Curbside landscape ideas

10 Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas You Can DIY

Looking to boost your curb appeal? These front yard landscaping ideas are simple, affordable and will give your home a whole new look.

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Landscape With Potted Plants for Curb Appeal

Homeowners often ask, how can I make my front yard look better? Well, enhancing your curb appeal landscaping goes beyond keeping the lawn manicured. For an overall beautiful exterior, don’t neglect the front entrance — adding just a few potted plants can make a huge difference. You don’t have to have a green thumb either; there are some great plants that are easy to grow in containers, like evergreens or boxwoods. For a classic and affordable design that always looks great, place two identical pots on either side of the front door. A single stunning flower box will also do the trick.

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Plant Flower Beds and Borders

Flower beds make the biggest impact when it comes to improving your curb appeal landscaping. Consider lining the pathway to the front door with new flowers, or planting a flower border along the front of your home’s exterior. For a modern and clean look, choose one type of flower in just one or two colors. If you’re going for more of an English garden style, add many different variations and colors, and pack the flowers in closely.

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Outdoor Lighting for Nighttime Curb Appeal

Installing landscape lighting may sound like an intimidating undertaking, but solar light fixtures make it a simple and inexpensive project. Solar path lights charge in the sunlight, so no wiring is needed. Simply place the staked fixtures along a pathway or in flower beds. When the sun goes down, your yard will light up with a charming glow.

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Add Fresh Mulch

Freshening up the mulch around your shrubs and in your flower beds is an easy and cheap way to enhance the curb appeal landscaping of your home. A layer of mulch is important because it helps discourage weeds and retain moisture. But, too much mulch can have the opposite effect. Old, faded mulch loses its wow factor, so replace mulch as needed to keep your curb appeal strong.

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Prune Shrubs

If your shrubs have been neglected, pruning them all to a manageable size can really help boost your curb appeal. Start by removing any dead, damaged or sickly looking stems. Also, cut off any suckers; these are small shoots that start near or even below the ground. Keep shrubs pruned to the same size for a uniform look, usually not any bigger than about waist-high.

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Plant a Tree

Not only good for the environment, planting a tree is a guaranteed way to improve your landscaping and curb appeal. Remember when choosing a location for a tree, take into account the growth over the next 10 or 12 years. It shouldn’t be placed too close to the house or nearby walls or fences. If you want a blossoming tree, and your region allows it, consider a dogwood tree (shown here). Looking for lots of shade? Try a fast-growing tree like a Freeman maple.

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Add Border Edging

Another way to add curb appeal to your landscaping is with border edging. Line flower beds with edging material to keep them looking nice and tidy and prevent grass from invading. It’s an affordable project when you tackle it yourself.

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Add Short Plants and Ground Cover

A variation of heights in your plants is what makes your landscaping look professional and manicured. To complement your taller plants and shrubs, plant some shorter plants and ground cover (shown here is creeping thyme)! Ground cover is a low profile plant that spreads to cover the ground and can be a beautiful addition, especially if you have area where it’s hard to grow other plants. Most types are fast-growing and require minimal maintenance, which make them a great choice if your yard needs a quick makeover.

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Create a Pathway

Incorporating a pathway into your landscaping design adds extra interest and beautiful curb appeal. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a contractor to create your own front yard path. Affordable DIY paths can be created with gravel, pebbles or stepping stones. Line the walkway with flowers for an even more eye-catching result.

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Fertilize the Grass

Make a big impact on your easy curb appeal landscaping, with lush, green grass. Fortunately, it only takes a few supplies and a little effort to grow beautiful grass that will have the whole neighborhood envious. Remember to focus on watering grass deeply instead of often. And, most important, always fertilize grass in the fall. This is when your grass is absorbing nutrients and storing energy for the next growing season.

Originally Published: June 05, 2019

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Home Landscaping Ideas To Inspire Your Own Curbside Appeal

By Grace Lynne Fleming | Published on

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Create a beautiful yard with the help of others. From the back to the front, your yards need a lot of work put in for most of the year. Designing, planting, watering, trimming, cutting and sprucing, it’s a weekly job. And to get started we’re providing you with home landscaping ideas that will inspire your own curbside appeal and help you restyle or enhance what you’ve got outside your own front door.

