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Dressed up and dressed down, bold and subtle, sophisticated and abundant, take a look at our gallery of inspiring Christmas hallway decorations and ideas for festive entryways. 

After all, why limit your Christmas decorating ideas to reception rooms when you can create a warm welcome in your entryway and a sparkling, seasonal looks in transitional spaces. 

‘In the Christmas hallway, I always do the banister,’ says designer Sophie Conran . 'That is the focal point. I like it to look busy, and I seem to add more and more throughout the Christmas period which is such fun. I keep on going back to it.

'I start with a lot of foliage woven around the banister, and then I add all sorts of red decorations – bows, candy canes, lots of pine cones, paper apples, berries.

Christmas hallway decorations and ideas

There are so many ways to use Christmas hallway decorations effectively, from mini trees on console tables to garlands up stairs, to wreaths hung on walls. These are our favorites.

1. Create a cozy glow 

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Nothing says 'warm welcome' quite like the cozy glow of candlelight, particularly when it’s illuminating the most festive of Christmas stair decor ideas. Setting candles upon an antique entry table is a sensible – and safe – option, and if you opt for an eclectic display, like the one shown here, it’s easy to create. 

Vintage candle holders can be sourced online, or look around your home for various tealight holders, candlesticks and stands – no need to worry about whether they match. Similarly with the candles themselves, although it’s a good idea to invest in seasonally-scented versions for extra Christmassy fragrance. 

Never leave burning candles unattended – convincing fakes are the safest option; we really like Amazon's flickering LED tapers .

2. Be bold with baubles 

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

If you can’t have a little fun with your Christmas hallway decor ideas, when can you? Lining the floor with bright, oversized baubles is guaranteed to raise a smile. Plus you get the chance to put your own creative spin on things, which is always good fun. 

‘Baubles aren’t just for trees, you can source giant ones from craft shops or online and transform them with a lick of paint. It’s a fun way to decorate a hallway, and you can give them a new look every year’, says paint and color expert, Annie Sloan .  Amazon has a wide range of giant Christmas baubles .

Whilst we love it, this decor idea isn’t the most practical for everyone – those with small hallways, or anyone with pets or children, for example. However, this isn’t the only way to display Christmas tree decor in your hallway, and you don’t necessarily need room for a tree either; hang them out of reach across a mirror, or pile them high in a glass bowl for an original take on a traditional decorating trend.  

3. Adorn a staircase with a garland

(Image credit: Layered Lounge )

Usually the focal point of an entryway, and the first thing you see when you walk through the door, it makes sense to focus your decorating efforts on the stairs with Christmas garland ideas and over-sized paper decs. Whether you opt for honeycombs, balls, stars or pendants, paper decorations are bang on trend at the moment; colorful and pretty (not to mention sustainable), they also weigh next to nothing, so can be hung easily from the banister, plus it’s not the end of the world if one or two get damaged. 

When it comes to styling them, Lucy St George, co-founder of Rockett St George  says: 'Try pairing string lights or foliage with beautiful decorations including paper honeycombs and glam glitter stars. As with any style spot in your home, play around with different heights and either focus on creating a cluster at the bottom of the stairs or scatter along the entirety of your staircase for the ultimate feature. '

In line with an eco-friendly approach to decorating,  Suzy Humphreys, founder of Layered Lounge adds: ‘For extra decoration, I like to wrap up empty cardboard boxes in festive paper, then dot them along a console table or bench. This means we don’t have to take gifts from under the tree, and if they get damaged in a busy hallway it doesn’t matter’. 

4. Don’t forget the window  

(Image credit: John Lewis)

If your hallway includes a window, think about ways you could utilize the ledge as extra surface space for decorating. Incorporating foraged foliage into your display is a great way of bringing the outdoors in, and can be made extra festive by adding in complementary decorations – berry red is always a good choice! 

Hanging glass baubles in the window offers the perfect finishing touch, and makes for a lovely Christmas window decor idea that can be appreciated both inside and out. Coordinate with your Christmas wreath ideas to ensure a stylish and coherent scheme.  

5. Have welcome drinks at the ready 

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Ensure everyone has a drink in hand by setting up a fizz-filled drinks station in the hallway so guests can help themselves as they walk through. Not only will it guarantee you ‘host with the most status’, it’s a great styling opportunity, too. 

