures help to compensate for the simplicity of the color scheme: from cold stone or concrete to warm wool and natural wood. You can also dilute the overall monochrome with a couple of small contrasting accents to set visual beacons.

Herbs and spices

In the coming year, color schemes based on warm shades will definitely be in fashion.

Bureau Slovo studio social networks

You can use any colors, but brown, red, orange and all derivatives from them will act as a trend base. For inspiration, you can imagine a counter with various spices and spices: paprika, ginger, turmeric, curry, mustard, basil, saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, etc. These shades are perfectly combined with the textures of wood, stone, brick and natural fabrics. Or, on the contrary, they can be balanced and refreshed with the help of gray, white, black or navy blue. This palette is suitable for any room: from the kitchen (the most obvious choice through the associative series) to the bedroom or home office. The photo below shows the fashionable interiors of apartments in these colors.

Learn more