Seeing Green

View in gallery

Larger yards and bigger homes call for grander landscaping designs. Check out this green, layered inspiration full of simplicity and precision.

Stone Lines

View in gallery

Large, river stones are a stunning and more unique way to line your pathways. And you can make the style of your lawn more modern or more cottage-esque with the addition of these natural beauties.

Play Area

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Create one area of “play” when it comes to your green thumb. Use a tree as the center and have fun getting creative with colors and petals.

Focal Point

View in gallery

If you’re lucky enough to have steps and a bit of a luxurious welcomed focal point at your curbside, then use that to your advantage giving it your green thumb of a touch.

Layered Up

View in gallery

We’re loving these crisp layers. From the hedges to the flowers and brick wall, it’s such a clean and precise look for this family home.

Modern Treatment

View in gallery

If you live in a more urban space or you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, check out this modern treatment. Rock, succulents and stepping stones come together for some beautiful work.{found on huettldesign}.

Formal Spaces

View in gallery

It’s hard not to love the courtyard design found here. There are so many different textures and focus that comes together to create a welcomed feeling for all guests and family members to step into.

Fence Details

View in gallery

If you’re one of the lucky ones that have a true white picket fence, give it a bit of attention. Add some details in the form of pastel petals for a feminine feel.

Warm Welcomes

View in gallery

This landscape gives off a vintage, old-age spirit but those gorgeous hydrangeas planted right at the front entrance makes it a bit more interesting and warm. {found on mieropdesign}.

Chic Plants

View in gallery

Here’s another super modern and clean landscape design for those in more urban or dessert-like developments. Not everything has to be lush to be grand or welcoming.{found on dabahdesigns}.

Romantic Wisteria

View in gallery

For those that have a backyard garden or go for more whimsical styles, use wisteria around your space for an extra romantic feel. It’ll be like you’re creating your very own storybook.

Delicate Blossoms

View in gallery

We are absolutely loving the delicate pathway found here leading right up to the front door. Tulips and shorter stems come together to create interest and a gorgeous romance as well.

Decorative Grass

View in gallery

Sometimes just a bit of decorative grass can give your landscaping the crisp topping it needs. It provides a balance of texture and detail too.

Center Stage

View in gallery

The roundabout found in this driveway is accented with stepping stones and a bit of greenery too. We love that it was detailed and adds to the homey feelings of the house.

With Pottery

View in gallery

Some homes, especially out west, will add large, pottery pieces into their landscape design. Use them as planters are accents to your overall vision.

Fancy Foliage

View in gallery

Everything about this space screams cottage style. But it’s a bit fancier with its red petals and crawling, gated greenery.{found on chelseapinedainteriors}.

Ultra Modern

View in gallery

Even in the most modern of spaces, you can add a bit of nature and a bit of texture. Use this as inspiration for when it comes to texture and delicacy in yard design.

Classic Duos

View in gallery

This yard has a certain classic and timeless appeal. And maybe that’s from the choice of black mulch and white, petite flowers filling out the design.

All Succulent

View in gallery

Inspire yourself with this eclectic mix of succulents. Throw out all the rules and go with something that matches the season and the location.{found on lanedesignbuild}.

Simple Dots

View in gallery

There’s something a bit royal about this front yard. And maybe it’s its precision in dotted bushes lining the pathway to the front door.

Lit Palms

View in gallery

If you’re in a place where palm trees thrive, use that to your advantage. We love how these particular trees are highlighted by a light installed by the homeowner and how luxurious the space looks at night!

Victorians Looks

View in gallery

For those with Victorian homes, use this yard as the perfect inspiration on what to do with your landscaping. Form the lush petals to the placement, this is a gorgeous example of that era presented in modern time.

Green Walls

View in gallery

Have your home come alive and your yard highlighted by green and thriving walls. It’s so literal, the more innovative of us will love this idea.

Tropical Points

View in gallery

This landscape has a more tropical feel, especially with tits palm tree focus. Use this space as inspiration for those with a location that thrives off of color and palms.{found on harwickhomes}.

Plant Pallet

View in gallery

And here we have another eclectic design and it’s filled with so many wonderful details. If you like precision, this style isn’t for you but it’s still gorgeous inspiration!

Gravel Chips

View in gallery

Create a little escape for you and your better half. Covered in gravel chips, this relaxing space becomes a gorgeous part of the landscaping.