Grouping glasses and bottles on a stylish metal tray makes for a neat display that’s pleasing on the eye – and makes spillages less likely, too. While you’ll need to keep the top surface fairly free for practical reasons, you can get as creative as you like with Christmas wall decor ideas, a clever way of drawing the eye of guests as they arrive, while Christmas plants and bunches of greenery add a decorative touch. 

6. Bring in a Christmas tree

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Not all of us are lucky enough to have a hallway big enough to host a full-sized Christmas tree, but a smaller, potted version standing tall on a console table can bring just as much magic. Here, there's the best of both worlds, with a full-sized tree and Christmas mantel ideas employed above the console.

‘If you really haven’t got space for a tree in your hallway, consider using festive foliage styled on a console table instead, for a more subtle nod to the season,’ advises Paul Deckland, Director of Buying at Cotswold Co . ‘Using fresh, foraged greenery looks considered and smells amazing, too – a great welcome for friends and family as they step through the door’. 

7. Hang a wreath on the inside of the door  

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Hanging a Christmas wreath on the back of your door, as well as the front means you leave the house feeling full of festive cheer, as well as returning home to it. It doesn’t have to be big to make an impact either; here, a relatively simple design is brought to life by a beautiful velvet ribbon, and perfectly complements other wintery decor dotted around the hallway. 

‘One of the most important things to address in a hallway is the fragrance; this is just as much of a mood-setter as the decorations themselves. If you’ve got a wreath hanging, try spritzing it with natural oils so you get a lovely waft of Christmas scent whenever you open the door,’ says Suzy Humphreys, founder of Layered Lounge.  

8. Go big on greenery

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You don’t have to go big and bold on decorations and colors to make an impact – using an abundance of fresh, all-green foliage is guaranteed to add wow-factor as soon as you walk through the door. Handily, hallways often present perfect display opportunities, too. An entryway table can be adorned with vases of freshly foraged greenery, light fittings, mirrors and front doors offer settings for wreaths and swags, and of course, not forgetting the stairs. 

‘A hallway is a great opportunity to get creative with your festive decor as it’s a space you don’t have to be in for long periods of time, so you can go all out with your decorations. Hang wreaths, garlands and lights from multiple points to create a maximalist feel. This will also help bring little moments of joy as you pass through to another room,’ says Connor Prestwood, interior designer at Dowsing & Reynolds .  

9. Adorn an entry table with baubles and foliage 

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Entry table decor ideas are a must for making not just the entryway but other hallway spaces look fabulous year round, but especially at Christmas. 

'Styling a console table is an art,' says Lucy Searle, Editor in Chief, Homes & Gardens. 'The key is to underplay it a little, especially at Christmas. Over stuff it and you won't see the wood for the trees. I would say that some festive sparkle with LED candles combined with dimmed overhead lights can go a long way to creating a magical feel.' 

10. Pile gifts high in a Christmas hallway

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Getting the balance between style and practicality is the most important thing in a hallway, particularly over the holiday season when guests arrive piled high with coats, gifts, drinks, party food and so on. One way of achieving this is to create a designated area for gifts. 

Obviously the stairs aren't it, so think about a devoted console, a rolling trolley or a mini tree set on a side table. Start off by stacking your own beautifully-wrapped presents and watch it grow into an eye-catching display as more guests arrive… just be sure to stop children (or adults, for that matter) tearing them open before the big day! 

11. Hang a festive wreath

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

Don’t confine these floral decorations to the front door. Instead, add seasonal cheer to any room in your home with your favorite wreath designs.   

The hall is the first area of your home that your visitors see, so dress it with an impressive wreath. A design made up of just one tile of flower or foliage is an elegant option with dramatic impact.

12. Make it a celebratory affair

(Image credit: Future / Adrian Briscoe)

A sparkling scheme of soft pinks and amber is a perfect way to dress your home for a fabulous Christmas celebration.   

Create a stunning entrance with an abundant floral arrangement ascending the stairs. To ring the changes, design your display so the flowers rise from the steps in a contrast to the more traditional garland which runs along he handrail.  

