Small city garden ideas

30 Small City Garden Ideas | Great Urban Gardens


A compact garden will give you the perks of living close to nature while taking up a little space. Check out some great

Small City Garden Ideas here.

Even if you have a small space in your home or apartment, you can use it wisely to grow plants in a way that helps you create a mini garden. Be it a tiny terrace, a petite patio, or an urban balcony–you can transform the look using these amazing Small City Garden Ideas.

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Small City Garden Ideas

1. Tiny Garden Design

Beautiful white flowers, a bed of grass, a verticle garden, and two chairs to enjoy the view. What more could you ask for?


A Front Garden Layout

A small garden in front of your house will look great with plants, chairs, tables, climbers, and shelves on the wall that can be further used to place pots.

3. Small Patio Garden

Bright furniture like these blue chairs and tables can transform the look of any small patio garden with an eye-catching contrasting look.

4. Modern Terrace Garden

Transform the look of your terrace with plants and tables. Works best for small and large spaces both.

5. Outdoor Garden With Red Chairs

A mini outdoor garden is a great area to spend quality time with your family members.

6. A French Backyard

Invite a French look to your backyard with a long table flanked by metal chairs and plants in pots.

7. A Modern Garden

A modern garden with a wooden pathway will make for a great addition to your backyard.

8. Small Urban Front Yard

Transform the look of your urban front yard by growing plants and placing a bench by the window.

9. Urban Rooftop Garden Design

This urban rooftop garden with a long table and relaxing chairs is a perfect place for weekend parties with your friends.

10. Small Urban Rooftop Garden

A small roof of your urban apartment can be a great place to grow plants around a sitting arrangement.

11. Greenhouse With a Lounge

The greenhouse will offer a perfect environment to grow plants while giving you plenty of space to hang out on weekends.

12. Small Garden for Kids

The kids are going to appreciate a small garden where they can play in the vicinity of plants.

13. A Trendy Modern Garden

This trendy garden design with circular glasses on a dark blue wall is best for small places and offers the right use of space.

14. Small Backyard Garden

A mini cooking station in the backyard surrounded by plants will make for a great spot for weekend barbeque parties.

15. Garden Pond With Sitting Area

A mini garden pond with greenery will make for an ideal place to spend time with your loved ones.

16. A Green Courtyard

A large tree in the courtyard with small plants can be a great place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

17. Outdoor Garden with a TV

Watch the soccer game on your TV on a bright summer day while enjoying the touch of nature in your mini outdoor garden.

18. Roof Garden

This mini roof garden with a wooden floor and large round containers are perfect for people who have a small space.

19. An Urban Rooftop

This urban rooftop with plants around the metal railing redefines the way people make gardens in tight spaces!

20. Compact Balcony Garden

You can still enjoy the wonders of nature, even if you have a very small urban balcony, by growing colorful flowers.

21. Balcony Flower Garden in the City

Grow beautiful flowers like hydrangeas in this picture on your balcony and invite beautiful shades of color to the space.

22. A Colorful Terrace Garden

Bring colors and nature to your terrace by growing different plants and creating a wonderful space to hang out.

23. A Fire Escape Garden

Image Source: brooklandscape

A compact green space in a fire escape, along with a relaxing chair, would make for a great sit-out.

24. A Tiny Urban Garden

Don’t let the small space stop you from making a mini garden by growing plants of your choice in small pots on a wooden wall. Use a terrarium and candles to spice up the look.

25. Sewing Machine Table for Plants

A sewing machine table will make for a great stand where you can put multiple pots together.

26. Plants on a Mini Balcony

Flowering plants can add a lot of appeal to a small space and can transform the look of a balcony like this completely!

27. Decorate a Terrace Apartment

Deck up the look of your terrace apartment by growing plants in bathroom furnishings!

28. A Small Backyard Patio Garden

Colorful cushions on the couch will match perfectly with the surrounding greens of plants and flowers of different hues.

29. Introduce New Levels

Image Source: David Giles

Make a step garden in your small backyard to create a lush-looking spot complete with grass and plants.

30. Small Dining Table and Plants

Image Source: Dunelm

This can be a sweet spot to have a drink with your loved one, surrounded by plants and overhead lights.