Tulip Walks

View in gallery

Tulips have so much personality, why not use them as your front yard’s focus. Here we have gorgeous, fiery orange petals lining the walkway all the way up to the front door.

Plush Design

View in gallery

This yard is all about texture and plushness. For those that like their greenery looking like a pillow of sorts, this design is for you!

Simple Green

View in gallery

And here’s a larger front yard that’s simple and chic. Gorgeous green takes center stage here so pay attention to how you’re caring for your grass.

All Rocks

View in gallery

Whether you’re in a location without a lot of greenery or you want an ultra modern look, all rocks can provide the same amount of detail and texture. Just remember stepping stones in your design!

Hang Ups

View in gallery

Don’t forget your porch when it comes to your front design. Hang up some petals for extra detailing and warmth.

Patio Perch

View in gallery

Here we have another gorgeous example of how to create a relaxation space and design it right into the landscaping of your yard – whether front or back. We love the medley of both texture and natural choice.

Styled Pathways

View in gallery

All pathways around your house should be styled. And here’s just another example of how to do it right.

Texture Blocking

View in gallery

Create an oasis all around your home. Here we have a backyard that is blocked out in texture from rock to soft and vibrantly green grass.

Delicate Curls

View in gallery

This scalloped space is filled with color and thriving foliage. It’s filled with a lot of texture but it’s also very crisp making for a tamed and modern style.

Grand Gardens

View in gallery

And don’t be afraid to make something that you’re really proud of. Turn your own backyard into a grand garden and turn your hobby into something magical.

Unusual landscape design ideas - examples, photos, description

Do you dream that the guests, once in your garden, froze with delight or were speechless with amazement? In that case, this article is for you. We have collected the most creative landscape design ideas that are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

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Green sofa

On a green sofa smelling of meadows and sunshine, it is pleasant not only to dream alone, but also to sit with friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of good wine.

Despite the apparent complexity of the design, the idea is quite feasible. The basis of the grass sofa is made of bricks, all the voids are filled with earth, the brickwork is “coated” with viscous soil and strips of rolled lawn are laid on top. After the sod is laid and straightened, it is generously watered with water. You can use such garden furniture in a few days.

The main thing is not to forget to water and mow such a sofa in time

A lawn with fantasy

An impeccable green lawn is, of course, beautiful, but ... boring. Whether it's a lawn that resembles a chessboard, as in the photo below.

This effect can be achieved in several ways. Initially, by sowing different varieties of grass in squares, for example, red fescue of the Nimba variety of dark green color and golden green of the Areta variety. The pattern can also be obtained by cutting the grass at different angles.

The highlight of the "chess" lawn is given by the "path" of multi-colored ground cover plants - red coleus and yellow loosestrife.

Who said that a lawn can't have a trendy haircut?

Over the mountains, over the valleys

The author of the landscape design project presented below is fluent in hardscape technology - creating an artificial relief using solid materials.

It would seem that only a few retaining walls were built across the lawn. But thanks to their wavy design and different heights, an ordinary lawn has turned into an unusual art object.

Another creative lawn option

Outdoor living room

A well-terraced slope and a Corten steel fence have transformed the ordinary backyard of a private house in Berkeley, California into a stylish and cozy "green" living room. The combination of a granite platform and wood in the patio paving looks creative. An original touch of design - maple, as if growing through the floors, and ground cover plants, smoothly flowing from terrace to terrace.

Unusual seating area - view from different angles

Lightning garden path

The highlight of this project is the garden path, made in the form of a zipper. On the way to a small lake, it diverges into two parts and beautifully frames the coastline. The choice of contrasting materials - terracotta tiles and massive paving stones - only enhances the overall impression.

Zip path in the garden of the Tao Hotel (Taiwan)

"Nest" in the garden

Nests in the garden are not uncommon. But not so big. Wicker fencing frames a green seating area and creates a cozy, sheltered space. A spacious lounger with birch trees growing through it looks like a landscape sculpture.

“Nest” – this is how the Australian designer Jamie Dury called his project

Landscaping project
site design by Sad-dizain

More details

Instead of a swimming pool – an aquarium

Today you will not surprise anyone with a swimming pool or a picturesque pond. But a large outdoor aquarium in the garden is still a rarity.