Simple paper wheel decorations are a quick way to bring a bold decorative touch a staircase wall. 

13. Deck the halls

(Image credit: Adrian Briscoe)

A grand staircase in an entryway area is the most obvious choice for a decorative focal point at Christmas. As the first room that visitors will see, it’s an opportunity to make something of a showpiece to set the tone of the whole house. 

More of a challenge to manipulate into shape, nevertheless, twigs make a striking alternative to foliage for any garland but particularly one to be strung up a staircase as the irregular and organic shapes help to break up and soften the edges of the spindles. 

On their own, the look would be too harsh; instead decide to bunch together at intervals pine cone decorations, ribbons and pompom balls which have been spray painted. Take a view on whether you want to either make a vivid color statement here or take a cue from the surrounding space, such as in this scheme which uses calm and warming colors of red and burnt amber on the wide-width satin ribbons.

14. Essay in elegance

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

The tradition of the Christmas wreath, with its circular shape and evergreen material, is thought to represent eternal life and a symbol of Advent; today they are almost as essential form of decoration as the Christmas tree itself. 

Generally reserved for the front door, or in street-facing windows, indoor hallway wreaths are a simple nod to traditional decorating with a modern twist. For a fresh and elegant look, maintain a strict colour scheme of green and white. 

Take a plain wreath (or make your own out of juniper branches, lot of different types of eucalyptus, olive branches, mimosa and privet) and thread a short string of battery-powered, warm white fairy lights into the wire frame to give off a subtle yet welcoming glow to the hallway. 

Finally, pair this with a simple spray of mistletoe on a length of wide-width satin ribbon.

15. Go for a festive festoon

(Image credit: Chris Everard)

One of the easiest ways to decorate a Christmas hallway is to make the architectural details do most of the work. Generous period architraves are particularly well suited to carrying a festive garland, with little or no damage to the walls, save for a few pins to hold it in place. 

Where possible, draw the eyes further into the house, again working within the existing shapes and room proportions for a pleasing visual marriage. The door opening perfectly frames the Christmas tree, for example. 

Within a traditional context, keep the decorations in neutral colors of green and silver but strike a less formal accent; here a witty disco ball takes the place of the standard mistletoe hanging above the doorway. 

Using the same colors of silver, white and green to wrap up the presents under the tree requires some extra forward planning (no raiding last year’s leftovers) but has the effect of elegantly tying together the decorative scheme.

16. Instil a heavenly scent

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

With sustainability becoming increasingly core to every aspect of our lives, try to embrace winter-flowering plants when assembling flowers in the hallway.  

Choose whites and greens for a fresh, neutral look and use rosemary (thought to bring health and happiness for the coming year during the Middle Ages), white chrysanthemums, the Christmas rose, and, of course, mistletoe. 

Pots of hyacinths not only add to the scheme but will introduce a sweet floral scent into the hallway, introducing another layer of impact for guests and family. A mix of terracotta and glass planters keep the tone natural and less formal. 

Then, in a nod to the shorter days and to make the display stand out during the day and evening, weave in some light – either with string lights or tealights (LED ones for homes with young children).

17. Opt for fabulous foliage

(Image credit: Mel Yates)

Looking to create a seamless transition between your Christmas porch ideas and festive hallway decor? Most designers and decorators agree that key to decorating a Christmas hallway is to be as generous as possible with flowers and foliage – in an era when everyone is starting to keep a closer eye on how much plastic we use and dispose of, it’s a sure-fire way to keep a cleaner environmental conscience.  

Seasonality is, of course, fundamental to that, meaning that most will be made of native foliage including eucalyptus, ivy, yew and fir – with a few imports for a bit of color. 

When making a Christmas wreath for the front door, go a little wayward with the shape if possible and have the greenery trail down the front door for a loose and natural look with the highest welcoming impact.

18. Look up

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

Take the traditional Christmas bauble for a creative spin. An obvious choice would be a central hallway chandelier where the light will bounce off the glistening surfaces and create a pretty and eye-catching display. Be led by the design of the chandelier itself and try and echo the shapes that it makes. 

