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10 Secretary Desks That Are So Chic

Every item on this page was hand-picked by a House Beautiful editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Time to glam up your workspace.

By Brittney Morgan

Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie

Secretary desks—much like telephone benches—are a pretty cool piece of furniture, and they've evolved quite a bit over time. Antique secretary desks look more like a very traditionally styled cross between a dresser, a hutch, and a desk. Basically, they were filled with drawers and cubbies and all sorts of secret compartments, all behind a drop-down or roll-down panel that, when opened, acted as a desktop.

Plenty of brands sell secretary desks now, but they tend to have a more modern twist—some still look closer to the giant, dresser-like desks of the past, but there are also tons of smaller, less-bulky options out there that still have drop-down desktops and hidden cubbies for a similar-but-updated vibe.

If you're looking for an antique secretary desk, Etsy and Chairish are the best places to look (outside of your local antiques shops). But if you're looking for a newer take on the secretary desk, here are 10 of the chicest ones you can find online.



Wyanie Desk in Walnut



Urban Outfitters

Mid-Century Fold Out Desk

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West Elm

Mid-Century Mini Secretary




Loring Secretary Desk




Reddick Secretary Desk




Eastford V Pattern Secretary Desk

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Eldorado Secretary Desk

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Modern Farmhouse Secretary Desk




Boone Kids' Secretary Desk




Brass Key Secretary Desk


Brittney Morgan Market Editor, House Beautiful Brittney Morgan is a noted land mermaid and a Virgo with a penchant for crafts, red lipstick, and buying way too many throw pillows.

What is "hidden hunger"? |

Archive audio


We are accustomed to think of famine as a consequence of some kind of crisis - military, humanitarian, natural disasters or extreme weather conditions. Meanwhile, FAO experts say that today every third inhabitant of the planet suffers from some form of malnutrition or, as it is also called, “hidden hunger”. For clarification, Natalia Terekhova turned to FAO food safety expert Eleanor Dupuy.


ED: This is a deficiency of vitamins, a deficiency of microelements, minerals, which is clearly not visible, this is a hidden hunger, because there are all foods on the table, but they are inferior in biological value. That is, these are mainly cereals, say, bakery products, but in order to get vitamins and minerals, you also need to consume fruits and vegetables, you need to consume a variety of products, both animal and vegetable. You also need to consume nuts, legumes, i.e. those food groups that are rich in trace elements.

NT: We know that there is a problem of malnutrition in six countries of the post-Soviet region, and in two of them this problem is quite acute.

ED: Yes, this is Tajikistan and Georgia. In general, countries located in mountainous regions experience problems in providing the population with a variety of products and good nutrition, but with some effort this can be achieved.

NT: What measures do FAO experts propose to countries in our region to reduce malnutrition?

ED: First of all, this is not just one agency or one sector, FAO is calling for a comprehensive approach to addressing malnutrition. Agriculture, health care, social protection, the education system, and, of course, financial structures should contribute to the solution of this problem. All these sectors must understand the problem, recognize the problem, and collectively choose those policies and develop those programs that are more effective for the national context. This may include strengthening social protection programs and strengthening school feeding programs; regulation of promotional activities in schools, for example; increased producer responsibility; ensuring access to land and water resources for food-insecure families. It is also very important to have the necessary information about the nutritional composition of foods so that consumers can make informed choices and eat a balanced diet. It is also very important to improve the monitoring of the state of malnutrition - how things are in different regions of the country and by age. Understanding the problem and developing policies that can help address it are top priorities.

Photo Credit

Food. UN Photo






“An office should be as beautiful as mine” — Amurskaya Pravda

At the entrance to the office of the General Director of OJSC “Kranspetsburmash”, deputy of the regional Council and secretary of the Shimanov branch of United Russia, Pavel Berezovsky, there is a small rug with warm words: “Welcome! »

Every head of an enterprise spends most of his time at the workplace, therefore, Pavel Viktorovich believes, the office should be friendly and beautiful. Like him. True, such a love for working walls does not lead to good things: the wife has already offered to transport things to the office, Pavel Viktorovich jokes. Pavel Berezovsky told the AP correspondent about his “second home” in our regular section “Cabinet”.

On the verge of change

One can say with confidence about this office - nothing superfluous. Work desk, large meeting table and bookcase. Pavel Berezovsky explained such modesty quite simply - the renovation was recently completed here. Therefore, in the near future, the workplace of the general director of the enterprise is waiting for cardinal changes.