The frame of such a reservoir is made of concrete and glass, the bottom is laid out with decorative pebbles. Next, freshwater algae are planted, if there is a desire - floating plants. And that's all - you can launch "goldfish" and make a wish.

If it’s cold here in winter, the fish will have to be moved indoors until spring

Violin-shaped pool

Continuing the theme of water bodies, you can’t go past the unusual violin-shaped pool that American designers from the landscape bureau Cipriano Landscape Design built for the owner of a country house. at home - a fan of classical music.

You do not have to repeat the shape of the pool in your garden, the main thing is to be inspired by the idea and come up with something no less original.

During the day, the pool impresses with its shape, following the contour of a Stradivarius violin

And at night, with its original lighting

A flower bed in front of which you want to take off your hat

Unusual - not always difficult. To implement the idea presented in the photo below, you will need a large wire frame, fertile soil, geotextiles and a lot of patience.

Geotextile, which is cut for plants, holds the soil and does not allow weeds to germinate. It is not forbidden to experiment with the shape of the hat, as well as the assortment of planting material.

To make the composition clearly visible, use low-growing plants for planting.

"Living" living room

The art of curly haircut is the highest aerobatics of garden skill. Topiary in the form of a living room with "live" sofas, armchairs, a coffee table will be the pride of any garden owner.

Topiary garden not only looks beautiful, but also requires constant care

Clubfoot watchman

But if you are just mastering the art of topiary, and you want to impress your guests, you can get an original landscape figure, for example, a bear. The clubfoot is made of fiberglass, and its coat is perfectly imitated using a rolled lawn.

A clumsy watchman will decorate the garden and protect it from night thieves☺

“The lady lay down and beg”

A soft green bed is a great place to lie down, enjoying the silence, or sunbathe in the sun in a secluded corner of the garden.

The design is so realistic that you really want to lie down. Particularly impressive are the “folds” of the blanket, which have found a continuation in the rest of the lawn space. Emerald grass is skillfully shaded by bushes of flowering rhododendrons.

Roll-up turf provides unlimited possibilities for imagination

Green islands

Two bowl-and-hemispheric islands have become the highlight of one of the many British garden shows, but maintaining their shape in real life is quite difficult. But as an idea, it's a great project. For example, if you replace water with porcelain stoneware with a glossy finish, you get a spectacular recreation area.

Lawn like a green island? Why not

Hobbit mink cellar

How to turn an ordinary cellar into a stylish landscape object? Very simple! Disguise it as a hobbit mink - a representative of the fabulous people of Middle-earth. For decor, take some interesting stones, make a round door with a window in the middle, and ground cover plants and cereals will do the rest of the work.

It is a pleasure to store supplies in such a cellar

And Baba Yaga lives in our garden

Some people have squirrels and hedgehogs in the garden, some have hobbits, and the owners of this estate are "lucky" - their neighbor became the fabulous Baba Yaga. True, they did not see her, but there is a hut on chicken legs.

The original building is an excellent solution for a children's house, a small "beer" gazebo, a shed for garden tools.

Chicken Leg Garden Building

Not all of the ideas in the list are so easy to translate into real gardens. But they are a great source of inspiration. And who knows, maybe one of them will inspire you to create a landscape masterpiece that will make your garden different from everyone else.

plot ideas with photo

Landscaping of a suburban area

Country chores are not only gardening, but also creating a cozy corner for a relaxing holiday. You can come up with a site design yourself or use ideas from photographs and your site will look spectacular and be used conveniently, given its zoning.

Functional zones of the garden plot

Zoning means that the area of ​​the land plot is divided into zones , each of which has its own functional load :

Some zones are combined into one space, saving space.

Basic principles of landscape design

Landscaping transforms any suburban area into a cozy and unique world . However, when working, it is not enough to be guided by flair and intuition. In order for the result to please you and surprise your neighbors, we recommend that you take into account the basic principles on which landscaping is based:

    1. Integrity . Provides for the presence of several identical elements in different parts of a suburban summer cottage. They can be decorative or natural. In order to more clearly see the picture as a whole, they draw up a plan in which the theme of the composition is defined. With it, it is easier to place elements of landscape design in unity and harmony.
    2. Simplicity . A heap of elements or the creation of complex structures leads a person away from nature. It is the natural tone of the suburban area that is attractive. The variegation of color also tires the eye, it is better to stop at two or three colors and play on their shades.
    3. Principle of balance , symmetrical and asymmetrical. With a symmetrical balance, the same elements are mirrored in relation to a visually defined point. Asymmetric balance permits form and color in their diversity, but with harmony in their application.
    4. Plants must be matched.
    5. The smoothness of the transition plays a huge role: from low in the foreground to high in the background. This creates the effect of the depth of the landscape.