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13 Urban Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

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Just because you're short on space, doesn't mean you can't create a verdant oasis

A little greenery can go a long way when it comes to sprucing up your home in a urban environment. Not only do plants and flowers clean the air, boost your mood, smell wonderful, and brighten your space, but they are key to crafting a home in a big city. We love how actress Julianne Moore transformed her New York City backyard with trees, plants, and herbs, creating a playful, romantic sanctuary. If you aren't blessed with a green thumb, you can follow a Manhattan townhouse's lead with artificial sod. Read on for these and other small-space garden ideas.

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Business ideas for a small town 🏘

How to choose an idea for a small town?

The word “business” often brings up a certain image in my head: a respectable man in a business suit leaves the office of an international corporation. At the same time, the office is certainly located somewhere in a skyscraper in the very center of the metropolis.

However, we all know that businessmen can look like anything, and business has a place not only in millionaires, but also in small towns. And you can conduct your business in the regional center no less successfully than in Moscow.

It is only necessary to take into account some features of small towns. If you are just about to open your own business in one of these localities and are looking for a business idea for it, this article is for you.

A bit about small towns

When opening a business in a small town, it is important to take into account its peculiarities. As a rule, they are about the same, regardless of whether it is a resort town in the south or a small northern settlement.

There is no consensus on which city to consider small. As a rule, small towns include those where the population does not exceed 50 thousand people. But businessmen often call cities with a population of 500 thousand people small.

The main thing that makes it possible to classify cities as small is the state and features of the economy. What are they?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the welfare of the residents. In small towns, as a rule, there is little work, often a large proportion of residents work at one city-forming enterprise. This allows business owners to set small wages. Therefore, the incomes of the population in such towns are often low. Although, of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

The second important factor is the mentality of the inhabitants of the city.

Olga Kosets

President of the Interregional public organization for the protection and support of small and medium-sized businesses "Business people"

Consider the specifics of the population, namely the qualitative composition: military, workers, people of science, as well as age categories.

In tourist areas, business can be made to be oriented towards visitors, although in this case you will have to come to terms with its seasonality. But in cities where they do not suffer from the influx of tourists, it is better not to open extravagant establishments.

Another feature of small towns is the labor market. As mentioned above, it is usually rather poorly developed. At the same time, highly qualified specialists, as professionals in very narrow industries, are very difficult to find in a small city. Therefore, an enterprise that requires a large number of rare and valuable personnel should not be opened in a small town.

Also in small towns, there may be such a thing as a shortage of basic goods. For example, popular brands of inexpensive clothing are not represented, or there is only one supermarket with budget products for the whole city. Therefore, it is in a small town that the idea of ​​​​opening another clothing store or another grocery store may turn out to be successful.

And of course, one more feature of a small town cannot be written off - everyone knows everything about everyone, and rumors spread at the speed of light. Including about institutions. On the one hand, this can help businesses save on advertising: word of mouth will do all the work. On the other hand, if you fail to "show class" immediately after opening a business, you risk never winning your customers.

All these characteristics of small towns influence the development of business in them. And both positive and negative. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of doing business in a small town.

Peculiarities of doing business in a small town

Perhaps we should start right away with the pitfalls of a small town for business. Let's talk about the cons:

Small incomes

Since your potential customers earn little and are ready to spend money accordingly, you should hardly count on a million-dollar profit. Assess the situation soberly.

Limited growth opportunities

If in a big city you have practically no limits for the development of your business, provided that the idea for it is chosen correctly, then in a small city everything is different. The number of your customers will increase only up to a certain point, after which the growth in demand will stop. This point should be taken into account in advance and lay in your business opportunities for scaling. When new buyers stop appearing, it is worth trying to open your branch in the suburbs or take up the development of some related business. You can also try to invest in a completely new project, if in the course of work you see that there are more promising niches. But it is not always worth focusing on increasing the average check. Remember: residents' incomes are often low.

Narrow market

In a small town, there are not many opportunities to implement some extraordinary ideas. They may simply be unclaimed. At the same time, the market capacity is also limited for standard establishments. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can safely open another pizzeria, even if there are already a hundred exactly the same ones. In a small town, there may not be customers for the next establishment.