Here, the droplets of crystals are embellished by a collection of silver, white and frosted baubles in varying shapes and textured finishes which are artfully tied at different heights using lengths of delicate narrow-width silver ribbon. Together it creates a glamorous display which might see out the festive season and beyond.

19. Decorate with a country style

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

For a farmhouse Christmas ideas with a truly contemporary twist, go for a magical, playful look in a hallway with wood board flooring and woven runners. Abundantly swathe a staircase in rustic paper chains and a mass of flowing ribbons or glittering lengths of garland. 

20. Create a garland centerpiece

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

In a panelled hallway, centre a painted Swedish demi lune table between the boards and add candle sconces either side for symmetry. Simply decorate with a beautiful large bowl of pink limonium foliage. 

A collection of miniature antique wooden sheep give a ‘nativity’ look, and the whole room is dominated by a stunning wrought iron garland on the wall.

How can I decorate my hallway for Christmas?

To decorate your hallway for Christmas in a way that's unforgettable, always start with the lighting. Dimmer lighting supplemented by fake candles with convincing flickering candle light (LEDs are fantastic) will set the scene. Around this, adorn walls with wreaths and narrow wall-hung garlands; string a garland up and along bannisters; and ensure your console tables are decorated with bowls of baubles and festive flowers. If there's space, a hallway Christmas tree with gifts piled beneath is a wonderful indulgence.

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30 Christmas hallway decorating ideas for a festive hall

It's never too early to start planning your Christmas decorating ideas, and as the first impression guests have of your home, the hallway's the best place to begin. Don't be put off by a narrow space, because small hallways will make even relatively low-key decorations more impactful.

Christmas hallway decorating ideas are a chance to get creative – first, decide which elements you want to include. A mini Christmas tree paired with a beautiful garland climbing up the bannister? Twinkling candles and fairy lights arranged on your side table along with baubles and a homemade advent calendar? What about scent?

Christmas hallway decorating ideas

Look at all the surfaces available and where decorations will be least likely to get damaged. You might want to order some tape, Command hooks and wreath hanging hooks, £3 at Dunelm before the fun stuff. Not only do Christmas hallway ideas set the tone for festive gatherings, they also add some sparkle to the everyday.

1. Make a paper advent calendar

(Image credit: Future PLC / Dominic Blackmore)

The hallway is the perfect spot to hang a homemade alternative advent calendar. Fill plain paper bags with treats and stamp the days of advent onto cut out stars on brown wrapping paper and attach with string to a metal hoop from somewhere like Hobbycraft. This fills an empty wall and brings the excitement of the Christmas countdown to your hallway.

2. Make guests feel at home

(Image credit: Future PLC / Dominic Blackmore)

As much as we love making our homes look great for Christmas, how it feels is just as important. 'Make your guests feel like they're in their own home by providing plenty of space for their shoes and coats,' interior designer Juliette Thomas says. 'For decor, soft lighting immediately makes a space feel warmer and cosier.' This hallway side table looks inviting with candles, star wall lights and a trio of mini trees, and with hallway storage baskets for shoes and spare blankets, it's practical, too.

3. Make use of surfaces

(Image credit: Future PLC / David Giles)

'If you have a table, sideboard, radiator cover, or any other surface you can make use of in your hallway then put it to good use!' says Jennifer Derry, interior design expert and Chief Merchandising Officer at Balsam Hill . LED tealight holder cones placed on a windowsill create a cosy and atmospheric display.

'For longer surfaces, garlands can be a great way to make use of these surfaces. If you’re using a garland as a focal point but have multiple surfaces in your hallway to tie together, try adding other ornaments such as baubles or pinecones across them all and dotted throughout the garland to create one cohesive look.'

You could also fill large bowl, basket, or dish with baubles of different shapes and sizes, and some mince pies and sherry for Santa.

4. Hang stockings for instant festive feels

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Set the tone from the moment you cross your threshold with matching stockings for each member of your household. 'Stockings must feature for me in the hallway, which many will think is not their traditional resting place as it’s usually by the fireplace,' says Becca Thurston, Visual Specialist and owner of Sewn . 'But, for me, walking in to see stockings just says Christmas and always gives me a smile.'