Landscaping styles

For a site to look its best and be a comfortable place to live, it must feel style . It does not depend on the high cost of the elements or the amount of money invested. It consists of tasteful components , as well as harmony and unity of their combination . Therefore, it is so important to familiarize yourself with the styles that use the landscape design of a country house.


The classic or regular style is characterized by a geometrically defined layout . It is characterized by symmetry with respect to straight alleys, clear forms of flower beds and lawns, paved paths, and ponds. A fountain is often located in the center of the composition. Plenty of open space, placement of topiary plants combined with natural stone. Garden arbors are designed in a classic form. Color palette in discreet pastel colors: white, beige, sand, light terracotta.

Antique sculptures, arches, stone balls, forged pergolas can be found in the alleys or in the corners of the garden.

Water structures: ponds, fountains, pools

Water bodies are a real decoration of the garden, especially if the site is located on the banks of a river or lake. A small pond will add attractiveness and enliven the landscape. They can perform a purely decorative function or serve as a source for watering or breeding fish, for example. This is important to determine before the reservoir will be equipped.


The design of the fence, like other elements of the landscape, is chosen in accordance with the facade of the house. It can be a dense wall that performs the task of protection from prying eyes. Or it will be a light fence that defines the boundaries of the site. Or weaving plants on a mesh fence. In the most urban fence, you can introduce live flower inserts and thereby refresh the territory.

Paths: principle of location and shape

Paths perform many functions: they allow you to move around the site regardless of the weather, decorate the site and are its natural dividers when zoning. Paths are entrance, connecting the house and extensions, walking, between the beds. Garden paths by type of masonry are soft and hard.

There are requirements for any track. One of them - the distance between its individual elements should be the smallest possible. The width should be traditionally 1-1.5 m for the main ones and up to one and a half meters for small walking ones. The material for the tracks is selected according to the principle of harmony with the image of the entire site.

Tracks are divided into solid and non-solid. The choice of species is influenced by the size of the site and, consequently, the length of the path and its purpose.

Our company MultiTsvet offers comprehensive landscaping made in the same color style: paths using the Stone Carpet technology or bulk paths made of decorative granite rubble, flowerpots large and small, flower pots, fences for trees and shrubs, ready-made fences for flower beds.

Decoration of flowerbeds and flower beds

Flowerbeds of various shapes and sizes will become a spectacular decoration of the site. Let's look at the types of flower beds:

Areas with uneven terrain

Such difficult areas can be a godsend for decoration. Pronounced relief or height difference can become a spectacular decoration of the garden. Partially, the relief can be saved, partially transformed to accommodate functional areas. It can be used in zoning, and the creation of terraces will allow you to use the available space as rationally as possible.


Proper lighting will make the site safe and beautiful at night. Therefore, it is divided into utilitarian and decorative. With its help, a special atmosphere is created in the garden, due to the play of light and shadows, whimsical images arise. Highlighting individual elements, such as a bush or a figurine, gives an additional emphasis on them. It is important that all corners of the site are visible at night.

Garden figurines

Garden figurines can be used as supports for vases, if they are columns, or as lighting for the area, if it is a gnome with a flashlight. A place where grass does not grow can be hidden behind a mushroom family. Figurines enliven the garden and add originality to it. Their main functions in landscape design are:

accentuation of the key points of the composition;
creating a seamless look, which is especially good in large areas.

Landscape dry stream

The absence of a living stream in the garden is not a problem. The landscape design of the garden plot allows you to create a dry stream. With the help of various stones, a dried-up river bed is imitated, or with the help of decorative colored gravel, the stream itself is imitated, and it seems that as soon as it rains, the stream will come to life again. This decor does not require maintenance and is an excellent drainage.

A dry stream is one of the most effective and at the same time simple elements of landscape design. It serves as an excellent decoration of the local area, visually increases the area and masks small defects in the relief.

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