However, the peculiarities of small towns give new businessmen some advantages:

Low market entry threshold

Starting a business in a small town will cost you less than in a big city. Rents for commercial real estate in the province are lower than in millionaires, as well as staff salaries. Thanks to these points, the regular expenses of your business will be lower.

Favorable competitive environment

Small businesses in small towns tend to be underdeveloped, and you will likely have few competitors. In addition, many potentially demanded business niches turn out to be completely empty. At the same time, it will not be difficult to find such niches, says Ivan Plastun, co-owner of the online cargo transportation service: “In a small city, it is much easier to do this, because you can bypass all companies and outlets on your own.


This feature is somewhat related to the previous point. Since private business is underdeveloped in small towns, the authorities are willing to make efforts to change the situation. There are support programs for entrepreneurs, for example, for issuing grants for opening or providing subsidies, as well as special institutions that help start their own business - business incubators, business accelerators. True, the attitude of entrepreneurs towards them is ambiguous.

Olga Kosets from the Business People organization advises to study support programs and get to know the employees of relevant departments:

Olga Kosets from the Business People organization advises to study support programs and get to know the employees of relevant departments live: “Their direct duty is to refer you in the right direction."

But Anatoly Churgel from the Russian National Committee for Black Sea Economic Cooperation warns: "It is not worth turning to local structures for advice - ideas will be grabbed on the fly. "

In his opinion, it is better to start not with a large-scale business project, but with something that requires small investments. Subsequently, they can be multiplied, and at the same time gain business experience, look at the problems of entrepreneurs from the inside. You can also refer to the experience of acquaintances: which of them resorted to the help of local authorities when starting a business? What result did this lead to?

In the case of doing business in small towns, there are also several controversial points that can be turned both to the benefit of one's business and to the detriment.

This is primarily word of mouth, which was mentioned above. Rumor can both help you save on advertising and ruin your business in the bud, especially if there were some shortcomings at the start of the business.

In addition, the number of consumers in a small town is limited, which on the one hand “cuts down” your opportunities. On the other hand, when there are few customers, they are all in sight, and it is much easier to study their preferences than in a metropolis.

How to choose a business idea for a small town?

Having become familiar with the peculiarities of small towns and entrepreneurship in them, it will be much easier to choose your business idea. True, the criteria for choosing a business idea for a small town are absolutely the same as for a big one, insists Ivan Plastun, co-founder of the Lucky Everyone service. In both cases, it must have a certain novelty. This does not mean that your business should offer something that no one has ever heard of before. On the contrary, it should be understandable to consumers. But you should not completely copy other people's business ideas.

If your competitor has already opened Tire Service on Vishnevaya, do not open another one, advises Olga Kosets. It is better to supplement it with Moyka or a small cafe, or both. It is likely that such a format will grow in the future, and in symbiosis you are more crisis-resistant, and you have more chances for survival and success.

Another criterion for a successful business idea for both small and large cities is its demand among a wide range of potential consumers. Ideally, your business should solve some kind of massive problem that torments the majority of the city's residents.

But what this problem is, in each case, you have to solve it individually. There is no single universal answer for the average small town.

Look around before you start looking for a business idea. Perhaps you will immediately see that your city lacks, for example, inexpensive entertainment venues.

Take a closer look at potential customers. This should not be some narrow group of the population, but the vast majority of the inhabitants of the city. Who are these people? What are their interests? What do they need?

If you notice some need of the population, on the satisfaction of which you can make a business, conduct benchmarking*.

*Benchmarking - finding the best companies in a particular industry and implementing the solutions they use in their practice.

Dmitry Kobets

Group-inform business consultant

See how similar demand is met in other cities. If stories and examples are repeated often, you will surely identify a viable option.

In a small town, it makes sense to think about a business based on some kind of consumer goods.

Viktor Erofeev

Technical Director of CG Projects Group

The lion's share of successful small businesses around use products and needs that have not changed in any way for almost a century.

Grocery, hardware, construction, clothing stores, small vegetable stalls, farm shops, mobile mobile shops with a set of essential goods may be in demand.

The same applies to the service market. In small towns, standard options such as laundries, dry cleaners, ateliers, shoe and clothing repair, and car repair shops may be in demand.