“I decided to remove the meeting table from here,” the owner of the office shares his plans. - In recent years, all planning meetings, meetings, meetings of foreign delegations, negotiations took place here. But now, I know, it is no longer fashionable - every serious enterprise has a conference room for official meetings. We also decided to equip it, so soon the table will not be here. But for closer negotiations, a sofa, armchairs and a coffee table will appear in the office.

In addition, Berezovsky will decorate the workplace with flowers for greater comfort. So far, the window sills are completely empty - there is not a single flower pot.

— This is temporary, — Pavel Viktorovich explained the reason for the lack of greenery. - I have already planted a beautiful Chinese rose - it is still standing at home. As soon as it settles down, I'll bring it here. Before the repair, I had a lot of very beautiful flowers and will continue to have them.

By the way, Berezovsky did not turn to the help of designers, but he chose everything for the office - from the color and texture of the wallpaper to the furniture and carpet. As a result, a rich dark blue color prevails in the room. He is considered cold for perception, but, according to the director, he does not feel discomfort - on the contrary, he works fresh and joyfully.

Hidden laptop

The owner's desk is almost in perfect order: papers and folders with documents are neatly folded, so Berezovsky can easily find any document he needs. Even if some papers have accumulated on the table during the trip, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble them. One thing surprised me on the desktop of the head of one of the largest machine-building enterprises in the Amur Region - the absence of a computer.

— I have a laptop, — the general director reassured and pulled out a stand with a modern computer from under the desktop. - We have a local network at the enterprise, so at any time I can easily go into the documentation, for example, accounting and find what I need. Therefore, the laptop is always with me: at work, and, if necessary, on a business trip.

Above the table hangs a beautiful symbol of Russian statehood - the wooden coat of arms of our country. In addition to beauty and patriotism, it also performs a useful function - there is a clock inside the two-headed coat of arms.

There are Marx and Lenin

Everything in the bookcase is also quite modest. Several books about the Amur region, specialized literature on mechanical engineering and collections of laws.

“I also have Marx and Engels,” admitted Pavel Viktorovich. - They used to be. Now I removed it from the shelves, but didn’t throw it away - I left it as a keepsake. What if they become relevant again? ( joked the director. )

In addition to books, the general director placed certificates of honor and letters of thanks in the closet.

“Here is a letter from Chubais,” the owner of the award says with a smile and reads the merits. - Amurenergo was awarded in 2005 for its contribution to improving energy security and fulfilling its obligations to the power industry. We consistently pay for all electricity. And try not to pay - they will turn it off tomorrow.

There are thanks from the governor, the administration of the Amur region, the regional Council. Along with high regional awards, the owner of the cabinet proudly showed a diploma from the administration of Shimanovsk - the company was thanked for their help in holding the final 9th sports contest of the cities of the Amur region. And the local vocational school noted the merits of "Kranspetsburmash" for assistance in holding a competition of professional skills in the profession "welder".

TV for news and karaoke

There is a TV set on the bedside table in the corner of the study, which is already a traditional item in the guest rooms of our column. True, no one has yet spoken about his appointment.

“Sometimes when I'm at work, I watch addresses or live broadcasts of Russian President Vladimir Putin,” Berezovsky said. - In general, when we have some kind of holiday in our team, we take the TV out of the office and sing karaoke!

Portrait of Putin

The portrait of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Pavel Viktorovich believes, should be in every head office, regardless of his rank. Berezovsky's office is no exception. True, such an original version - a portrait of the head of state and the Anthem of Russia in the neighborhood, decorated in beautiful double frames - is not often seen.

Malachite souvenir

On the table of the head of the enterprise there is an interesting written set with the coat of arms of his native Shimanovsk. It turned out that the souvenir set was made for the 25th anniversary of Kranspetsburmash, also in Yekaterinburg. By this date, managers ordered anniversary gifts made of crystal and various ornamental stones for employees. This writing set is made of malachite - only six of these were made. This year, the plant will celebrate its 30th anniversary, so the offices of the general director and other employees of the enterprise will be replenished with new anniversary souvenirs.


A small lamp on the desktop is not a luxury, but an indispensable assistant in work on long winter evenings. According to the owner of the office, one has to stay at the enterprise quite often, so the lamp is an indispensable thing. In general, Berezovsky jokes, his wife has already offered him several times to move to the office - anyway, they say, you spend most of your time there.

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