5. Go for a rustic look

(Image credit: Future PLC / Simon Whitmore)

Create a gorgeous, textural Christmas hallway by decorating with rustic ornaments, from brushed steel candle holders and lanterns to wooden Christmas decorations and boxes. Wicker boxes and baskets provide handy hallway storage and somewhere to put gifts for guests. Hang Christmas tree decks on branches of pussy willow in a vase on a hallway side table to make things feel festive without overwhelming what's often a narrow space.

6. Repurpose existing decor

(Image credit: Future PLC)

One of the best budget Christmas decorating ideas is making use of what you've got, adding some seasonal sparkle to your everyday furniture. 'If you’re looking to be sustainable, then get creative and repurpose your pre-existing decor – why not jazz up your lampshades with tinsel or pompoms?' says James Mellan-Matulewicz, Creative Director and Designer at Bobbi Beck .

Lanterns, fairy lights, some affordable paper bell decorations, and a perfectly placed gold wreath-style mirror bring a festive vibe to this hallway, leading guests to glittering Christmas tree beyond. Repurposing existing pieces is a

7. Give the hallway its own tree

(Image credit: Future PLC )

Multiple Christmas trees in a home are having a serious moment right now. Porches and kids' rooms seem to be the most popular places for an extra tree, but we think the hallway is an under-used opportunity. It's an ideal spot for guests to leave presents, or for you to have yours ready to gift when the recipient drops by. Plus, who wouldn't love the joy of seeing a lit-up Christmas tree as soon as you open the front door?

8. Layer with festive greenery

(Image credit: The White Company)

There are so many places in a hallway which are just begging out to be used for Christmas decor ideas, so pick a theme and go all out.

Greenery - real or faux - is an excellent example of something which can be used in excess without overwhelming the space. Wrap garlands along the top and bottom of your bannister, adorn mirrors and picture frames and include a mini Christmas tree.

A lovey touch is to add a swag to the inside of the door - a nice nod to the wreath on the other side, but you don't have to worry about inclement weather ruining your hard work.

9. Forget about being practical

(Image credit: Rockett St George)

Don't save your most dramatic designs for your Christmas living room dorating ideas. If anything, your hallway is better at coping with elaborate displays.

While in a room where you'd be spending a lot of time, it's impractical and, frankly, annoying, to lose a whole chair just for a Christmas decoration, in the hall you won't have that issue.

Take an occasional or armchair and pile high with oversized paper decorations, cascading from the wall above to the floor below (double sided sticky tape does wonders - just test it on your paintwork first to prevent any unwelcome surprises in the New Year.

10. Light it up

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)

Staircases have so much decorating potential, with plenty of places to wrap, tie and hang decorations from. This year, add a little extra sparkle with the best Christmas lights display.

A curtain of fairy lights is an easy way to achieve an incredibly effective look - plus the result makes a magical Instagram backdrop, which is always a plus.

Attach the length under the edge of the bannister and allow the strings of lights to drape down. Nearest the bottom step, you will most likely have excess lights and can just casually pile these if you like. However, if you have kids or pets (or simply tend to trip!), then arrange on a small side table or into a glass vase for a bonus light effect.

11. Hang baubles between balustrades

(Image credit: Garden Trading Company)

Don’t forget the stairs! 'Stairs are another area of your hallway that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to your decorating,' says Jennifer Derry. 'Fairy lights are another way to add a bit of sparkle to a hallway. A warm light, similar to that of candlelight, is a fantastic way to add warmth or you can use multicoloured lights for a nostalgic bit of festive fun! 

'Many garlands are also available pre-lit so a great way to add both greenery and light to the stairway. Another option for the stairs is to hang baubles between balustrades. Hang at different heights by using different lengths of thread.'

12. Scent with a seasonal arrangement

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Max Attenborough)

A statement flower arrangement in a hallway will set the scene for festivities the moment you step through the doors. But it can also help to add seasonal fragrance, with floral aromas. Choosing a festive vase adds a further hint of decorative colour and texture.

A reflective vase will enhance the surrounding light glow of fairy lights and candles (opt for LED for safety, if left unattended).

13. Decorate a doorway with a lit up garland

(Image credit: Ti-Media)

Embellish the door frames of the living room or dining room with a simple garland of foliage and add some copper wire lights. Hang a glittering disco ball or oversized bauble from the centre to draw the eye into the room beyond, towards the twinkling tree.