Olga Kosets

President of the Interregional Public Organization for the Protection and Support of Small and Medium Business "Business People"

I recommend paying attention to the demand in the development of services for parents and children - these are private kindergartens, entertainment and educational institutions, circles and sports sections.

When looking for a business idea, try to start from the peculiarities of the labor market. Few highly qualified lawyers or programmers? Give up on the idea of ​​launching your own website or opening a legal services agency. Instead, try focusing on things people can do with their hands, such as fixing phones, computers, motorcycles, or cars. If there are enough personnel with such competencies, open a service center or service station. Such a business may also be in demand in a small town.

Your business idea can be either very simple or have some "chips". For example, if you're thinking about opening a farm products store, try developing an online store and arranging delivery. This will immediately set you apart from your competitors, and at the same time will provide additional opportunities for business scaling, which are so necessary in a small city.

If you decide to open a business in a small tourist town, this can also be used to your advantage. Look at the cozy private shops, workshops and family businesses of old Europe. You can open something similar in your city by making your small business a local attraction.

Another good move for a tourist destination is to pay attention to local traditions and crafts. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to open another store with souvenirs. Try organizing traditional entertainment, such as falconry or fishing tourism, Anatoly Churgel advises.

So, small towns have certain specifics that also affect the conditions for doing business in them. Not every institution can be opened in a small town. When choosing an idea for a business in a small town, consider the economy, the living conditions of the population and its mentality. You should not open a luxury clothing store in a mining village, and a raw food cafe in a military town. You simply won’t find buyers, and your establishment risks closing quickly.

90,000 business ideas with minimal investments in a small town, which business to do in a small city with minimal investments


Business in a small town has its own characteristics. Starting your own business in it is often easier than in a large city. But success depends on whether the niche is chosen correctly. We will talk about what you need to consider when deciding on the direction of activity in a small city, and offer ideas that are relevant in 2022.

Free consultation on business registration

Business features

Is it easy to start a business in a small town? Most likely, it will be easier than in a large one, and here's why:

But every small town has its downside. And these features can complicate the work, and even make the business unprofitable. They are:

Before choosing an idea for a business in a small town, it's good to find out what has already been successfully implemented in neighboring or other similar settlements. And then see what you have. Moreover, a small city is good because you can literally go around it, look at competitors, find out their prices and assortment, and evaluate the flow of customers. Surely such an analysis will give some interesting ideas or save you from rash actions.

And the decisive moment for building a profitable business in a small town, whatever his idea, is to study the demand. There are various methods for this - from polls in social networks to the analysis of statistics (although it will not be easy to find). As a result, there should be an understanding of who your target audience is, what is its approximate number, how often it needs your product or service, which is primarily important for the buyer you are counting on (for example, quality, speed and convenience of meeting needs, low price and so on). Only then can the prospects of a new business be assessed.

And now our TOP 7 business ideas for a small town with little investment.

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Family leisure center

In large cities, private leisure centers for children are developing successfully. In small settlements in this niche, competition is still not so high. However, there is a demand for these services. A trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the development of children from an early age. Ordinary kindergartens do not provide this, and older children are often accepted into circles.

First of all, you need to think about what age groups the classes will be designed for, as well as in what areas they will be conducted. The youngest children will attend classes with their parents, older children will study in a group on their own.

The main investment is the rent of the premises. Ideally, it should be at least two-room (the second room is for expecting parents) and have a bathroom. In addition, you need to hire teachers who will work with children. They are usually recruited on a piece-rate basis. You will also need furniture (tables, chairs), toys, materials for classes.

It's better to open in autumn, when the school year just starts. In advance, you should create a profile of the center in social networks and develop it. A good idea for advertising shortly before the opening is to distribute flyers at playgrounds and places where locals walk.

Idea for development: if the space allows, you can organize parallel classes for parents who are expecting their children. You can offer different directions - a foreign language, design, painting and much more.

Furniture upholstery

The idea of ​​the business is to provide furniture upholstery services with new fabric. The appearance of sofas, armchairs, chairs, banquettes and other elements of upholstered furniture deteriorates over time, and buying new ones is not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, despite the huge selection of models, upholstery replacement services have been in steady demand for many years.

At the first stage, you can do hauling at the customer's home, and eventually open your own workshop. To start, you need to purchase a stapler, glue sprayer, drill, screwdriver, hand and measuring tools, as well as fasteners. For upholstery, you need fabric of different quality and colors, foam rubber, furniture interlining. The material does not need to be bought in advance, because it is impossible to guess what the client will like. However, it is necessary to decide where it will be possible to quickly purchase the fabric. It is worth ordering an album of samples from the supplier, from which customers can choose the upholstery fabric.

For work, an employee is needed who will be engaged in hauling. At first, the functions of a measurer can be performed independently.

Traditional sources of clients - advertising, social networks and other communities, eventually - own website.

Ideas for the development of related areas: own workshop, repair of not only upholstery, but also other damage to furniture, sewing covers for sofas, bedspreads, awnings for gazebos.

Fabrication and installation of greenhouses

Another small business idea that can be implemented in a small town is related to greenhouses. It is suitable if a significant part of the housing is the private sector, and many residents have household plots. Given the rather severe weather conditions in most of the country, greenhouses are in demand.

In addition to gardeners, greenhouses are used by agricultural producers. In recent years, one of the most profitable areas of agriculture has been the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables and berries. That is, clients can be not only individuals, but also small farms. This must be taken into account when planning advertising costs. It is advisable to cover not only social networks and local media, but also industry resources.

You can organize a business for the first time in a small room or even in a garage. To form the metal frame of the greenhouse, you will need machines - pipe bending and trimming, as well as an electric jigsaw. In addition, you need tools - a drill, a screwdriver, manual and measuring, as well as fasteners. Of the main materials for the manufacture of greenhouses, you will need a metal profile and polycarbonate sheets of a suitable type (they differ in thickness, structure and light transmission).

Production, delivery and installation of greenhouses will require workers, as well as a driver with a suitable vehicle.

By the way, not only greenhouses are made of polycarbonate, but also all kinds of partitions, mobile structures, sheds and other structures.

Ideas for ancillary direction: Greenhouse customers can be offered the installation of drives for their ventilation, lighting and heating equipment.

The peculiarity of business is its seasonality. Orders will be from April to September, but the winter months, for obvious reasons, are the off season.

Roofing works

If there are many private houses in the city, then roofing works are relevant - installation and repair. Such a business idea will not require huge costs, but can bring tangible profits to the entrepreneur.

If we talk about installing a roof from scratch, then you can start with the simplest material - with roofing material. Over time, it will be possible to master others.

For the first time, you will need a measuring and cutting tool, a gas burner, overalls and equipment for work at height. The main materials for which funds will be spent are roofing material and gas. For storage of material for the first time, a utility room or your own apartment is suitable. At least two workers are needed to lay and repair the roof. Another expense item is transportation. To do this, you can hire a driver with a suitable car.

Roofing is a seasonal business. You need to be prepared for the fact that the vast majority of orders will arrive in the spring and summer.

Idea for development: development of new materials. The roof, in addition to soft roofing material, is made of metal and various types of tiles (cement-sand, bituminous, composite).

Installing fences

Fencing your own territory is required by any homeowner, as well as by many businesses. Therefore, installing fences is a good topic for business in a small town. But it is important to understand whether there are many private houses and other objects in it that can become potential customers. You should also analyze the competition - it is usually high.

Fences can be made from different materials. But the vast majority of customers prefer corrugated board. This is an inexpensive, but rather wear-resistant material that perfectly fulfills its function of protecting the area from prying eyes and penetration.

Installation of corrugated fences is carried out according to the following algorithm: visit to the client to measure the territory, calculate the required amount of materials and cost, purchase material, go to the territory for installation.

Materials used: sheets of corrugated board, metal poles for supports, a profile for transverse lags, cement for mortar (they are poured into the poles), crushed stone, which is poured into the hole of the support for strengthening.

Of the tools and inventory you will need: a welding machine, a drill, a screwdriver, a container for preparing cement mortar, as well as fasteners, drills, a level and other small things.