14. Update your window ledges

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Many hallways include a window, either beside the front door or if a detached or end terrace, along the side of the wall. Make the most of this otherwise wasted space and treat the sill as an extra surface for decorating.

Christmas window decor ideas are having something of a moment right now, so you'll have more inspiration to explore than you'll know what to do with.

In a hall, go for an extra splash of fun. A window ledge in a living room or kitchen is most likely decorated in tandem with the rest of the room, so use the stand-alone area of a hall to have a good play. Any display which incorporates Christmas cards works especially well, as you can add in new ones from guests as they arrive in your home.

15. Create a graphic display

(Image credit: Future PLC/Ella James)

Not every home and personality suits a traditional Christmas look. If you've got a cool contemporary scheme going on, you can still make this work over the festive period.

Simple displays on shelving can be made really chic, and you can even take inspo from Christmas mantel decor ideas. Stick to monochromatic pieces, but don't be afraid for a touch of metallics, too - it is Christmas, after all! Display a mix of shapes and heights for a styled look.

16. Line pillar lights up the stairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

Clear your hall of clutter and line the stairs with pillar candles in jars. Brave real candles or play it safe and avoid any potential fire risks by opting for LED candles. Wrap the bannister is a garland bursting with fragrant natural greenery, fairy lights and sparkly baubles.

17. Adorn the bannister with blousy blooms in a bouquet

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Max Attenborough)

Tie a beautiful bouquet at the bottom ion the stairs to add a wow factor. Choose large headed to create a colourful statement. blooms The use of ribbons, flowers and foliage helps to add a country touch to the staircase and surrounding hallway space. This also helps to fill the room with scent.

18. Layer tones to make a lasting impression

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Becca Thurston always advises opting for less is more and choosing gentle tones and colours when it comes to any decorations or products. 'For me a buzzy, bright, in-your-face experience that resides in your hallway is a no-no. Especially when Christmas is a sensory overload in so many ways.'

Mix materials in neutral colours to create a subtle, layered interest for the look. Blend subtle taupe and white large-scale paper pom-pom balls, natural wooden cut trees and gently glazed glassware.

19. Guide the gaze up the stairs with foliage

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Max Attenborough)

Use a garland of foliage to dress the full length of the banister, to make every use of the vertical space for decorating.

Mix things up by hanging your stair garland at the bottom of the spindles rather than along the handrail – and if you regularly mist the foliage with water it will keep it vibrant and fresh throughout the festivities.

20. Style up a cosy nook

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Take inspiration from wintry woodlands and country copses this season. Cosy up a window seat with twinkling lights, colourful cushions and snug throws with forest elements to emulate the views beyond.

With a nod to a more refined Nordic style, this look blends neat furnishings with painted and light-toned woods, wicker and woven textures.

21. Dress a bench with simple seasonal touches

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Polly Eltes)

A little can go a long way in a small space, such as a hallway. A few simple decorations on a hallway bench can instantly set the scene for a warm welcome.

A display of frosted twigs in a glass bottle vase, alongside star-shaped votives and reindeer ornaments are enough to inject an instantly festive flourish to this hallway space.

22. Welcome guests with a wellness offering

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Maxwell Attenborough)

Invite guest in from the cold with an offering of warming natural blended tea. Served from a tray of wellness inducing scented candles it's the perfect way to warm the hearts and souls of seasonal guests. Team alongside a decorative display of natural foliage to enhance the holistic experience.

23. Add opulence with a touch of gold

(Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson)

Don’t be afraid of a little bling! From soft, aged tones to brassy and rich bronze shades, gold adds warmth and elegance. It’s a no-brainer at Christmas, but gold can be used as an accent colour all year round to lift and finish a simple room scheme

24. Welcome with wreaths and garlands

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young )

Greet guests with a sparkly scene. Put on a wonderful wintery welcome in a hallway with snow-frosted wreaths, garlands and mini Christmas trees. Go for a cool, contemporary look.

Choose decorations in icy shades of grey and steel, with a hint of Scandi style. Arrange frosted sprigs all along a console table, keep the look fresh and green, and spruce up decorations made from natural materials.

25. Make a statement with paper lanterns on a bannister

(Image credit: Future PLC/Richard Hookaway)

Lace a stair garland with touches of foliage, lights and oversized paper lanterns – in gold if you want to bring opulence to proceedings. Opt for a eucalyptus garland as a modern spin on traditional holly and ivy.

26. Captivate with a characterful Christmas display

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Bevan)

Take a palette of icy whites, forest greens and woodland browns, add cosy Nordic accents and a sprinkling of Narnia for a bewitching festive scene to greet your guests come Christmas Day.

Create a pretty display by bunching a set of fairy lights into an elegant glass cloche. Add colour with a lush stair garland to provide a warm welcome and fill the space with a gorgeous woody scent.

27. Fashion a stylish display

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Scott)

Keep colourful throws in a simple metal unit under a display of coats, scarves and bags. Beat winter chills with a woven blanket used as a door curtain and add texture with rustic baskets.

Bring in a few Christmas touches, such as baubles hung from a peg rail, tealights and candles, mistletoe and sprigs of spruce for festive fragrance.

28. Hang an oversized garland of fresh foliage and herbs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Jan Baldwin)

Line your hallway door with aromatic evergreens, such as eucalyptus, which make wonderful garlands as they release their scent when brushed past.

Use delicate herb wreaths, hung as window decorations to add further delicate fragrance. And why not throw some fairy lights into the mix to add an extra bit of Christmas sparkle?

29. Create advent bunting

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Craft a pocket advent calendar and hang it from peg rails. The joy of Christmas is as much about the anticipation as the celebration itself. This is an fun twist on the traditional advent calendar. A deep green panelled wall is the perfect backdrop for a bijou buttoned chair, where you can grab a little peace and quiet.

Give a country hall a very modern twist with charcoal paint and gather the season’s deep winter palette of pine green, holly red and winter white to set the scene.

30. Adorn the bannister with subtle foliage

Styling: Leoma Harper/Holly Phillips

(Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby )

A subtle garland of eucalyptus and pine cones adds a lovely and fresh festive touch to this gorgeous dark balustrade.

The owner has added an extra Christmassy touch to the garland with small paper decorations in cream, red and plum that match the surrounding colour scheme. If you are a fan of this Christmas hallway decorating idea find more tips on how to add subtle yet festive touches to a house on the owner's blog Style the Clutter .

How can I decorate my hallway for Christmas?

Use one of our many Christmas hallway decorating ideas to create the perfect scheme for your home, or mix and match to have fun! We love to include a garland running up the stairs, and you can mirror this with mini versions above pictures, mirrors and doorways. A bunch of mistletoe is a lovely retro nod, too. Layer up candles and fairy lights to create a really warm and welcoming effect. 'There is nothing more magical at this time of year than candlelight,' says Chrissie Rucker, OBE and Founder of The White Company . 'I love a combination of tall and short lanterns to create a welcome entrancing and subtle warmth to a home. Lanterns and tea light holders placed on windowsills inside glow beautifully outside too!'

What should be in a small Christmas hallway?

When decorating a smaller hallway for Christmas the key is to keep a sense of space. Avoid adding extra clutter - piles of presents on the floor, for example, seem messy rather than stylish if they don't have room to breathe. Take garlands, wreaths and decorations that bit higher of the wall or staircase to draw the gaze upwards and make the space appear larger. Similarly, strings of fairy lights can trick the room into seeming taller by being places over doorways or the top of bannisters. Play with proportion, too - mini Christmas trees will help the space seem larger by comparison.

How do you add warmth to a hallway?

'To incorporate added warmth into a hallway, incorporate a statement wreath crafted with entwined, natural-looking branches, says Amanda Telford, creative manager at CTD Tiles . 'Use a full display of faux festive ferns and eucalyptus. This is a perfect finishing touch for those wanting to give their home a simple seasonal update without going overboard.’

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New Year 2021 is already on the way. It's time to start decorating the house. First of all, you need to think about how to decorate the hallway for the New Year. After all, this is the first room that guests will see on the eve of the holiday.

Most of the corridors are not very large, but they can also create a fabulous atmosphere of the approaching winter holidays.

An interesting design option for the hallway for the New Year

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