Any room is suitable for storing materials, but for the first order, you can do without it. But what you definitely can’t do without is without a truck. Sheets of corrugated board for the fence are produced in a format of at least 2 × 3 meters. You can hire a driver with your truck. In addition, 2 workers are needed to install the fence.

Like many works related to the arrangement of land, the installation of a fence is seasonal. Over time and if there is demand, it is possible to expand the range of materials. Fences are also made of chain-link mesh, wood (fence, board, blockhouse), brick.

Tool rental

People living in small towns, in contrast to the eternally busy residents of megacities, are more inclined to do many things with their own hands. For example, to carry out repair or construction work, to equip the cottage. In this case, there is no point or extra money to buy some specific apparatus or tool. And it would be convenient to take it for a while.

Hence the idea - to open a construction tool rental in a small town. Potential customers can be not only those who make repairs for themselves or equip a summer cottage, but also private construction teams.

Of course, it would be ideal to rent out what is already available. For this, various multifunctional machines, heat guns, concrete mixers, compression tools, rotary hammers, drills, electric saws, grinders are suitable. If there is nothing, you will have to invest money in the instrument. But there is no need to spend money on renting premises and staff.

The main task of a businessman is to find a tenant. This is where social networks and forums come to the rescue. First of all, you should pay attention to the public of new buildings and garden associations. Information can also be posted on various bulletin boards, both virtual and real.

The problem with the rental business is that the tool may not be returned or broken. Therefore, before transferring it from the client, you need to take a certain amount as a pledge, which is then returned to him. All legal nuances must be written in the contract.

Ideas: You can rent not only construction tools, but also many other things. For example, vehicles, large household appliances, sports equipment, tents and other camping equipment.

Entertainment for kids

We started this article with a small town business idea related to kids. And we want to finish with the same topic. Experts say that despite economic and other difficulties, parents are ready to invest not only in the development of children, but also in their entertainment. Therefore, in the end, we propose to consider how a business, holding children's holidays and other events.

The idea can be implemented in different ways:

1. Organize turnkey holidays. It requires thinking through a lot of nuances. You need to take care of the premises, preparation of the hall, sound equipment, entertainment program, small gifts and awards, refreshments, and so on.

2. Present a thematic program at events organized by others. For example, on the topic of robots, pirates, superheroes, and so on. By the way, the show can be educational. For children, you can arrange unusual master classes, introduce them to historical events in an interesting way, demonstrate safe, but spectacular chemical experiments.

3. Congratulate children on their birthday in the form of popular characters. You can use life size puppets. However, in a small town, it is better to develop such a direction as an auxiliary one. It will not work to build a profitable business only on episodic congratulations.

The cost items of this business will be as follows: payment to animators, purchase or tailoring of costumes, purchase of inventory and consumables (balloons, toys, cardboard decorations, interior decoration elements, make-up), transportation costs, advertising. A big plus of the business is that there is no need to rent a room.

A separate topic is an original and exciting program of a holiday or show. It is better to have several scenarios for different occasions. It is more efficient to order their development from professionals.

Important: the key to success is the high quality of services. That is an interesting program and excellent work of animators. Children should be delighted, and then their parents will be satisfied. The fame of your show will go through word of mouth.

But that's later, but first you need to look for clients. It is advisable to do this through local groups and parent chats. Be sure to create a profile on different social networks and share photos from events that have already taken place. And over time, launch and develop your own website.

Related business areas and similar ideas: sale of cotton candy (at holidays and places for children to walk), trampoline (optionally, water), organization of photo shoots, rental of children's electric cars, quests.

Free consultation on business registration

Let's summarize

We have considered several options of what to open with minimal investment in a small town. Of course, there are proven and popular activities for small businesses - a store, a cafe, a fast food outlet, a beauty salon, a service center, a vending business, a veterinary clinic and much more. But, firstly, much of this requires more significant costs. Secondly, there is huge competition in these niches, so demand in small towns is oversaturated. Nevertheless, you can analyze the market - it suddenly turns out that some popular services are not presented in the town or there are no goods people need.

In conclusion, we note that the types of business listed here, like any other that can be found on the Internet, are not a ready-made recipe at all. Any interesting business ideas for a small town may not work for a variety of reasons - competition, a drop in demand or its incorrect assessment, a change in laws or a worsening economic situation.

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